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Sakya Tenphel Ling presents

Sakya College Visiting Program


Prosperity Week (15 - 17 Feb)

3 wealth deities rituals White Mahakala Puja and Fire Puja Red Jambala Puja Kurukulle Puja & Fire Puja

Notes on updates •

Changes are as follow:

1. In addition to the 18 Jambala Yangdrup, the Yellow Jambala Puja will be performed on 11 Feb Mon - 2nd Day CNY 2. *Changes in Fire Puja days – a. Tibetan date for Fire Puja: 15 Feb 2013 Fri b. Lunar date for Fire Puja: 16 Feb 2013 Sat c. Sunday 17 Feb 2013 is not a Fire Day 3.

To increase the auspiciousness for the prosperity week the number of Wealth deities involved in the pujas are increased to five. Kurukulle Puja is replaced by Marpo Korsum ( the 3 red deity Puja of Kururkulle, Ganapati and Takkiraja)

*Note there is a change of date and time for the different Puja.

2nd CNY Day: 11 Feb 2013, 2 -5.30pm •

This Day is Tibetan Losar Day:

We perform:

1. 18 Jambala Yangdrup for our Centre’s Wealth Vase for Land Lease renewal 2. The re- CONSECRATION for the new and large JAMBALA IMAGE that is offered to our Centre by His Eminence Ratna Vajra Rinpoche which arrived only last month. (Please view this image at the Jambala Shrine:

This image is for the prosperity of the Centre and the people all around ) Rejoice!


New Schedule for Wealth Rituals •

15 Feb Friday 8am - 12noon –

15 Feb Friday 3 – 6pm (Tibetan Fire Day) -

3- 6pm (Lunar calendar Fire Day)

Kururkulle Fire Puja

17 Feb Sunday -

8am – 12noon

White Mahakala and Red Jambala

16 Feb Saturday -

White Mahakala Fire Puja

16 Feb Saturday -

Marpo Korsum and Red Jambala Puja

8am – 12noon

Three Wealth Red Deity and Red Jambala Puja

17 Feb Sunday 3 – 6pm -

White Mahakala Puja with re-consecration of Centre’s wealth vase


Presentation to Sponsors and wealth vase registrants

The Wealth Puja and Fire Puja The wealth Pujas we are performing this year are very important for the welfare of our Centre and its members and friends. This very close link of container (Centre) and contained (its members and visitors) regulates our future activities and need to be nurtured and maintained throughout for the benefits of all. This year we are performing all together 7 different types of Wealth Pujas., the most so far in one program in our Centre. They are 1. 18 Jambala Yangdrup for our Wealth Vase (11 Feb 2-5.30pm) 2. Consecration of the large New Jambala image of our Centre (11 Feb 2 – 5.30pm) 3. performing 5 WEALTH Deity Puja during the Prosperity week (15-17 Feb), ie White Mahakala, Kurukulle, Red Jambala, Ganapati and Takkiraja With these wealth activities we look forward to weather any coming financial slow down and successfully support an active 2013 program of our Centre. In general, favourable conditions will arise for a better spiritual and material growth for all (in particular for the success in securing another 30 years of our Centre’s lease for the continuation of the propagation of the dharma here)

Red Jambala and Kurukulle shrine

Torma making

White Mahakala Shrine Wealth Vase

Click here to Register for Wealth Puja Online.

Wealth Puja - Prosperity Week at Sakya Tenphel Ling  

Wealth Puja - Prosperity Week at Sakya Tenphel Ling during Chinese New Year! You can now sign up for these various wealth puja online. http:...

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