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Sakya Tenphel Ling presents

Make a Date with our Guru, His Holiness The 41st Sakya Trizin and Mother Tara on 11 August 2013 9.30am – 11.45 am (Sun) Tara Puja Click here to sign up online

On this special day, His Holiness will grace the Tara Puja Session by joining the chanting together with members and devotees launch the new Tara Puja text with His full blessings light the wish-fulfilling candles fulfilling the wishes of all beings.


Sakya Tenphel Ling presents

You can join in this joyous occasion by:  Participating in the Tara puja (need to be vegetarian) on 11 Aug  Contributing to printing costs of the new Tara Puja text  Light a wish-fulfilling candle. Click here to sign up online.  Sign up Tara shrine life membership and obtain an autographed copy of the Tara Puja text by His Holiness 2

The Crowns of Gods and Demi Gods are bowed to Her Two Lotus Feet ; I prostrate to the Mother Tara, the Saviouress of all Poverty Immediate Benefits One becomes proficient in the chanting and increases interest in the practice; When the 6 Perfections are applied, it becomes a practice in the Path; With full devotion of Body, Voice and Mind, it dispels dangers encountered and assists to overcome fears that one has; With sincere faith and right motivation, prayers are wish-fulfilling; As it allays obstacles, protects and brings forth happiness, it eliminates suffering. Benefiting future lives: By chanting the 21 praises regularly and sincerely, one will never feel regret, and with these virtuous actions, one will gain rebirth in light realms where there is Buddha dharma. The Ultimate Benefit: With sincere prayers in Tara practice and Bodhicitta thought, one will be assisted to attain complete Buddhahood. ***************************************************************************** With the sincere praises to Mother Tara and the weekly Sunday Tara puja, we pray that all natural disasters are dispelled, all epidemics are contained, all sentient beings are well and happy and may all our Gurus have long life and 3 good health to continue to turn the wheel of Dharma.

In a survey conducted in Aug 2011, one of the questions asked “Why do you wake up so early to faithfully perform Tara Puja every Sunday ….. …”

Majority ? Tara Blessings and Wish-fulfilling

Tara Puja 2011 Survey



Dharmic Activity




What attracts you to attend Tara Puja at Sakya Tenphelling? Note : This survey allowed > one tick to the question.


HH Sakya Trizin Program - Light the Tara Wish Fulfilling Lamps!  

On this special day 11th August 2013 at Sakya Tenphel Ling, His Holiness will 1) Grace the Tara Puja Session by joining the chanting togeth...

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