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Volkswagen Accessories

The city is getting exotic. Accessories for the Tiguan.

Movement is fascination. Hardly any other subject inspires us more. Because movement is the epitome of freedom. We at Volkswagen combine Volkswagen accessories with the highest quality, functionality, comfort and lots more. Because we believe that one type of perception alone is not enough to underline the 1000 facets of your Volkswagen. Volkswagen Genuine Accessories

Volkswagen Genuine Accessories carries the premium standards of the brand name forward into the accessory segment. And, in doing so, our product philosophy continuously stands for innovative engineering and demanding design. Right down to the smallest detail, because Volkswagen Genuine Accessories were designed, tested and tuned with the original vehicle. We do this because you should feel at ease in your Volkswagen all the time. Here you can experience an extensive range from seven product families which gives you a plus in individual mobility, driving enjoyment and fascination. Your Volkswagen partner will be pleased to advise you. You can also find many of the products on offer in this brochure in our Volkswagen Accessories E Shop and at


Sport & Design Aerodynamic fittings, underride guard, step boards, rear strip in chrome look, wheel arch extensions


Wheels & Tyres Alloy wheels, complete wheels, tyres, tyre pocket sets,

wheel spanner set, snow chains



Radio and navigation systems, CD changers, CD storage bag, rear seat entertainment, MEDIA IN, hands-free systems Volkswagen TeleCom


Transport Rear, roof and interior transport systems, towing hitches, baggage securing systems, child seats

Comfort & protection


Parking distance control, protective films, sill protectors, mud flaps, luggage space liners, cruise control systems, sunshades, clothes hangers, footmats

Service and care


Care and cleaning aids, tow rope, warning triangle, warning vest, First Aid Kit



Case set, clothing, model cars

The cars shown in this brochure are sometimes pictured with additional accessories and/or special fittings. These are not included in the scope of delivery of the product described, and neither are any decorative items also pictured.

Be brave. Show your wild side. Whether you're a wild cat or a pet: Show the city your claws! How you do it is entirely up to you. You can do it by using the appropriate accessories to match your Tiguan to your temperament and give it that personal touch. That's how you leave tracks!

Sport & Design

Volkswagen Genuine front skirt (Figure left) Strong emphasis: The sporty front skirt emphasises the powerful front of the Tiguan. It is made of durable, high-quality plastic, primed and can be painted in your car's colour. Only available for the Tiguan in the Sport & Style and Trend & Fun equipment versions. Art. No. 5N0 071 609 GRU

Volkswagen Genuine underride guard front The underride guard in silver matt underlines the off‑road character of your Tiguan. It is made of especially impact-resistant and durable material. Only in connection with Volkswagen Genuine front skirt or for the Tiguan in equipment versions Sport & Style and Trend & Fun. Art. No. 5N0 071 608 6M7 For fitting to the Volkswagen Genuine front skirt (Art. No. 5N0 071 609 GRU) Art. No. 5N0 071 608 A 6M7 For fitting to series bumpers in equipment versions Sport & Style and Trend & Fun

Volkswagen Genuine step boards For great side line appearance. The step boards in ground stainless steel underline the distinctive character of the Tiguan. Thanks to the embedded anti-slip coating, they make it easy for you to get in and out and protect the vehicle against marking. Carrying capacity: up to 200 kg. Art. No. 5N0 071 691 6M7

4 5

Volkswagen Genuine rear skirt with diffuser (Figure right) The rear skirt in high-quality flexible material rounds off the Tiguan's striking appearance. The diffuser emphasises the offroad character of the rear and, with its matt silver finish, provides a strong focus. Including cover for the works-fitted towing hitch. Art. No. 5N0 071 610 GRU Art. No. 5N0 071 610 A GRU Art. No. 5N0 092 761 41S

For vehicles with or without retrofitted parking distance control For vehicles with works-fitted parking distance control Cover for retrofitable swivelling towing hitch

Volkswagen Genuine rear strip in chrome look The attractive rear strip in high-gloss chrome look gives the Tiguan additional elegance, and at the same time it protects the tailgate edges. It can be glued without problems to the tailgate bottom edge. Art. No. 5N0 071 360

Volkswagen Genuine roof edge spoiler Restrained but effective. The roof edge spoiler completes the rear of the Tiguan. It is made in particularly impact-resistant and durable material, primed and can be painted in your car colour. Thanks to the aerodynamic fine-tuning, air resistance is optimised and the cw value is improved. Art. No. 5N0 071 640 GRU

