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The Singapore Buddha Sasana Society (Sakya Tenphel Ling) 新加坡佛学研究会(释迦寺) SakyaTenphel Ling presents....

Program 2013 (All programs subject to changes and more detailed pre-requisites will be communicated at a later stage. Most practices and retreats or workshops require Great Empowerment or Wangchen.)

Program Outline Day & Date

Suggested Topic


STL 18thAnniversay at Pasir Ris

Conducted by STL and Resident Khenpo Dorjee Gyaltshen Chanting of the 21 Praises of Tara by Members and Lamas to STL welcome the New Year Main Dro la Day Kyid(Prayer for Happiness to All Sentient Beings) Hall

Mon 31st Dec 2012 9pm to Tue 1st Jan 2013 1230am Visiting Program of Lomanthang Monastery. Mustang (5 monks)

Conducted by STL By Lomanthang Monastery ~ Khenpo Kunga Tenzin Fri 18th Jan to 1. Singanada Puja STL Sun 27th Jan 2013 2. Wrathful Padmasambhava Puja Main Hall Centre Ritual Program Conducted by Resident Khenpo, Lomanthang Monastery. Mustang and Sakya College (Gutor only) Fri 1st Feb to Akshobhya Changchog: Pre-CNY special prayers in memory of STL Sun 3rd Feb 2013 the deceased loved ones main Thu 7th Feb to Vajrakilaya Gutor: End-of-year Purification of all the obstacles. Hall Sat 9th Feb 2013 (29th day of 12 lunar month)(in conjunction with Sakya College Monks) CHINESE NEW YEAR CELEBRATION With Sakya College Monks Sat 9th Feb 1030pm to 12 midnight Sun 10th Feb 2013 Sun 11th Feb to

Tues 12th Feb2013


Eve of Lunar New year Program: Heart Sutra recitation and Dro la Day Kyid(Prayer for Happiness to All Sentient Beings). Countdown and Welcome Lunar year (Snake) 2013. Lighting of lamp 1stCNY Day: Tara Puja and CNY Offerings and Blessings. Water Offering to Jambala. Buffet Lunch: 2ndCNY Day: Tara Puja and CNY Offerings and Blessings. (Tibetan Losar: with special Tibetan Offerings) Afternoon Special Program: 18 JambalaYangdrup with re-consecration of Centre vase and water blessing 3rd CNY Day: : 8am: Lungta hoisting and Lha Sang 9am Torma Offering and Samanthabadra Aspiration Prayers

STL Main Hall

Program Outline Day & Date

Suggested Topic

Visiting Program of SAKYA COLLEGE: 3 weekend Program

Venue Conducted by Sakya College monks

Fri 15th Feb to Sun 3rd Mar 2013

Wealth Deity Puja of Red Jambala, White Mahakala Puja and KurukulleFirePuja. Long life Puja DrolmaYuldog Puja

Sun 24th Feb (15th lunar day)

Shakyamuni Puja for all STL Sponsors (Miracles of Shravasti)

STLMain Hall

Visit of Her Eminence Jetsum Kusho Chimey Luding Rinpoche 2 weeks of Mar program and 1 week of rest 10 Mar – 24 Mar

Suggested Topics: 1. Profundity of The Precious Sakya Lam Dre and, the manner of receiving teachings and conduct, view and meditation 2. Introducing View in the practice of Vajrayogini LongSadhana 3. One ritual: Maporkorsum Puja.

AGM 2013: March 24th Sunday at 1pm Nyung Nay Fasting Ritual (Group Retreat Ritual) Thousand-armed Chenrezig practice

Conducted by 42 EXCO Non-election year Venue: Upper Hall Organized by STL and conducted by Resident Lamas and Sakya College Monks

Fri 29th Mar to 1000-armed ChenrezigNyungnay text transmission Sun 31stMar 2013 Day 1:No food after 12 noon (29thMar is Public Day2: No food and no drink and no talking holiday –Good Friday) Day3 630 am: Breaking fast and Dedication Centre Ritual Event: Qing Ming festival Fri 5th Apr to Sun 7th Apr 2013

STL Main Hall Conducted by Jamchen Lhakhang monastery

Fri 12th - Sun 14th Apr Mani Rildrub Puja (subject to change)MahakaliDruchod Fri 19th - Sun 21st Apr NamthoesayChhayang Esplanade Event (TBD) Later half of April

