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Cadillac Escalade

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COLLISION NEWS GCIA Legal Seminar Addresses Steering and Short Pays Mitchell RepairCenter™ ToolStore Integrates with KPA's Environmental and Safety Compliance Software and Service Solutions

DEALER NEWS NADA: Though Constitutional, Health Care Law Still Hinders Dealers' Ability to Provide Good Benefits, Jobs ASA Collision Volunteer Leaders Discuss State Farm Pilot with Affiliated Associations

Volvo's Concept You: Luxurious Scandinavian Design With Intuitive Smart Pad Technology The Volvo Concept You, revealed at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, combines a sleek coupe-like exterior with a luxurious hightech interior that keeps the driver in command via intuitive smart pad technology. With a full interior, Concept You allows luxury sedan customers to fully experience the craftsmanship and intuitive technology that will be the hallmark of future Volvos. "The new Concept You roofline stretches all the way back to the tail lamps - creating that dynamic fastback look that is very much in vogue among European car buyers

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2014 Impala Focuses on Crash Avoidance From All Angles

at the moment," says Peter Horbury, Vice President Design at the Volvo Car Corporation. Touch-control cockpit and pure craftsmanship The luxurious interior of the Concept You features a blend of intuitive smart pad technology and first-class craftsmanship. "The Concept You explores new Concept You Please Turn to Page 4

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the front and comfortably relaxed in the rear. The dynamic feel and dark colour scheme in the front seats fades seamlessly towards the rear until it fully transforms into a light rear seat haven of calmness. The rear seat passengers are embraced by pure comfort, as if their favourite lounge were magically integrated into the car. The interior moulds into the rear seat and becomes part of the seating environment. The Volvo Car Corporation has partnered with several other famous

Concept You From Front Cover territories in our search for the ultimate intuitive car that makes the owners manual a thing of the past. Smart phones and smart pads have brought mobile infotainment into a new era. Here, we use a number of touch-screens to replace buttons and controls in order to make the driver totally connected, totally in control. The technology also helps us to create a refreshingly uncluttered interior," explains Peter Horbury. The Concept You control centre consists of four main areas; a digital Driver Information Monitor (DIM), a head-up display on the windscreen, a "This eternal beauty of Georg Jensen design is what we are aiming for with the whole concept car. Just like the finest luxury goods, this design should feel handcrafted and durable enough to stand the test of time." Peter Horbury, Vice President Design touch-screen in the upper part of the centre console and a touch-screen between the two individual rear seats. The wood/leather steering wheel has aluminium and glass paddles with integrated touch-screens. The touch-screen in the upper part of the centre console remains in sleep-

ing mode until the driver looks at it. A hidden infrared camera registers the eye movements and information is displayed on the screen. Another sensor registers hand movements and triggers the Infotainment system's control mode. The possibilities vary depending on whether 4

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"The interior is exceptionally refined, yet with all the simplistic assets that make Volvo champions of the uncomplicated." Peter Horbury, Vice President Design

the screen is approached by the driver or by the front passenger. "Certain functions, such as surfing the Web,

are only accessible from the passenger side while the car is rolling. The technology knows who is the present operator and adapts itself automatically," says Peter Horbury. The driver can "flip" data from the central touch-screen to the head-up display - and can exchange data with the rear passengers. A light guide in the free-floating centre console indicates file transfer. Unique air-powered sound system August 2012

Kasthall. Just like the rest of the interior it fades from dark in the front to light in the rear. The front texture has a sporty

brands in order to create a genuine feeling of luxury with the right Scandinavian touch.

The Infotainment system also integrates a high-end sound system from Alpine. It features the unique "FreshAir" subwoofer - a not yet released technology that uses the air outside the car to create the ultimate listening experience. The sound system consists of small, optimised units that considerably cut weight - while still producing a better sound than today's systems. Comfortable and cultivated The interior is dedicated to offer design-driven customers a comfortable, cultivated, Scandinavian inspired environment that is also user-focused and refreshingly uncomplicated. Every detail has been chosen with the customer experience in focus. The interior is driver-orientated at

Leather, suede and suit fabric The four individual seats, inspired by ultra-comfortable chairs, blend chrome-free leather from Bridge of Wear with Dinamica ecological suede. The off-black front seats have suede in the centre to create optimal grip. The soft beige rear seats are designed for pure comfort with leather in the centre and suede on the sides. The Concept You design also integrates the luxury qualities of a tailor made suit into the car. The back of the front seats and the door panels feature exclusive Italian fabric and designs from Swedish fashion house Oscar Jacobson. The designers have also been generous with large, handcrafted pieces of walnut - accompanied by leather panels, Dinamica suede roof lining and carefully chosen aluminium details. Hand-tufted wool carpets The wooden floor, which echoes Scandinavian homes, is covered with a specially designed hand-tufted carpet from world-famous Swedish brand

firmness, while the rear part of the carpet is luxuriously soft. "The interior is full of classic forms, materials and textures, used with a twist to create a special contemporary luxury experience. It is exceptionally refined, yet with all the simplistic assets that make Volvo champions of the uncomplicated," explains Peter Horbury. He concludes: "We are carving out a unique position among the luxury car makers with our special kind of Scandinavian Design. August 2012

It will be unmatched in performance, technology and craftsmanship, but without superficiality or complication." Inspiration from Georg Jensen The Concept You is finished in a light blue, liquid metal paint from DuPont. The ventilated disc brakes are developed by Volvo's racing specialists Polestar. The car's fast silhouette is emphasised by the 21-inch polished aluminium wheels with a twisted twin-spoke design and tyres from Pirelli (275/30/21). Up front, the Concept You grille - which has a more classic appearance than the Concept Universe - features details with the same beautifully polished craftsmanship. "The design of the wheels, the grille and details in the innovative headlamps have been inspired by the exquisite works of world-famous Danish design house Georg Jensen. Their precious items capture the essence of Scandinavian design. Uncluttered, organic surfaces and superb craftsmanship that radiate timeless luxury," says Peter Horbury. He adds: "This eternal beauty of Georg Jensen design is what we are aiming for with the whole concept car. Just like the finest luxury goods, t h i s design should feel handcraf ted and durable enough to stand the test of time." The dipped beam comes from LED lamps in four "ice blocks" on top of the high beam lights. The "ice blocks" are installed with the same technology that jewellers use for mounting precious stones.n Southern Automotive Journal


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2012 Kia Soul Ranked Highest in Initial Quality Study by J.D. Power and Associates Refreshed for the 2012 model year, the Kia Soul has been fine-tuned with a significant number of technological, powertrain and style enhancements. The 2012 Soul delivers classleading horsepower and significantly improved fuel efficiency of up to 35 miles per gallon (mpg) on the highway. Kia Motors' hatchback remains a class-leading value with the lowest starting price of its competitive set at $13,900 MSRP.


