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I-Car Continues To Seek Industry Input For Role-based Training ASA Offers Education Sessions Year-round and Nationwide

MECHANICAL NEWS Citing New Study, Independent Repairers Urge Legislatures to Reject So-Called ‘Right to Repair’ Legislation

DEALER NEWS Nissan North America Provides Assistance For Tennessee Disaster Relief Difficult Decisions at the 28th Annual Atlanta International Auto Show

Ford Start Concept Explores Endearing Simplicity Just how far can you take the basic idea of transportation and simplicity and still deliver an aspirational automobile designed for urban transportation in emerging markets? For the global design team at the Ford Strategic Concepts Group in Irvine, Calif., it began with taking a step back, reflecting on the complexity and noise in the world around us. “In an era of constant visual noise, we

have created a car that conveys visual purity and harmony, in which every line has meaning and purpose. The Ford Start delivers a dynamic, personality driven design that stays true to the global Ford brand,” said J Mays, group vice president, Design, and chief creative officer. The Ford Start Concept showcases a future 1.0-litre EcoBoost three-cylinder Start Please Turn to Page 4

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Start From Front Cover petrol engine which reinforces Ford’s ‘fun to drive’ DNA. This engine will provide the power and drivability comparable to a larger engine while delivering a CO2 rating under 100 g/km. This smallest-yet EcoBoost engine will go into production in the near future. The overall design philosophy for the Ford Start Concept was one of making music, not noise. It started with studying the key attributes that contribute to an endearing quality which modern small cars rarely deliver. The design team brought some inspirational vehicles into the studio to study the attributes that draw people to them, including an original Porsche 356 Speedster and an Alfa Romeo Zagato SZ.

W i t h e a r l y sports cars and transportation in general, simplicity and purpose often was the key. Proportions, stance, silhouette, efficiency and a singular focus on what is really necessary for the driver were priorities – without sacrificing the fun and freedom that driving brought. “The concept of simplicity can

Southern Automotive Journal

be found all around us,” Mays explains. “Endearing designs in architecture, h o m e

to the next. As in nature, taking this approach creates beautiful, endearing objects.” “As a team, we engaged in a philosophical discussion that yielded a common vision. To create a beautiful object that spoke to us emotionally as well as intellectually”, explains Freeman Thomas, design director. “The exterior design is simple with purposeful proportions and refined surface

f u r n is h i n gs , appliances, transportation, or even a good screenplay are often similar in one respect – simplicity. Our

vision was to look at a small car holistically, like slicing through an onion where every layer gave meaning, function, and substance June 2010

l a n guage normally found on vehicles in premium segments.” The design team went through a variety of iterations of front end designs to find the right balance and expression. Start Continued on Next Page

The team’s objective with the Ford Start Concept was to step back and ask what is really necessary. The result is that there is not a line the design team would wish to add or take away. The vehicle’s sculptural exterior takes into consideration efficient aerodynamics, from the front fascia, to the flush upper body design elements, and full underbody tray. Exterior design elements were deliberately kept simple, functional, and consistent. The cars minimalistic approach extends through all of the design details around the car. The interior compliments the direction of the exterior. It has been designed to be pure, tactile analog experience. The Start Concept interior was designed to evoke passion and driving excitement with the feeling one would expect from a more premium segment. “ T h e cockpit is about being the right size with everything you need in the right place,’’ Mays emphasizes. “We concentrated on providing only the information the driver really finds necessary. Great visibility was a major priority as well as driver control and passenger safety and space.” An additional feature of the interior is “MyFord Mobile Concept,” a conceptual look into how to leverage smart phone interface with the popularity of personalized “apps”. While the construction is simple and the number of parts was reduced, the execution of the front bucket seats results in a design that is not only form fitting but communicates an upscale, premium look. By integrating an ergo-

nomically correct comfort curve and the optimal driving position, the seats were able to be thin and comfortable. With snap-fitting inserts, the seat

possible. The innovative hybrid aluminum/high strength steel body construction features a lightweight aluminum safety cell, which provides a rigid structure for the glass and roof to attach and houses side curtain airbags for additional occupant safety. All exterior body panels are made from deformable, precolored recyclable composites. Natural sisal fiber is used to form the interior panels. The pressed aluminum wheels are mated with Michelin Green X tires featuring low rolling resistance and lightweight con-

material and color allows for easy customization by the owner. The

direction was to add to the purity and philosophy of the rest of the car by creating signature seating and headliner treatments that are unique. That uniqueness and purity extends to every area of the Ford Start Concept. The Ford Start Concept also offers a personal trunk compartment. The trunk saves weight, gives more room to the rear passengers and provides a secure place for possessions. Beyond basic transportation however, the Ford Start Concept is a case study and offers a glimpse into what is June 2010

struction. “Start may be an advanced concept, but with its EcoBoost engine and strategic use of materials, it still delivers the fun we had driving our very first cars,” says Thomas. “The Ford Start Concept is the first pure concept we’ve developed under our ‘One Ford’ approach,” says Moray Callum, executive director, Americas Design. “J Mays, Martin Smith and I worked with Freeman and his team to deliver a concept that visually reinforces the fun to drive element that is at the core of the Ford brand DNA.”n

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Volkswagen of America Selects OEConnection’s Online Technology for its Genuine Advantage Collision Parts Marketing Program OEConnection LLC, the leading online parts and service exchange in the automotive industry, announced that Volkswagen of America, Inc. has selected OEConnection’s CollisionLink Internetbased parts ordering and fulfillment solution for Volkswagen dealerships and its collision repair facility customers nationwide. Central to this agree-

ment is CollisionLink’s Parts Marketing Administration (PMA) technology, which automates and manages automaker parts programs. An enhanced capability of CollisionLink, PMA was designed to help dealerships take advantage of automaker incentives and discounted promotions to sell more Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts to body shops

as an alternative to lower-priced aftermarket and salvage collision parts. CollisionLink is an all-makes, allmodels, online part ordering and fulfillment solution endorsed by multiple automakers and used by thousands of automobile dealerships and collision body shops nationwide. Joining American Honda, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Chrysler, and Nissan, Volkswagen of America represents the sixth automaker – and the first Europeanbased manufacturer – using OEConnection’s PMA technology to manage its parts marketing programs through CollisionLink. Volkswagen of America will manage its Genuine Advantage collision parts marketing program exclusively through CollisionLink. “We welcome Volkswagen and its wholesale parts distributors to our online OEM marketplace,” said OEConnection Sr. Vice president and Chief Commercial Officer, Mark Tomasetti. “The implementation of CollisionLink, combined with Volkswagen’s strategic parts pricing strategy, creates growth opportunities for Volkswagen of America, its dealerships and their collision repair facility customers. Industrywide, dealerships that use CollisionLink’s PMA technology are converting originally-specified non-OEM parts to OEM parts sales at steadily rising rates – up to 70% VW Please Turn to Page 30

