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A NEW THING Forget the former things; “18 do not dwell on the past.

19 See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

� Isiah 43:18-19 - New International Version (NIV)


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The past year has been exceedingly wonderful. The Lord, our father has shone his face upon us, and we saw the GBR grow in leaps and bounds both organically and inorganically. It is explicitly written in the Holy volumes that “Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness” and it is my belief that those that have sown in all forms of seed will receive a bountiful harvest.

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We are grateful to all GBR members who voluntarily co-labour with Christ and offer their time and other resources to advance this kingdom mandate. In 2016, we experienced accelerated growth through our Launch strategy as well as strategic partnerships. We entered into strategic partnerships in the media space with TBN in Africa, Redemption Television Ministry (RTM), One Gospel, The Voice of the Church (VOC) , Radio Pulpit and Swaziland Television Authority (STVA) which are all key in ensuring that we attain our vision 2020 objective of being in 200 nations by 2020.

GBR launched its first Season Premiere on Television, a show called “A New Thing” which shows on TBN in Africa as well as RTM. Through these and more partnerships in the pipeline, GBR will be heard in Radio and TV stations of many nations. Such timely partnerships are a clear indication that the Lord who gave us the mandate is steering and orchestrating all things and directing relevant partners and resources for the execution of the mandate as we advance towards vision 2020. The Lord is indeed doing “A New Thing”. Something so unprecedented and unique, and I invite members and leaders of GBR throughout the world to partake in this.

He called upon us to claim nations, to name it, catch it and land it. We must take Him at his word because He means what he says and says what He means. Our Lord Jesus Christ has much in store for everyone and much so for GBR and GFFJ. We remain sensitive to His leading and direction as he leads us forward into 2017 and beyond. The Global Business Roundtable focuses on the holistic development of a person in line with God’s plan for His Kingdom. Let us reflect on key highlights of the past year of accelerated and unprecedented growth.




BR hosted a very successful 7th Annual Camp and Retreat this year, it represented leaders and members of around 300 Delegates from different parts of the world. Camp took place on the 29th January 2017 – 4th February 2017 at the beautiful Alpine Heath Resort in the Holy Mountain of God, formerly known as the Drakensburg Mountains. The camp was yet another resounding success by GBR, and we dedicated this year to the service of the Lord. He promised great acceleration in all we do, there shall be a speedy harvest for every seed sown. GBR Leadership has declared 2017 as the year of the Lord, the year of acceleration, of victory and of great exploits. We shall see many breakthroughs this year.

GBR SESSIONS • GBR experienced growth in the numbers of members attending GBR Roundtables both organically and inorganically throughout the world. • Organically roundtables grew in numbers and inorganically launched many roundtables. • This trend is expected to continue and optimistically GBR will be in 80 countries by April 2017 and GBR Africa’s launch program is expected to be completed by June 2017.

GBR LAUNCHES INTERNATIONALLY By the grace of God, GBR was able to launch into many new nations and revive chapters that were struggling. We saw an unprecedented increase in both our geographical footprint and the membership of GBR. It bears testimony to the truth that “Whatsoever land the soles of your feet touch, that land shall you possess”. GBR’s growth was achieved through a hybrid launch strategy where existing GBR national chapters launched other countries as well as where the GBR International Office, through its Special Envoys, launched national chapters.

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“The forthcoming GBR 7th Annual World Congress, Trade and Investment Summit is Themed Harnessing Africa’s resources for Beneficiation and Industrialisation.”


In Africa, we saw growth and launches which include; Central African Republic, Liberia, Sierra Leone and the Re-launch in Botswana, Kenya relaunch. Internationally GBR continued to launch in USA – New York, Germany. In 2017, GBR will continue to launch in the USA, Europe, USA, Asia, Australia and other nations with the representation of other countries and cities like Luxemburg, Birmingham and Holland and continue to launch in French Guiana, Martinique and Guadeloupe, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Ireland and Italy. GBR USA will continue to launch in other states and GBR Africa will continue its launch campaign in other countries. GBR Kenya will facilitate launches in East Africa, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, South Sudan.


e had a successful 6th GBR World Congress & Trade and Investment Summits that took place at the Wanderers Club from 26th to 29th April 2016. It was followed in the evening of the 29th April 2016 by the GFFJ Gala Dinner, where we celebrate Jesus and His redemptive work for all nations. During this occasion, we honoured posthumously, the late Minister Collins Chabane with the GFFJ Award. The Late Minister Collins Chabane passed on just two days after speaking at the GFFJ Gala Dinner in 2015. The 7TH Annual World Congress will take place from the 2nd – 7th April 2017 and thereafter will be preceded by the Global Fund For Jesus 2017. The forthcoming GBR 7th Annual World Congress, Trade and Investment Summit is Themed “Harnessing Africa’s resources for Beneficiation and Industrialisation”. The Congress is designed to navigate ways in which Africa can be strategically positioned as a leader of the fourth industrial revolution, taking lead of many strategic sectors of society to benefit her own people. These include mining, agriculture, construction and many others.

FUTURE LEADERS SUMMIT Future Leaders summit will take place on the 24th June 2017 and will be hosted in Benin. The 2016 Summit was held in South Africa under the theme “My Purpose, My calling”. This youth Summit saw leaders of government, young people and captains of industry come together to interrogate key subjects such as the future of renewable energy, Youth in mining, media transformation, and many others. In 2017, the Future Leaders summit will take place on the 24th June 2017 and will be hosted in Benin.

WOMEN OF CHARACTER SUMMIT The 2nd Annual Woman of Character Summit was held on the 6th of August 2016 in Harare, Zimbabwe. It was a remarkable success as our God and Father showcased His Glory through yielded vessels that participated in various capacities and roles at the Summit. The theme of the Summit was “Arise and Shine, Isaiah 60:1”. In line with this theme were speakers from the spheres of government, the church, education, NGOs, business and health, addressing the theme from various stand points.

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he summit was attended by about 200 women from all walks of life. The team from South Africa was handy as they were familiar with the terrain and were instrumental in assisting the Zimbabwe task force.

GBR has launched its first Season Premiere on Television, a show called “A New Thing” which shows on TBN in Africa every Saturdays at 17h00 – 18H00 CAT. The first episode was broadcasted on the 5th November 2016.

A broadcaster attended the Summit and gave a comprehensive report on the national news the following day.

This show is also plighted on RTM (18h00 – 19h00 CAT on Sundays, 20h00 – 21h00 on Mondays), this channel is owned by Redeemed Christian Church a Nigerian based Mega Church with a Congregation of 10 million. This channel has a footprint not only in Nigeria but in most African countries and other nations throughout the world. This show is to engage on various topics and to introduce GBR and GFFJ on TV.

In 2017, the Woman of Character Summit will be hosted in partnership with 1 Gospel in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Summit will broadcast live on 1 Gospel channel and will therefore reach and positively impact far more women. It promises to be an exciting Summit comprising of rich and empowering content, fused with gospel music. It is envisaged that this partnership will increase the brand visibility of the GBR Woman of Character department, with the resultant increase in our membership.

THOUGHT LEADERS SUMMIT AND MINISTER’S COUNCIL SUMMIT The second five-fold ministers’ Summit was highly attended by church and ministry leaders from both the GBR and different ministries from across the continent. The Thought Leaders Event was hosted at the Cedarwoods of Sandton with attendance of over 600 delegates from all over the world. These Summits are designed to fashion GBR’s outlook on influencing and eventually taking over the different strands of society.

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The Summit attracted high level business people, spiritual leaders, professionals, government leaders normally focus on debating issues of strategic importance to the kingdom of God.


The GBR TV team have made great strides in actualising the expansion strategy for the TV Programme, “A New Thing”. To date, GBR has successfully negotiated and signed Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with the following media partners: • TBN in Africa: The first partnership that GBR TV successfully concluded in September 2016. • Redemption Television Ministry (RTM): Under the leadership of Daddy General Overseer, RTM broadcast to over 20 million viewers on the Continent. • The Voice of the Church (VOC): The biggest Christian radio station in Swaziland with over 85% coverage. VOC also broadcasts to some of South Africa’s adjacent Provinces. • Swaziland Television Authority (STVA): The STVA run the Swazi TV channel which broadcast all over the Kingdom of Swaziland. As part of the expansion strategy, the GBR TV is in the process of finalising MOU arrangements with: Radio Pulpit, 1 Gospel, Botswana Television (BTV), Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, Mother & Child TV, ELIMU TV, DUMA FM, GABZ FM, The Swaziland Broadcasting and Information Systems (SBIS), Ya Rona FM and Jeso Ke Karabo. The intention is to reach up to a billion people across the world in the medium to long term. The team have also started translating Season 1 into French for broadcasting by three major French TV Channels: Africa 24, TV5 and Vox Africa. The first 12 episodes have already been translated and are ready for broadcasting. The team aims to reach the goal of 10 TV and radio stations by the end of 2017.



he GBR Leadership Academy has been established to build an army of kingdom leaders that will be agents of change and transformation in all spheres of society they have been assigned. It aims to build strong leadership capability at all levels of the organisation, thereby ensuring that leaders at the local, national and global levels are well capacitated.

METHOD OF DELIVERY • Face to Face Training • Program options: 6 Consecutive Days at $1500 and; 3 consecutive days at $750 and 1 day at $250 • There is also the option to do the training over 6 Consecutive Saturdays • Printed Leadership Toolkit • Video Learning Material (A New Thing)



The objectives of the GBR Leadership Academy are to: • Create a uniform way of training GBR Leaders and entrench a unique GBR Leadership Brand and DNA across the organisation. • Teach Leadership Fundamentals within a GBR, kingdom context and equip members to lead within and outside GBR • Embed GBR Leadership Terms of Reference • Address GBR Leadership competencies at the local, national and global levels

The GBR Leadership Academy will conduct 4 times a year, strategically aligned with GBR main events to ensure that GBR members from all nations are able to attend. The maiden training session is scheduled for 29 May 2017 to 03 June 2017. We urge all GBR leaders and members aspiring to be members within GBR, to attend this transformative leadership training.

The GBR Leadership Academy embraces a holistic approach, that aims to equip leaders from the inside-out. The curriculum is therefore designed to teach leaders on the spiritual and personal development fundamentals geared at achieving personal mastery, coupled with team and organisational competencies to enable leaders to lead their teams, departments and chapters effectively. To this end, we have developed a comprehensive curriculum that will cover the following core areas.

“TBN in Africa: The first partnership that GBR TV successfully concluded in September 2016.” tropeR s’ornevnoC

The Curriculum will cover the following core topics: 1. Understanding GBR & GFFJ 2. GBR Weekly Operations 3. The Characteristics of a GBR Leader 4. Behavioural Competencies 5. Organisational Competencies 6. People Management 7. Project Management 8. Corporate Governance & Ethics 9. Finance & Budget 10. Investments 11. The 7 Mountains and 8 Gates of society


GBR PLATFORM “The fund has continued to mobilise funds and resources, mainly with pledges.”

This is the development of a system which will enable GBR and its members to communicate with each other to fulfil the GBR mandate of holistic development of a person. • The platform will feature a centralized database which will connect all portals to be developed. • The portals to be developed are; procurement portal, trade and investment portal, education portal, employment portal, member forum portal, chapter management portal, social services portal, mentorship portal and a banking portal (inter-member trading).

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central database


Small Medium Enterprises (SME) Portal

Trade & Investment Portal

Procurement Portal

Mentorship / Coaching Portal

Jobs / Employment Portal

Education Portal

Events Management Portal

Global Fund for Jesus (GFFJ) Portal

Communications Portal

Intercession Portal

Members Forum

Banking System

Reports Management Portal

People Management Portal

Spiritual Training & Development


The fund has continued to mobilise funds and resources, mainly with pledges still growing more. We extend our gratitude to those that made pledges and contributions and continue to honor their pledges. Resources given thus far have comprises of property, shares, land, dnd the recently launched seed mobilisation campaign.

SEED BANK Through this campaign we wish to establish a seed bank, which shall collect all manner of seeds from all nations of the earth. These seeds will be used to grow food to feed the nation of Africa and the world, and to ensure that hunger and starvation are finally eradicated from the lives of millions of people. There will be enough to feed everyone, and the surplus will be sold to raise money for the Global Fund For Christ, this shall continue until the Messiah comes. We pray the blessing of the Lord on everyone who has started with this campaign already.

We urge leaders and members from around the world to mobilise agricultural land for the GFFJ. This is the land wherein the seeds shall be planted. Ambassadors for the GFFJ are to receive on behalf of and for the benefit of the GFFJ, land to action the GFFJ Projects. Land can either be donated or sold to GFFJ. We can also go into partnerships and long term leases with governments and private landowners. The fund in the current year of review, received various letters of request for worthy projects, within and outside South Africa. This demonstrates the enormous need and we look forward to 2020 and beyond, when fully established structures of the Fund can commence with projects that will feed the hungry, and malnourished, to educate the uneducated, to house the homeless, bringing relief to house those that are suffering providing health care to those that are sick, taking care of the orphans and the widows those in our communities affected by wars and social ills.

CONCLUSION I reiterate what the Lord said to me, The Global Fund For Jesus, is going to be the largest fund on the face of the planet, and that whoever partners with this fund, because is His, would have partnered with the Lord Himself. It means that their business, their career and their life in general would be in partnership with Him, and with that success is inevitable I invite all of you, those who have not started, to give in all manner of ways, to the Global Fund For Jesus. I thank you and God bless. Many Thanks, Sipho Mseleku (F. inst. D) Convenor ,The Global Business Roundtable

tropeR s’ornevnoC


he Global Fund For Jesus has seen immeasurable growth under the leadership of the Chief Ambassador Mr James Mabundza. With International Launches of the GBR, the Fund’s human capital base has grown tremendously and we continue to trust God Almighty for the Trustees of each nation as we build towards vision 2020.



REPORT This is a report of the GBR Global Council of Chairpersons for the year 2016 in review. We are grateful to God for the opportunity and privilege of presenting this report, because the organization continues to grow (more so with the major milestone of the GBR TV), and is recording more achievements in many aspects, the report will only highlight some instances while greater detail is provided in the various country reports.


THE REPORT, THEREFORE, COVERS: • An introductory brief on the GBR Council of Chairpersons, particularly for the benefit of new members and prospects; • Progress during the year in review; • Challenges and areas of improvement; • Way forward and plans for the next year; • Conclusion




he core platform for the implementation of the GBR Vision and Mandate are the Roundtables which are usually established wherever the global organisation has a presence. The Roundtables are, therefore, the primary evidence of the existence of GBR in any nation and constitute the nucleus for the operations of GBR.

STRUCTURE To effectively discharge our task and assignment, GBR Roundtables are set up at the local, provincial, regional and national levels and are directed by a Chairperson at those levels. The body of all Roundtable Chairpersons all over the world is the Global Council of Chairpersons.

FUNCTION The Council of Chairpersons has the responsibility of ensuring that GBR Chairpersons and Roundtables are functional, vibrant, responsive and fully equipped to deliver on our objective of holistic development of our members on the one hand; and social and economic transformation on the other.

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• GBR Chairpersons and Roundtables successfully sustained the functioning of Roundtable Sessions through the year despite challenges. • In these sessions, quality programs were implemented by inviting competent Speakers and Presenters to facilitate topical issues designed to develop members in their businesses, ministries, professions, careers, academics, family, finances, health, etc • In addition to the regular local Roundtable sessions, meetings were held at Provincial, National, Regional and of course International levels. Some instances include the Regional Prayer Conference by GBR East Africa, the National Leadership Training by GBR Senegal , etc

• Chairpersons and Roundtables have creditably mobilized their leaders and members to participate and drive the process of GBR International programs: Annual Prayer Camp, World Congress, Thought Leaders, Men of Integrity, Women of Character, Future Leaders, etc • As in previous years, the growth and expansion of GBR in terms of new members and Roundtables continued in 2016 both internationally and nationally. At the international level, new roundtables were established in North America, Europe, and Africa while the groundwork for launching in Asia (pre- launch) was done. • A number of these growth testimonies came as a result of the resourcefulness of GBR Chairpersons and Roundtables who initiated and executed the launches in most cases wholesomely and in some instances, with the support of other GBR structures such as Departments of International and African Affairs. • The most recent ones include GBR Gabon which launched the Central African Republic; GBR SA and Swaziland which launched Botswana; and GBR Nigeria which launched Liberia and Sierra Leone just to mention a few. • There was also much spread in terms of national roundtables expanding within their countries and giving birth to other roundtables. For specifics and instances, kindly refer to the various Country Reports. • As is our custom, on behalf of the GBR family globally, we warmly welcome all the new Roundtables including those not specifically mentioned in this Report. The Council of Chairpersons is always available to work with you for growth, development and evolution into a strong, functional and viable Roundtable.


Other areas Chairpersons and Roundtables recorded measurable progress in 2016 include: • Resuscitating and re-launching Roundtables that failed to thrive both internationally and nationally • Establishing Future Leaders chapters particularly in universities and higher institutions • The official registration and incorporation of GBR and GFFJ with the Regulatory Authorities in some countries e.g. GBR Zimbabwe and GBR Sierra Leone among others • Hosting of international conferences of GBR Global Departments e.g. GBR Zimbabwe which hosted the WOC Summit and GBR SA which hosted the Future Leaders Summit. • Consistently producing members in good standing for GBR • Training sessions and workshops for Chairpersons and Roundtable leaders which often hold during Prayer Camp or other International meetings for flexibility and convenience.

Every Vision and Mandate comes with a unique set of challenges and the GBR Vision is no different. While not all of these issues necessarily cut across the board, some are more prevalent while others are extraneous but nevertheless affect the Roundtables and Chairpersons. • Lack of full compliance with directions for implementation of set goals by Roundtables and their leaders; this attitude has been unhelpful in achieving the level of progress we expect. • Our Communication culture and systems still need to be improved on and fine-tuned for better effectiveness • A more consultative and inclusive decision making process is needed • Financial limitations and challenges among members significantly affect their commitment which in turn severely limits Roundtables’ capacity to meet up with deliverables • As a result of (4) above, Roundtables have struggled, in some instances, to hold sessions with the required regularity as a result of inability to pay for meeting venues. • Instances of Roundtables failing to thrive post launch due to some of the factors listed above as well as leadership challenges • The inability, despite some well-meaning efforts, by National Roundtables to implement key financial empowerment aspects of Vision 2020 such as setting up GBR Investments Companies and facilitating investments. • Regulatory encumbrances, hurdles and outright difficulties that some National Roundtables have encountered in getting GBR and GFFJ registered in their nations

tropeR s’COC





ur plans going forward are designed to prepare us for the next level of GBR global reach which took off in November, 2016 with the successful take-off of the GBR TV program, A New Thing, which coverage will extend to more nations in the course of the year 2017 and beyond. There will be an influx of various personalities across the globe desirous to not only join the organization but also request that GBR be established in their nations, cities, towns, villages, etc.


tropeR s’COC

• Continue with the Strategies and Methods that delivered desired results for us 2016 but fine-tune and refine where necessary • Discard what did not and does not work. Albert Einstein was credited with questioning the wisdom of doing the same things repeatedly and expecting a different result. • Be responsive, creative and pro-active in dealing with challenges • Maintain laser focused attention on our core mandate of ensuring Roundtables’ vibrancy and viability and growing Chairpersons capacity to deliver. • Encourage all Chairpersons go through the newly established GBR Training Academy in order to acquire and enhance strategic leadership skills. • Increase our Vision 2020 Performance Index.


EACH COUNTRY TO • identify a minimum of 2 countries to launch in 2017 • launch a minimum of 4 branches in 2017 • launch in 2 Prison Branches this year • launch 10 GBR branches in schools this year • facilitate 4 large investment opportunities this year. Two of these investments are to be on the platform of GBR Investment Companies and the other two for Global Fund For Jesus Investment Corporation of that country • launch a minimum of 4 University Roundtables this year

“Be responsive, creative and pro-active in dealing with challenges”

CONCLUSION In conclusion, on behalf of the Council, I extend our gratitude to all Chairpersons and their executives who have worked diligently, often sacrificially, and under painstaking conditions to hold forth and advance the GBR Vision in your various countries and jurisdictions of assignment. GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY. We, also, thank all who have supported us in various ways from the Convener (who also is a member of the Council being a Chairperson himself), to the various Global and Departmental Heads and members. Most importantly, we bless the Lord who has enabled us by His matchless grace. Thank you all and God bless. George KC Onyegbuna Council of Chairpersons, GBR International



PERSPECTIVE The Business Roundtable therefore focuses on the following areas of growth by putting God first in all we do and never forgetting to love Him with our entire being: • Intellectual and skills development • Business development and opportunities • Emotional development • Networking and interpersonal development • Mentorship (Transfer of skills and knowledge) • Financial development (Wealth Creation and Estate Planning) • Relationship development (with God and with fellow man and the principle of loving your neighbour as much as you love yourself)




The Global Business Roundtable as a networking organisation with a global member pool, focuses on the complete development of a person in life with Gods plan for his Kingdom. Our mandate is to develop our members holistically and equip them to influence, lead and take over all mountains and spheres of society where the Lord has assigned them.

GBR exists to empower its members spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially, relationally and economically in Christ to be agents ÂŹof change and transformation in themselves, their families, their communities, their nations and the world.


OUR FOUNDING SCRIPTURES GBR is founded on these two cornerstone scriptures: “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you” Mathew 6v33 Jesus said to him “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind”. This is the first and great commandment. The second is like it “You shall love your neighbour as yourself”. On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets. Mathew 22v37 – 40

OUR MEMBERSHIP Any individual or entity described in any of the categories mentioned below can register as a member. Current GBR Membership comprises of: • Corporates (Listed & Unlisted). • Small & Medium Enterprises. • Professionals. • Individuals. Associate Members which include the following: • Churches & Religious Organisations. • Non-Governmental Organisations. • Chambers of Commerce & Industry. • Academic Institutions. • International Organisations. • Multilateral Institutions.

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Corporates benefit by gaining access to a database of entrepreneurs through GBR Business Directory as well as potential professionals for their companies; but also through the Global Fund for Christ to identify Social Investment Projects and Enterprise Development Projects for their companies.

SMME This category includes all small and medium size businesses that employ between 1 and 200 people and have a maximum turnover of R100 million per annum. The Global Business Roundtable provides various opportunities to such enterprises such as access to information for business development, access to finance and access to business and procurement opportunities. It also provides a business directory where all companies within the Roundtable can market their products and services to each other. It further provides a platform to identify mentors and business agents, potential partners, investors, clients, customers and business associates. It also facilitates training to all entrepreneurs needing to develop their skills through the Global Business School of Entrepreneurship.

PROFESSIONALS AND INDIVIDUALS Professionals are described as individuals with specialised training in a particular field and include among others doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, architects etc. The Global Business Roundtable not only has various professionals in its networks with various skills but is also a platform for intellectual growth, career development and networking as it brings companies and other professionals to network at the highest level.



Corporate members are established companies listed and unlisted that become part of the global network of the Roundtable. They add value to the Roundtable in that they offer business and procurement opportunities to the small and medium sized businesses and also create job opportunities for various professionals and other members of the Roundtable. Company directors (retired and current) together with senior management volunteer their skills, time and resources as mentors to members of the Roundtable doing business in their sectors.

Associate members include among others churches, NGO’s, Co-operatives, educational and academic institutions, other organizations that are neither business related nor individuals. Fulfilling the Global Business Roundtable mandate to focus on the complete development of individuals, these institutions are encouraged to join and participate in all the activities of the Roundtable.



BR has a global footprint and membership in over 70 countries in Africa, Asia, United States of America, Canada, Europe, the Caribbean and Indian Islands. For an organisation that has only been existence since 2009, GBR has experienced exponential growth , expanding its terrain and launching local and national chapters on a monthly basis. This is in line with our vision of being present in 200 nations by 2020, ensuring that this mandate impacts lives is in every nation, city, town, suburb and village.

CONSTITUTIONAL STRUCTURE GBR is structured as a non-profit Association, which is administered by aBoard of Directors and governed by a Constitution. The Global Board of Directors are elected and appointed by the Convener from among the National Membership at the Constitutive General Assembly of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on a biennial basis. It is composed of a Convener, General Secretary, Treasurer, and other members representing different countries and regions.


FUNCTIONS AND GOVERNANCE OF BOARD OF DIRECTORS The Organisation is administered by a Board of Directors composed of the Convener/President, General Secretary, Treasurer and other members appointed from different countries and regions to ensure pro rata representation. The Board of Directors meets at least twice annually and also by special discretion of the Convenor. At such a meeting, any numbers of Members of the Board who are present constitute a quorum, and decisions are made by a simple majority vote. The Convenor and the Board of Directors may from time to time co-opt a person to the board who in their opinion will add value to the functioning of the board in terms of skills or geographical representation.

RESPONSIBILITIES AND POWER OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS • The Board has the responsibility to carry out the directives and policies of the General Assembly/ International Council. • To recommend the appointment of external auditors and fix their remuneration. • To direct and control the activities of the Secretariat. • To appoint or remove the Staff of the organisation and determine the terms and conditions of their service. • To establish special committees.


The Secretariat is responsible for providing all member services, organizing launches (Domestic and International), Trade Missions, GBR Camps, Thought Leaders Dinners, International Conferences, Leadership Summit, Intercessory Conference, Networking and Match making for members, Mentoring and Coaching, Global Economic Data and Trade Information Centers, manage all global policy, trade and research program, projects and events as well as providing necessary administrative, logistical and coordinating support to GBR members.

• The Convener presides over all meetings of the organization and is responsible for the conduct of business at such meetings. • Puts any motion from members to the vote and declares the results. • At the Annual General Assembly meeting, submits a report on the working of the organization for the preceding accounting period, together with a statement of accounts drawn up and signed by the Board of Directors and certified by the Auditors.

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The Global Board of Directors is charged with directing the policy and management of the organization on an on-going basis. Its administrative arm, the GBR Secretariat, carries out the policies of the organization as directed by the Board. South Africa is the host of the GBR Secretariat, which is headed by the Convener.


