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July 2010





Mercedes-Benz' F800 Style - Efficiency Paired with Elegance and Avant-garde Design

OEConnection’s Customer Care Center Named “Best In Class” For 3rd Consecutive Year ASA Members Meet with Capitol Hill Leaders to Discuss Replacement Crash Parts

MECHANICAL NEWS U.S. Senate Committee Urged to Stop Right to Repair Act

DEALER NEWS Major House Committee Passes Motor Vehicle Safety Legislation NADA Statement on Mercury Phase-Out Auto Dealer Language in Wall

Mercedes-Benz’ F800 Style research vehicle is showing the future of premium automobiles from a new perspective, as the five-seat premium sedan combines highly efficient drive technologies with unparalleled safety and convenience features and an emotive design idiom, which interprets current Mercedes-Benz styling in line with

the brand’s hallmark attribute of refined performance. The F800 Style has a spacious interior full of intelligent seating, operating, and display concepts. Another unique feature of the large sedan is an all-new multi drive platform, which accomF800 Please Turn to Page 4


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F800 From Front Cover modates electric drives with fuel cells (enabling ranges of almost 375 miles) as well as the use of Plug-in Hybrids that can drive for up to 18 miles solely on electricity. Both variants of the F800 Style therefore make locally emissionfree mobility possible at the level of a premium-class automobile, while at the same time being fully suited for everyday driving and providing a dynamic driving experience. “We are dedicated to reconciling our responsibility for the environment with practical customer utility in a fascinating automobile,” says Dr. Thomas Weber, the Daimler Board of Management member responsible for Group Research and

ticular to the electric drive with fuel cell, which has been enhanced by MercedesBenz to be compact and powerful. The front end’s compact package was made possible through the consistent downsizing of all F-CELL components. As a result, the entire interior space is preserved and offers plenty of room for five occupants.

be recharged either at a charging station or a household power socket. Thanks to its powerful and high-torque hybrid module, in the city the F800 Style can run exclusively on electricity, therefore without generating any local emissions. Because it also has high torque right from the moment it starts, the vehicle has the same driving performance as a car with a V6 gasoline engine even when operating in electric mode. The F800 Style with the Plug-in Hybrid can run purely on electricity for up to 18 miles. The F800 Style research vehicle therefore marks a further important step in the creation of a market-ready Plug-in Hybrid. MercedesBenz will begin series production of the S500 Plug-in Hybrid with the introduction of the next-generation S-Class. T h e e l e c tric drive

F800 Style with Plug-in Hybrid: Outstanding per-

Mercedes-Benz Cars Development. “The new F800 Style research vehicle combines this commitment to providing the leading innovative drive concepts with our traditional Mercedes strengths in the areas of design, safety, comfort, and outstanding performance.” A glance into the future of pioneering premium sedans Within the 15.5-foot external length of the F800 Style, all of the components of the vehicle’s efficient and environmentally compatible alternative drives (Plug-in Hybrid or fuel cell drive system) are installed in a space-saving manner in the engine compartment and the gaps within the chassis. Each of the drive systems takes up comparatively little space for the installation. This applies in par

Southern Automotive Journal

formance despite emissions of only 68 grams CO2 per kilometer In combination with the very powerful Plug-in Hybrid drive system, the F800 Style is a very dynamic expression of the concept of “fascination and responsibility.” Its drive unit consists of a V6 gasoline engine with an output of 300 hp with next-generation direct injection and a hybrid module with an output 109 hp so that it delivers a total power of around 409 hp. The lithium-ion battery with a storage capacity of >10 kWh can July 2010

co m p onent s in the F800 Style with the Plug-in Hybrid once again demonstrate the versatility of MercedesBenz’ extensively scalable modular hybrid system. The hybrid system can be expanded in various ways, depending on performance needs and the area of application. On this basis, it is possible to combine hybrid modules and batteries of different performance ratings with fuel-efficient, high-torque gasoline and diesel engines. Examples range from the current mild hybrids all the way to Plugin Hybrids that enable pure electric driving over long distances. In developing the F800 Style with Plug-in Hybrid, the Mercedes engineers specifically focused on improving the pure electric driving in urban traffic. Thanks to high power F800 Continued on Next Page

reserves, the F800 Style in e-mode easily masters all kinds of city traffic while producing no local emissions. Flexible, secure, and fully suited to everyday use: The F800 Style with electric drive and fuel cell technology The F800 Style also offers clean driving pleasure in the variant equipped with an electric drive based on fuel cell technology. The vehicle’s electric motor develops around 136 hp as well as a strong torque of approximately 214 lb-ft. The fuel cell generates the traction current by chemically reacting hydrogen with oxygen onboard the vehicle, producing water vapor in the process as the only emission. The new Mercedes-Benz research vehicle has the fuel cell located in the front, while the compact electric motor is installed near the rear axle. The lithium-ion battery is located behind the rear seats and is protected as well as possible against the effects of accidents, as are the four hydrogen tanks. Two of the tanks are located in the transmission tunnel between the passengers, while the other two are underneath the rear seat. F800 Style with further innovations for more comfort and safety In addition to a multi-drive platform that is unparalleled for large sedans and the combination of different alternative drive technologies, the F800 Style features many other technological innovations, such as a new multi-function display concept and a human-machine interface (HMI) with a cam touchpad. The display shows many additional functions not typically found in conventional instrument clusters. The F800 Style’s display concept focuses for the first time primarily on electric driving functions. HMI with cam (camera) touchpad for intuitive and precise operation The new cam touchpad HMI is an intelligent expansion of the COMAND

system. For many years now, MercedesBenz has been forging ahead with the development of innovative operating and display systems. A particularly userfriendly innovation is being presented in the F800 Style. The HMI unit here consists of a touchpad on the center console and a camera that records video images of the user’s hand as it works the pad. The live image of the hand is presented in t r a n s p a rent form

in the central display above the console. The user sees the contours of his or her fingers glide across the image without covering anything, thus ensuring that all of the functions of the currently used menu remain visible so that they can be easily operated by applying slight pressure to the touchpad. Pressing the display with one’s fingers generates a feeling similar to that of touching laptop keys so that users know when they are carrying out specific actions. The cam touchpad HMI unit recognizes finger movements on the pad surface such as wiping, pushing, turning, and zooming, thus enabling intuitive regulation of the climate control system, telephone, stereo and navigation systems, and Internet access. The unit enhances active safety as well, because it is extremely easy and convenient to use and therefore does not distract the driver as much from the actual task of driving. July 2010