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June 2010

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Report Shows Ford Vehicles More Affordable to Repair; Insurers Can Provide Cheaper Rates Many Ford Motor Company vehicles are the most affordable vehicles repair after collisions in their respective segments, according to a report by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration based on insurance claims costs; Insurers use this model-specific data to help establish auto insurance premiums Ford has 10 segments leaders, including Taurus, Focus and F-Series trucks, from the 2007-2009 model years, more than three times as many as Toyota and Honda combined. The NHTSA ratings based on claim costs data from the Highway Loss Data Institute Ford in 2009 established a special engineering and technical center in Allen Park, Mich., to help lower the cost of collision repair for Ford vehicles Many Ford Motor Company vehi-

cles cost less to repair after a collision on average than all other vehicles in their segments, according to a new U.S. government report based in insurance claims database. This is good news for the pocketbooks of current and future Ford, Lincoln and Mercury owners because auto insurance companies often factor in modelspecific claims data in setting premium costs. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) 2010 Relative Collision Insurance Cost Information Booklet shows more Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles lead their segments for the lowest collision insurance cost than any other automaker. The report will be available in all dealerships this spring to help consumers anticipate repair costs


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Daily Parts Delivery Throughout The Southeast!

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Enter to Win Weekly Giveaways

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that insurers rely on for setting insurance rates. Ford has 10 segments leaders, including Taurus, Focus and F-Series trucks, from the 2007-2009 model years, more than three times as many as Toyota and Honda combined. The NHTSA ratings based on claim costs data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. "Vehicle affordability continues to be the most important purchase consideration for car and truck buyers, rivaled only by fuel economy," said Frederiek Toney, vice president, Ford Customer Service Division. "We design our vehicles to be easier and more affordable to repair because we know this saves our customers money in insurance premiums and

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June 2010

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Nissan North America Provides Assistance For Tennessee Disaster Relief In response to the heavy rains and subsequent flooding that severely damaged Tennessee, Nissan North America Inc. (NNA) is taking several measures to help the community it calls home. Nissan recently announced an immediate $200,000 cash donation to the American Red Cross in Middle Tennessee and a $50,000 cash donation to Second Harvest Food Bank to assist with flooding relief efforts in Tennessee. Nissan also will match employee donations to American Red Cross and Second Harvest Food Bank, dollar-for-dollar up to $50,000. “Nissan is proud to have a strategic partnership with American Red Cross,” said Bill Krueger. “The Red Cross is an agency that can act quickly to assess and react to disasters. Their firstresponse capabilities have made the difference in the lives of people in Middle Tennessee.” Additionally, Nissan will offer employee pricing and delayed finance payments on Nissan and Infiniti vehicles to eligible individuals who lost their

vehicles due to flooding. Employee pricing and payment delay will be extended through June 30 to any resident of Tennessee and bordering Kentucky counties whose vehicle was damaged by flooding. Customers are required to show proof of damage and should work with area dealers to apply this offer. More information can be found by following a special link at “Due to this devastating storm, many area residents have been left without a means of personal transportation,” said Brian Carolin, senior vice president, sales and marketing, NNA. “Nissan is offering employee pricing to flood victims as one way to help them return to normal.” Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp.’s payment delay plan, which will allow customers to delay three vehicle payments without extension fees, will provide flood victims the time needed to get back on their feet without the added burden of a vehicle payment. Nissan’s financial services division has been a leader in providing payment assistance

June 2010

to its customers in times of crisis. Nissan has a long history of responding to humanitarian needs and disaster relief through organizations that include the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity and Second Harvest Food Bank. “The American Red Cross is incredibly grateful for Nissan’s ongoing support,” said Joel Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer, Nashville Area Chapter, American Red Cross. “Whether it’s Rutherford County, Davidson County, Mississippi or across the world in Haiti, Nissan is always one of the first corporations reaching out to offer their support. Nissan’s culture replicates the values of the American Red Cross by always being a first responder, and we take pride in serving on their behalf.” Nissan’s American headquarters are based in Franklin, while the company has a significant manufacturing presence in Smyrna, Tenn., both part of the greater Nashville area. In all, Nissan employs more than 5,900 people statewide.n

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2010 Chrysler Sebring Convertible — Top Down, the Best Convertible The 2010 Chrysler Sebring Convertible delivers what no other convertible on the road can: Chrysler’s sleek and elegant design, exhilarating performance, 29-mpg highway fuel efficiency, a spacious interior that comfortably seats four adults and enough trunk room to hold two golf bags, even when the top is down. With a new smooth appearance hood and new wheel designs, the 2010 Chrysler Sebring Convertible gets an updated appearance. Convertible top options include a body-color painted steel retractable hard top (standard on Sebring Convertible Limited) and a power cloth top (standard on Sebring LX and Touring), both featuring a tonneau cover on all models. Top up or down, Ch r y s l e r S e b r i n g Conver tible provides the benefits of a coupe and the true open-air freedom of a convertible at an affordable price. A s many as four occupants may experience Chrysler

Sebring Convertible’s comfortable, roomy interior. Rear-seat passengers have plenty of head and leg room, while a best-in-class 13.1 cu.ft. of trunk space gives Sebring Convertible year-round functionality. T h e 2010 Chrysler S e b r i n g Convertible’s standard 2.4liter four-cyl-

(VVT) delivers 20 miles-per-gallon (mpg) in the city and 29 mpg on the highway. In addition, a 3.5liter V-6 engine that produces 235 horsepower (175 kW) and 232 lb.-ft. (232 N•m) of torque coupled with a six-speed automatic transmission with Auto Stick delivers excellent performance and fuel efficiency, as well as smooth and quiet operation. Sebring Co nve r t i b l e ’s 3.5-liter V-6 engine achieves 16 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on the highway. Chrysler Sebring Convertible has a rigid body structure that provides a quiet, comfortable ride and reduces cowl shake, even when the top is down. Front-wheel-drive architecture and three-box vehicle design contribute to a body that is 2.5-times stiffer in twist and 1.5-times stiffer in bending than the previous-generation Chrysler

inder World Engine with dual Variablevalve Timing

Sebring Convertible. These refinements make the Chrysler Sebring Convertible structure stiffer than other convertibles on the market that cost thousands of dollars more.n