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From breakthrough advertising to runaway sales success, the Kia Soul has made quite a splash since entering the marketplace in 2009, and today the J.D. Power and Associates 2012 Initial Quality Study (IQS) ranked the popular urban passenger vehicle highest in initial quality in the compact multi-purpose vehicle segment. The study captures feedback from owners after 90 days of purchase in two distinct categories: quality of design and quality of production. Refreshed for the 2012 model year, the Kia Soul was fine-tuned with a significant number of technological, powertrain and style enhancements, and consumers have responded with sales up more than 22 percent through the first five months of the year. “Kia Motors is dedicated to building world-class, high quality vehicles, and the Soul’s recognition in the automotive industry’s authoritative study on quality is the latest example of Kia’s maturity and momentum in the U.S. market,” said B.M. Ahn, group president and CEO, Kia Motors America (KMA) and Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia (KMMG). “The Soul signaled the beginning of Kia’s design-led transformation when it launched in 2009, and it continues to

be one of our most popular vehicles, attracting new consumers to the Kia brand with its eye-catching design and outstanding record of quality, dependability and reliability and playing a vital role in Kia becoming the fastest-growing automotive brand in the U.S.” In the study, the Kia Soul was honored as the highes t- rank ing model in the compact multi-purpose vehicle segment, while the Kia brand made significant advancements with gains that outpaced the industry averSouthern Automotive Journal (ISSN: 1092age. The annual 6321) is published monthly by Southern report includes 233 Automotive Journal Inc. P.O. Box 675097, Marietta, Ga 30006-0009.SAJ accepts vehicle models and no responsibility for the opinions, views measures attributes statements of the authors or for claims across eight catmade by advertisers. Views expressed by egories, including writers are not necessarily those of the the driving experipublication. Subscription: $12.00 per year. ence, engine and No representation is made as to the accuracy or the completeness of the transmission, and information provided by this publication. a broad range of Entire contents copyright 2011. All rights quality problem reserved. symptoms reported by vehicle owners.n August 2012

Southern Automotive Journal,Inc. P.O. Box 675097 Marietta, Ga 30006-0009 (770) 321-9920 E-Mail Volume 16 Issue No. 8

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ASA Collision Volunteer Leaders Discuss State Farm Pilot with Affiliated Associations The Automotive Service Association’s (ASA) volunteer leadership, staff and affiliated associations from around the United States continue to share information, comments and concerns regarding the State Farm pilot involving an electronic parts ordering application. The pilot is being conducted in Tucson, Ariz.; Grand Rapids, Mich.; Charlotte, N.C.; and Birmingham, Ala. During a conference call held June 12, ASA’s affiliated groups in the Tucson (ASA-Arizona) and Grand Rapids (ASAMichigan) markets provided comments regarding the direct impact the pilot has had on its members. Other ASAaffiliated associations expressed concerns during the call, asked for clarifications and provided the ASA volunteer collision leadership and staff with recommendations for future actions as ASA continues to professionally advocate on behalf of collision repairers nationwide. “ASA is fortunate to have grassroots connections throughout the United States through the network of its affiliated associations. Holding


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nationwide team calls among ASA staff and our volunteer leaders broadens the reach of this conversation and ensures our members’ voices are being heard,” said Denise Caspersen, ASA Collision Division manager. Pilot program concerns presented by ASA Reduction in collision repair facility profits based on: > Reduction in manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) for parts > Increased administrative costs > Increased cycle time delays Increased administrative time based on: > Suppliers on pilot report increased administrative time > Repairers on pilot report increased administrative time > Increased “re-keying” of estimates based on lack of system integration Overall concern of the influence insurance agreements have on collision repair processes

August 2012

Electronic application will have a negative impact on local repairer-supplier relationships The “Price-Perfect” price listing of recycled parts continues to complicate the parts selection process and hinder the efficiency of the repair Potential expansion of the “parts search” market beyond the local repairer-recommended suppliers Potential expansion of this type of application being applied to other hard products necessary for a proper collision repair Cost of the application to the supplier will be passed on to the repairer and the consumer Shops in pilot areas expressed a lack of training and understanding of the application Pilot shops also found a lack of responsiveness from State Farm and PartsTrader to questions from repairers and suppliers participating in the pilot Lack of information regarding how

2014 Impala Focuses on Crash Avoidance From All Angles The all-new 2014 Chevrolet Impala is the latest addition to Chevrolet’s passenger car lineup and provides firstever safety technologies for the global brand. Unveiled earlier this year at the New York Auto Show, the Impala leads the full-size segment with 10 standard air bags and boasts numerous active safety systems. While passive safety systems, such as air bags and seat belts, protect occupants in the event

of a crash, active safety systems are designed to prevent a crash in the first place through the use of sounds, visual warnings and automated actions. Here are the active safety features on the 2014 Impala designed to help drivers avoid crashes: Full-speed-range adaptive cruise control – Radar technology senses ahead and adjusts the Impala’s speed from a complete stop to full acceleration. It is the first application in a

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August 2012

Chevrolet. • Collision mitigation braking – Another Chevy first: Radar technology detects a possible crash threat and alerts the driver. If the driver does not appear to react quickly enough or doesn’t react at all, this feature intervenes to apply the brakes in an effort to avoid the crash. • Forward collision alert – Camera technology detects a possible crash threat and alerts the driver visually and audibly, giving him or her time to stop and/or change course. If a crash occurs, the Impala is equipped with OnStar, and a specially trained advisor is connected to the vehicle. If the driver requests help or can't answer, emergency responders are sent to the precise GPS location. • Lane departure warning – A camera-based lane-detection system identifies traffic lane markings and provides audible alerts in cases of unintended lane changes. • Side blind zone alert – Using radar sensors on both sides of the vehicle, the system “looks” for other vehicles in the blind zone areas of the Impala and indicates their presence with LED-lit symbols in the outside mirrors. • Rear cross traffic alert – Based on the radar sensors of side blind zone alert, it warns the driver of vehicles in traffic when backing out of a parking spot – including angled parking. Visual and audible alerts are triggered if moving vehicles are detected. • Rear vision camera with dynamic guidelines – With a display in the center stack infotainment system, the camera provides a view of objects directly behind the Impala, while the dynamic guidelines provide a reference that helps make parking and other maneuvers easier. • Rear park assist – Uses sensors in the rear bumper to detect objects directly behind the vehicle and provides an alert for the driver. • Brake pre-fill feature – Another Chevy first: Radar technology detects a possible crash threat and the system increases the hydraulic pressure in the brake lines, anticipating a driver’s hard braking. This quickens the response time and shortens stopping distances (included with 20-inch wheels on uplevel models). • Hill hold/start assist – On hills, applies the brakes for about 1.5 seconds to prevent the car from rolling when the driver moves his or her foot from the brake to the accelerator pedal. The all-new Impala will arrive in Chevrolet showrooms in early 2013. For more information, please visit www. Southern Automotive Journal


GCIA Legal Seminar Addresses Steering and Short Pays


Four years ago, collision shop owner Ray Gunder got fed up with insurance companies' unscrupulous tactics. He shared how he fought to take his business back, and won. By Nick Palermo Steering. Short pays. These are the questionable insurance company tactics that are driving independent collision shop owners mad and damaging their businesses. But what can shop owners and managers do? After all, insurance companies are among the most powerful entities in this country. They employ armies of lobbyists to bend policy in their favor. Shops are reluctant to fight back, fearing lost business. Is it right? Is it legal? Is there anything collision shops can do to take back their businesses? These were the topics discussed at the Georgia Collision Industry Association's June 23rd seminar, "How to Stay Legal in Your Shop." The seminar drew more than forty attendees from several states throughout the Southeast. For Ray Gunder, owner of Gunder's Auto Center in Lakeland, Florida, collision repair has been a nearly lifelong pursuit. Gunder opened shop in 1969 with two bays and two people, then grew over the years to become one of the biggest around, with 25 staff members and 36 bays. Back in 2008, Gunder got fed up with an insurance company's shady tactics. He'd heard all of the excuses before: the work he performed wasn't necessary or his rates were higher than the prevailing competitive pricing. But this time, instead of lying down, he enlisted the help of an attorney. Gunder reached out to Brent Geohagan of Geohagan, P.A. and told him about his issue of being paid short of what was owed. Geohagan, an experienced business litigator, took his typical initial position of skepticism. "Whenever I have a client come in my office, typically I err on the side of really believing that they're exaggerating a bit," said Geohagan. "A lot of times I have a client come in and all of a sudden this set of facts becomes a conspiracy, and somehow the garbage man, the president and the mayor are involved." Perhaps Gunder was overcharging. 10

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Brent Geohagan of Geohagan, P.A. called it "surreal" that a business would perform work and simply not be paid for it.

