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Now you are going to see ْ٢‫ِب ؼزشب٘سٖ ا‬

What the Israelis don’t want the whole world to see ٌُ‫طاٖ اٌؼب‬٠ ْ‫ً ثأ‬١‫ ال رطغت إؼطائ‬ٞ‫ء اٌص‬ٟ‫اٌش‬

The First Massacre in the st 21 Century ٓ٠‫اٌؼشط‬ٚ ٞ‫ اٌمطْ اٌحبز‬ٟ‫ي ِصثحخ ف‬ٚ‫أ‬

The Dirtiest Bloodshed in the history of Mankind ٟ‫إضالخ اٌسِبء ف‬ٚ ‫بد إ٘ساض‬١ٍّ‫أثشغ ػ‬ٚ ‫ؼد‬ٚ‫أ‬ ‫خ‬٠‫د اٌجشط‬٠‫ربض‬

The Massacres of Nablus and Jenin in Palestine ٓ١‫ فٍؽط‬ٟ‫ٓ ف‬١ٕ‫ج‬ٚ ‫ ٔبثٍػ‬ٟ‫ِصثحز‬

Cities that were turned into empty “ghost houses” by the Israeli armies within 10 days only ‫ٓ أصجحزب وّسْ األشجبح ذالي‬١‫ٓ اٌٍز‬١‫ٕز‬٠‫اٌّس‬ ٍٟ١‫ش اإلؼطائ‬١‫ز اٌج‬ٛٙ‫بَ فمط ثج‬٠‫ أ‬10

Claiming to fight terrorism ‫رحذ غطبء ِىبفحخ اإلض٘بة‬

But they were unable to perform the “complete crime” ُٙ‫ّز‬٠‫ إرّبَ جط‬ٟ‫ا ف‬ٍٛ‫ِغ شٌه فمس فش‬ٚ

WARNING: The following pictures are harsh and inhumane. If you want to stop this slideshow, press Alt + F4 now, but you will never be able to know the truth about what happened. If you want to continue, press Space Bar

‫ط‬٠‫رحص‬ ‫ إشا وٕذ ال‬.‫خ‬١ٔ‫ط إٔؽب‬١‫غ‬ٚ ‫ ؼزؼطض ِؤٌّخ‬ٟ‫ض اٌز‬ٛ‫ثؼط اٌص‬ ٌٓ ‫ٌىٕه‬ٚ ،ْ٢‫ ا‬Alt + F4 ٍٝ‫ إظغط ػ‬،‫ب‬ٙ‫رطغت ثّشب٘سر‬ ‫ إظغط ِفزبح‬،‫ إشا أضزد اإلؼزّطاض‬.ً‫مخ ِب حسس فؼال‬١‫رؼطف حم‬

Jenin refugee camp destroyed by the Israeli bulldozers, a destruction that even earthquakes can never make ،‫خ‬١ٍ١‫ظضاد اإلؼطائ‬ٚ‫اؼطخ اٌجٍس‬ٛ‫ زُِِط ثبٌىبًِ ث‬ٞ‫ٓ اٌص‬١ٕ‫ ج‬ٟ‫ُ الجئ‬١‫ِر‬ .‫ْ ٘ىصا‬ٛ‫ى‬٠ ‫ ررٍفٗ اٌعالظي ال‬ٞ‫ اٌسِبض اٌص‬ٝ‫حز‬

Just imagine if this were your house … ‫ وبْ ٘صا ِٕعٌه‬ٌٛ ً١‫فمط رر‬

Even bedrooms are no more safe to sleep in … ٌٍَٕٛ ‫َ ٌُ رؼس إِٓخ‬ٌٕٛ‫ غطف ا‬ٝ‫حز‬

A “city of ghosts” can be the only way to describe this disaster ‫ؼجّط ػٓ ٘صٖ اٌىبضصخ‬٠ ٞ‫س اٌص‬١‫ح‬ٌٛ‫صف ا‬ٌٛ‫ ا‬ٛ٘ “‫ٕخ األشجبح‬٠‫”ِس‬