June 2010

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Difficult Decisions at the 28th Annual Atlanta International Auto Show By: Ami Vonesh Decisions, decisions… the Greater Atlanta Automotive Media Association (GAAMA) had several difficult ones to make at the 28th Annual Atlanta International Auto Show. With many new and improved models on the show floor, and a new emphasis industry-wide on innovation in automotive products, there was a lot of competition for the 27 manufacturers represented at the 2010 show. “Best in Show” honors went to the 2011 Jaguar XJL. “For its design and functionality, the XJL is a standout,” said GAAMA President Jim

2011 Jaguar XJL "Best in Show"

by the auto manufacturers,” said James Lewis, who headed the judging committee. Pickup trucks and SUVs are a big part of the Atlanta show, and the 2011 Kia Sorrento was given the “Best Truck/SUV” award. With seating for up to seven passengers and impressive mileage figures, the Sorrento was chosen because “it has great features and outstanding design,” said one of the judges. The Sorrento SX’s new trim package and available 276-horsepower 3.5 liter V6 helped it garner the attention of the GAAMA Kia Sorrento judges. One "Best Truck/SUV" Tucker, as he presented judge admitthe awards. Described by ted that the one judge as “a gleaming presence,” Sorrento’s hometown the Jaguar impressed the veteran auto pedigree didn’t hurt, writers who formed the selection comeither, (the vehicle is built mittee. at the Kia plant in West GAAMA expanded its roster of Point, Georgia.) awards this year, for a total of five. Sleek and powerThese 2010 or 2011 models were awardful, the new 2011 Buick ed crystal GAAMA Peaches, which desRegal won the “Best 2011 ignate them as “Best in Show”, “Best Model” award. Judges applauded the Truck/SUV”, “Best 2011 Model”, “Most Regal’s design improvements over its Significant”, and “Best Green Vehicle.” In previous version. Amenities such as addition to XJL, additional honors went the dual2011 Buick Regal to the Ford Fiesta, Buick Regal, Chevrolet s c r o l l Volt, and Kia "Best 2011 Model" Sorrento. “All of the categoturbo charged ries were tough engine and choices this year the Interactive because of the Drive Control improved qualSystem, which ity of the cars allows the and the innodriver to pervations being sonalize the introduced driving expe12

Southern Automotive Journal

June 2010

rience impressed the judges. The fact that the price range for the Regal is within the mid $20,000 frame was another plus. This made two years in a row that Buick has come away a winner from the Atlanta show. The award for the “Most Significant” car in the show went to the Ford Fiesta. This award was based on the potential impact of the model in the American market. The Fiesta, which has done very well for Ford in the European

Ford Fiesta market, was "Most Significant" judged to be important because of the segment it will reach and the likelihood that it will be a global car for Ford. Auto writers and the public are enthusiastic about new developments in the alternate fuel and hybrid car fields. G A A M A

Chevy Volt "Best Green Vehicle"

gave its nod for “Best Green Vehicle” to the Chevy Volt. The plug-in car will be the first of its kind offered in the U.S. The Volt’s ability to allow commuters who drive fewer than 40 miles a day to travel on electricity only impressed the panel. With over 500 new import and domestic cars, the 2010 Atlanta International Auto Show impressed journalists and the general public alike. One new feature was the popular “Auto Show on the Go” program, where manufacturers could offer test drives to potential customers. The 2011 show is tentatively scheduled for March 19 - 27, 2011.n




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NADA Response to Obama Statement on Financial Reform Ed Tonkin, chairman of the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), issued the following remarks in response to a statement issued by President Obama on financial reform: "Sadly, the White House is continuing to issue misleading statements in its efforts to get auto dealers wrongly included in Wall Street reform legislation. Much of what's included in its latest statement is pure fiction. "For example: It urges senators not to support the Brownback amendment because financial reform needs to include 'auto-dealer lenders.' But the Brownback amendment does not exempt auto-dealer lenders. Any dealer, bank, credit union or other finance company that actually underwrites and funds auto loans would be subject to the proposed consumer protection agency. And we're absolutely fine with that. What we don't support is including auto dealers who simply assist customers to find auto financing. These dealers are not banks.


email email

They are facilitators. And dealer-assisted financing is already heavily regulated – and should not be subject to double regulation. The enormous set of consumer protection laws that currently governs dealers will be preserved under the Brownback amendment. Despite what the Administration suggests, unfair and deceptive practices are currently illegal and would remain so if the Brownback amendment is passed. Moreover, all of the laws that dealers are currently subject to (e.g., Equal Credit Opportunity Act, Truth In Lending Act, Federal Consumer Leasing Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Gramm Leach Bliley Act, Federal Trade Commission Act) would still exist and apply to dealers if the Brownback Amendment is approved(1). "At the core of the Administration's attack on dealer-assisted financing is the assertion that dealers routinely place consumers in 'loans with higher interest rates than the borrower qualifies for.' This

email email

statement is patently false. What's worse, it manifests either an inability or a refusal on the part of the Administration to recognize how the market, which they claim needs more regulations, actually works. "Dealer-assisted financing – which is always optional – regularly affords consumers more favorable terms than those available through other sources. Yet, the Administration seeks to subject dealers to an agency which is being directed to create an uneven playing field by declaring off-limits for dealers practices that will be preserved for community banks, credit unions and other direct lenders. "For the President, in the statement attributed to him, to malign an entire industry made up of Main Street businesses run by dedicated men and women and their employees is shocking. We urge senators to resist this latest round of scare tactics and vote in favor of the Brownback amendment to preserve affordable auto finance options for consumers."n



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June 2010

Southern Automotive Journal


Mercedes-Benz USA Vehicle Preparation Center in Brunswick, Georgia Marks its Opening

Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) marks provide the very highest levels of custhe official opening of its Brunswick, tomer satisfaction,” said Ernst Lieb, CEO Georgia Vehicle Preparation Center (VPC) of Mercedes-Benz USA. “This new facilduring a ribbon cutting ceremony held ity has already enabled reductions in by Ernst Lieb, CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA terms of cost and time in the delivery of for employees and Georgia State digninew vehicles and this is obviously to the taries including Lt. Governor of Georgia benefit of our customers.” Casey Cagle, Steven Green, Chairman of In addition its strategic location the Board for the Georgia Ports Authority, to improve efficiencies, many of the key and U.S. Senator, Mack Mattingly. functions for vehicle inspection and “Today’s event is a prime example prep leverage advanced computerized of the impact one company can have on control systems and facilities designed a community and why job creation is our to ensure the high quality condition of top priority. We are proud to welcome each new vehicle. The VPC is capable of Mercedes-Benz and Lt. Governor of Georgia, Casey Cagle (left) joins CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA Ernst accessory installation, stand ready to assist full body shop operaLieb, U.S. Senator Mack Mattingly, and Steven Green and Curtiz Foltz of the Georgia and support them tions, homologation Ports Authority, to mark the official opening of Mercedes-Benz new Vehicle as they continue to operations, and vehiinvest in Georgia,” Preparation Center (VPC) on Colonels Island in Brunswick, Georgia. cle detailing and disCounty on the south side of Colonels said Lt. Governor tribution operations. Island, the Brunswick VPC is strategiCasey Cagle. The VPC is built with functional cally port-located to processes vehicles The Brunswick Vehicle Preparation design and efficiency to optimize the headed for Mercedes-Benz dealerships Center in its entirety consists of four employee work environment. The VPC throughout the Southern Region, Texas structures (under roof) totaling 103,260 is in the process of being LEED Certified and Oklahoma. sq. ft on a 50 acre site. It is one of five as it incorporates components that are “The opening of the new VPC, and VPC facilities in the U.S. that serve as environmentally friendly from water use the choice of this location, represents our the first stop – after U.S. Customs – for reduction to indoor environmental qualongoing commitment to drive operanew Mercedes-Benz vehicles destined ity controls including use of daylight in tional efficiencies that ensure we are for Mercedes-Benz dealerships through75 percent of spaces, thermal monitors giving our dealers what they need to out the United States. Located in Glynn and construction materials.n


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June 2010

Citing New Study, Independent Repairers Urge Legislatures to Reject So-Called ‘Right to Repair’ Legislation Citing a new study from Consumer Reports on vehicle repair satisfaction, the Automotive Service Association (ASA) urged state legislatures and the U.S. Congress to reject the so-called “Right to Repair” bill. Ron Pyle, ASA president and chief staff executive, said: “This study and others confirm the so-called ‘Right to Repair’ Act is a solution in search of a problem. Automakers already provide affordable access to the necessary information to diagnose and service vehicles. By investing in proper equipment

and training, and subscribing to service information providers, repair shops can gain access to everything they need to repair a motor vehicle of any make or model.” The study cited in the June 2010 issue of Consumer Reports found that owners preferred having their vehicles repaired by independent shops. In fact, based on an analysis of 373,000 repair experiences, Consumer Reports found that 84 percent of owners said they were “very satisfied” with their repair experiences at independent repair shops. This

number even exceeded customer satisfaction with franchised dealers. “Consumers across the country prefer independent repairers because they offer a convenient and affordable alternative to franchised dealers. The system is working,” said Pyle. “Independents are able to not only compete, but in many cases dominate the vehicle repair market. For these reasons ASA urges Congress and state legislatures to reject the so-called ‘Right to Repair’ legislation. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”n

I-Car Continues To Seek Industry Input For Role-based Training As it continues to seek feedback from the collision repair inter-industry around the needs of training and the transition to a role-based curriculum model, I-CAR, the Inter-Industry Conference on Collision Repair, hosted a second “Round Table” discussion as a follow-up to its December, 2009 meeting. The Round Table attracted over 90 industry professionals who offered their insights into the planned redesign of the collision repair training organization’s curriculum. Round Table attendees had the opportunity to review some of the details of the new curriculum model and offer comments around the overall structure,

the roles that have been defined, the impact to recognition programs, and the transition plan. “We’re at the end of the beginning of this important work,” explained Tom Moreland, Strategic Sales Manager for AkzoNobel and Chairman of the ICAR International Board of Directors. “The project began three years ago when the Board formed the Curriculum Rationalization Task Force. The redesigned structure is built upon feedback received over the past 24 months from the attendees of the two Round Table meetings, combined with the input of the ICAR Industry Segment Advisory Councils

and various inter-industry groups and associations.” Participants responded positively to the information that was introduced during the meeting and the direction that I-CAR has taken in the development of the role-based curriculum. John Edelen, I-CAR President and CEO, stressed the value of industry feedback during these meetings and how it has allowed I-CAR to identify key pieces in the decision-making process. “In December it was made clear the training experience needs to be focused, I-Car Please Turn to Page 26


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ASA Offers Education Sessions Year-round and Nationwide The education opportunities provided to the industry on behalf of the Automotive Service Association (ASA) are vast and are delivered to repair professionals at the national, regional and local level. Working in cooperation with its affiliate and chapter groups, ASA is the leading provider of education among associations of its kind.

To help members and nonmembers alike stay informed about ASAhosted education offerings in their area or nationwide, ASA has recently enhanced the education section of its website, Student information, a directory of ASA educational members, shop owner/ technician information, a calendar of

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June 2010

educational events and a list of ASA sponsored benefit providers who provide education and training products and services to ASA members are just a few of the enhancements made to the education section of the ASA website. The May issue of AutoInc., the official publication of ASA, contains a sneak-peek of the many education sessions scheduled to be offered at the association’s annual trade shows - the International Autobody Congress and Exposition (NACE) and the Congress of Automotive Repair and Service (CARS) - which will be held during Automotive Service and Repair Week (ASRW) Oct. 10-13, 2010, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. Additional information about ASRW events will be available soon. “ASA delivers more education and training to automotive service and repair professionals than any other organization in the industry,” said Ron Pyle, ASA president and chief staff executive. “We understand that it can often be taken for granted, but as vehicles become increasingly more complex and the business model becomes more challenging, the need for best-in-class training and education resources will continue to grow and we will expand our capabilities accordingly.” The Automotive Service Association Web site also includes access to consumer tips, ASA’s popular shop locator, and the new ASA Marketplace, which showcases the association’s member benefits portfolio.n

Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 2010 Proposed in Congress U.S. Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., and Bobby Rush, D-Ill., have drafted the “Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 2010,” which will be discussed in a legislative hearing held by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection May 6. Waxman is the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and Rush is chairman of the Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection. U.S. Sen. John D. Rockefeller, D-W.V., chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, stated his committee intends to collaborate with the House on automotive safety issues. The Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 2010 is intended to strengthen the National

Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and improve vehicle safety. Some of the key issues addressed in the legislation are: Vehicle Electronics and Safety Standards: • Establishes a new Center for Vehicle Electronics and Emerging Technologies within NHTSA to strengthen the agency’s expertise in new technologies across all vehicle safety components. • Requires new safety standards related to electronics and unintended acceleration, including a brake-override standard, a standard that prevents pedals from getting trapped in floor mats or other obstructions, and a standard for electronic systems performance. • Requires that all vehicles be equipped with event data recorders that

record crash information. Enhanced Safety Authorities for NHTSA: • Increases the civil penalty NHTSA can seek per violation and eliminates the maximum civil penalty allowed. • Provides NHTSA the authority to order immediate recalls if it finds an “imminent hazard of death or serious injury.” Transparency and Accountability: • Requires more “Early Warning Reporting” data submitted to NHTSA on a quarterly basis be made available to the public, improves public accessibility of the NHTSA website, and encourages consumers to report potential defects to the agency. Vehicle Safety Act Please Turn to Page 29

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Consumer Reports Study Reinforces Need for Right to Repair Act According to the June 2010 issue of Consumer Reports, more Americans (74 percent) are very satisfied with independent repair shops for vehicle repairs than new car dealers (59 percent). To ensure that car owners can continue to choose between local repair shops and dealerships for vehicle repairs, Congress introduced the Motor Vehicle Owners' Right to Repair Act (HR 2057/S 3181). In May 2009, Consumer Reports came out in support of the Right to Affordable to Repair From Page 8 repair costs over the long term." Approximately 78 percent of Ford, Lincoln and Mercury models rated at or better than the industry average -- nearly double Toyota's 40 percent (including Scion and Lexus). In 2009, Ford opened a Paint and Body Technology Center to leverage the combined expertise of Ford's repair and safety experts, auto repair technicians and insurance companies to identify design solutions and repair procedures that will lower repair costs. "If your vehicle costs less to repair, it generally costs less to insure," said Gerry Bonanni, Ford damageability collision repair senior engineer. "We're working harder to help reduce insurers' repair costs by developing more afford-

Association (AAIA). "The top priority of the Right to Repair Act is motorist safety, ensuring that car owners know what is happening with their vehicles. To keep every motor vehicle serviced, repaired and operating safely, there must be equal access to safety alerts and repair information from the car companies." The Right to Repair Act protects motoring consumers from a growing

able repairs earlier in a vehicle's development." "It's great that Ford gets insurance industry insight about how to improve repairability of its vehicle designs," said Mark Woirol, project manager with Allstate Insurance Company's Tech-Cor Applied Research Center, which works with automakers, insurers and repairers to make cars more damage-resistant and repair methods more cost-efficient. "We've never been as involved in an automaker's product development process as we have since Ford invited us to participate." For example, Ford Focus maintained its hold on the top spot in the four-door small car segment thanks in part to a bumper design improvements. "Ford's repair-ability experts and safety engineers made the Focus's bumper bigger and stronger to better protect

adjacent components," said Larry Coan, Ford damageability engineer. "The new technology center will help us build on these leading efforts." Higher resale values, fewer warranty repairs In another key area of vehicle affordability, Ford's resale values outpaced the industry by rising 23 percent according to the latest National Automobile Dealers Association auction data. The gains resulted from stronger demand for Ford's new vehicles and improved quality and durability ratings. "Rising resale values means more money in customers' pockets when it is time to sell or trade in for a new vehicle," Toney said. "Combine these savings with lower repair and maintenance costs and better fuel economy, and the cost to own a Ford product drops dramatically over the life of the vehicle."n



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Repair Act, stating that "Consumer Reports agrees, in principle, with the Right to Repair Act as it restricts its scope to 'repair' which would increase repair options for car owners." "As evidenced by the Consumer Reports study, millions of car owners trust independent repair shops to provide affordable and competitive automotive repair service," said Kathleen Schmatz, president and CEO of the Automotive Aftermarket Industry

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Right To Repair Please Turn to Page 26

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June 2010


Automotive Aftermarket Industry Objects to Misleading Public Relations Initiative The following is a joint statement by the Automotive Service Association (ASA) and Automotive Service Councils of California (ASCCA). The organizations are national and statewide membership organizations, respectively, of aftermarket service repair facilities and represent thousands of small business owners. Recent public relations initiatives by AutoMD, a division of US Auto Parts Network, warrant a strong and clear response from the automotive repair and service industry. The company's recent activities include a press release ranking U.S. cities according to the "honesty" of auto repair facilities in each city, as well as a television segment on the CBS Early Show. In both of these PR efforts the company makes several claims and promotes a set of conclusions that are inaccurate and based on flawed logic and biased methods. We take particular issue with two of AutoMD's efforts: 1) In a press release (Feb. 24, 2010), the company reported that it had "conducted a fairness check of over 600 shops in the top-50 DMAs� (including a range of dealers, independent shops, and franchises like Pep Boys)" to create a "Repair Shop Fairness Report" that

ranked the "best and worst cities for auto repair." A company that distributes auto parts knows better than anyone that parts quality and price varies substantially by brand, often 100% or more, and no mention of parts brand or quality was included in the survey. It also failed to account for differences in technician training, warranties included with the parts used, quality of equipment used and level of service provided by each type of facility. Furthermore, in each of the 50 cities included in their survey there are thousands of dealers, independent shops and chain stores. Their survey included an average of 12 shops per city, a number not anywhere close to what is needed to get an accurate or representative sample. Using biased methods allows US Auto Parts to reach whatever conclusions it desires. 2) In a segment on the CBS Early Show (April 14, 2010), the company brought its specially prepared vehicles to shops and dealerships in several states, asking for quotes on a front brake pad replacement at several shops. The CEO, Shane Evangelist, claimed the job should cost "about $180" and stated emphatically that mechanics were ripping off consumers by charging more than $180.

One mechanic that offered to do the job for $169 was widely praised for his honesty. Once again, no mention of parts quality, technician training or the quality of the equipment used in the facility was ever made, especially since quotes were being compared across multiple cities, each with different labor rates. More important, at no time during the broadcast was it revealed that AutoMD is owned by US Auto Parts, and according to its CEO during investor presentations, is using AutoMD as a lead generation platform for selling its parts. Taking the auto repair industry to task for its lack of transparency while failing to disclose its own self-serving motives is misleading. Overall, US Auto Parts' publicity campaigns are misleading to consumers and undermine our longstanding efforts to educate the motoring public and continually improve the professionalism of the industry. They perpetuate consumer mistrust of automotive professionals, devalue the development of expertise through ongoing training and education, ignore best practices and promote a race to the bottom. US Auto Parts’ attacks put repairers in a bad light and undermine the work of honest and reputable automotive service shops.n

