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Editor’s letter Welcome to the first issue of SAKINA! We are five young women that are dedicated to empowering and uplifting young Muslim women. The voices of Muslim women tend to be overlooked on the global scale which is why we want to do something about it. We are part of a movement that aims towards opening doors for Muslimahs to ensure that they get the representation they deserve. Inside you’ll find a range of topics such as beauty, mental health, features and regular columns on arts & culture. We hope that you are able to read our stories and find a source of inspiration. Our journey up until this point has been a wild ride and we have many people to thank for that. We’d like to give a huge thank you to Tjejer Kan, Slackin’ Crew and Abby Afriyie. We are incredibly appreciative of the support that they have given us. Join us on this amazing journey, be a part of SAKINA.



Back to

Basics ____________________________________________________

BY FADUMA ALIN As we approach the spring season, we need to take better care of our skin. Post-winter blues has left us with dry skin that lacks moisture and requires hydration. On the following page are some tips that will help you revive that skin so it looks more flawless than ever.


Three steps 1. Cleanse It may sound simple but people often forget how important cleansing the skin is, especially when you go long days wearing makeup and expose your skin to all types of bacteria. It is crucial to do this the right way as you need to remove dead skin cells on a daily basis and get the blood circulation flowing. You need to find the right cleansing method/product for your skin type as not every product out there will suit you. Many of you will use makeup wipes which is a great way to remove products off your face. However, it is wise to note that the wipes do not remove every bit of residue which is why you really need to wash your face with water. 2. Exfoliate After you have cleansed your skin, the next step is to exfoliate meaning that you rub the skin in order to remove dead skin cells. According to dermatologists, this becomes more bothersome as you age because the skin’s degradability gets worse and you cannot count on the dead skin cells to fall off on their own. There are different tools that can help with this. For example, shower brushes and exfoliating gloves. Scrubs are also very good exfoliators and work for all skin types. Find what works for you and make sure to massage the skin in circular motions to also help the blood circulation flow. Remember to be gentle when exfoliating as you can harm your skin by being too rough. 3. Moisturize Moisturization is key at all times. It doesn’t matter which season it is as the skin can dry up very quickly. The main purpose of a moisturizer is to retain water in the skin in order to make sure you look hydrated, fresh and smooth. You can either choose to use natural oils or lotion. For professional advice, ask your dermatologist for tips on which products to use.


How to beat anxiety at university

Glenn-harvey- “When a Friend Turns Into A (Lousy) Co Worker”

By Naima Ali Attending university can be one of the best experiences of your life but it can also be a challenging one. It’s so easy for it to be overshadowed by your anxiety and that’s perfectly normal.In order to make life a little easier for yourself, it’s important to plan ahead. On the following page are a few things that you can do to make sure that the academic year goes as swiftly as possible.


1. Make a plan. Making sure that you are organised can make you feel so much better as you do not need to panic. Try not to stay up so late the night before university as you’ll be sleep deprived the next day. You should make sure that you wake up energised the next morning. 2. Confide in Allah. After all, He is the only one who can take your pain away. In Surah Al-Baqarah, verse 153, it says, “Oh you who have believed, seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed, Allah is with the patient”. Yes, it’s hard to be patient but it’s important. If you combine prayer with dhikr, you will be able to get through the hard times. 3. Vent. If you don’t want to talk about your problems in person, there’s an app that may help. Vent allows you to let out all your problems in a place where you feel like you truly matter. You are connected with a positive and uplifting community which allows you to interact with people that are also in your shoes.

4. Set yourself goals. Try to find something that will distract you when you don’t have lectures or university, such as mini tasks. You will feel better knowing that you’ve completed and achieved something which in turn will uplift your mood. 5. Exercise. Exercise can work as medication for those suffering from anxiety. Keep yourself active will keep you distracted as exercise produces endorphins which reduces stress and improves your ability to sleep. A 10-minute walk could be just as good as a 45-minute workout. A study has shown that exercise can quickly elevate one’s mood. 6. Talk to your university counsellor. From whether you struggle to attend lectures to just feeling uneasy, you should try to book an appointment with your univesrity counsellor. Their purpose is to ensure that you have a steady and enjoyable time at school so if that isn’t the case, then they can assist you in dealing with the problems you are having.