Howard Batchelor welcomes Gene Sweeney from Cherokee Collision.

The Georgia Collision Industry Association's June 23rd seminar, "How to Stay Legal in Your Shop," drew more than forty attendees from several states throughout the Southeast. Perhaps some of the work he was performing was "fluff." Maybe Gunder didn't even realize he was overcharging. But the more Geohagan learned about Gunder's case, the more he realized that "everything [Gunder] was telling me was being substantiated." Geohagan eventually reached the conclusion that "the law has never met [the collision] industry." He called it "surreal" that a business would perform work and simply not be paid for it. He was determined to help Gunder collect what was owed him. Gunder and Geohagan tried a August 2012

demand letter to no avail. They'd need to use a different tactic to get the insurance company's attention. Because the collision shop has no contract with the insurance company, Gunder educated his customer on the situation and the customer agreed to assign his benefit to Gunder's shop. Geohagan then filed a breach of contract action to collect the unpaid proceeds of the claim. Geohagan said that once the lawsuit reached the insurance company's legal team, they gave in. "What we have found is, as we press these things and it gets into the hands of

other lawyers, that ultimately they capitulate and they say 'hey, you got us,'" said Geohagan. "I've lost count of how many we've filed and been successful with. We've gotten all of our money, all of our attorney's fees on each one of them. As a result of the fighting, they've also stepped away from the steering because they know we'll fight." Although the laws in Georgia are not identical to those in Florida, Geohagan encouraged shop owners in this state to stand up, too. He outlined three possible ways to deal with short pays, aside from the difficult but most common one – "live with it." First, shops can enforce the contract with the customer. That means collecting the difference between the cost of repairs and the insurance company's payment from the customer. Drawbacks include alienating customers and demanding payment from someone who may not be able to afford to pay. Second, the shop can educate the customer, estimator or claim representative. In some cases, this can be effective. In others, it's a waste of time. Lastly, shops can take the route that Gunder and Geohagan have used with success: stepping into the customer's shoes and enforcing the contract with

the insurer through a lawsuit. W h y should shops use this strategy? Geohagan provided several reasons. First, the shop gets paid. Second, the customer is happy. He or she knows the shop has gotten the compensation necessary to repair the vehicle properly. Lastly, the insurance company is more likely to pay correctly on future claims. Geohagan emphasized one more important reason to keep the insurance companies honest. It boils down to fairness and justice. "This is not a windfall," he said. "This is not a seminar about how you can make more money than you should. This is about y'all getting the money that's yours." Geohagan emphasized the importance of shops standing together. One seminar attendee, David Montanaro of Palmetto Collision Works in Charleston, South Carolina, called the seminar "the August 2012

Kierston Phillips (right), an aspiring law student, listens carefully to Attorney Brent Geohagan with Sheilah Phillips from Phillips Paint, Body & Towing. biggest show of unity [in the industry] in ten years." The collision industry may have a tough road ahead to level the playing field, but this Georgia Collision Industry Association's seminar certainly represented a step in the right direction.n Southern Automotive Journal


2013 Cadillac Escalade Lineup Is Segment’s Most Diverse, Luxurious An icon in the world of luxury SUVs, Cadillac Escalade is synonymous with style, technology, comfort and performance. For 2013, it continues to offer the most complete lineup in its segment, with three distinct body styles and the Platinum models. The model range

includes the Escalade, the extendedlength Escalade ESV and the reconfigurable Escalade EXT. The Escalade and Escalade ESV are available in AWD and RWD configurations. The Escalade EXT sport-utility truck features standard, full-time AWD. All models are powered by a 6.2L V-8 with efficiency-enhancing continuously variable valve timing and Active Fuel Management technology. Escalade Platinum is the highest expression of the brand’s dramatic design, luxury and technology. With features including segment-first LED headlamps and Magnetic Ride Control, the world’s fastest-acting suspension, it’s one of the most technically advanced vehicles in the segment. Platinum models are available on Escalade and Escalade ESV. Also available is the Escalade Hybrid, which delivers 50-percent greater city fuel economy without sacrificing the luxury features that define all Escalade models. Please see the separate Escalade Hybrid release for complete details. 12

Southern Automotive Journal

Escalade ESV The Cadillac Escalade ESV is the largest member of the Escalade family, offering maximum passenger accommodations and cargo capacity. It is 21 inches (53.4 cm) longer than Escalade and offers up to 137.4 cubic feet (3,891 L) of cargo space behind the first row, with the second folded and third row removed. It features all the same elements and features as the standard Escalade, but adds an additional eight-inch flip-down screen for third-row passengers. Escalade EXT The EXT model is a unique Sport Utility Truck (SUT) body style, giving it a part-SUV, part-pickup profile. With the industry-exclusive Midgate panel, owners can easily convert the EXT from a five-passenger SUV into a two-passenger pickup with eight feet of protected and secured storage. The Midgate, located behind the rear seat, can be folded into the cabin, enabling the cargo area to expand from five feet to eight feet, for a total of 101 cubic feet in secured volume. A lockable, standard tonneau cover protects items in the cargo bed, or can be removed entirely for added space. Escalade Platinum The Platinum edition – offered on Escalade and Escalade ESV – includes August 2012

a blend of technical innovations and aesthetic enhancements, including unique 22-inch, multi-spoke wheels and exclusive Platinum exterior badges. Magnetic Ride Control technology (available on all Escalade models with 22-inch wheels) and full-function light- emitting diode (LED) headlamps highlight the Platinum’s technology. The LED headlamps emulate the characteristics of natural daylight much more closely than traditional auto lighting. LEDs are environmentally friendly, lasting 10 times longer than traditional halogen bulbs. Inside the Escalade Platinum, the instrument panel, center storage console and door trim are leather wrapped and feature decorative French seams. Additional Platinum cues include Olive Ash and Walnut Burl woods with unique wood inlays, warm aluminum trim, full TEHAMA™ aniline leather-trimmed firstand second-row seats, full Nuance leather seating trim on the third-row seat – all embroidered with Cadillac wreath and crest insignias. Additional standard interior features include Platinum-specific door sills and floor mats; a heated steering wheel; heated and cooled cupholders and a power liftgate that opens and closes with the touch of a button. In addition to the roof-mounted rear seat entertainment system, the Platinum Edition also includes dual DVD screens integrated in the rear of the front headrests. Each has its own player and controls, and they can be operated independently or in tandem.

All-New 2013 Nissan Sentra To Be Produced In Canton, Mississippi 1,000 New Jobs To Be Created Nissan Americasi announced in June that it will add production of the all-new 2013 Nissan Sentra compact car to its Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant beginning in the fourth quarter of 2012. The addition of Sentra production, along with the planned November shift of the Frontier pickup truck and Xterra SUV to Canton from Nissan's operations in Smyrna, Tenn., will create 1,000 jobs, growing Canton's workforce to more than 4,500 strong. Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant announced Canton's growth plans alongside Nissan's senior leadership, hundreds of plant employees and members of the community. "The addition of Sentra production is a testament to our dedicated Canton workforce and the high level of production quality that they deliver each and every day," said Bill Krueger, vice chairman, Nissan Americas. "The Canton team has proved it can compete and win on a global scale, and it is due to this that we are adding three vehicles to our production roster in Mississippi."

