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April 2010

China Palace under New Management You may have noticed that China Palace has a new look, but that’s not all they have. A new family is taking over management of China Palace and they officially open on April 11th, 2010. Business hours are Monday to Saturday11am to 9pm and Sunday 11am to 8pm.

Brushy Creek Outdoors, NOW OPEN Brushy Creek Outdoors is now open for business. Here you’ll find sporting good items and men’s wear. Have some fun while you shop with their indoor putting green. Stop in and see the wonderful array of items no other shop in Luling has to offer. Thanks Brushy Creek Outdoors, you’re a wonderful addition to Davis Street!

Friends of Main Street Please join Main Street in extending a very warm welcome to two new surgeons of Seton Edgar B. Davis Surgery Clinic. Although the clinic is not within the Main Street district we appreciate the efforts of all involved with healthcare here in Luling, Texas.

Seton Edgar B. Davis Surgery Clinic 711 Hackberry St. Luling, Texas 78648 830-875-7074 Dr. Brandon Harrell

Dr. Steve Schierling

A very special THANK YOU goes out to  Gary & Linda Collins of Homegrown  Produce.  They generously donated  three beautiful Duranta’s which are  planted downtown!   

Thanks Homegrown Produce!!! 

Main Street Monthly Spotlight…

Give Great Customer Service And They’ll Keep Coming Back

Customer Service plays a huge part in a thriving business. If you don’t have customers, you have no business. With that said here are some tips to keeping your customers always coming back. The Power of YES: If a customer has a request, do everything within reason to make it happen. It may be an exception, but remember, making one exception is not making new policy. Go the extra mile: Establish great customer relationships by doing that little extra. Send a birthday card, give out Thank You notes. Keeping in close touch to customers will bring them closer to you. Greeting: Greeting a customer as they walk in makes them feel welcome and it’s a simple way for you to say “we appreciate your business.” Listen: Take time to learn about what is important to your customer. Listen to them, hear their tone of voice and watch body language. Identifying the needs of your customer will help you provide good service. Who is that Customer: Do you recognize your customer? Can you call them by name? People like to feel important and a simple way to do that is to use their name. Happy employees: Treat employees the way you want to be treated. This goes a long way and most of the time employees will, in turn, give good customer service. Know what they think- If you don’t know what your customers think, find out! What do they like, what don’t they like, what could you do to improve? Customer feedback is essential in offering good customer service. Let’s face it…we want them to keep coming so let’s give them reason too. There are many choices in this day and age. Why use your services? With good customer service there will be no question as to why! Additional resources are available through Luling Main Street, call 830-875-3214 ext. 3 or email

UPCOMING EVENTS  April 12th-Main Street Board Meeting

Visit us at 421 E. Davis Street (Central Texas Oil Patch Museum & Visitors Center) P.O. Box 710, Luling, Texas 78648 ph # (830) 875-3214x3 Email:

Volume 2, Issue 3

March 2010

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The Insurance Team &  Caldwell County Real Estate  407 E. Davis St. 

The Insurance Team & Caldwell County Real Estate is located at 407 E. Davis. The Insurance Team, an independent insurance agency, offers various services such as home insurance, auto insurance, business insurance, life and health insurance and investments. They work with a large number of insurance companies to give clients a great product at a lower price making it easy to get your insurance and real estate needs met. The Luling office (phone #: 830-8755141) is affiliated with a branch in Lockhart, located at 117 White Oak (phone #: 512-376Before 407 E. Davis Street became the home of The Insurance Team and Caldwell County Real Estate it was the place to go for all your optometrist needs. Dr. Claude W. Baker was there from 1970s until 1989, when Drs. Larry Smith and Virginia Bougher had Luling Eye Center. Not much information is available prior to 1970. Thanks to Mr. Marvin England we know that Wells Café was located here in the 20s and at some point Willard Simmons had an automobile parts store. In 1931 it was Reuben’s Barber Shop and it is believed to once have been a grocery store.

407 E. Davis today

The above ad for Dr. Baker is from the Luling Phone Directory in 1970.

407 E. Davis in the late 20s/early 30s

April 2010 Main Street Monthly  

newsletter for City of Luling's Main Street Program

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