Having anxiety at university is common - it’s part of the body’s defence system. However, it shouldn’t get to the point where it’s ruining your life. Remember to never suffer in silence. There will always be someone who is willing to listen.


Let’s walk with

Halima Aden

Women in loose fittings, oversized jackets and long elegant dresses are hitting the runway more than ever as the feels of modest fashion are becoming the ultimate trend of our time.


ut of course, there have been women sporting this style since forever. However, one young Muslim fashionista in particular never waited for the spotlight to hit her. Instead, she walked straight to it. I’m talking about the 20-year-old Somali-American model named Halima Aden. You may know her from her most recent appearance in the Fenty Beauty campaign but, do you know how it all started? Here are some of the highlights from her career, from her debut walk into the fashion world to her most recent one and of course all that is in between. She’s a game changer

”If you don’t see representation it is your job to represent” Photo: indigital

Halima began breaking barriers from the start when she competed in the 2016 Miss Minnesota USA pageant becoming the first contestant to walk the runway in a hijab. She not only stunned the judges but most of the country. Wanting to change the negative perception of Muslims, she decided to step on the stage and shine the light on herself to show people what Muslim women are really about. She walked down all the different stages with her hijab including the swimsuit part in which she competed in the most beautiful burkini.

Unfortunately, Halima did not win the pageant but gained recognition regardless. Halima’s effort caught the attraction of IMG models who represent many big names with the likes of Chanel Iman, Candice Swanepoel and Gisele Bündchen. She said in a recent sit-down interview with Miss USA that ”if you don’t see representation, it is your job to represent”. By wearing the jilbaab in the interview, she proved that she does not need to conform to society’s expectations to fit in. We love her for always managing to stretch the importance of young Muslim girls by making them feel like they do belong.

Halima made her debut at the New York fashion week in the fall of 2017. She was one of the faces of Yeezy season 5 by simply being herself - a young Muslim woman. She became the most talked about model for his collection and even had Vogue write an article about her in which they quote her saying “I knew I would be comfortable wearing something that would be acceptable to my beliefs”. Halima has since worked with Vogue by gracing the cover of Vogue Arabia multiple times. She then took on Milan fashion week walking for both Max Mara, wearing a camel coat and a matching hijab. For Alberta Ferretti, she wore a black hijab and a black knit paired with a gorgeous black belt with gold detailing in the middle. Halima has also walked for Dior and countless other highend designers. Halima has also modelled for American Eagle, British Glamour and has been on the cover of the CR fashion book.

“I knew I would be comfortable wearing something that would be acceptable to my beliefs”

Apart from working with these amazing designers, Halima has also partnered up with some of fashion’s most well-known photographers like Mario Sorrenti. Besides modelling, Halima is a humanitarian who aims to change the world in any way possible. Being born in a refugee camp in Kenya, Halima Aden knows firsthand the obstacles that refugees face. The message she wants to send is that anything is possible, even when it doesn’t seem like it. She is the role-model that young Muslim girls need and deserve. We can’t wait for what the future has in store for her and have no doubt that she’ll stop being the beautiful woman she is.

By Nura Alin



glow getter Photographer Naima Bashir Model Ismahan Abdulkadir Creative director Ikram Mohamed

Easy haircare tips for hijabis

By Nura Alin Photo @rxmiee


Save the edges If you’re the type of hijabi to slick back your hair in a tight bun then you may experience hair loss. This is caused by the constant pulling of your hair which leads to hair strands eventually getting pulled out. Hair that repeatedly gets pulled out of the scalp will lead to scarred hair follicles and potential hairline receding meaning that new hair won’t grow out of that same follicle ever again. To avoid this catastrophe, here are some simple hairstyles you can do to protect your edges and your hair.