Volkswagen Genuine wheel arch extension The wheel arch extension in high-quality flexible material is not just an optical highlight. It also protects the wheel arch edges and guarantees the legally prescribed wheel coverage for 19ıı-wheels. It is precisely finished and fits perfectly onto the series bumpers and/or retrofitable fittings. In addition to the wide version, a narrow version is also available. Art. No. 5N0 071 680 041 Art. No. 5N0 071 681 041 Art. No. 5N0 071 681 A 041

Wide version for all equipment versions Narrow version for equipment versions Sport & Style and Trend & Fun (not illustrated) Narrow version for equipment version Track & Field (not illustrated)

Sport & Design

6 7

People wanting to challenge the street only need one thing: untameable passion. Go off on a fact-finding tour! With the exclusive alloy wheels and complete wheels from Volkswagen Accessories, you don't just ensure a dynamic appearance, but you'll also be driving with a better feeling thanks to 24 months tyre guarantee. Your Volkswagen partner will be pleased to give you a quote for the tyres to fit your vehicle.

Wheels & Tyres

Volkswagen Genuine Savannah alloy wheel1

Volkswagen Genuine Savannah alloy wheel1

Volkswagen Genuine Davenport alloy wheel

Wheel size: 9 J x 19 ıı,

Wheel size: 9 J x 19 ıı,

Wheel size: 7 J x 18 ıı,

ET 33, LK 5/112

ET 33, LK 5/112

ET 43, LK 5/112

Usable tyre size: 255/40 R19

Usable tyre size: 255/40 R19

Usable tyre size: 235/50 R18

Colour: Anthracite,

Colour: Brilliant silver,

Colour: Brilliant silver,

gloss machined

gloss machined

gloss machined

matt paint finish

Art. No. 5N0 071 499 666

Art. No. 5N0 071 498 666

Art. No. 5N0 071 499 AX7

Also available as complete

Also available as complete

Also available as complete

summer wheel.

summer and winter wheels.

summer wheel.

Volkswagen Genuine wheel spanner set (not illustrated) Your alloy wheels are much safer if you use the thief-proof wheel spanner set. Art. No. 000 071 597

Volkswagen Genuine Baltimore alloy wheel

Volkswagen Genuine tyre pocket set

Volkswagen Genuine snow chain

Wheel size: 6.5 J x 16 ıı,

The four-part tyre pocket set with

(not illustrated)

ET 33, LK 5/112

its heavy duty carrying handles

The high-quality cable standard

Usable tyre size: 215/65 R16

and built-in pockets for the wheel

mounting chains in titanium

Colour: Brilliant silver

nuts enables caring transport

alloy can be rapidly fitted to

Art. No. 5N0 071 496 666

and storage in your garage or

a standing vehicle and brings

Also available as complete

cellar without losing value.

you safely to your destination.

winter wheel.

Suitable for tyres and complete

You can find a summary of all


wheels up to 18 with wheel

the available versions in the

widths of up to 245 mm.

attached price list.

Art No. 000 073 900

Please see the attached price list for an overview of our range of complete wheels. Please ask your Volkswagen partner for the complete range and up-to-date complete wheel catalogues.

The conditions and information contained in the German TÜV report must be carefully observed. Please see the report for the relevant alloy wheel for further usable tyre sizes. 1

Only in connection with the legally prescribed wheel arch extension.

8 9

Entertainment that will put you under its spell. Use the unique range of information in addition to modern entertainment electronics in elegant integrated lock. On top of this, you can enjoy user-friendly communication and crystal-clear sound quality – you'll be pricking up your ears!


Volkswagen Genuine radio navigation system RNS 510 (Figure left) The navigation system is comfortable and specific to operate using its 6.5 ıı-touchscreen. Routes are quickly calculated thanks to the high-performance processor. The high-resolution display is capable of displaying map sections in format 16 : 9. An integrated DVD drive enables the playing of standard CD and DVD formats. Modern storage media such as a 30 GB hard disk and SD card reader enable storage and playing of various data formats. With integrated CD changer control and 4x 20 W output rating. Art. No. 1T0 057 680 B Art. No. 1T0 051 859 D Art. No. 1T0 051 859 E

Radio navigation system RNS 510 Navigation DVD with map material for western Europe (not illustrated) Navigation DVD with map material for eastern Europe (not illustrated)

