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Recycled Rides Program Proves to be a Great Success I-CAR Helps OEMs Build Stronger Collision Repair Network Programs TMC Develops Collision Avoidance Assist System SCRS “Game Changers– Innovation Forum” at SEMA Emphasizes Innovation as a Core Business Value State Farm Updates ASA on PartsTrader Electronic Parts Ordering Application

DEALER NEWS Porsche breaks ground on American headquarters New E15 Gasoline May Damage Vehicles

Lexus LF-CC Concept Car - Intriguing Elegance, Innovation and Progressive Luxury Following the unveiling of Lexus’ award-winning hybrid 2+2 sports coupe concept, the LF-LC at the 2012 Detroit Motor Show and its European debut at the Geneva Motor Show, a new, mid-sized coupe concept, the LF-CC makes its World Premiere at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. The more compact, rear-wheel drive, full hybrid LF-CC already integrates various design cues from the LF-LC; a first illustration of how concept cars are truly influencing future Lexus models and, in this instance, future D-Segment derivatives. Announcing the launch of a premium mid-sized coupe in the more accessible

D-segment in the near future, the LF-CC reinforces Lexus’ commitment to create more engaging, inspirational vehicles through attractive design, a superior driving experience and advanced technologies. EXTERIOR DESIGN The LF-CC showcases the latest evolution of the company’s unique L-finesse design language, with the boldest yet interpretation of the signaLF-CC Please Turn to Page 4

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LF-CC From Front Cover ture Lexus ‘spindle’ grille. Framed by the hood lip, deep lower spoiler and powerfully projecting front fender tips, the grille mesh is encased in a deep, metal-finish surround and takes on a pronounced, 3D form. A unique, 3 LED-projector headlamp design is housed in the narrow gap between the lower and upper fender surfaces, without a conventional, one-piece cover. Independent Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) are fully integrated into the upper bumper surface to complete this unique new design. The broad lower fenders are aerodynamically sculpted to manage the flow of air to the engine bay and front brakes, whilst reinforcing the powerful, dynamic road presence of the new Lexus signature frontal design. In profile, the powerful convex curve of the hood flows seamlessly through a steeply raked windscreen into a roofline which deliberately peaks towards the rear of the cabin to emphasise the traction available from the vehicle’s rear-wheel drive powertrain. The bodywork is stretched tight between the front and rear fenders, and the rear fender is less pronounced than that of the front, reinforcing the concentration of vehicle weight over the driven wheels for maximum traction. Further developing a design form initiated on the LF-LC concept and the high-performance LFA, the sharply sculpted form of an airflow

regulating The LF-CC presents a unique, 3 LED-projector headlamp design fin flows housed in the narrow gap between the lower and upper fender from undersurfaces. neath the side of the car and upwards through the rear wheel arch. This aerodynamic detail is designed to increase downforce over the driven wheels, further improving traction. The airflow regulating fin merges with the falling roofline in a pronounced rear spoiler integrated within the boot lid, seamlessly fusing design and aerodynamic

elements to give the vehicle its distinctive, coupe proportions. To the rear, the full width bumper flows into the rear wheel arches to emphasise the LF-CC’s broad, powerful stance. Lexus-characteristic L-shaped combination lamps feature a layered, strongly three-dimensional design, and the lower, concave bumper section incorporates a full width spoiler to further enhance rear-wheel drive traction. The rear stop lamp is nicely integrated into the shark antenna. The LF-CC is finished in a new, ‘Fluid Titanium’ exterior colour, a 4

Southern Automotive Journal

January 2013

metallic finish with exceptionally high brilliance which combines sharp, bright highlighting with dark shaded surfaces to reinforce the powerful forms of the bodywork’s sculpted surfaces. INTERIOR DESIGN The LF-CC’s interior hints at the progressive luxury of a future L e x u s m o d e l c a b i n layout, and represents a further development of the company ’s HMI (Human Machine Interface) design philosophy. The dashboard is divided into two distinct zones: an upper, Display Zone, with a multi-display screen located at an ideal distance for at-a-glance viewing, and a lower, Operation Zone, which allows access to the uniquely designed shift lever and an innovative touch tracer display for remote system control. This clear division of zones creates a unique fusion of an airy, spacious cabin and a sporting cockpit which places the emphasis on a snug, highly focused driving environment. All functional driving components are consolidated in the driver’s seat surroundings, combining outstanding ergonomics with advanced HMI technologies. The driver benefits from a low, highly focused driving position with a sporting, wide grip steering wheel, optimum pedal placement and highvisibility instrument dials. The touch tracer display for remote system control is located directly behind the shift lever for maximum comfort and ease of operation. Coordinating with the ‘Fluid Titanium’ exterior colour, the seats, door panels and instrument binnacle hood are trimmed in a warm, elegant amber leather finish. The extensive use of metallic finishes and soft touch

rials throughout reinforces the premium quality of the environment. The contrast between the exterior and interior colour schemes gives the car an elegant yet simultaneously sporting image.

This powertrain will achieve class-leading energy efficiency, with more than 2 hp produced per gram of CO2. This Lexus Hybrid Drive powertrain features an all-new, ultra-smooth running, 2.5 litre 4-cylinder petrol engine mated to a compact, high-output, water-cooled permanent magnet electric motor. In addition to the petrol engine and electric motor, the LF-CC hybrid drive system further comprises a generator, a high-performance battery, a power split device which, via planetary reduction gears, combines and reallocates power from the engine, electric motor and generator according to operational requirements, and a compact power control unit to govern the high speed interaction of the system components. Adapted specifically for the hybrid

The LF-CC’s interior represents a further development of the company’s HMI (Human Machine Interface) design.

ALL-NEW 2.5 LITRE FULL HYBRID POWERTRAIN Representing a new Lexus powertrain for future production, the LF-CC is equipped with an all-new, highly efficient, 2.5 litre full hybrid powertrain delivering a combination of the engaging performance appropriate to a sporting, D-segment coupe and low CO2 emissions, targeted below 100 g/km. January 2013

powertrain, the all-new 2.5 litre, DOHC, 4-cylinder petrol engine benefits from several technical improvements. It adopts the Atkinson cycle and D-4S direct injection technology to optimise both the power and fuel-efficiency benefits of Lexus Hybrid Drive. Lexus will introduce this new hybrid powertrain into its model range in the near future.n Southern Automotive Journal


TMC Develops Collision Avoidance Assist System Effective at High Speeds System Effective in More Than 90 Percent of Speed Ranges in Rear-end Collisions Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announces that it has developed a Precollision System (PCS) with collision avoidance assist that is effective in helping mitigate even high-speed[1] collisions. The newly developed PCS uses millimeter-wave radar to detect the risk of a rear-end collision with a preceding vehicle, with the system warning the driver via sound and display alerts to prompt braking when such a risk is detected. When the driver applies the brakes, PCS enables deceleration of up to 60 km/h[2] by greatly increasing the braking force up to twice[3] that of the average force applied by drivers. If the

brakes are not applied, automatic deceleration[4] of 15 km/h to approximately 30 km/h[5] is possible[6]. More than 90 percent of rear-end collisions occur when the difference in speed between the preceding and following vehicle is within 60 km/h[7]. TMC aimed to develop a system based on real-world collision data, and has, with its newly developed system, achieved rear-end-collision reducing-effects at the highest level in the industry. The new PCS was developed to be used in a wide variety of models, and is to be rolled out starting with soon-to-belaunched models. To contribute to the elimination of

traffic accident fatalities and injuries— the ultimate goal of a society that values mobility—TMC is conducting research and development on individual onboard safety devices and systems based on its Integrated Safety Management Concept[8], an approach that gives direction to safety technology and vehicle development. TMC is pressing forward with the development of safer vehicles and technologies and is intensifying its wide-ranging traffic-safety initiatives by participating in the development of traffic environments and conducting educational traffic-safety activities.n Go To for more info

I-CAR Helps OEMs Build Stronger Collision Repair Network Programs I-CAR, the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, held a press conference at the SEMA Show, concentrating on its relationship with an increasing number of leading vehicle manufacturers. Nissan/Infiniti, Chrysler, and Honda were recognized for recently introducing collision repair network programs that require the industry-recognized I-CAR Gold Class Professionals designation, while fifteen (15) vehicle manufacturers include the I-CAR Welding Qualification Series or limited other I-CAR training as a requirement for their network programs.