In Jenin, a new holocaust was committed, but what is different about it is that people were not taken into arresting camps, but they were burnt in their houses by burning missiles … ‫ ِغ فطق‬،‫سح اضرىجذ‬٠‫ؼذ جس‬ٛ‫و‬ٌٛٛ٘ ‫ ِحطلخ‬،ٓ١ٕ‫ ج‬ٟ‫ف‬ ،‫ّبد‬١‫اٌّر‬ٚ ‫ اٌّؼزمالد‬ٟ‫ط وبْ ثؼسَ حطق إٌبغ ف‬١‫ثؽ‬ ...‫اؼطخ اٌمصائف اٌحبضلخ‬ٛ‫ُ ث‬ٙ‫ر‬ٛ١‫ ث‬ٟ‫ُ ف‬ٙ‫إّٔب ثحطل‬ٚ

Burning bodies was not enough, demolishing houses was necessary to prevent the escape of people from their houses …

ِٓ ‫ب‬ٙ‫ق اٌجضش ٌّٕؼ‬ٛ‫ط إٌّبظي ف‬١ِ‫ ثً وبْ الثس ِٓ رس‬،ً‫ب‬١‫ىٓ وبف‬٠ ٌُ ‫حطق اٌجضش‬ ...‫طة‬ٌٙ‫ا‬

Was this body burnt dead or alive before burying it under the rubble ? ‫د رحذ اٌطوبَ؟‬ٌّٛ‫ب لجً ا‬ٙ‫زخ أَ رُ حطل‬١ِ ٟ٘ٚ ‫ً٘ رُ حطق ٘صٖ اٌجضخ‬

Dozens of corpses collected in a small room, aid workers unable to work due to lack of equipment and due to fear of spread of epidemics ‫ط‬١‫ضجبي اإلؼؼبف غ‬ٚ ،‫طح‬١‫ غطفخ صغ‬ٟ‫ٓ جُِّؼذ ف‬١ِ‫ػشطاد اٌجضب‬ ‫ثؽجت‬ٚ ‫خ‬١‫عاد اٌطج‬١ٙ‫اٌزج‬ٚ ‫ اٌّؼساد‬ٟ‫ اٌؼًّ ثؽجت اٌؼجع ف‬ٍٝ‫ٓ ػ‬٠‫لبزض‬ ‫ثئخ‬ٚ‫ف ِٓ إٔزشبض األ‬ٛ‫اٌر‬

In Nablus, the massacre was just indescribable… ‫صف اٌّصثحخ‬ٚ ٓ‫ّى‬٠ ‫ ال‬،‫ ٔبثٍػ‬ٟ‫ف‬

Just tell me … what body piece is this ? ‫ ِٓ اٌجؽس ٘صا؟‬ٛ‫ ػع‬ٞ‫ أ‬...ٟٔ‫فمط أذجط‬

Does this old man deserve such a death ? ‫صٖ؟‬ٙ‫زخ و‬١ِ ٓ‫ؽزحك ٘صا اٌطجً اٌّؽ‬٠ ً٘

Cotton placed in cavities … what kind of weapon was used against this man ? ‫ع ِٓ األؼٍحخ اؼزُرسَِ ظس ٘صا‬ٛٔ ٞ‫ أ‬...‫اد‬ٛ‫اٌمطٓ اؼزُرسَِ ٌؽس اٌفج‬ ‫اٌطجً؟‬

No Comment ‫ك‬١ٍ‫ال رؼ‬

Head broken into pieces … ...‫ أجعاء‬ٌٝ‫اٌطأغ ُفزِذ إ‬

The old woman’s body shredded into pieces … where’s the world community ? ‫خ؟‬١ٌّ‫ إٌّظّبد اٌؼب‬ٟ٘ ٓ٠‫ أ‬...‫ أجعاء‬ٌٝ‫جؽس اٌّطأح اٌّؽٕخ ُِعِق إ‬

