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The Government is Committed Cospedal Quality Tourism and Direct Collabo ration with Industry Professionals "The Strategic Tourism Plan, as part of the Investment Plan and Employmen t Creation, is one of the bets to achieve economic development in our reg ion" Tourism is becoming one of the protagonists of the economic developm ent of Castilla-La Mancha Spain, February 25, 2013 - The Minister of Employment and the Economy of t he Government of Castilla-La Mancha, Carmen Home, said that "the commitmen t Cospedal Executive quality tourism and direct collaboration with industr y professionals in Castilla- La Mancha, based tourism not only in the many attractions that have potential, but also the experiences that serve to a dapt to the forefront of the industry and implement new types with which c reate jobs and wealth in the hands of business ". Home, on a visit to the town of Brihuega, "the garden of the Alcarria", stres sed that "tourism is a sector that is so stoic enduring the vicissitudes of t he economy and is becoming a player in the recovery Castilla-La Mancha. " In this regard, he assured that "the government has designed a Strategic T ourism Plan as part of the Investment Plan and Employment Creation, as one of the major productive sectors of Castilla-La Mancha and protagonist of economic change in our region" . In this regard, he recalled that, "at present, accounts for 12% of our GDP a nd directly employs approximately 42,000 people. To improve the results, Cas ero said that "we will strengthen partnerships between industry and municipa lities that, after all, are the ones who know the resources they have to mov e forward in this area." Food Quality While visiting Brihuega along the delegate of the Board in Guadalajara, Jo sĂŠ Luis County, President of the Provincial Council, and the Mayor Anna Gu arino Brihuega, Adela de la Torre, the Minister of Employment and the Econ omy also recalled that " Castilla-La Mancha has an untapped potential in g astronomy ". As an example he explained that our region has more than 3,00 0 restaurants that show the best of our food products and our food traditi ons. Finally, Casero said that "after having complied with the constitutional mand ate to reduce the deficit below 1.5%, it's time to settle the economic recove

ry and, obviously, the tourism sector is one of the fundamental tools for it. " Brihuega rich heritage For his part, the Mayor of Brihuega, Adela de la Torre, has highlighted the quality of the old buildings that have earned the statement of a Historica l. He has reported on the old wall built by the Arabs and rebuilt after the Reconquista (XIII century), doors left standing, like the chain, with a se micircular arc closed, and the Cozag贸n, between two medieval towers, other monuments as well as the gardens, the Church of Our Lady of the Rock or San Miguel and San Felipe, the square and the castle remains among many touris m potentials. Press Contact: Sydney Hardison Media Relations Value Optimized Solutions Inc 441 Santaluz Path Austin, TX 78732 512-212-1139

The Government is Committed Cospedal Quality Tourism and Direct Collaboration with Professionals