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MESSAGE FROM DFPA CHAIR DR. CLARENCE KNIGHT The arts are alive in the DFPA at Bowie State! Greetings from the DFPA. This academic year has been phenomenal and filled with great success. As you will see in this report, the department has initiated new programs, courses and curricular changes and added better resources and technology for our students and faulty. The DFPA is also excited about the groundbreaking for the forthcoming fine and performing arts building. This ceremony was attended by faculty, students, guests and dignitaries including the Honorable Governor Martin O’ Malley and our very own President Mickey L. Burnim. We are also proud of our new initiatives in the DFPA including a proposal submission to the USM Board of Regents and MHECC for a new BS major in Visual Communication & Digital Media Arts (VCDMA), a new minor in Visual Culture and Museum Studies, and one in Dance (Theatre Arts) and several new courses in fashion design, 3D animation and modeling and self-promotion and marketing in the arts. This course is actually being taught by award-wining musician Marcus Johnson of Three Keys Music. The DFPA also celebrated our third annual Spring Arts Festival in which students and faculty showcased their talents through art exhibitions, performances, dance workshops, lectures, screenings and more. Most events were open and free to the public. This was most meaningful due to the loss of one of our dear students in VCDMA, Ms. Marissa Thomas, who passed away last year. In fact the DFPA dedicated this year’s activities in her honor. DFPA alumnae and former MS. BSU, singer/performer, Ms. Tamara Wellons, gave a most wonderful performance as part of the Audiovision event; as did Bilal Salaam, Bless Roxwell and JahI-Witness. Jeff Henriquez also guided students though a special urban and live painting workshop and left the DFPA with a beautiful mural based on Afrika Bambaataa, famed hip-hop innovator. We also hosted the VCDMA film festival, Portfolio Review and Music Business Seminar, guest performances and a special lecture from famed artist Sam Gilliam. The remarkable Symphony o f Soul, University Band and BSU Gospel Choir also performed. A special musical showcase of Three Mo’Divas, directed by Prof. Latonya Wrenn; and an uplifting performance by the University Choir was also a treat. Our students and faculty have been recognized as well, and we look forward to more from them in the near future. Please take the time to learn in detail about the accomplishments within the department and please assist me in congratulating the hard work of students, faculty, staff and alumni. We look forward to years to come and more and thank the entire Bulldog family for their continued support. The best is yet to come! Best Wishes!

Clarence Knight Jr, Clarence Knight Jr, PH.D Chairperson




4 6 8 10 12 13 14 14 15 15 18 19


NEW PROGRAMS AND INITIATIVES: Some major revisions and additions have been made in the Department this past year. The Computer Graphics Concentration has been changed its name to Visual Communication & Digital Media Arts (VCDMA). This change was made to bring the program more in line with the industry Standards that are currently being used. We have also submitted a new Bachelors of Science major in VCDMA, with concentrations in: Advertising Design, Digital Cinema & TimeBased Media, Animation & Motion Graphics, Fashion Design and Digital Media Arts. This proposal will be presented as new major to MHEC in 2009. This program has also enjoyed a substantial increase in its population this past year. This year we also proposed a new Bachelor of Science major in Music Education, this too will be sent onto MHEC for review and approval. We have also initiated two new minors: 1) Visual Culture & Museum Studies (Art/ Computer Graphics) 2) Acting Minor (Theatre Arts). All programs have attracted more majors and minors this past year. The Theater Program has been solidified into the Theater Arts (BS) Degree program with two Concentrations: Acting and Directing and Musical Theater. The Music Technology Concentration added two important Adjuncts to its Faculty this year. Mr. David Cannon, who teaches the 400 level courses, is a product of The Grammy Board, as well as the winner of several Grammy’s for his work in the Industry as a producer and studio technician. We also added Marcus Johnson, a worldrenowned musician, who current music is currently listed on Billboard. Mr. Johnson, of Three Keys Music, has been teaching our ART 470 Self-Promotion & Marketing in the Arts course, originally developed/taught by


