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one day during the 2014 sochi Olympics specificly ice related categories. It was a normal events all the scaters were going as fast as they could on the ice and jumping and doing all these tricks but then it started to get hot in there and lights were getting turned of then a skater screamed the ice was melting she eas falling in.

So then the 3 Olympians yuzuri hanyu from Japan, han Yan from china, and victor an from Russia. The medalest had to learn each others languages Yuzuri had to learn chinas language mandoren And Han had to learn Russian language Russian All omost gold medalest had to save the Olympics

They got the on a plain had to fly over russia the biggest country in the world over mount everest the highest place on earth and over japan's 6,852 islands to the north poll got ice

They rushed back and while they were on the plain the ice started to melt they had to jump out of the plain with it and put it in the arena and save the day

They got thanked by chinas president Xi Jinping and got to stay at Russia's world trade center and got to look at Russia's city to show thanks from Russia and Japan let them see a free sumo wrestling

The end By joe

Joes childrens book  
Joes childrens book