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broccoli DIPLOMAT


Another outstanding variety from Sakata’s broccoli program, Diplomat performs well in the Northeast, Canada and the Pacific Northwest with good uniformity. Diplomat is suitable for the bunch and crown markets.

Emerald Jewel (SBC7540) is a small-beaded, smooth-headed, clean-stemmed, multi-use variety that is especially suited for crown cut. This is a beautiful variety; however the maturity can be quite late during cold growing conditions. We suggest late spring/early summer and late fall harvests. IR: Pb



Green Gold produces tight, smooth, heavy, domed, finebeaded broccoli with a mediumgreen color. This mid-late maturing variety has excellent uniformity and performs well in the Desert Southwest fall to winter Greenbelt slot. Green Gold is a premium choice for crown cut/short trim markets.

Imperial performs best during long-day-length conditions with moderate heat tolerance and is mid to mid-late maturing under these conditions. This variety has a tight dome with nice, small dark green beads. Imperial is multi-use, performing well for bunch, crown cut and processing. Excellent post-harvest shelf life!

Disease terminology: IR = Intermediate resistance. Disease code: Pb - Clubroot





This widely adaptable fresh-market variety has high yields, holds well and has very good flavor. The sweet taste and crunchy texture makes it a great choice for fresh-market and coleslaw production. Tightly-packed heads weigh 4-6 lb.

An exciting new fresh-market variety with attractive green to blue-green color. Very round head (7 x 7�), heavy weight (5-6 lb), dense solid interior and short core. It has excellent tight wrapper leaves and a strong frame. Grand Vantage is a very adaptable main-season variety. It has good holding ability and excellent yield potential. R: Foc: 1

A high-yielding red cabbage hybrid with uniform maturity. Red Jewel offers a deep red head with a short core and is ideal for both fresh and shredder markets.

R: Foc: 1, T: TpB

Disease terminology: R = Resistance, T = Tolerance. Disease code: Foc - Fusarium yellows, TpB - Tipburn.








This Nantes carrot from Sakata is known for its nice uniform shape with strong tops. Fuerte offers high yields as well as blunt tip with some shoulder. The tops are tall, medium green in color. Roots are 6-9” long, 1.5-2.5” in diameter with a cylindrical shape and medium orange color. This is an excellent Nantes variety that compares favorably to other Nantes types.

Olympus is a Cello type that is outstanding for bunching. Olympus has great color combined with a smooth finish. The taste is outstanding with a very crisp texture. One advantage to Olympus is the uniformity. The yield potential is high with this classy carrot.

This carrot from Sakata is known for its superb taste and texture. Triton has strong tops that are erect and dark green in color. Roots are 9-10’’ long and .5-1’’ in diameter. This carrot is medium orange and quite cylindrical in shape with a semi-blunt tip.

collard & kale BULLDOG


Bulldog is one of our newer hybrid collards. Yield potential is high. It is similar to Top Bunch with very good uniformity. It has an upright plant habit like our other popular Georgia types. Leaves are slightly savoyed with excellent dark green color. It can be stripped or cut with fast regrowth.

Due to hybrid uniformity and vigor, Flash offers processors and fresh-market growers an early-maturing, highly-uniform Vates-type hybrid. The slowest of our collards to bolt, Flash allows growers repeated heavy harvests of fancy, dark leaves.



Tiger is an exciting new collard variety from Sakata with many of the same characteristics as our market-leading variety Top Bunch. Upright O.P. Georgia plant habit with slightly savoyed blue-green leaves. Suggested primarily for fresh market but will work well for processing. High ratio of blade to stalk. It has very fast regrowth and excellent yield potential.

This hybrid kale features dark, blue-green foliage with an attractive, full curl on all leaves. Blue Ridge offers a semi-tall plant type, mid-season maturity and an extended yield. It also is slow to bolt or stretch. It is suitable for hand stripping or cutting for fresh market, mechanical harvesting and processing. Blue Ridge is widely adapted to all kale producing areas.



herbs & heirloom beet




Santo is fast growing and one of the first slowbolting varieties introduced. Santo has broad celery-like leaves, which can be harvested two or more times. This variety is very uniform and good for bunching. A widely-utilized herb variety with strong aroma. Monogerm seed available. Choose organic or non-organic seeds.

