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Concrete Foaming Agent - The Ultimate Building Material Foaming agents are used in many industrial processes and in many home constructions also to give a solid strength. Different foaming agents are used to get effective constructions either residential or commercial. In industry, foaming agents are used whenever foam needs to be created or when a suspension of ingredients is being prepared in the form of foam. Foaming agents are also used in industrial cleaning applications, the preparation of building materials, and a wide range of other tasks. A broad spectrum of chemicals can act as foaming agents. It is also possible to add such agents to materials while they are being processed, as seen when metal foams are produced in metalworking applications. The composition of the foaming agent can have an impact on the integrity of foam. Some foam tends to be very stiff and firm, with bubbles which have extremely strong walls. In market, today you can find various firms offering Cellular Light Weight Concrete (CLC) for all types of concrete building and industrial needs. Among them some offer protein based as well as synthetic foaming agents. Protein based foaming agent concentrate with active enzyme components, used to make the light concrete or foam concrete. CLC is widely used in building material industry; it produces fine & stable foam when diluted in water and processed in foam generator with compressed air. CLC is produced by combining compressed air with a non-toxic liquid foaming agent. Foam produced has very fine and stable high quality foam. Stability and density depend on dilution & settings of the foam generator. Cellular lightweight concrete (CLC) also known as aerated or foamed concrete delivers a more complete sustainable solution. Unlike autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), no heat is applied in manufacturing CLC. These are some advantages of Cellular Light Weight Concrete (CLC): • Highly mobile material • Reduced densities • Entrains air up to 30-35% • Increases Yield Products under this category The general, Benefits of Foamed Concrete regardless of its target density are: Faster construction Eco-compatibility Resistance to hot and cold climates Provides thermal insulation Good acoustic insulator Has superior fire resistance High workability

Due to reduced weight, more volume of CLC, building elements can be transported at the same time then of CC. It gives high stability of the foam, successfully with standing the conditions when mixing, conveying, pouring, casting and during the setting and hydration process. It acts as a binding for the air entrapped. It can be applied in foamed concrete blocks, panels, slabs, void filling, thermal insulation etc.

Concrete foaming agent the ultimate building material