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Letters, Words, Sentences, and Rhymes


Letters, Words, Sentences, and Rhyming

Author Information: Authors: Sohee Kwon: Attended Indiana University and graduated with an elementary education degree with an area of concentration in English as a Second Language. Sarah Kerschner: Attended Indiana University and graduated with a dual degree in teaching general education and special education at the Elementary Level. Use of E-Book: This E-Book is intended to help first grade students distinguish the difference and use of letters, words, sentences, and rhyming words and sentences. Standards: Identify letters, words, and sentences (EL. 1.1.2 2006) Read Common Word Patterns (E.L. 1.1.14 2006). CopyrightŠ 2014 Sohee Kwon and Sarah Kerschner



DEFINITIONS 1. Letters:a character representing one or more of the sounds used in speech; any of the symbols of an alphabet. 2. Words: combination of letters that make parts of speech 3. Sentences: combination or single words that form a complete thought 4. Rhyming: Having the same sound at the end of two or more words


Chapter 1: Lets Review Letters!

G ALLERY 1.1 Reviewing Letters

26 letters make up our alphabet! They each make certain sounds used to spell words. There are 26 letters in the alphabet!


Letters: Songs and Practice I NTERACTIVE 1.1 Alphabet Song!

R EVIEW 1.1 Letters How many letters are in the alphabet?

A. 15 B. 8 C. 26 D. 35

Review of Letters and their sounds! Check Answer


Chapter 2: Turning Letters Into Words! •Using letters from the alphabet, we can make words! •Words are combination of letters that make up our English language!


Put together the letters H, A, and T and it spells:

HAT Put together the letters C, A, and L and it spells:

CALL Put together the letters B, L, U, and E and it spells:


Put together the letters T, W, and O and it spells:

TWO Put together the letters F, A, and L and it spells:

FALL Put together the letters C, A, and T and it spells:



Item #1

R EVIEW 1.2 Words Question 1 of 2 Which word describes Item #1?

A. Two

Item #2

B. Hat C. Cat D. Fall

Check Answer



Sentences First, let’s review letters and words!


Review Letters and Words!

Question 1 of 3 What is an example of a word?

A. W B. X C. Dog

Sentences /‘sentns/ (noun) A set of words that is complete and has a punctuation. A sentence contains at least one noun and a verb together.

D. P

Check Answer


The Sentence Song

This is the Sentence Song from Youtube. This will explain to you in a song what makes a sentence and how to correctly write a sentence.

Parts of a Sentence

A sentence always starts with a capital letter. 10

R EVIEW 1.3 Lorem Ipsum dolor amet, consectetur Question 1 of 4 Which example is a word?

Check Answer

Chapter 3: Rhyming I NTERACTIVE 2.1

How are these words similar? HAT & CAT

•These words end in the same letter sounds. They both end with the -AT sound. •This makes them rhyming words!


R HYMING WORDS Examples of Rhyming Words:

R EVIEW 2.1 Review Rhyming Words Question 1 of 3 Which set of words rhyme?

Hat, Cat, Bat, Mall, Call, Fall Shoe, Blue, Two

A. Cat & Ball

Bake, Cake, Make

B. Call & Two C. Hat & Cat

Practice saying these words out loud so you can hear how they sound!

D. Blue & Ball

Check Answer



Rhyming Sentences

R EVIEW 2.2 Lorem Ipsum dolor amet, consectetur Question 1 of 3 Which word rhymes with cat?

F IRST , L ET ’ S R EVIEW ON WHAT IS A SENTENCE ! A sentence is a set of words that is complete with punctuation. A sentence has at least one noun and a verb.

A. Lost


B. Bat

I am going running.

C. Pot

Sally and I are excited!

D. Moo

Bob is crying. What is the homework?

Check Answer


This video is a walkthrough on the book by Dr. Seuss, Hop on Pop. Listen to the rhymes in this video!



Rhymes and Sentences

Question 1 of 4 Which one is a sentence?

SENTENCES ! Examples of rhymes: Hat, Cat, Bat...

A. Red cat B. Red cat jumped

Examples of sentences: The cat walked to the house.

C. Red cat jumped. D. red cat jumped

The house was cold.

Examples of rhyming sentences: The cat had a hat. The bat hit a cat. Check Answer


Review Rhyming Sentences!

Question 1 of 4 I like to bake. My friend has a cat. I made a cake. The pet loved to wear a hat. Which word in the four sentences before rhyme with bake?

A. Friend B. Cat C. Hat D. Cake

Check Answer


L ET ’ S P RACTICE L ETTERS , W ORDS , S ENTENCES , AND R HYMES T OGETHER ! Practice Letters, Words, Sentences, and Rhymes!

This is an example of some letters! Can you say the whole alphabet from a-z? 19


Question 1 of 5 Which answer is a correct sentence?

A. My dog played fetch with me B. my dog played fetch with me. C. My dog played fetch with me. D. my dog played fetch with me

Check Answer


Rhyming video!

Let’s sing along to a fun rhyming song to wrap up this eBook!

Click on one of the links below to play a fun game to test your knowledge on what you learned! 21

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