Chriseed’s selection of this strain produces broad, dark-green leaves with a very pleasant aroma. The well-branched plant grows to 12-18” and is moderately slow to bolt. Recommended for gardeners and commercial growers alike. Choose organic or non-organic seeds.

Bull’s Blood is an heirloom variety characterized by its deep reddish-purple leaf color. It makes a fine addition to salads when harvested young at the baby leaf stage. Its color is best in early spring or fall. Choose organic or non-organic seeds.

beet CHIOGGIA GUARDSMARK Chriseed’s notably improved Chioggia offers a vivid purple and white interior zoning along with a sweet flavor This beet is appealing to the adventurous home gardener and innovative fresh-market grower. Roots are flattened globe-shaped with short, attractive tops.

Kestrel’s hybrid vigor leads to early, uniform plant stand establishment. Its ability to develop a round shape at an early stage of growth makes it an excellent candidate for quality baby beet production. This variety can also be stored for extended periods of time when harvested at full maturity. Choose organic or non-organic seeds. IR: Cb



Our monogerm hybrid red beet Solo gives you the opportunity to singulate for precision planting. Early maturing with high yields, Solo also has healthy tops and high sugar content. IR: Cb / Rs

Touchstone Gold offers a root with vibrant interior color and little zoning. Combined with its striking leaf/petiole contrast and sweet, mild flavor, this beet is sure to catch your eye on the dinner plate. Choose organic or nonorganic seeds.

Disease terminology: IR = Intermediate resistance, Disease code: Cb - Leaf spot, Rs - Rhizoctonia root and crown rot.









Atlantis is a new Eastern melon from Sakata with round oval shape. It has excellent interior quality including firmness and consistently high sugar content for high consumer appeal. Can be used either as a shipper or farm market variety. R: Fom: 0-2 / Sf: 1, IR: Sf: 2

Avatar is an Eastern Shipper with a medium open cavity and firm flavorful orange flesh. Exterior is light green and turns to a yellow-tan when fully ripe. Oval shape melons are 7-9 lb and 8 x 7.5�. R: Fom: 0-2 / Sf: 1, IR: Sf: 2

Lilliput is a mini Eastern Shipper with a closed cavity and dark orange flesh with very sweet aromatic flavor. Exterior is light green turning to yellow-tan color and the stem slips when fully mature. Round shape melons are 3.5-5� in diameter. R: Fom: 0-2 / Sf: 1, IR: Sf: 2

Disease terminology: R = Resistance, IR = Intermediate resistance. Disease code: Fom - Fusarium wilt, Sf - Powdery mildew.

onion OVATION A late intermediate yellow that transitions into the long-day Spanish type. Ovation has firmness and excellent skin retention. Globe shaped, sizes range from jumbo to colossal. Ovation cuts a high percentage of single centers. Adaptable and grower friendly. In the PNW and CO it is a true intermediate. In CA and NM this is a good transitional variety. IR: Foc / Pt

SPANISH MEDALLION A late intermediate that transitions into the full Spanish long-day types. Spanish Medallion is firm with excellent skin retention. Adapted to mechanical harvest, this variety is globe to tall globe in shape and jumbo to colossal in size. Yields a high percentage of single centers and is tolerant to pink root and basal rot. Adaptable to the Northwest U.S., CO, CA. IR: Foc / Pt



Available from Abbott & Cobb and Siegers. Vidalia approved variety that offers early-mid maturity. Sweet Harvest has low pungency and high sugars. It has strong tops and holds up well under foliage diseases. Sweet Harvest is grower friendly, adaptable and has brown skins with good retention. Its thick granex shape will offer good competitive yields with sizes averaging jumbo. IR: Foc / Pt

Available from Abbott & Cobb and Siegers. Sweet Jasper is a large yellow granex-type hybrid onion for the Vidalia Georgia onion market. This main season variety offers large to jumbo+ sized onions with mild pungency and good sugars. Sweet Jasper is tolerant to pink root and basal rot. IR: Foc / Pt

Disease terminology: IR = Intermediate resistance. Disease code: Foc - Basal rot, Pt - Pink root.