And unlike conventional touchscreens, the HMI cam touchpad does not get smudged with fingerprints. New DISTRONIC PLUS Traffic Jam Assistant further reduces the stress of driving Back in 2006, Mercedes-Benz introduced DISTRONIC PLUS, the world’s first proximity and speed control system that operates even when the car is standing still. The system substantially reduces the stress for drivers in dense traffic, as it regulates the distance from the vehicle in front even at very low speeds all the way down to a standstill. With its new DISTRONIC PLUS Traffic Jam Assistant feature in the F800 Style, M e rce d es- B e n z has also become the world’s first automaker to implement a system that is also capable of automatically following the vehicle in front of it into curves. The system recognizes the difference between driving along curving roads and turning, which means it does not “blindly” follow the vehicle up in front — for example, when it changes lanes in order to exit the highway. The result is that at speeds of up to about 25 mph, the Traffic Jam Assistant function takes care of both longitudinal and transverse movements so that drivers do not have to steer themselves. The driver can just sit back and relax — with hands on the steering wheel. When the 25 mph mark is exceeded, the steering torque that keeps the vehicle in its lane is gradually reduced to a point at which the Traffic Jam Assistant smoothly disengages. Drivers can, of course, override the system at any time. Sensitive sensors notice active steering movements, thus automatically deactivating the system’s lateral control function. PRE-SAFE 360° improves safety in rearend collisions F800 Please Turn to Page 28 Southern Automotive Journal

Dealers to Conferees: Auto Dealer Language is Pro-Consumer and Prevailed in Both the House and Senate The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) urges House and Senate conferees to keep finance options for car buyers affordable and accessible when considering legislation to overhaul the nation’s financial system. “The House and Senate sent a very clear and bipartisan message that Main Street auto dealerships should not be in a Wall Street reform bill,” says David Regan, NADA vice president of legislative affairs. During consideration of the Wall Street reform legislation, members of Congress voted to keep in place the sound regulatory structure that has allowed millions of consumers to buy new vehicles at competitive interest rates instead of creating an uncertain regulatory regime under a new agency. Late last year, a strong bipartisan majority in the House Financial Services Committee voted 47-21 to support an auto dealer amendment, sponsored by Rep. John Campbell, R-Calif, which seeks to keep dealer-assisted financing a competitive option for auto shoppers. The amendment was retained in the final House bill. On May 24, the Senate, by an overwhelming bipartisan margin (60-30), voted to support a “motion to instruct the conferees” offered by Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., to keep the auto dealer language in the conference report. “Auto dealerships are not banks. Dealers help consumers find affordable credit by arranging financing through a network of third-party lenders,” Regan said. “Dealerships do not underwrite, fund or service auto loans or leases and those that do will be subject to the new agency’s regulations, even under the Brownback/Campbell auto dealer language.” Regan further emphasized that the new consumer agency proposed in the bill would have direct federal oversight over all auto loans. All banks, finance companies, credit unions and, dealerships that directly fund and service auto loans would also be regulated. Regan said that false allegations by various groups were an attempt to confuse lawmakers, but many in Congress realized that the claims are without merit. For instance, baseless claims regarding dealer practices toward the military

Southern Automotive Journal

were dismissed because no data exists to back up the claims. In fact, when the Department of Defense presented a comprehensive report on predatory lending directed at the military in 2006, the report did not specifically identify dealer-assisted financing as a problem, instead focusing on payday loans, auto title lending, and refund anticipation loans. Similarly false claims alleging discriminatory practices also did not withstand scrutiny. A study cited by opponents failed to factor in an individual’s creditworthiness when determining a loan’s interest rate. Congress also recognized that the Brownback/Campbell auto dealer language preserves all existing state and federal consumer protection statutes and regulations that govern dealer-assisted financing. Dealers’ retail financing activity would continue to be effectively regulated by the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Trade Commission. Regan urged the bill’s conferees to remember that dealer-assisted financ-

ing is optional for car buyers and provides more convenience, more competition and more choices for consumers. Dealers’ relationships with numerous lenders allow them to help consumers find more competitive financing. Often an automaker’s captive finance company enables dealers to provide 0 percent financing, which banks and credit unions do not offer. “The vast majority of Congress looked at the facts and clearly saw that auto financing did not cause the financial crisis,” Regan said. Auto financing is sound because lenders must look primarily to the borrower for repayment, since financing is secured by a depreciating asset (the vehicle). Since 2004, 60day auto loan delinquencies have never exceeded 1 percent, even during the worst of the recent recession. “Consumers win when they have multiple financing options. Conferees must keep auto financing affordable for consumers from all walks of life by keeping competition in the marketplace,” Regan added. n

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July 2010

Major House Committee Passes Motor Vehicle Safety Legislation the agency charged with protecting the The U.S. House of Representatives’ particular, introduced by U.S. Rep. Joe public from unsafe vehicles, had plenty Committee on Energy and Commerce Barton, R-Texas, ranking member of the of evidence that there was a problem. held a markup session on H.R. 5381, committee, has importance to indepenthe “Motor dent repairV e h i c l e ers. Barton Other key provisions in the legislation: Safety Act of proposed that 2010.” U.S. the text of • Establishes Center for Vehicle Electronics and Emerging Technologies Rep. Henry the original Waxman, Dlegislation be Calif., chair- • Provides for new safety standards related to electronics and unintended acceleration modified so man of the that consumco m m i t te e, ers would have • Establishes provisions for accelerator control systems opened the the choice of markup seswhether or not • Provides for increased transparency at NHTSA by requirsion by statto have event ing that more early warning reporting data be made public ing, “This is data recorders important or black boxes legislation installed in • Provides for increased public accessibility to data that has the their passenpotential to ger vehicles. • Improves vehicle defect reporting system dramatically Barton argued improve vehithat there was cle safety into an invasion of But it lacked the expertise, the resources the future. This year, we have seen why privacy involved with this part of the and the will to force a recall. The legislawe need to reform our auto safety laws. legislation, and that consumers’ infortion before us today will address many Toyota received thousands of complaints mation should be kept confidential. The of these problems and advance auto of sudden unintended acceleration, amendment was withdrawn. and highway safety.” but never thoroughly investigated the The Motor Vehicle Safety Act There were several amendments possible causes. The National Highway passed the committee by a 31-21 vote. offered during the bill markup. One in Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), n