Production of the all-new Sentra, one of Nissan's best-selling models, also will take place at Nissan's plant in Aguascalientes, Mexico, where the model is produced today. Together, the two plants will be able to supply a greater volume of the all-new 2013 Sentra than ever before, better satisfying consumer appetite for fuel-efficient and stylish small cars. "Nissan has been a valued member of our state and local business communities and a leading employer in Mississippi for nearly a decade," Gov. Bryant said. "Nissan's trust in Mississippi's workforce is evident, and I am proud that this company is creating 1,000 additional jobs for hard-working Mississippians. This expansion is proof that 'Mississippi Works' and is a superb place for business." Nissan's Canton operations have played a central role in the growth of Mississippi's burgeoning automotive industry - the fastest-growing industry in the state. The growth of Nissan over the years has helped attract millions in new investments and jobs throughout

the state, both directly and through a growing supplier base. Nissan's Canton Assembly Plant, a 3.5-million square-foot facility on 1,400 acres outside of Jackson, Miss., represents an investment of more than $2 billion. In addition to future Sentra production, Canton currently builds the allnew 2013 Nissan Altima, Nissan's bestselling vehicle, as well as the Armada fullsize SUV, Titan full-size pickup and NV commercial vans. With the addition of Frontier and Xterra production, Canton will serve as a global center of excellence for body-on-frame vehicles. Since Nissan began manufacturing operations here in 2003, the company through its charitable operations has contributed more than $4 million to local communities, schools and Mississippi's higher education system. Since coming to Canton, Nissan has supported approximately 200 organizations that help serve the greater Jackson, Miss., area and remains committed to supporting the communities where its employees live and work.n

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August 2012

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Auto Data Direct Partners with AutoManager to Provide NMVTIS Vehicle Histories Auto Data Direct (ADD) today announced its partnership with AutoManager, a national leader in dealer management software. ADD, a Floridabased automotive data services company, will provide AutoManager access to vehicle history reports from the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS). The NMVTIS database is a U.S. Department of Justice information system that contains automobile information from states DMVs, insurance carriers and the salvage industry. Beginning July 1, 2012, California law will require a NMVTIS report be provided for every used vehicle offered for retail sale in that state. If the NMVTIS report indicates a

junk, salvage or total loss history, the dealer will be required to place a red warning label on the vehicle, alerting the consumer to the issue. “Our partnership with ADD allows AutoManager dealers to perform lowcost, comprehensive vehicle history checks from anywhere - whether it’s in the auction lanes using AutoManager Mobile; at the dealership using DeskManager; or even managing their website and inventory from home using WebManager,” said Kami Tafreshi, C.E.O. of AutoManager. “Given how aggressively we have priced these reports, it makes sense to run a NMVTIS report on every vehicle a dealer intends to buy.” The announced integration will

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August 2012

allow AutoManager dealers to order and view reports from any of AutoManager’s dealer applications. Dealers can access NMVTIS reports on their entire inventory at once, or on one vehicle at a time, depending on their need. The low-cost reports, which are offered at as little as $1.00 each, are available in both English and Spanish, to better serve a bilingual customer base. “We’re very pleased that AutoManager has chosen to work with ADD to offer this important dealer and consumer tool,” said Jim Taylor, President of ADD. “We’ve spent the last twelve years developing internet-based tools for the automotive industry that offer compliance and efficiency. This integration will be especially beneficial to California dealers who will be required to run a NMVTIS report on any used vehicle sold.”n

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Toyota Motor Corporation Outperforms Industry In The J.D. Power and Associates Study

Toyota and Lexus vehicles captured five segment awards and five Toyota manufacturing facilities in Japan and North America won plant awards, including one Gold, in the 2012 Initial Quality Study (IQS), more than any other automaker in both categories. The study also found: -- Toyota has fewer problems than the premium brands industry average; -- 15 Toyota, Lexus, and Scion models ranked in the top three of the segments they compete in; -- Corolla is the highest performing non-premium model, it also ranks fifth overall; -- The all-new Prius v garnered second place in a closely contested segment; and -- The redesigned Camry scores even better than last year’s model “We are very pleased with this year’s Initial Quality Study honors”, said Ray Tanguay, Senior Vice President and Chief Quality Officer Toyota Motor North America, Inc. “These accolades echo our enduring commitment to quality, value, and customer satisfaction”.n

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August 2012

August 2012

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Volkswagen Chattanooga Builds 100,000th Car Jonathan Browning, President and CEO, Volkswagen of America. “It is further evidence that our momentum in the U.S. market is continuing and we are appreciative of our growing customer base, which has been drawn to the Passat’s outstanding fuel economy, German engineering and value,” Browning said. The Volkswagen Chattanooga team celebrated completion of the first customer car on April 18, 2011, the 10,000th Passat on Sept. 8, 2011 and the 50,000th Passat on Feb. 7, 2012. The 100,000 vehicles include pre-series cars, technical training cars, dealer experience cars, U.S. customer cars and export cars to Customer Joanne Benante with her new 2012 Passat TDI SEL Premium, the 100,000th Passat produced in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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Volkswagen Chattanooga has achieved another significant production milestone – the completion of its 100,000th Passat on May 31, 2012, just nine months after the car went on sale in the U.S. The milestone Passat was handed over to its new owner in a ceremony held recenlty with hundreds of Volkswagen employees at the Chattanooga factory. The Passat was driven off the line by employees from the factory and into the Conference Center where an allemployee meeting was being held this morning. The keys were then handed to Volkswagen Chattanooga CEO and Chairman Frank Fischer who presented them to owner Joanne Benante, who had come from Atlanta, Georgia, to take delivery at the factory. To the cheers of the employees, she then drove her new car through the middle of the gathering and out the front doors on her way back to I-75 and south to Atlanta. “We have built each and every one of those 100,000 Passats with a passion for detail that sets the standard for safety and reliability for the midsize sedan market,” Fischer said. “I’m so proud of our team for reaching this milestone so quickly while maintaining the superior quality that earned the Passat the Motor Trend 2012 Car of the

Year award,” Fischer said. The 100,000th Passat built at the LEED Platinum C e r t i f i e d Chattanooga factory was a Night Blue Metallic 2.0-liter TDI SEL Premium with six-speed DSG® dualclutch automatic transmission and Moonrock leather interior. “Producing 100,000 Passats so soon after the vehicle went on sale in September 2011 is a testament to all the hard work that has gone into making our LEED - cer tif ie d Chattanooga plant and the Passat such a success, both here and abroad,” said August 2012

Mexico, Canada, South Korea and the Middle East. n

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House Small Business Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Federal Government Regulations

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The U.S. House Small Business Subcommittee on Contracting and Workforce recently held a field hearing in South Carolina to discuss the effects of regulations on small business participation in federal contracting, economic growth and job creation. The hearing gave small business owners of South Carolina the opportunity to discuss federal regulatory burdens and impediments caused by the new health care law, Environmental Protection Agency regulations and requirements affecting small business procurement opportunities. Data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics confirms that small businesses shed a dramatic number of employees during the recent recession. Witnesses present at the hearing included Col. Charles O’Cain, owner of Owl Business Consulting LLC in Rock Hill, S.C.; Doug Meyer-Cuno, president of Carolina Ingredients in Rock Hill, S.C.; and Monty Felix, CEO of Alaglas Pools in Saint Matthews, S.C. According to U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.), subcommittee chairman: “Small businesses are disproportionately burdened by regulatory costs and face challenges competing for federal contracts now more than ever ... One

Larry Bingham

of the primary reasons our economy is stagnant is because the private sector, and particularly small businesses, are uncertain about how federal taxes and regulations will impact them, so they are holding back. Small businesses are especially sensitive to expected regulatory policy because they must make important, long-term decisions today on investment, hiring and expansion in the future.” Meyer-Cuno discussed his disappointment with the effects of federal regulations on his small business:

