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PWJ Jewelers Has Moved PWJ Jewelers is now located at 509 E. Davis (next to The Watermelon Shop.) Services offered include watch, clock and jewelry repair, gifts, custom jewelry and now introducing Jewelry Workshop Making Classes. These classes will be offered weekly and will be available for 5 year olds and older. This will provide an opportunity to children and adults to make and create their own personalized jewelry. Along with PWJ Jewelers’ new jewelry making workshops they will provide jewelry making birthday parties. Space will be limited so be sure to register for these exciting classes online at or by visiting the store or by calling 830-875-6116. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to take part in such a fantastic form of art! Welcome PWJ Jewelers to downtown Luling, we’re excited to have you on Davis Street!

Texas Historical Commission Visits Main Street The Texas Historical Commission was in Luling on July 12th, 2010 to assist in Luling Main Street’s development of the 2010 Work Plan. Wonderful ideas and plans were discussed. With the resources available through Texas Historical Commission our Main Street Program looks forward to a successful year.

August 2010

Main Street Monthly Spotlight…

Social Networking for Business Social networking sites (SNS) are not only for online friendships anymore. With so many people visiting and using social networking sites on a regular basis it’s becoming one of the best choices to promote and advertise a business. What are social networking sites? SNS are sites online that attract a large number of people to socialize and make contacts. While myspace, facebook, and Friendster are popular ones for mainly social purposes, sites like LinkedIn and ZeroDegrees are more popular for business reasons. The more people who are on these sites and the more popular they become, the better your chances for increasing business. Why use social networking sites for business? SNS are a very practical and effective way to easily reach a large number of people. Just think of how much money can be saved on advertising. The internet is the best way to gain more visitors at a single time. Clients and others that are interested in your business can be reached very quickly via online. SNS have their own features that can help us keep in touch with people, that way, if they have any questions, they can send an email and you can reply to them promptly. When to use social networking for business A few examples of when to use SNS: • Meet contacts in the industry. You can use social networking to meet people in your current industry, or in an industry you are looking to break into. • Make sales. Use your contact lists and the lists of others you know to make sales or generate new leads. • If you already have relationships with people on a social networking site, you can hook into their friends and have an instant connection. This is often a good entry into looking into new leads or prospects. • Advertise a special event or sale. When used correctly, social networking sites can be very helpful for business purposes.

UPCOMING EVENTS August 9th-Luling Main Street Board Meeting Visit us at 421 E. Davis Street (Central Texas Oil Patch Museum & Visitors Center) P.O. Box 710, Luling, Texas 78648 ph # (830) 875-3214x3 Email:

Volume 2, Issue 8

August 2010


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Discount Pharmacy

419 E. Davis Street

419 East Davis Street

The picture above on the left shows Mackey Drug Co. Above right the picture is the inside of Mackey Drug Store in 1946. The right side picture is a sample label used by Mackey Drug Co. on a drug bottle.

419 E. Davis was built in 1900. We’re certain that it has been a pharmacy, Mackey Drug Co., since 1931. Prior to 1931 we do not know for sure, but we suspect it was originally built for the purpose of a drug store. Mackey Drug Store was in business at this location for over 45 years.

Luling Discount Pharmacy, a pharmacy and gift shop, is currently located at 419 E. Davis. The location was purchased in 1977 by Delane Bassett and Stanley Nelson. At that time it was still Mackey Drug Co., but they changed the name to Luling Discount Pharmacy. In 1988 Delane bought out Stanley and became the sole owner. Today customers come here to have prescriptions filled, pick up their needed medical supplies, shop for a gift or just to say hello to the smiling faces that are always on hand. Store personnel includes Sylvia Almaguer, Mary Franco and Rosemary Jiminez. Delane is the active pharmacist with Beverly Brewer and John Carson as relief pharmacist. Hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:30pm. For more information call Luling Discount Pharmacy at 830-875-2311.

Above shows 419 E. Davis after it became Luling Discount Pharmacy

Luling Main Street Vision: The Luling Main Street program sees our downtown as an inviting destination for residents, businesses, and tourists; preserving and enhancing our rich and unique heritage as a catalyst ensures our continued economic revitalization and development.

Luling Main Street Mission: We will utilize the Main Street 4 – Point Approach guidelines of Design, Economic Restructuring, Organization and Promotion to encourage preservation, promote patronage of our downtown businesses and historic attractions, and to plan for our community’s positive economic growth.

August Newsletter for Luling Main Street  
August Newsletter for Luling Main Street  

august newsetter for Luling Main Street