GBR SECRETARIAT • The Secretariat is the administrative organ of the organization. • It carries out the policies of the organisation, as directed by the Board of Directors. • It initiates and submits to the Board recommendations on and programmes which it believes are in the best interest of the organization. • It liaises with Governments, other organisation and the media, both nationally and internationally and as such represent GBR at all functions as may be necessary in accordance with policies determined by the Board of Directors. • It collect, analyses and disseminates data and information useful to the members of GBR. • It carries out appropriate research on economic or other matters of interest to the GBR Global Members. • It maintains regular contact with members, keeping them informed of the organization’s activities. • It organises conferences, seminars, workshops, tours and other business, professional, spiritual and promotional activities for the members of GBR. • It carries out other lawful functions as may be assigned to it by the Board of Directors.

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The Duties of the Chairperson shall include the following amongst others: • Ensuring that the Global Business Roundtable is held at least twice a month in his/her local Area. • Ensuring that as soon as he/she is appointed he/she facilitates the establishment of the local Executive Committee as well as Heads of Departments responsible for other Portfolios. • Shall be responsible together with his/her committee of putting up the Programme for GBR Sessions including the Invitation of Guest Speakers and Panellists. • Shall ensure that the Local GBR Calendar of Events is inclusive of all Areas affecting GBR Members including Business Issues, Professional development issues, and Spiritual, Financial, Family and Political awareness issues. • Shall ensure that he/she in the executive committee attend more than 60% GBR Sessions and that at all times lead by example. • Shall make sure he/she keeps abreast with the latest developments at GBR and GFFJ. • Shall strive together with his/her executive to attend all GBR National and International Events such as the Annual Prayer Camps and Retreat, GBR Annual Conference and GFFJ Gala Dinner.

• Ensure that the local Roundtable keeps proper book of accounts and prepares Audited Financial Statements and local Annual Report for members at the end of each financial year end. • Shall together with the Executive Committee fully subscribe to the mission and vision of GBR and GFFJ and their mandates. • Shall give regular feedback to the Regional, Provincial, National and Global Office. • Shall ensure he/she develops leaders in line with their Gifts, Talents and Calling and release them when ready to set up new Roundtables.

QUALIFICATIONS OF A CHAIRPERSON The qualifications for any person to be eligible for the role of chairperson of every roundtable are based on the criteria set out below. It is compulsory that this criteria be met for any individual to be appointed as a chairperson: 1. Member of GBR. 2. Love God. 3. Understand the Kingdom of God and His Principles. 4. Ambassador for GFFJ. 5. Financial, time and physical capacity to carry out the duties of a Chairperson. 6. Must be a successful professional or business person. 7. Must be in possession of a valid international passport. 8. Must be mobile with own transport. 9. Have access to email and mobile phone. 10. Attend the following key meetings: • Annual Prayer Camp and Retreat. • Annual GBR Conference and GFFJ Banquet. • Annual Thought Leaders Summit • Scheduled meetings for Council of Chairpersons. • Annual Thanksgiving meeting (in your area). 11. Travel Internationally on GBR business at least once a year. 12. Continuous self-development by reading the following minimum number of books per year. • 2 x Leadership books. • 2 x Financial education or business books. • 2 x Spiritual and social enhancement books. • Continuous development in your area of gifting and interest. 13. Be a person of good character and well presented in your community.



he Annual General Assembly is the representative gathering of all the chapters of the Global Business Roundtable, constituted of members in good standing for the purposes of open and accountable practice of giving reports and feedback to the members on the performance of the organization and its structures.


The Annual General Meeting convenes on an annual bases prior to the Global Business Roundtable Business Conference held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Global Business Roundtable has to levels of membership these being general membership and member in goodstanding.

The AGM is fundamental to the maintenance of organizational integrity by being clear in the mandate and in the culture of openness and transparency to all members. It allows all members to question the leadership and the leadership to articulate policy and organisational principles. The AGM is preceded by meetings of the Council of chairs whose mandate is to draft policy and the meeting of the board of directors who review and adopt policy.

The following are the general qualifications for the two categories of membership.

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP This level of membership shall be open to any person who wishes to further the aims and objectives of the Global Business Roundtable GBR and Global Fund for Jesus. In terms of the vision and mission of the organizations as contained in the constitutions of both the Global Business Roundtable and the Global fund for Christ the following criteria will be met: • Be registered on the Global Business Roundtable database and issued with a membership number. • Attend roundtable sessions at the local Roundtable. The rights and obligations for this level of membership will be as stipulated on the membership policy document, unless otherwise stated.

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Reports received at the AGM include: • Report of the Council of Chairpersons. • Report from the Board of Directors • Departmental Heads report including, Woman of Character, Men of Integrity, Future Leaders and Superkids and other key departments. • Reports on Investment Companies. • Presentation of Audited Financial Reports. • Presentation of Policy adopted by the board. • Presentation of Global Calendar. • Presentation of Annual Report.




his level of membership shall be open to any person who wishes to further the aims and objectives of the Global Business Roundtable and Global Fund For Christ in terms of the vision and mission of the organizations as contained in the constitutions of both the Global Business Roundtable and the Global Fund for Jesus. The following criteria will be met: • Be registered on the Global Business Roundtable database and issued with a membership number. • Be a citizen in the Kingdom of God i.e. Fully subscribe to and live by the principles of the Holy Bible. • Attendance of a minimum 50% of all sessions in their local Roundtable. • Serving in 2 Committees or Departments of their local Roundtable. Serving in other Departments that may be at Global level or during major events and International launch will also be acceptable to meet the requirements of this condition. • Attendance of their Local or an International Camp retreat in a calendar year. • Serving as an Ambassador for the Global Fund for Christ. • Adherence to the principles outlined in the Code of Conducts and Ethics, which is also applicable to all members.

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The rights and obligations for this level of membership will be as stipulated in the membership policy document.


GBR as a kingdom organisation subscribes to all values that are embedded in the Holy Bible. GBR has crafted a set of key cornerstone values aimed at influencing the behaviour and character of all GBR members and Leaders. Whilst GBR vision 2020 outlines the goals and objectives we are to achieve by the year 2020, GBR values articulates the Christ-like manner we are to pursue and achieve these goals.

RATIONALE FOR GBR VALUES AND CULTURE Whilst it is common knowledge that we are kingdom organization and adhere to biblical principles, it is imperative to articulate and crystallize our values and culture to ensure that they are well entrenched across GBR. The two main reasons for establishing GBR Values & Culture were: • In the next 5yrs GBR will grow explosively, new members need to be inducted into a solid and well entrenched GBR culture that will continue beyond current leaders and members. The multitudes that are still coming to the GBR platform, are to find a solid kingdom culture, lest they change it to theirs and derail GBR from its core mandate. • Christ, the Founder of GBR, is going to judge all our work based on its quality and substance, according to His Heavenly standards and the key question that will be asked of us will be: Did we build our work with straw, wood, hay, silver, gold or precious stones?

“Attendance of a minimum 50% of all sessions in their local Roundtable.”



ow, is the time to ensure that we build according to Heaven’s standards, pattern and quality, to ensure that our labour is not in vain when it passes through the test of fire. The key GBR values that have been adopted are: Love Our first and foremost value in GBR: We love God with all our heart, mind and soul and love one another as we love ourselves (Matt 6:33). John 13:35 By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. Integrity and Honesty We uphold utmost integrity & honesty in our dealings in our dealings with each other and the external world. In a world full of corruption, this will make us stand-out and draw many to GBR. Excellence We espouse the value of Excellence in all that we do and refer to each other as “Your Excellency” to affirm and manifest the excellence in us. Servanthood We serve with Christ-like Humility, selflessness with no regard for any earthly reward.

These values are to be entrenched through various formal and informal ways but one way we have implemented in all GBR Chapters is to observe a ‘Values Moment’ in all GBR sessions and recognize members that are demonstrating the values in their work. More details on how to implement the values moment and other formal and informal ways can obtained from the GBR website or by contacting: Nthabiseng Mathenjwa: |

VISION 2020 GBR will complete its 10 year Foundation Phase in 2019. The preparations for the celebration of GBR 10th year Anniversary begin now as we left with 2 and a half years before completion of foundation and commencement of GBR and GFFJ operational work with less than 5 years left, every month and every year counts for us to reach our goals and objectives.

Openness We open a free and protected space for debates & dialogues on issues meant for the development of GBR and GFFJ. Other Supporting Values Commitment, Faithfulness, Respect, Professionalism, Hard Work & Diligence, Grace, Generosity, Humility.

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Collaboration We aim to complement and NOT compete with each other. We value collaboration within and across teams as well as with external organisations that share our vision.


AIMS AND OBJECTIVES 1. GBR to be present in more than 200 Countries by 2020. 2. GBR to be present in 2000 Universities around the world in line with the Future Leader’s Strategic Plan. 3. GBR to have presence in many High Schools around the world. 4. GBR to have presence in Prisons 5. GBR to grow its membership organically and inorganically 6. GFFJ and GBR to acquire minimum at least 4 Investments in each country annually where they are present in order to increase their Investment Portfolio. This represents economic and financial influence and the total takeover of Kingdom Assets. 7. GBR to facilitate the production of 10 000 millionaires and established Businesses by 2020 8. GBR to establish and entrench Annual GBR US - Africa Summit, GBR Europe – Africa Summit, GBR Asia Africa Summit and GBR Intra Africa Trade Summit. 9. GBR to ensure every Future Leader has a mentor and every person needing a mentor gets one. 10. GBR to ensure presence in every city, town, township, village or suburb.

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NATIONAL LEVEL To achieve the above set goals GBR will endeavour to do the following: 1. Each Country to identify two countries to launch per annum for the next 5 years. (Each country to launch maximum 10 countries in 5 years). 2. Each Country to launch 4 Branches per year. 3. Each Country to launch in 2 Prison Branches per year. 4. Each country to launch 10 GBR branches in schools per year. 5. Each Country to facilitate 4 large Investment Opportunities per year. 6. Two of these Investments to be registered in GBR name and the other two in Global Fund for Jesus Investment Corporation Name. 7. Each Country to launch 4 Universities per year. The aforesaid Tasks can be shared equitably by different branches / or States / Provinces in each countries.

BRANCHES To achieve the above set goals GBR will endeavour to do the following: 1. Each Branch is to launch two other branches per year. 2. Each Branch to launch at least one school per year. 3. Each Branch to double its membership per year. 4. Each Branch to develop Leaders who are able to lead new Branches/Chapters and to lead Departments.

HOW LEADERS KEEP ABREAST IN GBR It is compulsory for all Leaders of GBR to attend the following key events in order to gain a deeper understanding of the GBR mandate, be equipped by global Speakers and build global strategic networks and partnerships that can be leveraged by their chapters and departments: • GBR Annual Prayer Camp and Retreat. • GBR General Assembly (AGM) and Departmental Meetings and Committee Meetings. • GBR Annual Global Business Roundtable Conference (Annual World Congress) and the Global Fund for Jesus Annual Gala Dinner. • International Trade and Investment Mission or 1 GBR International Launch and 1 Domestic Launch.

GBR PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP STRATEGY HOW IT WORKS. This strategy is designed to be used as a Self Assessment Tool to check how well a chapter compares with the set standard. It will help new chapters to know what is required to set up and run a successful GBR chapter. It outlines the following items which form part of GBR growth strategy: i. What is GBR and what goes into planning a session. ii. Minimum requirement for setting up a GBR Chapter. iii. A criteria for being a member in good standing. iv. Criteria for grading chapter. v. How points can be earned.

Some chapters will function more efficiently depending on the resourcefulness and social standing and or “connectedness” of the key individuals within that chapter and others will take some time to reach a certain level of output owing to certain limitations they may find themselves subjected to. Irrespective of the limitations and challenges, all GBR chapters have a good story to tell! This story will be much more meaningful if we can capture the context or the set of circumstances under which the story is told. Therefore, this strategy will help us acknowledge the efforts of a chapter irrespective of where they may find themselves in terms of their level development, and it will help us compare apples with apples, and to give recognition where it is due, as well as help identify areas of weakness where support is needed. There’s an old management adage that says: ”what you cannot measure, you cannot manage, and what you cannot manage you cannot improve!” Therefore, we can’t manage for improvement if we can’t measure to see what is getting better and what is getting worse. This is not just about taking and keeping scores, but about managing the actions that will give us a better score! This document sets out the following “check-list” as the basic minimum requirements for setting up a successful chapter. Once a chapter has checked preferably all the minimum requirements it is ready to track their performance. Please note that it is possible to start even if, not all requirements are met, but we urge you try to meet as many as possible. What is GBR and what goes into planning a successful session.

GBR is a networking organisation with a global membership, and GBR sessions aims to achieve four objectives, namely: • Creating new networks and networking opportunities for its members, locally, nationally as well as globally. • Personal development and personal growth of its members. • Spiritual development and spiritual growth of its members. • A focus on a holistic development of a person in line with God’s plan for His kingdom. Therefore a Roundtable session is a golden opportunity for GBR members to achieve the above objectives, through inviting guest speakers to educate, inform and inspire members to become agents of the change they wish to see in their lives. Topics covered in a Roundtable session include presentations by Guest Speakers on the following subjects: • Principles of Corporate Governance and Ethics. • Authentic Leadership Development. • Interpersonal Skills Development. • Mentorship and Coaching. • Business Development. • Emotional Intelligence. • Financial intelligence. • Intellectual development. • Developing Relationship with God, etc. Other topics may be added as long as they contribute to the objectives above.

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he strategy recognizes that since GBR exists in every city, town and village, and across a diverse spectrum of socio- economic conditions, not all GBR chapters will function at the same level of output at the same time.




ne good advice is to plan and secure the availability of a couple of guest speakers in advance, avoid inviting a guest speaker on short notice, they may not honour the arrangement.

Checklist for getting started with your chapter: 1. Do you have an interim Committee of minimum 5 members? 2. Have you undergone Induction training? 3. Have you secured a venue for your sessions? 4. Have you registered your Chapter on the GBR network and have a micro-site? 5. Have you started to recruit members? 6. Have you registered your members on the GBR website? 7. Have you adapted the GBR constitution for your chapter? 8. Have you opened a bank account? 9. Have you appointed a GFFC chief ambassador? 10. Have you contacted Mr. Ndaba in order to receive regular GBR announcements? Email: Tel: +27 11 242 8000


The other good advice is to be consistent with your bi-monthly sessions or meetings, avoid having to postpone the meetings, this will kill the momentum, and make it difficult to succeed. This means continue with the meeting even if only 5 people attended, continue anyway. A GBR session flows in the following order of procedure: 1. Opening Prayer. 2. Worship music (this can be rendered by your worship team, if there’s no worship team, then a CD player can be used to play worship songs) to the Lord. 3. Introduction to GBR and GFFJ – Play GBR and GFFJ Corporate DVD 4. Announcements. 5. Contribution/Offering (this is to contribute towards venue and refreshments for Roundtable sessions) 6. Observe a Values Moment (this is where we take time to recognise 1 or 2 members in the chapter who exemplify and demonstrate some of GBR values such us servanthood, love, etc) 7. Keynote Address by Guest speaker. 8. Questions and Answer time. 9. Vote of Thanks. 10. Closing Prayer. 11. A Networking session.

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This order of procedure is not cast in stone and can be altered accordingly.


Once this plan is done the next step is to invite experts in your area to come and speak to your group in order to inform, educate and inspire them to take action to either uplift themselves, or to take action in order to change their circumstances for the benefit of the Lord’s Kingdom.

BEING A MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING 1. Be registered on the GBR database 2. Be a Christian and living by the principles of the bible 3. Attend at least 50% of GBR sessions 4. Serve in at least two departments at their local chapter or two global departments 5. Attend an International GBR launch/ Annual Camp retreat/Annual Conference 6. Serve as an ambassador for GFFJ 7. Adhere to the code of conduct and ethics

THIS IS HOW THE CHAPTERS ARE GRADED There are four grades: 1. Bronze: 10 to 150 points per year. 2. Silver: 151 to 250 points per year. 3. Gold: 251 to 350 points per year. 4. Platinum: 351 to 500 points per year. Should we have chapters that consistently score above 500 points, then we could add a new category and call it a Diamond category.



hapters will earn points based on the evidence of certain activities completed, it tracks activities per month. So each time a chapter concludes an activity they will tick it off in their template each “tick” or “x” will correspond with the value in points attached to that activity. For example completing 2 GBR sessions in a month is valued at 10 points, so each “tick” or “x” on the template will represent 10 points, per month. If all a chapter does is complete 2 GBR sessions per month, they will have 110 points at the end of the year which is 10 points per month x 11 GBR active months in a year, and that equals 110 points. Therefore this chapter will stay Bronze in the following year. Each chapter will have a similar template to use to track their own growth and performance. The template has points for various activities that can happen throughout the GBR calendar year, and certain activities based on their importance will have more points than others. Also, some important but frequent activities will have lower points because of their repeat nature. The GBR chapters don’t have to do all activities per month they can plan and choose which activities to do per month per quarter per year. However, certain activities will happen monthly like your 2 x GBR roundtable Sessions.

BRONZE There are no conditions linked to bronze category, so all that a Chapter has to do is to acquire points to move to up. They are free to do or not to do any extra activities other than round tables. If they choose to do the extra activities as laid out below, then they will get points accordingly.

SILVER This category requires some experience and certain activities are a “must” for this group: 1. They must send at least a delegate to the annual prayer camp, 2. Send delegates to the Business Conference and a Gala Dinner. 3. Must have at least 50% of the departments up and running including GFFJ 4. Produce unqualified financial audit report. 5. Send at least two delegates to attend thought leaders dinner 6. Send 10 delegates to attend the thanksgiving ceremony

This could include, camp for 50 points, Gala Dinner for 30 points, Roundtables for 8 months at 10 points each that will be 80 points, so take that and add the 50 plus the other 30 it gives them 160 points! We then congratulate them for making to the next grade. There are certain conditions that will apply, but first let’s look at the activities that will earn you points, please note this list will expand as GBR work continue to grow.

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A chapter can then plan and say, they want to move out of bronze to silver, they will need to score more than 150 points by the end of that year, so they can start planning how they will achieve those points.




This category has a few extra conditions, and the expertise required here are somewhat higher than the previous grade, and this is where most of the organic growth will happen: 1. The chapter should send no less than two delegates to the annual prayer camp, 2. Should send at least 10 delegates to the Business conference and Gala Dinner. 3. Must attend local Launches of at least two new chapters. 4. Must set up and release new leaders to start at least one new chapter in that year (organic growth). 5. Mentor at least one new chapter per year. 6. Send at least one delegate to attend and assist with an International launch. 7. Must have at least 90% of departments up and running including GFFJ. 8. Send at least 5 delegates to attend the though leaders dinner. 9. Send at 10 delegates to the thanksgiving ceremony. 10. Produce unqualified financial audit report at the end of the financial year.

This is the top range performance and conditions are just as high. 1. Annual Camp attended by 5 or more delegates, 2. Business Conference and Gala must be attended by more than 20 delegates, 3. Attend at least two local launches of new chapters, 4. Attend at least two international launches, 5. Set up at least two new chapters (organic growth) 6. Mentor at least two new chapters, 7. Facilitate at least one Local Business and Investment Seminar, 8. Must have all department functioning at 100%, 9. Attend thought leaders dinner, 10. Send at least 20 delegates to attend thanksgiving ceremony, 11. Make financial contributions to certain functions of the GBR and or GFFJ, 12. Produce unqualified financial audit report.

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2 x GBR Sessions per

10 Points

If more than 50% of members in that chapter attend 2 GBR sessions in a month. Though this is a core activity, it is scored low beca use one can get points for this activity over and over. December and January will count as one session.

Annual Prayer Camp

50 Points

If a chapter sends a delegate to this camp will score 50 points for their chapter for that year.

GBR Annual Conference and Gala Dinner

30 Points

If a chapter is represented by more than two delegates at the annual conference held in the month of March.

Attending local GBR launches

20 Points

If a chapter is represented by more than two delegates at a launch of any other chapter in the country. This encourages chapters to support new comers and enhances networking, and provides opportunity for mentoring.

Attending International Launches

50 Points

If a chapter sends at least one delegate to attend any of the international launches.

Launching a new chapter

30 Points

If a chapter has grown organically and it is releasing leaders for the growth of GBR.

Mentoring a new chapter

10 Points

If representatives from one chapter are assisting another chapter to get on its feet and run GBR successfully.

A session per month of Future leaders, WOC, MOI, etc

20 Points

If chapter organises a session within that month or if chapter has sent more than 5 representatives to another chapter’s event.

Updating the Micro-site on the GBR website

10 Points

If a GBR chapter uses this facility to communicate with the rest of the global network on what is happening in their area in regards to GBR activities. These updates could also be about anything significant happening at your chapter, such as member getting married, or somebody’s birthday, or an announcement about a bereavement, anything that affects the life of a GBR member gets communicated there.

Audited financial reports

50 Points

If a chapter shows good stewardship of God’s gifts & resources.


o, unless you a Chapter is in the Bronze category, it cannot move up without achieving the additional conditions of their current grade. Which means if, a chapter which is in the silver category acquires 300 points; but fail to meet the additional conditions of that category, they will remain in the silver category in the following year.

“The chapter should send no less than two delegates to the annual prayer camp,”

Points can only be accumulated in one calendar year. The points can’t be transferred to the next year. If a chapter ends the year at 500 points, they will start from 10 points next year, and they will have to work just as hard if they wish to stay in that grade.

Chapter may be required to provide supporting documentation in support to points they have given themselves, failure to comply will simply downgrade a chapter to Bronze. Chapters will be required to submit their self evaluations per quarter, so that we can track their progress throughout the year, and chapters that fail to submit by due date will be downgraded to Bronze, they will have the same status as start up chapters.

IN CONCLUSION Remember that old business adage: What can’t be measured, can’t be managed and what can’t be managed can’t be improved!

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The Administration of the Strategy the administration can be simplified by requiring from chapters to submit their performance tracker when they provide the lists of members in good-standing, this will be like submitting chapters in good standing.



OF CONDUCT The Global Business Roundtable is focussed on the holistic development of its members. The below is a code of conduct which all members shall adhere to when representing the organisation.




he Global Business Roundtable and its members must, at all times, comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the country in which they reside or are present as guests. Members must further more adhere to the highest code of ethics, social responsibility, and moral conduct as outlined by the Holy scriptures. The Organization will not condone the activities of members who achieve results through violation of the law or unethical business dealings. This includes any payments for illegal acts, indirect contributions, rebates, and bribery. GBR does not permit any activity that fails to stand the closest possible public scrutiny. All business and social conduct should be well above the minimum standards required by the law of the land. Accord¬ingly, members must ensure that their actions cannot be interpreted as being, in any way, in contravention of the laws and regulations governing GBR’s operations. Participation in the GBR programs is subject to the observance of the organization’s rules and procedures. The activities outlined below are strictly prohibited. Any organizational member who violates this Code is subject to disciplinary process and may lead to or include suspension or expulsion.


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• GBR expects its members to conduct themselves in a friendly and hospitable but business like manner in line with the organizations mission & vision. • GBR expects all members to act with respect, in an ethical manner, with the highest integrity and with care and consideration for others. • GBR members are expected to treat all others as they would like to be treated themselves being cognisant of the foundational scripture of the organisation • GBR members are expected to dress with modesty and avoid any appearance that may be misconstrued as being provocative. This will require a keen social and cultural awareness relative to the country or community members find themselves in. • Members are to observe time and not hinder plans or programs due to tardiness • Members are expected at all times to be smart and clean and well kempt. • Members also under take to communicate through the appropriate channel any grievences, with leaders, peers or subordinates. Members will not bad mouth or slander or insult anyone for any reason. Members will also refarin from gossip or malicious conversations about members and non members. • Members will not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, gender, religion, sexual inclination or any other derogatory criteria. Members will always endeavour to receive others in the Love of Christ. • Excessive drinking, gambling, fighting, swearing, and similar unprofessional activities are strictly prohibited while representing GBR and on GBR platforms and travel activities nationally and internationally. • Members must not engage in sexual harassment or sexually explicit and insinuative activities, or conduct themselves in a way that could be construed as such, for example, by using inappropriate language, keeping or posting inappropriate materials on GBR portals. • GBR members must not use abusive language towards any staff members, volunteers or another participants.

• GBR members must respect and honour all delegated authority regardless of statue, social status or age of the individual to whom authority has been delegated. • Members should not be intoxicated from the use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs on GBRs assignments or reporting to the program. Members must not bring onto GBR property dangerous or unauthorized materials such as explosives, firearms, weapons or other similar items. • Discourtesy or rudeness to fellow members or volunteers and or organizational strategic partners. • Verbal, physical or visual harassment of another member. • Actual or threatened violence toward any individual or group. • Conduct endangering the life, safety, health or well-being of others. • Failure to follow any agency policy or procedure. • Bullying or taking unfair advantage of any member. • Members will always seek to contribute positivley by volunteering and assisting the organisation where their skills and expertise allow. • Members will ensure that they do not litter or leave any place dirty and untidy. • Any GBR member who is on a visit to any country, and occupy an accommodation under the auspices of GBR, and happen to damage a property or remove any item without permission, will be expected to refund it or replace the damaged item. • All members travelling on GBR business are expected to comply with all travelling Medical regulations of the visiting country, and if they fail to do so and contract any disease due to their negligence, they will be held responsible and GBR will not be blamed. • Members are viewed as a representative of God and GBR, and should display loyalty, honesty, courtesy, reliability and helpfulness at all times.

Members must not make or engage in any false record or communication of any kind, including but not limited to: • Attendance of GBR sessions and events. • False advertising, deceptive marketing practices or other misleading representations. • False expenses, financial, or similar reports and statements.



BR expects that members will perform their duties conscientiously, honestly, and in accordance with the best interests of the Organization. Regardless of the circumstances, if members sense that a course of action they have pursued, or are presently pursuing, or are contemplating pursuing may involve them in a conflict of interest with GBR, they should immediately communicate all the facts to the leadership/executive of GBR.