Volkswagen Genuine Click & Ride integration solution Combine the safety and comfort of a permanently fitted navigation system and the flexibility of a mobile one. This integration solution offers the Volkswagen Genuine Integration Kit in addition to a completely up-to-date navigation system from Garmin. In contrast to mobile solutions, the navigation system can be located on the instrument panel safely, precisely and without annoying cables using the integration kit. Audio output takes place using the vehicle loudspeakers in tried and tested Volkswagen quality, and power is provided by the on‑board power supply. The Garmin nüvi navigation system included in the scope of delivery guides you quicker to your destination using a 4.3 ıı widescreen colour display, preinstalled European map (40 countries, Western and Eastern Europe1) in addition to additional features such as lane guidance. You can decide whether to order the system with or without a Bluetooth hands-free system. Art. No. 000 051 255 A Art. No. 000 051 255 B

Without Bluetooth hands-free system With Bluetooth hands-free system

Volkswagen Genuine MP3 Radio RCD 210 With its outstanding sound quality and fine design, the Volkswagen Genuine RCD 210 MP3 radio will captivate anyone. The 1-DIN radio is supplemented by a useful storage compartment and is fitted with plenty of interfaces for the collection of various devices s u c h  a s  a CD changer or hands-free system. Colour: Anthracite. Art. No. 5M0 057 156 A


Please note that not all countries are completely covered.

10 11

Volkswagen Genuine MP3 Radio RCD 310 For non-stop music enjoyment on all your journeys: The “RCD 310” MP3 radio plays all your favourite hits in MP3 format. In addition, the surrounding of the buttons and knobs in chrome look make the radio a true eye-catcher. With interface for connection to the MEDIA-IN multimedia socket (MEDIA‑IN can be ordered separately) for connection to external audio sources such as MP3 player, iPod etc. The radio is also available with and without digital radio reception (DAB). Art. No. 5M0 057 186 AA Art. No. 5M0 057 186 AB

Without digital tuner (DAB) With digital tuner (DAB)

Volkswagen Genuine MP3 Radio RCD 510 Enjoy music in new dimensions: The “RCD 510” MP3 radio can be easily and specifically operated using its 6.5 ıı touchscreen. The integrated 6 CD changer enables almost endless musical enjoyment. The modern radio module with outstanding sound and receiving properties rounds off the high-end specification of the unit. With optional MEDIA-IN interface (MEDIA-IN can be ordered separately) for the collection of external audio sources such as MP3 player, iPod etc. The radio is also available with and without digital radio reception (DAB). Art. No. 3C8 057 195 Art. No. 3C8 057 195 A

Without digital tuner (DAB) With digital tuner (DAB)

Volkswagen Genuine CD changer Your favourite music without breaks - no problem with the 6 CD changer. It is fitted with motorised CD tray, has a frequency response of 5–20,000 Hz, double speed drive with cache memory and noise shaping DAC with 32x oversampling and a holographic 3-beam sampler. The mechanical system is vibration damped The unit can be fitted to the central console instead of the storage compartment, and promises the highest in musical enjoyment. The cable set for the CD changer must be ordered as well. Art. No. 1T0 057 110 B Art.No. 1T0 051 592 A

CD changer Cable set for CD changer


Volkswagen Genuine CD storage bag This means you can keep your personal charts with you all the time. Soft-bag storage bag in black leather with separate compartments for 12 CDs. With zip fastener for safe closing. Art. No. 00V 061 133 01C

DVD Voyager 4 multimedia kit The “DVD Voyager 4” multimedia kit makes car driving into a particularly enjoyable experience for all rear passengers. This makes long journeys a child's play, especially for the younger passengers. The DVD tablet player integrated in the 7 ıı TFT display plays DVDs and CDs in all standard formats in addition to MP3s. The system is EU crash-tested, the player's rounded edges minimise any risk of injury in a crash. A clip in the player securing system prevents it from falling out unintentionally. Fitting or removal takes place quickly and simply in the headrests. The player stands out through its pleasant flat design, and it is light and portable which enables it to be used in various vehicles. Can also be ordered as basic or comfort kit. Please see the attached price list for more information. Art. No. 000 063 500 ES

Volkswagen Genuine MEDIA-IN (Illustration similar, MEDIA-IN with iPod adapter) If you use the MEDIA-IN multimedia socket, you can easily connect your external audio sources (MP3 player, iPod, USB stick etc) and play everything on them. Device control as well as display of music track titles and playlists takes place via the works-fitted car radio or navigation system. Only usable in connection with the “RCD 310", “RCD 510” MP3 radios and with the “RNS 510” radio navigation system. We recommend that you store the unit in the vehicle glove compartment for security reasons. Please see the attached price lists for information on the optionally available adapter cables. Art. No. 5N0 057 342

12 13

Ready for reception It doesn't matter whether your vehicle was fitted with mobile telephone preparation in the works or not: select your individual solution for great reception.