July 2010

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States Strengthen Seat Belt and Texting Laws The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) applauds Georgia, Kansas and Vermont for enacting new laws to improve highway safety in their states. Kansas and Georgia strengthened their seat belt and distracted driving laws, while all three states have banned texting for all drivers. Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue recently signed a bill that removed a pickup truck exemption in that state’s seat belt law. Now, all Georgians must ‘Click It or Ticket.’ State estimates indicate at least 100 lives annually will be saved by requiring pickup drivers to be belted. Today, Governor Perdue also signed a bill banning cell phone use for novice drivers as well a ban on texting

for all drivers. Georgia is now the 28th state to ban texting for all drivers. Earlier this week, Vermont Governor Jim Douglas added his state to the list of those with a texting while driving ban. In only three years since the first statewide texting ban, states have been quickly acting to address this problem. GHSA expects more states to come on board in the near future. Last week, Kansas Governor Mark Parkinson signed a primary seat belt bill that allows Kansas police to stop drivers who are not buckled up. Prior to this, Kansas law enforcement officers could only issue tickets for failure to wear a seat belt if a driver was stopped for another traffic violation, such as

speeding. The new law also requires all vehicle occupants to buckle up, not just those in the front seat. Kansas will get $11 million in federal funding for passing the new law, which becomes effective June 10. Governor Parkinson also recently signed a statewide texting while driving ban. GHSA Executive Director Barbara Harsha notes, “Georgia, Vermont and Kansas have set a good example for other states by strengthening their highway safety laws. We know that primary seat belt laws are the single most effective thing states can do to save lives on their roads. And texting bans send the message that drivers need to focus on the task at hand—driving.”n

U.S. Senate Committee Urged to Stop Right to Repair Act The U.S. Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee will soon consider the Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 2010. Key Senate insiders anticipate that the Motor Vehicle Owners’ Right to Repair Act, Senate Bill 3181, may be offered as an amendment to this important safety legislation. The U.S. Senate Commerce Committee is the same committee that held a hearing on the so-called Right to Repair Act in the summer of 2002. At

that time, the committee challenged the Automotive Service Association (ASA) and the automakers to strive for a voluntary, industry agreement that would resolve vehicle service information issues. ASA and the automakers signed an agreement in the fall of 2002 ensuring independent repairers have access to the same service information, tools and training available to franchised new car dealers. The agreement provided that

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July 2010

the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) would serve as a forum to address service information, tool and training concerns. The success of NASTF has been recognized at both the state and federal levels of government. as well as by the automotive industry. ASA opposes S. 3181 and asks independent repairers to contact their U.S. senators requesting that they stop the so-called Right to Repair Act from moving forward in the Senate.n

GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test Finds 38 Million American Drivers May be Unfit for Roads The 2010 GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test released recently found that nearly 1 in 5 licensed drivers – roughly 38 million Americans – would not pass a written drivers test exam if taken today. Kansas drivers ranked first in the nation (82.3 percent average score); New York drivers ranked last (70 percent average score). Full results can be found at www. The sixth annual survey polled 5,202 licensed Americans from 50 states and the District of Columbia, gauging driver knowledge by administering 20 questions taken from state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) exams. Additional questions explored distracting habits such as texting while driving. Overall, findings indicate a number of licensed Americans continue to lack knowledge of basic rules of the road; the national average score decreased to 76.2 percent from 76.6 percent in 2009. Eighty-five percent could not

identify the correct action to take when approaching a steady yellow traffic light, and many remained confused by safe following distances. “It’s discouraging to see that overall average test scores are lower than last year,” said Wade Bontrager, senior vice president, GMAC Insurance. “American drivers need to make safety a top priority and be aware of the rules of the road at all times. The National Drivers Test allows everyone to brush up on their driving knowledge with a brief refresher course.” When analyzed regionally, the results reveal that drivers in the Northeast may not be as road-rule savvy as their Midwestern counterparts. The Northeast had the lowest average test scores (74.9 percent) and had the highest failure rate (25.1 percent). The Midwest region had the highest average test scores (77.5 percent) and the lowest failure rates (11.9 percent).

Results also indicate that the older the driver, the higher the score. Males over 45 earned the highest average test score. Males also out-performed females overall in terms of average score (78.1 percent male versus 74.4 percent female) and failure rates (24 percent female versus 18.1 percent male). Additional questions from the survey reveal drivers conduct a variety of distracting behaviors behind the wheel; approximately 1 in 4 participants admitted to driving while talking on a cell phone, eating and adjusting the radio or selecting songs on an iPod. However, only five percent reported they text while driving. Overall, a significantly higher percentage of females than males reported engaging in the following distracting situations: conversation with passengers, selecting songs on an iPod or CD/adjusting the radio, talking on a cell phone, eating, applying make-up and reading.n

ASA Collision Committee Holds Meeting in D.C. The Automotive Service Association (ASA) Collision Division Operations Committee recently met in Washington, D.C., to discuss several topics affecting the collision repair industry. The open meeting was held prior to the ASA “Taking the Hill” Fly-In May 11-12, and is currently available on, a collision industry news source that archived the event. Throughout the meeting, the ASA volunteer leadership focused on sev-

eral topics tied to the ASA ‘Taking the Hill’ Fly-In, which addressed consumer consent to the use of replacement crash parts in vehicle repair, as well as the regulation of replacement crash parts; the importance of periodic motor vehicle safety inspection programs; and full repeal of the McCarran-Ferguson Act. Committee members also discussed current industry topics regarding paintless dent repair. “As the new ASA Collision Division

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director, it was an honor and a privilege to address the many concerns of the collision repairer and to work with such a professional team of individuals. As our industry continues to face tough issues head-on, open and thoughtful dialogue is vital in gaining knowledge, making sound decisions and improving our industry,” said Dan Stander of Jerry Stander’s Collision Works, Littleton,

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July 2010

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New SCRS Member Benefit Makes It Easy for Shops to Harness the Marketing Power of Social Media Internet technology continues to change the marketing landscape for collision repairers. Savvy professionals realize that having an online presence means more than maintaining a website. A variety of new Internet-based tools now make it possible for shops to increase their brand awareness, inter-

act directly with their customers, and, in general, provide a more customerfocused message than ever before. Leading the way are social media sites like Facebook® and Twitter®. “Social media sites aren’t just for fun anymore, especially when they are integrated right into the website of a business,” states SCRS Chairman Barry

Dorn. “They help a shop extend its marketing reach, get its message out quickly, and provide a way to build personal relationships with prospects and customers never before possible.” Aware of the tremendous upside social media marketing can bring to a collision repair business, the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) is pleased to announce its newest member benefit: social media management services offered at a preferred rate. Made available through an agreement with Admin Concepts, Inc.—marketing specialists with over ten years of experience serving the collision repair industry—the comprehensive program makes it possible for even the busiest repairers to tap into the marketing power of social media. “Many repairers want to market themselves through social media websites, but they just don’t have the time or expertise to do so,” explains Jordan Hendler, president of Admin Concepts, Inc. “That’s okay—we do all the work for them so they can get started using these low-cost, individualized sales and marketing outlets right away. We walk them through the process so they are comfortable from the minute they sign up.” Subscribers gain access to a complete program with a wide-range of services, which makes the package especially valuable. Not only will SRCS Please Turn to Page 22