Members must take care to separate their personal roles from their GBR positions when communicating on matters not involving GBR business. Members must not use GBR’s identification and equipment for personal or political matters.

USE OF ORGANIZATION FUNDS Members who have access to GBR funds in any form must follow the prescribed procedures for recording, handling, and protecting money as detailed in GBR policies and procedures. GBR imposes strict standards to prevent fraud and dishonesty. If members become aware of any evidence of fraud and dishonesty, they should immediately inform the leadership/executive of GBR. When a member’s position requires spending of GBR funds or incurring any reimbursable personal expenses, that individual must use good judgment on the Organization’s behalf to ensure that good value is received for every expenditure. GBR funds and all other assets of GBR are purposed for GBR only and not for personal benefit. This includes the personal use of organizational assets, such as computers or motor vehicles.

ORGANIZATION RECORDS AND COMMUNICATIONS Accurate and reliable records of many kinds are necessary to meet the GBR’s legal and financial obligations and to manage the affairs of the organization. The books and records of GBR must reflect in an accurate and timely manner all inflows and outflows of economic substance. The members responsible for accounting and recordkeeping must fully disclose and record all assets, liabilities, or both, and must exercise diligence in enforcing these requirements.

When communicating publicly on matters that involve GBR business, members must not presume to speak for GBR on any topic, unless they are certain that the views they express are those of GBR, and it is GBR’s desire that such views be publicly disseminated. When dealing with anyone outside GBR members must take care not to compromise the integrity or damage the reputation of either GBR, or any outside individual, business, or government body.

SPONSORSHIP & EVENTS Members that are not financially equipped to attend GBR events may make an assurance to pay back the owed monetary amount to GBR within a stipulated period. In the case of a lapse in the agreed upon repayment period, the contracted member may not attend GBR sessions and events until the payment has been received and verified by GBR. Depending on the circumstances, GBR holds the right to impose a probation period on said member. At GBR events members are expected to appropriate themselves respectfully. Members are to adhere to the dress code and at all times dress smart and modestly. Hats and sunglasses are strictly prohibited from being worn in¬doors.

DISCIPLINARY The disciplinary processes of the GBR in its totality are governed and adminis¬tered by the International Dispute Reso¬lution committee.

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DEPARTMENTS GBR has four core departments that specifically cater to the holistic developmental needs of men, women, future leaders and children within GBR. These departments are: • Men of Integrity • Women of Character • Future Leaders • Superkids and Superteens GBR Departments are supported by various departments whose purpose is to ensure the holistic development of men, women, future leaders and children of all ages in GBR.

The and

The • • • • •

GBR stra nati that are • • •


These department run various programs and interventions to achieve this end. The Supporting GBR departments are: • Enterprise Development • Mentorship and Coaching • Sports • Health and Wellness • Social Services GBR also has a number of key and strategic departments that advance its national and global footprint and ensure that strategic partnerships and alliances are forged within various nations. • International Affairs • Africa Affairs • Strategic Partnerships

The following are key departments that ensure seamless administrative functioning of the organisation, ensure timeous internal communication of key GBR messages and broadcast GBR to the nations through various media. They are key in ensuring that GBR runs like a well-oiled machine and that the GBR mandate is made known to the world. These departments are: • IT & Communication • Finance • GBR Secretariat

However, the entire organisation and all departments within are fired up and fuelled by a strong and unshakable spiritual foundation of prayer and Intercession as well as the spiritual direction of the Ministers Council. It is this foundation that dictates the very DNA of the organisation, sets a powerful spiritual atmosphere and clears the spiritual airways for God to steer and direct the organisation according to His purpose and plan. These two foundational departments are: • Minister’s Council • Intercession



INTEGRITY “We will also work on improving the content of MOI sessions to make them unique and relevant to the needs of our members.”





ytirgetnI fo neM

he report presents the annual progress report for the Men of Integrity Department of the Global Business Roundtable for the year 2016. MOI was born in 2014 in response to a call to fulfil the mandate of GBR which is premised on holistic development of a person in pursuit of building men’s capacity for wealth creation and holistic development in line with God’s plan.


The objectives of MOI are: • Create safe space for dialogues, a space where men can gather and freely speak about what concerns men • To improve the quality of life for men • To help men and boys to get help • To promote fatherhood as well as positive male role models • To strengthen the vision of GBR • To create an opportunity for men to have fun, through recreation and sports

MOI has continued to undertake regular sessions at country level with the intention to fulfil the objective of creating safe space for dialogues, a space where men can gather and freely speak about what concerns men. This also includes special MOI national events that were held in countries such as South Africa. During these sessions, MOI departments engaged on topical issues affecting their lives such as fatherhood, manhood, investments and spirituality.

SOCIAL MEDIA INTERACTION To enhance sharing and learning, MOI introduced social media platforms such as the MOI Monologue with the same intention to fulfil the objective of creating safe space for dialogues, a space where men can gather and freely speak about what concerns men.


t this year’s Prayer Camp, MOI conducted a Think Tank during which members discussed issues revolving around Abraham, the Father of many nations and drew lessons to guide development and implementation of the MOI policy brief and action plan.

MOI PERCEPTION SURVEY MOI conducted a formal needs assessment survey among men who attended the Thought Leaders’ Summit to assess its effectiveness and draw lessons on its implementation in the new-year.

in the department in order for them to receive much needed guidance and wisdom that will equip them to be Fathers and Husbands according to God’s pattern so they can build thriving families and nations.

CHALLENGES We faced a few challenges as a department: • The major challenge in the year was the postponement of our annual MOI summit in Nigeria due to some logistical shortfalls which resulted in delays to confirm a number of critical issues which resulted in the postponement. • Inactivity of MOI as a department in many countries. This is largely because of the weaknesses in the effectiveness of mother Chapters. In some cases, it would seem chapters need more orientation and guidance on how to run MOI departments.

Key recommendations drawn from the survey include: • The need to create a MOI that is a living being not just an event based movement. It should not be an activity based but a life based organization that is always interacting and engaging to achieve realistic mentorship through increased interaction, socialization, communication and partnerships building • There is need to review the vision of MOI to make it clearer and unique. Add issues of investment to distinguish MOI from the traditional men’s church groups. • There is need to strengthen leadership structure of MOI at international and national level to better achieve its goals • There is need to develop guidelines on implementation of MOI at national levels

Lessons learnt: • The strength of mother Chapters determines the strength of MOI departments. Where we have weak chapters, the likelihood is that MOI departments are either weak or non-existent • We need to invest more energy in articulating the vision and character of MOI as a movement so it can graduate into becoming a vibrant living being beyond an activity based organization • Integration of investment is bound to enhance the uniqueness of MOI as a movement which is different from other Men’s church groups



During the year, new leadership was ushered in to take over from the earlier leadership in September this year. This included the new Chairperson and his Vice. When they took over, the new leadership has been working to put together an International Executive Committee. The process is still ongoing and is expected to be concluded by the time of the 2017 Prayer Camp.

MOI has made some significant progress in the year although there is significant amount of improvements it can make to become a more impactful entity. Our main focus in 2017 will be to strengthen local chapters to make them more functional through development of guidelines, sharing of experiences, training of leaders.

RECORDING OF A MOI TV EPISODE MOI through Excellency KC George was privileged to participate in the recording of the GBR TV episodes for TBN in Africa. The episode gave a high level view of the purpose of the MOI department and reached out to all men within and outside GBR, to participate

We will also work on improving the content of MOI sessions to make them unique and relevant to the needs of our members. We will integrate more trade and investment between and among men, improve communication and interaction nationally and globally to enhance lesson learning.

ytirgetnI fo neM








oman of Character is a department within the Global Business Round Table for the female membership. It was born in February 2012 at a prayer camp in Bethlehem, South Africa. It covers all women in GBR, and is a diverse group drawn from all sectors of society.

retcarahC fo nemoW

Woman of Character was founded, envisaged and convened on Godly principles, guided by the character of the woman in Proverbs 31 vs 10-30. Some of the key attributes of the Woman of Character that stand out are her industriousness, her lack of idleness, her servant heart, her willingness to work, and her good care of her home and of her family.


We are kingdom women who understand our true identity in Christ as Ambassadors and change Agents for Christ in various spheres of society. We are spirit led and pursue the kingdom agenda for women for our generation. We exist to impact Global Communities using our intellectual, spiritual and practical gifting. We are influential and want to use this attribute to positively influence the world for the advancement of God’s agenda and mandate.

The 2nd Annual Woman of Character Summit was held on the 6th of August 2016 in Harare, Zimbabwe. It was a remarkable success as our God and Father showcased His Glory through yielded vessels that participated in various capacities and roles at the Summit. The theme of the Summit was Arise and Shine, Isaiah 60:1. In line with this theme were speakers from the spheres of government, the church, education, NGOs, business and health, addressing the theme from various stand points. The summit was attended by about 200 women from all walks of life. The team from South Africa was handy as they were familiar with the terrain and were instrumental in assisting the Zimbabwe task force. A broadcaster attended the Summit and gave a comprehensive report on the national news the following day.



he above was held on 25th September 2016 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Eight nations attended namely South Africa, Malawi, Lesotho, Nigeria, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Cote D’Ivoire. Highlights and major challenges facing each nation were discussed in detail.

CHALLENGES FUND RAISING There is need for comprehensive fund raising strategies both at country and at global level. As years go by WoC needs to be financially independent and be in a position to carry the financial costs of its programmes and events. The major challenge comes in the many national chapters that are still in their infancy and need to stabilise themselves.

COMMUNICATION A comprehensive data base of WoC members needs to be established and kept. This will allow information to be broadcast real time to people all over the world. The social media platform will need to be strengthened in our various nations.

NETWORKING This needs strengthening. It is important for women to get to know each other and have opportunities for doing business with one another, instead of just conferencing.

WOC SOUTH AFRICA • Encouraged by our mother chapter in South Africa to ensure that WOC is present in 200 countries by 2020. • WOC is not a one woman show; it is a relay where the baton will be passed on until the race is completed. • We are one body and we should be one spirit. • RSA ladies thanked Zimbabwe for their support at the WOC International Summit. • RSA meet monthly. • A successful High Tea Fund Raising event was held.

HIGHLIGHTS • The Zimbabwe Chapter is two years old. It has grown in numbers and in prayer, partly assisted by the 2nd Annual Summit last year. • The International Summit was a resounding success attended by about 200 women. • Two prison chapters were opened.

retcarahC fo nemoW



“WOC is not a one woman show; it is a relay where the baton will be passed on until the race is completed.”

retcarahC fo nemoW



• To align with vision 2020 and GBR International launching strategy. • WoC to be in every country where GBR is present. • Implement Women empowerment programmes aimed at empowering WoC members holistically e.g. entrepreneurship development, professional development, personal development, marital and parental development, spiritual development and many others. These will be based on an analysis of the needs of WoC members in each nation and chapter and will therefore differ from chapter to chapter. • WoC also plans to conduct community outreach programmes which will result in WoC making a positive contribution within the communities GBR exits. These will be done in partnership with other GBR departments like Health and Wellness, Social Services, Mentorship and Coaching and Sports Department. • Strengthen weak existing WoC structures. • Work on comprehensive fundraising activities. • Embark on activities that will publicize the GBR vision and mandate.

Going forward, we will need to ensure that our WoC members understand that WoC is not a secular movement, but rather, a God given mandate to develop the character of women and cause them influence, lead and take over in the various spheres of society God has strategically placed them in. By year 2020 each country where WoC is present will have 12 national representatives who will form the executive. We are working on and investing on these foundations. There will also be a formal Board of Directors of WoC, 24 women representing all departments of WoC.





he department of Languages, Translations and Interpretations worked hard through the year 2016 according to its prerogatives. The department assured the translation into French and other GBR languages of documents related to the different GBR meetings, mainly the Prayer Camp, the General Assembly meetings and some of the documents related to the world congress.

We are also praying that GBR would be able to buy equipments so that we will be able to organize our work freely without so much the implication of Professionals from outside.

We have also been translating documents related to the Prayer Camp of this year 2017 as well as Country reports from French speaking nations.

We believe that by the grace of God we will do better in 2017.

We are also planning from this year to start the teaching of English and French with the collaboration of the It and Communication department.

notialisnarT & egaugnaL

The department has also faithfully assured the Interpretations during different meetings of GBR and GFFJ. Our team, mainly located in West-Africa still need to be reinforced by volunteers from the Portuguese and Spanish speaking Countries.






FL sessions also formed part of the mandate for 2016. GBR Swaziland held sessions at the university campuses in Kwaluseni and Luyengo as well as the Simunye Chapter. These sessions covered broad topics such as career advancement, forex trading, finance management and GBR values. GBR South Africa also held regional sessions within the Gauteng province to assist in building stronger FL chapters within the region.

uture Leaders kept in line with their mandate in 2016 in ensuring that young people across the globe are holistically developed. The year could be prescribed as one aimed at enlarging the territory of Future Leaders worldwide because FL Global experienced growth in numerous nations. FL Lesotho was one of the countries that recorded tremendous growth as more members were recruited.

sredaeL erutuF

Young leaders looked for innovative ways to ensure that they connect with young people within their constituencies. In this regard, the media played a crucial role in ensuring that more young people were sensitized to the work of GBR.


FL Botswana used print media as a tool to better communicate and GBR Lesotho used a social media to reach a wider audience within its community.

FL Lesotho started advancing business advisory services within the chapter by connecting youth with possible mentors. The department was also instrumental in facilitating and capacitating youth to venture into green field projects (Agriculture) in line with GFFJ seed bank mandate and Vision 2020. Future Leaders Lesotho organised a Cleaning Campaign in Maseru. Furthermore, in conjunction with other departments in Lesotho (WoC, MOI, Entrepreneurship) FL conducted a workshop to promote GBR and GFFJ in society.



Growth within GBR was further amplified by events such as launches. Future Leaders Zimbabwe conducted a pre-launch in Harare which also saw the creation of a prayer team. They went on to launch the first University which was Chinhotyi University. FL Swaziland also started discussions with several institutions of higher learning such as Limkokwing University, Christian College and SCOT for launches to take place in 2017.

Strategic partnerships were achieved in Zimbabwe with other youth foundations, private universities and youth training centres. Furthermore, a launch took place that specifically targeted at Heads of Private schools saw the coming together of eight schools in Zimbabwe.

GBR launches also paved a way for Future Leaders to begin to engage on building concrete chapters in the respective countries. Upon the re-launching of GBR Kenya, Future Leaders also established a committee to begin the work of Future Leaders in Kenya. The committee is currently configuring itself and will be ready to launch in the coming year. Furthermore, towards the end of 2016, GBR launched in New York, USA and young people were engaged on starting student chapters in the numerous colleges and lastly FL Germany also began emerging and taking shape in anticipation of launching in 2017.

The GBR Zimbabwe leadership met with the Minister of Education to discuss collaboration within the school system which yielded favourable feedback to leverage on in 2017. In Lesotho, Future Leaders partnered with the office of the Youth Development Officer in the Ministry of Youth and Gender, Sports and Recreation to host the International Youth Day in Butha Butha. The event attracted about 80 young people from various places and schools across the district.

sredaeL erutuF

FL Botswana launched the University of Botswana student chapter in November which is now affiliated with the University’s SRC. Students from Botho University in Botswana, which is one of the fastest growing universities in the city, were mobilized and introduced to the vision of GBR and GFFJ. The students have given positive feedback and are ready for the mandate in 2017.

GBR Swaziland also had meetings with a local Construction company to discuss job-shadowing opportunities for young people. Also, there were discussions with the United National Population Fund Agency on prospects of future partnerships in Swaziland.




he Future Leaders Youth Summit took place in Johannesburg South Africa where young people were gathered under the theme “My purpose, My calling” which was calling upon young people to realise the reason of their existence in line with God’s original plan concerning them in the different spheres of society. The Summit brought together influential speakers from all aspects of life, ensuring that the Summit provided true value to the delegates. These included Shell SA Chairman, Mr Bonang Mohale who spoke about black business opportunities, the Convenor and Chairman of the Global Fund For Jesus Mr Sipho Mseleku who admonished the youth from the scriptures. There were Plenary sessions that focused on the 8 gates of society. Just to mention a few, Mr Lesego Maphanga who is a process and design manager at Standard bank SA spoke on Media and communication, Mr Kgosi Musi, A senior procurement manager at Africa Eurasia on Economy and Finance, Dr Siphamandla Zondi, Head of the Institute For Global Dialogue at the University of South Africa spoke extensively on politics, governance and leadership. This also proved as a time of growth and a capacitybuilding exercise to numerous leaders who ensured that young people from their countries attended the Summit. Even, the leadership of FL SA and members were able to learn valuable lessons in hosting this event as they played a vital role in ensuring its success.

“FL Lesotho started advancing business advisory services within the chapter by connecting youth with possible mentors.”

E-MENTORING The formulation of Vision 2020 places tremendous value on young people, particularly in relation to ensuring that young are developed in mentoring. Vision 2020 demands that all Future Leaders must be mentored and e-Mentoring has gone a long way in ensuring that this goal is achieved. In 2016, the FL eMentoring group continued to have sessions every two weeks on Whatsapp. The topics were all rounded, in line with the GBR mandate that seeks to develop each person holistically. These included, “vision”, “location importance when it comes to business” and “how to handle abuse”. An extra dimension was added this year, as the platform was also used to mentor each other on how to manage roundtables through topics such as “building sustainable chapters” and “financially viable chapters”.

sredaeL erutuF



Future Leaders need support from the GBR National Executive Committee in order for their operation to be successful and that will be the main focus in 2017, to ensure that FL is well integrated into the main GBR in each country. The issue of funds continue to be a challenge for Future Leaders but leaders are continually being capacitated to explore ways of raising funds

supErkids & superteens

INTRODUCTION The GBR Superkids department focuses on the early development of children through bible teaching, learning through play and creating an environment where kids are developed and trained to lead at an early. Our vision is building a kingdom and age related curriculum for children and to teach them the word of God through creative and age appropriate media such as songs, games and appropriate DVD. All this is aimed at growing children in holistic manner and laying a solid spiritual foundation and blueprint that will ensure that they achieve their God-given purpose in future.

• Successful sessions were run consistently throughout the year. • Orlando Super kids launch which was a huge success • Thanksgiving was a big success with 90+ Super kids from different chapters including Swaziland. • Parents and members had the pleasure to watch children perform in songs and poems. • We have seen God helping us empower young minds through the sessions discussing & teaching the word touching all areas of their lives. • Super kids Swaziland is growing under the leadership of HE Thandeka. They conduct visit to hospitals and weekly sessions.

CHALLENGES • Attendance: Challenges are mainly attendance as many members still do not bring their kids to the chapter sessions. • Consistency: Children often miss sessions therefore their growth is not as rapid as it should be. • Poor Communication with parents: When planning events few parents would confirm attendance but on the day of the event we usually have 4 times the planned. This has a negative impact on logistics e.g. catering, venue.

sneetrepuS & sdikrepuS




sneetrepuS & sdikrepuS

• We aim to raise awareness of the Super Kids department and make sure all the chapters in GBR have the programme running by 2020. • To ensure we have a fully running Curriculum which will be used by both Super kids & Teens. (Teaching style separate the kids by age “2-11” Superkids, “12-16” Super-Teens) • As the GBR Super Kids we are planning many fun and educational activities such as Camp, Picnics, Educational trips etc. • We are mobilising more people to join the de partment as 2017 will be a busy year for us. • A departmental Strategy for both Super kids and Super-Teens has been sent to all members seeking their input. We urge all members to take time to read it and send us their input.


SUPPORT REQUIRED We are pleading with all the members to bring their children to the Super Kids session. GBR is about growing its members holistically we want that for our children. We request members to support the department as we will be doing a lot of activities picnics, camps, educational trips and other activities which requires funds. We also urge members to support Children’s events through donations and pledges.


sredaeL erutuF

Health & wellness

“Collaboration with other departments is crucial and in line with GBR Principles. Every one has a Right to a Holistic Heath”



Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 25, para. 1)

We seek to provide a God aligned, Kingdom based Holistic Health Care and Wellness Department that must cater for ALL citizens Globally, be easily accessible, affordable, sustainable, quality, safe, non-discriminatory, patient-centred and in line with GBR principles and GFFJ vision 20/20.

ssenlleW & htlaeH

“Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control” (Of note, this is in line with .GBR/ GFFJ Mandate)


DEFINITION of Health as per World Health Organisation (WHO) = A state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing and not merely the absence disease or infirmity.

OUR MANDATE RSA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE FOR NOW • To promote Prevention of Illnesses by Education, Awareness Campaigns, Roadshows, Screening Programmes, and most of all follow ups of these Clients. “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE” • To promote Holistic Healthy Living, Reminder at all times of the fulfilment and nurturing of the 4 Pillars for Holistic Healthy Living which are the: 1. Spiritual 2. Biological, 3. Psychological and 4. Social Make Up

We see this Commitee as Acting, and a point of contact for different areas/regions as we have only been in operation for 6 months to date. The plan is to support each other and to find and empower Future Leaders to co-lead this Department as part of our Succession Strategic Plan.

• Collaboration with other departments is crucial and in line with GBR Principles. Every one has a Right to a Holistic Heath. • Those that are already sick, we plan to empower them to participate in their management of illnesses, restoration of Health, Elimination and/or minimizing of Illnesses, Symptoms and Complications. • Empower Communities by using all Media accessible, for education, advise, and support in all languages.

We will work closely with GBR Head office to get linked with Medical personnel and all interested to be part of H& W Globally.

• Took an integral part of supporting Ekurhuleni Open Day at one of the hospitals 20 Oct 2016 • Introduction of GBR H&W Committee members 8th Sept 2016 • Local Outreach H&W Kathorus - 8 Oct 2016 • Took part in the Future Leaders Summit and WOC Summit, and at the Thought Leaders Summit • We were present at the launch of GBR/ GFFJ and TBN TV partnership • We participated at the recording of Episodes for GBR/GFFJ TV as Panelists and support to other Departments recording • We are and will continue to be Health Workers on Call during the GBR/GFFJ events. • Participating in different Chapters, including being speakers for presentations. • Formation of the Exec Committee Structure

Current South African Executive Committee • Global HOD - HE Dr Thabi Luthuli • National HOD - HE Dr Matime Diale • General Secretary - HE Rebecca Landsberg • HOD -Ekurhuleni, HE Sonia Moremoholo • Commitee member - HE Efi Ramatapa, Science and Technology • HE Mr Napo Mokoena, Commitee member & part of the team on Diabetes Education • HE Banzi Mcasa in Eastern Cape, Commitee member-point of contact, working together with HE Carlos (and both are our IT support) • HE Carlos Allan in Eastern Cape, Commitee member and our IT support • HE Lindi Maseko, Commitee member and will lead Mental Health Department • HE Mirriam Tefo, Commitee Member and point of contact of Tshwane • We are in discussion with a few FLs, to be points of contact at Universities where GBR has a presence • HE Ps Rachel Zwane, Commitee member, spearheading Fund raising • HE Ps Hilda Pheto, at advisory level (due to time constrains) • HE Molly Dhlamini, Ex Officio

ssenlleW & htlaeH


We do however have some points of contact members for some countries. We aim to increase the number of members and leaders in countries where GBR has a presence.


Departments Established: • NCD’s = Non Communicable Diseases and Illnesses; lead by HE Dr Diale, HE Dr Luthuli, HE Mr Napo, Diabetes Educator with team - still at its formation. • CD’s = Communicable Diseases; lead by HE Dr Diale, HE Rebecca Landsberg, with team. • Mental Health , Lead by HE Lindi Maseko and HE Dr Luthuli, with team, • HIV/ AIDS , leader and team TBC. • Fund Raising , lead by HE Ps Rachel Zwane with team. International Members and Current points of contact • HE Bahati Thambikeni, FL from Kenya • HE Petronella Dhitima, from Zimbabwe, with her team • HE Renalda Mlay, from ArushaTanzania • HE Ps Angie, Kenya • HE Yvonne Jere from Malawi • HE Thandeka Matsebula, Swaziland

INTERACTION BETWEEN GBR / GFFJ AND H&W We have met and had discussions with HE Colin Prolad and we continue to engage re - the way forward. Plans are - to define Programmes that we can do together as per the Vision 20/20

ssenlleW & htlaeH



• To run road shows, workshops, awareness Campaigns , with an aim to educate, screen, fund raise, etc. • Cancer will be the main focus for the next 6 to 12 months, whilst others topics continue to run concurrently. We have a list of Companies that fund Cancer Campaigns. • To communicate with our Global members, Global Chapters, HODs and work in collaboration with them in their Campaigns appropriate for each country • Have the Awareness calendar on the GBR/H&W Website, etc. • To have a team that will work on Policies

LONG TERM PLAN • To be in every Country where GBR/ GFFJ has a presence, international and local. • To ensure holistic development of our GBR / GFFJ, H&W members. • To improve communication by creating closed whatsapp group, and email Groups. • To do regular hospital visits, one hospital per quarter in area for spiritual nurturing • Identify and partner with NGO’s and businesses outside GBR, that are in line with GBR /GFFJ principles • To host outreach programmes, including voluntary Local Outreach • Build hospitals, clinics • To host big fundraising projects for all • To discuss about business and burden of diseases for example, mother & child H&W, Diabetes, etc. • To hold an International Conference by 2019 • The ultimate will be to fulfil the 20/20 Vision, ie building of Hospitals, Clinics, Health care centers. • To have a team that will deal with Policy documents and in consultation with relevant health authorities A bursary for doctors, nurses, and Allied Health Professionals to get holistic training. GBR Call centre, to prepare for real-time responses from communities globally.


WE HAVE HUMAN RESOURCE CHALLENGE Access of GBR database of medical practitioners, nurses and all allied Heath professionals During GBR/GFFJ Events it’s important that we have a room for Emergency. We have to show excellence and respect as we consult and examine our Patients/ Clients, Otherwise our integrity as H&W and GBR/GFFJ is at stake. Communication needs to flow easily amongst members, and also between the H & W and GBR office. As members we are prepared to volunteer at the GBR offices after work as often as possible. This will alleviate the load, especially just before the big events including H&W international, national and local events.