For vehicles with works-fitted mobile telephone preparation Volkswagen Genuine mobile phone adapter set If your vehicle has already been prepared for mobile telephone preparation in the works, the mobile phone adapter set with active support is made-to-measure. The best thing about it is that it contains two additional function keys which connect you directly to Volkswagen service and the breakdown service. You can find more information in the attached price list and at Art. No. 3C0 051 435 X1


X = mobile phone-specific index. Since the range of mobile phone adapter sets is continuously being extended, please ask your Volkswagen partner or check the information available at


Volkswagen Genuine Bluetooth Touch Adapter Mobile telephoning in the car becomes a real experience with the new Bluetooth touch adapter. You can operate your mobile phone simply and comfortably using the high-resolution contactsensitive colour touchscreen. The connection to the touch adapter is made elegantly using the mobile telephone Bluetooth hands-free profile. Once the coupling process between mobile telephone and mobile telephone preparation has been made once, you can simply leave your mobile phone in its case while you're driving. For vehicles with works-fitted mobile telephone preparation. Art.-Nr. 3C0 051 435 TA

For vehicles without works-fitted mobile telephone preparation Bluetooth hands-free system This user-friendly hands-free device with 2.8 ıı TFT colour display with touchscreen promises you the very latest in technology and the highest possible level of operating comfort while driving. The speaker-independent DialogPlus voice control is characterised by its unique word recognition accuracy and speed. The unit also offers you a spoken help service to simplify operation. Thanks to the text-to-speech function, the system can read out text messages (SMS – mobile phone dependent) in a clear and easy to understand manner – a maximum of information without looking at the screen. It is possible to play MP3s from your mobile phone via the inbuilt vehicle loudspeakers using the Audio Stereo Streaming (A2DP) function on your mobile phone and the radio AUX IN. The unit is placed on your vehicle dashboard. Please see the attached price list for the adapter cable required. Art. No. 000 051 433 C

Volkswagen TeleCom We'd like to make sure you don't have to think about your mobile phone tariff at all. This is why we've come up with an inexpensive, simple mobile phone tariff. Please ask your Volkswagen TeleCom partner about the attractive “V10” mobile phone tariff and the many additional services you will have available if you use the Volkswagen TeleCom mobile phonecard. You will always be easy to reach on the road if you use the Volkswagen hands-free system together with the Volkswagen TeleCom mobile phone card. In addition, we can offer you a range of mobile phone models. You can find more information at

14 15

Space for everything. For the wilderness, for example. People on the road need to be prepared for everything. So you need to pack the things you really need. The Tiguan is as versatile as you yourself. Make use of its versatility and power, whether you're carrying your sport equipment or equipment for leisure activities. Use it to the full!


Volkswagen Genuine bicycle rack for the towing hitch (Figure left) It's so easy to take up to two bicycles with you on holiday. The carrier is quickly mounted on the towing ball hitch. Lockable fixing screws enable flexible handling and additional fixing. The maximum carrying capacity is 35 kg. An extension set is available for transporting a third bicycle. Art. No. 3C0 071 105 Art. No. 3C0 071 105 E

Bicycle carrier for the towing hitch Extension set for a third bicycle

Volkswagen Genuine towing hitch Extend your Tiguan's transport capabilities. The towing hitch is available as a rigid or swivelling version. The ball hitch on the swivelling version can be hidden invisibly behind the bumper. Please see the attached price list for instructions for use. Please note the permissible towbar load stated on your vehicle papers. The electrical fitting set must be ordered separately. Art. No. 5N0 092 101 Art. No. 5N0 092 161 A

Rigid (not illustrated) Swivelling

Volkswagen Genuine electrical fitting set (not illustrated) The 13-pole electrical fitting set for the rigid or swivelling towing hitch contains a built-in controller which is integrated in the vehicle electronics. It guarantees electrical supply and makes towing a trailer possible. Art. No. 5N0 055 204

Volkswagen Genuine bicycle rack for the tailgate Practically fitted - fast. For transporting up to two bicycles. In anodized aluminium profile, with thief-proof locking system. Pre-mounted, therefore very easy to fit. Self-weight: 12.5 kg. Carrying capacity: 45 kg. Art. No. 5N0 071 104