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SCRS Announces 2010-2011 Officers and Board of Directors The Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) is pleased to announce their 2010-2011 board of directors and officers. The new leadership team was sworn in during the SCRS annual meeting that took place on April 13th at the Crowne Plaza Ravina in Atlanta, Georgia. One of the underlying strengths of SCRS has always been its mix of veteran and emerging leadership; tested and proven insights that are infused with a consistent flow of fresh ideas. The makeup of this year’s group of officers and national directors is no exception. “There’s no substitute for history, experience and the tenured understanding of our industry that comes with both of those attributes,” says SCRS Chairman Barry Dorn (Virginia), who is


Southern Automotive Journal

returning for a second term. “Our board has a significant history and is made up of a wealth of seasoned professionals that can help mentor current board members as we embark on a new year. At the same time, SCRS values fresh perspectives from new participants that contribute to innovative new solutions. This potent mix allows us to adapt to and address the evolving needs of the modern collision repairer. Joining Dorn as SCRS officers are Aaron Clark (Indiana) who is stepping up from his duties as secretary to become vice-chairman, Ron Reichen (Oregon), who assumes the office of secretary after serving as a national director, and Craig Griffin (Arkansas), beginning his second term as treasurer. Rounding out the executive roster is Director-at-Large

June 2010

Steve Regan (Massachusetts) and continuing Immediate Past Chairman Gary Wano (Oklahoma). Incumbent SCRS national directors returning for another year of service include Luis Alonso (California), Colette Bruce (Kansas), Toby Chess (California), Andy Dingman (Nebraska), Dale Matsumoto (Hawaii), and Joe Skurka (Michigan). “This year’s board is comprised of some of the most talented individuals I have ever worked with, and it’s an honor to serve with them,” says Alonso. “The passion they hold for both the industry and the issues it faces is second to none. I expect we’ll see SCRS work at a very rapid pace this year and I believe the industry will be pleased to see the direction we are headed. This includes the new educational opportunities we will be providing the industry during the SEMA Show.” National directors Rodes Brown (Virginia) and Paul Val (Arizona) are newcomers to the SCRS leadership team. Both are anxious to get started. “I’m humbled and honored to get the opportunity to play an even greater role in moving SCRS forward,” says Brown. “I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with the board in my capacity as chair of the marketing and membership committee, and have seen firsthand the amount of hard work and dedication these individuals have for their industry. SCRS truly represents the voice of the collision repairer.” Val also looks forward to contributing to the betterment and excellence of the collision repair industry. “I am honored to serve in this position and am embracing the opportunity to help this great team provide solutions to the ongoing challenges this industry faces,” he says. “I look forSCRS Board Please Turn to Page 26


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SCRS Industry Awards Recognize Collision Repairer Service and Achievement The Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) held their corporate awards dinner on April 13th at the Crowne Plaza Ravinia in Atlanta, Georgia. The focus of this annual event is to celebrate and thank the corporate members that enable SCRS to maintain and increase its level of service to its direct and affiliate members, to purchase the equipment and technology necessary to operate efficiently, and to participate with other associations that are working to better the industry. A centerpiece of the corporate awards dinner is the presentation of the SCRS Industry Awards, through which the Society recognizes those demonstrating outstanding service and achievement within the collision repair industry. “It’s an opportunity to identify the people and organizations who have given freely of themselves for the betterment of our profession,” explained SCRS Awards Chairman Dale Matsumoto. “Their contributions and accomplishments exemplify the passion they have for what they do. There is a Hawaiian word, ‘Kina’ole’, which means, ‘One who has done the right thing, in the right way, at the right time, in the right place, to the right person, for the right reason, with the right feeling . . . the first time.’ That’s characteristic of the people honored at the ceremony.” SCRS is pleased to summarize the accomplishments of each recipient and the award they received. The National Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest honor bestowed upon members of the collision repair

industry by SCRS. It is reserved for individuals who have given generously to the aid of the industry nationwide, and seeks to honor those whose acts have inspired many within the industry. This year SCRS had the pleasure of bestowing the award upon two incredibly deserving individuals. The first was March Taylor of Auto Body Hawaii, whose efforts and life exemplified the difference one individual can make on an industry. He volunteered relentlessly to advance the cause of more accurate labor information in the estimating guides, which spawned the creation of the Database Enhancement Gateway. He answered or got answers to database questions from repairers all over the globe. He mentored many others, and in the process, taught many of today’s industry leaders the value of the individual’s voice. Perhaps most importantly, March stood for doing the right thing for the right reason, and never lost sight that he represented not only industry leaders, but the rest of the collision repair workforce working tirelessly each day in shops across America. March’s untimely passing in August 2007 left a void in the industry, but those whom he inspired carry his legacy within them. His wife, Patty, traveled from the big island of Hawaii to accept and embrace the recognition of her husband and his lifetime of achievement. The second recipient of the National Lifetime Achievement Award is Lou DiLisio, Jr. from Automotive Industry Consultants. Lou has been an active industry figurehead for decades. His col-

lective body of work, which continues to resonate throughout every segment of the industry, represents everything the award stands for. Summarizing his numerous achievements would do them less than justice, but it is impossible to underestimate their impact. If you are part of the industry, chances are Lou’s wide-ranging efforts have, at some level, benefitted you and your business. At the awards ceremony Lou was surprised by the onstage presence of his mother, Lucy, father, Lou, and children, Louis and Jennifer. “I’ve never refrained from speaking my mind when it comes to our industry, but receiving this honor renders me almost speechless,” he said. “Without a doubt, this is one of the highlights of my professional career. Those who know me know I am driven to do what I feel is right-regardless of the consequences or rewards. Receiving the support and appreciation of those with whom you work is more gratifying than any award-it is a benefit that cannot be measured by any means.” The Regional Lifetime Achievement Award pays tribute to those who generously assist their local region. SCRS was fortunate to be able to recognize Pat Gisler from Automotive Service Council of Kentucky (ASCKY) for her tremendous accomplishments in her state. Pat Gisler’s career was founded upon representing and working on behalf of the collision repair industry in Kentucky, including many years of SCRS Awards Please Turn to Page 28

Volume 14 Issue No. 6 Jim Tucker Publisher Michele Tucker Editor

Southern Automotive Journal P.O. Box 675097 Marietta, Ga 30006-0009 (770) 321-9920 E-Mail

Contributors Dennis Martin Ami Vonesh Joyce Ethridge Russ Heaps Southern Automotive Journal (ISSN: 1092-6321) is published monthly by Southern Automotive Journal Inc. P.O. Box 675097, Marietta, Ga 30006-0009.SAJ accepts no responsibility for the opinions, views statements of the authors or for claims made by advertisers. Views expressed by writers are not necessarily those of the publication. Subscription: $12.00 per year.


