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Unfaithful John

By Alessandra German

Unfaithful John By Alessandra German Inspired by Grimms' Faithful Johannes Once upon a time in a far away place called New York City, there lived a CEO named Tony Angel. He was a good steward to the company shareholders by increasing the company stock values and maintaining healthy earning per shares. But he made the company money by overworking and underpaying his employees who cursed his existence every day. Tony had been married and had a son that he adored but was not close to. Then while his son was 15, his wife's plane lost control and crashed into a veterinary hospital killing her and many ailing animals. His son, Wainwright, moved in with him but rarely saw his father due to his long hours. His poor choice of a nanny was constantly spending all her time gambling online. Still the tall lad was happy because he chose to be. A few days later, the father went to his doctor to review

his health. It became clear that being exposed to materials in his corner office had shortened his life to just a handful of days. Tony had to quickly choose a guardian. His choices were slim, since he had no living family members or acquaintances. So he chose his Administrative Admin - John Sweet. John was a man who despised his boss, was always scheming to get ahead, never had enough money, and was happiest scaring his fellow employees. Tony explained his situation to John and that for the trouble of being a guardian, he would give him $300,000 a year in addition to $750,000 a year for his son's living expenses. John calculated the possibilities in his head and liked what he saw. He agreed to this, smiling an evil grimace. Several days later, Tony died alone except for a visiting nurse. His last words were "Help Wain..." Tony's penthouse apartment was shuttered and the boy was immediately sent to Thomson's School of Unfortunate Corporate Orphans. John smiled to himself -- because it was a fairly cheap school, he could pocket the rest. And the boy

could stay there until he was 21. He would make sure that the child would never get any money. It was a perfect plan. But unknown to the Unfaithful John, the school was run by Gladys Wings, Tony's former girlfriend who never married. She immediately took a particular interest in John and under her tutelage, he grew into a handsome, kind, and smart man. When it was time for him to leave, Gladys told Wainwright his story. While he could have taken a path of vengeance, which would have filled the remaining pages in blood, he decided instead to take on a different path. Using the modest funds that the headmistress had given him, he took a boat to Portugal. He quickly learned the language and made some friends. One of these friends liked him so much, that he offered to go into the swimming pool business as a partner. Wainwright was a quick learner and helped dramatically expand the business with his sales and natural marketing skills. He fell in love with the beautiful and brilliant daughter of the local supermarket tycoon. The future looked very bright indeed.

But on the other side of the ocean, John was following his every move. Inexplicably, he disliked the boy and wanted to squash him into nothingness. John unleashed a continuous campaign to discredit Wainwright. First he tried to get his workers to go on strike. But the workers were very happy with the fairness and responsiveness of the partners so thus he failed. Then he tried to send a hit man to kill the young man. But the boat the hit man was on was attacked by pirates and he was marooned on an unknown island. Finally, he tried to spread lies about Wainwright to his fiancee. But she quickly saw through the lies and into the true character of her future husband. Finally he kidnapped Wainwright. As he was tied up, Wainwright saw who it was and said: "Poor John, you have all the money that you will ever need and you're still not happy. Your hunger for more will never be satisfied. I want to thank you for your kindness. If it wasn't for you, I would never have met Gladys Wings, the school's headmistress and be exposed to such a beautiful world. I might have been stuck in the corporate tower feeling sad and helping no one. But instead starting with

nearly nothing, I treasure all that I have including the love of the best woman in Lisbon. I wish that I could return the same happiness to you.” Just then, the hit man entered the room and shot John in the leg. Pointing his gun still at John, he freed Wainwright. Then he said: “Sorry I'm late kid, those pirates had me going…But my friends at the CIA helped me get here in time. I'm Gladys' brother, Michael Securo, and she told me to keep an eye out for you.” He untied the former captor, hugged him and wished him luck. Wainwright headed home, got married, had many children and grandchildren. He lived happily ever after. Several weeks later, John was found heads first in a mail sorting machine with a note in his pocket saying "THUS EVER TO SMALL-MINDED MEN." No one mourned his passing.

Unfortunately, all of Wainwright's money was gone, but he didn't mind. "It all worked out for the best", he said, as he dove into his Olympic-sized pool.

Unfaithful John