I-CAR CEO & President, John Van Alstyne, stated, “The I-CAR Professional Development Program™ (PDP) has become the industry standard for knowledge. The PDP was designed to provide the technicians responsible for various and critical phases of the collision repair process the education and knowledge required to perform complete and safe repairs. Additionally, the industry has also discovered the PDP helps businesses improve performance and reduce risk,” he continued, “According to a recent I-CAR study on repair facility Key Performance Indicators (KPI), there

is clear linkage between I-CAR training and KPI improvement in areas such as cycle time, touch time, rework, CSI, and even revenue.” James Roach, Senior Vice President – Parts and Service Division of American Honda Motor Company, Inc. joined Van Alstyne and discussed Gold Class as an element of the recently launched Honda ProFirst program. Roach stated, “Honda has a firm commitment to quality, and customer satisfaction is always top of mind. I-CAR’s PDP and the Gold Class I-CAR Please Turn to Page 34

3 In 5 Self-Employed Support Tax Reform Proposals That Would Drop Individual Rate, Eliminate Deductions The self-employed want Congress to take pains to protect the middle class from tax increases, according to a new study published by the National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE). When asked about preference in proposals to address expiring tax rates, 46% of micro-businesses chose a oneyear extension of current tax rates for those making under $250,000. Thirtyfour percent indicated that they would like to see the extension applied to all income brackets. Nearly 100 percent of business owners said it is very or moderately important for Congress to address these reforms. 6

Southern Automotive Journal

"The findings of our tax survey reemphasize the growing impatience of the self-employed as Congress continues to fail to address comprehensive tax reform," said Director of Government Affairs Katie Vlietstra. "Seventy-eight percent of respondents support efforts to reform both the individual and corporate tax structure; in fact, 61 percent of respondents are open to exploring proposals that drop the individual rate and eliminate deductions." One in four business owners said that Congress’ inability in recent years to enact long-term tax policy impacts business owners' ability to plan for the January 2013

coming year. One in three said that this behavior continues to highlight the federal government’s inability to address issues in a timely fashion. Sixty-one percent would be amenable to giving up a significant number of deductions, if the individual tax rate were dropped to an acceptable level. These are the top five deductions currently taken: charitable contributions, health insurance deduction, mortgage interest deduction, qualified medical and dental expenses, home office Tax Reform Please Turn to Page 34

Porsche Cars North America Celebrated a Landmark Groundbreaking Porsche breaks ground on cutting edge American headquarters

Atlanta. Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA), importer and distributor of Porsche sports cars, Cayenne SUVs and the Panamera four-door sports sedan, today celebrated a landmark groundbreaking of its new headquarters, to be known as One Porsche Drive. Located adjacent to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the 26.4-acre site is the first complex to be built in the “Aerotropolis Atlanta” business district. Employees from Porsche Cars North America and its affiliates Porsche Financial Services, Porsche Business Services, and Porsche Consulting attended the event alongside executives from Porsche Group companies in North America and Germany, as well as local dignitaries. Most of Porsche’s North American operations will be

consolidated under one roof once the new facility is finished in the second half of 2014. “Porsche’s presence has been embraced by Atlanta and the state of Georgia for the last 14 years,” said Matthias Mueller, President and CEO

of Porsche AG. “We’re happy to reciprocate the sentiment with this new facility, which contributes to the state’s economic development and also adds a bit of glamor to the local commuPorsche Cars Please Turn to Page 31 or (i need oem parts)

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January 2013

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SCRS “Game Changers–Innovation Forum” at SEMA Emphasizes Innovation as a Core Business Value Emerging ideas have always served as the lifeblood for businesses, but repairers hoping to retain a competitive edge need to consider their processes and busi- ness models now more than ever. Increasing vehicle complexity, consolidation, shrinking accident rates, and parts procurement changes are among the challenges facing repairers today that call for in- novative solutions and both long and short term business strategies. To help collision repairers understand the importance of applying new thinking to their business prob- lems and provide insight in to how to foster innovation as a core value, the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) assembled a headline presentation, titled, “Game Changers – Innovation Forum” as part of SCRS’ Repairer Driven Education (RDE) curriculum.  The interactive session took place Friday morning of the 2012 SEMA


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Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center and was headlined by a panel of four industry entre- preneurs with established reputations for innovation: Michael Giarrizzo, Jr. of DCR Systems, LLC; Randy Stabler, owner of Pride Auto Body; Gary Wano, Jr., owner of GW and Son Auto Body; and Scott Biggs, CEO of Assured Performance Network. Michael Giarrizzo, Jr., Gary Wano, Jr., Scott Biggs and Randy Stabler. In an expansive conversation lasting a full two hours, the four visionaries reflected upon their experi- ences as innovators and the issues each faced when they set out to convert new ideas into action in their own businesses. The program opened with a discussion of the characteristics that make up an innovative entrepreneur. “You’ve got to be one of those people who isn’t scared to go out on the skinny branches,” noted Stabler. “You can’t be afraid to fail, because making mistakes is just about the only way you can make the necessary tweaks to a process for which there isn’t a whole lot of precedent.” “I guess the reason I find myself out ahead of the crowd is competitive ness,” Wano said. “I want to position my business ‘upstream’ so I can take advantage of opportunities before everyone else has a chance. I really enjoy that kind of mindJanuary 2013

set, which is why I’m always looking for the next thing that can keep me ahead. Frankly, I’m so driven to do it; I can’t see myself ever retiring.” A high-profile area of constant innovation in the industry is in the production process, which led to a portion of the conversation focused on ‘lean’ business approaches. “You have to remember that lean is the most concise, precise set of steps to make the customer satisfied,” Biggs stated, “but execution is key. It’s a huge capital investment, and it can take its toll interpersonally, too. Thinking has to precede the doing, or you’ll get into trouble. It’s almost as if you have to train the brain of your employees to think a new way. Implementing a non-commission pay model or reducing front office staff in the name of efficiency is never going to be pleasant, but its impact certainly can be mediated.” Expanding on the theme that the first investment for any innovation is in the thought process, Giarrizzo shared his ideas on how one can effectively condition a business culture to embrace change. “There’s no question that if you get buy-in at the beginning, your proposal will be much better received by your staff,” he said. “I think it is also important that you avoid crafting a process with standards that are so rigid that it can’t be adapted when an employee comes up to you with a good idea. You want standards but you want to encourage innovation, because improvement is a continuous process. Employee ideas are a good source of refinement.” In addition, the panelists reflected on future industry developments, with Wano speculating that an emphasis on efficiency and the investment in equipment that can be used only on specific vehicles may well lead to specialization. Giarrizzo added that if this is the case, it is almost certainly going to cause a shift in the kind of employee that will be sought-after—someone that is younger, tech-savvy, and used to multiGame Changers Please Turn to Page 16

New E15 Gasoline May Damage Vehicles and Cause Consumer Confusion A recent survey by AAA finds a strong likelihood of consumer confusion and the potential for voided warranties and vehicle damage as a result of the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) recent approval of E15 gasoline. An overwhelming 95 percent of consumers surveyed have not heard of E15, a newly approved gasoline blend that contains up to 15 percent ethanol. With little consumer knowledge about E15 and less than five percent of cars on the road approved by automakers to use the fuel, AAA is urging regulators and the industry to stop the sale of E15 until motorists are better protected. Only about 12 million out of the more than 240 million light-duty vehicles on the roads today are approved by manufacturers to use E15 gasoline, based

on a survey conducted by AAA of auto manufacturers. AAA automotive engineering experts also have reviewed the available research and believe that sustained use of E15 in both newer and older vehicles could result in significant problems such as accelerated engine wear and failure, fuel-system damage and false "check engine" lights for any vehicle not approved by its manufacturer to use E15. "It is clear that millions of Americans are unfamiliar with E15, which means there is a strong possibility that many motorists may improperly fill up using this gasoline and damage their vehicle," said AAA President & CEO Robert Darbelnet. "Bringing E15 to the market without adequate safeguards does not responsibly meet the needs of consumers."

