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Subsidiary Aims

Aid and materials

Interaction Pattern

5 Minutes

10 minutes

10 minutes

10 minutes

Engage Play three videos and ask students what kind of TV program they like. Activate Each student has to pass in front of the class and talk about his/her favorite kind of TV program and which is less interesting for them. Activate Teacher presents through a multimedia projector images about 5 popular TV series. They start a discussion about why these series are popular, also if they have a positive or negative influence. Study At the end of the discussions (activate sessions) the teacher provide a general feedback about the areas which students showed some deficiencies and ask them for paraphrasing with

Lead –in To introduce topic.

To check students ability to make use of negative adverbs at the beginning of a sentence and verify if the vocabulary is the adequate to develop this lesson To make students analyze and discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of TV programs.

To reinforce vocabulary and grammar structure.

Multimedia projector, laptop and internet.

Teacher – All class

Teacher’s notes

Student – All class

Multimedia projector and internet.

Whole Group work

Teacher’s note

Teacher – whole class

advance vocabulary 10 minutes

15 minutes

Activate Students read the passage in pairs on the book and then discuss each other the questions.

To analyze Student’s book; pag. Pair work information contrasting their opinion against the author of the passage’s opinion by answering questions at the end of the reading. Assessment Students deliver a monologue in which they present their point of view about the negative and positive characteristics of Television making use of negative adverbs at the beginning of sentences and the vocabulary studied during the lesson.

Supporting Material: Lead-in: Documentary Television: National Geographic re=plpp_video Reality Show: American Next Top Model Series: House, MD

lesson planning  

lesson planning based on task based learning approach

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