RECOMMENDATIONS • It is crucial that we have an EMERGENCY room and Paramedics at big events • We need an Emergency bag with appropriate equipment and medication. • We request for the next 2 Episodes for TV to be on CANCERS, and Holistic Everyday Lifestyle pearls and nuggets discussed in detail. • It is important to note that according to the law, when hosting our events we should have proper emergency rooms available: Fikile Mbalula, the Minister of Sport and Recreation has under section 45 of the Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act, 2010 (Act No. 2 of 2010), may made the Regulations in the Schedule • A stadium or venue, where a high and medium risk event is to be hosted, must have a purpose specific designed venue operations centre in place, as contemplated in section 17 of the Act and the regulations;

• A stadium or venue, where a high and medium risk event is to be hosted, must have purpose specific designed and properly equipped emergency medical centers, medical rooms and first aid posts as contemplated in the Act and the regulations • We are disussing Travel Medicine and Policies, especially concerning our GBR international attendees at majot events. This will need communication with Chapter leaders in all countries • We request the completion of the H&W website as soon as possible, as we now have material that can be uploaded. The plan is for different countries to be given slot for updates

CONCLUSION As H&W Leaders and Members we are humbled and honoured to be working on this kingdom platform. We are aware of the massive work that needs to be done. We are committed to God’s work, with the time available to us currently. We are prepared to have a roster to help at GBR/GFFJ office, especially after hours. We thank GOD, for all the members, especially the Convenor. We will continue to perpetually pray for the fulfilment of the mandate. With Gods will, we will succeed.

ssenlleW & htlaeH


und raising, this is a challenge as we as a Department need to be self- sustaining (soon) especially financially.






he GBR Social Service Department mandate is to take care of GBR members’ needs and to empower them to be a blessing to others. As GBR members we are required to execute our God given mandate with excellence thus our empowerment is key to ensuring that we succeed in doing so. Members are encouraged to support one another, at local chapter level with prayers and good deeds. Each chapter must have a Social Service Department Head who will ensure this support is mobilized as and when there is a need.


Professionally, we reference Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as highlighted below.







secivreS laicoS



Generally social needs can be classified as follows: • Day to day living requirements. E.g. Shelter, food, clothing, education, spirituality etc. • Advise on how to go about acquiring certain necessities. • Support in times of joy and also grief. • Belonging to a family, community, church, social club etc.







The above are some of the factors that bring balance to every human being and empower them to be of service to others.

We take care of GBR member’s needs and instill love for one another. We create an environment where each member has a sense of belonging. This enables our members to support the needy outside GBR as they themselves will be beneficiaries of that ongoing support within GBR.

Maslow further provides the following explanation: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs positions the social need at the centre of the hierarchy of human needs, an indication that this need brings balance to every human being. A person’s social need is the “need for friends, a sweetheart, children, affectionate relationships in general, even a sense of community. Looked at negatively, you become increasing susceptible to loneliness and social anxieties.”

Our approach is to identify members in need, refer their need to the intercession team for prayers and then link them with the relevant department within GBR for further support, also to the external professional organizations or individuals where their need require such attention.

Our approach is to focus on the bottom 3 levels of the hierarchy, once members’ needs are met at these levels, the rest is up to them to achieve.

We have been blessed with a host of expertise that is embedded in the different departments within GBR. The most important first step to tap into that expertise is to indicate when you have a need or for a chapter Social Service Department Head to identify a member in need and refer them.

We have all been designed to take care of ourselves. We help one another to do so by inspiring each other to tap into our abilities to succeed in whatever we aim to achieve, and to support one another through advise and sharing of knowledge where there is a need. Our utmost important support is prayers as GBR is founded on prayer.

Members are encouraged to voice out their needs at chapter level for assistance locally. The chapter social service head is also required to identify members who may be shy to voice out their needs.









secivreS laicoS





e also inspire each other to serve one another and to collaborate with external organizations or individuals in taking care of complex matters. There are numerous bible verses that give us guidance as a department. Matthew 7:12 So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets. We serve one another in a time of need, whether in joy and sadness. This enables us to embrace each other and grow closer for the Glory of God and for His Kingdom. 1 Peter 4 :10 As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. James 2:14-18 What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him? If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and filled,” without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that? So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead. But someone will say, “You have faith and I have works.” Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.”

Our vision is thus, a caring integrated system of social development services that facilitates human development and improves the quality of human life. Our lord Jesus says ‘The spirit of the Lord is upon Him to perform. Luke 4:18 -19 18 “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free, 19 to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”[ Matthew 25:35-36 35 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’ Isaiah 61:1 1 The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners.

MISSION To afford our members an opportunity to share and celebrate their success. To enable the poor, vulnerable, excluded, those in spiritual captivity needing freedom, the broken hearted needing binding, the ability to experience the love of God through caring and support. • Draw members closer to the Kingdom of God through good deeds  •Instill good moral values in self, family and communities  •Enable each and everyone to identify ones purpose in life the kingdom way  • Lead a Christian life




In light if the vastness of the needs of our members and the requirement to actively contribute within GBR and impact nations globally, the GBR Social Services Department created committees which will focus on duties outlined below: • Communications Committee • Departmental database and communication • Policy Committee • Departmental policy framework and amendments • Operations Committee • Departmental activities and reporting on those activities • GBR TV Committee • Departmental GBR TV episodes in conjusction with GBR TV Team • Identify departmental Panelists and recommend topics

We have in the past few years engaged in activities to support our members and communities as follows: • Facilitated sponsorship of senior citizens to the GBR events. Camp, World Congress, Thanksgiving etc. Ensure our citizens are well taken care of during the events. • Sourced speakers for the GBR TV Episode 1 recordings. • Ignite prayers and acts of kindness to our members when they are in need in times of joy for weddings etc. and in times of sadness in case of health challenges, bereavement etc. • Collaborate with the health and wellness, teens and mentorship and coaching departments in bringing the value of collaboration to life and impacting our members. • Identified our members who are Social Services Professionals to present on topics that impact society at GBR Events.

There is no doubt that globally God’s children are hurting in many ways. The most urgent needs that need to be addressed are basic human needs according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as outlined above. The department identified a need to work closely with the GBR Health and Wellness Department and the Mentorship and Coaching Department in order to collaborate on addressing the members’ needs. We have identified Social Entrepreneurship as a means to addressing these social challenges in a most relevant, easy to setup and manage and also with little barriers and an ability to attract social responsibility funding from governments and other interested funding organisations. Proverbs 20:13 Do not love sleep, or you will become poor; Open your eyes, and you will be satisfied with food.

CONCLUSION We are called for service and we look forward to engaging in more programs to tackle social ills.

GBR MEMBERS WEDDINGS In 2016 we saw a lot of GBR celebrate their weddings. We rejoice with them as they begin this exciting journey of love and building strong kingdom families. Our department was made aware of the following weddings, which we announced and celebrated with our GBR members: • HE Luyanda Finini – GBR East London chapter, RSA • HE Sabelo Hlophe – GBR Manzini chapter, Swaziland • HE Khotso Pekane – GBR Benoni, RSA • HE Buyi Mbatha – GBR Kathorus, RSA

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INTERCESSION VISION The Vision for GBR/GFFJ Intercession Council is to establish a Global House of Prayer for all the Nations of the Earth. Mark 11:17 Jesus further quoted Isaiah 56:7 which states that God’s house which is also referred to as His Mountain is the House of Prayer for all Nations. The Global Mandate given to GBR/GFFJ by the Lord is to establish God’s Mountain above all other Mountains in accordance with Is 2:2 and Micah 4:1 which reflects that God’s Mountain is a Mountain of Prayer. Worship and Intercession are the foundation upon which GBR/GFFJ, a Kingdom Mandate given by the King of Kings Jesus Christ, is established. Jesus told us to pray that His Kingdom would come and His will would be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Mat 6:10

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Our Mission is to mobilise, and network strategic Global Teams of Watchmen and Gatekeepers who are privy to God’s secret counsel through a lifestyle of intimacy with God, who are seated in heavenly places with Christ, and exercise dominion as administrators of the invasion of God’s Mountain (Kingdom) on earth through the Mandate of GBR/GFFJ which affects all sectors of society.

The seventh angel then blew his trumpet, and there were mighty voices in heaven shouting. The dominion (kingdom) of this world has now come into the possession and become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ and He shall reign forever and ever. Rev 11

The Intercession Council together with the Five Fold Ministers Council currently host the Annual Global Intercession Summit in South Africa, through which prophetic and apostolic process of Kingdom Alignment takes place, and envisioning for the year is imparted. . • Regional Training Centres of Intercession and Worship are to be established regionally throughout the earth. Regional Prayer Camps are held bringing restoration to God’s redemptive purpose for their Region. • National Altars of Worship and Prayer in each nation will be established which flow with the Davidic pattern of 24/7 intercession. • A fluid movement of the river of God encompassing training, impartation and commissioned focussed intercessors being released into the Nations for the Kingdom of Heaven and the glory God.

GUIDING PRINCIPLES Our guiding principles are a bottom up approach to inculcate the culture of Christ-like servant hood within the Organisation. It is written “He who is the greatest among you shall be your servant” Mat 23:11 and was reflected in the life of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Greatness is determined by the ability to serve and lay down one’s life for others. A consecrated life of holiness and separation unto God is mandatory for this calling.

• We are on track for Vision 2020 in meeting our objectives as set out in our Vision to establish GBR/GFFJ as a Global House of Prayer in all the Nations of the earth for the purpose and advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven. • Regional Teams will be developed and established in 2017 and 2018. Moving towards Vision 2020, as Nations are launched, National Intercession Teams will be raised up and established in each one of the 200 Nations where GBR/GFFJ will be present in by the year 2020. • National Intercession Teams are networking nationally across every Province and State to take their lands for God’s Kingdom. National Altars are being established in every Nation in order for 24/7 worship and intercession to be facilitated so that the fire on God’s altar never goes out and in order for every tongue and tribe and nation to come into a true relationship with God Almighty. • Each Nation is to establish a National War Room which acts as the Intercession Control Centre and networks the rest of the nation. These Control Centres will be directly connected to the Global War Room at GBR/GFFJ Head Office. Each Nation plans to sustain a minimum of 12 full time intercessors, who will serve in a priestly function in the National War Room of their respective nations.

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6TH ANNUAL GLOBAL SUMMIT • As a generational movement, accurate records of prophetic and apostolic directives and visions are to be captured and recorded. Training and Development Centres will be established regionally in order to effectively mobilise, train, equip and commission GBR/GFFJ intercessors across the Globe. We project that the Global Prayer Wall on the GBR website will be populated by a minimum of 100 people per hour by 2020. The life flow of the Intercession Department, the Intercession micro site, is currently mobilising and commissioning Apostles and Prophets from every nation to blog and input into the Site in accordance with their particular dimension of revelation, to keep us updated in terms of Heaven’s News. • Intercession and prayer will be mobilised in every Chapter, in every village, town, city and province in every Nation, covering the earth with the fire of His awesome Presence which consumes all other fires and landing the Kingdom of Heaven to the Glory of our Mighty King and Saviour Jesus Christ.

HIGHLIGHTS 6TH ANNUAL PRAYER CAMP The 2016 Global Annual Prayer Camp which is held annually at the Alpine Heath Resort in the Drakensburg, SA recalibrates and aligns us to the Fathers Will for the coming year as an Organisation and as individuals.

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A team was deployed ahead of the arrival of the rest of the delegates, to prepare the spiritual atmosphere of the Camp. As we humbled ourselves before the Lord in prayer and fasting and set aside time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the magnificent Mt Zion, the Mountain of the Lord, we sought God’s face and He exceeded our expectations.


We experienced the transforming power of His tangible presence and the blessing of His presence and prophetic direction. From 5am to 6.30am we gathered together in the main auditorium for corporate morning prayer and worship which was facilitated by leaders of the National Five Fold Ministers Council and Intercession Council from more than 35 nations, the hall was filled to capacity each morning as we came together as one body, to worship and intercede in preparation for the coming year.

In accordance with Intercession Council’s vision, the Global Intercession Department facilitated a Global War Room on site for the duration of the 2016 Annual Global Summit. Whilst the Summit was in session, apostolic and prophetic intercession was taking place, nations and continents were being birthed, territories colliding and being realigned, altars of Baal being destroyed and dismantled, paradigms and perceptions shifted, as God’s angels walked amongst business people, politicians, scientists, and other leaders in various sectors of society whilst the intercessors were travailing behind the scenes for the power of God to impact each delegate. Dreams, visions and prophetic words were shared by the Intercessors from various Nations and intercession Groups joining together in the inner chamber of the Global GBR/GFFJ prayer alter. A Journal was captured for record keeping and given to our Convenor, HE Sipho Mseleku. Many testimonies were received from delegates who participated in the Summit of how tangible God’s presence felt to them. .

7TH ANNUAL GLOBAL FIVE FOLD COUNCIL AND INTERCESSION COUNCIL SUMMIT This represents the Intercession Council’s main event of the year, solely dedicated to the Priestly arm of GBR/ GFFJ, for impartation, envisioning and networking, with the privilege of being served and undergirded by the awesome and anointed GBR Worship Team. Our themes this year were ‘Unity in the Body of Christ’ and ‘Establishing God’s Kingdom on Earth’ and included the following sub topics: Removing the Walls and Barriers of Division, The Love Factor, The Dynamics of Intercession, Altars of Worship, Angelic Operations and Travailing Prayer among others. Ministers and Intercessors from all of the world were in attendance, Senegal, Tanzania, Brazil, Botswana, Gabon, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Lesotho, Swaziland, Kenya, Nigeria, USA, to name but a few. New Intercession Heads were anointed and commissioned for Botswana and Nigeria and strategies were shared on, how to take the Nations for God. It was a time of being saturated in the presence of God Almighty and envisioning.



John Wesley says ‘God does nothing but by prayer, and everything with it’

HIGHLIGHTS: • As the Hosting Nation to GBR/GFFJ’s Global Events, we participated in the planning and strategizing for same to empower us in our intercession strategies. Two successful Provincial Launches were held for intercession this year. Breaking ground in Soweto, a key spiritual and political region in Gauteng and South Africa with Leaders and intercessors attending from all over the Nation, where we were privileged to be envisioned by our Convenor, with the GBR/GFFJ Fivefold and intercession pattern given by God. • Thereafter a similar Launch was conducted in KwaZulu Natal, Durban mobilising Intercessors and Five Fold Ministers who represented the Province. Leaders and their teams were nominated for both these Provinces, and continue to grow strong. • A strategic Intercessory Team attended, Bethlehem Ephrata led by intercession stalwart Apostle Pat Williams whom we respect as a pioneer in the intercessory movement in South Africa and the world, and as a mother with many sons. • A team assisted our Chair of Chairs to mobilise Cape Town, and we look forward to further growth in 2017. • Our National Intercession Council has faced many challenges this year, but His grace has brought us through and we are planning to grow exponentially in 2017.

HIGHLIGHTS • A national regular intercession group of about 25 ladies was established to pray monthly. • We gathered on the 16th April to pray for the World Congress and Zimbabwe Independence Day. • On the 17th March to 24th April we held 40 days of continuous prayer and fasting specifically for World Congress and also to enter the Passover gate in prayer. • On the 1st August, the Zimbabwe intercession team participated in a 50 day prayer chain. It was an encouraging time of prayer.

CHALLENGES The Global Prayer Wall is moving slowly. Obtaining committed people to specifically pray for GBR/GFFJ is a challenge, as there are many intercessors/intercessory groups, but we are working to build a team which is committed to our Vision.

VISION 2020 • To establish intercessory groups in the 4 corners of Zimbabwe and in every major city by 2020. • To host a regional prayer conference in 2017, this will be an annual event. It was earmarked for this year, but the WOC Summit in August took preference. • To establish a national wall of prayer, with the identical individuals registered on the Global Wall. Thereby monitoring and encouraging them locally as well. • To conduct training seminars teaching on vari ous aspects of prayer and praying together. • To send at least one representative to other regional prayer conferences, to encourage unity among intercessors and to learn from them.

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WAY FORWARD • Vision 2020 for SA Intercession will establish Provincial Heads of Intercession in every Province, Regional and Chapter with intercession taking place on a weekly basis in every Chapter of GBR/GFFJ. Networking and establishing relationships with other Intercessory organisations across the Nation. • Intercession Training and Development Centres/Workshops will be established regionally with monthly workshops/training being conducted to empower those called to pray and intercede for this Kingdom Mandate. Intercession teams will be deployed into our schools, prisons, businesses and impact every sector of society.

SWAZILAND INTERCESSION REPORT An Intercession committee has been formed, and we currently awaiting nominees from the other Chapters in Swaziland to be forwarded for representation on the intercession committee. This year two All Night Prayer Meetings were held in Swaziland. The first meeting was to pray for the Swaziland Symposium and the latter for the year 2016. Whilst Chapters are being launched in Mankayane, Matsapha and Siteki, intercession leaders are being highlighted as a vital part of each Chapter. A National prayer Meeting is being planned for the beginning of 2017 and intercessors are also planning to conduct community service.

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We have prepared our forward planning for 2017 for Intercession monthly prayer.


NIGERIA INTERCESSORY REPORT Having been appointed to take on this assignment over in the past two months, we have been able to identify and also put the following measures in place.

MODUS OPERANDI With reference to the modus operandi of GBR and also observing the command center principle, we’ve prayerfully zoned the intercessory arm of GBR NIGERIA into four zones for now as follows: North East, North West, South East, South West, with a central command center(office)manned by the Head of Intercession Nigeria) which will in turn feed the Global Head of Intercession with necessary informations,as at when due. We have made some Intercessory push into the North East region of Nigeria, and a command centre has been established for the entire North East Region. This entire region is manned by territorial commanders who oversee the intercessory issues in this region and feeds back the command center. The focus here is to create an enabling spiritual atmosphere and make a push for the entrance and establishment of GBR in this regions and also to pray for the unity of the brethren.

PRAYER OUTING IN THE NORTH EAST REGION We had a very successful outing in the North East region, specifically in Gombe state. A 3 day intercessory meeting was conducted in this region with the Chairperson of Gombe State in the person of Mr. Nbinta Josiah and a crew of other GBR and non GBR members in attendance. Entrance was gained into this region through the platform of a non denominational group called the Covenant Intercessors. It was an awesome time in God’s presence and the meeting was such a huge success, several general overseers of the Pentecoastal Fellowship of Nigeria have bought into the vision of GBR and it brought so much unity of faith and purpose, we give all the glory to God Almighty.

“To hold quarterly prayer conferences in all the regions and one major annual conference in the central region.”

MODE OF OPERATION: • To co- labour with existing Ministries and Churches for the furtherance of GBR via the prayer and intercessory arm • To hold quarterly prayer conferences in all the regions and one major annual conference in the central region. • We have created mini command centers where members can log in via whatsapps for intercessory and prayer demands and also post burdens and prophetic signals as directed by the Lord, which will go through proper matured screening before been released to the Global body.

VISION 2020 To align to the Global Intercession Vision, Mission and Strategy.

West Africa Prayer Camp was launched on the evening of the 2nd March 2016. The camp was well attended, with over 300 participants. The GBR Chairperson of Guinea Bissau was also in attendance and gave a great message. During Corporate prayers many people experienced deliverance and the root of some of the regional problems and territorial spirits were revealed. As we enjoyed Sports Activities, we witnessed a child being dedicated to water spirits and people coming onto the beach to practice witchcraft. This was a sign and confirmation to what we had been dealing with earlier in the Corporate prayers.

Some people confessed that they came to Prayer Camp with bad intentions but the Lord spoke to them about GBR, in terms of respecting authority and obedience. After Three Days of teaching and fellowship we ended the last night with an All Night Prayer Meeting that was organized and over 300 came from Dakar Mbour, and several villages around Ngaparou. The Lord delivered and healed several participants during the All night. We thank God for the West Africa Prayer Camp.

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Five Fold

mINiTERs council

VISION The Global Fund for Jesus (GFFJ) and the Global Business Roundtable (GBR) is a prophetic movement and platform raised by the Lord and mandated to reveal the glory of God in this end time. This organization is positioned in complimenting the great work being done by the Church over the years with great emphasis on the kingdom as against religion to help the people of God occupy the seven spheres of life and possess their full inheritance in reality. he Five-Fold Ministerial Council is a strategic component of the Global Business Roundtable & Global Fund for Jesus comprising strictly of God ordained, man recognized and biblically outlined ministers as stated in Ephesians 4:11-13 such as Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelist, and Teachers who are members of the Global Business Roundtable across the world. The Five-fold of Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists and Teachers are also known as Elders in scriptures. This is a very strategic gate because the foundation of the church is built on Prophets and Apostles with Christ Jesus as the Chief corner stone. Ephesians 2:20. The Fivefold comprising of Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists are foundational pillars to build any kingdom assignment, nations and organizations.

This department is highly strategic because it is set up to provide the spiritual oversight over the GFFJ/ GBR family worldwide and to ensure the overall spiritual development of every member of the organization in the different nations of the earth in line with the divine injunctions of the bible. This department has been part of the foundation of the organization providing the spiritual covering and guidance for all members in fulfilling the destinies of individuals and nations that are part of this organization all over the world. It is set as a mountain above every other mountain as written in Isaiah 2:1-4

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• To unite the Body of Christ, across all denominations in all Nations. (John 17:21) • The GBR Ministers Council represents the Spiritual Domain or Mountain of GBR. • To walk within the scriptural message of love in accommodating people of other fold in GBR so that they may find hope. • To use GBR as a platform for alternative dispute resolutions and create Christian Arbitration Centres, so that Christians do not have to go to Court to settle their disputes. • To teach ministers on Governance Ethics and the Rule of Law; and ensure compliance to existing national laws as shining lights and examples to the World. • To develop Kingdom capacity training programmes in ensuring that we all walk in the reality of kingdom mandates with its mind set. To establish Kingdom Training Centres for the training of the new breed Kingdom Ministers. • To create content for training and inculcate GBR values. To have an accrediting body for Training with its unique curriculum. Also, ensure there are: a. Guidelines for Trainers, b. Assessments c. Fully commitment criteria. d. No tolerance for abuse of the organisation or people for personal gain, e.g. recruiting members from GBR for personal churches and extorting finances. e. Manage potential abuses • To be the spiritual conscience of GBR and to input on spiritual matters and issues. To provide spiritual counselling and advice to GBR Members on request. • To position GBR not as a Church but a Kingdom Organisation which minister holistically to the total man.

• To encourage the bottom up approach of servant leadership, and see to it that is embraced and inculcated from Chapter to Regional to Provincial to National and at the Global Level. i.e. without Chapters on the ground there is no structure. • GBR Chore Values are upheld at all times. • To help and encourage ministers on diversification of the Church economy and multiplying investments. • To encourage Ministers to leverage and work together in divine synergy in making the Church the highest mountain above all other mountains.

PROGRESS TO DATE • Successful hosting of the Annual Prayer Camp with the Intercessory Department; that always holds at Alpine Heath Resort in the Drakensburg, South Africa. • The Structural change of the leadership of the Department in the month of June 2016, the Department is now have its leaders-HE Pastor Oluwatomi Adeoye Oyebanji (Nigeria) assisted by HE Pastor Jean-Marie Tchibinda - (Gabon) • Development of an envisioning document for the Department which is to serve as a unifying guide for the activities of the Five Fold in the different nations of the world. • The 7th Annual Global Five Fold Ministers Council and Intercession Council Summit was successfully hosted alongside the Thoughts Leaders meeting in September, 2016 at the CedarWoods Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa.

• We will identify champions in each countries where GBR has been launched to help set up functional Five Fold in those nations with great support of the Chair of chairs. • Identify leaders who will occupy the executive positions at the different level within the geopolitical and governance structure of the nation. • Using the social media or other mean of communication to set up spiritual development platforms for ministers. • Building a formidable synergy with intercessor department in breaking the spiritual barrier across the nations in enshrining the spread of the GBR vision. • Quarterly publication of newsletters in spreading the activities of the departments across the nations. • Global mission to nations: As a way using the platform of the Five Fold Ministers to realizing the vision 2020; we are planning to embark on mission to some specific nations for the purpose of mobilizing the Church leaders to open the gates of the Churches and allow their members to be part of the GBR vision. We intends to share with them on the benefits of strategic alignment and partnership to them and their members with the well articulated vision and activities of GBR/GFFJ. • Build up a robust Five Fold data base from information from the different nations. • Encouraging member nations to organize mission conferences and seminars for ministers on the unified platform of the GBR in promoting unity and building their capacities. • Mobilize Five Folds ministers to attend global meetings especially the global summit for Ministers and Intercessors in September, 2017. • Liaise with the body of Christ to key practically to the program called “A NEW THING” shown on TBN, RTM and other Television stations across the world.

CONCLUSION The activities in different countries have not been fully reported, however, there have been tremendous efforts on the part of the leadership of the various countries in ensuring the success of the Fivefold Ministerial Council in their various nations. We want to use this opportunity to request all Ministers of God to arise and join this chariots of Glory in GBR and harvest the abundant blessings therein for themselves and their flock all over earth to the coming of Christ. This great and noble platform is significant to the move of God in this end time, let enjoy the power of corporates’ unity the Lord has given His body. Psalm 133:1-3 “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in Unity! It is like precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments; As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the Lord commanded the blessing, even life for evermore.” The bible in John 17:21 also emphasis on the need for us all to be one in THEM. May the Lord continue to build us all together in His love forever more. Amen. You are all welcome. Shalom

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snotiacinummoC & TI RBG

ur main focus as the GBR communications department is to ensure information sharing from the highest level to the most secluded corner. We allow departments and roundtables to update their microsites regularly on the site in order to keep the website information relevant and current. We also try to ensure effective and focused communication, both within and outside the GBR global community.