Professor Melchishua, that teaches fine arts majors, skills in business and marketing. This wealth of knowledge and experience offers an enhanced opportunity for our students seeking the Fine Arts Degree with a Concentration in Music Technology. Several courses have been updated, revised, and/or added to our curriculum as new courses: • ART 200 African Art History • ART 270 Fashion Network • ART 251 Photography II (Advanced) • ART 295 Introduction to Textiles • ART 342 New Media: Public & Installation Art • ART 352 Digital Photography • ART 365 History of Fashion • ART 367 Design History • ART 375 Sewing Studio • ART 380 Flat Pattern Design • ART 386 Fashion Draping • ART 390 Fashion Illustration • ART 394 History of Animation (co-taught and cross-listed in Communications, with Dr. Pamela O’ Brien, Department of Communications) • ART 321 Experimental Painting & Digital Textiles • ART 408 Visual Culture (Hip-hop Studies, Urban and Contemporary Art) • ART 465 Computer Aided-Design (CAD) • ART 420 Painting Studio (Advanced) • ART 470 Self-Promotion & Marketing • ART 496/497 3-D Animation & Modeling I & II • ART 486 Fashion Draping II This is especially true in regards to ART and THEATER. In these cases, these courses were needed to make those majors more in tune with standards in the art, visual communication (design), and theatre industries.


This has been an extremely busy year in the Department. The University Band has been participating in numerous activities on campus, in the surrounding communities, and out of state. A major effort was made in its recruitment efforts this year appearing at a number of festivals and recruitment seminars throughout the country and winning several first place awards. The University Choir has been out of state this year, appearing in the All College Choir Festival in New York and New Jersey. The Gospel Choir has its usual busy schedule on and off campus. They also finished their first CD Project with rave reviews. Our special events such as: The Fine Arts Festival, The Holiday Concerts, The Theatrical Presentations, and numerous other activities were at banner levels this past year. The excitement that was generated as a result of the overwhelming exposure has added to the increase in enrollment we are presently enjoying. Computer Graphics (VCDMA) partnered with FocusOnDesign, to hold a free portfolio review, business seminar and annual REALITY CHECK, for students in Art and Music to discuss careers in design, as well as the multimedia and the entertainment business. NEW INITIATIVES: The Department plans to increase its efforts with recruitment and retention initiatives this new School Year. Our three major goals for the year are: 1. Enhance existing Fine and Performing Arts programming to meet the current and future industry standards 2. Recruit and retain a larger number of Fine and Performing Arts Majors 3. Improve Program and Concentration Assessment 4. Improve Program and Concentration Assessment, as well as develop concentrations into majors as well as seek accreditation

5. Review of DFPA Strategic Plan, goals, objectives, strategies and benchmark indicators The visual and performing arts will continue as a major, communications medium in the real world, and Bowie State University will not miss its chance to reassert it’s contributions. Add to this the obvious benefits of rounding out the curriculum as befits a “university,” and reestablishing Bowie State University as a center of learning, culture, research, and the arts, for not only Prince George’s County, but for the State of Maryland.

Music Technology Laboratory Music Technology Lab support two classes the department presently offers the new curriculum in Music Technology. Students presently use the lab to support their projects in electronic music as well as other classes such as Music Theory, Music History, etc. The electronic music lab is equipped with state-of-the art peripherals to provide instruction in electronic and computer-assisted music. Computer Graphics/VCDMA Digital Arts Lab The Computer Graphics/imaging Laboratory supports the Computer Graphics Concentration and offers courses for humanities electives and general electives for the university at large. The VCDMA program in the Department



of Fine & Performing Arts, is committed and prepared to provide students with access to the latest in technology, equipment, art preparation materials and innovation. Currently, there are (3) studios for painting, print making, sculpture, ceramics, design and photography; (2) darkrooms and (1) state-of-the-art Apple digital media arts lab. Students have access to the latest technology and equipment in, digital video production, visual effects, lighting and digital photography, green screen and backdrops. Students also have access to research, printing, scanning and full internet access in the VCDMA digital arts lab, usually 6 to 7 days of the week with evening and weekend lab access; as well as DVDs, materials, books, professional and industry journals dedicated to art/design, visual communication, animation, media studies, etc. both in the lab and also in the undergraduate library. The DFPA provides 18-hour access to studios for design, digital imaging, drawing, painting, print making, sculpture, traditional arts, crafts, and ceramics