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Unsuspecting consumers using E15 could end up with engine problems that might not be covered by their vehicles' warranties. Five manufacturers (BMW, Chrysler, Nissan, Toyota and Volkswagen) are on record saying their warranties will not cover fuel-related claims caused by the use of E15. Seven additional automakers (Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo) have stated that the use of E15 does not comply with the fuel requirements specified in their owner's manuals and may void warranty coverage. The only vehicles currently approved by automakers to use E15 are flex-fuel models, 2001 model-year and newer Porsches, 2012 model-year

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The 2013 Audi allroad - What Premium Buyers Are Looking For In A Capacious and Rugged Crossover The return of the iconic Audi allroad combines unmatched all-weather capabilities with the driving dynamics and style that are unique to Audi. Following a seven-year hiatus, the allroad makes its long-awaited return in a package that improves on the original allroad in very significant ways. It is faster and more fuel efficient than its predecessor and benefits from all of the advantages of being part of the ever-refined Audi product family. It combines what premium buyers are looking for in a capacious and rugged crossover with the refinement of an executive sedan. Performance The allroad is powered by the 2.0 TFSI® turbocharged and direct-injected, four-cylinder engine that delivers 211 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque and is paired with a fuel efficient eight-speed automatic transmission. Audi engineers have tuned the allroad to deliver plenty of torque at the right times for effortless passing maneuvers accelerating from zero to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds. Of course, legendary quattro® all-wheel drive is standard. The allroad utilizes a new electromechanical steering system that saves weight and improves fuel economy – part of the Audi ultra philosophy of optimizing materials while at the same time improving performance. The vehicle lends a neutral feel in handling, 10

Southern Automotive Journal

neither too taut nor sluggish on any surface. The allroad is at home on today’s urban roads and gravel driveways alike,

a n d a reprogrammed Electronic Stability Control assists drivers of the allroad through inclement weather as well as all kinds of other driving conditions. Exterior The Audi allroad features a unique, Singleframe® grille design with vertical chrome struts and angled upper corners, stainless-steel skid plates and side sills, contrasting body trim and alu-optic aluminum raised roof rails. Matte-finished lower bumpers and wheel arches that signify the vehicle’s utility credentials

are standard, while a full paint finish is available in a number of colors (refer to the Media Information Kit). The car also expresses the new Audi design theme of sleek headlights, and in versions equipped with xenon-plus lamps, allroad offers the brand’s signature new LED lighting design. Circular fog lights finish off the front of allroad, and circular dual-exhaust openings polish up the rear. The exterior dimensions demonstrate that the allroad can handle serious demands from the weather and other unexpected circumstances, on the road or away from it. It is 0.5 inches wider and has 1.5 inches more ground clearance than its cousin the A4 Avant. With a full 7.1 inches of ground clearance, the allroad is designed to meet the outdoor lifestyle needs of its customers. The vehicle also boasts a taller profile and 18-inch wheels standard (with 19-inch wheels optional) to ensure comfort even over rough ground. Altogether, the Audi allroad exterior design and functional stance comprise a compelling offering for premium buyers who want a car that is capable off-road and commanding in urban environments. Interior The allroad beckons drivers inside for the kind of sensible performance, advanced technology and advanced comforts that are Audi allroad Please Turn to Page 18

January 2013

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Recycled Rides Program Proves to be a Great Success

Sports & Imports Collision and Family Promise of Lawrenceville combine efforts to donate vehicle to family in need

Sport and Imports, Rick Case KIA in Duluth, BASF, Finish Masters, Tip Top Class, Wheel Wizard, Enterprise Rental Car and Met-Life team up to help a local family. With the help of Family Promise, Sports & Imports Collision a member of the National Auto Body Council (NABC), delivered a 2011 KIA Soul to Ms. Rahandice Fortune in a ceremony at Sports & Import s. The project was part of a nationwide vehicle donation program called Recycled Rides, a community awareness project whereby members of NABC repair and donate recycled vehicles to families in need. As part of this program, simultaneous vehicle donations took place throughout the country

on Wednesday, November 28. “We are exceptionally pleased with the results of the project,” states Michelle Coombs. “The vehicle was well received and all of our staff worked hard to make the donation a reality. The Fortune family was extremely grateful and we wish them a great holiday season. Hopefully, having this vehicle will brighten their lives and make it easier for them to accomplish the daily tasks most of us take for granted. “I want to thank our staff and our vendors, Rick Case KIA in Duluth, BASF, Southern Automotive Journal,Inc. P.O. Box 675097 Marietta, Ga 30006-0009 (770) 321-9920 E-Mail Volume 17 Issue No. 1

Southern Automotive Journal (ISSN: 1092-6321) is published monthly by Southern Automotive Journal Inc. P.O. Box 675097, Marietta, Ga 30006-0009.SAJ accepts no responsibility for the opinions, views statements of the authors or for claims made by advertisers. Views expressed by writers are not necessarily those of the publication. Subscription: $12.00 per year. No representation is made as to the accuracy or the completeness of the information provided by this publication. Entire contents copyright 2013. All rights reserved.

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January 2013

Finish Masters, Tip Top Class, Wheel Wizard, Enterprise Rental Car in addition to Met-Life who donated the vehicle. This would not have happened without their combined efforts. “We appreciate all those who attended the event, at which we presented the vehicle—decorated with a huge green bow—to the Fortune family. We look forward to participating again next year and we invite other auto body repair facilities in our community to join us so our industry can serve even more local families next year.” “The event was a great success,” says Brent Bohanan of Family Promise. “We’re proud to be a part of Recycled Rides. The family is just thrilled to have reliable transportation. Sports & Imports Collision did a great job getting the vehicle ready.” Sports & Imports Collision has always been proud of the charities its sup-

Ms. Rahandice Fortune drives away in a 2011 KIA Soul made possible by the Recycled Rides Program ports. Being able to give a family in need a form of transportation is an honor. We pride our selves in the work we do at both of our locations, Chamblee and Duluth, and are thankful for the ability to help the Fortune Family. The National Auto Body Council is a not-for-profit organization committed to the goal of improving the image of all dedicated professionals in the collision repair industry. NABC headquarters is located at 7044 S. 13th Street, Oak Creek, WI 53154. For more information on the Recycled Rides program, call (888) 6677433 or visit Southern Automotive Journal


South Carolina's Continental Tire the Americas Receives "Best Place to Work" Awards Continental Tire the Americas, LLC (CTA) was recently recognized by two area organizations as a "Best Place to Work." On Oct. 4, CTA was for the first time recognized by the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce and SC Biz Magazine as the fourth "Best Place to Work" in South Carolina. Mostly recently on Nov. 9, CTA was awarded the eighth "Best Place to Work" in the Charlotte area by the Charlotte Business Journal, surpassing the ninth place position the com-


Southern Automotive Journal

pany was awarded in both 2010 and 2011. CTA competed in the large business category for both awards, which consists of businesses of more than 250 full-time employees. The awards recognize companies with benefits, policies and practices that are among the best in the area. Awards are determined by an evaluation of the work environment, which is based on an employee survey managed by a third party. "Continental Tire the Americas is a

January 2013

great place to work because of our people and we are honored to be recognized for this award in both Charlotte and the state of South Carolina," said Jochen Etzel, CTA's chief executive officer. CTA's corporate headquarters are located in Lancaster County just off of Highway 160 and employs nearly 400 people in the greater Charlotte area. In addition, CTA is currently building a new manufacturing facility in Sumter, South Carolina that will create 1,600 new jobs. "Over the next few years we'll be hiring more people at both our Lancaster County office and new plant in Sumter," Etzel said. "We hope that with additional employees, we will be able to reach more milestones and continue to be a best place to work." Due to the significant growth in the business, CTA recently invested $4 million into an expansion of its Lancaster County headquarters, providing a 16,000 square foot addition, which opened on Aug. 24. The investment also includes the creation of 80 new jobs at the headquarters location over the next four years. The new addition to CTA's headquarters is part of an even larger company investment into the area with plans to invest more than $500 million to build an allnew tire plant in Sumter, S.C. The first phase of the facility is expected to be complete in 2013. Continental manufactures and distributes a complete line of Continental and General brand passenger, light truck and commercial tires for original equipment and replacement markets. Continental's brands are available at leading independent tire dealers, car dealers and mass retail companies across North and South America.n