pepper CLASSIC


New from Sakata, Classic is a green to red, high yielding bell that has outstanding fruit quality, with thick walls and uniform blocky fruit. Approaches greenhouse quality in the open field. R: Xcv: 1-3

Resistant to Xcv: 1-3, Grenada is well-adapted to the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and Caribbean. This large to extra-large cubanelle boasts smooth fruit with a shallow shoulder cavity. R: Xcv: 1-3



Jalafuego has a large vigorous plant with excellent yields of extra large, smooth, and very dark green fruit. This fruit has extra length that makes this jalape単o perfect for growing conditions that may cause fruit to shorten. R: PVY: 0.1.2/Xcv: 1-3

Magno produces jumbo fruit on vigorous, high yielding plants. Widely adapted, it works well throughout Mexico and the U.S. Fruit are smooth, very dark green and pungent. R: PVY: 0.1.2/Xcv: 1-3

Disease terminology: R = Resistance, Disease abbreviation code: PVY - Potato Y, Xcv - Bacterial spot.

squash - zucchini





A vigorous-growing, large-open, small-spined, easy-harvest plant with an aggressive-yielding medium dark green glossy fruit. This variety is suitable in all growing areas.

This variety may easily be one of the most productive varieties on the market. Uniform, cylindrical-shaped fruit produced on a large, open plant with minimal breakage makes for ease of harvest.

Southern Star produces long cylindrical fruit on a strong, sturdy, open plant. The fruit is medium green with small flecks and maintains its uniform shape throughout the harvest season. This variety is very widely adapted.





Captain Jack is an extra-large, dark orange Jack-o’-lantern type pumpkin. The thick flesh and flat bottom enables the fruit to stand on its own. The extremely large, thick embedded handle matches the large size of this pumpkin. Large and vigorous, this plant can support several fruits.

This blocky round pumpkin is ideal for the Jack-o’-lantern market. Diablo produces fruit with very uniform size and shape. This pumpkin has a beautiful dark orange color with a strong, dark green embedded handle.



This extremely uniform pumpkin has a very blocky shape with nice square shoulders and medium deep ribbing. Hijinks averages 7-9 lb fruit and has a nice long and dark-green handle which makes this variety ideal for school children.

The deeply wrinkled ribs and burnt orange color makes this pumpkin unique and an attention grabber. When you are looking for something different that stands out from the traditional JackO-Lantern pumpkin, Mrs. Wrinkles is the choice.





Cherriette offers similar maturity to Crunchy Red but with a brighter red color and shorter tops. This hybrid variety is uniform and slow to develop pith. Cherriette performs well under warmer conditions and yields better than O.P.s in this class.

Crunchy Crimson is the newest addition to Sakata’s leading hybrid radish program. This outstanding variety yields roots with superior quality and uniformity. Roots have bright red skin with excellent interior quality and are very slow to develop pith. This variety grows well under cool conditions.

Crunchy Royale is a dark red round radish ideal for bunching or cello pack. It yields high quality, extremely uniform roots. Overall, it offers excellent internal and external color and a high pack-out rate for growers.



squash - butternut & spaghetti ATLAS


This F1 hybrid butternut offers high yields of large, uniformlysized and shaped fruit. Atlas is a mid-maturing variety (110 days) with strong plant vigor and short vine. Fruit color is cream with dark orange flesh. This winter squash has a cylindrical shape with a slight bulb, making it very attractive.

Polaris is a medium-sized, traditional-shaped (Walthamtype) butternut squash for the fresh market. This strong and vigorous plant yields a high number of very uniformly sized and shaped fruit per plant. Polaris features a smooth tan exterior and bright orange interior. It has also shown good tolerance to cracking.



Primavera is a new high yielding hybrid vegetable spaghetti squash. It has similar size (2.5-3 lb) to the standard OP variety with nice canary yellow skin color at maturity. The fruit have excellent uniformity in size and shape growing on a restricted vine that does not get as long as the standard OP.