This department focuses on 2 main areas: • Internal communications • External communications

INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS A GBR member or GFFJ ambassador who is informed about the two organizations is automatically an ambassador and marketer for the GBR and the GFFJ brand. The role of the communications department is to ensure mechanisms are in place so all communication is effective and efficient.

EXTERNAL COMMUNICATION The purpose of external communication in the organization is to ensure that all external stakeholders are informed of the activities within GBR and GFFJ.

• Thanksgiving This event was designed to reflect and give thanks on all the blessings that the Lord has provided to the Global Business Roundtable and the Global Fund For Jesus in the year of 2016. It was blissful success. • 7th Thought Leaders’ Summit The summit saw delegates from many GBR chapters across the world. In the words of His Excellency Bishop John Matula, “GBR is an unstoppable movement and that is our success”. • WOC Summit As a global platform with a man date of holistic development, with this Summit, women were challenged to ‘Arise and Shine’ in the respective spheres that God has assigned them to function. • GFFJ Banquet On 29th April 2016, The Global Fund for Jesus (GFFJ) dedicated a banquet event to the upliftment of the poor in the areas of education, health, infrastructure development, poverty alleviation, food security and employment creation programmes. • GBR World Congress The World congress was poised to address the new ways in which businesses are driving Africa’s new economic era. This also turned out to be a successful event. • GBR Prayer & Camp A time when Global Business Roundtable leaders gathered for a week of prayer and fasting, and shared insight and experiences from their respective chapters and countries. • Launches The GBR has mandated itself to grow on a global scale, spreading into other nations and other continents. In the year 2016, GBR launched new branches in over 20 more countries.

GBR TV The Global Business Roundtable provides a platform for networking, mentorship and coaching, trade and investment opportunities for business, cross boarder trading transactions, and training and development programmes for leaders in various sectors of society.

PLAN OF ACTION • Have the GBR TV programme (A New Thing), aired on the local electronic mediums: first with local TV Stations (The Swazi TV and Channel S), and later, on Radio (SBIS and VOC), and discounted quotes have been made already towards it • Have at least quarterly Breakfast Meetings with editors of every medium in the country, dubbed “GBR/GFFJ with the Editors” whereby GBR and GFFJ is outlined and have them updated on current GBR news. I believe that the Media Mountain needs to be first penetrated from the “top” and everything else will fall into place • Develop local content on GBR/GFFJ, compile it into a DVD as an Infomercial for airing on TV, though it may have cost implications

snotiacinummoC & TI RBG



“As expected under the GBR Succession Plan, the department is presently engaging some Future Leaders doing the Mass Communication Course at UNISWA”

snotiacinummoC & TI RBG



• The department was able to secure a weekly column, published every Monday on the Swazi Observer Newspaper, for GBR issues happening both locally and internationally. The first article was published on Monday, June 6, 2016. • The local Communications Department has also been utilised during Global events both as Print Strategist and coordinating for GBR Corporate DVD interviews • As expected under the GBR Succession Plan, the department is presently engaging some Future Leaders doing the Mass Communication Course at UNISWA • GBR may soon have a slot in one of Swaziland’s leading magazines, The Nation, on monthly basis, subject to a proposed final meeting set for October month-end, between the department and the Editor In Chief of the said magazine • The Department initiated a free news slot under the Business Section of The Swazi Observer Newspaper whereby GBR Roundtable sessions are covered by a reporter for publishing, as business news articles. • Having some, (2 to be precise) Editors, who have understood GBR, surprisingly through the weekly GBR Column, wanting to be a part of the 2017 Prayer Camp. • Presently, the department has a committee that comprise skilled members in the different areas of communication, namely: Zwela Ngozo, John Pires and Thandeka Matsebula. It also is grooming 4 future leader from Uniswa (2 from Luyengo and 2 from Kwaluseni Campus), as earlier highlighted.

CHALLENGES • After an independent research, the department discovered that some of the newspapers who had agreed to give us space were having rough runs with the Swaziland’s government and the local Christian umbrella body, and thus the department decided to withdraw submitting GBR articles to the said newspapers • Competition amongst the two leading newspapers in Swaziland, had us caught inbetween, as one of them, The Times Of Swaziland offered to publish our weekly column, provided we withdraw from the other leading newspaper • GBR/GFFJ hasn’t gotten to the pick of being fully understood by some of the media houses, basically some take it as one of “those/by the way” organisations. Thus sometimes it’s an uphill to have some of the media personnel cover GBR/GFFJ events. • Most individuals or companies who may want to partner with GBR/GFFJ do not take us seriously, for the mere fact that we do not have offices as an organisation. • As a result of ill-discipline (wayward behaviours) and craftiness among some of our members, some individuals, both potential and none, shun the noble organisation.., in short, the lifestyle of some of our members do not attract people to the organisation. • Not knowing decisions taken by NEC about the Department and thus creating a stifle to some extents, yet the department is supposed to operate as neutral as possible.

CONCLUSION There is a lot of inefficiency and non-effectiveness in the department as there are a lot of things that we are not doing that we are supposed to be doing, therefore we require assistance in ensuring that we make our role work – our role is to ensure that we bring together all the departments of GBR and GFFJ effectively, thus giving them the allowance to communicate effectively out into the world and getting feedback from the world and members alike to the organization.

MEMORABILIA department

“The online ordering system is now available, memorabilia orders should be mailed to:”



he department was set up in 2013 as the custodian of the GBR and GFFJ brands. To date the Department has been responsible for sales of all GBR and GFFJ memorabilia.

The online ordering system is now available, memorabilia orders should be mailed to: To view what is available online, kindly visit:

All items sold on the online store go through a vetting process and are approved by the Memorabilia Department. The process of appointing new suppliers for the GBR online shop is currently underway and is to be completed by 28 February 2017.

tnemtrapeD ailibaromeM

In 2016, the Department issued a “Request to Bid” in search of suppliers for GBR and GFFJ memorabilia. As a result, Four (4) South African suppliers were licensed to supply memorabilia for the period beginning March 2016 until February 2017. An online shop has been set up where memorabilia items can be viewed and ordered.


mentorship & coaching



he past year has been a year of recalibration in relentless pursuit for achieving our objectives as a department. We recruited more members to join the department as Coordinators in the e-mentoring department, compressed the 13 e-mentoring groups into 7 to ensure maximum participation by members and recorded our first episode on GBR TV which will see more people joining the department.

gnihcaoC & pihsrotneM

This report details the high and low lights of this department and gives a high level view of plans for 2017.


We have been able to successfully achieve this through the e-mentoring platform, which has been offering group e-mentoring in the following areas: E-MENTORING GROUP


Personal Development

Grace, Kgadi, Goitse, Gauta and Zoe

Financial Development

Richmond, Tiisetso, Bothlale, Charly, Khathu and Happy

Enterprise Development

HE Richmond, Tiisetso, Bothlale, Charly, Khathu and Happy.

Professional / Career Development

HE Grace, Kgadi, Goitse, Gauta and Zoe

Leadership Development

HE Grace, Kgadi, Goitse, Gauta and Zoe

Socio-Political Development

HE Fumani and HE Shubbi

Godly Marriages

HE Tumi, Delisile, Khotso, Busi and Yvonne

Godly Parenting

HE Patrick and Boitumelo

Men of Integrity

HE Patrick

Women of Integrity

HE Lineo and Comet

Daughters of Character

HE Lihle, Subira

Sons of Integrity

Patrick, Alex and Innocent

The department was in partnership with ACCA to offer mentorship to 60 learners until December 2016.




The department was in partnership with ACCA to offer mentorship to 60 learners until December 2016. The programme was reviewed regularly to assess impact and recalibrate accordingly and whilst many learners expressed the positive impact the programme had on them, there were some learners who experienced it as too time consuming and not adding value to them. For this reason, it was decided to end the programme in October 2017, 2 months before the official termination date.

The e-mentoring Functional Team, under the leadership of HE Comet Phiri and HE Nathi Mazibuko, has grown to 35 and have been responsible for the sourcing of relevant and experienced mentors in each area to mentor participants on a bi-weekly basis. A number of testimonies have been received indicating the positive impact this department has had in their lives. The e-mentoring team was behind the Departmental Performance Award that was presented to the department in both 2015 and 2016 for outstanding and sterling performance. The Department also had successful discussions with the Department of Gauteng to provide Group Coaching to young girls in Primary Schools. On a personal note, the Mentorship department was blessed when one of its e-mentoring Coordinators. HE Khotso Pekane tied the knot in 2016! The department contributed towards various gifts to shower the couple and attended the wedding in great numbers! We thank God for the spirit of love and unity that permeates upon this team.

We are grateful for the opportunity GBR mentors were given to positively impact the lives of learners on this programme. In the spirit of continuous improvement, valuable lessons and insights have been drawn from this experience which will ensure that future programmes run more smoothly.

PLANS FOR YEAR AHEAD The team continues to encourage Chapters in various nations to establish national mentorship departments that will implement the blue-print of the global department in their nations. We also plan to recruit more GBR mentors to participate in the programme and share their knowledge and expertise. We will also make preparations to transition to the Mentorship Portal of the online GBR Platform that is under construction.

gnihcaoC & pihsrotneM

n line with GBR’s mandate of holistic development of its members, the vision of the mentorship department is to create a platform where members are mentored and coached in all areas of their lives through 1-on-1 mentoring, group e-mentoring and coaching.


CONCLUSION The past year tested the commitment of the team to the GBR mandate and saw the team navigate through the challenges through finding solutions to optimize its services. These challenges also gave emergence to a breed of God-fearing and committed Leaders who are sold out to his kingdom vision. The department continues to encourage GBR chapters in various nations to actively participate as mentors and mentees on this beneficial programme. We are grateful to the ever Faithful, ever Just and ever Righteous God, for seeing the team through the past year and we confident that He will finish what He has started in this team.

TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT GBR LEADERSHIP ACADEMY Henry Ford once said, the only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay. How apt for us at GBR/GFFJ as we embark on the 2020 vision. This is the reason such an emphasis is placed on empowering our members. If GBR/GFFJ is to be great it must have great leaders.


gnihcaoC & pihsrotneM

The Department has turned a corner in 2016. The advent of the TV partnership with TBN and RCCG acted as a catalyst to thrust the department forward.


The GBR TV programme started to be screened on TBN (Dstv. chan. 343) from 5 November 2016. This prompted the Convenor and the office to push for Leadership Training as a matter of urgency envisioning a great influx of people to GBR and GFFJ as the TV show “A New Thing� would be seen in many countries across the globe.

An outline of a curriculum was produced and Key Contributors were identified to produce the content according to their area of expertise. They would be assisted by 2 support contributors. The contributors of content will automatically become members of the training faculty and they would train others to assist. Members with experience in certain fields were also approached to become part of the training faculty. The content was finalised by the end of 2016 and the launch of the training schedule will be in the first quarter of 2017. The first phase will concentrate on training the trainers. We look forward to this new development in the Training Department and it can only propel us faster and more efficiently into the future. We are still wrestling with ideas on what would be the best mode for doing the training. But we know that it cannot be a singular mode but must be a multi-model approach ranging from high tech digital to low tech hardcopy. The next priority is to develop a GBR curriculum that will be directed at the 2020 vision concentrating on the 8 sectors or gates. 1. Economy and Finance 2 Education 3. Politics, Governance, and Leadership 4. Spiritual 5. Science and Technology 6. Family and Society 7. Arts, Sports, and Culture 8. Media and Communications Each of these sectors needs to be given equal priority over the course of the year at the weekly GBR sessions. Thus fulfilling our vison of holistic development.



INTRODUCTION ith only two members on board, the GBR Music department was established in 2009 at the very first GBR session in Sandton, Johannesburg (RSA). Even though the journey was not an easy one, through the Grace of the Almighty God we have seen enormous growth and favour no mortal man can explain.

PROGRESS TO DATE In 2016 we had a privilege of getting new members in the team who are well acclimatised with the art of music. We can boldly declare that God has honoured us with members who are willing to learn and understand the vision of GBR and run with it. Not only are these individuals willing to get involved in the musical side of thing but also in the admin side thereof. It was in the same year (2016) that the organizers of GBR TV show “A New Thing” entrusted us with the mandate to compose and record a theme song which will be played when the show starts and ends.

Credit must surely be given where it is due, therefore; no individual may disjointedly claim the glory in the composition of the theme song as this was a collective work from the team members. In preparation to “A New Thing” season 3, the GBR worship team has been working tirelessly to safeguard the quality of music to be recorded as part of the show. Not only are we honoured as the team to be involved in this inordinate project but we are also grateful to be recognised and appreciated for the work we are doing for the Lord. We understand and embrace the importance of the Annual Prayer Camp as the GBR culture which takes place at the beginning of every year at the Mountain of the Lord (formerly known as Drakensberg). We had an opportunity to minister to the Almighty at the camp site with some of the songs composed and sang by our very own team members as part of the season 3 preparations.

pihsroW & cisuM







Our mornings began with individuals praying from 4am to 5am privately, followed by a corporate prayer between 5am and 6am.

amp 2016 was held in the quiet and serene surroundings of the majestic Drakensberg mountain ranges located along the southeast coast of South Africa; a 4-hour drive from Sandton (Johannesburg, South Africa) where the Global Business Roundtable and Global Fund for Christ were established.

taerteR & spmaC

Approximately 400 members of GBR from Swaziland, Lesotho, USA, Mozambique, Morocco, Equatorial Guinea, France, Benin, Nigeria, Tanzania, Malawi (and many more) and the host nation - South Africa, took advantage of the rare opportunity to meet under one roof and be spiritually and intellectually enlightened by a leadership structure of note.


We converged at the Alpine Heath Resort on Sunday the 24th of January and parted ways on Saturday the 30th of January after a week of experiencing God’s awesomeness and guidance for the year ahead of us.

Prayer points focused primarily on God’s purpose for our lives as individuals, His purpose for GBR and GFFC, and on how we would impact the world as individuals, as leaders, as a nation, as a continent and as a God-ordained organisation. In a bid to remain focused, we fasted from 6am until 6pm, from Monday until Thursday.



Empowerment was the order of the day as the GBR and GFFJ leadership shared priceless information with the campers.

Camp 2016 was a success thanks to the hard work of the entire Camps & Retreats Department as well as all the other GBR departments that played their respective supporting roles. The camp however would not have been a success without the contribution of each and every member that attended it.

FREE TIME Hiking, Physical exercise, Sporting activities, Networking and relationship building were all characteristic of the time provided for campers to do as they pleased. Some campers even went as extreme as quad-biking, zip-lining and taking on the dreaded king-swing.

EVENING WORSHIP SESSIONS Dinner at 6pm, courtesy of the Alpine Heath Chef, saw the breaking of our day’s fast. This was followed by time spent praising and worshiping our creator, after which the various spiritual leaders present, shared God’s word and led us into a time of prayer wrapping up yet another successful day at the camp.

It proved to be a turning point for many leaders and members within GBR as a conscious decision was made to fully capacitate existing roundtables so as to cultivate a spirit of oneness and produce leadership that will impact the world significantly, drawing us closer to becoming a “Global” organisation in the most true sense of the word. • Since most of the GBR roles are on voluntary basis, the task of organizing and hosting a conference will continue to prove a very heart breaking exercise unless each country attains a permanent skeleton secretariat. In Tanzania we are already scratching our heads on how we can actualize this. • Communications and dissemination of information submitted to GBR International for onwards transmission to GBR Chapters seems to have very serious flaws – and this issue should be addressed as soon as possible.

taerteR & spmaC

The topics below were amongst the many issues discussed: • The Jewish Phenomenon (Why Jews Succeed everywhere?): What’s wrong with Africa’s thinking: What can we learn from the Jews, Muslims, Chinese and Indians. • Global Think Tank: Vision 2020 & Beyond. The 7 mountains and 8 gates. • Family, Relationships and Marriage: God’s idea of the family: Restoring the family, Marriage, Raising Children and Ubuntu.


protocol department



he protocol department was set up with an objective to host and assist VVIP and VIP delegations during international events. Working in close collaboration with the home chapters/countries and responsible host individuals, we are responsible for looking after our patrons in terms of the logistics, seating, ushering, dining and housekeeping.

tnemtrapeD locotorP

The department is headed by Ms Portia Manzi assisted by a small team of core members as well as over 40 men and women of the highest calibre who volunteer on an event-by-event basis. To date, the protocol department has trained a number of volunteers from different countries. The training focuses on the technical protocol etiquette as well as skills such as problem solving, attitude, conduct, dress code etc.


HIGHLIGHTS • We successfully hosted over 1000 VVIP and VIPs starting from the Annual Prayer Camp, Annual World Congress, Annual Thought Leaders Summit and Annual Thanksgiving events. Our patrons’ demographics varies as they are from different backgrounds, cultural groups and social standing. VVIP and VIP includes dignitary, or anyone who holds a high rank or office and who should be treated with special courtesy. Thus, the Governor, the Premier, Ministers, Members of Parliament, Members of Consular Corps, community and religious leaders. • We hosted successful events in three countries, namely, South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. We recruited the French Speaking members and successfully integrated them into the team. They were active at both the Annual Congress and Annual Thought Leaders Summit and all main GBR events.

“To encourage protocol leaders in every country to be part of the GBSE training initiatives for self-development.”

• We have developed a fully-fledged protocol team in Zimbabwe and they successfully hosted the VVIP and VIP patrons during the WOC Summit which was held on the 6 August 2016 at the Rainbow Towers in Harare, Zimbabwe.

PLANS GOING FORWARD • To develop a core team in every country, in line with the GBR Vision of empowering members. • To diversify the languages within our teams to accommodate all non-English speaking patrons. We are targeting to have Portuguese and Swahili protocol officials by 2020. • To encourage protocol leaders in every country to be part of the GBSE training initiatives for self development. • Integrating globalization in relation to the increasing worldwide integration of communications, culture, and economics as part of our protocol training. The Protocol Department believe in the GBR vision of an influx of people coming into the organisation starting from now and we are gearing ourselves to be best placed to serve, thus, we are open for more volunteers to come join us. Those interested can send an email to


international affairs

INTRODUCTION This report will cover International Launches and work done by the Department of International Affairs since June 2016 when one was given the responsibility of Heading the Department. The Department has Launched International Fridays through GBR Sandton, using this mother Roundtable as the base.


he idea on International Fridays is to host GBR sessions where practitioners that work in International space or Diplomats (Ambassadors; International Organisations; Agencies & Multilateral Organisations) would have an opportunity to share about their countries or specific themes/sector related.

sriaffA lanotianretnI

The Department has hosted the Ambassador of Burundi and the Ambassador of Zimbabwe in 2016. The plan is to host more Ambassadors in 2017.


COUNTRY LAUNCHES SIERRA LEONE Sierra Leone was launched by Nigeria through Christian Nnoli and supported by the Head Office. The Launch took place on the 13th of October 2016 at the Family Kingdom Resort, Lumley, FreeTown. Like the Liberia Launch, there international delegates did not make it. The eventwaswellattended andvarious representatives from various Ministries of the government were in attendance and made presentations.

LIBERIA Liberia was launched by Nigeria through Christian Nnoli and supported by the Head office. The launch took place on the 15th of October 2016 in Bella Casa Hotel, Sinkor, Monrovia. Dignitaries could not make it due to International delegates no longer making it. There is a plan to hold a Trade 7 Investment Summit for Liberia in 2017 to be spearheaded by GBR Liberia and GBR Head Office. The GBR Liberia Chairman is Mr Macdonald Wento and Mr Thomas Nelson Williams as the Deputy Chief Ambassador for Liberia, Mr Nathaniel T Blama as the General Secretary, Mr Melee Kermue as Chairman for Trade & Investment, Mrs Wayfa Florence Ciapha as the Financial Secretary, Mrs Kahn Kennedy as the Treasurer. Mr Wento was also central in the support on travel logistics for the deployee. The event was covered by the Global New Network Liberia (GNN).


CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC This chapter was launched by Gabon and supported by Head Office. Since there was already groundwork done through the GBR Global International Affairs Department , there is a process of connecting these efforts especially towards the build-up of Launching GFFJ

GERMANY Launched with the support of Head office.

POSTPONED LAUNCHES • Philippines: Groundwork has been done and a follow-ups shall be made. • Jamaica: New York GBR has done groundwork and it will be launched when all is aligned.

RELAUNCHES Kenya was relaunched by Head Office through the Special Envoy of East Africa Archbishop Gerry Kebarabara. The peculiarity of this launch is that it was preceded by a meeting of the clergy that represented all the provinces in Kenya. It was in 3 parts: meeting of the clergy, GBR Launch and the Business Forum. The new Chairperson is Dr John Kitaka.

New York. New York was launched by Head office through Reverend Dennis Dillon: USA has been launched before in other states. The launch took place on the 23rd November 2016.


The attendance was approximately 130. Twenty eight people committed to be part of the chapter and provide leadership. Four follow-up meetings have taken place thereafter.

Barbados held a Business Conference in November. This was done by the Caribbean section and the Chairpersons of Barbados.

There are plans to relaunch Namibia and revive Mozambique.


sriaffA lanotianretnI

There is a plan to hold a Trade and Investment Summit in 2017 to be spearheaded by GBR Sierra Leone and GBR Head Office to also attract international delegates. The Board of Synch Energy Group/NEVADA Express (SL) have shown interest of partnering with GBR on business projects. The National Office was appointed as follows : Chairman: Mr Joseph Kanu, Vice Chairman – Wisdom Veronica Kanu, Financial Secretary - Mantie Kalokoh, Momoh Kamara – IT & Communications Officer, Herbert Grant – Public Relations Officer.


GBR ANNUAL THOUGHT LEADERS SUMMIT HEAD OFFICE WORK WITH SWAZILAND Head office led by the Office of the Convener conducted meetings in December 2016 in Swaziland in preparations of the elections for the new GBR leadership. The outcome of the GBR meeting was the formation of a Transitional Executive Committee which would then prepare for elections of a new Swaziland GBR Executive team. Global Fund For Christ: The Global Fund For Christ had a meeting that sought to add to the number of the current executive Committee. The meeting also sought to clarify how GBR and GFFJ interface. This meeting was inspirational and charged the way forward with reflections on the mandate of GFFJ. Through this meeting pledges quadrupled what was in the GFFJ account.

MEETINGS FROM THE CONVENER’S OFFICE The meetings below were focusing on reviving GBR structures in the countries and also liaising with the Television networks/Radio in the quest of soliciting slots for GBR TV. • Visit to the Lesotho Roundtable January 2017 • Visit to the Botswana Roundtable January 2017 • Visit to Swaziland Roundtable January 2017


sriaffA lanotianretnI



There has been engagements with Madame Linah Ekomo who has been doing groundwork in Central Africa Republic. She has made contacts that would strengthen GBR and GFFJ.

KENYA The Head of the International Relations met the High Commissioner of Kenya to South Africa to introduce GBR and to brief her about the Relaunch of Kenya.

The International Affairs Department assisted with the attendance of Diplomats in the Thought Leaders Dinner: Embassy of Central Africa Republic, Algeria and Western Sahara were in attendance together with the attendance of other country representatives. Women Of Character Summit: 6 August 2016 : The Summit took place in Zimbabwe, Harare. The Head of International Affairs Department contributed as a panellist under the topic of ‘Leadership & Governance’. GBR TV September 2016: The GBR TV country Roundtables touching on doing business in Zimbabwe and Central Africa Republic were coordinated. GBR TV February 2017: The Department assisted in the coordination of panellists for the episodes on ‘Conflicts in Africa: Causes and Solutions’ and ‘African Challenges & Opportunities’. Structure Of GBR International Affairs Department • The International Affairs Department has to solicit 2 names from each country Roundtable. This would constitute of the Head of International Affairs Department and a Deputy. • A few countries have submitted the names of the International Affairs representatives and we still await other countries to do so. All these Heads and Deputies are to be part of a Team of the Global International Affairs Department which would then mend the International Affairs Department.


INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS MEETINGS AT THE 2016 THOUGHT LEADERS SUMMIT This meeting was held at Cedar Park on 24th September 2016 and countries in attendance were Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Gabon, Senegal, USA, and SADC Chair. What was stressed in the meeting was the mentoring of new chapters for their sustainability. Making Attendance of international events more affordable and less cumbersome was also discussed.

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS MEETING AT THE 2017 PRAYER CAMP This meeting was held at Alpine Heath Resort and Countries in attendance were Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Tanzania, South Africa, Rwanda, Niger, Benin and Madagascar. The main discussion during the meeting was Launches, sustainability of country chapters and the structure of the department. The meeting noted the work that was taking place in the Department with regards to launches, challenges, opportunities and came up with suggestion and a way forward and strategies for implementation. We also have brief reports on East Africa and East Africa. On East Africa ground work has been done by the region and Head office and both these efforts will culminate into a Launch in Burundi in 2017.

Efforts for Launching in Rwanda would also ensue. Uganda , although launched before it looks like there is not much that is taking place and a need for resuscitation of the Chapter could be necessary. The observation is also that the Eastern African camp was largely attended by Tanzania and Kenya and that future camps should reflect the whole region. In Southern Africa, it was indicated that there has been a Relaunch of Botswana and that a Relaunch for Namibia and the revival of Mozambique would ensue. Issues of Resources and budgeting was mentioned as key for implementation and the resolution was that there should be ways of ensuring that Resources are available for this work to be done. The meeting also resolved that Regional Heads should have a Regional team that would reflect the countries in the region so that Regional heads are not burdened with doing work alone.

COLLABORATION INTERACTION WITH OTHER STRUCTURES The Department continues to exchange ideas with the Chief Ambassador of the Global Fund of Christ and the Leadership of the Future Leaders so that our work can complement each other. In 2017 there would also be more interaction with the GBR Women of Character.

sriaffA lanotianretnI

An International Affairs (IA) meeting was held at Head office. Others joined on Skype. Attendance: Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, South Africa. The meeting had sought to prepare for the IA meeting that was to take place during the Thought Leaders Summit. What came out of the meeting was the need for the Department to conceptualise and strategies on the program of action for the Department. In the AI meeting that took place during the Thought Leaders Summit, what was critical was that.