“If you regulate us to death, surely you will suffocate us all. At best, Obamacare will weaken our entrepreneurial fortitude; thus, minimizing our country’s sustainability as the world’s greatest economic engine. At worst, we’ll become a society dependent upon government to make our decisions that they think are in our best interests. This isn’t the model our country followed for the first 200 years. Or perhaps our politicians think they know what is best for me. History demonstrates all governments eventually fail under this philosophy. Do I want Obamacare to fuel the government’s desire to mandate me and our business through unaccountable regulations? No thanks, I’ll take

my 2 percent chance of creating a company and surviving 20 years over our government regulating me to death. Historically speaking, the odds of survival are on my side.” Felix shared similar sentiments about the effects of federal regulations on small businesses: “As an owner of a small company, I depend on the federal government to regulate industry based on valid and transparent reviews of the scientific, economic and other relevant facts. Unfortunately, recent regulations and other actions by EPA and HHS are not based on valid assessments but appear to be driven by policy decisions that hide the real facts. When President Obama first took office, he made a commitment to the use of sound science and sound analysis. However, it seems this administration believes that an analysis is ‘sound’ as long as it supports its pro-regulation agenda. I strongly encourage the Small Business committee to continue its effort to promote business viability, innovation and job growth by holding the administration to the president’s promises to base regulatory and other decisions on sound, fair and transparent analysis of the relevant facts.” n

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August 2012

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NADA: Though Constitutional, Health Care Law Still Hinders Dealers' Ability to Provide Good Benefits, Jobs In response to the Supreme Court decision to uphold the primary provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) released the following statement: "Although this ruling by the Supreme Court appears to uphold the majority of the Affordable Care Act, it remains a flawed law. Keeping and retaining highly skilled and trained employees

is a priority for all auto retailers. Dealers strive to provide their employees with the most affordable health care plans available that best fit their needs. Each year, it becomes increasingly challenging for dealers to find the most affordable health insurance plans with the best coverage. "Since the passage of ACA, health insurance costs have continued to rise, and compliance has become more com-

plex. The resources that dealers must put toward meeting these new health care mandates prevent them from growing their businesses and, in many cases, hinder their ability to offer quality health care plans to their employees. While this decision did not strike down most of the ACA, Congress should revisit this law to ensure that dealership employees are not forced out of employer-based health care plans."n

Tennessee First Lady Crissy Haslam was on hand to say "thank you" to Nissan North America - a major corporate statewide sponsor of the Governor's Books from Birth Foundation (GBBF) - at an event held at Glen Leven Day School in Nashville recently. Nissan North America contributed $100,000 to the GBBF for the fiscal year ending July 2012, furthering the company's legacy of commitment to the cause of early childhood literacy in Middle Tennessee. Since the inception of the GBBF in 2005, Nissan North America has provided grants totaling over $700,000 to the nonprofit foundation. The donated funds are used to provide free, high-quality, ageappropriate books to preschool children enrolled in Dolly Parton's Imagination Library in Davidson, Franklin, Rutherford and Williamson counties. By fostering a love of learning and reading, the program helps registered children develop their vocabularies and boost their school readiness. "Nissan North America is an important partner for the Governor's Books from Birth Foundation," said Mrs. Haslam. "The Governor's Books from Birth Foundation and its partners play a critical role in creating opportunity for parents, grandparents and families in Tennessee to connect with their children through books and to lay a strong foundation for children to be ready for school." The generous contributions are part of Nissan's commitment to investing in communities where its employees live and work.

"Nissan is committed to supporting education, beginning with the youngest learners," said Scott Becker, Nissan senior vice president of administration and finance. "Through reading, children develop curiosity, creativity and communication skills that will serve them well throughout their school years. Nissan is proud to support Tennessee's Imagination Library, which helps to prepare children for a lifetime of learning." All of the state's 407,000 children under age five have access to the Imagination Library. Created by Dolly Parton in 1996 as a gift to the children in her hometown of Sevierville, Tenn., the Imagination Library mails a new, age-appropriate, highquality book every month to registered chil-

dren, from birth until age five - at no cost to the family and regardless of income. Just $24 annually provides for the purchase and delivery of 12 books to one child. This cost is split evenly between

Nissan Supports Early Childhood Literacy in Middle Tennessee with $100,000 Donation to Governor's Books from Birth Foundation

August 2012

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FIAT 500 - Modern Take on European Classic

FIAT enlisted the 500 to lead the charge back to the US market after its retreat in 1983. The US auto market has changed quite a bit since 1983. We have seen several new manufacturers enter the market including KIA, Hyundai, Smart and Scion who have seen success and others like Saturn, Mercury and, yes, the YUGO which have faded away. The auto manufacturers in the US marketplace are battling hard in the subcompact segment, some folks would even say this is the front line with every manufacturer aggressively pursuing this buyer. There are some strong models to choose from out there and there is little room for the weak. FIAT chose a tough arena in which to wage war. I like the idea of subcompact cars with style. For so many years a subcompact car translated into a box for the exterior and a low budget interior as well as a driving experience lacking the “fun” we crave from this segment. All the manufacturers have recognized this and they have been at work to improve. Our lifestyles changes coupled with the gas price roller coaster have folks choosing smaller vehicles. They can afford larger cars. They are choosing smaller vehicles. The new FIAT 500 model names, “Pop”, “Sport” and “Lounge” indicate style themselves. Personalization is not a word typically associated with production line assembly of anything. With FIAT’s 14 paint colors and 14 unique seat colors and material combinations they offer a lot of personal choices. This is consistent with yet another cool change we have seen emerging in the car business. Like the original Cinquecento, the new FIAT 500 showcases the brand’s ingenuity to build world-class small cars that ignite a spirit of the times through simple design, beautiful craftsmanship and timeless value. As a result, the FIAT 500 has continued to surprise and delight customers worldwide for more than 50 years. 22

Southern Automotive Journal

Satisfying the individual mobility needs for Italians and other Europeans following the second world war, the original FIAT ‘Nuova’ 500 became a catalyst in 1957 for the country of the ‘poor

Anyone would classify the styling of the FIAT 500 as “retro”. One of the great comeback stories in the US auto market was the return of the MINI, a retro-styled compact car. We have seen the rebirth of the Volkswagen bug, the Toyota FJ, the Chevrolet Camaro. Some manufactures have returned models to their roots, like the Ford Mustang. The difference in the US marketplace between these iconic cars and the FIAT 500 is that only a very limited number of the 500s were sold to the US in the late 1950’s reducing the US car

made up of several superimposed layers and ‘shell-like roof, the new FIAT 500 features unmistakable proportions and a number of aesthetic features to give it an ‘appealing’ air while conveying solidity and robustness. With its signature ‘whiskers and logo’ face, new circular projector headlamps and lower park lamps, the 500 combines the family resemblance and distinctive elements of the original Cinquecento in stylistic harmony. The interior presents a stylistic, simplified and sophisticated look. I thought it was very nicely finished. The FIAT 500’s instrument panel continues the blend of modern simplicity with iconic Italian styling. The upper instrument panel is designed to convey a sense of refinement and elegance and features color-matched exterior accents for added detail. Frequently used vehicle buttons are highlighted with chromed

circular rings and centrally located on the exterior-matched instrument panel trim for a premium appearance inspired by the historic. However, I can say I am not a fan of the location of the TomTom navigation unit. The unit kind of "sticks up" out of the dash, which seems out of place with the elegant Italian styling. Others might argue that it is located in the most sensible place because the orientation keeps your eyes close to the road. Consistent with the Cinquecento of the 1960s, the new seats offer the same unique split-color effect with monotone fabric at the bottom and the upper seatback. I did, however, have some major concerns about the cabin size and headroom. I took a friend to lunch. He squeezed his six foot two inch frame into the passenger seat but honestly had to bend his neck to almost 90 degrees to fit in under the roof.n