2013 GMC Sierra 1500 - Powerful And Efficient

GMC Sierra 1500 for 2013 features a broad, diverse and efficient lineup, offering everything from the job-ready Work Truck models to the luxurious Sierra Denali. A range of powerful yet efficient V-8 engines is offered. Variable valve timing is standard on all V-8 engines and cylinder-deactivating Active Fuel Management is incorporated on 5.3L engines. These technologies help optimize performance and efficiency. In fact, Sierra’s powertrains, backed by fuel-saving, sixspeed automatic transmissions, help deliver the industry’s best V-8 fuel economy – including up to 22 mpg on the highway for the Sierra XFE and up to 23 mpg on the highway with the segment-exclusive Sierra Hybrid. The Sierra XFE is the only fullsize truck that offers more than 300 horsepower and greater than 21 mpg on the highway. It incorporates unique aerodynamic enhancements, a 5.3L/six-speed automatic powertrain and other details to deliver its 22-mpg highway rating, while the Sierra Denali fuses performance and unmatched luxury, with specific exterior cues, a well-appointed interior and a powerful 6.2L V-8 engine. Supported by the robust full-size truck architecture, Sierra’s powertrains also enable excellent capability, including a maximum payload capacity of 1,937 pounds (838 kg). And when equipped with the available max trailering package and the 6.2L V-8, the Sierra 1500 can tow up to 10,700 pounds (4,853 kg). New for 2013 is powertrain grade braking in the normal transmission mode. It was previously incorporated only when the Tow/Haul mode was activated. It uses engine torque to help slow

the vehicle on descents, which helps reduce brake wear. It is featured with the 5.3L and 6.2L engines paired with six-speed transmissions. The Sierra lineup is characterized by a rugged yet refined appearance, with chiseled bodywork complemented by details such as chrome bumpers (Sierra Denali features body-color bumpers). Additional elements, including January 2013

flared rear fenders and premium headlamps, contribute to Sierra’s refinements, while features such as large, grab-style door handles – designed for easy use with work gloves – reinforce the notion that it is a truck first and foremost. The Sierra Denali is offered in 2WD and AWD configurations. It is powered by a 6.2L V-8 engine, rated at 403 horsepower (301 kW) and 417 lb.-ft. of torque (565 Nm). The engine is paired with the Hydra-Matic 6L80 six-speed automatic transmission. Complementing drivetrain features include a 9.5-inch rear axle (2WD) or 8.6-inch rear axle (AWD) with 3.42 gears and an automatic locking rear differential. The specially tuned Z60 suspension, four-wheel disc brakes, StabiliTrak, skid plates and recovery hooks are standard. Twenty-inch chrome-finish aluminum wheels are standard and unique to Denali. A Denali-specific chrome grille makes the truck instantly recognizable. Additional chrome trim and body-color bumpers further distinguish it. Sierra Denali also offers a unique combination of interior style and luxury, including standard nuance leatherappointed seats, heated and cooled 12-way power-adjustable front seats and an exclusive leatherwrapped and heated steering wheel. Denali models feature a unique center console, enhanced interior bright work and detailed, highly finished embossed sill plates. The center console has wood grain-appearance trim that conceals the lid and cupholder pockets, creating a more finished and refined appearance. Highlights of Sierra’s standard and available exterior features includeheated, power-adjustable outside mirrors including auto-dimming, integrated signal indicators and curb-tilt feature; GMC Sierra Please Turn to Page 26 Southern Automotive Journal


State Farm Updates ASA on PartsTrader Electronic Parts Ordering Application Dan Stander, AAM, ASA’s collision division director and owner of Fix Auto Highlands Ranch in Littleton, Colo.; and Denise Caspersen, ASA collision division manager, recently received updates from State Farm about the insurer’s current pilot, which uses the PartsTrader electronic parts ordering application. Representing State Farm on the call was George Avery, claims representative, and State Farm staffer Duane Willemain. The November update is the first of several expected from the insurer, which has committed to keeping ASA members abreast of the pilot and its potential effect on future State Farm Select Service participants. The ASA collision leadership and staff continue to focus on providing ASA members and the industry with accurate information about the pilot, while engaging and advocating on behalf of collision repairers. The pilot, currently in four states and set to expand into Chicago, Ill., next month, will increase involvement to nearly 600 Select Service collision repair facilities of the 10,300 shops participating nationwide in the State Farm Select Service program. The following updates were provided to ASA during the call: • Pilot locations of Charlotte, N.C., and Birmingham, Ala., now have the ability to do 30-minute quotes – resulting in all four original pilot markets now having a 30-minute quote window. • Regarding estimating systems, Audatex, a Solera Co.; CCC Information Services; and Mitchell International all Game Changers From Page 8 tasking on a daily basis, which will make them adaptable to the kind of cross-training that will be required of the staff of the future. “In the end it may well be the flexible thinkers with agile operations— the ones that can turn on a dime—that

have two-way integration in all four markets. • A change has been made in the process of writing estimates to better accommodate alternative pricing. According to State Farm, if a shop has alternative pricing available through a different source, State Farm is recommending Select Service shops write estimates with those prices – therefore utilizing price matching. • In Chicago, business meetings are set with multi-shop organizations and all Select Service repairers. Chicago is recognized as a heavy consolidator market. Items for the meetings include: – An overview of the program – Handouts about the program – Preparation material for a Dec. 10 “live” date – PartsTrader started hosting meetings Nov. 12 for dealers and parts suppliers. – Select Service shops have been asked to identify suppliers. – To date, 466 letters from State Farm to suppliers have been sent out. – 500-600 suppliers have been identified in the Chicago market. – To date, 475 of 477 Select Service shops have registered. • Regarding cycle time improvements, State Farm said it was hard to prove, at this point, any cycle time improvements linked to the application. State Farm does not expect an immediate or large reduction in cycle time. • Regarding “saving of total losses,” State Farm said that at this point there is not enough data to validate this. Nor is there data that demonstrates an increase in recycled or alternative parts.

• PartsTrader is moving forward with integration into the various collision management systems. • No evidence to date on reductions in parts profit. • The length of the Chicago pilot is unknown. According to State Farm, once a change is introduced into the application in pilot, it is necessary for the change to “mature” to determine the impact of the change. This, then, impacts the end date. • The PartsTrader application has undergone a minimum of seven updates since the initial pilot release in March 2012. • PartsTrader announced it will not charge suppliers until 2014.

are best equipped to compete with consolidators and whatever else may be coming down the road,” said Stabler. “It takes courage and more than a little boldness on the part of leadership, but it clears the way for team successes.” SCRS wishes to take this opportunity to thank its panel members for crafting a well-rounded presenta- tion that gave attendees insight into process

innovation. “It gave us all a chance to get exposure to the ideas and experiences of those that have broken new ground, time and again,” stated SCRS Executive Director Aaron Schulenburg. “This creates an important context for those in attendance, who as a re- sult will be better equipped to embrace and instill ongoing innovation as a core function of their business.”n

“For the ASA collision membership volunteering on the operations committee, the focus continues to be one of information, engagement and impacting the outcome in the most positive way on behalf of repairers. It was apparent early on that the ‘train had left the station’ in regard to stopping this application from being piloted. The ASA team made the decision to focus on accuracy and engagement, and will continue to do so as this pilot continues and future items arise,” said Caspersen. Collision repairers may share their comments or concerns regarding the pilot by contacting Caspersen at; or by phone at (800) ASA-SHOP, ext. 106, or (817) 514-2906 (direct). Additional ASA announcements regarding the State Farm pilot are conveniently located at Click on “Tools & Resources,” then “State Farm Pilot Program.”n or (i need oem parts)