B. PERSONNEL 14- FULL-TIME FACULTY ART Lang, Clayton Mester, Clark E. Lewis, Gina Melchishua, Tewodross Ward, Robert

MUSIC Holmes, Marymal Knight, Clarence Pryor, Gilbert Wright, Adolph

THEATER Bartlett, Robert Charlow, Renee Dorsey, Jennifer Medford, Gail Moffitt, Elliott


Assistant Professor Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Professor-Area Coordinator

D.M.A. Ed. D. MA M.M. Ed.

Professor / Area Coordinator Professor / Department Chair Asst.Professor/Tech Coord. Instructor-Band Director


Theater Tech/Lecturer Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Professor/ Area Coordinator Assistant Professor


3- PART-TIME FACULTY MUSIC Hillsman, Joan Wrenn, Latonya Bennett, Billy

Ph. D.

Lecturer/ Gospel Choir Lecturer/ Piano Assistant Band Director

12- ADJUNCT FACULTY ART Chisholm, Valerie Johnson, Marcus Tuggle, George Smith, Myron

MUSIC Allen, Matthew Cannon,David Kerns, James Marsh III, David Newman, Thomas Sampson, Janese Semos, Brian


D.M.A. Ed. D. MA M.M. Ed. MA MFA MFA

Instructor (Fashion) Instructor (Marketing) Instructor (Comp. Graphics) Instructor (Comp. Graphics)

Instructor (Electronic Music) Instructor (Recording & Prod.) Instructor (Sax) Instructor (Tuba) Instructor (Guitar) Instructor (Flute) Instructor (Vocal)

THEATER Crump, Evan Hooker, David

Theater Technician Theater Technician

The department also employs specialist in art and music to assist our students in specific areas.







GRADUATION The Department had 25 students that graduate in the 2008-2009 academic year:

Bachelor of Arts - Fine Arts Raiona D. Bailey Reginald K. Barrington Antoine Bell Kevin Bell Ethel Bowles Bryane Broadie Jennifer Conde Jamal Gillespie

Felisha E. Harris Brahn Jenkins Gedeon F. Longtchi Ricardo A. Mowatt Samuel Nimako Derris Owens Stephanie R. Powell Latoya C. Rawls

Antwan Hannie

Carmelo Rivera

Bachelor of Arts - Theater Arts Melissa S. Wilson

Majors in Graduate/Professional School MAJORS RECEIVING RECOGNITION Latin Honors: Cum Laude: Antoine Bell


Stephanie L. Russell Atiya D. Sanders Brooke A. Seldon Joel N. Thomas Nicole Tucker Joann M. Walker Montiono R. Whitted

BOWIE STATE UNIVERSITY CHOIR PERFORMANCES September 24, 2008 November 2008 December 6, 2008 February 14, 2008 March 29, 2009

Opening Convocation, Myers Auditorium Fall Music Seminar Annual Holiday Concert - Beulah Peters Concert Hall Spring Convocation - Samuel L. Myers, MLK Auditorium Concert of Choirs - MLK Auditorium

BOWIE STATE UNIVERSITY GOSPEL CHOIR PERFORMANCES September 24, 2008 November 12, 2008 November 19, 2008 November 19, 2008 December 3, 2008 February 14, 2009 February 14, 2009 February 2009 February 18, 2009 April 18, 2009 April 23-24, 2009

Fall Convocation, MLK Auditorium New home Baptist Church Gospel Choir Mid-Day Concert, Wiseman Center Sociology Club Talent Show, CLT 102 Holiday Hollies, MLK Commons Spring Convocation - Samuel L. Myers, MLK Auditorium Gospel Extravaganza - CLT 102 - Black History Month Spring Convocation Black History Month - US Environmental Protection Agency This is Gospel - Fine Arts Festival - MLK Commons New York & New Jersey Gospel Choir Tour


April 2009

Sheila Miller, Computer Graphic (VCDMA), inducted as President, Alpha Chi Honor Society Samantha Key, Computer Graphic (VCDMA) student, wins 1st place award for design for the Bowie State MARC Station Sector Plan Cover Design Stephen Stephenson, Computer Graphic (VCDMA) student, wins for best student design portfolio, FocusOnDesign Reality Check & Portfolio Review




