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The Kurukulle Fire Puja With Tsok Offering


The Kurukulle Puja The skillfulness of the Tantrayana has no bound. The skilful activity of this Puja is magnetizing. (All participants remember this word magnetizing) The magnetizing activity represents magnetizing people to the Dharma and leading them to Enlightenment. However, along the way, worldly benefits include attracting wealth and creating a “magnetizing” environment for the ritual participants. The skilful way of this ritual or all pujas is to make offerings (so again remember this - make offerings) Be mindful when performing the offerings. The revered object of offering is the red female Bodhisattva Kurukulle The Puja is a ritual which makes offerings, in this case, to the red female Bodhisattva *Kurukulle. * Note the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas do not actually need any of our offerings. Why Revered and Holy? Holy because this Bodhisattva Kurukulle is an emanation of Hevajra as mentioned in the Hevajra Tantra. She is revered because she is an important bodhisattva for our practice of Lam Dre which is based on Hevajra Tantra. Finally she is one of the red deities of the 13 golden dharma of Sakya. The Significance of Offering Substances Offering substances are very important for they are the physical medium through which the participants are able to practice and train in the act of offering (while practicing the 3 aspects mentally). There are two kinds of offering substances: First, the offering substances that one makes by gathering and piling up on the shrine such as the seven kinds of offerings, tormas, etc. Second, the offering substances that one makes through burning in the fire as in the fire puja. The skilful procedure of taking refuge, creation of the enlightenment mind and emptiness mantra creates the right motivation for the puja. Invoking the deity with praises and mantras creates the proper

recipient before performing the various types of offerings of tormas, eight offerings, etc. To get the fullest benefit, this meritorious activity of offering is to be done with the mindfulness of the 3 aspects. And at the end, make merit dedication to all sentient beings so as to accumulate merit in a proper manner without it being destroyed by our spontaneously-arising defilements.

“During this Wealth Puja week we have incorporated the Red Jambala Deity in the ritual Program to enhance the wealth attracting effect. This had been done in past 3 years (Kurukulle and Red Jambala Rituals). Red Jambala is closely related to Red Kurukulle. Red Jambala is a wealth deity and also one of the Sakya 13 Golden Dharma deity. During the consecration of the Red Jambala wealth vase, Kurukulle emanates out the Red Jambala Dieties for wealth attracting activities. Therefore it is good that during the fire Puja we can relate this in our mental continuum especially for those who bring their Red Jambala vase for re-consecration.”

The Fire Puja of Kurukulle Fire puja is offering through the element of fire. The Fire Puja of Kurukulle comes under the fire puja of Power that magnetizes long life, wealth and energy (bala) towards the puja participants and others, requires red coloured offering substances. This type of offering activity is very meaningful and “enhancing” in nature. The participants, while maintaining the mindfulness of the event, are to be physically and mentally involved in the act of offerings. They receive the offering ingredients from the ritual master who renders them auspicious and proper for offering. The red puja ingredients are tossed into the burning fire as offerings. (To know more about the ingredients please come and participate in the fire offering on 29th Jan Sunday - 3PM) 火供是以燃烧供品的方式供养给 火供是以燃烧供品的方式供养给本尊。 燃烧供品的方式供养给本尊。咕噜咕咧佛母聚财火供专门摄受、增 本尊。咕噜咕咧佛母聚财火供专门摄受、增 长财富与加持,能为参加者招摄长寿、财富和能量。这种供养仪轨意义重大 长财富与加持,能为参加者招摄长寿、财富和能量。 和特别殊胜。参加者必须以虔诚心参与法会,以身、口、意全神专注修火供 和作供养。修火供时,金刚上师会加持所要供养的火供用物原料。参加者将 供品投入燃烧的火堆里作供养。若想了解修火供时要用的火供用物原料,请 于一月二十九 二十九日三点(星期日)来参加咕噜咕咧佛母聚财火供! We offer these red coloured offering substances to the Fire Gods and Goddesses visualizing them inside the fire where the deity mandala is placed. There are two kinds of Fire Gods and Goddesses, a mundane and supra mundane one. Here we offer to the mundane fire god known as “Agni” and the supra mundane goddess “Kurukulle”. 我们将这些红色供养品以燃烧供品的方式供养给本尊,在火供时,将炉坛观 想为佛或护法神所住的宫殿及坛城,外在是火的形象,但内在分别为佛、护 法神及他们的眷属。火供的对象有世间的护法神等;出世间为咕噜咕咧佛 母。

By propitiating the Fire God Agni and Goddesses Kurukulle through offering faithfully and sincerely, one receives the blessings of long life, energy, fortune and wealth, and transcendental knowledge in the future lives. 火供的主要目的是在做供养,我们将食物或各式各样的物品放入火中,以虔 火供的主要目的是在做供养 诚心供养护法神和咕噜咕咧佛母,可以为我们消除业障、增长福德、智能、 消除业障、增长福德、智能、 长寿和能量。 长寿和能量 Please Register at the Office. 请到办事处登记报名。 All are welcome to participate. 欢迎所有信众参加。

The Kurukulle Puja and The Fire Puja of Kurukulle  

The skillfulness of the Tantrayana has no bound. The skilful activity of this Puja is magnetizing. (All participants remember this word ma...

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