16 17

Volkswagen Genuine carry bars The carry bars are very stable, but are easily and simply attached to the Tiguan roof rails. They are used as a system base for all attachments. You are also protected against nasty surprises thanks to the thief-proof locking device. For vehicles with roof rails. Art. No. 5N0 071 151

Volkswagen Genuine roof bars Well equipped underway - thanks to the Volkswagen roof bar system. The Volkswagen Genuine roof bars form the base to which, for example, ski and snowboard holder, cycle carrier, surfboard holder or practical roof box can be attached. For vehicles without roof rails. Art. No. 5N0 071 126

Volkswagen Genuine bicycle carrier The bicycle carrier is just the right thing for all ambitious bikers. The carrier consists of an aerodynamically-formed plastic profile and the frame mounting is made of matt chromed steel. Easy fitting to the roof bars or carry bars make handling very easy. It weighs around 3.2 kg. The city crash-tested bicycle carrier is lockable. Art. No. 6Q0 071 128 A

Volkswagen Genuine roof box The new roof boxes with volumes of 310 l, 340 l and 460 l convince with their simple and comfortable handling: Roof boxes are simple to fix to the roof bars or carry bars thanks to the practical quick clamp fixing. The innovative “DuoLift” system, which makes opening the roof box possible from both sides, ensures additional ease of loading and unloading. The 3-point central locking system increases anti-theft protection. Please see the attached price list for an overview of sizes and versions.

This is how the city crash test works The carrying system is fixed to the vehicle and loaded with the intended load. A typical frontal crash is simulated in city traffic at around 30 km/h through horizontal acceleration and forces working in opposition to the travel direction. In this case, the carrier system must on no account become disengaged from the vehicle.


Volkswagen Genuine comfort ski and snowboard holder Out in the snow! You can comfortably carry up to six pairs of skis or four snowboards on your vehicle roof using the ski and snowboard holder. The ski and snowboard holder is easily mounted on the basic roof bars or carry bars and can be locked. The wide opening button means the ski holder can even be operated if you're wearing thick ski gloves. The pull-out function makes loading and unloading easier. Art. No. 1T0 071 129

Volkswagen Genuine canoe carrier The Volkswagen Genuine canoe carrier has been especially developed for transporting canoes weighing up to 25 kg. This makes it easy to attach canoes to the roof bars or carry bars and transport them on the vehicle roof without slipping or wobbling. 18 19

Art. No. 1K0 071 127 A

Volkswagen Genuine luggage net The luggage net ensures that everything stays in its place, and that light objects cannot slide around. The tearproof net with integrated pocket is simple to fix to the series lashing eyes in the luggage compartment using the fixing hooks. For vehicles with raised load surface. Art. No. 5N0 065 111

Volkswagen Genuine partition grille This is how to stop your shopping and luggage becoming a risk when you have to brake abruptly. The partition grille separates the luggage space from the passenger cell between the back seat backrests and the roof lining. The loading space is completely separated if used together with the luggage space divider. The stable, black powder-coated steel grille is easy to fix behind the rear seat backrest. No additional drillholes are required, which means that the partition grille can be removed at any time

Surfboard carrier

without leaving any marks. The airbag function is not

(not illustrated)

affected. The luggage space cover can also be used

For comfortable surfboard transport. Including two mast

with the partition grille. The luggage space cover

holders and two tensioning straps, quick and easy to fix

can be ordered separately.

to the roof bars or carry bars.

Art. No. 5N0 017 221 Art. No. 5N0 017 222

Art. No. 000 071 120 HA

Partition grille Luggage space divider (only in connection with partition grille)

Ready to go Children should travel as safely and as comfortably as possible. Volkswagen Accessories provide the best conditions for this. With tests which far exceed the legally prescribed test requirements. For example, the side crash test confirms the high quality of our child seat systems. Perfect workmanship, simple handling, removable covers washable at up to 30 °C are a matter of course. All child seats comply with the current valid ECE Standards 44/03 or 44/04.

