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Friendship Through Boarders

Once upon a time there were 3 friends - Elena Illinykh, Denis Ten, and Alla Tsuper

They lived in the same neighborhood in Russia for years and years but Alla and Denis had to move.

Elena was very sad and wanted to see her friends again, so she went to Kazakhstan first to find Denis

Elena passed Catherine's Palace, Mount Elbrus, and even Moscow Zoo. Before she could get to Kazakhstan, Mr. Hammond stopped her

Mr. Hammond said, "find these 2 things on this list, and bring something back from it and I will let you go to Kazakhstan." So Elena set out.

"Let's see what I have to find", said Elena. "I have to find Russia's national animal, the brown bear and a rock from Mount Elbrus."

Elena went to the Moscow Zoo and found the Brown bear and took a picture, then she set off to Mount Elbrus and picked up a rock from the mountain and took a picture as well

Elena came back and found Mr. Hammond. "Good job!" Said Mr. Hammond, now you can go to Kazakhstan." Elena called out a thank you as she ran off to Kazakhstan.

Elena found Denis Ten and he was really happy to see her! "Where's Alla?" Asked Denis. "We have to go get her in Belarus" said Elena. "Then let's go!" Exclaimed Denis.

Elena and Denis headed to Belarus but was now stopped by Mr. Brown. "Answer these 2 questions about Kazakhstan and Russia, and I will let you go to Belarus." Mr. Brown told them. So they sat on a bench and looked at the questions

"The first question asks •what used to be the capital of Kazakhstan?•" said Denis. "That's easy!" said Elena, they changed it from Almaty to Astana.

"The second question asks what is the conflict between Russia and the U.S. called?" Said Elena.

They headed back to find Mr. Brown and gave him their answers. "These are right, so you can go to Belarus!"

Denis and Elena headed to Alla's home and they saw that Alla wasn't there!! "Where'd she go?" Asked Denis.

"Look there's a note on the table!" said Elena, "it says Hi mom, I had to leave early for my flight to Russia to see Elena! See you soon. “Oh no! they exclaimed

“Lets go to Russia and meet her,� suggested Denis. So Elena and Denis set out for Russia and along the way saw so many interesting things, like Mir castle in Belarus, Almaty Zoo in Kazakhstan, and the Olympic Stadium in Russia

"We're here!" they exclaimed. They couldn't wait to see Alla again! They started to go into Russia but Mr. Hammond and Mr. Brown we're there stopping them.

"We just wanted to thank you for helping us." they said. We were doing a scavenger hunt of our own and needed help because we're missing a partner!"

Denis and Elena laughed and said it was no problem. They said their goodbyes and went to find Alla.

"Lets just call her" said Elena. So they called Alla and she told them that she was in Gorky Park riding on some rides. They headed there.

When they got there they spotted Alla eating some salad. "Alla!" they screamed. "Denis! Elena!" She screamed back. They all hugged and were very happy to be back together.

"Im so happy we're back together!" said Alla. Denis and Elena agreed. "But next time, said Elena, we should plan together and not make it a surprise! They all laughed together and talked about their life in different countries


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Maddy's childrens book