Provide High quality academic programs and support services. The Department has revised the concentration in Computer Graphics Art concentration program, curriculum and course offerings. The new program will be called Visual Communications & Digital Media Arts (VCDMA) and will include new concentration areas in Advertising Design, Animation & Motion Graphics, Digital Cinema & Time-Based Media, Fashion Design and Digital Media Arts. It will first be offered as tracks in these areas (except for Fashion Design) until final approval from MHEC. We also initiated new minor programs for Theatre Arts in Dance, Acting & Directing and in Art/Computer Graphics in Visual Culture & Museum Studies, both approved in 2008-9. These changes were necessary to make the program more marketable and provide the students with the necessary skills for industry employment. We have also made some significant revisions to the Theater Arts Degree Program. One significant change was adding the Musical Theater Concentration to that Degree Program. This will enable the students to acquire more concentrated experiences in Theater.

GOAL II Improve student recruitment, retention, and graduation rates. Recruitment The Department has a very aggressive recruitment program. Students are actively recruited through: 1. Our performing arts programs that includes: the Band program, the Concert and Gospel Choir, and the Theater Program. 2. Performances, exhibitions and lectures by our talented faculty 3. Master classes and other presentations presented by our faculty members at High Schools and Community Colleges. 4. Our association and active participation in community arts organizations and groups. 5. The annual VCDMA Reality Check and Portfolio Review; a business and career seminar for students 6. Visiting artist/designer, filmmaker, musician lectures, workshops screenings and performances for students 7. BSU Open House (we received an overwhelming response) 8. Student and faculty presentations as artist and presenters at conferences, shows, and other formal and informal gatherings. 9. Curators and adjudicators at art exhibitions and music festivals. 10. Distribution of Departmental Flyers and brochures through a variety of venues and procedures. 11. Articulation agreement was developed between DFPA/BSU and The College of Southern Maryland (CSM) in the areas of Computer Graphics (VCDMA). 12. Website, and promotional DVD, and other social online media 13. Involvement and membership in organizations such as Black Artists of DC, The National Alliance of Artists from HBCU’s (NAAHBCU), FocusOnDesign, AIGA and others


Retention The Department maintains, and constantly, revises its Retention Plan. (see plan) Our efforts have yielded larger graduation rates each year. Summers Fellows grants that involves creative art/design, animation, research in fashion design, as well as digital art, and installation art projects with students in Art & Computer Graphics Art -VCDMA, and students from other areas such as Communications). These grants were awards to professors Tewodross Melchishua and Gina Lewis, with a focus on improving student recruitment and retention, through professional experience.

GOAL III Enhance Teacher Education The Department has developed and presented proposal for a new BS degree programs in Music Education. We are currently developing (or reviving) the Art Education major, also as a BS degree. It would eventually start as an undergraduate program, and lead to a fast-track graduate program that consists of a Masters Art in teaching in the areas of Visual Communication (Computer Graphics) and Studio Art. Once approved, this department will be a leader in preparing students to teach in Art and Music. We are anticipating that there may be some challenges in the Art Education program, so we encouraging our students either into the Masters Program, and/or a certification program with their degree. This would be a result of a partnership with the School of Education and MAT Program. Professional Development: Several faculty members are taking additional software training; are enrolled in doctoral programs in various arts and education disciplines.

GOAL IV Enhance the accessibility to and management of information technology and resources. The Department has two outstanding programs in information technology: Computer Graphics Art (VCDMA) and Music Technology. These programs provide training that will enable our students to compete in a variety of fields once completed. We are also upgrading our facilities in terms of equipment, hardware and software in the digital media and music technology areas.

GOAL II Promote effective and efficient use of institutional resources. This Department has always adhered to this goal. It serves the greater University and Community with Art Shows, Concerts, Theatrical Productions, and many other activities utilizing very little resources. We also utilize students in Computer Graphics Art with design, marketing and other art related projects for the department, College of Arts & Sciences and university as a whole.