Volkswagen Genuine Bobsy G0 plus ISOFIX Using the “Bobsy G0 plus ISOFIX", the child is held in its seat using the integrated height-adjustable 5-point belt harness. The special “ISOFIX” fixing system connects the child seat solidly with the bodywork. The integrated seat insert protects newborn babies' sensitive backs. High seat cheeks and a deep shell provide additional support. A swivelling carry handle and sunshade are included. Can also be used in vehicles without “ISOFIX” but with 3-point belts. Suitable for babies weighing up to 13 kg or around 15 months. Art. No. 00V 019 907

Volkswagen Genuine Bobsy G0 plus (not illustrated) Child seat similar to “Bobsy G0 plus ISOFIX” but without “ISOFIX” fixing. Art. No. 00V 019 900 C

Volkswagen Genuine Bobsy G0-1 ISOFIX The Bobsy G0-1 ISOFIX is an extremely safe seating system for the children weighing up to 18 kg (up to 4 years). The seat is firmly fixed to the vehicle bodywork using the ISOFIX fixing to the subframe, but can also be used without problems in vehicles without the ISOFIX system. The child seat is approved for Groups 0/1, which means they can be used from birth onwards up to a weight of around 18 kg if fitted facing backwards. If they are fitted facing forwards, they are approved for use between 9 and 18 kg. Highlights: the belt harness is heightadjustable, the seat shells can be clicked into three angle settings and the skin-friendly and removable fabric coverings can be washed at up to 30 °C. The subframe for fitting the child seat to the vehicle must be ordered separately. Art. No. 000 019 902 D Art. No. 000 019 728 A Art. No. 000 019 729 A

Bobsy G0-1 ISOFIX Subframe for use facing backwards Subframe for use facing forwards


Volkswagen Genuine Bobsy G1 ISOFIX DUO plus “ISOFIX” seats provide a high level of protection: The special “ISOFIX” fixing system connects the child seat solidly with the bodywork. The “Bobsy G1 ISOFIX DUO plus” with height-adjustable belt harness is additionally fitted with a seat shell which can be clicked into three angles. Foldable holding bars also allow use in vehicles not fitted with the “ISOFIX” system. Suitable for children weighing between 9 and 18 kg (8 months to 4 years). Art. No. 00V 019 909 B

Volkswagen Genuine Bobsy G1 ISOFIX Top Tether (not illustrated) The “Bobsy G1 ISOFIX Top Tether” has all the practical features which make the “Bobsy G1 ISOFIX DUO plus” stand out. In addition, the seat can be secured in the luggage space using the “top-tether” fixings fitted to the vehicle with the “top-tether” connector. This ensures additional fixing. The seat can be used in any vehicle fitted with “top‑tether” fixing points. Suitable for children weighing between 9 and 18 kg (between 8 months and around 4 years). Art. No. 00V 019 909 C

Volkswagen Genuine Bobsy G3 plus The “Bobsy G3 plus” consists of a cushion and sleep support, and make sure the child is at the right height so that the seatbelt is optimally positioned. The seat area can be adapted precisely to the child's hip width. The sleep support, which can be adjusted for height and is adaptable to the car seat lean, ensures cosy and comfortable travelling even on longer journeys. The covers are removable and washable. Fixing takes place using the 3-point seat belt. Suitable for children weighing between 15 and 36 kg (between 3 and 12 years). Art. No. 00V 019 906 A


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


Bobsy G0-1 ISOFIX

Up to 13 kg

Bobsy G0 plus

Up to 13 kg

Bobsy G0-1 ISOFIX

Up to 18 kg

Bobsy G1 ISOFIX DUO plus

9–18 kg

Bobsy G1 ISOFIX Top Tether

9–18 kg

Bobsy G3 plus

15–36 kg

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

20 21

Awaken its protective instincts. Whether you are on the road in the urban jungle or in the harsh outdoors: Your Tiguan will protect you from everything. This is because it is part of its character to move you forward in comfort. If you extend this feeling even further, it becomes one of its easiest tasks to deliver you to your destination relaxed.

Comfort & protection

Volkswagen Genuine parking distance control (Illustration similar) Four sensors and an acoustic warning signal help the driver while parking. The parking distance control is automatically activated when reverse gear is engaged, and is confirmed with a brief signal tone. It is harmonically integrated in the vehicle bumper. The self-diagnosis function in the parking distance control helps in error detection, and the intelligent setup function recognises things such as your own towing hitch as not being an obstacle. Art. No. 1K0 054 630 B

Volkswagen Genuine V Protector The Volkswagen Genuine “V protector” is a transparent film package to protect the vehicle against stone impact, corrosion

22 23

damage and scratches. It is made exactly to measure for the Tiguan and retains the value of your vehicle. The film can be removed without leaving any residues, even years later. The package contains film for the bumpers, mirror caps, door handle recesses, door edges and the loading sill. You can find a summary of all the available versions in the attached price list.