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allroad from Page 10 hallmarks. Spaciousness is one of this vehicle’s best traits. Compared to its predecessor, the longer wheelbase makes for a more comfortable ride, while improved seating and packaging yield more headroom for front passengers. The wagon provides 27 cubic feet of cargo space and an ample 50 cubic feet of carrying capacity with the rear seats folded down. An electric tailgate is available to ease entry when placing items into the rear cargo area. The standard panoramic sunroof adds to the cabin’s spacious feeling. Interior refinements include eight-way power seats, optional heated front seats, a choice of three wood inlays, and a 505watt Bang & Olufsen Sound System with 14 speakers, which automatically adjusts volume and timbre to ambient noise in the car. The Sport Interior package for allroad features twelve-way power front sports seats and a three-spoke steering wheel with shift paddles. Driver Assistance The allroad is loaded with features

that help the driver navigate the road more safely and experience more enjoyment behind the wheel. These advanced features include adaptive front lighting and Audi side assist, which uses radar to monitor the space behind and beside the car and detects any vehicles in neighboring lanes. An optional Driver Assistance package adds a cluster of features that enhance this aspect of allroad technology even more. They include Audi adaptive cruise control, which keeps allroad at a constant distance from the vehicle ahead of it, and dynamic steering, which varies the effort required as well as the steering ratio at different speeds to maintain optimum driving control and feel. Audi connect Audi connect enables first-tomarket Google Earth integration, which redefines the navigation experience. The realistic panoramic views and highresolution 3D satellite and aerial imagery provide drivers with a better navigation experience. Audi connect with Google Earth also improves visual orientation with a “camera zoom” feature

that allows closer views of surroundings or destinations. Added to the high-resolution of Google Earth imagery is an overlay of street mapping data provided through Audi MMI Navigation plus and real-time traffic information available through a SiriusXM Traffic subscription (now includes four years of SiriusXM Traffic information). Audi connect also provides an industry-first factory vehicle integration of Wi-Fi service. This unprecedented mobile hot spot capability for passengers allows connections for up to eight Wi-Fi capable devices and permits passengers to connect to work or other networks. The Google Voice Local Search also is a first in Audi connect, and it enables more intuitive requests for destinations of interest while also helping drivers to keep their focus on the road. Other features include real-time information, such as weather, fuel price updates, and streaming news feeds. The allroad combines iconic design with exceptional performance, efficiency and technology. It is faster and more fuel efficient and brings new levels of technology to the segment through Audi connect, which makes it a worthy successor to an icon.n


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Pull-A-Part and the Georgia Recycling Coalition Launch a Partnership to Promote Auto Recycling and Reduce the Number of Junk Cars in the Metro Atlanta and Augusta Areas Pull-A-Part, a Do-It-Yourself Used Auto Parts Retailer and purchaser of End of Life Vehicles ("Junk" Cars), announced a partnership today with the Georgia Recycling Coalition (GRC) to promote the recycling of older cars in the Metro Atlanta and Augusta areas. Pull-APart will donate funds to the Georgia Recycling Coalition and the local recycling program members, including Keep Atlanta Beautiful, Keep DeKalb Beautiful, Keep East Point Beautiful, Keep Forest Park Beautiful, Keep Roswell Beautiful, Keep Columbia County Beautiful, and Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful for every vehicle sold through their promotion of this program. Residents in these areas

can contact Pull-A-Part at (888) 237-7198 if they wish to sell their old junk cars for cash, which includes free vehicle pickup. The donated funds will be used to help support local recycling and litter prevention programs throughout the state. "Pull-A-Part is excited to work with the Georgia Recycling Coalition to help remove and recycle "junk" cars from our neighborhood streets and yards," says Steve Levetan, Senior VP. "We are committed to helping our communities stay cleaner and safer through our continued support of sustainable reuse and recycling practices." "We're proud to partner with Pull-A-Part, a clear leader in the 'do-it-

yourself' used auto parts industry," says Gloria Hardegree, Executive Director, Georgia Recycling Coalition. "Through this program we hope to keep communities clean while reducing the number of "junk" cars on the streets and in yards. With Pull-A-Part funding cash incentives for each car purchased as a result of this program, we will be able to further support GRC's mission and our members." This program kicked off recently in recognition of America Recycles Day. For more information on how to sell your old car and help your community (free towing included), please contact Pull-A-Part at or (888) 237-7198. n

Repairer-Only Meeting at SEMA 2012 Provides Forum for Unfiltered Discussion In a packed, standing-room only venue, the second in a series of repaireronly meetings convened on Thursday, November 1st at the 2012 SEMA Show in the LVH Hotel Conference Center. Assured Performance Network (APN), the OEM Roundtable, and the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) sponsored the event. This special event, reserved only for representatives of collision repair businesses, was the second in a planned series designed to provide a place where collision repairers could engage in candid conversation about the challenges facing their industry, without any undue influence from opposing agendas. The unanimous feedback at this event, and other recent assemblies of repairers, was to hold a "repairer only" forum-assembly in conjunction with other industry events on a quarterly basis starting with Palm Springs events in late January. Several entities, and nearly 300 repairers, cooperated to create and execute the two sequential events including sponsorship from the OEM Collision Repair Round Table; a group of automaker crash parts and collision repair representatives, aimed at improving the quality of collision repair available to vehicle owners. According to Scott Biggs, CEO 20

Southern Automotive Journal

of Assured Performance Network, "Repairers have overwhelmingly expressed their interest to make the repairers only forum-assembly an ongoing organized event to ensure there is always a place for repairers to express their opinions openly and without filters and interference." “There was a lot of emotion and passion as repairers articulated their concerns and discussed solutions,” said Jordan Hendler, Executive Director of the Washington Metropolitan Auto Body Association. “This was a great start to bring repairers and repairer groups together to talk specifically about repairer issues and how to collectively resolve some long-standing problems.” The forum is not a replacement or competition for participation in other inter-industry events. Instead it provides repairers with their own forum like other entities traditionally have. While the Las Vegas gathering had no set agenda, the open discussion agenda provided for lively and passionate discussions covering a wide range of important topics. Insurer-mandated parts procurement programs dominated conversation, but a variety of other issues surfaced during the course of the two-hour event highlighting the mounting frustration felt by repairers. January 2013

“We attended the first two repairer meetings and were overwhelmed by the experience of the repairers that attended,” added Eddie Okahara, President of Oka’s Auto Body, Hawaii. “We made new friends that have the same challenges as us, and we were hopeful that there would be future events like this scheduled. This type of meeting, where repairers attend to share common challenges from the perspective of one repairer to another, is refreshing. This industry changes so quickly, and it is a great benefit to talk with others that are involved in the day to day business of repairing and refinishing vehicles safely based on the manufacturers specifications; rather than former employees of repairers, retired owners, or people that have moved on to teaching or consulting and are no longer directly involved as we are.” As the host of Repairer Driven Education at the SEMA Show, SCRS was honored to be an integral part of the forum’s formation. “I was impressed with the turnout at this event and the level of participation from all that were in attendance,” said SCRS Chairman Aaron Clark. “Every major organization, including SCRS, has a forum to discuss their Repairer-Only Meeting Turn to Page 34

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Automotive Recyclers Association Joins NHTSA in Warning Vehicle Owners About Counterfeit Air Bags

The Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) today announced its support of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) efforts to warn consumers about those who would promote the sale and use of counterfeit air bags. ARA has long cautioned the automotive repair industry community and consumers about the dangers of using counterfeit air bags, as well as the alarming practice of omitting airbags altogether in repairs. In fact, in 2009,

NHTSA reviewed fatal accidents in a 5 year period and found that airbags were missing in 18 percent of the crashed vehicles following deployment in a previous crash. ARA strongly urges NHTSA to be clear in its statement that the continued use of recycled original equipment (OE) non-deployed air bag modules is acceptable and recycled OE non-deployed air bags are not counterfeit bags, from China or anywhere else but are the same parts

that automakers install in vehicles on the assembly line. Also NHTSA should ensure that its advisory does not mislead consumers by giving the impression that only vehicles serviced at a new car dealership are assured of quality repairs which would be unfair to the tens of thousands of independent repair shops nationwide who do excellent work.