Nura’s tips 1

Allow your hair to fully dry before putting it in a bun. This is because your hair is extra sensitive when damp.


Avoid styling your hair every day simply to avoid stressing your scalp.


Braid and twist your hair instead of putting it in a bun.


Moisture is essential. When we cover our hair it’s easier for it to get dry, more or less depending on what headscarf you use. Cotton hijabs should be avoided especially if you have dry hair since cotton soaks up moisture. A tip is to invest in hijabs of silk or satin materials instead. It is also important that you add moisture to your hair by using oils and hair masks because this is one of the ways to fight dryness or itchiness in your scalp. Wear silk to avoid drying out our hair, because cotton sucks up all the moisture. One thing I’d suggest is sleeping with a bonnet so your scalp enriches the essential oils that are applied at night.


Switch it up: Braid and twist your hair! Braiding and twisting your hair highly recommended since it really keeps the moisture sealed in the hair as well as the scalp. It will help stretch your out hair without heat. How to wear hijab + braids and slay: Use an underscarf to flatten the bumps in the front section of your hair. If you feel like the bumps are still big and visible, try sectioning them into a smaller twists. Stretching the twists out with bobby pins can be an alternative to blowing it out.


Your friends affect your mental health a lot more than you think

By Naima




s human beings, we rely on friendships. When you constantly feel like you’re drowning, when you’re in an endless spiral of melancholy, you need friends to reassure you that you will be okay, no matter how hard it is to believe that. Despite that, friendships aren’t always simple. With long-term relationships come disputes. At times, friendships can be destructive and stressful too. However, this is normal. Overcoming such disputes is what makes the friendship stronger. Creating friendships are a fundamental part of life and your mental health recovery process where the last thing you want to do is isolate yourself. What I mean by friends, is people who push you and radiate positive energy; those whose happiness is also yours. Having a support network of people who support you can improve your heart in profound ways. People who appreciate and celebrate your existence can relieve stress and make you a much happier person. Your friends should be making you feel joyful. They should help you want to live life to the fullest and brave. We need to spread love and remind them that they do matter to us. Notwithstanding the joy that a great friendship brings, they can also be tough. Having ‘friends’ who don’t pull their weight can be detrimental to your mental health because the truth is that your relationship with your friends can affect you. When you get into an argument, it can bring you down and make you want to drown in sorrow. The interactions we have with our friends can determine a lot and that’s why it’s essential that you’re surrounded by people who live up the title of what being a friend means. I guess at this point we’ve pretty much established that having friends does more good for you than harm. Study after study has shown this. A good friendship is one which brings you happiness, nothing else. On the contrary, toxic friendships can have a severe impact on your mental health. It’s best to steer clear of people who intentionally harm you. Having wonderful friends is a never-ending beautiful thing.


28 30

Photo: Märta Thisner













talk163 163Deep163 FÖR FÖR FÖR EVIGT EVIGT EVIGT with Cherrie
















We had the privilege to sit down with Swedish R&B artist Cherrie for a quick chat about a very important topic - self love. By Nura Alin


Whatwhat would youyou tell tell your younger Cherrie, would your self in a difficult situation? younger self in a difficult situation?

I would tell myself not to stress as much as I did, and not to dread over the thought of being late or getting behind everyone else when it comes to work and school.

I think it’s important to just to live and take in all of the lessons life gives you so that when your real life- journey starts you’re prepared.

I would also tell myself to be more kind and humble, to everyone but also to myself. Want more for myself and that’s something I think more about now, as I live an extremely stressful life. You know us musician don’t really have a 9-5 kind of schedule where you can at the end of the day just go home and chill, for me I’m constantly working, in my mind mostly.

And when I make a big difference and better my life I like to tell myself that I’m good, and that I’m doing good.


I think it’s once you truly love yourself that you can begin to show that out, and take care of the people around you. You have to be content with yourself to have the effort to love others.

Could you tell us about why you´re so great?

