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The Art of Learning about Different Cultures By: Saket Bolisetty

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: My name is Saket Bolisetty. I am in 11th Grade. I go to a special Ed school called The Calais School in Whippany, NJ. I live in Randolph, NJ. In my spare time, I love to visit the city and go to different art museums and college campuses. I am very passionate about learning about various cultures.

ABOUT THE BOOK: In this book, a boy and girl from each country and culture tell us about what is great and special about their culture.

The artwork in this book was drawn by me in computer graphic software called Microsoft Paint.

Indian Culture: India is home to many languages. The main language is Hindi. India represents both very old/historical culture and modern culture. It is in the continent of Asia

Chinese Culture: China is the largest country in Asia and is a very diverse and beautiful country. It is home to The Great Wall of China and dragon art. Chinese culture is very ancient and historical!

African Culture: Africa is the largest continent. It is home to many different cultures and some wonderful art & music. It is a very beautiful continent and lots of giant animals live there.

Spanish Culture: Spanish is the official language for many Latin countries. Mexico is one of the largest Spanish speaking countries. Spanish culture, food, art & music are very interesting to learn about.

French Culture: French is the language for many different European countries. People say “Bonjour� to greet someone. People eat French bread and crescents. The main country that speaks French is France.

German Culture: Germany is a country in Europe. Germany is made up of the North German Plain. People grow bread there. German is their official language.

Turkish Culture: Turkey is a country located in the crossroads of Europe and Middle East. Turkey is at the northeast end of the Mediterranean Sea in southeast Europe and southwest Asia. Their government is Republican parliamentary democracy. They have a lot of historical monuments and interesting architecture there.

Brazilian Culture: Brazil is home to the language of Portuguese. It is a very colorful country. There are a lot of exotic birds and other animals there.

Japanese Culture: Japan is another large country in Asia. It is home to many beautiful cherry blossoms and the wonderful city of Tokyo. People eat sushi. Japan is a very beautiful and historical country.

Italian Culture: Italy is home to The Leaning Tower of Pisa. It is also home to Rome and some wonderful music. People eat Italian, breadsticks, pizza, and pasta

Russian Culture: Russia is a very large country. It is between the border of Europe and Asia. It is also home to The Red Square. The Red Square is a landmark in Moscow, the capital.

American Culture: USA is the largest country in Americas and is where all of us live and is our Home. It is home to 50 states and many beautiful landmarks & cultures. The capital is Washington D.C, which is a great city with historic monuments and museums. I love being an American Citizen!!

Now you all have learned about 12 of the beautiful main cultures and the history of them. What a beautiful world we have. Just remember everyone; Learning about different cultures is an art itself!!

And Remember Everyone‌ Please love and respect everyone and other cultures.

The End- This is how we say Good-Bye in 12 different languages • Alavida-Hindi • Zàijiàn-Chinese • Totsiens-African • Adiós-Spanish • Au Revoir-French • Auf Wiedersehen-German • Güle güle-Turkish • Tchau-Brazilian/Portugese • Sayōnara-Japanese • Arrivederci-Italian • Proshchay-Russian • Goodbye-American/English

The Art of Learning about Different Cultures