E15 from Page 9

sumers about potential dangers before selling E15 gasoline. This outreach should include a consumer education campaign and more effective pump labels, among other potential safeguards to protect consumers and their vehicles. AAA also recommends additional testing to conclusively determine the impact of E15 use on vehicle engines and fuel system components. At least ten gas stations currently sell E15 and that number is expected to grow, which means now is the time to suspend sales before more retailers begin offering the fuel. The EPA in June officially approved the sale of E15 after receiving a waiver request from producers interested in expanding the use of corn-based ethanol. Despite objections by auto manufacturers, the EPA approved the use of E15 gasoline in flex-fuel vehicles and 2001 model

year and newer cars, light-duty trucks and medium-duty passenger vehicles and SUVs. AAA urges consumers to follow the recommendations of manufacturers to truly protect themselves from voided warranties or potential damage. AAA supports the development and use of alternative fuels. More than 95 percent of the gasoline sold in the United States contains up to 10 percent ethanol. Lower ethanol blends should remain available to consumers while the challenges with E15 are addressed. The survey findings related to consumer knowledge of E15 are from a telephone survey conducted among a national probability sample of 1,012 adults comprising 504 men and 508 women 18 years of age and older, living in private households in the continental United States.n

and newer GM vehicles and 2013 model-year Ford vehicles. These approvals extend only to cars, light-duty trucks and medium-duty passenger vehicles (SUVs). The use of E15 is expressly prohibited in heavy-duty vehicles, boats, motorcycles, power equipment, lawn mowers and offroad vehicles. "The sale and use of E15 should be suspended until additional gas pump labeling and consumer education efforts are implemented to mitigate problems for motorists and their vehicles," continued Darbelnet. "Consumers should carefully read pump labels and know their auto manufacturer's recommendations to help prevent any problems from E15." AAA urges fuel producers and regulators to do a better job of educating con-

Air Bags Please Turn to Page 30

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I-CAR Launches New Interactive Aluminum-Intensive Vehicle Repair Training I-CAR, the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, announced recently that its new, highly interactive Live training course, Aluminum-Intensive Vehicle Repairs (ALI01) is available. With the ever-increasing use of higher-strength materials in vehicle designs, all of which work differently, there is an even greater demand for aluminum repair training. I-CAR is committed to continually enhancing the classroom experience and providing training that is relevant to critical collision industry roles. This engaging I-CAR course offers discussion, education, and decision-making exercises designed to equip collision repair professionals with the knowledge needed to repair aluminum-intensive vehicles. Throughout the course, students make repair procedure decisions on a simulated aluminum-intensive vehicle, exposing them to some of the considerations that they may be faced with on a regular day in their own collision repair facilities. “Interactive learning in the class-

room is an effective way to enhance the student’s experience and prepare them with the knowledge they need to make effective repair decisions,” Jason Bartanen, I-CAR Technical Director explained, “As aluminum-intensive vehicles continue to gain popularity due to their high-strength, light-weight nature, it is critical that technicians have an understanding of the unique considerations around working with aluminum structures.” During the course, students will learn about the distinctive characteristics of aluminum and requirements for proper electrode wire and rivet-type and length selection. Additionally, anchoring and straightening considerations, removal and installation procedures, and attachment methods for different vehicles are identified. ALI01 fulfills I-CAR ProLevel training requirements in the I-CAR Professional Development P r o g r a m (PDP) for the Aluminum

Structural Technician role and New Technology training requirements for the Steel Structural Technician role. In October, Aluminum Structural Technicians and shop owners following the PDP were contacted about ALI01 with information on how the new three credit hour course would be streamlined, meaning technicians will take three fewer courses and nine less credit hours in ProLevel 1. ALI01 is replacing content in four courses currently offered in the Aluminum Structural Technician role: SPA01, SPA02, PRA01, and SSA01. These courses will remain available to the Aluminum Structural Technician through July 15, 2013, though I-CAR recommends taking the new ALI01 course whenever possible because it provides the most beneficial learning experience. Class registration is open and available on the I-CAR website, n

PartsTrader to Host First Charity Golf Outing PartsTrader LLC, announced it will be hosting its first charity golf outing - Golf Fore a Cause - on May 14, 2013. The outing will benefit Operation Comfort, a non-profit organization that supports the physical and emotional rehabilitation of wounded American soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. Operation Comfort supports American service members who are receiving treatment at Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) and Audie Murphy VA Hospital in San Antonio, TX. Part of the rehabilitation process is the opportunity to participate in skills development programs, one of which is Automotivation. In this program, soldiers are given the opportunity to build and restore automobiles as a means to develop vocational skills. Additionally the service members benefit from occupational therapy delivered through exercising the fine motor skills required for automotive repairs. PartsTrader is working directly with the National Auto Body Council, which recently announced a $1.5MM campaign to purchase, renovate, and equip a 30,000 square foot facility providing permanent housing for the Automotivation program. Proceeds from the Golf Fore a Cause event are part of PartsTrader’s $25,000 commitment to the fundraising effort alongside the National Auto Body Council.“ Golf Outing Please Turn to Page 30

January 2013

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I-95 Toyota & Scion Presents A Toyota Sienna To The Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia To Help Transport Adoptable Pets I-95 Toyota & Scion presented a Toyota Sienna to Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia (HSSCG) at the dealership recently as part of the Toyota 100 Cars for Good program, a major philanthropic initiative in which the automaker is giving away 100 cars to 100 nonprofits over the course of 100 days. The program is the first Toyota initiative that engages the public to determine how corporate philanthropic donations are awarded. To celebrate winning the donated vehicle, the HSSCG staff, supporters and adoptable dogs will attend the key presentation located at 1000 Millennium Boulevard in Brunswick, Ga. The HSSCG plans to use the Sienna primarily to take dogs and cats to neighboring schools to educate children in pet responsibility as well as to collect pet food from local food banks. The van will also be used to transport animals to community events that encourage adoption and to families that foster homeless pets with special needs. "We are so excited to be receiving a new vehicle from Toyota," said Virginia Schlegel, executive director, HSSCG. "The outpour of support we received from our community and visitors that voted for us on Facebook really helped spread our message. Now that we have reliable transportation, plans are already underway to bring our education program to the children in our area and beyond. We simply can't thank Toyota enough!" The HSSCG is no-kill adoption center that provides adoption services for animals in South Coastal Georgia and reduces the overpopulation of unwanted pets by spaying and neutering. The nonprofit has had a great impact on the community with the support of its participatory opportunities to include private donations, planned giving, corporate sponsors and philanthropic foundation. "100 Cars for Good is an excellent program, and we are delighted to be a part of the initiative," said Travis Ostrom, owner, I-95 Toyota & Scion of Brunswick. "We have proudly been a member of the

Brunswick area for nearly a decade, so we support and applaud the Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia for the incredible work they do in our community." I-95 Toyota & Scion has been actively involved in charitable causes since opening its doors in 2004. As corporate sponsors of the Humane Society's annual golf tournament, the dealership promoted the nonprofit during the 100 Cars for Good campaign, encouraging the community to vote for the Humane Society. To further help the organization, I-95 Toyota also plans to fill the Sienna with pet food and essential supplies. "At Toyota, we appreciate what a significant impact a new car can have for nonprofits in their work," noted Michael Rouse, vice president of diversity, philanthropy and community affairs for Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. "All 100 of the winners of the 100 Cars for Good pro-

January 2013

gram are providing extraordinary and much-needed services, and we thank I-95 Toyota & Scion for their role in delivering Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia's car to them to help with their important work." The selection process began May 14, 2012 by profiling five finalists at Individual members of the public were able to vote for the nonprofit they believe can do the most good with a new vehicle. The charity with the most votes at the end of each day became the winner of one of six Toyota models. Additionally, each runner-up will receive a $1,000 cash grant from Toyota. A six-year, 100,000-mile powertrain warranty will also be provided for each vehicle, compliments of Toyota Financial Services. To learn more about the 100 Cars for Good program, please visit

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while Denali and SLT models feature the luxury-inspired interior similar to GMC’s full-size SUVs. Work Truck, SL and SLE trim levels feature larger controls and door handles that are easier to use with