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July 2010

2010 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Offers On-road Refinement, Off-road Capability and Premium Amenities

Since its introduction in 1992, Jeep® Grand Cherokee revolutionized the sport-utility (SUV) market. With unsurpassed traction capability and power, Jeep Grand Cherokee is designed, engineered and built to master every imaginable day-to-day driving condition, whether on- or off-road. For 2010, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is available in Laredo and Limited models. Jeep Grand Cherokee features a standard 3.7-liter V-6 engine which delivers 210 horsepower (157 kW) @ 5,200 rpm and 235 lb.-ft. (319 N•m) of torque @ 4,000 rpm. An exhaustgas recirculation valve improves fuel economy. The optional 5.7-liter HEMI® V-8 with Variable-valve Timing (VVT) generates 357 horsepower (259 kW) and 389 lb.-ft. (520 N•m) of torque. The HEMI’s fuel-saving Multi-displacement System (MDS) seamlessly shifts to smooth, high-fuel-economy four-cylinder mode when less power is needed and to V-8 mode when more power is in demand.

The MDS system optimizes fuel economy without sacrificing vehicle performance or capability. The short- and long-arm (SLA) independent front suspension on Grand Cherokee gives the driver a greater sense of precision and control and more precise steering, while also reducing vehicle weight and head toss, all without compromising the vehicle’s off-road performance. The five-link rear-suspension geometry, including a track bar, improves lateral stiffness to match that of the front suspension for optimum handling. The Jeep Grand Cherokee’s standard Electronic Stability Program (ESP), helps the driver maintain vehicle directional stability in severe maneuvers on any type of surface. Signals from sensors throughout the vehicle determine the appropriate brake and throttle adjustments which give the vehicle directional stability. Rack-and-pinion steering gives the driver more precise steering, providing quick response during all types of July 2010

maneuvers. Jeep Grand Cherokee customers who want the assurance of full-time four-wheel drive without any switches or levers will find Quadra-Trac I® ideal. The NV140 single-speed transfer case splits torque 48/52 percent (front/rear) and is available on Grand Cherokee vehicles equipped with the 3.7-liter V-6 engine. Jeep Grand Cherokee’s QuadraTrac II® 4x4 system gives customers the benefit of the NV245 two-speed active transfer case and the Brake-traction Control System (BTCS). The Quadra-Drive II® Jeep 4x4 system offers customers the ultimate in offroad capability. It combines the NV245 full-time transfer case with an Electronic Limited-Slip Differential (ELSD) for unsurpassed tractive performance. The Jeep Grand Cherokee’s fourwheel-drive systems are Trail Rated®. The Jeep Trail Rated badge on the 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee shows that the vehicle Jeep Please Turn to Page 27 Southern Automotive Journal


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Nation’s Top High School Auto Techs Compete for Opportunity to ‘Tune-up’ their Skills with Roush Fenway Racing AAA and Roush Fenway Racing today announced that the nation’s best young automotive technicians from the 2010 Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills Competition will receive a dream learning experience—a week behind the scenes with the No. 16 Roush Fenway Racing Con-way Freight team. This month, the winning students will job shadow the race team leading up to and during the Kroger 200, benefiting Riley Hospital for Children NASCAR race at O’Reilly Raceway Park in Indianapolis. In addition, the students will have the opportunity to interact at-track with one of racing’s most successful and recognized crew chiefs, Larry McReynolds, who will serve as the national spokesperson for the Ford/AAA Auto Skills program this year. “The thousands of dedicated young people who put their hearts and souls into winning the nation’s premier competition for aspiring automotive technicians truly are the future of the automotive industry,” said Roush Fenway Racing Team Owner Jack Roush. “These students have shown they have character, drive and determination to be a winner in life and on the race track. That’s why Roush Fenway Racing is proud to join with Ford and AAA for a third year to encourage more students to consider career choices in motorsports, auto repairs or other

fields of automotive technology.” The once-in-a-lifetime learning experience with Roush Fenway Racing is one of the grand prizes for the twoperson team that wins the Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills National Finals. The No. 16 Con-way Freight team will open up their race shop and garage to the students to give them an in-depth look at auto technicians in the fast-paced world of NASCAR. The winners also will have an opportunity to interact and glean valuable insights from McReynolds at-track. “I am excited to serve as the national spokesperson for the Ford/AAA Auto Skills program,” said McReynolds, who is currently seen weekly on various national television networks as a NASCAR on-air analyst. “As a former crew chief, I know the amount of hard work, dedication and attention to detail that goes into being competitive and successful in the racing industry. I look forward to meeting the national champions and offering any advice I can to assist them in their future development and career aspirations.” This learning experience will begin July 20 at the Roush Fenway Racing facility in Mooresville, N.C. For two days, the students will get to shadow the No. 16 crew at the race shop as they prepare for the upcoming race at O’Reilly Raceway Park on July 24. The students and their instructor will

then travel with the team to Indianapolis, where they will serve as honorary pit crew members during the NASCAR race weekend, as well as participate in a meet-and-greet with McReynolds, who led drivers to 23 NASCAR Cup victories as a crew chief, including a pair of Daytona 500 checkered flags (and Dale Earnhardt’s only win in the famed race in 1998). AAA and Ford—along with other affiliated companies—sponsor the nation’s largest competition for high school automotive technology students, giving thousands of teens the keys to start their careers in the automotive service industry. The competition began in February when nearly 10,500 high school juniors and seniors took an online exam testing their automotive technology knowledge. The top scorers in each state advanced to a hands-on competition in their state’s finals. Working as a two-person team representing their high school, they raced to correctly identify and fix intentionally installed ‘bugs’ on Mercury Milan vehicles. Each championship team from all 50 states advanced to the National Finals at Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn, Mich., June 13-15. Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills "Tune-up" Please turn to Page 24


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In Pursuit of the Perfect Pitch It’s a dramatic moment. In an ultra-modern audio studio, a Pearl White Lexus LFA supercar faces its challenger: a lone crystal champagne flute on a pedestal alongside a sleek amplifier. The vehicle’s keyless ignition is engaged, and its rear wheels start spinning on a dynamometer. The engine roars louder and louder, the speedometer clicks past 150, 160, 170 mph. That’s when the glass quivers and shimmies until – kshhh! – the flute shatters in gorgeous slow motion. In this latest commercial from Lexus, which begins airing today, the LFA’s signature engine sound achieves a feat reserved for virtuoso performers. The unique sound of 552-horsepower engine, which helps the vehicle reach top speeds in excess of 200 mph, shatters the glass without the use of CGI or camera tricks. “The glass is actually broken by the precision sound of the vehicle,” said Dave Nordstrom, vice president of marketing for Lexus. “We wanted to show just how deep our pursuit of perfection and commitment to innovation goes. The LFA was designed to deliver its own unique exhaust note, and this illustrates that beautifully.” Lexus worked with a team of engineers to enhance the acoustics of