RECOMMENDATIONS • There is a need to strengthen Synergies between work done by the Special Envoys, Global International Affairs Department, Regions and Countries deployed to launch other countries. • Pre- launches and more groundwork is necessary prior to Launches so that the sustainability of country chapters is guaranteed and secured. • Formation of interim structures during the Launches would help so that a structure is confirmed at least 6 months after the Launch so that people get an opportunity to see how they fit and how they can contribute. • Fundraising strategies for the Department should be consolidated so that the Department could resource the work without burdening Head Office much.

sriaffA lanotianretnI

Taking from engagements in meetings with GBR members from different countries and the observation made from Head Office is that there is a need to involve all sectors of society in the build- up for launches and in the leadership structures post the Launches. These would consists of Academics, Business, Students, Cultural Practitioners/Activists, Young people and Churches/Ecumenical Bodies.


The emphasis though made has been about the avoidance of church leaders to be country Chairpersons to avoid a situation whereby Roundtables becomes only linked with to one church. Relevant government Departments (Trade, Investment, and Industry) and Agencies like the Chamber of Commerce and Investment Agencies, and the government in general should be notified and central during Launches and post the Launches.

This would assist in ensuring that GBR is formally recognised in the respective countries and that it functions legally and complement governments in their quest for economic growth and development broadly. It would be critical therefore to invite countries that have not launched to GBR International activities and activities of their neighbouring countries so that the identified pioneers of the countries that have not launched can familiarise themselves with GBR and GFFJ. In the long-term, this would also curb the fruitless expenditure of Relaunching if more work is done in planning and preparations for launches to avoid Relaunches.


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Congress GALLERY


africa affairs

INTRODUCTION 2016 was another year where we have witnessed God’s continuous anointing and grace in our lives. Through His strength we have experienced the expansion of the GBR mandate in the African continent.

sriaffA acirfA

The presence of GBR in Africa bares testimony by the representatives of over 45 countries in our annual events namely The Prayer Camp, The World Congress & GFFJ Gala Dinner, Future Leaders Summit and the Thought Leaders & Five Fold’s Ministers Forum.


We would like to thank God for giving us wisdom, guidance and direction as the Africa affairs team travelling the whole continent, making sure that the mandate does not only reach the whole continent but also ensuring that people’s lives are truly developed holistically.

“We have also witnessed national events such as the inaugural of the Swaziland Economic Symposium which was themed “Sustainably Prospering in a Challenged Economy”

PROGRESS TO DATE During the year 2016 we have seen different activities happening in many countries of the continent which included the launches in countries like Guinea Conakry, Sao Tome, Central African Republic, Liberia and the Re-launch in Botswana, Kenya, Cape Verde, Togo, Burkina Faso and Mali. We have also witnessed national events such as the inaugural of the Swaziland Economic Symposium which was themed “Sustainably Prospering in a Challenged Economy� which was graced by the presence of The Convener Mr Sipho Mseleku, the Minister of Commerce and Trade; Honourable Minister Gideon Dlamini, the Principal Secretary in the Ministry Mr Jinno Nkambule and Dr Alexander Chisango who was a notable guest in the event. The aim of the Symposium was both to present GBR and GFFJ as well as bring together Church federations and leaders thereof, the business community/ sector, political leaders and policy makers, through representation from all the organs of Government, the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary, development partners, as well as the traditional leadership, academics, professionals and the Non-Governmental Organization sector.

GBR and GFFJ executives in Niger had an opportunity to be formally introduced to the President of Alliance Missions of Evangelical Churches, Bishop Kimso Boureima who received the organization with both hands and pledge his support. In 2016 we have also seen the extension in growth of GBR through the launching of new chapters in other states, cities, towns and villages in the existing GBR countries like Nigeria, Swaziland, Niger, Kenya, Lesotho, South Africa. Zimbabwe hosted a successful and awesomely wonderful women of character summit.

PLANS FOR 2017 Our Plans for 2017, according to vision 2020 mandate is to cover the entire African continent, then our focus will be to monitor progress and growth of GBR in all countries of the continent where we have launched and ensure that GBR and GFFJ are not only visible but are effective in every city, province and village.

sriaffA acirfA

We have also witnessed the GBR Strategic Partnership with the Government of Niger which was also graced by the presence of the President of the National Assembly Honourable Iro Sani, the Minister of Population Her Honourable Dr Christelle Jackou, representatives from the church Federations and the business community.


country reportS

In 2016 GBR has grown its footprint to over 72 countries. We are greatful to God for this expantional growth. We Need to focus on maintaining and consolidating growth





INTRODUCTION Swaziland, the first country to be launched after the establishment of GBR saw a very interesting year this reporting cycle. There were new initiatives undertaken at a national level, new chapters launched and changes in leadership that will result in a new leadership structure being implemented in the new year. There was growth observed as chapters matured and more departments formed which took an active role in GBR initiatives. Chapters are now present in all four regions of the country and are growing.

dnalizawS RBG



Highlights and achievements for the Swaziland Chapter over 2016 included hosting of an economic symposium, two all-night prayer sessions, launching of 2 chapters, induction of new chapters that are expected to be launched in the new year, a weekly article on GBR in one of the local papers in Swaziland and the establishment of new departments.

ECONOMIC SYMPOSIUM Swaziland hosted a successful inaugural Economic Symposium themed “Sustainably Prospering in a Challenged Economy.� The Economic Symposium was graced by the presence of The Convener, Mr. Sipho Mseleku; the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Trade; Honourable Minister Gideon Dlamini and the Principal Secretary (PS) in the Ministry, Mr. Jinno Nkambule.


The aim of the symposium was both to present GBR and GFFJ as well as bring together Church federations and leaders thereof; the business community/ sector, political leaders and policy makers, through representation from all the organs of Government, the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary, development partners, as well as the traditional leadership; academics, professionals and the Non Profit/Non Governmental Organisation Sector. During the symposium, GFFJ was also officially launched in Swaziland which marked a major milestone for GBR and GFFJ in Swaziland. Lessons taken from the symposium were: • Identity – as an individual, you have to find your pillar/ occupation to enable you to prosper. • Importance of long-term planning – This is important to ensure that there is a strong foundation for any venture. • Plan-Plan-Plan – This is important to perfect your areas of strength. • Importance of Partnerships – Collaboration with like-minded people or organizations works better than solo effort in any venture. • Need for a mind-set shift – In order to prosper economically and create wealth, one needs to think differently and be a strategic thinker. • Importance of the God-factor in all plans – God must always be at the centre of the plans that we make. Reference should be made to God`s Word to guide the venture to success.

Two new chapters were launched in Swaziland in 2016, with a third one being ready to be launched at the end of the year but will be launched in 2017. The launches have largely been driven by the Simunye and Manzini Chapters, whose leadership has been passionate about spreading the work of GBR particularly in the Lubombo and Manzini regions. Following a series of introductory sessions and explaining the vision and mandate of GBR; Chapters in Mpaka and Ngculwini were launched. There have been several new chapter inductions in Big Bend, Mankayane and Piggs Peak; all towns in more rural areas of Swaziland.

COUNTRY LAUNCHES In line with the goals of GBR Vision 2020 to be in 200 nations by 2020; Swaziland conducted a re-launch of Botswana. This was a country launch done in line with the directive for countries to launch GBR chapters in other countries, that the GBR 2020 Vision may be achieved. The event was a 2-day event, with the actual launch taking place on the evening of the 3rd June 2016 followed by a Trade Mission on the 4th June 2016. The Botswana re-launch was a very successful and focus now should be towards sustainability of the chapter through the establishment of departments and solid programs.

dnalizawS RBG

Speakers included His Excellency, Mr. Sipho Mseleku, Dr. Alexander Chisango; Mr. Jinno Nkambule (PS), Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Trade, on behalf of the Minister; Mr. Dumsani Sithole of the Economics Association of Swaziland (ECAS) and Ms. Nthabiseng Mathenjwa; MD of the Global Business School of Entrepreneurship (GBSE).




ollowing the symposium, members of the committee who had been involved in planning for and carrying out the event; were co-opted to form the Trade and Investment Committee for Swaziland GBR and GFFJ projects. The department is headed by HE Mr. Siphamandla Ginindza. The formation of this committee will be important for the establishment of GBR and GFFJ investments in Swaziland and push the country forward towards the achievement of the Vision 2020 objectives.

The Future Leaders organized a number of events both independently on campuses and as part of the Chapters in which they are based. Sessions arranged by Future Leaders included Career Advancement and intellectual Development and Introduction to Forex Trading. The Future Leaders also had some notable engagements which comprised meeting with Inyatsi Construction Human Resource Department about a shadowing programme, meeting with United Nations Population Fund Agency (UNFPA) on how the Future Leaders can partner with them and another with Christian University Administration on introducing GBR Future Leaders to the university and launching a chapter on this campus.


SOCIAL WELFARE The Social Welfare department was established in 2016 and is headed by HE Mrs. Patience Ndabandaba. The department has been active in supporting members; particularly where members have been bereaved.

COMMUNICATIONS GBR Communications Swaziland department was able to secure a weekly column, published every Monday in the Swazi Observer Newspaper, for GBR issues happening both locally and internationally. The first article was published on Monday, June 6, 2016. The department has also been utilised during Global events both as Print Strategist and coordinating for GBR Corporate DVD interviews. As part of GBR succession planning, the department is presently engaging some Future Leaders doing the Mass Communication Course at UNISWA.

PROTOCOL A head of protocol was appointed to manage issues related to GBR Protocol both locally and internationally. This office played a vital role in coordinating and assisting GBR dignitaries at GBR events and in planning for the Economic Symposium as part of the Strategic Alliance formed to coordinate GBR activities with country stakeholders.


dnalizawS RBG

The Intercession Department planned and arranged for two all-night prayer sessions this reporting cycle. The first was in preparation for the Economic Symposium and the second was the annual prayer meeting for the country.


It was an honour to see the presence and move of God in the organisation and we believe this has been the result of concerted prayer.

SUPERKIDS The Superkids department was also established in 2016. This vibrant group of young people participated in the GBR Thanksgiving Event in Johannesburg where they made a presentation on the Values of GBR.

CHALLENGES The Swaziland Chapter faced challenges leadership and in the growth of some established chapters as well as in the understanding of the GBR mandate in others. The leadership challenges resulted in the establishment of a National Executive Committee structure that will be representative of the all chapters and from this council, office holders would be elected as well as heads of departments. This will be important for the establishment of departments that are not yet in place, such as the Dispute and Resolution Committee. It will also help in ensuring consistency in departments such as the Woman of Character and Men of Integrity which though in place face challenges of consistency in membership. Some Chapters face challenges with growing the chapters in terms of numbers as well as consistency in attendance, while some face challenges in maintaining consistency of meetings. There appears to be a gap which may be due to a lack of understanding of the vision and mandate of GBR which results in members becoming inconsistent in their participation.


n view of this, the Interim committee that was put in place in December 2016 has made it a priority to highlight and explain the vision and mandate of GBR and GFFJ to leaders and members in all chapters in the country.

From the Communications perspective, GBR may soon have a slot in one of Swaziland’s leading magazines, The Nation; on monthly basis, subject to a proposed final meeting with the Editor in Chief of the said magazine.

Attendance to international events is limited and often the same group of people attend. Those who attend get to understand the mandate and operations of GBR and members need to be encouraged to attend these events.

The Future Leaders will be following up on meetings held with the Christian University on establishing a chapter on this campus, finalising job shadowing programme with Inyatsi Construction, ensuring consistency of sessions in student chapters, working with university administrators on forging these relationships and working on fundraising events to enable Future Leaders to attend international events.

A more structured approach for the selection of leadership for the country and departments is required. The upcoming elections will address this and hopefully set in place a leadership team that will move the country forward positively. A Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC) is required that will address issues of disputes, discipline and any misconduct that may exist among members.

PLANS FOR THE YEAR The country has a great outlook going into 2017 with various departments having plans for the future as well as national plans that will move Swaziland forward. At a national level, elections for a National Executive Council will be held that will be representative of all chapters in the country. From this council, Office Bearers and Heads of Departments will also be elected; particularly for those departments yet to be established. New chapters will be launched, the first being Siteki and then other areas where inductions about GBR have been taking place. The Economic Symposium will be held annually and is therefore planned for 2017.

Following meetings with various Media houses in Swaziland, namely, Swazi TV, Swaziland Broadcasting and Information Services (SBIS) and VOC; partnerships with GBR TV will be formalized through MOUs. These are expected to be in place in February and will go a long way in growing GBR and GFFJ in Swaziland.

CONCLUSION For GBR Swaziland, 2016 was filled with exciting events as well as very serious challenges that resulted in significant growth of the chapter in the country. The country thus entered a season of building and, this will be the main focus of the interim committee that will lead the country towards the national elections in 2017. The Economic symposium, will go a long way in establishing GBR and GFFJ in Swaziland whiles making the organization more visible as a partner for Economic development and reform. The initiative also serves to unite the chapters across the country and forge relationships for tangible partnerships with the government and other stakeholders.

dnalizawS RBG









BR Lesotho has had a particularly challenging year since the beginning of 2016 following the disintegration of the Maseru Chapter due to some misunderstandings by the EXCO members, which eventually influenced the members of the chapter in general. This particularly affected the growth of the Maseru chapter.

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The year 2016 has however been a commendable year as many efforts were taken by GBR leadership both nationally and internationally towards reinstating GBR Lesotho to its intended functionality.


It has not been an easy tasks and we give honour to God through whom GBR Lesotho has stood firm on the round, managing to complete the year with some significant strides with the involvement of EXCO members and Special Envoys.

On the 20th January 2016, HE The Convener indicated that GBR was left with exactly 3 years to complete its 10 year foundation and platform and to fully establish God’s appointed global platform for this generation and generations to come. He further noted the then Lesotho chapter had limitations in reaching out to the whole Kingdom and as such added that capacity was required to achieve the maximum potential in the kingdom of Lesotho. He therefore appointed three special envoys namely Mrs. Ts’epang Mosena, Adv. Limpho Maema and Mrs. Lebohang Mots’oane to facilitate the launch of new chapters and restructure as well as revive the existing chapters in Lesotho in order to fast track growth and develop GBR branches throughout Lesotho.


CHAPTER LAUNCHES THE MOSHOESHOE II CHAPTER The GBR-MOSHOESHOE II was established in October 2015 Maseru Moshoeshoe II in compliance with the law which governs the societies association, organizations etc, above all, within the God as well as the directives and counselling of the word of God. At establishment, the nominal roll was only no participants ten in an annual social commitment event in Maseru Central. The event was that of a cleaning campaign.

PROGRESS AND ACHIEVEMENTS Soonest in progress after an official registration at the law office as well as the recognition from GBR Johannesburg, Sandton, we achieved: • Open up a business bank account with the Post Bank of Lesotho. • Invest in the CBL (Central Bank of Lesotho) and achieved to purchase the treasury bills as a form of trading financial tool as well as to access other securities. • Achieved out nominal roll from ten to fifteen in two to three months. • We staged up a Christmas thanks giving event in central Maseru where in the GBR event established a wake-up call to businesses in terms of a GBR being a trade and investment platform within and amongst the African countries across to all continents with focus to GBR-vision 2020.

• The sport events shall be the prime factor where from the talent seeking process amongst the street kid’s youth shall proceed and put to practice. • Our famous annual cleaning champagne is to be used as a tool to motivate the local authority structures into a physical and social commitment, as well as the awareness into a good looking environment. • Post each and every major meeting session and event of the GBR-Moshoeshoe II we are happy to inform you all that we experience a growth in our nominal roll, at present we have registered 20 members. • We are to close a deal with the authority of the Sector Foundation Lesotho whereby we will be enabled to access financial to Trade, merchandise, manufacture, produce and export globally within all the available trade laws, good relations in trading etc.

CHALLENGES • Poor participation and absenteeism are some of our main challenges at our chapter. • Offering, giving etc has always been a great challenge to the GBR-Members especially whereby we need to give in order to be blessed to satisfy our financial needs. • Other challenges are those acquiring our property whereby some could be sublet for other income generating activity. However (Phil 4:13) we know to be doing all things by Christ who strengthens us.

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Lesotho sent 11 members to the World Congress and the highlight of the participation was the attendance of the Deputy Prime Minister of Lesotho – Hon. Mothetjoa Metsing, who was even granted a platform to deliver a keynote address to the congregation.


WAY FORWARD The solutions and way forward are to be executed as to: • Plan and establish the Directorate and Secretari at that will be empowered to implement solutions to challenges as they come-forth. • Innovate to source solutions from and through business skill transfers- events, business summits (Attendance and participation) skill, and knowledge and experience transfers. • Diligently encourage the local community especially those in leadership to participate in the welfare of GBR, to conduct the focus of business investments Gods way and to the benefit of future generations.


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The chapter has applied for a land where it intends to build a mall, hall and Entertainment Park for children. Members pay R500 per person quarterly towards the land. Their application is still worked on by the Lesotho Housing Cooperation.


Recommendations goes further to encourage participation, mentorship, as well as entering into mutual business agreements with other neighbouring GBR chapters in the neighbouring states i.e. RSA, Botswana, Swaziland, Mozambique, Namibia and others especially in the SADAC region.

We meet twice a month, once at our main chapter and once in our different chapters. At our main chapter we meet on the first Saturday of the month at 15:00 p.m • Chapter A meets on third Sundays of the month at 15:00 at different houses of members. • Chapter B meets on third Saturdays of the month at 15:00 at a chosen place. • Chapter C meets on third Saturdays of the month at 15:00 at a nearby school called Ntjabane Primary School. • Chapter D meets on third Saturdays of the month at 15:00 at a chosen place.



It was launched on the 20th August under the leadership of HE Mrs. Mamosele Khuts’oane who is a teacher by profession. The launch attracted 158 participants. National speakers at the launch were three while international speaker were three.

It was launched on the 16th November 2016 under the leadership of Mrs Masello Moleleki- Leribe Councillor

It is recommended that the GBR-MOSHOESHOE II should see to it that the good village is communicated in terms of the establishment and launching other GBR-Branches/chapters in other districts of Lesotho.


The chapter’s main objectives are to help its members be share-holders of a wholesale in Teya-teyaneng.

The chapter started with a 59 members but after the launch they increased. Since then Berea Chapter has been divided into four chapters as follows: • Chapter A: Ha Ramonaheng 30 members Chaired Mrs Mamosele Khutsoane • Chapter B: Ha Mokhothu 29 Members chaired by Mr Maliehe Maliehe Businessman • Chapter C: Ha Ntjabane 28 members chaired by Makearabetsoe Koloi a teacher by profession • Chapter D: Koro Koro 14 members Chaired by Mr. Tseliso Hoala

The launch attracted 134 participants. National speakers at the launch were three while international speaker were four. There were two chapters launched Hlotse which has 50 members and Tsikoane.32



It was launched on12th November 2017, the under the leadership of HE Zwelithini Matsoso

There is a need to have the Lesotho National EXCO populated as per the national standards of GBR, and this will only be institutionalized once there are chapters in the majority of Lesotho districts, from which the national EXCO members will be elected.

There are 21 members and their session are held on Sundays ar 15.00pm


As a result, a structured approach of having a functional EXCO in Lesotho needs to be put in place for this crucial election to take place whereupon the Maseru EXCO members will have most of the GBR duties offloaded for efficiency in service delivery, therefore resulting in effective transition towards aligning Lesotho with the GBR Vision 2020.



The Maseru Chapter has not to date been functional due to a number of factors including but not limited to commitment of the current Maseru EXCO that also operates as the national EXCO, which has been in operation for way longer than the planned term.

There has been a particular challenge by the Lesotho members to attend to the international GBR events mainly due to the financial commitments that are way too high for their standard of living.

This extended office has not been functioning as per the allowable tenure due to the lack of participation by the members, the difficulty to attract new members under the current setup, and the lack of interest in GBR activities which appear to be demanding on the part of members without adding benefit or much value to the members. This calls for re-branding of the organization to attract a new pool of members, as well as customizing the GBR brand to be consistent with the livelihood level of Basotho without compromising the founding principles of GBR globally.

Most members wish to attend important events such as the Prayer Camp, the World Congress, Thought Leaders and Thanksgiving among others, including the international launches which however are normally more than half of their salaries and as a result they find themselves having to choose between maintaining their livelihoods against attending these events.

PLANS FOR THE NEW YEAR 2017 • Revival of Maseru Chapter • Continued National Chapter Launches • Election of National Executive Committee • Growth of Chapters’ Departments - Future Leaders - Women Of Character - Men Of Integrity • Trade & Investment Summit • National GBR Television Program by members

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The launch attracted 97 participants. National speakers at the launch were four while international speaker were three .










BR Zimbabwe in 2016 has generally been much quieter than the previous 2 years. The CoC being involved in a very demanding Masters programme and the whole team being committed to the successful hosting of the Women of Character Summit, we have still been able to make great strides as a nation.

Zimbabwe was privileged to host the WoC International Summit on 6th August and it was a resounding success. Over 200 women attended representing over 7 nations and from all walks of life. Participants and speakers included non-governmental organisations, Government, Business, The Church etc.


The event was covered in the Sunday Mail newspaper and on national news by the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation. • WoC Intercession is a committed team covering each day of the week in prayer before, during and after the summit. • WoC Excecutive saw the elevation of HE Nomusa Yehudah to the Global Platform, we have a new WoC HOD HE Petronella Dhitima and vice chairperson, HE Nomusa Makunura

NATIONAL HEADS OF INTERCESSION The department had a fruitful year by the Grace of God with the following prayer and fasting taking place • 40 day chain fast from 16th March to 24th April in prayer for the Pesach gate and World Congress • 50 day chain fast from 13th June to 1st August. It was a Jubilee chain fast in preparation for the WoC Summit • Prayer and fasting from 24th October to 1st November for GBR TV, A New Thing

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• Four meetings were held. Introducing GBR/ GFFJ to the Commissioner General and other top officials. 8 persons were in attendance. • A special meeting with Mrs Nyamasoka followed by meeting with HOD’s with special emphasis on Women’s ministry in prisons. • GBR/GFFJ launch at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison. Jail guard wives and officers were targeted. • The Launch at Harare Central Prison. Various projects also discussed resulting in 5 women attending, WoC Summit and displaying their wares. We sponsored 2 of these women. • We have been given an open door into ALL 46 prisons. In 2017 will look at the social side and distribute sanitary pads and food items. • The response was overwhelming. Our largest gathering had well over 35 women attending a prisons session.


FUTURE LEADERS AND TERTIARY LAUNCHES • There was a pre-launch in Harare, where a prayer team was also formed • Our first university launch at Chinhoyi University • Our future leaders from Africa University, Chinhoyi University and Entrepreneurship forum had a strong delegation of 12 attending and facilitating at the future leaders’ summit hosted by South Africa. • Part of the team that attended the future leaders’ summit have been elevated at international level by way of volunteering to assist in obtaining GBR vision 2020 and 2063 • Future leaders met after the summit to strategies on how to have presence in all the other universities in Zimbabwe. It was agreed to make use of current networks and the semester breaks in December to January 2017. The challenges being faced across all chapters was the change in ministerial leadership of higher and tertiary institutions, the perceived link between politics and student bodies which resulted in resistance or stringent club registrations from corporate governance officials of universities. • For 2017 strategic partnerships, have been set with other youth foundations, private universities and youth training centres.

SCHOOL LAUNCHES There was a launch targeting Heads of private schools at Direct Contact, over 8 private schools were represented in the launch.

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The GBR executive made up of Mrs Salome Mutsinze, Mrs Nomusa Yehudah and Miss Tsitsi Gono met with the Ministry of Education and Child welfare, Honourable Lazarus Dokora to introduce GBR and GBR to his office at length.


The meeting was successful as the minister indicated that as a nation Zimbabwe would welcome the vision of GBR/GFFJ into the public schools and his office would engage GBR/GFFJ in the near future having gone through the GBR/GFFJ information pack he was presented with.

GFFJ AND GBR INVESTMENTS • We identified a possible Investment in a gold mining project. Meetings were held with his excellences Wendell and Prince Tunde involving most executive members Unfortunately the project was not successful as Zimbabwe was deemed a risky investment destination at present. • The current chairman of the Zimbabwe Investment Authority (ZIA) was invited to the Annual World Congress through GBR Zimbabwe and was able to share on investments in Zimbabwe. The attendance in terms of numbers to the breakout session was low but we believe God for more inroads and interest in investing in Zimbabwe to obtain vision 2020 and 2063. The national executives continue to engage with ZIA and other potential investors in 2016 and beyond.

INTERNATIONAL EVENTS AND ATTENDANCE • The year started with a commitment by 5 national executives attending and facilitating at the Annual prayer camp at Alphine Heatlh resort, namely Mrs Salome Mutsinze, Mrs Nomusa Yehudah, Mrs Tecla Mugomba, Miss Tsitsi Gono, Mr Archieford Muchaka. • Four national executive members attended the Annual World Congress being Mrs Salome Mutsinze, Mrs Nomusa Yehudah, Mrs Tecla Mugomba and Mr Archieford Muchaka. • 12 future leaders attended the Future Leaders summit in South Africa • The Women of Character summit and planning meetings were attended by all national executive members and future leaders. • Six national executive members attended the Intercession and Thought Leaders Summit being Mrs Salome Mutsinze, Mrs Nomusa Yehudah, Mrs Nomusa Makunura, Mrs Tecla Mugomba, Mr Farai Masunda and Mr Archieford Muchaka. • The number of GFFJ ambassadors increased following the WoC Summit. We are now working on commitment of the same and evaluating projects that can bring value at national and international level.


VICTORIA FALLS TOWN LAUNCH A second Chapter was launched at Victoria Falls under the leadership of Mrs Tecla Mugomba. They meet fortnightly. 3 new school launches were successfully carried out and a HE Tecla set up a consistent prayer team.