Quantum has exceptional uniformity of size and shape with a thick neck and small seed cavity. This hybrid’s strong, vigorous plant produces a high number of fruits per plant. Quantum features a smooth tan exterior and bright orange interior and is a greattasting butternut squash.

swiss chard





Chriseed’s Celebration is a multi-colored chard that exhibits highly-uniform plants with dark green, glossy leaves. It has vibrant multi-colored petioles and veinations with a high percentage of pink, yellow and orange chards. Great for producing full-sized specialty chard, baby leaf or ornamental bedding plants.

Peppermint is in class by itself. Its white petiole with pink stripes from bottom to top creates a visual pop. It has glossy, dark green, savoyed leaves. Peppermint is a bolt-tolerant swiss chard variety. It is a perfect variety for farmers markets, home gardens and mature chards.

Silverado is an innovative, slow-bolting chard which can be stripped for individual stems or harvested as a whole plant. The broad, white stems support heavily savoyed glossy, dark green leaves. Plants are more compact than Fordhook Giant for added efficiency. Choose organic or non-organic seeds.



spinach - semi-savoy PERSIUS


Persius is a fast-growing, erect spinach variety, that is well suited for processing and bunch markets. It has medium green, smooth, semi-oriental leaves. It is a moderate bolt-tolerant spinach variety. The preferred growing window is fall or early spring. Not available in OK, TX, AR, & NM. R: Ao / Pfs: 1, 3, 5, 8, 9, 11, 12, UA4410

Regal is a dark green, semi-savoy spinach variety that can be used for baby leaf and bunch markets. It is an erect spinach variety making it well suited for dense plantings for baby leaf production. It has a slow to moderate bolt tolerance with a moderate growth rate. R: Ao / Pfs: 1-7, 9, 11, 13



Thor (SPC401) is a slow-growing spinach variety. It has dark green, round savoyed leaves, that make it an attractive spinach variety. Thor is a very versatile variety that can be used for baby leaf, bunch and fresh markets. This variety has moderate bolt tolerance, therefore a preferred growing window is early spring or late fall. R: Ao / Pfs: 1-4

Tyee is a household name in the spinach industry. It is the standard of quality performance for savoy spinach growers due to its slow bolting, slow growing and exceptional flavor. It has medium dark green, erect leaves that are perfect for baby leaf, clip, bunch and home garden markets. Organic & Conventional seeds available. R: Pfs: 1, 3, 5, 8, 9, 11, 12, UA4410

Disease terminology: R = Resistance, Disease code: Ao - White Rust, Pfs - Downy mildew. Please note that Ao resistance is not complete resistance. The resistant varieties will be much slower in symptom development when the pathogen is present.

spinach - smooth & savoy




Clipper is a dark green, smooth leaf slow growing spinach variety. It has uniform, semi-erect, round leaves. Clipper can be used for a wide range of spinach markets, such as baby leaf, bunch, fresh markets and mature, due to its slow bolting and dark green leaves. R: Pfs: 1-7, 9, 11, 13

Olympia is a medium green, smooth-leaf spinach variety. Olympia has a nice uniform, oval leaf shape. It has an average growth rate and it has a moderate bolt tolerance. Olympia is a versatile spinach variety. It can be used for baby leaf, bunch, fresh markets and mature. R: Pfs: 1, 3, 5, 8, 9, 11, 12, UA4410

Tortoiseshell is a beautiful dark green, smooth-leaf spinach variety. It has nice thick, oval leaves. Tortoiseshell is a slow growing, erect, bolt-tolerant spinach variety and is very versatile. It can be used for baby leaf, bunch, clip, fresh markets and mature. R: Pfs: 1-7, 9, 11, 13



tomato CHARGER


Charger is a very high-yielding determinate salad variety featuring a combination of TYLCV intermediate resistance and Fol: 1-3 resistance. It shows wide adaptability for Eastern U.S. through Central America for markets requiring extra-large fruit. The fruit are very firm and smooth shouldered with excellent color for mature green and vine-ripe markets. Plants are medium to tall and benefit from light to no pruning. R: Aal / Fol: 1-3 / Vd: 1 IR: Ss / TYLCV: Is

