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Giving is a JOY…. Offering Dana

Dana is a Pali word which is usually translated as “giving”, “generosity” or “gift”. The most common form that this takes is the offering of alms food to the monastic sangha. One can also offer dharma, care and concern, and protection to one who is afraid…..

The act of giving itself is of immeasurable benefit to the giver; for it opens up the heart, diminishes for a moment one’s selfabsorption and places value on the well-being of others. The size or value of the gift is of almost no importance—if the act of giving itself is the natural expression of a connected and loving heart and generates a thought-moment devoid of greed and full of joy and loving-kindness, then the gift is invaluable.

May your practice be of benefit to all!

The Spirit of Dana Offering during Chinese New Year Season

We encourage and rejoice at members and friends making Dãna Offering at our Centre. Dāna or Daan is generosity or giving; a charitable act (alms) that has no expectation of return, and can be practiced in many ways. One can offer food, monies, materials (like robes and property), time and effort, etc to alleviate others’ suffering and to nourish, shelter and comfort them. During Buddha’s time, King Bimbisara offered the Bamboo Grove to Buddha and his travelling Sangha Community for the raining season retreat, and the village girl Sujata, who offered milk to an emaciated Siddharta Guatama when he was practicing self-mortification.

Practicing proper Dana since the time of the Buddha

The Lord Shakyamuni had established the noble cause of Dana Practice when he turned the golden wheel of the Buddha dharma and established the Order of the Sangha. By dispensing the teaching of the dharma he showed us the right way to Dana practice, and by establishing the Sangha Community he provided all beings the opportunity to make Dana Offering in a proper manner. Perfecting the act of generosity and giving towards others (dānapāramitā) without any self expectation, will lead to happy results. We will be born to better lives in future and enrich with material and spiritual wealth. Greed and attachment will diminish. Ultimately our mind will be purified and transformed to one with love and compassion. Everyone benefit with this virtuous action. Therefore practicing Dana Offerings with the right motivation will bring joy and happiness to all.

The Spirit of Dana Offering during Chinese New Year Season Dana (Food Offering ) for the CNY season With the coming of the Chinese New Year Season, we call out to all members and friends to support our Centre’s Dana (food) Offering program. With the presence of members of the Sangha (Rinpoche, khenpos and Lamas), and members and friends together, it will be a great time for Dana food offerings, and joy, happiness and auspiciousness for the occasion will prevail.

How to make a dana food offering at our Centre: During this auspicious New Year season the public may wish to offer dana to the sangha. This can be either in kind or monetary form. To avoid wastage, we prefer the dana offering to be registered with office in advance. Last minute invite of Sangha when food has been catered for will create wastage. Please register at the office your intended amount of monies etc. State your choice of Dana to the Sangha in the form and your contributions. And we dedicate merits accrued to all Dana Givers during Tara Puja on 17 Feb 2013. Offering Dana in this manner is very meaningful and meritorious, and will have all the blessings of the Buddha. May this New Year be very auspicious and joyful to all

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What is Dana Offering and Benefits of Dana Offering  

Dana is a Pali word which is usually translated as “giving”, “generosity” or “gift”. The most common form that this takes is the offering o...