Southern Automotive Journal

June 2010

2010 Chevrolet Equinox: A Compact Crossover For All Seasons – And All Lifestyles The allnew 2010 Equinox blends distinctive design with outstanding efficiency. A new, 2.4L direct injection engine helps this greatlooking compact crossover deliver expected best-in-segment EPA-estimated highway fuel economy of 32 mpg – a 33-percent improvement over the previous model. Chevrolet expects nearly three-quarters of customers will choose the efficient, 2.4L engine. The new Equinox draws its exterior design inspiration from the Chevrolet Malibu sedan and Traverse crossover; and like those vehicles, the new Equinox complements its styling with attention to detail and unexpected features. Design details The new Equinox features Chevy’s signature global face – a two-tier grille and prominent gold bowtie insignia. Strong fender shapes, a distinctive premium roofline, wraparound headlamps and dual round taillamps are additional elements that define Equinox as a true Chevrolet. Additional design features include: A multi-dimensional hood and wraparound rear side glass and a wheels-at-the-corners stance Improved aerodynamic performance through a number of carefully designed exterior features, including moving the base of the windshield forward approximately three inches (75 mm) for a sleeker profile. Equinox’s rocker panels are integrated into the doors to make it easier to get in and out of the vehicle. They narrow the area over which a passenger must step, offering protection for pant legs that could brush

against dirty rockers. Also, chrome trim and flush-fitting ”exposed-edge” windshield and rear glass reinforce Equinox’s build quality and reduce wind noise. Dimensionally, the Equinox rides on the same 112.5-inch wheelbase (2,857 mm) as its predecessor, but is about one inch (25 mm) shorter in length and an inch wider. It also has a wider front track that enhances the ride and handling.

storage bin in the instrument panel above the center stack; and closed storage under the center armrest large enough for a laptop computer. A “floating” center stack houses many ergonomic comfort and convenience controls. Contemporary, ice-blue ambient lighting – featured within and surrounding the center stack, encircling the center-console cupholders and within the door pull cups – accentuates the cabin. The front and rear seats, which include cloth and uplevel, perforated leather-

Interior amenities, storage and flexibility Inside, the Equinox features attention to detail – including a number of storage bins, trimmed offerings, are designed for best-in-class comfort. Front-seat fore-aft travel of 10 inches (25 mm), combined with the tilt/telescoping steering wheel and standard power-adjustable seat height, offer exceptional driver comfort. The new Equinox retains its MultiFlex rear seat capability, which allows the seat to be moved fore or aft nearly eight inches (203 mm), for the best rear legroom in its class. With the 60/40-split-back rear such as an oversized glove box; a closed June 2010

Equinox Please Turn to Page 29

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Right To Repair From Page 20 and potentially hazardous vehicle repair monopoly by requiring that car companies provide full access at a reasonable cost to all service information, tools and safety-related bulletins needed to repair motor vehicles, ensuring a competitive, level playing field between dealerships and independent repair shops. The legislation further provides car companies with strong protections for their trade secrets, only requiring them to make available the same diagnostic and SCRS Board From Page 22 ward to helping create a more positive public awareness of the industry, maintaining an ongoing level of training, and-perhaps most importantly-making sure the insurance industry understands the scope of repairs and the compensation that shops need to perform them I-Car From Page17 provide the knowledge that is required to be successful in specific industry roles, and should progress over the course of careers by building on prior levels of experience and knowledge over the course of an individual’s career,” he said.

repair information they provide their franchised dealers. "It is important that every repair facility, whether a neighborhood repair shop or a new car dealer, has the same access to safety alerts and repair information from the manufacturers," said Ray Pohlman, president of the Coalition for Auto Repair Equality (CARE). "Supporters of Right to Repair are not seeking an unfair advantage, nor are they looking for access to the proprietary information protected by the bill. Instead, they are asking Congress to

ensure that car owners, and not the car companies, decide where their vehicles are repaired." The Right to Repair Act has bipartisan support in both chambers of Congress. The Senate version of the bill (S 3181) was recently introduced by Sens. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Sam Brownback (R-KS) and has 3 co-sponsors. The House version (HR 2057) was introduced by Reps. Edolphus Towns (D-NY), Anna Eshoo (D-CA) and George Miller (D-CA) and currently has 62 cosponsors.n

correctly.” Last year’s SCRS Vice President Dan Bailey (Kansas) and Director-atLarge Rollie Benjamin (Minnesota) have fulfilled their terms and will exit the board. “We’ll miss working with Dan and Rollie in their previous capacities, but the upside is that we’ll continue working with them as they contribute

to SCRS and the industry in other ways,” says SCRS Executive Director Aaron Schulenburg. “We want to thank them for playing a prominent role in shaping the industry for a better tomorrow, and being part of the strong foundation upon which the SCRS leadership team continues to be built. Congratulations to all; it’s going to be a great year.”n

“The changes in the curriculum design that I-CAR will introduce to the interindustry in July are grounded in what you have told I-CAR it needs to do to deliver on its vision that every person in the collision industry, current and future, has the necessary knowledge and skills relevant to their position to achieve a complete

and safe repair.” I-CAR plans to introduce its new curriculum model at the 2010 I-CAR Industry Conference taking place at the InterContinental Chicago O’Hare Hotel in Rosemont, IL on July 21, 2010. More information about the conference is available at

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s t te le es rg esa Sta l La d ho ite e W n Th da e U h az M in T r le ea



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SRCS Awards From Page 24 service as the executive director of the ASCKY. She retired at the end of 2009, leaving the association’s members and board with large shoes to fill. Now her contributions will be memorialized through this award, which was accepted by Mark Young on behalf of Pat and her association. Recognition for a lifetime of achievement is laudable, but sometimes a specific deed merits acknowledgement. The SCRS Industry Achievement Award was designed to do this. This year’s recipient is SCRS board member and industry instructor Toby Chess. Toby has received a host of awards during the course of his career and shows no signs of becoming complacent. This year’s award was bestowed upon him for two separate and equally commendable activities: 1) the development and rollout of the First Responders Emergency Extrication (FREE) program that brings first responders such as firemen to body shops where they are educated and trained to work with modern vehicles at the scene of an accident; and 2) his continual self-funded efforts to bring to the forefront issues relating to structural and safety-related parts. Both accomplishments illustrate his dedication, leadership, and individual achievement and Toby was thrilled to be surprised by his wife Sheila’s presence onstage with him as he accepted the industry’s acknowledgement of these achievements. The awards dinner also serves as a forum to recognize those who exhibit