E. DEPARTMENTAL RETENTION EFFORT The provisions provided herein will constitute our Departmental Retention Plan for this School Year. This Plan will be reviewed annually and modified where necessary.

DEPARTMENTAL PLAN 1. The Department will provide an updated copy of the Advisor/Advisee assignments to each faculty member in the Department 2. Schedule faculty coverage of registration during all registration periods. 3. Advisor will maintain student profiles that will include academic and non-academic obligations. Factor in the following items: • Work obligations • Family commitments • Other school related activities such as clubs, sports, fraternities and sororities, other social activities. 4. Establish a referral system with support service offices that may be used to assist our students with special problems they may encounter. Such referrals may include: • Counseling • Financial aide • Work study • Scholarship assistance • Internships/Apprenticeships • Special populations • Other 5. Follow up on all referrals 6. Promote cohesiveness through staging Faculty/Student activities such as: • Creative workshops • Informal and formal social gatherings • Field trips • Trips to conferences, shows, productions, galleries, etc. 7. Arrange for the students to represent the Department as artist, presenters, and performers.


8. Have mandatory scheduled conferences with all advisees between the 6th and 8th week each semester. Develop progress report form that will be presented to the Advisor at the scheduled conference. Place this requirement in all major class syllabi. 9. Have copies of mid-semester grades forwarded to the Department. To schedule follow-up conferences with advisee immediately following mid-semester if necessary.



Ms. R. Charlow Performed Native Son at the American Mr. R. Bartlett Century Theater & Bowie State University Dr. C. Knight Congressional Black Caucus - Phoenix Annual Awards Dinner Dr. C. Knight 12th Annual Celebration of Leadership in the Fine Arts Dr. C. Knight Jazz at Five - Masonic Society T. Melchishua Exhibiting Artist, National Library Week, Thurgood Marshall Library, Bowie State University T. Melchishua Exhibiting Filmmaker, FLIK International Movie Festival & Interactive Art Exhibition, 2008, Art Whino, The National Harbor, MD T. Melchishua Lecture on Hip-Hip and The Mis-education of the Negro, to classes in the Department of English & Modern Languages, Bowie State University T. Melchishua Lecture on motion graphics to classes in the Department of Communications, Bowie State University T. Melchishua Guest hip-hop artists Labtekwon and Bless Roxwell, gave presentations on hip-hop to students in the ART 408 course and invited guests T. Melchishua Lecturer/Panelist, The 2008 National Organization of Minority Architects Annual Conference, EVOLVE: EXpanding Our Horizons, Washington, D.C. Topic: “No Community left behind” - The Education, Design, Technology and Access for Students of Color. T. Melchishua Curator and featured artist, M3: MC’s, MIC and Metaphors Exhibition (hip-hop and urban art) The Flashpoint Gallery T. Melchishua Technology of the Future in Education: Wiki text-blogging on film? (part of SchoolDocs), The SilverDocs Film Festival, The American Film Institute, The AFI Silver Theatre



Virginia & Bowie, Spring 2009 & MD May 6, 2009 Washington, DC September 27, 2008 Washington, DC Spring 2009 Bowie, MD Bowie, MD

March 22, 2009 April-August 2009

National Harbor, Summer 2008 MD Bowie, MD

March 2009

Bowie, MD

November 2009

Bowie, MD


Washington, DC Fall 2008

Washington, DC Summer 2009 Silver Spring

Summer 2009







Dr. Joan Hillsman

An African American Art Form

McGraw Hill Publishers




Summer Fellows Grant Fashion & Textile Design Consultancy, (T. Melchishua) Carmen Webber and Dyanne Marte, Fashion Designers/Instructors Summer Fellows Grant Music Video/Animation production with (T. Melchishua) art/computer graphics students Summer Fellows Grant Creative Research in Digital Arts and (G. Lewis) Installation art/design with art/computer graphic students







Hip-Hop Arts Community Initiative Grant (co-PI, with hip-hop artist and educator Gabriel “Asheru” Benn). The DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities. Washington, DC. This grant will. The grant will support the exhibition on hip-hop M3: MC’s, MICS & Metaphors, as well as the, reception, and publication of an exhibition, catalog, and study guide for youth on the subject of hip-hop.