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the LFA’s 4.8L engine by meticulously tuning its multi-stage exhaust system. From the elegant, yet understated idle rumble to the goosebump-worthy wail of the high-revving V10 engine, the LFA was deliberately engineered to deliver a sound unlike that of any other road car. After studying the unmistakable soundtrack generated by Formula 1 cars at maximum revs, the team created the signature LFA sound beginning by emphasizing the secondary combustion frequency of the engine and then introducing primary, secondary and tertiary firing harmonics. The note is so unique that Lexus has even created an LFA ringtone that can be downloaded for free at http:// (click “Digital Premium”). For the commercial titled “Pitch,” Lexus employed a renowned physicist from a leading university to help determine which type of champagne glasses have the same frequency as the LFA’s revving engine. (The pitch of the glass needed to precisely match the pitch of the engine in order for the flute to shatter.) Lexus race car driver Scott Pruett then “drove” on the dynamometer until the engine revved to 7,000-9,000 rpmcreating just the right frequency of vibration to break the glass. And, yes,

205-909-2129 877-276-2129

the entire crew wore earplugs during filming. It’s not the first time Lexus has used champagne glasses in an ad. Now an almost iconic expression of the brand’s pursuit of perfection and pioneering innovation, they were originally used in the brand’s launch commercial in 1989. In one of the most memorable TV spots in history, the new LS sedan revved to high RPMs as a pyramid of champagne glasses was carefully stacked on the car’s hood. As the speedometer approached top speeds, champagne was poured into the top glass and elegantly flowed into the glasses below—without spilling a drop or razing the pyramid. Most recently, in a 2006 commercial, the ground-breaking park assist feature on the LS 460 was engaged to dramatically and precisely parallel park the vehicle between two giant pyramids of champagne glasses—without touching a glass. “Pitch” can be viewed at YouTube. com/lexusvehicles. It will air primarily on cable television and during sporting events such as the 2010 Major League Baseball All-Star Game and the USGA U.S. Open Championship. A 3-D version of the spot will play in theaters beginning July 2 to coincide with the debut of a 3-D summer blockbuster.n

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Morpace Reports: More Compact and Mid-Size Utility Vehicles Expected in Consumer Driveways Consumers asked to predict how their household fleets are changing suggest faster growth for compact and mid-size cross over (CUV) and sport utility vehicles (SUV) compared to other automotive segments. Results from the May, 2010, Morpace Omnibus Study show slightly more than 20 percent of consumers confirmed that in 2005, at least one of the vehicles in their driveway was either a compact or mid-size crossover or sport utility, said Bill Pendry, Vice President of Complexity Management for Morpace. Today, 27 percent of consumers report owning one of these vehicles. In addition 31 percent of consumers predict they will own one in 2013.

Compact CUV/SUV models include the Ford Escape, Honda CR-V, Jeep Liberty, and Toyota RAV4. Midsize CUV/SUV models include the Ford Explorer, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Toyota Highlander. "Our study suggests the only other segment expected to gain share by 2013 is the luxury CUV/SUV segment, though its share will remain small, with 3 percent of consumers owning such a vehicle," Pendry said. This segment includes vehicles such as the Cadillac Escalade, Lexus RX350, and Mercedes GL class. "The Morpace study results are consistent with current sales trends," Pendry said. "Compared to other seg-

ments, compact and mid-size CUV/SUV models are showing greater percentage gains in sales in 2010 vs. 2009." It is important to understand that reported percentage gains are shares of household fleets, Pendry added. He expects that all segments will show sales growth over the next few years, even as their shares of household fleets adjust. "Car manufacturers would do well to follow these trends," Pendry said. "Many new models of sub-compact, compact, and mid-size cars have been and will be introduced. Meanwhile consumers will have a growing interest in the style and utility value found in compact and mid-size crossover and sport utility vehicles."n

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Providing a Highly Satisfying Service Experience for Vehicle Owners May Lead to a Fourfold Increase in Customer Retention Providing vehicle owners with a highly satisfying service experience may have a considerable impact on customer retention, according to the J.D. Power and Associates/What Car? 2010 UK Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study (VOSS)(SM) released today. The study finds that vehicle owners who are highly satisfied (satisfaction scores of 900 or above) with their service experience are approximately four times more likely to return to that dealer, compared with less-satisfied vehicle owners (scores of 800 or lower). In addition, an increase in satisfaction with the dealer may lead to increased revenue, as vehicle owners who are highly satisfied with dealer service are four times more likely to consider the dealer and brand when they purchase a new vehicle. “If dealerships want vehicle owners to return, it’s crucial to make sure there’s a focus on customer needs and


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that the repair work is completed correctly the first time,” said Martin Volk, senior research manager at J.D. Power and Associates. “It’s clear that providing a highly satisfying service experience may have a considerable impact on a dealer’s bottom line.” The study also finds that vehicle owners who indicate that they received an outstanding vehicle ownership experience are approximately three times more likely to purchase the same vehicle make than are less-satisfied customers. The study measures customer satisfaction with the vehicle and dealer service based on evaluation of 67 attributes grouped in four key measures. In order of importance, they are: vehicle appeal (37%), which includes performance, design, comfort and features; vehicle quality and reliability (24%); ownership costs (22%), which includes fuel consumption, insurance and costs

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of service/repair; and dealer service satisfaction (17%). Lexus ranks highest in satisfying new-vehicle owners for a 10th consecutive year, with a score of 846 on a 1,000-point scale. Lexus performs particularly well in three of the four key measures: vehicle quality and reliability; vehicle appeal; and service satisfaction. Rounding out the highest-ranked five nameplates are Honda (825), Jaguar (818), Mercedes-Benz (817) and Toyota (814). “Rising to the top of the manufacturer’s ranking in ownership satisfaction requires a concerted customer-focused approach throughout the vehicle life cycle, from the product concept stages to servicing customers during the ownership period,” said Volk. “Earning industry-benchmark status year after year J.D. Power Please Turn To Page 29



