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My Own Limerick Poems Inspired by My Favorite Cartoons by:Saket Bolisetty

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1. Art with Mati and Dada 2. Chuck Vanderchuck 3. Wilson and Ditch 4. Bino and Fino 5. Yin Yang Yo 6. Pucca 7. The Buzz on Maggie 8. The Loud House 9. Sandra the Fairytale Detective 10. Sally Bollywood 11. Pearlie 12. Lola and Virginia 13. Doodlebops 14. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 15. Time Warp Trio BONUS: The 9 Female Monsters

There once was a girl named Martha. Who loved to paint and draw. She used all her supplies for art. To paint a red heart. And all the people said Awwwww‌‌.

Inspired by Art with Mati and Dada

There once was a boy named Edgar. Who loved to play his guitar. He played for his best friend. Until the day came to an end. And then he went to a salad bar.

Inspired by Chuck Vanderchuck

There once was a cat named Brown. Who loved to drive around her town. She went in her car. She drove very far. And she didn’t even frown.

• Inspired by Wilson and Ditch

There once were 2 kids in Ghana. Their names were Kojo and Hannah. They lived near the trees. Where there were no bees. They loved to eat banana.

Inspired by Bino and Fino

There once was a rabbit that was pink. She really loved to drink. She drank orange juice. And met a cute goose. They both gave each other a wink.

Inspired by Yin Yang Yo

There once was a girl from Japan. She loved to eat from a can. She ate all her soup. And saw a band group. And then she became a big fan.

Inspired by Pucca

There once was a young blue fly. She had so many great things to try. She ate all the fruit. And called herself cute. And then she began to cry.

Inspired by The Buzz on Maggie

There once were three sisters from Maine. Who loved to play in the rain. They cleaned up the floor. And walked out the door. And then they flew in a plane.

Inspired by The Loud House

There once was a girl named Cassie. Who was never ever sassy. She went to the fair. And redid her hair. And then her hair became brassy.

Inspired by Sandra the Fairytale Detective

There once was a girl from New Delhi. Who loved to eat yummy jelly. She put it in bread. And then went to bed. And then she felt full in her belly.

Inspired by Sally Bollywood

There once was a small fairy. Who did not look very scary. She flew on a flower. With lots of power. And then she ate a berry.

Inspired by Pearlie

There once were two girls from Pineville. They had a best friend named Phil. They walked out of school. And went to the pool. Until they felt a chill.

Inspired by Lola and Virginia

• There once were two kids in a band. They lived in a really cool land. They played for their school. It was very cool. Then gave each other a hand.

Inspired by The Doodlebops

• There once were two kids from New York. Who loved to eat with a fork. They went to the cafÊ. It was near the bay. And then they saw a stork.

Inspired by Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

• There once were six kids from Chicago. They all had bubbles to blow. They went to the park. And heard a dog bark. Until it started to snow.

• Inspired by Time Warp Trio

There once were 9 monsters that were girls. They all had ponytails and curls. They loved to play games. Right by the flames. They also loved to do twirls.

• • • • • • • •

Inspired by Yzma Magic Mirror Cruella De Vil Candace Flynn The Buzz on Maggie Starfire Powerpuff Girls

• I hope you enjoyed reading these limerick poems based on my favorite cartoons. Hope you enjoyed this book.


My Own Limerick Poems Inspired by My Favorite Cartoons  
My Own Limerick Poems Inspired by My Favorite Cartoons  

Get ready for some poetry and art when you read theses limerick poems inspired by my favorite cartoons with my own illustrations in them.