‫‪May God bless our Martyrs, may‬‬ ‫‪they rest in peace up in the heavens‬‬ ‫ٌ‪١‬جبضن اهلل ش‪ٙ‬سائٕب‪ ،‬ف‪ ُٙ‬ف‪ ٟ‬ؼالَ ف‪ ٟ‬اٌؽّب‪ٚ‬اد اٌؼٍُ‪ٝ‬‬ ‫ح‪َ١‬بءٌ‬ ‫ؼجِ‪ ًِ١‬ٱٌٍَِٗ أَ ِْ‪َٛ‬اربً َثًْ أَ ْ‬ ‫ؽ َجَٓ ٱٌَصِ‪ُ َٓ٠‬ل ِزٍُ‪ٛ‬اْ فِ‪َ ٟ‬‬ ‫(‪َٚ‬الَ رَحْ َ‬ ‫ػِٕسَ َض ِث‪ُ٠ ُِْٙ‬طْ َظلُ‪)َْٛ‬‬

THE FACTS ‫اٌحمبئك‬

During the last Israeli incursions in Jenin and Nablus, more than 500 Palestinians were reported killed … ،‫ٔبثٍػ‬ٚ ٓ١ٕ‫ ج‬ٟ‫طح ف‬١‫خ األذ‬١ٍ١‫ذالي اٌغبضاد اإلؼطائ‬ ...ٍٝ‫ ػساز اٌمز‬ٟ‫ا ف‬ٍٛ‫ ؼُج‬ٟٕ١‫ فٍؽط‬500 ِٓ ‫أوضط‬

… Ambulances and red cross workers were prevented from saving injured people by the Israeli Forces ‫ت‬١ٍ‫ضجبي اٌص‬ٚ ‫بضاد اإلؼؼبف‬١‫خ ِٕؼذ ؼ‬١ٍ١‫اد اإلؼطائ‬ٛ‫اٌم‬ ...ٓ١‫اٌّصبث‬ٚ ٜ‫األحّط ِٓ إٔمبش اٌجط‬

More than 8,000 Palestinians were arrested for nothing ‫ْ ؼجت‬ٚ‫ُ ِٓ ز‬ٌٙ‫ رُ إػزمب‬ٟٕ١‫ فٍؽط‬8000 ِٓ ‫أوضط‬

What is your role now ? Just watch? Cry? ‫ْ؟ رزفطط فمط؟ رصطخ؟‬٢‫ضن ا‬ٚ‫ ز‬ٛ٘ ‫ِب‬

I don’t think so … ...‫ال أػزمس شٌه‬

You have now seen the unrevealed, but others have not ٓ‫ٌى‬ٚ ،‫بً ػٓ األٔظبض‬١‫ْ ِب وبْ ِرف‬٢‫ٌمس شب٘سد ا‬ ‫ٖ ثؼس‬ٚ‫شب٘س‬٠ ٌُ ٓ٠‫ذط‬٢‫ا‬

Be responsible, take this matter seriously ‫ ِحًّ اٌجس‬ٍٝ‫ع ػ‬ٛ‫ظ‬ٌّٛ‫ ذص ٘صا ا‬،ً‫ال‬ٚ‫وٓ ِؽؤ‬

Let the people know the truth, forward this Slideshow to family and friends … ‫ أصسلبئه‬ٌٝ‫ ِطض ٘صٖ اٌّبزح إ‬،‫مخ‬١‫ؼطف اٌحم‬٠ ٌُ‫زع اٌؼب‬ ‫ِؼبضفه‬ٚ

Whether you are a Muslim, Christian, or other, as long as you are a human being … ‫بٔخ‬٠‫ ز‬ٞ‫ رؼزٕك أ‬ٚ‫ أ‬،ٟ‫ح‬١‫ ِؽ‬ٚ‫ أ‬،ٍُ‫اء وٕذ ِؽ‬ٛ‫ؼ‬ ...ْ‫ أٔذ إٔؽب‬،ٜ‫أذط‬

… Keep this in your mind ...ً‫رصوط ٘صا زائّب‬

And remember, don’t be fooled with what you’re fed by the media َ‫ؼبئً اإلػال‬ٚ ٗ‫ال رصسق وً ِب رؼطظ‬

Always look for the truth … ...‫مخ‬١‫زائّبً اثحش ػٓ اٌحم‬

This is a wrong statement ‫٘صٖ ِؼبزٌخ ذبطئخ‬

This is the right statement ‫حخ‬١‫ اٌّؼبزٌخ اٌصح‬ٟ٘ ٖ‫٘ص‬

the truth  

الشي الذي لاترغب اسرائيل ان يراه العالم