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America’s 100 Deadliest Highways Revealed: FL, CA, and NJ Home to Most Dangerous With the arrival of summer, so too comes the deadliest time of the year on the road. The Daily Beast crunches the numbers to determine the 100 interstates most likely to generate a fatal wreck. Methodology; The Daily Beast looked at five years of accident data, courtesy of the National Highway Safety Administration, from nearly 250 stretches of interstate highways to find out which roads are the most deadly, milefor-mile. Each interstate was broken into stretches within a single state. The Daily Beast measured fatal accidents, rather than total fatalities, which was then divided by the number of miles of that stretch. And any ties that may appear on these raw numbers driving these rankings are only because of rounding. For the complete list including statistics on fatal accidents, fatal accidents per mile, and total fatalities for each highway, visit: Top 20 Dealiest Highways in America #1, I-95, Florida #2, I-76, New Jersey #3, I-4, Florida #4, I-15, California #5, I-10, California #6, I-59, Louisiana #7, I-94, Illinois #8, I-93, Massachusetts #9, I-95, Delaware #10, I-55, Tennessee #11, I-12, Louisiana #12, I-81, West Virginia #13, I-35, Texas #14, I-45, Texas #15, I-75, Florida #16, I-80, California #17, I-64, Missouri #18, I-10, Arizona #19, I-95, New Jersey #20, I-80, New Jersey

NADA: Brownback Amendment is ‘Pro-Consumer and Keeps Auto Credit Affordable’ The major trade associations representing the nation’s new-car and truck dealers joined Sen. Sam Brownback, RKan., on Capitol Hill rallying support for his amendment to the Wall Street reform bill which will keep auto financing accessible and affordable for car buyers. In remarks at a press conference recently, Ed Tonkin, chairman of the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) said: “We are united because the Brownback amendment: is pro-consumer and keeps auto credit reasonable; strengthens consumer protections – ensuring that all auto loans and buyhere/pay-here operations are subject to additional regulation; and ensures that credit will remain available for those who need it most.” The Brownback amendment ensures that auto dealers who simply assist their customers in finding auto financing with a bank, credit union or financing company would be removed from the Senate financial reform bill (S. 3217). The overall bill, even under the Brownback amendment, would still cover all auto loans and leases and does not repeal or alter any existing federal or state consumer protection or lending laws which apply to d eal e r- assis te d financing. “Every auto loan has a finance source, and every finance source would remain subject to the new consumer protection agency. The Brownback amendment does not change that fact,” Tonkin said. A l m o s t 250 small business auto dealers July 2010

are expected to be in Washington this week to urge Senators to support the Brownback amendment. The Wall Street reform bill creates a new agency, the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (BCFP), to oversee banks, credit unions and other entities which provide loans for consumer purchases such as auto loans and home mortgages. “Senators have a clear choice. Side with consumers to promote competition in auto financing or side with those who may have the best intentions – but whose proposal threatens to make it harder and more expensive for families to finance a vehicle,” Tonkin added. To complement the new military liaison office that the Senate added last week, Sen. Brownback recently altered his amendment to provide better coordination between the new office and the existing regulators to ensure the financial welfare of U.S. service members. “Dealers support the role of the Brownback Amendment Please Turn to Page 29

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2010 Volkswagen Golf: Simply Put--the Best Golf Of All Times That Once Again Sets New Standards For Its Class For 2010, the venerable Volkswagen Golf is ready to stand out yet again— sporting fresh, dynamic styling inside and out. The Golf, now in its sixth generation, will be available with the highly anticipated, athletic yet extremely fuel efficient, TDI clean diesel engine. Available in both two and fourdoor models, the new Golf carries the Volkswagen brand heritage into overdrive with proven, Germanengineered performance and refinement at affordable starting prices. Having already been honored as the “World Car of the Year,” the latestgeneration Golf promises more vigor, better usability and the best fuel economy of any Golf to date. From the first glance, the 2010


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Golf proudly shows off the new “face” of the Volkswagen brand with an all-new front end design that includes a wider, double- bar grille that blends into angled halogen headlamps for a sportier visage. The body-colored bumper sits above a revised lower front fascia featuring a wide-mouthed cooling duct. Crystalline oval fog lamps complete the front fascia on TDI models. These elements, combined with the Golf’s wider appearance give the hatchback a more commanding road presence. Black window trim and the absence of side moldings keep things simple along the sides, for a cleaner look that remains pleasing to the eye. Heading to the rear, a hatch spoiler with integrated third brake July 2010

light sits atop the hatch and is painted to match the rest of the body while touching on the Golf’s sporty capabilities. Updated taillights mimic their counterparts from up front, and feature integrated clear turn signal and reverse indicators along the bottom edge. Running lights are blended into the lower rear bumper which adds a blacked out insert and a cutout for a pair of exhaust tips. The 2010 Golf will be available with the choice of two engines, customers can choose a 2.5-liter inline five-cylinder gasoline engine, or the 50-state compliant, 2.0-liter four-cylinder clean diesel TDI engine. The standard 2.5L engine puts out a very usable 170 horsepower at 5,700 rpm, and a potent 177 lbs.-ft. of torque at 4,250 rpm. The 2.5L features an aluminum alloy cross flow head with four valves per cylinder, double overhead camshafts, maintenance-free hydraulic lifters, and Motronic® sequential multiport fuel injection. A five-speed manual transmission comes standard on the two-door model, and a six-speed automatic gearbox with Tiptronic® control is standard on the four-door, which allows drivers to shift manually with an up or down push of the gear lever. The manual transmission with the 2.5L engine results in a quick zero to 60 mph time of 7.8 seconds, and rewards drivers with a return of 22 mpg in the city, and 30 mpg on the highway. Drivers who option their Golf with the six-speed automatic transmission can enjoy 23 mpg in city driving and 30 mpg for highway travel, and an 8.1 second run to 60 mph from a standstill. For drivers that desire a fuel-sipping compact that emits 25 percent less greenhouse gas and achieves more than 30 percent better fuel economy Golf Please Turn to Page 30


s t te le es rg esa Sta l La d ho ite e W n Th da e U h az M in T r le ea



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ASA Members Meet with Capitol Hill Leaders to Discuss Replacement Crash Parts

The Automotive Service Association (ASA) hosted a “Taking the Hill” Fly-In and AMI Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C., May 11-12 for its members. Independent automotive repairers from across the country met with their senators and representatives to discuss how replacement crash parts affect consumers. ASA leaders met with members of the U.S. House and Senate to hone in on consumer consent to the use of SRCS From Page 10 Admin Concepts set up and integrate the shop’s current website with Facebook® and Twitter®, and it will provide: • 500 business cards branded with the shop’s name that promote the shop’s presence on Facebook® and Twitter®. • A promotional Lucite plaque, suitable for display in the lobby of a shop. • A marketing materials packet that

replacement crash parts in vehicle repair, as well as to encourage Congress to work with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to ensure the regulation of replacement crash parts. Collision repairers are increasingly concerned with the lack of regulation of automotive replacement crash parts. Further, ASA’s policy for automotive replacement crash parts has been for many years that consumers should have notice as to the types of crash parts that

are used to repair their vehicle and give written consent for the use of these parts. Independent repairers are concerned with some insurance companies encouraging the use of these unregulated parts based on cost without consideration for quality and safety. The lack of regulation of the replacement crash parts industry opens the vehicle owner and independent repairer to a host of quality and safety concerns.n

orients users to Facebook® and Twitter® and gives pointers on how to maximize the opportunities they can bring to a collision repair business. • Consulting services to help maximize the marketing impact of shop’s current web presence. “This exciting service reflects the SCRS’ ongoing commitment to providing members technology they can leverage to gain an edge in the marketplace,” says SCRS Executive Director Aaron