Volkswagen Genuine stainless steel sill protectors The elegant, high-quality sill protectors in stainless steel with Tiguan insignia are an optical highlight in the vehicle entry area. In addition, they reliably protect against scratches when people are getting in and out. Scope of delivery: 1 set = 4 items, for all four entry areas. Art. No. 5N0 071 303

With the Volkswagen V protector

Without the Volkswagen V protector

Volkswagen Genuine mudflaps The perfect-fitting mudflaps are extremely hard-wearing and durable. They protect the underbody, the bumper and the rear of the Tiguan from heavy soiling. In addition, stone impact is reduced and spray spread is minimised. Colour: Black. Scope of delivery: 1 set = 2 items. Art. No. 5N0 075 111 Art. No. 5N0 075 101

For the front For the rear

Volkswagen Genuine luggage compartment inlay This light and flexible inlay is made exactly to fit the Tiguan's contours. Its border, around 5 cm high, provides sufficient protection against moisture and dirt. The diamond pattern integrated in the material is anti-slip. If you don't need the luggage compartment inlay at any time, simply roll it up and store it to the side to save space. Art. No. 5N0 061 160 Art. No. 5N0 061 161

For vehicles with raised load surface For vehicles with deep loading surface

Volkswagen Genuine luggage compartment loadliner Practical tailored loadliner with Tiguan insignia. It is washable, anti-slip and acid-resistant. The surrounding raised rim of approx. 5 mm prevents liquids running out onto the vehicle floor. This is the easy way to keep your luggage area clean. Material: Polyethylene. Art. No. 5N0 061 180 Art. No. 5N0 061 181

For vehicles with raised load surface For vehicles with deep loading surface

Comfort & protection

Volkswagen Genuine luggage compartment protection tray The high-cut inlay with wide ribs is extremely hard wearing, acid-resistant and suitable for anything that usually makes a mess during transport, such as dirty shoes or plants. The inlay protects the Tiguan's luggage compartment from any type of soiling and is easy to clean thanks to its smooth plastic surface. With Tiguan insignia. Art. No. 5N0 061 170 Art. No. 5N0 061 466

For vehicles with raised load surface For vehicles with deep load surface

Volkswagen Genuine luggage space reversible mat This precise-fitting and practical reversible mat made from velour protects the Tiguan loading space from any type of dirt. The easy-care and studded plastic on the rear ensures that the load cannot slip. A practical aid if you have to transport dirty or wet objects. For vehicles with raised load surface. Art. No. 5N0 061 210

Volkswagen Genuine cruise control system The cruise control system is an electronic aid for controlling the vehicle speed. It aids the driver in keeping to speed limits and when driving with a trailer, especially on long journeys. The system saves the speed specified by the driver and keeps to it. The reset function allows automatic acceleration to the preset speed after braking or changing gear. Art. No. 1K0 054 690 A

24 25

Volkswagen Genuine sunblind Thanks to the sunblinds for the rear window and the rear door windows in the Tiguan, the passenger cell and the passengers themselves are protected from direct sunlight without affecting the line of view and therefore traffic safety. The sunblinds are attached to the fixing clips included in delivery using flexible spring steel and are ideal for long journeys with children. The sunblinds can also be used when the windows are open. Art. No. 5N0 064 361 For the rear window (illustration above) Art. No. 5N0 064 363 For the rear door windows (illustration left) Art. No. 5N0 064 365 A Set for rear window and rear door windows

Volkswagen Genuine clothes hanger The Volkswagen Genuine clothes hanger is ideal if you want to transport your clothing, for example during the journey to the office or to a festive occasion. The hanger is simply fixed to the seat headrest bar. Art. No. 00V 061 127

Comfort & protection

Volkswagen Genuine Premium textile footmats The textile mats, which are perfectly shaped to fit the footwells of your Tiguan are made from hard-wearing, thick woven velour. The front mats are made with silver‑coloured recessed Tiguan insignia. The front mats are anchored to prevent slipping using the fixings provided in the floor area. The anti-slip rear coating ensures optimal positioning of the rear mats. Colours: Black and anthracite. Art. No. 5N1 061 275 P FKZ1 Art. No. 5N0 061 276 P FKZ1 Art. No. 5N1 061 270 P FKZ1

For the front For the rear For front and rear

Volkswagen Genuine rubber footmats If the most important thing is keeping things dry, the rubber footmat set with Tiguan insignia is the ideal solution. Dirt and moisture are collected and can be removed without problems simply by washing. The rubber footmats are made-to-measure, and are connected to the vehicle floor using the integrated fixing system to prevent slipping. Colour: Black. Art. No. 5N1 061 501 041 Art. No. 5N0 061 511 041 Art. No. 5N1 061 531 A 041


Colour code (FKZ), see price list.