GMC Sierra From Page 15

heated, power-adjustable vertical camper-style outside mirrors; EZ-Lift tailgate; and a range of 17-inch, 18-inch and 20-inch wheels are just some of the standard and available features offered for the 2013 Sierra line-up. Several option packages including the Chrome Essentials package with chrome details; the Power Tech package which includes the vortec 5.3L V-8 and eavy-duty locking rear differential, trailering package; the Work Truck Plus package and the All Terrain Packages. Sierra's interior features two interiors to meet the diverse needs of customers. The Work Truck, SL and SLE trim levels feature the “pure pickup” interior,

gloves. A large-capacity, double glove box is part of the instrument panel. Denali and SLT models feature a luxury-inspired interior with a unique instrument panel, door panels, large-capacity center console that offers 20.1 liters of undivided storage and other distinct trim. A stadium-style rear seat with a 60/40-split design and folding center armrest is standard on crew cab models and available on extended cab models. It can be easily folded up with one hand, without using a release

handle, to provide an uninterrupted load floor. Alternatively, either section of the split seat can be stowed independently, allowing room for both cargo and a rearseat passenger. Rear access doors on the extended cab open 170 degrees for easy entry to the rear seat/storage area of extended cab models. Power-operated rear side windows lower completely into the 170-degree access doors, providing 100-percent openness on SLE and SLT models. Sierra safety and crash-avoidance features include a strong body structure to absorb crash energy and provide a protective “safety cage” around occupants. Standard head curtain side air bags with rollover protection are featured for all seating rows, while standard seatmounted sideimpact air bags for driver and rightfront passenger provide thorax and pelvic protection. The roof-mounted head curtain air bags include design features that provide increased rollover protection and occupant containment.n

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Spotlight: Ferrari Maserati of Atlanta 11875 Alpharetta Highway • Roswell, GA 30076 678.802.5000 • 800.522.2345 FAX 678.802.5018

by Russ Heaps

S P O T L I G H T 28

At Ferrari Maserati of Atlanta, the parts have numbers; the customers have names. Neither retail nor wholesale customers get lost in the crowd; there is no crowd. It's Ferrari and Maserati after all. In the world of auto parts, operating a parts department for an exotic brand, such as Ferrari, versus a volume brand like Toyota, is the difference between managing a boutique audio retail store versus Best Buy: There are more differences than similarities. Simply the fact that Ferrari Maserati of Atlanta is one of only about 60 Maserati and 35 Ferrari authorized dealers in the United States makes it a member of a couple of very exclusive clubs. When on a parts search for cars costing between $125,000 and $350,000, you probably hope the person on the other end of the phone knows what he is talking about. At this price point, you expect a high level of experience and expertise. And, you want a certain comfort level that only comes with hearing with a familiar voice. Ferrari Maserati of Atlanta in Roswell covers all these bases and more. Rather than months or years, the three-person parts team at Ferrari Maserati of Atlanta measures time on the job in decades. When new owners purchased FAF Motorcars

Southern Automotive Journal

January 2013

in Tucker, Georgia in 1994, they also acquired a parts department that included Harold Lovinger and Ken Erwin. In fact, Lovinger had more than 10 years with the company at that time. Today, Lovinger is the parts manager and Erwin works with him on the wholesale desk, doubling as the store's Internet guru. The third member of the team is 12-year veteran Philip Cook, who primarily functions as the parts facilitator for the dealership's six-technician service department. In total, the team has logged more than seven decades of combined experience at this same store. "There are only a handful of us that have been with Ferrari and Maserati as long as we have," Lovinger said, "for 20 years or more." What this depth of experience means to customers is that not only are these guys walking, talking parts catalogs, they know where to go to find those hard-toget parts for cars that are 15 or 20 years old. "In the Ferrari-Maserati world, people have to be comfortable with you," Lovinger explained. "They have to know that we are all on the same page. We've been doing this so long, we know exactly where to find the parts. We have contacts in Italy, Great Britain, all over the world, actually. We can usually find a part that is rare or outdated. If it's out there, we'll locate it." Because Ferrari and Maserati are as exclusive as they are, the dealership enjoys a huge market area. They are one of only 4 dealerships in the southeast United

States. However, according to Lovinger, they are free to sell parts around the world from the Roswell location. "We can go anywhere," Lovinger said, "and we ship all over the world. People who know me from 30 years ago and moved somewhere else, still call me or call Ken. Our commitment is to help anyone anytime. We've got every Ferrari parts book ever published. We even have younger guys from other dealerships' parts departments call us for help locating an older part number. We're happy to help." Typically inventory on hand is about $350,000 with monthly parts sales averaging $200,000. This is all accomplished in 5,500 sq ft of space. Although the inventory on hand isn't huge, Lovinger said that both Ferrari and Maserati have the full range of parts in their North American distribution centers and can ship roughly 96% of his orders within 24 hours. "For us it's about inventory management," Lovinger explained. "It's about keeping the right parts on our shelves. Maserati recognized us last year for doing just that." When asked how the business has changed over the past 25 years, without hesitating, Lovinger replied, "the Internet. " In the 70s and early 80s, the dealership's parts department was primarily a mail-order operation. As one of only five or six Ferrari dealerships in the country, it published catalogs, mailed them out and customers would mail or phone their orders in. "We'd have some guy in Iowa, who would get the catalog, calls us with an order, and we'd ship the part," Lovinger said. "Now the Internet has changed the way we do business, as well as increasing competition. We are now just one of many sources for parts. It's made us work harder and smarter." One way Lovinger is working smarter is by broadening his advertising. After years of advertising in just

publications narrowly focused on Ferrari and Maserati owners, he has branched out, running ads in trade publications. "We didn't use to advertise much," he admitted. "Recently we started doing more advertising in places other than The Official Ferrari Magazine, and it has made a big difference." Lovinger also gives credit to keeping pricing competitive. In a reality where the number of competitors increases almost daily, keeping a tight rein on prices is essential to growth. "We go out of our way to be competitive," he said. Obviously Lovinger has had opportunities to take his expertise to bigger parts operations; yet, he has more than three decades with Ferrari Maserati of Atlanta. Why? He just seems to like it there. "It's kind of like a family," he shared. "It's fun. The cars are interesting; and I deal with some influential customers. This is the top of the mountain. Any place else would be a step down." Moreover, Lovinger loves the enthusiasm people have for the brands. He enjoys people who don't even own a Ferrari or Maserati who want to come into the parts department just to look around, and maybe buy a logo'd piece of merchandise. "We really like it when people come in off the street," Lovinger said. "We sell a lot of merchandise. These people come in and tell us that they'll never be able to afford one of the cars, but they are fans. They'll buy a coffee mug, hat or jacket. We now have owners, who as kids, came in and maybe bought a model. They remember the experience and tell us about it. Today they are successful enough to own a car. It doesn't get much better than that." Located at 11875 Alpharetta Highway in Roswell, the store's hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday. To reach Lovinger and his team by phone: 1-678-802-5000 or 1-800-522-2345.n January 2013

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Air Bags From Page 22 As the leading international trade association of professional automotive recyclers, ARA strongly supports the use of OE non-deployed airbags which have met specific industry standards and ARA maintains that recycled airbag components are an effective, economicallysmart repair alternative to restore vehicles to their pre-accident condition. “The use of these components is a cost-effective option for a consumer,” said Michael E. Wilson, CEO ARA, “but, more importantly, extensive research and years of experience have shown them as a legitimate alternative as well.” As a proactive measure to ensure safety standards are met, ARA Product Services LLC (“ARA Product Services”) launched ARAProTM in 2006. In conjunction with ARAProTM, ARA Product Service’s Airbag Protocol was developed as a national standard to ensure best Golf Outing From Page 23 This is a perfect example of what we all can do as a company, repairer or as a vendor in the industry,” said Chuck Sulkala, Executive Director of the National Auto Body Council. “One’s involvement is only limited by one’s desire to help those who covered our back, and understanding that it is now time for us to do the same for them. We

practices are applied to the process of extracting, handling, inspecting, and storing recycled airbags from salvaged vehicles ( Using the Vehicle Identification Number as well as other reference sources, ARAProTM enables the repairer to accurately match the make, model, and year of the replacement component to the vehicle under repair. A byproduct of following the Protocol would be to ensure that the airbag is not counterfeit. ARAProTM Airbags, ARA Product Services brand name that applies to recycled airbags which have been handled by technicians trained in accordance with the Airbag Protocol, have a certificate that can ultimately be used by a state’s Department of Motor Vehicles to verify that an AirbagProtocol compliant airbag has been used in the repair. ARAProTM Airbags are an integral part of the solution to stop the use of counterfeit aftermarket airbags.