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but beautiful’ to become not quite as poor. With almost 4 million examples produced between 1957 and 1975, the small and efficient FIAT 500 succeeded in providing an affordable, comfortable and reliable transportation solution while helping to ignite Italy’s post-war economic recovery. More than 50 years later, and thanks to its stylistic and modern technological features, the new FIAT 500 represents the spark of another milestone along the lasting process of expansion. August 2012

buyer’s “attachment” to the FIAT 500 styling, unlike our attachment to the Volkswagen bug, for example. There must be a taste for the FIAT’s retro style in today’s marketplace. One look at the FIAT 500 and its clear they captured the original Cinquecento’s iconic looks. The FIAT 500 features city-friendly proportions and iconic Cinquecento cues, wrapped in modern Italian styling that conveys simplicity and strength. Thanks to its short overhangs, body side

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Escalade powertrains All Escalade models are equipped with a 6.2L V-8 rated at 403 horsepower (301 kW) and 417 lb.-ft. of torque (565 Nm). It features variable valve timing, Active Fuel Management technology and E85 capability. T h e fuel-saving Hydra-Matic 6L80 six-speed automatic

ing a fully boxed frame, coil-over-shock front suspension, five-link/coil-spring rear suspension and rack-and-pinion seat up to eight, with generous cargo steering. room available when the third-row seat Magnetic Ride Control is standard is removed. Escalade EXT seats five. A on Escalade Hybrid and the Platinum unique instruEdition. It is a real-time damping system ment panel is a that delivers more precise body motion defining attribute control – “reading” the road every milof the interiors lisecond and changing damping in just of all models. It five milliseconds. It replaces conventional includes gauges mechanical-valve shocks with electroniwith white neecally controlled shocks filled with a magdles and blue neto-rheological fluid containing minlight inlays with ute iron particles. Under the presence of continuously lit, magnetic charge, the iron particles align white-LED backEscalade models can seat up to eight, with generous cargo to provide damping resistance almost lighting. Leather room available when the third-row seat is removed. instantly. seating surfaces are standard, transmission is Escalade safety and crash-avoidance along with an paired with the features array of power6.2L engine in Escalade features standard head assisted and all models and curtain side air bags with rollover protechigh-technology an intelligent tion for all seating rows. The roof-mountfeatures, includall-wheel-drive ed head curtain air bags include design ing an enhanced features that provide increased rollover (AWD) system navigation sysprotection and occupant containment. is available tem with more These head curtain side air bags stay on Escalade features for 2012. inflated longer than air bags developed and Escalade Escalade ESV. AWD is only for side impacts, since rollover inciand Escalade ESV standard on dents can last longer. The deployment offer the indusEscalade EXT. duration and other design features of the try-exclusive power fold-and-tumble secair bags combine to provide increased ond-row seat feature that eases access to Escalade chassis and suspension occupant protection and the ability to the third-row seat, and a power-assisted All Escalade models are built on help keep occupants inside the vehicle.n rear liftgate that opens and closes with GM’s full-size SUV platform, incorporatthe touch of a button.

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August 2012

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White House ‘Advanced Vehicles Summit’ Should Also Address Consumer Concerns and Affordability On the day of the White House’s discussion with automakers in June, environmentalists and government officials, the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) welcomed the Obama administration’s continuing review of the proposed Model Year (MY) 2017-2025 fuel economy rules. The issues below should be raised during the White House’s “Advanced

Vehicles, Driving Growth” summit: Are consumers able and willing to pay almost $3,000 [Obama administration estimate] more on average per vehicle in 2025 to get better fuel economy? The cumulative average per vehicle cost of the MY 11, MY 12-16, and MY 17-25 fuel economy rules approaches $3,000 per vehicle. (MY 11: 74 Fed. Reg.

14413- $95; MY 12-16: 75 Fed. Reg. 25635$945; MY 17-25: 76 Fed. Reg. 74889- $1,896 - all prices adjusted to 2010 dollars) Will new graduates and working families still be able to buy a new car or truck? Vehicles that currently cost $15,000 and less could be regulated out of existence. (U.S. Energy Information Administration, “Annual Energy Outlook 2011,” pg. 27) With upwards of 90 percent of new vehicles financed in some way (auto loans and leases), how many fewer working families will still qualify for a loan in 2025? NADA’s research shows that 6.8 million Americans could no longer qualify for financing to purchase the most affordable new vehicles should prices escalate an additional $3,000. Click here for the study.

"Made In" America More Important To Car Shoppers Than "Made By" U.S. Manufacturer Independence Day was just last month, and Americans celebraetd their love of country with family and friends, picnics and cookouts and grand fireworks displays. But patriotism runs deeper than that, particularly for those car shoppers whose love of country plays a big role in which vehicle they decide to purchase. According to the July edition of the Shopper Insights Report from the Trend Engine, 41 percent of car shoppers recently surveyed say that it is important to purchase a vehicle built in the U.S. by U.S. workers, versus 28 percent who say it is important to purchase a vehicle made by a U.S. automaker. The top three reasons shoppers say that it is important to purchase a vehicle that is physically "Made in America" are: Protects American jobs (78 percent), Supports the American economy (74 percent) and Keeps American dollars at

home (62 percent). "There's no doubt that buying American products supports the U.S. economy, but 'Made in the U.S.' doesn't have to mean 'made by' a U.S. manufacturer," said Rick Wainschel, vice president of automotive insights at "With the global nature of the auto industry, many vehicles from foreign automakers are manufactured right here in the U.S., enabling car shoppers to feel that they are still supporting the U.S. economy and job creation for American workers." Further, the survey revealed that while "American made" is generally seen by consumers as a car made in the U.S. by a U.S. automaker, a vehicle that is made in the U.S. by a foreign automaker is more likely to be seen as "American made" (57 percent) than one from a U.S. automaker that was built outside the U.S. (43 percent).

There are several great cars made by both foreign and domestic automakers that are manufactured right here in the U.S., so the experts at offered up a list of their favorites: five with U.S. nameplates and five with foreign nameplates. The top five vehicles made in the U.S. by U.S. manufacturers were the 2013 Chevrolet Malibu (Detroit, MI); the 2013 Ford Escape (Louisville, KY): the 2013 Dodge Dart (Belvidere, IL): the 2013 SRT Viper (Detroit, MI):and the 2013 Buick Enclave (Lansing, MI). The top five vehicles made in the u.S. by foreign manufacturers were the 2012 Volkswagen Passat (Chattanooga, TN): the 2012 Kia Optima (West Point, GA): the 2012 BMW X3 (Spartanburg, SC): the 2012 Honda Odyssey (Lincoln, AL): and the 2012 Mercedes-Benz ML-Class (Tuscaloosa, AL.)n

Will there be broad consumer acceptance of hybrid and electric vehicles? Hybrid sales have never been more than 3 percent of sales in any given year. For automakers to comply with the MY17-25 mandates, 15 percent of the vehicles sold must be hybrids or electrics. (76 Fed. Reg. 74860) When will families achieve the ‘$8,200 in fuel savings over the lifetime of a new vehicle’ that is promised? To achieve $8,200 in fuel savings, the EPA estimates that a consumer will have to drive the vehicle for 211,000 miles during its life. (Environmental Protection Agency, Draft Technical Service Document, pg. 4-17, Nov. 2011)n 26