actions considered exemplary in maintaining and advancing the collision repair industry. This is accomplished through the Collision Industry Individual Service Award, and there is no more deserving recipient than Nick Kostakis of Angelo’s Auto Body in New Jersey. Nick is a tremendous asset to the entire industry. He has a remarkable ability to articulate and infuse logic into every project with which he is involved, amplifying the resulting benefits. Nick works quietly behind the scenes, and his sole desire is to see improvement and positive change for this industry. He is an architect of the Database Enhancement Gateway, a founding member of the Database Task Force, past president of AASP National, a dynamic force within SCRS-and that’s just for starters. “I’m especially honored to receive this award because it comes from my talented, dedicated peers at SCRS whom I respect and admire,” says Kostakis. “The work I have been involved in-that which revolves around the resolution of database issues and improvement in the overall accuracy of the estimating systems used by the industry-is enormously rewarding because the resulting advancements are public and measurable.” Contributions to the collision repair industry originate from groups as well as individuals, so SCRS established the Collision Industry Non-Individual Service Award to recognize contributions from such entities as companies, businesses, and corporations. This year’s recipient, the Collision Industry OEM Roundtable, is an honorable addition to the category. It has



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helped establish and cultivate the relationship between the collision repair and OEM industries, a communications channel providing significant opportunities for the discussion of the issues, intentions, and needs of both groups. Established by the major participating OEMs, this collective has been a strong advocate for ensuring repair information is circulated to the industry in a timely manner. The OEM Roundtable also founded While not an official SCRS awards category per se, a special presentation recognized Roger Larsen-who retired last year from Toyota-for his efforts to assist and advance collision repairers. Roger was responsible for many of the Toyota Collision Repair Information Bulletins, which contained helpful information used by repairers to identify the operations necessary for safe, quality repairs. In many cases Roger produced these directly in response to whatever current technical challenge faced repairers. His willingness to listen and act was immeasurable and appreciated. “This was a special and emotional event for many of the attendees, including me,” states SCRS Executive Director Aaron Schulenburg. “The only thing better than working beside such passionate volunteers on a daily basis is being part of a celebration that recognizes them and all they have done. It is also wonderful to recognize the support our corporate members offer the industry, in large part out of respect for the accomplishments SCRS achieves due to the hard work of our board and members. It was a great night, and there are sure to be many more.”n

June 2010

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Equinox From Page 25 seat moved all the way forward, the cargo area offers 31.4 cubic feet (889 liters) of storage. The Equinox’s cabin is notable for its quietness. Noise-absorbing elements are built into the chassis, engine compartment and interior. In addition, GM’s first application of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology is used on 2.4L-equipped models. ANC uses microphones to detect booming sounds inside the vehicle and sends counteracting sound waves through the audio system’s speakers, ensuring a quiet driving experience at almost all vehicle speeds. Convenience, infotainment and connectivity A variety of technologies are inteVehicle Safety Act From Page 19 • Requires that a manufacturer have a senior executive in the United States certify the accuracy of information submitted to NHTSA in response to investigations. • Enables a citizen whose petition to NHTSA requesting a defect investigation has been rejected by the agency to challenge that decision in court.

nectivity USB audio connectivity for personal music devices DVD-based rear-seat entertainment system with two independent screens to enable DVD viewing on one

and gaming on the other Internal memory/hard drive on uplevel radios for storing audio selections Programmable poweroperated rear liftgate Rear-vision camera system, with display in the rearview mirror or in the navigation screen Range of premium-feature audio systems with up to eight speakers and 250 watts of output. Chassis and suspension The 2010 Equinox is built on a body-integral structure with single-piece body side stampings and targeted applications of high-strength steel. Those elements form the foundation of a solid, quiet driving experience. The strong structure enabled engineers to tune the four-wheel-independent suspension system for greater control and driver feedback.n

• Requires NHTSA to improve public accessibility of information posted to its website, by ensuring that all data is searchable and can be aggregated and downloaded. • Requires that NHTSA establish a hotline by which manufacturer, dealer and technician/mechanic personnel can directly report potential safety defects on a confidential basis. Funding:

• Establishes a vehicle safety user fee paid by the vehicle manufacturer for each vehicle certified to meet the federal motor vehicle safety standards for sale in the United States. This fee, which would supplement appropriations, would support NHTSA’s vehicle safety programs. In addition, the legislation doubles the authorization for NHTSA’s vehicle safety programs over three years.n

grated in the Equinox, such as an available seven-inch touch-screen navigation system. Additional features also include: Bluetooth hands-free phone con-

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June 2010

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VW From Page 6 of the time for some automaker programs.” OEConnection’s CollisionLink streamlines the OEM collision parts ordering process between body shops and supplying dealers by reducing, if not eliminating, inefficient phone and fax ordering. CollisionLink’s PMA technology takes it a step further. It seamlessly integrates OEM parts marketing programs into the users’ order processing workflow. Dealers “see” a body shop’s intended non-OEM parts order, identify the parts that offer pricing incentives through an OEM’s marketing program, and seize an upsell opportunity. Based


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on a set of rules defined by an OEM, the technology automatically calculates parts discounts, alerts both body shops and dealers that a part qualifies for the discount, and handles the administrative work between the competitive sale and the automaker reimbursement. Dan Ducharme, Parts Strategist for Volkswagen of America said, “As the largest European carmaker and the third largest automaker in the world, Volkswagen has a network of more than 580 U.S. dealerships that act as wholesale distributors of OEM collision parts. This new arrangement emphasizes Volkswagen’s goal of helping these dealerships sell more OEM parts and building relationships with their repair facility customers.

June 2010

Everyone who uses CollisionLink has something to gain. As the manufacturer, we can easily manage our Genuine Advantage collision parts program; our dealerships will have the opportunity to efficiently process parts orders and sell more Volkswagen OEM parts; and repair facility customers will be able to easily purchase OEM parts at completive prices. Ultimately, Volkswagen owners benefit because they receive better quality parts for collision repairs.” Volkswagen will launch this program to select dealerships in August, 2010. Additional Genuine Advantage program information will be available on www.

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ORIGINAL MINI PARTS: POWER HARNESSED FOR THE GOOD OF MOTORINGKIND. While much about the MINI’s boundless energy remains a mystery, some of its vigor can be traced to Original MINI Parts. Built to strict OE specifications for stellar fitment and performance, MINI Original Parts are the same parts used in MINI production. They’re backed by a potent, 24-month, gajillion-mile limited warranty. And they come with technical support available from your servicing MINI dealer. Now that’s a powerful combination, indeed.

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