Clayton Lang, Study Abroad Grant, Michigan State University Tewodross Melchishua. 1. Arts Integrated Research Experiences (AIRE) grant application, The MacArthur Foundation/HASTAC Digital Learning Competition, Applicant/PI (not funded) 2. Arts Integrated Research Experiences (ITEST) grant application, National Science Foundation, Applicant/PI (not funded)





Dr. Joan Hillsman

GNWA Awards - For 48 years of service in the Washington, DC area.

Dr. Joan Hillsman

Excellence Award by DFPA & CAS Awards Ceremony 4/16/2009

Professor Melchishua (VCDMA) Featured in articles in The PG Gazette and Bowie & students in Computer Blade newspaper, on digital art and AUDIOVISION event. Graphics

J. OTHER FACULTY ACTIVITIES PROFESSOR RENEE CHARLOW May 6, 2009 April 2009 April 15, 2009 February 26-27, 2009 December 3, 2008 December 3, 2008 December 3, 2008

Theater play, Native Son Theater reading and play for the Fine Arts Festival Lunchtime Theater Theater play called Neglect with students Play with students Davis and Jackson called Black Friday Play with students Pearsall & May called Faith, Change and New Beginning Play with student D.Warren called Too Much or Not Enough

PROFESSOR CLAYTON LANG February 2009 - March 2009 April 14, 2009 April 15, 2009 April 2009- September 2009 September 30, 2009 June 2009

Faculty Art Exhibition/ Black History Month Kente Weaving with Mr. Kwasi Asare from Africa Juried Student Art Show and Reception Juried Student Art Exhibition Artist’s talk; Contemporary Glass: Hot Warm & Cold Common Bond X, Strathmore Mansion, Rockville, MD

PROFESSOR GINA LEWIS Feb 2009 April 14, 2009 April 14, 2009 April 2009

Common Ground, Invitational Group Exhibition, Hampton University Museum Art Film Screening Abstract Expression. Artist Lecture with world known artist, Sam Gilliam Art Student Trip to Museums/Galleries in New York City

PROFESSOR GILBERT PRYOR May 14, 2009 April 2009 April 2009 April 2009 Dec 11, 2008

Computer Notation, Senior Project with Gedeon Longtchi BSU Bistro 2009 Musical Concert Created the department’s first Newsletter. Renaissance Festival with students at Kentland Center in Landover. Senior Project with Ricardo Mowatt

PROFESSOR TEWODROSS MELCHISHUA Summer - Fall 2008 November 2008

Designer’s Without Borders (DWB); an international, design and mentoring program to students studying design in Uganda, West Africa Took students to visit various design/multimedia studios

2008 Feb 19, 2009 April 13, 2009 April 2009 April 16, 2009 April 16, 2009 April 18, 2009 Spring - Summer 2009

downtown Silver Spring, MD and Washington, DC Production of short film and video in tribute to musician Thelonious Monk, and artist Romare Bearden called FunkyMonk Afro-Punk VCDMA Film Screening Live Painting Workshop; Audiovision w/ Jeff Henriquez InnaStudio Arts Magazine launch Audiovision: AltsSoul Hip Hope interdisciplinary event VCDMA & FocusonDesign Portfolio Review & Reality Check & Business Seminar. A animated/live action, music video for local neo-soul artist Bilal Salaam; with assistance of other producer/mentors and selected students in Computer Graphics Art & Communications (TV Production) at Bowie State University


Comedy Performance Event with Mechelle Forman

DR. CLARENCE KNIGHT December 14, 2008 Spring 2009 February 4, 2009 March 22, 2009 April 13, 2009 September 27, 2008


27th Annual Meeting & Awards, PGCC 2008 12th Annual Celebration of Leadership in the Fine Arts Spring Convocation Jazz at Five Concert – Masonic Society Faculty Jazz Concert Congressional Black Caucus, Pheonix annual Awards dinner

PROFESSOR ADOLF WRIGHT May 16, 2009 April 19, 2009 April 14, 2009 March 2009 Dec 6, 2009