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August 2012

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August 2012

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NACE 2nd Annual MSO Symposium Quickly Gaining Momentum Planning for the 2nd annual MSO Symposium is well underway and sponsorships are selling quickly, positioning this event to repeat the success of its inaugural year in 2011. Designed for collision repair multi-shop operators and held during Automotive Service & Repair Week (ASRW), the MSO Symposium is scheduled for Friday, Oct. 12. Comprised of the International Autobody Congress & Exposition (NACE) and the Congress of Automotive Repair & Service (CARS), ASRW is scheduled for Oct. 10-13 at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, La. Registration for the MSO Symposium will open in early June and will cost $100 for qualified attendees. The symposium is created for shop owners with two or more locations. “While NACE will always be ‘home’ to all independent repairers, we recognized MSOs had specific needs as well and we created the MSO Symposium to make ASRW the place for even more industry professionals to learn and network,” said Ron Pyle, ASA president and chief staff executive. “We’re grateful for the outpouring of support we’ve received from our MSO Symposium sponsors thus far.” To provide continuing value

and education to MSOs, ASRW and the Automotive Service Association (ASA) have also organized a delegation of multi-shop operators to attend the International Bodyshop Industry Symposium (IBIS) in Barcelona, Spain, May 21-23. The MSO Symposium debuted at ASRW in 2011 specifically for multi-shop owners. A sold-out success in its first year, the MSO Symposium provides high-end content to an exclusive group of highend buyers. The symposium includes multiple networking opportunities for MSOs and access to all other ASRW events (the Expo show floor, educational conference and other key events). Sponsorship opportunities for the MSO Symposium are limited and selling quickly, with eight sponsors confirmed to date: Enterprise Rent-A-Car, UniCure Spraybooths, Nissan, Garmat USA, BASF, DuPont Performance Coatings, CCC Information Services and Car-O-Liner. It is produced by ASA, NACE and Symphony Advisors, and will again be facilitated by Matthew Ohrnstein of Symphony Advisors. Additional details regarding the schedule of events, content and speakers will be released in the near future. ASRW includes the International

Mitchell announced a new technology integration with KPA as a partner in the RepairCenter™ ToolStore, making it possible for auto body repair shops to engage with KPA's compliance solutions directly from the RepairCenter Workspace. KPA's proprietary myKPAonline system for automotive repair and collision centers is now seamlessly integrated into RepairCenter through the ToolStore to provide auto body shops compliance assistance with state, local and federal laws. "This integration will allow Mitchell customers to easily access OSHA, EPA and DOT compliance assistance. Using our add-on tool to the RepairCenter interface is a great way to ensure all facility employees can complete online training, view Material Safety Data Sheets, and submit safety suggestions," explains Eric Schmitz, Vice President of Product &

Business Development at KPA. “Our goal at KPA is to make compliance easy, and the new integration with Mitchell just makes sense.” The assistance offered by KPA can cover all aspects of OSHA, EPA and DOT compliance and can also provide loss control benefits, reducing overhead shop expenses. KPA's nationwide compliance experts can supplement the myKPAonline software solution to provide personalized onsite assistance. "By opening the ToolStore to KPA's solutions we're giving shops the opportunity to be proactive with their environmental and safety practices. Mitchell will continue to source best in class software solutions like myKPAonline and make these available through the RepairCenter ToolStore, " said Peter Lovasz, Senior Director of Mitchell Repair Solutions. Mitchell's RepairCenter ToolStore is a dynamic market place that empow-

Autobody Congress & Exposition (NACE) and the Congress of Automotive Repair & Service (CARS), which makes it the industry’s leading event for dedicated professionals to conduct business, network and engage in industry issues. The Tradeshow News Network (TSNN) recognized ASRW as a 2011 Top 250 U.S. trade show. Online housing registration is open, and provides a variety of hotel options within the vicinity of the Morial Convention Center. NACE – the world’s collision repair event – represents the only B2B event of its kind specifically designed for collision repair industry professionals from around the globe. NACE features a comprehensive educational Conference and Exposition with hundreds of diverse exhibiting companies displaying the latest equipment, products, services and technology available to today’s collision repair industry. CARS – the premier event for automotive service professionals – features a high-quality education lineup led by industry leaders, along with an exhibitor showcase of automotive service and repair related equipment, products and services. The ASRW media center is sponsored by

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August 2012

ers body shops to connect with their mission critical collision repair trading partners and third party add-on tools — tools that help shops streamline workflows and run their businesses more profitably and efficiently. Built within RepairCenter's market leading repair data and business management solutions, the ToolStore features applications across multiple categories such as paint, rental, parts, analytics, accessories, compliance, digital marketing, customer satisfaction and more. The RepairCenter ToolStore is like having every tool in the industry on hand for the collision repair shop workflow. To learn more about RepairCenter, visit, or to get additional information about building your own application in the ToolStore, contact Mitchell by email at or telephone at 1-800-238-9111.

August 2012

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ASA Members Receive Another Dividend from Meadowbrook Insurance Group Automotive Service Association (ASA) members who carry workers’ compensation coverage through Meadowbrook Insurance Group and who meet eligibility requirements will receive a dividend again this year as a result of participating in the ASA Group Program. The dividend represents a 3 percent return of annual premium for policy year 2010-2011 and shows that workplace safety is a solid investment. “We are very pleased to announce that a 3 percent dividend was declared for the fourth year in a row,” said Nancy Clay, Meadowbrook Insurance Group association administrator. “The earned dividend rewards members who participate in the ASA-sponsored program

for their efforts in preventing workplace accidents and controlling claims costs. This is a great example of how safety pays.” “Meadowbrook and its subsidiaries, Star Insurance Co. and Ameritrust Insurance Corp., have been a long-standing partner of the association and our members. Through their commitment to workplace safety and rewarding our members, the workers’ comp program is a true value to ASA members,” said B.J. Johnson, vice president, membership services. “My hat is off to our members who continually work to improve their safety practices. ASA members are truly the ‘cream of the crop’ of automotive service and repair professionals.”

Meadowbrook is consistently ranked as one of the largest insurance agencies in the nation, underwriting and managing more than $900 million in annual premiums. Meadowbrook offers ASA members workers’ compensation and other business insurance needs, as well as interest-free pay plans and professional safety services specifically for the automotive repair industry. For more information about the workers’ compensation programs available to ASA members, visit or call Meadowbrook directly at (800) 825-9489 and mention you are an ASA member. Learn more about ASA’s entire benefits portfolio by visiting the ASA Marketplace at

State Farm Pilot From Page 8

become a trusted source because we perform the due diligence our members expect in order to make informed decisions,” said Ron Pyle, ASA president and chief executive officer. ASA’s research has included interviews with State Farm, PartsTrader and collision repairers - those who participate in direct repair program agreements (including some who are currently participating in the pilot of this application), and those who don’t participate in DRPs. Collision repairers may share their comments or concerns regarding the pilot by contacting Denise Caspersen

at, or by phone at (800) ASA-SHOP, ext. 106, or (817) 5142906 (direct). ASA will continue to address the piloting of the State Farm electronic parts ordering application on behalf of the ASA membership. All ASA announcements and documents regarding the State Farm pilot are conveniently located on the association’s website, Click on “Tools & Resources” (in the blue menu bar on the home page), then “State Farm Pilot Program.” (The site is best viewed using the Firefox browser.)n

this will benefit the consumer Concern of the overall legality of the program “ASA is committed to serving the entire industry, as it has for the past 61 years. Whether the business is familyowned and operated, or a corporate or franchise location, it is incumbent on the association to provide factual information about the impact and implications of any development that could be disruptive or transformational. ASA has