Schulenburg. “The comprehensiveness of the program coupled with the attractive rate at which it is being offered present a rare opportunity for our members to take advantage of 21st century sales and marketing tools. Admin Concepts brings to the table a unique combination of Internet and collision repair expertise, and we are happy to be aligned with them as a partner.”n


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Weekly give-aways of 100 "OPA BUCKS" which can be used as a discount or payment toward a purchase from any OPA member.

OEConnection’s Customer Care Center Named “Best In Class” For 3rd Consecutive Year OEConnection LLC announced recently that its Customer Care Center has been awarded the “Certified Center of Excellence”designation for the third consecutive year, and has consistently placed in the top 10 percent of its industry among all call centers evaluated. OEConnection’s call center received the prestigious recognition from Benchmark Portal and the Center for CustomerDriven Quality at Purdue University. The Benchmark Portal certification is based on best-practice metrics drawn from the world’s largest database of call center information. Centers that attain certification do so on the basis of objective, quantitative data, which is audited and validated by researchers from Benchmark Portal and the Center for Customer-Driven Quality. O ECo n n e c t i o n’s

call center was measured on a variety of metrics, including average speed of answer, percentage of calls satisfactorily handled on the first call, average length of call, training hours for the staff, and customer satisfaction. In addition, all of OEConnection’s Customer Care Representatives were interviewed regarding their work environment and the call center's culture and philosophy.

“Receiving this recognition for the third straight year is a great honor and atribute to the dedication and professionalism of our customer care team,” said Charles Rotuno, OEConnection’s President and CEO. “It serves as further validation that we are operating at a high level of performance while providing our customers with the best service possible.” n

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NADA Statement on Senate Support of Auto Dealer Language in Wall Street Reform Bill The Senate has endorsed pro-consumer auto dealer language preserving affordable auto financing options for car buyers in the Wall Street reform bill, which now proceeds to House-Senate conference negotiations. In response, the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) President Phil Brady released the following statement: “The Senate clearly supports not including Main Street auto dealers in the Wall Street reform bill. Dealers across the country are pleased that both the Senate and House are now on record support-

ing language which is pro-consumer and preserves dealer-assisted financing as an affordable, convenient and competitive source of credit. “Senators clearly understand that dealers are not lenders—they do not underwrite, fund or service auto loans. They also realize that jurisdiction of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection over auto dealers is unnecessary because dealers are already effectively regulated by the Federal Reserve, the Federal Trade Commission and state agencies. “Dealers especially applaud Senator

Brownback’s leadership in building strong bipartisan support in the Senate and for appreciating that dealers were as much victim of the credit crisis as were consumers. We urge the House-Senate conferees to retain language which preserves auto dealers’ ability to provide affordable financing options for consumers in the final bill. “NADA would also like to thank all the many dealers and their employees around the country that made their voices heard on such an important issue. This was a vote in favor of consumers and Main Street businesses.”n

The following is a statement from Ed Tonkin, chairman of the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), in response to the news that Ford Motor Company will discontinue its Mercury brand and end production at the end of this year. “It’s a sad day for this 70-year-old

marque, and its loss is disappointing for the more than 1,700 dedicated dealers who sell the Mercury brand. “NADA’s concern is that Ford treats each of its Mercury dealers fairly and equitably, especially the 276 of whom sell Lincoln and Mercury exclusively. Another important concern is that Mercury cus-

tomers be reassured by Ford, and that all warranties will be honored and parts and service will continue to be available. “Ford also needs to move quickly to take into account the millions of dollars that dealers have invested in facilities, equipment, personnel and training. They deserve fair compensation.”n

NADA Statement on Mercury Phase-Out

"Tune-up" From Page 13 enables many of its participants to embark on promising careers in the automotive repair industry with more than $11.5 million in scholarships offered this year at both the state and national level. Demand for well-trained technicians continues to be high due to more motorists fixing their older vehicles instead of buying new ones. According to Land Marketing Resources Inc., the average age of cars in the United States is 10.6 years, which is slightly higher from 10.2 in 2007. Additionally, some 78 percent of the independent automotive technicians responding to a survey by the Automotive Service Association reported they expect sales increases in 2010 compared to 2009. Both the national and the statewide competitions are organized with the support of AAA and Ford personnel, local automotive instructors and the AAA Approved Auto Repair program, a free public service AAA performs to identify quality repair facilities throughout the country.n 24

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Jeep From Page 11 has been designed to perform in a variety of challenging off-road conditions identified by five key consumer-oriented performance categories: Traction, Ground Clearance, Maneuverability, Articulation and Water Fording. Jeep Trail Rated is a unique methodology used by Jeep Engineering to measure and predict off-road performance for all Jeep vehicles today and into the future. Through a combination of natural and controlled field tests, Jeep Trail Rated provides a consistent measurement of off-road performance for all Jeep vehicles. Only Jeep vehicles are Trail Rated.

With its upright and substantial posture, the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s design offers an athletic and contemporary appearance. The lengthened grille and more circular headlamps give Grand Cherokee a more dominant and expressive front view. Off-road enthusiasts will be pleased with the two-piece front fascia, which allows for the entire lower piece to be removed before hitting the off-road trails. The body shape is designed to protect the sides of the vehicle from potential road debris. At the side, a proportionately longer hood and greater distance between the center of the front axle and the base of the windshield emphasize the engine compartment and help to achieve a more powerful

image. The Jeep Grand Cherokee takes capability and refinement to new levels. On the inside, the vehicle’s two-tone instrument panel features a new level of refinement with bright accents, a softtouch surface and updated styling. Jeep Grand Cherokee’s seats are beautifully crafted with contours that are precise, firm and ergonomically friendly. They are purpose-built and designed for long-distance comfort with differing trim styles for each model: the Laredo model features cloth and optional leather; the Limited model features two-tone leather with perforated inserts; and the Overland model features saddle perforated leather seats with accent piping for an even more upscale look. n

