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The Mani Wheel Fund Raising

The Mani Wheel Fund Raising Prayer Wheel Benefits Turning a prayer wheel creates extensive benefits for all beings because prayer wheels are the manifestation of the Compassion Buddha’s holy speech. As a holy object, a prayer wheel has tremendous power to eliminate the self-cherishing mind that keeps us from realizing perfect bodhichitta (compassion) and thus reaching enlightenment. By turning a prayer wheel with a motivation of compassion for all beings and reciting the mantra “Om Mani Padme Hung,” you will accumulate extensive merit and purify obstacles.

The Mani Wheel Fund Raising

We need your kind contribution to fulfill the Holy Mani Wheel Project to benefit all sentients being. Here is a few ways which you are able help: 1 - To sponsor a Mani Wheel at $3000.00/- with up to 3 sponsor names 2 - To sponsor Mani-Wheel Shelther & Support ($500.00/- & Above) Noted: name (written on registered form) will inscribe on the plate fixed to the Shelter Support 3 - To do a General amount (any amount) that is below $500.00 Note: names under $500.00/- will not be inscribed but a general acknowledgement of ‘Thank you’ will be mentioned.

18 Apr – 20 Apr 2014 

On this Occasion of The Mani Wheel Fund Raising , STL has organized a 3-Day Day Retreat on The Great Compassion Practice in which the 6 Syllables Mantra of “Om Mani Padme Hum” will be chanted. This Auspicious Occasion will be graced by His Eminence Thartse Khen Rinpoche and His Entourage. On the final day of the Event (20 April 2014) everyone is encouraged to join in and there will be a Sponsors Puja (Jingdak Ngasol) in the afternoon where all participants will receive this special Jingdak blessing especially the Sponsors of Mani Wheel Fund Raising. A limited number of 2.5” Chenrezig Images will be offered to every $3,000.00 Mani Wheel Sponsor. There are only 28 pieces of these specially consecrated images with the Great Compassionate Teacher His Eminence Chogyal Rinpoche relics inserted. With the arising of such auspicious conditions we wish our Centre and everyone will be well blessed now and always, and look forward the successful completion of the mani wheel project for the benefit of all.

3 Day Retreat and The Mani Wheel Project On this Occasion of The Mani Wheel Fund Raising , STL has organized a 3-Day Day Retreat on The Great Compas...