Performance of ritual at Outdoor Theatre Buddhist culture exhibit at Atrium


STL Upper Hall

Conducted by STL and Jamchen Lhakhang monks

ChenrezigPuja and Changchog

Visiting Program with Jamchen Lhakhang

STL Main and Upper Hall

STL Main Hall

Conducted by STL with Jamchen Lhakhang Monks Esplanade

Program Outline Day & Date

Suggested Topic

13 May to 24 May – Pre Vesak and Lamdre preparation Main Event 1: Vesak Celebration Day th


Venue Volunteers to register with office

Conducted by STL HE Ratna Vajra Rinpoche 1 Khenpo and 8 Monks and1 layman (Jay Goldberg) Fri 24th May 2013 Sojong: Taking the 5 precept (6 – 7 am) STL Main (15th lunar day) UnishaVijaya Long Life Initiation (7 – 8 am) Hall and Light breakfast for preceptor and preceptees comBlessing the Sponsors’ shrine & the 3 external shrine and pound Release of life (symbolic) (9 – 10 am) Shakyamuni & 16 Arhat Puja (10 – 11 am) Vegetarian Lunch (1130am) Taking Refuge (1 - 2 pm) Tara Puja (2 – 315 pm) Jingdak Ngasol and prayers for happiness to all sentient beings (after Tara Puja) (330 – 430 pm) Evening circumambulation (5pm) Pack up The Precious Lam Dre Tsogshed 2013 His Eminence Khondoong Vajra Sakya Fri 24th May to The Precious Lam Dre Teaching Main Hall Sat 7th July (*Please refer to LamDre specific timetable for details)) 1st turning of Dharma Wheel Festival Conducted by Resident Khenpo Chokhor Duchen (4th Day of the 6th Lunar Month) for Vesak and Vajrakilaya Sponsors. And for participants th Fri 12 July (tib) Shakyamuni and His 16 Arhat Puja with Lamp Offering Main Hall Post Lam Dre Yantra Yoga Teaching (Pre-requisite: 2 Conducted by Khenpo Day Cause Hevajra Wang Chen) 21 July-5th August) Chenyang 21 Jul Sun 7-9pm Hevajra Yantra Yoga (21 Exercises) 1-3 Upper 22 Jul Mon 8-10pm Exercise 4-6 Hall 24 Jul Wed 8-10pm Exercise 7-9 26 Jul Fri 8-10pm Exercise 10-13 27 Jul Sat 7-9pm Exercise 14-16 28 Jul Sun 7-9pm Exercise 17-19 31 Jul Wed 8-10pm Exercise 20-21 2 Aug Fri 8-10pm Revision /Training 3 Aug Sat 7-9pm Revision /Training 4 Aug Sun 7-9pm Revision /Training Around 7-11 Aug (35 day) 1st day of 7th month on 7th Aug

His Holiness Visit: (possible Mahavairocana Drubchod and Changchog event for 7th Month Hungry Ghost) see below for details

Public and main hall Conducted by Sakya Centre: 5 monks

Main Event (ME) 2: 7th Month Hungry Ghost and Ullambana Festival (starting on the 1st Day 7 Aug to 12 Aug 2013) Wed 7th Aug to Mahavairocana Drupchod with Sand Mandala Sun 12th Aug MahavairocanaChangchog and Sohnchog (final day)


Main HallHall


Day & Date Suggested Topic Pre Main Event (ME 2)Visiting Program

Conducted by Kalimpong Monastery: 5 monks STL Main 3 day Cakrasamvara Drupchod with Kangso Hall 3 day Mahavairocana4-activity Fire Puja (to check if it is fire day)

Wed 14 Aug to Mon 19 Aug includes Tibetan 10th day on 16/8 Post Main Event (ME 2) Visiting Program(3 days)

Conducted by Sakya Centre: 5 monks STL Main Vajrayogini Drupchod with Tshok and Kangso Hall Vajrayogini Fire Puja

Fri 23 Aug to Sun 25 Aug includes 25th Tibetan day on 31/8 Visiting Program with Mangtro Monastery Ladakh

Conducted by Mangtro Monks

Fri 13th -Sun 15th Amitabha ‘Merit gathering’ Puja (or Singanada Puja) Sep: GyaZhi: 400 Offering Puja for overcoming beings and Wed 18thSep to monstrous obstacles Sun 22ndSep: Mahakala Torma Throwing with Mask dance on the last Fri 27th – Sun29th day Sep Mid-Autumn Festival (social) Conducted by STL