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July 2010

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F800 From Page 5 While the Traffic Jam Assistant heightens comfort and active safety, the innovative protective system known as PRE-SAFE 360° further improves passive safety. PRE-SAFE 360° is based on the proactive occupant protection system PRE SAFE® developed by Mercedes-Benz. Unlike the previous system, PRE-SAFE 360° also monitors the area behind the vehicle. As a result, the system engages the brakes around 600 milliseconds before an anticipated rear-end collision occurs. The key advantage of this system is that braking a stationary vehicle helps prevent secondary accidents


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such as those that occur when the car is pushed uncontrolled into an intersection or a pedestrian crossing. It goes without saying that PRE-SAFE 360° also allows the driver to take control at any time. For example, the brake is immediately

released if the driver hits the gas pedal, should they recognize that there is sufficient space in front of their vehicle to avoid the rear impact. The F800 Style is both a technology platform and a showcar. This research vehicle was created through close cooperation between technical research and advanced engineering departments and the advanced design studios in Sindelfingen, Germany and Como, Italy. Its exterior appearance is marked by a long wheelbase, short body overhangs, and a sensually flowing roof line. Luxurious wood surfaces and lots of F800 Please Turn to Page 29

July 2010

Brownback Amendment From Page 19 military liaison in the Brownback amendment. We would like to partner with the Department of Defense and military supJ.D. Power From Page18 demands an in-depth understanding on how to match and further exceed customer expectations in an ever-changing and challenging environment within the automotive industry.” At the model level, Lexus, Honda and Toyota each capture two awards. The Lexus RX (SUV) and IS (compact executive car); Honda Jazz (small car) and Accord (upper medium car); and ASA Collision Div. From Page 9 Colo. “By being a part of ASA we have an opportunity to make a difference; being involved is the first step.” In addition to Stander, the following operations committee members were present: Mike Anderson, AAM,, Pomfret, Md.; Stacy Bartnik, CARSTAR Franchise Systems Inc., Overland Park, Kan.; Tommy Clayton, Tommy’s Dent Service, Gibsonville, N.C.; Paul Duncan, AAM, Duncan’s Collision Inc., Boardman, Ohio; Dustin Eckhart, AAM, Hernandez Collision Center, Savannah, Ga.; Mike Schoonover, F800 From Page 28 light ensure a high level of comfort in the interior of the F800 Style. Occupants will immediately notice the modern sense of lightness, and functional elements like the driver area and the door armrests seem to float in space like sculptures. The innovative lightweight-construction

port organizations to further enhance the financial education of our men and women in uniform,” Tonkin said. “It’s important to remember that the companion House amendment passed the House Financial Services

Committee by a bipartisan vote of 47-21, and the final version of the House bill kept that provision because it is good for auto consumers,” Tonkin said. “The Senate should follow suit and adopt the Brownback amendment.”n

Toyota Aygo (city car) and Yaris (small car) each rank highest in their respective segments. Also receiving segment-level awards are the Kia cee’d (lower medium car); Mazda MX-5 (sports car); and the Mercedes-Benz B-Class (MPV). While a majority of brands have increased in satisfaction compared with 2009, Hyundai, Mitsubishi and Nissan all improve considerably—up 19 points, 24 points and 14 points, respectively. In addition, Jaguar improves considerably

from 2009—up 13 points—and performs particularly well in vehicle appeal and service satisfaction. The Jaguar XF also ranks highest in the executive/luxury car segment. “It’s a fantastic performance from Jaguar and great news for the brand,” said Steve Fowler, editor of What Car? “It’s also great to hear that the XF, which we made our Car of the Year in 2008, has gone on to please owners enough to make it the top car in its class.”n

Schoonover Bodyworks Inc., St. Paul, Minn.; and Steve Tomaszewski, Alpine Collision Center, Grand Rapids, Mich. “The willingness of the 2010 ASA Collision Division Operations Committee to meet on their own dime and their own time, prior to the ASA ‘Taking the Hill’ Fly-In, demonstrates their level of dedication to ASA and improving the collision repair industry,” said Stander. “We see the challenges of parts quality and safety, insurer-collision repairer relations and related items, data ownership and estimate efficiencies as priority items for 2010 and our 2010 team.” Denise Caspersen, manager of

ASA’s Collision Division, said, “The ASA ‘Taking the Hill’ Fly-In was an outstanding opportunity to highlight two core strengths of ASA - its legislative capacity and the extraordinary guidance of the association through its active volunteer leadership. I encourage anyone interested in seeing the ASA leadership in action to view the archived broadcast at Broadcasting this voluntary ASA operations committee meeting to the industry is an extraordinary way to communicate the efforts, concerns and actions of our volunteers as they lead ASA in addressing the needs of collision repairers.”n

seats in the F800 Style consist of a magnesium shell and a carbon fiber laminate shell backed with a fine yet resistant netting. The seat shell also features genuine wood veneer. For the veneer process, Mercedes-Benz engineers used a 3D surface coating procedure designed especially for the veneering of threedimensional surfaces. This same proce-

dure was used to create the wood finish in the center console, on the doors, and in the driver area. These wood finishing pieces are molded as 3D laminated components and are augmented by an aluminum core, which ensures that the components meet the high crash safety standards that are a hallmark of Mercedes.n

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July 2010

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Golf From Page 20

compared to a similar gasoline engine, the 2010 Golf equipped with the 2.0L

clean diesel TDI engine is more than up to the task. Available in both two-door and four-door models, the Golf TDI is marked by its fusion of German-tuned performance and impressive fuel economy – compliments of an advanced electronically-controlled turbocharger and the electronically-controlled direct

injection fuel system. The valve train consists of a single overhead camshaft, four valves per cylinder and maintenancefree hydraulic lifters for added piece of mind. All combined, the 2.0L powerhouse produces 140 horsepower at 4,000 rpm, and an impressive 236 lbs.-ft. of torque between 1,750 and 2,500 rpm. On the inside, the latest Golf carries its refinement throughout with a variety of stylish additions that will aim to keep drivers and pas-

sengers comfortable and pleased. All models start out with eight-way manually adjustable sports seats at the front, which include two-way adjustable lumbar support, and adjustable head restraints. The rear seats include adjustable head restraints for all seating positions, a center armrest, and have 60/40 split folding capability for maximizing cargo space when needed. Brushed metallic appearance trim inserts are standard on the dash and in the door panels of all Golf models,

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temperature gauge, and the speedometer on the right, has an integrated fuel gauge. Located between the black analog gauges is a multi-function onboard computer display that provides the driver with key information regarding the selected gear, fuel mileage, odometer, and more. n

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and accent the redesigned instrument panel and center console. Chrome trim surrounds the tachometer on the left side, which incorporates an integrated

July 2010

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