Spring Commencement – Concert Band Founders Day Convocation - Jazz & Concert Bands, and the BSU Gospel Choir, Dr. J. Hillsman Marching Band concert National Band Directors Consortium in Atlanta –Band won three awards Holiday Concert, featuring the BSU Concert Band

DR. MARYMAL HOLMES Feb 13, 2008 March 7, 2008 April 14, 2008

Spring Convocation Spring Music Seminar I Fine Arts Festival: Student Musical Recital

March 29, 2009 April 2009

Choral Festival Spring Music Seminar I

Art Student Trip to Museums/Galleries in New York City

DR. ROBERT WARD April 2009

DR. JOAN HILLSMAN Sep 24, 2008 Nov 12, 2008 Nov 19, 2008 Nov 19, 2008 Dec 3, 2008 Feb 14, 2009 Feb 22, 2009 April 15, 2009 April 23-24 2009 May 15, 2009

Fall 2008 Convocation New Home Baptist Church Concert, Landover, MD Sociology Club Talent Show Mid-Day Concert & Raffle Holiday Hollies Spring Convocation Gospel Extravaganza This is Gospel: A Historical Musical Journey, concert Gospel Tour to New York and New Jersey Spring Commencement



K. WORKSHOPS, SEMINARS, AND SPECIAL PROGRAMS Activity The American Century Theater “Native Son” May 6-7, 2009 Lunchtime Theater April 15, 2009 Artist Talks: Contemporary Glass September 30, 2008 Juried Student Art Exhibition Fall 2008 & Spring 2009 Comedy Performance April 14, 2009 Kente Weaving April 14, 2009 New Hope Baptist Church Concert November 12, 2008 Gospel Tour to New York and New Jersey April 23-24, 2009 Bistro Musical Concert April 2009 Reality Check Business Seminar April 18, 2009 Faculty Art Exhibition Faculty Art Exhibition Faculty Art Exhibition Faculty Art Exhibition Faculty Art Exhibition Animated film production, Razor Tongue, Audiovision Afro Punk screening February 19, 2009 VCDMA student and independent film festival, with Stacey Muhamad and Tchaiko Omawale AUDIOVISION (Dance component with students) Holiday Hollies December 6, 2008



Myers Auditorium

Professor Renee Charlow


Professor Renee Charlow

MLK Auditorium

Professor Clayton Lang

CLT Building 102

Professor Clayton Lang

Amos White III Gallery - Professor Elliot Moffitt & MLK Mechele Foreman MLK Building Professor Lang & Mr. Kwasi Asare Landover, MD Dr. Joan Hillsman New York New Jersey

Dr. Joan Hillsman

MLK Commons

Professor Gilbert Pryor

Center for Business and Graduate Studies 1208 Gallery of Art Gallery of Art Gallery of Art Gallery of Art Gallery of Art MLK Commons

Professors Melchishua & Johnson Professor Gina Lewis Professor Clayton Lang Professor Clark E. Mester Dr. Robert Ward Professor T. Melchishua Professor T. Melchishua

CLT 102

Professor T. Melchishua

CLT 102

Professor T. Melchishua

MLK Commons

Professor Jennifer Dorsey

MLK Commons

Professor Adolf Wright Professor Jennifer Dorsey


Activity Marching Band Concert & Military Band April 14, 2009 National Band Directors Consortium March 2009 Congressional Black Caucus Awards September 27, 2008 12th Annual Celebration of Leadership/ Fine Arts Spring 2009 Jazz at Five, Masonic Society March 22, 2009 Faculty Jazz Concert April 13, 2009 Dance & Salsa Workshop April 16, 2009 Art Student New York trip