FIRST TERM In January 2016 the Chairperson attended the Prayer Camp Meeting held at the Drakensburg Mountain Alpine Heath Resort In South Africa from the 24th to the 29th . In February 2016, launched Victoria Falls Education Centre Primary School from grades 5 to 7. In March 2016, launched Lulu Academy High School. In April 2016, The Chairperson attended the World Congress for GBR held in Johannesburg in S. Africa from the 25 to the 29th. SECOND TERM The chapter launched Chamabondo primary school with the population of over 1700 pupils in two phases. On the 23rd of July, we launched a new Chapter in Victoria Falls. They are still being trained by the old chapter and will be independent next January.

In July 2016 one of our future leader Delsey Mugomba attended the future leaders’ summit in Johannesburg in S. Africa held from the 15th to the 16th. On the 6th of August our members attended the Women of Character International summit. In attendance were: Mrs Tecla Mugomba, Mrs Theophesta Kuvaoga, Miss Rachael Kwindima, Mrs Leah Mubaiwa, and Miss Delsey Mugomba.

GBR FOLLOW UP TO THE LAUNCHED SCHOOLS In September we followed up the following schools: • Mosi Oa Tunya High School • Oasis Academy High School • Dadani High School In October, we had a follow up on: • Lulu Academy High School • Vic Falls Education Centre Primary school The students were taught: 1. How to raise capital 2. How to maintain the business 3. How to be responsible for their upkeep 4. Saving for future needs 5. Moral values - to avoid fornication 6. To avoid the use of drugs 7. Personal hygiene 8. The importance of having a good character As a chapter, we intent to launch Monde Primary School (rural) Sizinda Secondary School and Hwange Prison as well as Zambia. We could not launch many schools this term because we wanted to make sure that the schools that we launched have been followed up as well as being taught on how to manage their own chapters.

ewbabmiZ RBG

Zimbabwe assisted in the medical care of HE Grace involved in a car accident on her way to the WoC Summit. This was done in the form of prayers, cash donations by GBR Zimbabwe members, calls, visits as well as liaising with the family members/ representatives.


“Government policy changes in which foreign currency or physical cash is not accessible or existent will make a challenge for attendance to international events.”


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• The harsh economic climate and not having our own funds as GBR/GFFJ which has resulted in most members unable to attend sessions or allocate a significant amount of funds to GBR/ GFFJ activities due to financial challenges. • Government policy changes in which foreign currency or physical cash is not accessible or existent will make a challenge for attendance to international events. • Members require capacity to run individual chapters, financial challenges have resulted in less training sessions and introductory meetings of GBR/GFFJ as well as the necessary resources. • Government policy changes have resulted in restricted movement and gatherings especially in the education related institutions. Local leaderships within the same institutions are also reluctant to allow entry within their institutions without clearance from government.


OPPORTUNITIES • GBR Zimbabwe was able to register as a Trust, this establishment of a legal status is set to provide more opportunities and contracts for GBR Zimbabwe and GFFJ is also set to also obtain legal status forthwith. • GBR Zimbabwe was able to open a bank account with will reduce the need for contributions to be made in cash but can be by transfers and also provide increased transparency. • The involvement of the ZIA chairperson in GBR/ GFFJ activities will yield results in the near future as he shares the GBR vision with other officials in the market place and in government. • A New Thing will show case Zimbabwe and bring in the much-needed investment and additional interest by potential membership. The current barriers to industry and investments will also be lifted as a result. • The WoC summit generated a lot of interest in GBR/GFFJ and membership is set to grow in numbers and commitment, the national executive plans to reproduce recordings of the summit, then distribute at a nominal fee. This will inform other stakeholders about GBR/GFFJ, its authenticity, used as a resource tool to facilitate sessions and as an information pack for those members who could not attend the event.



We thank God for his hand on us through GBR and the kingdom mandate that it carries. Since the launch of GBR in February 2016, things have not been easy at all. When GBR launched, I was appointed as the Deputy HoD Communication. However many disputes and quarrels arose in the mist of the Exco. Many decided to leave GBR without ever speaking a word again. Those that stayed and wanted to move on with the vision decided to appoint me as the new Chairperson a few months ago The first year of GBR Tunisia was not easy at all. Tunisia is a strongly Muslim country and that is mostly the reason why some of the appointed leaders at the launch left. Tunisians are characterized by their love of the world and the things of the world, the country is currently facing a major economical crisis and working as a volunteer for a Christian based organization is an unconceivable thought to most.

OUR CHALLENGES • Make GBR Tunisia credible • Generate finance to support activities • Recommendations: • GBR International should finance GBR Tunisia until we reach out set goals • Rebuild the leadership with Christian Tunisian as we have started doing

WAY FORWARD • With regards to vision 2020 and the organic and inorganic growth • We need to recruit members for every department and extend to cities, suburbs and villages. • We should start launching 10 university chapters this year • We have to identify investment for GBR and GFFJ and have the right key people stirring the investment department • We have to make sure each leader mentors a younger person

CONCLUSION This report depicts a picture of where GBR Tunisia stands. The board of directors is being structured and all the leaders want to achieve the mandate given by GBR international, and we want to do it well.

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south africa

INTRODUCTION GBR continues to demonstrate that it is the work of God Himself, if you look at the book of Isaiah 46:10, He makes known the end from the beginning, so, even though we have not attained the vision, one this is clear we are certainly on track with what was achieved in 2016, not just in SA, but across the world, there’s no other way to describe it except to say that indeed God is doing a new thing, and it is a great thing! Evidence of what is happening elsewhere serves to strengthen our resolve that we have put our faith in God’s vision.


acirfA htuoS RBG

or GBR RSA, this year has been a difficult year and bag of mixed blessings, there were great and beautiful spin-offs, but there have been some unprecedented number of challenges. What we have learnt from this year was that, as we grow the number of people who volunteer to advance the vision, there will be times we need to focus on maintenance and that, as we rapidly expand the growth, the maintenance intervals are shortened, and that challenges and morale issues begin to crop in from time to time.


Two huge areas for maintenance and where the greatest opportunity was lost, was in the area of communication, from the office to the bottom structures and the uncapped increases in the cost of doing events.

If we were to give an honest self-assessment of the GBR RSA performance for this year, it would be 4/10; we were certainly under-par in many areas and some provinces dropped the ball and left it there. On the other hand we do have some provinces that have continued to shine. So, it was a mixed bag. I will expand more on this when I address the challenges at the end of the report. It wasn’t all bad news though; there were a few occasions that were a cause for celebration, that despite the challenges we were still able to record a growth of new chapters! We are still poised to achieve the one thousand chapter mark by the year 2020, more on that later in the report.


We have a strategic presence in all the regions of Gauteng province so that when it is time, we can easily cover the whole of Gauteng with GBR.

CHALLENGES According to the map on the left, which I must indicate, it is not the latest demarcation of the province 1. We are yet to extend into the rest of Pretoria East. 2. We have lost ground in Pretoria North; we lost Soshanguve, and Mabopane chapters. 3. We expanded too quickly into the West Rand and launched 12 chapters, which are struggling to get plugged into the GBR network. 4. We are also battling to make headway in to Johannesburg North, your Fourways and Midrand areas. The challenge in Gauteng is that they went into 2016 without a plan of action, to assimilate the newly launched chapters in the West Rand, and had no response to the closing down of chapters in Pretoria North. There were some bright sparks in the province, it was not all that bad after all, Gauteng did organise a couple of events, The WOC in Soweto at Maponya Mall and in the Vaal at Sol Tsotetsi Sports Complex in Zone 14 Sebokeng, as well as the Super-kids picnic in Kempton Park, unfortunately it had to be postponed twice, these activities were at best not properly coordinated and the attendance was not what it could have been, in some instances the events clashed, this would have been better organised had it been part of a coordinated provincial plan.

With that negative aspect in mind, there is a positive that is, Gauteng Province assisted with the international events that were held here in the province. Despite the seemingly bad news, there are chapters and individuals who stand out head above shoulders for their valuable contribution to the vision. I would like to acknowledge the Katlehong team for going out of their way to launch a chapter in Qwaqwa, in the Free State Province; they certainly helped the Free State team with that. I also would like to acknowledge the Protea Glen chapter for helping to revive GBR Lesotho; I particularly want to acknowledge HE Kgopotso Khasu and HE Jerida Molapo, for their selfless commitment to the cause. Out of their own budgets and resources they visited Lesotho on a number of occasions, being Basotho themselves, they went on to give support to the Lesotho leadership, and even helped to launch 5 new chapter in Lesotho, Lesotho is back on its feet thanks to these two brave hearts. There is still a huge interest to launch, especially in the north of Gauteng. We are seating with requests to launch between 15 and 20 new chapters, but considering that the province has not got a plan of action to assimilate these new chapters. It would be prudent to organise a provincial Imbizo first, and dialogue with those who are running chapters in the province, this is a necessary first step. Otherwise we risk another West Rand flop.

acirfA htuoS RBG

Starting with the biggest GBR province in South Africa, You have the highest concentration of GBR chapters here than anywhere in the world. The growth here is running like wild fire.




his was one of the pioneering provinces in SA, at some point there were about five chapters in the province then it dropped to one chapter, but to the end of 2015, a new chapter was launched in Nelspruit and there remains a huge potential to launch ten or more chapters in this province, but things are not happening in this province, and it is the focus of my intervention in 2017. This province could soon look like a house abandoned, if nothing is done urgently to revive it. We continue to receive interest to launch in the province but without a structure that could assimilate the new growth, we run the risk of having GBR without a structure, and GBR would be one thing here and another there. Without a formal reporting structure, this vision could easily be abused for personal gains. We have already seen signs of this happening at a small scale. Without a strong reporting structure, there could be many such cases popping up everywhere.

THE LIMPOPO PROVINCE There are good and bad news in every province, the Limpopo is no exception, let’s start with the good news. The Limpopo has shown spectacular growth in 2016, they advanced to almost 18 new chapters in 2016, their best performance by far, and we truly wish to congratulate the province for this great work, they clearly had a plan to expand and this clearly highlights the difference between a province with a plan of action and province without one. Limpopo did not only launch new chapters in the province, but they also crossed the border into Zimbabwe and helped to launch in that neighbouring nation. This is absolutely great because they can provide support, and that is very important when expanding, to be able to provide support and answer questions and help to lead the way.

acirfA htuoS RBG

On the flip side, this growth was not well coordinated as there was a group of chapters launched by the Provincial Chair and there were those launched by others, including the Special Envoys who never report. Therefore the number could be slightly higher.


The other challenge is that most of the growth is concentrated in the Vhembe district, previously known as the Soutpansberg district that is further north of the province. It was while they launched in Musina that they realised how close they were to Zimbabwe that they simply crossed the border to launch in the neighbouring country. The lack of coordinated effort could come back to bite the leadership in this province, it needs to be addressed; otherwise it could easily lead to factions in the province.

THE NORTH WEST PROVINCE This is a unique province in many ways, it is currently leaderless, three candidates who are well resourced and had capacity to lead and ability to mobilise had simply abandoned ship, one after the other. We launched ten chapters in Rustenburg, and those appointed to lead are still available to lead. However they simply could not break new ground. We then proceeded with the help of North Cape to launch Vryburg and Taung, then the special envoy went on to launch Klerksdorp and Mafikeng, but they were not properly assimilated into the grid, they ran as independents, as such there is no knowledge of their activities, we can only hope that they share the same vision, and that they would be assimilated at some point, we did our best to try to connect with the newly launched chapters, but we could only ascertain that Klerksdorp was not functional, am yet to get information about who is running Mafikeng.

THE FREE STATE PROVINCE This is also one of the feel good stories of 2016, each province was given a task of growing by 10 chapters and this province created their action plan, and again we clearly see the difference between provinces that have a clear action plan for the year and those that do not have any plan for the year. We launched 7 chapters in the Free State town of Parys, the chairperson asked to reduce that number to three chapters because some chairpersons needed to be developed further, we then launched in Sasolburg this is where the chairperson has his chapter, he and his team went on to revive Bloemfontein and launch a few chapters in the area so that Bloemfontein chapter does not fly solo. Then they took the mandate further by launching in Heilbron and Welkom, Qwaqwa which was initiated by the Katlehong chapter, the province has now reached its target of ten new chapters, and they are working hard to introduce GBR in tertiary institution in the province. The energy coming from this province is simply spectacular! There are lots of sacrifices when a province is doing so well.



This undoubtedly the best performer of 2015, in one single swoop they moved from 1 chapter in the largest province in SA to 17 chapters! The province meticulously set their action plan in motion and conquered the province. They knew that capturing the provincial capital would open doors for them and they went in like an eagle, and we celebrated their exploits in March of 2016.

This has been a good year for the province; in fact I am even more excited about this province that for the first time in 5 years, it has independently expanded without help from outside. This is significant for me because since 2011, every attempt to get this province going has been met with a sudden need to re-launch.

The rapid growth of the province provided some key lessons for what happens when growth is accelerated, there is heightened excitement and motivation to do things and to get things done, and diversity of opinion, skills and talents that could be both a strength and a challenge, a strength because the province now has many ways to tackle previously tough challenges and can now pull together to help with national goals. It can also be a challenge when new people challenge the status quo. This used to be one of the most quite provinces, it is now plagued with leadership squabbles and jostling for positions, suddenly everyone wants to be prominent, they want to be recognised, and they tend to compete with the leadership instead of competing with the objectives. The new team understands the need to get into Namibia, they launch a chapter in Upington, and this is strategic because it will assist in providing support for the new Namibian chapters.

Sadly though, I have received a letter of resignation from him, the burden of leadership and the sacrifice is exponential in provinces such as the KZN. He has asked to stay on as the chairperson of Durban chapter, and that he will avail himself when asked by the KZN team for support. The plan here is, not to appoint a leader per se, but appoint a team that can lead various parts of the province going forward. Five such individuals have been identified.

THE EASTERN CAPE PROVINCE This has not been a great year for this province, two of the leaders who were pillars of the province dropped out. First the Provincial leader handed in a resignation letter, the burden of carrying the GBR mandate was weighing too heavy for him, plus he recently got married. He steps down as a Provincial Leader but will continue to chair the East London Chapter. I was invited to their wedding to speak, it was a beautiful ceremony, and may their lives be filled with amazing grace!

acirfA htuoS RBG

They remain one of the most innovative provinces in terms of events and activities, seeing that they are such a massive growth they had planned to do a provincial prayer camp to try and give those who can never afford the cost of the Global prayer camp an opportunity to experience a shorter version of a prayer camp. It was planned at R 600 per person for a weekend. This must still happen, but we felt that promoting it just before the Annual Prayer Camp could seem to be going against the International Event.

For the fourth time in a row we had new leaders in the province, this time lead by HE Mpontshana, he has burning desire to see GBR grow in the province; he provided the environment in which those who share the same passion can run with it. And we have for the first time in 5 years seen an independent chapter launch in KZN, I strongly hope that this is what we have been waiting for all these years.


“ They took the mandate further by launching in Heilbron and Welkom, Qwaqwa which was initiated by the Katlehong chapter, the province has now reached its target of ten new chapters, and they are working hard to introduce GBR in tertiary institution in the province.�


he second blow to the province came with the relocation of HE Nomsa Kula, to Gauteng province; she has subsequently launched a chapter in Alberton on the East Rand, increasing the tally of chapters in the East of Gauteng to seven chapters. This move has left the East Cape Province without a strong leader and without a provincial plan. There are four chapters in the province, and a leader can easily be found in any of the four, but just like KZN the plan is to go with a provincial team instead of a provincial leader to spread the load.

THE WESTERN CAPE PROVINCE This has been the most promising year for this province; it started with the resignation of HE Funeka, on the backdrop of lack of growth for 5 years. I do however want to acknowledge her for holding the ship steady in those turbulent times it was certainly not easy for her.

acirfA htuoS RBG

The plan was then to disband the GBR Cape town chapter, and release long standing members to launch their own chapters and spread across the province.


This strategy will eventually begin the much need growth in this area, in my last visit to the province we set up a new leadership team lead by HE Bonginkosi Khumalo, and a plan to launch no less than 10 chapters in that province by October 2016, all that they had to do was to find a venue and do the launch, budget constraints and other challenges prevented this from happening, and I am worried that we may have lost an opportunity there.

It was however, not doom and gloom as they eventually helped to launch a chapter in Khayelitsha this an associate member chapter, there is a business forum led by a business group in Khayelitsha who have been interested in GBR for some time now, they eventually met with HE Khumalo and went on to launch, I am certainly hoping that this is the start of bigger things to come. The plan is to try and launch chapters in February 2017, the planned launch will take place in the township of Gugulethu and will see a couple of chapters launched at the same time.

IN CONCLUSION This year GBR completed seven years of existence and appetite for growth has not abated, and we have learnt that as more people join in we start having challenges to maintain the growth, more and more members are demanding the benefits of membership. We have also seen challenges in the area of attendance of international events, all these are growth challenges and need to be met head on. I gave the country a performance score of four out of ten because we have not achieved all our set goals. Areas that are a challenges remain: growing into schools, prisons and creating and support enterprise development, and as much as we have helped with launching three nations , but we have not gone out of our way to help the International Affairs department with brand new launches, an area we would like to fix in the next reporting year.





The following are the key leaders in GBR Niger: • Chairperson Daouda Adamou Amadou • Deputy Chair Fati Salifou • Secretary : Boubou Aw • Deputy Secretary : Luc Djossa • Treasurer: Elie Habimana • Deputy Treasurer : Patience Ngaoui • PR / Communication : Pasteur Etienne • HoD Trade and Investment : Thierry Nienge • HoD Woc: Mme Idani Mariama • HoD MOI : Kimso Younoussi • HoD Future Leader : Tamadi Dama • Deputy FL : Moise • HoD Intercession : Abdoulaye yacouba • Deputy Intercession: Hode Martin • HoD Worship and Music : Francis Osei

22 sessions were held in 2016 by chapter Ténéré, 8 sessions by Tillabéry, 3 sessions by chapter Niamey et 4 sessions by chapter Maradi, the newest chapter was launched on Saturday January 9 and it’s called les Victorieux (Victorious)

GBR Niger currently has 120 members • Member Profile Diverse • Total Chapters 5 • Chapter Tillabéry 33 Members • Chapter Maradi 19 Members • Chapter Ténéré 15 Members • Chapter Niamey 33 Members • Chapter des Victorieux 20 Members

2016 was mainly focused on GBR registration, launching chapters and meeting authorities to present GBR. We also celebrated our 1 anniversary.

CHALLENGES We still have a lot of challenges to face in 2017, we would like to visit all the regions of Niger to share the vision of GBR –GFFJ, we plan to host a National WoC summit in May 2017 in Niamey, a trade and investment summit in June, and gather all Christians throughout the country around GBR -GFFJ, and of course partake international events for GBR - GFFJ.

regiN RBG








anzania celebrated its 3rd year since the launching of GBR in the country as already submitted in various other GBR reports our membership has continued to grow modestly but consistently although old members seem to begin to slack down on grounds of what is claimed as “ not seeing direct tangible benefits”.


ainaznaT RBG

Six [6] new chapters were planned to be launched in 2016 – while emphasis would be on Universities and Colleges – to ensure Future Leaders membership growth. By year end - four [ 4 ] new chapters were launched while the other two continued to remain under mentorship.


The new chapter launches consisted of three [3] from academic institutions in Dar es Salaam, and one Regional Chapter launched in Arusha which is geared to birthing other chapters in the Northern Regions of Tanzania.

HOSTING OF INTERNATIONAL EVENTS EAST AFRICA PRAYER CAMP 2016 Tanzania hosted for the second time The East Africa Prayer Camp . The locally well attended and very vibrant Prayer Camp took place as planned in Arusha from the 27th October – 30th October 2016. Unfortunately as was the case during the hosting of the First E. Africa Prayer Camp that took place in Zanzibar in April 2015 regional participation continued to be a challenge. The attendance consisted of KENYA [ 7 delegates], ZAMBIA [ I delegate] & ZIMBABWE [ 1 delegate]. Zambia and Zimbabwe delegates happened to be in Tanzania on a project with The University of Bagamoyo at the time of the Prayer Camp hence their ease of participation.

Tanzania GBR members participated in all but one GBR International events that took place in 2016, a commendable effort by our chapter members. Our Future leaders failed to attend the annual FL Summit after the sudden change of the planned venue from Kenya to South Africa, a situation that required a re-evaluation of financial capabilities at a rather short period. None the less our FL department continues to liaise closely with the GBR International Leadership.

GOALS FOR 2017 AND BEYOND • Tanzania is geared to hosting The 2018 Future Leaders Summit. As is required of all international events, adequate preparations have to be put in place and all members have already been sounded to commence with on the ground preparations. That forms one of the “high priority” assignments for 2017. • Re-evaluation and sensitization of current membership who seem to slide back due to reasons stated above. • Boost substantially the membership and chapters of Future Leaders in order to among other things, establish enough vibrancy to sustain the forthcoming FL Summit in 2018. A special program has been initiated already to attain a membership of one thousand active FLs before the summit. • Launching of six New Regional Chapters which will create bases to launch new chapters in their regions. A proposal tabled adopted from our Kenyan Leadership during the E.A Prayer camp 2016. • Continue working on and sourcing of Projects that can attract investments in Tanzania. So far concentration has been on Power generation [ thermo & hydro], IT & Telecoms and now Agri- Business. Potential projects are still on their “drawing boards”.

CHALLENGES • As already indicated above one of the challenges looming over our membership is the “ sliding back” mentality. Current members are beginning to feel the positive vision and mission of GBR a bit out of sync with realistic direct benefits. • The Policy of pooling all members in a Chapter in one group regardless of status [ professional, etc] seem not to be working. A suggestion has been tabled for departmentilisation or “ grouping” of members according to areas of interests, but this is subject to guidance from GBR International Leadership. • Sustainability of running of Chapters as well as participation of members in GBR International events given the unclear means and ways of raising and or acquiring financial resources. This has remained a challenge where donors remain unattainable. A mandatory subscription of sorts has to be put in place even if it may lead to losing some members.

CONCLUSION GBR In Tanzania may seem to grow a bit too “modestly” but this is because we believe in the “slow but sure approach. In an environment where the population is almost 50% non Christian it takes time to sensitise and deliver the correct image and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. We continue to stand in prayers for a solid GBR presence in Tanzania and East Africa.

ainaznaT RBG





INTRODUCTION The Global Business Roundtable Malawi Chapter continues to meet despite declining commitment of members to attend meetings and events. There is need for total overhaul of the Malawi Chapter. This will be covered later in the report.


iwalaM RBG



Key Achievements • Put together the ground work for implementation of the GBR Malawi Cooperative including the constitution, the Task Force, the business ideas, including invitation of an official from Ministry of Trade and Industry who conducted an orientation on cooperative formation • Through the Investments Coordinator, we managed to submit bids for investment opportunities but were not successful except in one which gave us limited time to source funding

• Conducted a three-day training workshop for GBR members in cash flow analysis and business planning at Baptist Theological Seminary • Supported individual members of GBR with coaching on business development through individual coaching

CHALLENGES • Missed a significant number of monthly sessions as we embarked on development of the Cooperative movement and business ideas. Commitment of members to the sessions also grew low. • This also affected plans to launch the Cooperative movement even after most of the ground work had been completed.

CHALLENGES LESSONS LEARNT • A strong GBR chapter contributes to strong departments. Recently, our chapter has been registering significantly lowering patronage. This has also affected the EDD as a department • Sustained commitment to GBR cause is largely dependent on our success to undertake investments. This is an area we have not fully exploited


• We have not yet managed to put together structures to manage GFFJ in Malawi. This was largely due to low membership at our roundtable which made us focus more on rebuilding the roundtable with a view to embark on GFFJ structures when we have stabilized the roundtable • Limited number of members making monthly contributions to GFFJ as Ambassadors. This is expected to improve when the GFFJ structures are up and running


GLOBAL FUND FOR JESUS HIGHLIGHTS AND ACHIEVEMENTS • We have continued to raise awareness of Global Fund for Jesus to GBR members at our roundtable sessions. • Some members have continued to make their monthly contributions to GFFJ as Ambassadors using direct deposits to GFFJ account in SA.

• A strong GBR chapter is a prerequisite for an effective GFFJ movement.

RECOMMENDATIONS • We need to embark on efforts to rebuild the main roundtable which has lost significant membership. We need to do this through a re-mobilization drive aimed to raise more awareness of GBR and attract new membership. This will most likely also result in strong GFFJ structures. • We need to raise more awareness of GFFJ at our roundtables. As new members join, this will become more apparent and will help ground our members in understanding that GBR main purpose is GFFJ.

iwalaM RBG

• We need to embark on efforts to rebuild the main roundtable which has lost significant membership. We need to do this through a re-mobilization drive aimed to raise more awareness of GBR and attract new membership. This will most likely also result in strong GBR departments. • As EDD, we need to push for implementation of the GBR Cooperative Movement. This will create an investment platform for GBR members. • As EDD, we need to renew our commitment to EDD sessions involving a new format to make the sessions more attractive.


“To target and recruit business women and working class professionals to be members of GBR”

WOMEN OF CHARACTER Women of Character (WoC) in Malawi was established in 2013 under the leadership of Global Business Round Table – Malawi Chapter.

HIGHLIGHTS AND ACHIEVEMENTS We were honored by the Global Business Roundtable Headquarters when they chose, Excellency Edna Magwaya, our Woman of Character Chairperson to be the Deputy Global Head for this organization. Excellency Edna Magwaya will work with Excellency Nomusa Nehudah for two years.

iwalaM RBG

We give glory to God!


PLANS FOR 2017 • To host a high tea session and share lessons learnt from the Prayer Camp by end of February 2017 • To target and recruit business women and working class professionals to be members of GBR • To share the Values and Vision 2020 for GBR and WOC • To reach out to prisons and hospitals by August 2017



It is clear from the report that while some achievements have been attained, the Malawi Chapter is struggling and there is need for a re-launch, preferably early 2017.

Mobilizing women to join this movement has been a big challenge especially now that we need to do elections to feel up the post of WOC Malawi Chairperson. No one is willing to act in the position until we find the right candidate. However, the good news is that, we have formed a volunteers group of five women, one each from Mzuzu and Salima and three from Lilongwe to go to the 2017 Prayer Camp, where they will learn more about GBR and WoC.