STL Main Hall

STL Main Manjushri Mantra Loong to bestow wisdom Hall Lantern circumambulation(free lanterns will be given to children) Games Mooncake Tasting Lucky Draw VAJRAYOGINI TEACHING PROGRAM by His Eminence Luding Khen Tentative date 1 Oct – 27 Oct) Rinpoche Upper 1st Oct – 27th Oct 1. Cakrasamvara 2 day Wang Chen Hall 2. Vajrayogini Chin Lab 3. Vajrayogini 7 day Teaching by Khyentse Wangpo with showing of Dharmata 4. Vajrayogini Powa 5. Cittapani Initiation 6. Tsok Teaching 7. Teaching of Fire Puja 8. Retreat workshop (3-day) 9. Vajrayogini Fire Puja (20 Oct) HIS HOLINESS TIBETAN BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION 5th Organized by STL and conducted Oct Sat by Resident Lamas STL Fri 4th Oct - Sun 3-Day 3 Long Life Deity Puja 6thOct (Tib: 1st day of His Holiness Long Life Prayer will be chanted the whole Main Hall 8th month. There are 2 day on 5th Oct 8th month in 2013, Fri 6 There will be an offering of Khatags to HH’s Throne & Sept and 5th Oct. Will buffet reception for all members on 5th Oct night 8pm celebrate on 5th Oct.)

Thu 19th Sep (may change to Sat 14 Sep) (8pm – 9.30pm)

Pre Main Event 3 & Pre Vajrakikaya(ME 4) Visiting Conducted by Sakya Centre 5 Program: Monks Thu 24th Oct – 27th HevajraDrupchod (3days) with Tshok and Kangso Main Hall Oct Sun Hevajra Fire Puja (to check fire day) may be with 1 day break Main Event 3: Medicine Buddha Ritual Conducted by Sakya Centre Monks STL Main Wed 30thOct to Medicine Buddha Puja with 52 Deities Sand Mandala Hall Sun 3rd Nov (5 -day)


Day & Date


Suggested Topic

Main Event 4: Vajrakilaya Drupchod

Conducted by monks from Sakya Centre STL Main Mon 11th Nov – Sun 7-day The Great Vajrakilaya Propitiation Puja, 17th Nov incorporating Sachen Kunga Nyingpo Anniversary Day on Hall 16th Nov (Tib: 9th lunar Month, 14th Day)Presentation of the 4 ’ King’ VajrakilayaPhurpa and the 3 WrathfulVajrakilayaPhurpa to Sponsors. Conducted by Resident Khenpo for Shakyamuni Descent from Heaven Festival º Vesak and Vajrakilaya Grand Sponsors Lha Bab Duchen (21st Day of 10th Lunar Month) and participants

Sun 24th Nov (tib)

Shakyamuni and His 16 Arhat Puja with Lamp Offerings

Post ME3 and ME 4 Visiting Program

Morning Main Hall

Sakya Centre Monks

STL Main Wed 27th Nov to Vajra Nairatmya Drupchod with Tshok and Kangso Hall Sun 1st Dec includes Vajra Nairatmya Fire Puja Tibetan 25th on 28/11 Visitng (Joint Program) with TarigGonpa Conducted by Tarig Gonpa Monks Main Hall Fri 20th Dec to Guru Drakpo Sun 22nd Dec White Mahakala Fri 27th – 29th Dec YamantakaDrupchod with Fire Puja (to confirm fire day) Fri 3rd Jan 2014 – 5th Jan 2014

18th Anniversary of SakyaTenphel Ling at Pasir Ris Tue 31st Dec 2013 9pm to Wed 1st Jan 2014 1230am

Organized by STL in conjunction with Resident Lama and Tarig Monks STL Chanting of the 21 Praises of Tara by Members and Lamas (Prayer of Happiness to All Sentient Beings)

Main Hall

THE SINGAPORE BUDDHA SASANA SOCIETY (Sakya Tenphel Ling) 5 Pasir Ris Drive 4 Singapore 519455 Tel: (65) 6581 3902 Fax: (65) 6581 3903 | Web: | Facebook: All programs are subjected to last minute changes.


Sakya Tenphel Ling Year 2013 Program  

Dharma program, activities and events at Sakya Tenphel Ling Year 2013 Program

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