MLK Auditorium

Professor Adolph Wright

Atlanta, GA

Professor Adolph Wright

Washington, DC

Dr. Clarence Knight

Washington, DC

Dr. Clarence Knight

Bowie, MD

Dr. Clarence Knight

MLK 1445

Professor Gilbert Pryor

James Gym

Professor Jennifer Dorsey

New York, NY

Professor Lewis, Dr. Ward and Professor Byrd

L. OTHER DEPARTMENTAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS The Department of Fine and Performing Arts was re-organized into a single degree program. A Bachelor of Arts Degree is offered with concentrations in Art (Studio), Computer Graphics Art (VCDMA), Music and Music Technology. It is anticipated that the department will eventually expand to include Music Education, Art Education within the next 3-5 years. Musical Theater was added in the Spring 2007. Further enhancement is planned wherein the Department will expand its offerings in the area of Artist residences and Concert series. We are also looking into the possibility of preparing courses that will lead to a certificate in church music administration. There has been significant change and improvement in the performing capabilities of our Bands and Choirs. These organizations are being recognized as some of the finest in the State and soon to be, in the Country. The Department is beginning to attract a large number of very talented students that have

great creative abilities and academic stability. An increase in the exposure of these units is anticipated during the coming year. Other academic incentives, with relevancy to the University and the job market, are being developed and will be offered in the near future. Some of these initiatives are in the areas of bronze casting with emphasis on photogenic casting, and the creation of 3D animation and modeling courses; advanced visual communication courses with a emphasis on design, new media, hip-hop and contemporary art/design, fashion design. Other content areas for courses include marketing/business in the arts, musical scoring; and, gospel music with an emphasis on theory, styles, and administration. It is planned that we will have an increase in gallery shows and seminars/ demonstrations. This type of service is crucial to the cultural enhancement of the University and the community. Greater involvement will be

made with our constituents and supporters to increase this necessary visibility. More theatrical productions (both large and small) will be presented utilizing a variety of venues in and around the campus and community. A series of concerts, presented by professionals and students, will be given on a regular basis during the coming year. Three new faculty positions were added to the Department this school year. Two in theater and one in Art. The addition of these positions allowed us to expand our offerings in the Department as well as increase our production capability. The Department also participated in the on-line syllabi committee and development sessions this year in preparation for the on-line registration for our students. The Department has an outstanding faculty and staff that has made significant contributions to the University, the county and state, and to federal national interests. These contributions will continue in the future.


SEPTEMBER 2008 BSU University Marching Band Fall Convocation Dr. Marymal Holmes Fall Convocation BSU Gospel Choir Fall Convocation

DECEMBER 2008 BSU Gospel Choir Mid-day Concert University Choir Annual Holiday Concert


FEBRUARY 2009 BSU Theater Black Renaissance Bistro Art Faculty Exhibition 2009

MARCH 2009 Spring Music Seminar I BSU Dance Concert Theater student trip to FBI in Washington, DC

NOVEMBER 2008 - MAY 2009 Noon Concert Series BSU Art Collection Dance Demonstration and Instructions Theater play, “Two Trains Running” Art Collaboration and Discussion AUDIOVISION interdisciplinary event and performances Live painting workshops Noon Concert Series Bistro Film Screenings Student Music Seminar Salsa Dance Instructions BSU Gospel Choir Cruise Portfolio Review Studio visits with students Students designed artwork, banners, and t-shirts for Dean, DFPA Faculty/Student Art Exhibitions, DFPA Spring Arts Festival; fundraiser for start-up fund for Marissa Thomas (recently passed away and sales from t-shirt will go into a scholarship funs in her name and honor – T. Melchishua)





Academic Rank and Tenure Academic Standards College of Arts & Sciences Curriculum University Curriculum International Programs Online Course Policy International Programs Grants (DFPA) Recruitment Faculty Senate Faculty Senate Alternate Shared Governance (MHEC) Faculty Evaluation Faculty Welfare General Education Committee

Prof. E. Clark Mester Prof. E. Clark Mester Prof. Tewodross Melchishua Prof. Tewodross Melchishua Prof. Tewodross Melchishua Prof. Tewodross Melchishua Prof. Gina Lewis Prof. Gina Lewis Prof. Gina Lewis Dr. Marymal Holmes Prof. Clayton Lang Prof. Clayton Lang Mr. Elliott Moffitt Mr. Elliott Moffitt Prof. Rene Charlow Dr. Gail Medford

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Rebecca Bailey (Photography) & Yolonda Dandridge (Photography)

2008-2009 Designed by: Samantha Key (VCDMA Student)

Annual Report  

This is an annual report that I created for the Department of fine and performing arts of Bowie State University.

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