The earlier this is done the better so that structures are in place for Vision 2020.


We are pleased to report that GBR Equitorial Guinea as made great progress in 2016..

HIGHLIGHTS • We held 26 meetings at the rate of 2 meetings per month plus a few extraordinary meetings. • We are looking into an Agricultural project that could be done by GBR local and generate income to finance activities. • Some corrections need to be made to the GBR-EG Constitution before the government can approve it. • A total of 7 members have participated at GBR international events in S.A but also in the USA.

OUR MAIN CHALLENGES • Language translation is a main challenge for us when attending GBR main events in South Africa. We need assistance in ensuring that all key speakers are translated to French. • The goals we set for this year: registering GBR, appoint new leadership with the members that are currently active, prepare projects, assessing members gifting to put them to better contribution • Through our meeting we identified cities and areas to launch new chapters Only one chapter was launched this year, we focused more on understanding the vision but by God’s grace, several chapters will be launched this year.

aeniuG lairotiuqE




guinea bissau

INTRODUCTION In the context of putting in place the base structures and the dynamization of the organization, denominated Global Business Roundtable and Global Fund for Christ, different people, social and economic organizations and NGOs operating in different areas in the development process of Guinea Bissau participated.


uassiB aeniuG RBG

arious sessions of diffusion were realized, through meetings with members to sensitize and disseminate the objectives, vision and mission of GBR GB, with the aim of diffusing the vision, master plan and biblical principles of the origin of the said organization in Africa.


The National Bureau of GBR, created a Consultation Forum between the principal leaders of the Cabinet of the President of GBR and the President of the Global Fund for Christ as well as the Department of Investment, in which various issues are discussed and debated upon. The adhesion and registration of collective organizations and individual members in the organization was encouraging and motivating.

As regard the need to legalize the organization, a draft of the constitution and Internal Rules and Regulations have already been proposed which shall be submitted for revision and approval in a General Assembly of GBR Guinea Bissau, for its validation. The contribution of members and leaders with respect to quotas was weak and payment dates were not respected. The participation of the delegation of Guinea Bissau in the 1st meeting in Dakar-Senegal was interesting in the perspective of the integration of GBR GB in the context of countries of the Sub Region. It was an occasion for the affirmation and determination of GBR-GB to demonstrate her interest and struggle for internationalization.

FIRST GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF GBR-GB After the launching of GBR and GFFJ in Guinea Bissau on the 16th of January 2015 in Azalai Hotel, in Bissau, the National Bureau of GBR-GB realized her first Ordinary General Assembly in Bissau on the 23rd of January 2016 from 9:45 to 13:50 at the Twelve Stones Training Centre. Eighteen (18) representatives of the different departments, the two (2) chapters and over 45 members participated in this General Assembly presided by the GBR-GB president, Pastor Domingos Tchuda. The organization is being and shall be oriented by the word of God as fundamental and always on the sacred principles of the Bible from the Scriptural text of Matthew 22:34-40 (1st Love for God, 2nd Love for your neighbor). In this meeting various issues were discussed and debated such as the proposal and approval of the monthly quota of 2.500 FCFA (4.5 USD) as contribution of each member, and this will serve for administrative and secretarial services. Also the Consultation Forum was created, comprising of the cabinet of the President, GFFJ Ambassador, investment and Business Heads of Departments, the Secretariat, Communication, Technical and Media Department Heads. The calendar for monthly meetings was drawn up. The executive was requested to proceed with the registration of Certificate of Association and the eventual preparation of the Constitution of the organization. This General Assembly served as a promotion of the organization and the dynamizing of all her structures and local development operators (Busines women, Businessmen, Civil Society Organizations, Entrepreneurs, Leaders of NGOs and the religious community. A facilitating mechanism was created in the process for the effective registration of members through a Form because the system was very difficult via Web or email. After this the forms were to be collected by the Communication department, technical and media departments and sent to GBR and GFFJ International.

LEADERS AND DEPARTMENTS OF GBR-GB NATIONAL GBR-GB • Pr. Domingos Amison Tchuda President • Florentino Nanque Vice President • Santinho Nhastungna Secretary • Abel Indi 1st Assistant Secretary • Vítor Salomão 2nd Assistant Secretary • Odete Correia Na Ualna Tresurer • Elisabete Correia Assistant Treasurer

CHAPTERS OF BISSAU AUTONOMOUS SECTOR • Emilien Benoura Campal ; S.A. Bissau – Vitoria Chapter; President • Nino João V.Campo; S.A. Gloria – Cuntum Chapter; President

DEPARTMENTS • Emmanuel Zegoua Investiment • Acenor Zamble GFFJC Ambassador • Zinaida A Ie Adolescents • Santinho Nhastungna Secretary • Lalas J.Ca Prison • Alfredo José Cá Business Development • Iasse Alaim Intercession • Lúcio Correia Worship • Pr.Suleimam Babatude Men of Integrity • Tânia Ferreira Women of Character • Doutor NBucar Té Protocol • Harsine Nanque Future leaders • Moisés Mangal Forum of 5 Ministers • Quintino Nhassé Technical and Media • Domingos Nhego Social • Sulaide Fernandes Sports, Art and Culture • Francisco F.Intungum Translation and Interpretation • Casimira da Silva Barbosa Training

uassiB aeniuG RBG





he 2nd Ordinary General Assembly was held in Bissau on the 20th of February 2016 from 15:35 to 17:50 at the Twelve Stones Training Centre with the participation of 18 representatives of departments, the 2 chapters and more than 53 members under the chaired by the cabinet of the President of GBR/GFFJ, H.E. Pastor Domingos Amison Tchuda. High leaders like H.E. Acenor Zamble, GFFJ Ambassador and Emmanuel Zegoua of the Department of Investment were present. The organization is being and shall be oriented by the word of God as fundamental and always on the sacred principles of the Bible from the Scriptural text of Matthew 22:34-40 (1st Love for God, 2nd Love for your neighbor). Bible reading was made from Saint Matthew 12:9 and intercessory prayers were made against all types of spiritual barriers and problems in the country. Various issues were discussed and debated such as the presentation and approval of the monthly quotas of 2.500 FCFA which was submitted to voting. The office of GBR-GB was requested to proceed with the elaboration of the constitution and internal regulations of GBR-GB which was to be distributed to the members in the next General Assembly meeting for appreciation and validation by the plenary session. Also discussed were mechanisms for the contribution by each member so that our delegation could participate in the Dakar meeting, given its importance with respect to clarifying how GBR and GFFJ operate. The Executive was requested to proceed with the Certificate of registration and the future preparation of the Constitution of the organization.

uassiB aeniuG RBG

This meeting served to encourage the members of the organization to participate in the Dakar meeting, considering that GBR-Gb has no funds even to support the trip of H.E. Pastor Domingos Amison Tchuda, President of GBR-GB.


A participation in the Dakar meeting was to give a new functional dynamism to GBR-GB after our return to Bissau. As such the 18 leaders of each Department of GBR-GB (Businessmen and women, civil society organizations, entrepreneurs, leaders of NGOs and the religious community) were to have new strategies as far as GBR and GFFJ international are concerned.

THE DAKAR-SENEGAL MEETING The Dakar meeting was in the first week of March 2016. Things went well by God´s grace for it was the first time that GBR-GB participated in an event of International level of this type. We noted many good things like: the excellent way to organize such an event, the dedication of the Executive of GBR-Dakar in the organization, the adherence of people in the events and the social and spiritual impact in the lives of the people that were there as can be seen in the attached photos. We thank God very much for the opportunity that GBR of Senegal gave us to participate in that event.

RESULTS ACHIEVED The religious community adhered to the initiative of the organization and some civil society organizations, NGOs and the private sector. • The certificate of Association of GBR-GB was registered in the notary of the Ministry of Justice of Guinea Bissau. • Participation of a high level delegation of GBR GB in the Sub Regional meeting held in Dakar, Senegal. • Two sessions of the General Assembly were held. • Approval of the monthly quota for members in the tune of 2.500 FCFA. • Proposals of the constitution and internal regulations were presented.


The major constrains encountered during the implementation of GBR-GB and her functionality are: • Misinformation by some of the local leaders as to the origin, goals, mission and vision of GBR and GFFJ. • Difficulties in putting in place the various structures at the base level to effectively achieve the objectives of the organization. • Slowness in the process of obtaining basic orientating documents by GBR-GFFJ. • Insufficient monetary values of the quotas paid by members and the delays in payment.

CONCLUSION Deeds realized during the year 2016, were a period of great difficulties, for it was the the first time we were a part of an organisation with global scale. For the religious community and society in general had never had an entity whose principles and goals in this aspect turned toward investment for sustainable development, based on Christian foundations and principles, in a country where there is lack of almost everything that a person needs to survive.

GBR-GB emerged as an alternative force and continues the unfinished works of the Great Master Jesus Christ through credible projects to solve great social problems that greatly surround most vulnerable and needy groups in Guinea Bissau(extreme poverty, health, diseases, social discrimination, injustice, crime, corruption, environment, etc.), meanwhile the society and people of Guinea Bissau are waiting with great expectations, especially Christian entrepreneurs, leaders of associations and NGOs. It was with great satisfaction and thanksgiving that we received this new organization founded by a Christian leader. GBR-GB is already registered having a Certificate of Registration in the Ministry of justice of the Republic of Guinea Bissau.

RECOMMENDATIONS • Reinforce the functional structures especially the cabinet of the president of GBR-GB • Approval of the Constitution and internal regulations of GBR-GB • To diffusion of the goals, vision and mission of GBR & GFFJ, together with religious entities. • Increase the level of sensitization and mobilization of contributions to make it possible for the principal structures of GBR-GB to function. • To improve the system and mechanism that facilitates the registration of civil society organizations, NGOs, Christian entrepreneurs and singular persons. • Mobilize equipment and essential materials for the administrative service of GBR-GB

uassiB aeniuG RBG

Our finances are not good. We are having many financial difficulties because our only source of finance is through quotas, and many members are not honouring their commitments with regards to the his financial difficulty is affecting the functioning of our organization very much.







Some of the achievements of GBR Nigeria in 2016 include: • Facilitating the growth and expansion of GBR internationally by successfully launching Liberia • Same as above for GBR in Sierra Leone which GBR Nigeria also launched • Laying the groundwork for growth and expansion in Asia by doing the Pre-launch for Thailand • Internally, of the 6 geo-political regions of Nigeria (with 6 states per region), the organisation spread to 3 more regions namely: the SouthSouth, the South-East and the North-East regions. This is in addition to the South-West, North-Central and Federal Capital Territory which already had chapters and roundtables. This leaves the core North West as the only region in Nigeria awaiting the arrival of GBR

n behalf of the Board of Trustees, National Leadership and Members of GBR Nigeria, we attribute all glory to the Lord who has led us this far since inception. This report is a highlight of what God has enabled us by His grace to do in Nigeria in 2016, the challenges we encountered and our future aspiration.

airegiN RBG



Our deliverables for the year is vividly captured in the Vision 2020 objectives which require each National Roundtable to: • Launch and establish GBR in at least 2 other countries in 2016 • Establish a minimum of 4 branches within the year • Launch 2 Prison branches • Launch 10 GBR branches in schools • Launch a minimum of 4 University Roundtables • Facilitate 4 large investment opportunities (Two investments each on the platform of GBR Investment Companies and the Global Fund For Jesus Investment Corporation respectively)

LOOKING AHEAD Our plans for going forward, particularly in 2017 are: • Continue on the path of launching more nations at the international level • Launch GBR in the last remaining geo-political region in Nigeria which is the North-West • Expand within the geo-political regions covering other states within the zone and possibly drill down into cities and towns • Extend our reach into Universities and schools • Bring the registration process to a logical conclusion • Develop and deploy strategies to grow capacity across the critical areas: human, material, financial, etc • Set up the required structures to facilitate the trade and investment objectives.



As would be expected, GBR Nigeria did experience challenges in the year under consideration. Of the lot, there are two that could be considered more pertinent because of their myriad effects. • Capacity Limitation – while we were able to deliver on some of our goals and objectives as shown above, capacity limitations posed a potent challenge which affected our ability to meet other set goals particularly as it relates to our Vision 2020 obligations such as setting up of chapters in schools and universities, etc. Capacity limitations are both in human, material and financial resources terms and also in terms of people being available to serve • Regulatory issues - the regulatory authorities were somewhat disagreeable in allowing the registration of the organisation as it ought to be but we are now making some progress in that aspect. The resultant delays, nevertheless, affected our timeline for actualisation of our trade and investment objectives, among others.

We seize this moment to appreciate all who contributed to the achievements of 2016: Our Board of Trustees, Chairpersons and their Executives, International Launch teams, National Expansion team, all National HODs, Leaders and Members of GBR Nigeria. The Lord bless you all. We also recognize the contributions of the Convener and other GBR Global Leaders and HODs who supported us in one way or the other. Kindly accept our gratitude. Finally, we give all the glory to God whose matchless grace sustained and enabled us and we look steadfastly to Him as we engage the future.

airegiN RBG

• Consistently leading the largest international delegation to all 3 major GBR global events Prayer Camp, World Congress and Thought Leaders - in 2016 just as in the 2 previous years of 2014 and 2015. The import of this would be better appreciated when consideration is taken of the significant financial outlay (VISA fees, flight ticket costs, accommodation charges, etc) and attendant difficulties the average Nigerian delegate encounters in order to attend these events • Initiating the process for strategic partnership with business media houses and relevant Chambers of Commerce, etc




INTRODUCTION GBR Benin embarked on various activities geared towards the achievement of vision 2020 objectives.

PROGRESS TO DATE In the year 2016, Benin launched three new chapters, bringing the total number of chapters to 32. The new chapters launched are: • GBR- Bohicon 2 • GBR-Abomey 2 • GBR-Tchaourou • GBR-Parakou

nineB RBG

Pre-launch activities had also been carried out in the cities such as GBR Glo-Djigbe. During the year 2016, the department which, at the national level, has demonstrated through its actions is that of the intercession animated by the GBR Lokossa and Comè chapters. They have settled days and times apart in the week for prayer of intercession purposes.

Hygiene campaign specially organized by the GBR Athieme chapter and bringing members out to clean and sweep some public places keeps on its move. It is an action of brilliance highly appreciated by all, namely the authorities in charge of the concerned area. With regard to international events, a delegation from Benin took part in the Sixth Annual Camp of Prayer in January 2016 with more than ten delegates. At the World Congress and the AGM in April, Benin was also represented by a delegation of at least ten members as well. In September 2016, GBR Benin was also represented at the Thought Leaders’ Summit, to which President Christophe Tozo took part, assisted by Excellency Marcelin Koba.




n the framework of vision 2020, each national chapter is supposed to establish four major companies for GBR and GFFJ to invest through them in key sectors of the country’s economic life. Then the national office has launched with the office of a notary the subscription of members with a view to the establishment of the first GBR-Benin Investment Co. Ltd.

GOALS FOR 2017 In terms of ways forward, we will be focussing on boosting the functioning of chapters through reflection and training days while continuing to launch the chapters for which the pre-launch was made and others as well.

• At the International level, Benin will prepare and launch GBR-Brazil with assistance from the GBR USA’s chapter. • In the 2017 program, GBR Benin planned to organize the general assembly of the first GBR Benin Investment Co. Ltd. • A Benin-South Korea trade mission is also on our plans. • GBR Benin also plans to organise a live gospel concert to present the vision GFFJ and raise funds for this organization. The establishment of a national worship group will also be taken into account. • The 4th anniversary of GBR-Benin will be organized in next October. • Future leaders planned to hold their National Day which would be substituted by the Global Youth Summit 2017. GBR Benin is truly looking forward to hosting the 2017 Future Leaders Summit.

CONCLUSION These are the main activities that GBR Benin has been engaged in 2016 as well as our plan of action for 2017. We are grateful to God for his enabling grace to do His work in GBR.

nineB RBG

Our waiting list as far as launches are concerned is: • GBR Kouhounou ; • Glo-Djigbé ; • Akpro-Missereté ; • GBR Glazoué ; • GBR Covè ; • GBR CCIB (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Benin) • GBR Djidja ; • GBR Agbangnizoun ; • GBR University of Lokossa ; • GBR Lokossa Prison ; • GBR Sè ; • GBR Bopa ; • GBR Possotome ; • GBR IIM University ; • GBR UPI-ONM University (Iternational Polytechnical University - Obiang Nguema Mbassongo) ; • GBR - “La FLECHE” (Secondary and High School Cotonou); • GBR Atchannou ; • GBR Dassa-Zoumé (About 210 km away from Cotonou city).



HOD Leadership and Training De-





BR Chad has been officially launched in February 2015 by His Excellency Jean-Claude Akplogan. A provisional Committee of twelve members has been put in place at the opportunity to sit the organization and institutionalize locally.

dahC RBG

This committee has fulfilled its mandate in pursuing the mobilization engaged and taking into a General Assembly the 02 August 2015 at the end of which the Statutes and Rules of Procedure of GBR Chad have been adopted and its organs of management has been put in place, in accordance with the directives of GBR International. Therefore, regular meetings were held and the framework of networking is established.


To formalize the movement, the National Executive Committee has fostered to submit an application on the 12 August 2015 to seek an authorization from the ministry of internal affairs with the (File No. 7773).

About two months later, on 08 October, specifically, a receipt of statement of authorization has been issued by the administration under the n°37/PR/PM/mat/ SG/DGAT/DAPEC/bag/2015. Therefore, the folder is following the due process in order to obtain a formal authorization. This situation is explained, according to the authorities, by measures to fight against terrorism. The movements of a religious nature are particularly feared. Despite the close monitoring by the members of GBR Chad, the folder remains stuck at the state security service. This waiting time, doubled to the financial and economic crisis in the country seriously undermines the low capacity of action of the Office National Executive committee of GBR.

ANALYSIS The launch of GBR in Chad has been done on the background of beautiful promises of social ascent and imminent economic empowerment of the members. Two years after, it is always to be hoped. In a country as poor as the Chad where most of the members are employed in the service of others, to maintain the enthusiasm for such a movement requires much more than a mere hope. Many were eventually discouraged. It expedited several departures in the ranks of the executive committee. To this day, we can relatively only rely on a core number of people who continue to cling to the vision.

To this day no chapter has been put in place and the GBR Chad but it is trying to survive. A light shading on the promises made during the launching of GBR Chad is necessary. The difficulties mentioned above are that today even the participation of members of the GBR in Congress remains compromised. We pray the Convenor will reconsider the installation system of the GBR in the country and to accompany the country offices to their birth for the results to the height of the expectations.

These remaining members do not intend to lower the arms and think of other alternatives to continue to exist together. For example, even if they do not receive an authorization to operate in the meantime, they may well be a business corporation as shareholders to achieve works of development. But once more, without any means of departure, the hope is very thin to arrive there. They hope the financing of their projects sent in 2016 to the International Bureau to launch. They hope to get any support from the International Bureau to create an activity. Has default to finance the projects, the International Bureau may empower each member to enable him to take charge at the major meetings of GBR International in order to forge business partnerships. It is time to act for the brothers and sisters of Chad, they have a great need.





In May, 2016, Global Business Roundtable USA, INC, headquartered in Washington DC was officially approved by the Federal IRS Government as a 501[(c]3 non-profit organization. With this confirmation, filings were submitted to the State of California leading to its official incorporation (under its parent Global Business Roundtable USA , Inc. Washington DC office).

The California GBR-USA office was opened in Los Angeles, California with its LAUNCH meeting held in March, 2016. There were 5 attendees.


California was one of 8 states that subsequently achieved authorization to conduct business. (Ms. Patrick directed these activities as the documentary Compliance Officer, Vice President as a member of the parent GBR-USA Board of Directors, Washington DC.).


The focus of this launch meeting was to share experiences at the GBR Prayer Camp and establish initial program priorities for the Chapter. • The group consensus led to the challenges and development of an Entrepreneurship Program for students that would involve both USA and African students. • It was determined that information from prior success with Nigerian students sponsored by the USA Rotary Club provided by C Ray Carlson should be taken by the Chairperson to South Africa to meet with GBR SA Heads of Department for Mentorship and Entrepreneurship.

The Agenda focused on: • Chairperson’s report from attending GBR South Africa Annual Congress March. Highlights were: • Detailed GBR Year 2020 goals that included the USA North America. • Descriptions of key departments to be developed as the USA organizations grows over time, i.e., Women of Character, Men of Integrity, Future Leaders, etc. • Feedback and Report of the meeting with Head of Entrepreneurship Company where Ms. Patrick submitted detailed information including the historical success of the student Entrepreneurship program conducted in Nigeria. • A report of Ms. Patrick’s 3 month mentorship of a successful restaurant business owner.

CHALLENGES 5 Monthly meetings held in July, August, October and November during 2016. In July and August, the challenges discussed at monthly meetings included: • Difficulty in travel and related issues (advanced notice, and US customary practices of pre-paid travel and hospitality expenses), to identifying speakers for the new TV programs, “A Good Thing”. A member submitted video footage previously created from the LA launch in November 2015, however, was determined to not be applicable.

The September 2016 change in venue: • The September 2016 meeting was substituted with an invitation by the Chairperson for members to attend the Africa-USA Chamber of Commerce Annual Trade & Investment Conference, headed by Al Washington, Exec Director. Ms. Patrick was Keynote Speaker on the subject of Investment; gave a presentation on GBR South Africa and GBR-USA eight state incorporation achievements. • Ms. Patrick was a panel speaker together with Chairperson Rev Hal Martin for GBR Barbados and his Board Member Rev Buddy Larrier, whose GBR panel topics passionately included Repatriation and Caribbean countries. During October and November, 2016 meetings, we returned to our initial discussions involving: • Job Creation with an International theme of de signing an Entrepreneurship program that would be mutually applicable to young students both in the US and Africa. • Ms. Patrick attended several meetings at various philanthropic organizations and colleges to promote California GBR-USA. It was found that LA5 Rotary Club nor Pasadena Rotary Club would no longer be a viable funding source. The decision was to utilize expertise present among members to seek grant funding. See Plans for the Year 2017.


The first formal California Chapter meeting was held in June, 2016. There were 6 attendees.


PLANS FOR 2017 Job Creation through Entrepreneurship Education

BACKGROUND: C RAY CARLSON, GBR MEMBER My personal involvement with this subject stems from a suggestion that I made in 1989 to my Rotary District 5300 and my Rotary Club of Altadena. The Iron Curtain had just fallen (Nov 9, 1989) and the Wall Street Journal stated that something needed to be done about educating Eastern Europeans in ‘free enterprise’ and how to handle loans from the West. I suggested that training and equipment could be provided to universities in Poland. This was accepted and two universities were provided with computer based management learning centers and a television series on start-up of a business. Successfully, over years in time the concept was expanded to include a full week of training by a vocational training team to Nigeria sent from California. The leader of the 4-person team was a Nigerian woman in California who had earlier been Chief Legislative Officer to the Parliament of Kaduna state.

FURTHER EXPANSION: The Vice-Chancellor of Tai Solarin University (, a premier university for training educators, suggested that a Train the Trainers Program be instituted. He suggested that at his University, with 100 participants attending from various universities, these trainers would then conduct the program in their own states. As of start of 2017, 12,000 Nigerian university students in eight universities have received a week-long all day training in the basics of entrepreneurship and the development of business plans based on students’ own ideas.


The 20 best business plans, as adjudicated by faculty and local business people, were sent to California for selection of the top three who received laptop computers.


GOALS & OBJECTIVES FOR CALIFORNIA GBR-USA • Ms. Patrick, Chairperson to establish strategic business development outline for this Job Creation through Entrepreneurship Education program with C Ray Carlson and Dr. Sarah Phillips. BACKGROUND: Dr. Sarah Philips, our NigerianAmerican project manager was recently honored by an organization that represents the 175,000 Africa-born residents of California plus many more in other states of USA. • Establish California GBR-USA in Los Angeles, as the Entrepreneurship Training Hub & International Center, establish strategic partnerships and stablish required licensing protocols. • Develop a next stage international target country(ies). However, given prior historical success, we may target Nigeria, and with sponsorship/promotional resources, determine other African countries or beyond to implement, based on funding outcomes. • Identify USA based and International grant funding sources (e.g., Corporations, Foundations, Academia). • Write Grant Proposals in accordance with funding/underwriting restrictions and guidelines. • Establish Funding budgets and materials fee structures: Under previous Educational Training Model, requirements for a 6 day, 4-Member Faculty Training Team, international transportation, lodging, workbook and supplies would require approximately $60,000 in funds to train up to 1,000 students.




e thank God for his hand on us through GBR and the kingdom mandate that it carries.

Since the launch of GBR in February 2016, things have not been easy at all. When GBR launched, I was appointed as the Deputy HoD Communication. However many disputes and quarrels arose in the mist of the Exco. Many decided to leave GBR without ever speaking a word again. Those that stayed and wanted to move on with the vision decided to appoint me as the new Chairperson a few months ago The first year of GBR Tunisia was not easy at all. Tunisia is a strongly Muslim country and that is mostly the reason why some of the appointed leaders at the launch left. Tunisians are characterized by their love of the world and the things of the world, the country is currently facing a major economical crisis and working as a volunteer for a Christian based organization is an unconceivable thought to most.

OUR CHALLENGES • Make GBR Tunisia credible • Generate finance to support activities • Recommendations: • GBR International should finance GBR Tunisia until we reach out set goals • Rebuild the leadership with Christian Tunisian as we have started doing

WAY FORWARD • With regards to vision 2020 and the organic and inorganic growth • We need to recruit members for every department and extend to cities, suburbs and villages. • We should start launching 10 university chapters this year • We have to identify investment for GBR and GFFJ and have the right key people stirring the investment department • We have to make sure each leader mentors a younger person

CONCLUSION This report depicts a picture of where GBR Tunisia stands. The board of directors is being structured and all the leaders want to achieve the mandate given by GBR international, and we want to do it well.

aisinuT RBG




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GBR Annual Report 2017  

GBR Annual Report 2017