I’ve just started to work out which is new for me.I do what I love, I make music. I’m around my family and friends. And I tell the people around me that I love them and that they mean a lot to me, quite often I’ve become much nicer to myself. And most of all I feel like I have a purpose now more than ever. And behind everything I do, there’s a genuine reason behind it as a pose to just doing stuff for the sake of doing something. And that goes for everything that I do whether it’s my music or my family. I feel like now I have a purpose to fulfill. I have a goal, I have a vision and I follow it and for every day I make small changes to make that path even clearer. But most of all I inspire others and I take in that because it’s something that I’m very proud of and it builds up my confidence. You know we all want to feel needed and that we’re enough.



She´s one of o characters on th is why we relate t Can you guess


our favourite he show and here love and to her. s who it it?


things we love about


from SKAM 1. She always keeps it real Sana is the type of girl that’s never afraid of voicing her true opinion. Since her very first appearance on the show, she’s been serving us real thoughts that are so relatable in the fiercest way, to say the least, she’s always ready to school ignorant people.

2. She is a boss!

Sana is the only boss of her life. She isn’t the type to shy away from her authentic self and often manages to lead in situations that society claims she shouldn’t even be in.

5. Sh And lastly, we love her for alway for constantly

3. She’s witty!

We love her sarcasm! Sana doesn’t allow her peers ignorance to limit her from having fun. In a legendary scene Sana pranks her friends while camping in the woods, and makes them believe that her hijab is magical.

he’s loyal! ys standing by her friend’s side and y uplifting them!

4. She’s relatable! Her way of dealing with the dilemmas is mostly by jumping to conclusions... which we all do (even if it’s hard to confess). That only makes her all the more relatable.

YouTubers we’re loving right now ______________________________

Its no secret that muslim women are killing it in the Youtube world so we thought we´d share some of our favourite Youtubers with you. There are many that we adore but for now, these are the ones that we´re obsessed with.

BY Faduma Timoyare


Shahd Batal


Shahd Batal is a 21-year-old Sudanese girl who was born and raised in the United States. She has over 150,000 subscribers. On her channel, you can find her vlogs, makeup tutorials, skincare routine and more. Many love her for simplicity and chicness.


Saima Chowdhury

Saimasmileslike is the name of the channel that belongs to a young woman named Saima Chowdhury that was born and raised in Chester, England. She has over 90, 000 suscribers. Saima is a ball of positive vibes.

Habiba Da Silva

Habiba Da Silva is a British beauty blogger of Lebanese and Brazilian descent. She has a major following on social media as many love her for her great fashion and down to earth personality.

Daniela M Biah

Daniela M Biah is a YouTuber that creates fun lifestyle videos that relates to the everyday lives of Muslim women. This girl is breaking down walls by educating others about Islam through her videos and we love her for it.

Dina Tokio

Dina Tokio is a fashion/beauty blogger many recognise as she made her debut on youtube 7 years ago. She creates makeuptutorials, lookbooks, fashion hauls, vlogs and other chatty lifestyle videos.

Aysha Abdul

Aysha is a young woman who is currently living in Toronto, Canada. She creates videos like makeup tutorials, vlogs and other lifestyle videos. She inspires many people all over the world by keeping it real and radiating positive energy. She really allows you as a viewer to join her in her everyday life.

Rahma Sheikh

Rahma Sheikh is a 19-year-old who owns a YouTube channel by the name of SheikhaStyles. She is a lifestyle, fashion and beauty blogger who mostly vlogs about University. In her university vlogs, she talks about her experience as a law student but gives general uni advice. Not only that, she vlogs whilst she’s at school also so you can follow her journey. If you are interested in university or going to law school then we’d recommend SheikhaStyles.


Yasmin is relatively new to the YouTube world, joining YouTube in January of 2017. In spite of that, she already has over 10,000 subscribers. On her channel, you’ll be able to find hacks, hijab tutorials, makeup tutorials, fashion, lookbooks and a tour of her room. Yasmin is a sister you must look out for.



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