For the front For the rear With tyre profile design (illustration bottom left)

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So that it keeps its nice thick coat. Even a wild animal needs care. And care means prevention from all natural and environmental influences. You can give your Tiguan a new gleaming coat using our care and cleaning series. But one thing should be clear: It's not just the external values which need to be cared for, it's the internal ones as well.

Service & care

Volkswagen Genuine care and cleaning aids (Figure left) The Volkswagen care and cleaning aids series is suitable for all applications on and in the car. You can find more information in the enclosed price list, or ask your Volkswagen partner for information on the complete range.

Volkswagen Genuine towrope The towrope, which has been approved by the German TÜV and DIN, can be used for vehicles up to 2500 kg kerb weight. Art. No. 000 093 014

Volkswagen Genuine warning triangle This warning triangle has been made so that it is very small and requires very little storage space when folded down. It complies with ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) Regulation 27 and is fitted with swivelling metal stand feet. Art. No. 000 093 057

Volkswagen Genuine warning vest The lightweight fluorescent orange safety warning vest with reflective strips is made 100 % polyester and approved in accordance with DIN EN 471. It is a statutory requirement for a warning vest to be carried in company cars in Germany, except for freelance work, and is already compulsory for all vehicle occupants in some countries. The warning vest is supplied in a fabric bag fitted with poppers for closing. Art. No. 000 093 062 C

Volkswagen Genuine First-aid kit The first aid kit is a statutory requirement and an essential item for your personal safety: The first aid bag is fully compliant with German road traffic legislation and equipped in accordance with DIN 13164. It can be stored on its side in the luggage compartment to save space. Art. No. 000 093 114

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Everything but conventional. Are you wild enough to look for adventure? Are you mature enough to admire quality without compromise? Then the Volkswagen Urban Lifestyle Collection is the ideal companion for you. You can find the complete collection in the Urban Lifestyle catalogue or in the Internet at


Case set (Figure left) Very light and extremely resistant thanks to one of the hardest and most elastic plastics in the world. The polycarbonate TITAN brand-name case with extendable and lockable aluminium rods, ergonomic carrying handles, integrated combination lock and ball-bearing rollers in complete wheel look. With logo metal labels on the front and Volkswagen lining inside. Colour: Anthracite. The set consists of three different sizes: 370 x 530 x 230 mm, 420 x 620 x 280 mm and 570 x 750 x 340 mm. The cases can also be ordered singly if required. Art. No. 5N0 087 302 71N

3 case set

2 in 1 multi-function jacket Wind and water-repellent carbon city jacket for men in the modern vintage look. Deep black due to carbon-fibre coated cotton. With two side pockets, outside breast pockets, regulatable sleeve width, hidden continuous zip, band collar with integrated hood and removable inner jacket. Colour: Black. Sizes: M – XXL. Art. No. 5N0 084 002 X1 041

Men's polo shirt Tight-fitting men's polo shirt. With eye-catching contrasting facing on the inside of the collar, button strip, sleeves, fashionable breast pocket and Volkswagen insignia on the hem. In 100 % heavy jersey cotton. Colour: Black. Sizes: M – XXL. Art. No. 5N0 084 230 X1 041

Women's polo shirt Figure-hugging women's polo shirt with extended button strip, breast patch pocket and reverse button strip on the sleeve ends. The sporty impression is created by contrasting facing on the inside of the collar, button strip, sleeves and breast pocket in addition to Volkswagen insignia on the hem. In 92 % single jersey cotton and 8 % Elasthan. Colour: Black. Sizes: S – XL. Art. No. 5N0 084 240 X1 041

Model cars The Tiguan rises to the occasion even in miniature. The miniature cars are available in three scales: 1: 87 from Wiking, 1: 43 from Schuco and 1:18 from Norev. Top-quality products which impress through their level of detail. Keeping yourself busy with these miniature works of art just becomes more and more fun. You can find a summary of all the available scales and colours in the attached price list.


X = size index: Gr. S = A, Gr. M = B, Gr. L = C, Gr. XL = D, Gr. XXL = E.

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Scope, appearance, specifications, dimensions and weights, as well as the illustrations, details of equipment levels and technical specifications are based on the characteristics of the German market and accord with the information available at the time of going to print. Because we are continuously developing the accessories, we reserve the right to make changes to the scope, design and colour of products without prior announcement. This paper is manufactured using chlorine-free bleached cellulose.

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