Other entities share the view that the use of recycled OE non-deployed airbags is acceptable. The Model Act Regarding Auto Airbag Fraud, adopted overwhelmingly by National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) in November of 2009, sets forth a comprehensive approach to fighting airbag fraud – an approach that accepts today’s installation of both salvaged (recycled) and new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. The state of Rhode Island has already passed this legislation and a number of other states are considering enacting this model law. The ARA cautions NHTSA against inadvertent implications that new parts from OE’s and dealerships are the sole source for certified quality parts and repair. In any NHTSA communication on automotive parts, it is crucial that the agency clearly recognize the vibrant recycled parts market that provides consumers with cost effective quality recycled OEM repair parts.n

appreciate PartsTrader stepping up in a significant way to help get this fundraising effort off the ground and moving forward."“ Supporting our troops is near and dear to the team at PartsTrader,” said Dale Sailer, Vice President of Business Development at PartsTrader. “From our CEO, whose father served alongside US troops in Vietnam, to our Customer Care Manager, whose son served two tours in Iraq with the Marines, we under-

stand the sacrifice these brave men and women have made to preserve our freedom. We want to do our part to ensure that these proud Americans are cared for when they return home.” The golf outing will be held at The Glen Club in Glenview, IL, ranked by Golf Magazine as one of the Top 75 Courses You Play in the United States. In addition to golf, the event will feature breakfast and lunch, awards, a raffle, and several fabulous prizes.n

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Porsche Cars From Page 7 nity.”

Mueller also reminded the audience of the lasting love affair of the Americans with Porsche, which goes back to the early fifties and is a powerful incentive for the company to safeguard and nurture this extraordinary relationship. “Our investment here in Atlanta is a testament to our belief in the future of this great nation and, above all, our confidence in this very important market,” he said. Ultimately, One Porsche Drive will house 400 employees, including 100 jobs that will be new to Georgia. In addition to corporate offices, it will also be comprised of a Technical Service and Training Center, a Conference Center and a Museum. As an industry first, the Porsche headquarters campus will feature a Customer Experience

Center including a 1.6-mile test track and handling road course to showcase the capabilities of Porsche’s industryleading vehicles. “This world-class facility underscores our commitment to customers and dealers in the United States, which remains the single largest market for Porsche vehicles,” said Detlev von Platen, President and CEO, Porsche Cars North America. “Today’s ceremony also symbolizes Porsche putting down permanent roots here in Atlanta, a city we have proudly called home since 1998.” Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and Georgia Governor Nathan Deal were among the event attendees. “I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to the first tenant of the Aerotropolis development site,” said Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed. “Porsche’s presence here underscores the City

email email email email


email email

of Atlanta’s continuing commitment to attract world-class companies and iconic brands to our city. Furthermore, it sends a clear and unmistakable signal to other companies that Atlanta is open for business.” Neighboring facilities currently include the Delta Air Lines world headquarters, Wachovia Bank’s principal processing center and the world’s busiest airport, which served more than 92 million travelers in 2011. “Porsche’s new headquarters is a terrific asset to Georgia’s economy and a unique travel destination for the millions of travelers who arrive in our great state each year,” said Nathan Deal, Governor of Georgia. “I’m confident One Porsche Drive will become a renowned address that stands for vision, innovation and success – as well as one of the greatest driving experiences in the world.”n


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January 2013

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PartsTrader Round Trip Integration As part of a comprehensive integration strategy that intends to eventually link PartsTrader with all major platforms serving the repairer and supplier communities, PartsTrader is pleased to have successfully implemented full, round trip integration between PartsTrader and the three primary estimating systems in the market – Audatex, CCC, and Mitchell. Round trip integration means that at the start of the parts procurement process, parts data from the initial estimate is automatically loaded into PartsTrader, and at the end of the process, the ordered parts are automatically updated back to the estimate, including any changes to pricing, part types and the underlying parts themselves, allowing the repairer to finalize the estimate. This round trip integration has two key benefits to repairers. First, it saves significant work for repairers who traditionally have had to rekey this information back into the estimate from supplier invoices. Second, because it happens before the estimate is locked, it reduces supplements that would otherwise be caused by these manual updates. This is a key performance goal for both repairers and insurers. As part of State Farm’s compliance

program, Select Service repairers are required to place all State Farm-related orders via PartsTrader. In order for twoway integration to work, and for repairers to receive the significant workflow benefits mentioned, it is necessary for the repairers’ suppliers to also process orders via PartsTrader. We recognize and respect that some suppliers will not want to participate in a competitive quoting process like PartsTrader. Thus PartsTrader does support two additional options for those suppliers who do not want to participate in the competitive quoting process. One of those options will still provide the repairer with the benefits of the round trip estimating system integration, while the other will not. We encourage repairers to keep this in mind when discussing how they will work with their suppliers under the State Farm program. The three options for suppliers are: Full participation: This means the supplier will be able to quote on opportunities to win repairers’ business, and process those orders when they are successful. This provides the most benefit to the supplier’s customers. Confirm orders only: This option allows suppliers who do not want to

participate in the competitive quoting process to still confirm orders on behalf of their customers. The advantage of this over ‘fax only’ is it still allows repairers to get the full benefits of using PartsTrader, including the round trip integration, while respecting the right of a supplier not to participate. Under this option suppliers will not participate in quoting, but will register for PartsTrader in order to confirm order details back to the repairer. Fax only: This option is for suppliers who do not want to use PartsTrader in any way. PartsTrader cannot manage orders placed to fax suppliers, so these orders will not be confirmed to their customer via PartsTrader, and the repairer will need to manually update the estimate with details from this supplier’s invoice. We understand that some suppliers are under pressure not to participate in PartsTrader. For those suppliers we recommend that they go with option 2. This option allows those suppliers to choose not to participate in the competitive bidding process, but to still meet the needs of their repairer customers. PartsTrader staff would be pleased to visit with you at a convenient time to further explain these options to you.n

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Repairer-Only Meeting From Page 20 issues. This style of repairer-only meeting that is not organization specific seems to provide a great opportunity to allow repairers the time and place to talk openly and without filters or other interests muting the opinions. The repair industry has identified a hunger I-CAR From Page 6 recognition program are the industry standards for knowledge, helping form the foundation for business and technician success through training that provides repairers with knowledge and skills needed to achieve complete repairs and safe repairs.” The press conference concluded as Elise Quadrozzi, I-CAR Board Chair, summarized progress made on the PDP Tax Reform From Page 6 deduction and retirement contributions (tie).When asked what top three deductions should be kept in the scenario, respondents chose the health insurance deduction, mortgage interest deduction and contributions to retirement

for ongoing repairer-only meetings and the industry responded. I was certainly proud to be a part of this and look forward to future meetings.” The next repairer-only meeting will take place in conjunction with the industry events scheduled for January 23–25 in Palm Springs, California. A volunteer leadership group of repairers

has stepped forward to organize future meetings, including setting the agenda for January. If you have any questions about the meeting, or any suggestions for discussion points, please contact SCRS Executive Director, Aaron Schulenburg ( or APN Executive Director, Liz Stein (liz.stein@

since its 2010 launch. She also acknowledged I-CAR’s commitment to assisting the industry as it works toward achieving the first of three ascending PDP knowledge levels, ProLevel 1 being required in 2012. Quadrozzi also commented on I-CAR’s plan to expand its service to the Inter-Industry by taking on the proposed “Industry Repair Procedures” initiative, stating, “I-CAR is committed to expand-

ing its relevance to the collision repair Inter-Industry. The industry expressed a need for help and the I-CAR Board agreed that we were well positioned to respond. This initiative is a great example of how we are working to move I-CAR into the future from its historical role as a training provider, with increasing focus on building an education, knowledge, and solutions platform of services for the Inter-Industry.”n

accounts. Business owners were divided on increasing the corporate tax rate in an effort to reduce the individual tax rate: thirty-eight percent said it would depend on the level of increase and decrease. Thirty-five percent were against the proposal and twenty-six per-

cent were for it. "It is our hope that the survey provides the final push for Congress to work to address these issues and focus on a long-term comprehensive approach to tax reform in 2013," said Vlietstra. "The self-employed demand an equitable tax environment."n

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