Mariana is popular in many NAFTA and Central American markets due to its reliability, versatility and excellent quality. It is well suited for mature-green and vine-ripe harvesting and performs well on ground and staked culture. Plants are strong, medium compact and produce high yields of smooth extra large and large, high quality fruit with very good uniformity, firmness and shelf life. R: Aal / Fol: 1, 2 / Mi^ / Vd: 1 IR: Ss



A productive variety that produces extra-large and large fruit in trials. Plants are strong, medium in size are set well in the heat. Fruit are high quality, firm and have good shelf life at maturity. Tachi is adapted for mature-green and vine-ripe production. Tachi has resistance to root knot nematode and intermediate resistance to TSWV. R: Aal / Fol: 1, 2 /Mi ^ / Vd: 1 IR: TSWV

Tribute is a high-yielding variety featuring intermediate resistance to TSWV and TYLCV, with good heat setting ability. It is well adapted for Eastern U.S. production. It has large, firm, uniform green-shouldered, smooth-shouldered and globe-shaped fruit. Plants are medium tall and benefit from light to no pruning. R: Aal / Fol: 1, 2 / Vd: 1 IR: Ss / TSWV /TYLCV: Is

Disease terminology: R = Resistance, IR = Intermediate resistance. Disease code: Aal - Alternaria stem canker, Ff - Leaf mold, Fol - Fusarium wilt, For - Fusarium crown and root rot, Mi - Root knot, Ss - Gray leaf spot, ToMV - Tomato mosaic, TSWV - Tomato spotted wilt, TYLCV: Is - Tomato yellow leaf curl rivus: Israel Strain, Vd - Verticillium wilt. ^ - Soil temperatures above 80.6 째F (27째C) and other stress conditions may cause Mi resistance to break.

tomato - grape & cherry





Sweet Hearts is a leading grape tomato that is brilliant red, has excellent flavor, shelf life and resistance to cracking. Indeterminate plants have good vigor and produce early, impressive yields with continuous sets and full clusters of very firm fruit of excellent quality. Sweet Hearts is well suited for single fruit harvest and adapted for both indoor and outdoor production. R: Ff: A-E / Fol: 1 /ToMV: 0-2, IR: Ss

Sweet Treats is a unique large-fruited, pink cherry tomato with a delicious flavor. Smooth globe-shaped fruit have a beautiful deep pink tone and a rich flavor with great texture with cracking resistance. Fruit weight is around 20-30 grams. Plants are strong and vigorous with high-yield potential and very good disease resistance. Ideal for home garden, roadside and specialized retail. R: Ff: A-E / Fol: 1, 2 / ToMV: 0, 1, IR: For / Ss

Sweet Zen is a determinate red grape tomato with early maturity, and bright red fruits that weigh 13-14 grams. Good Brix. Tolerant to heat. Firm fruits handle shipping well. Can be used outdoors or indoors. Extended harvest type.







This tendergreen type variety offers very rapid growth and earlier re-growth. Southern Green has very dark green and smooth leaves on a tall plant. High yield potential.

Topper is a Seven Top-type hybrid that is heavy yielding. It has a large, broad and serrated leaf with a deep green color. It also has good bolting tolerance and vigorous re-growth ability for multiple harvests.

This Topper-type hybrid is an early maturing variety. Top Star offers good re-growth capability compared to O.P. varieties. The yield potential shown for this variety gives growers a new option in improving their yield performance.

watermelon AFFIRMED


Affirmed features bright red flesh with good demarcation and improved dense flesh. Affirmed is well suited for all major markets and diverse growing regions. Uniform and consistent yields of 18-20 lb fruits.

Bold Ruler is a high quality seedless hybrid with early set in cool conditions. Very high yield potential with uniform 16-18 lb fruit on a vigorous vine. The bright red flesh with dense texture is crisp and sweet.



Citation is Sakata’s new generation of high quality seedless that is a true 60 count watermelon. Citation sets well in cool conditions with a high number of quality fruit per plant. Citation is an early maturing variety with beautiful internal demarcation and deep red, dense flesh. Citation has very good holding ability and shelf life. It is widely adapted to many geographic locations.

Well known in the market place, Yellow Buttercup is considered one of the top yellow-fleshed varieties. Bright yellow flesh and crisp texture with great eating qualities make Yellow Buttercup a must for your growing schedule.



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