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August 2012


AutoZone Partners with to Provide Auto Dealerships and Repair Facilities a Higher Standard of Service to Provide to Consumers CarHelp recently announced their partnership with AutoZone, the largest automotive parts, services and accessories provider in the United States, offering a higher standard of service to dealerships and the way they operate their service departments. This partnership will offer a discount to all of CarHelp's subscribed dealers with Autozone, offering each of their clients discounts for all of their parts. AutoZone will offer all of CarHelp's clients it's discounted pricing every time an order is placed. The discounts will include off invoice discounts to save dealerships' money on the categories they buy most. In addition, a quarterly rebate will be issued of up to 5% depending on the amount of electronic purchases made each week with AutoZone. Plus, New Electronic Ordering customers automatically receive a 5% rebate on

on-line orders for 90 days after the first online purchase. In addition, parts will be delivered directly to all the dealerships at no extra cost. AutoZone is the largest automotive parts, services and accessories provider in the United States providing more than 800,000 products in over 70 distinct categories. AutoZone has over 4,700 company-owned locations and its Commercial Division is dedicated to the support of national, commercial, fleet, wholesale and public sector customers. AutoZone commercial specialists and delivery personnel work behind the scenes in AutoZone Commercial locations to provide dedicated support and "Wow" customer service to our national account customers. It is because of this superior level of delivery to dealerships that CarHelp

has decided to partner with Autozone. “The entire AutoZone Commercial Division is excited about a business partnership with CarHelp. There are incredible synergies for both organizations. Autozone’s national footprint of more than 4,700 company-owned stores provides the foundation for scaleable growth and an expanding partnership.” –Announced Autozone’s Director of National Commercial Accounts; Ray Curry. is an Online Reputation Management Platform that assists dealerships and automotive repair facilities the ability to manage and build their Online Service Reputation. provides reliable information for consumers and enables auto dealerships and repair shops to mainAutoZone PleaseTurn to Page 32

NHTSA Releases Proposed Regulation, Setting Vehicle Safety Standards for Glazing Materials The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently released a regulation that would set vehicle safety standards for glazing materials. NHTSA produced this regulation as part of its ongoing effort to harmonize vehicle safety standards under the Economic Commission for Europe 1998 Agreement. After the vote was finalized in favor of establishing a global technical regulation on automotive glazing, NHTSA is considering adopting this regulation. The changes would allow for the United States to have similar regulatory requirements as other industrialized countries around the world. It would modernize test procedures for tempered glass, laminated glass, and glass-plastic glazing used in front and rear windshields and side windows. Comments can be submitted for this regulation until August 20, 2012.n

August 2012

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Books from Birth From Page 21 a non-profit sponsoring organization in each Tennessee county, and a state budgetary allocation administered by the GBBF. To date, over 15 million books have been delivered since the program began in October 2004. "Tennessee is fortunate to have statewide participation in all 95 counties in the Imagination Library programs, a fact we take great pride in and celebrate," said Theresa Carl, GBBF president. "Thanks in large part to Nissan's AutoZone From Page 31 tain on-line relationships. According to a national survey, over 40% of the people said that they did not have a repair shop that they trusted. provides consumers with a searchable directory of local repair shops and a rating system to help them find a dependable local repair facility.

generous and ongoing support, over 2.6 million books have been distributed in Davidson, Franklin, Rutherford and Williamson Counties since the program began in 2005." An increasing amount of research supports the idea that children who grow up around books typically achieve better educational outcomes in school. "The early development of reading skills is so important for children," said Becker. "The Imagination Library and other literacy programs have long-term benefits on children's lives, connecting

them to the world around them and opening doors to future opportunities." Currently, 44 percent of Tennessee third graders are reading on grade level. Children who have not developed some basic literacy skills by the time they enter school are three to four times more likely to drop out later. "The benefit of putting books in the hands of Tennessee's preschoolers is truly immeasurable," Carl said. "We are grateful to Nissan for investing in the future of our children, our state and - ultimately - our world."n

The agreement with CarHelp and Autozone will provide dealerships and repair facilities with the largest parts, services and accessory supplier in the country to be available at each of their participating clients' disposal. "We are confident this will be a mutually beneficial, long-term partnership" – Said Autozone National Account Manager, George Verkamp. Autozone will be supplying per-

sonal deliveries to dealerships, a personal account manager for each dealership, a 48-hour warranty claim reimbursement guarantee; including a 100% labor reimbursement, an assigned commercial specialist, and many more positive benefits to increase the standard of the dealerships, and also provide quicker and higher quality repairs to the consumers. To see how the system works, visit

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ASA Calls on State Farm to Prove Benefit of Pilot Program from Repairer Perspective On May 31, the Automotive Service Association released the facts gathered by the ASA Collision Division Operations Committee relating to the State Farm electronic parts ordering pilot program. The committee has held numerous meetings and conference calls on this issue. Since the release of this information, ASA has continued to represent repairers on this important issue and is working directly with all parties involved to do everything possible on behalf of its members. ASA has released its findings and points of concern based on its research. Research to date has included interviews with State Farm, PartsTrader and collision repairers - those who participate in direct repair program agreements (including some who are currently participating in the pilot of this application), and those who don’t participate in DRPs. ASA members across the nation including those in ASA’s affiliated associations, and in particular, ASA’s collision operations committee, have devoted

time to address concerns about the State Farm pilot. “If this is a ‘win-win’ situation, as stated by State Farm, then now is the time for State Farm to provide the numerical data that specifically identifies any benefit (financially or operationally) to Select Service shops,” said Denise Caspersen, ASA Collision Division manager. “If State Farm is not able to clearly demonstrate the benefits of this pilot application to the repair community, then this application should not move forward.” ASA will continue to determine the long-term impact and other immediate concerns that this program application would have on repairers by continuing to stay engaged with all parties involved. To date, ASA has the “details of the application.” Now it is State Farm’s obligation to provide evidence that this program application is beneficial for collision repairers and the motoring public. All ASA announcements and documents regarding the State Farm pilot are conveniently located on the associa-

tion’s website, Click on “Tools & Resources” (in the blue menu bar on the home page), then “State Farm Pilot Program.” (The site is best viewed using the Firefox browser.) “The State Farm pilot of the PartsTrader application has generated a great deal of speculation and commentary from all corners of the collision repair industry, so it was incumbent on ASA to perform comprehensive due diligence on behalf of its members and the repair community at large. The results of that exercise have been published and now we believe the ‘burden of proof’ falls to State Farm to demonstrate the benefit of this program as soon as practically possible,” said Ron Pyle, ASA president and chief executive officer. Collision repairers may share their concerns, comments and experiences regarding the pilot program by contacting Denise Caspersen at, or by phone at (800) ASA-SHOP, ext. 106, or (817) 514-2906 (direct).n

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August 2012

August 2012

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NHTSA Proposes Amendments to Highway Safety Program Guidelines Recently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) published in the Federal Register amendments to the Highway Safety Program Guidelines for states. Federal law requires the secretary of transportation to promulgate uniform guidelines for state highway safety programs. The proposed NHTSA Highway Safety Program Guidelines Amendments include recommendations for periodic motor vehicle inspection (PMVI). NHTSA’s proposal calls for every state to have a periodic vehicle inspection program and require vehicle owners to correct these conditions in order to

reduce the number of accidents. According to the proposed guidelines, an inspection program would provide, at a minimum, that: Every vehicle registered in the state is inspected at the time of initial registration and on a periodic basis thereafter as determined by the state based on evidence of the effectiveness of inspection programs. The inspection is performed by competent personnel specifically trained to perform their duties and certified by the state. The inspection covers systems, subsystems and components having

substantial relation to safe vehicle performance. Each inspection station maintains records in a form specified by the state. The state publishes summaries of records of all inspection stations at least annually, including tabulations by make and model of vehicle. The program should be periodically evaluated by the state, and NHTSA should be provided with an evaluation summary. ASA supports state PMVI programs, as they keep unsafe cars off the road and protect unsuspecting drivers and passengers at risk.n

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Lexus Leads All Nameplates in J.D. Power and Associates 2012 Initial Quality Study Lexus earned the honor as the highest ranking nameplate in the industry in the 2012 J.D. Power and Associates Initial Quality Study (IQS) with 73 problems per 100 vehicles (PP100). Lexus has ranked highest in the IQS study in 14 of the last 23 years, beginning with the brand’s first model year in 1990. Lexus also captured three segment awards in this year’s study, more than

any other premium brand. These awards include the ES 350 for Entry Premium car; the RX for Midsize Premium Crossover SUV; and the LS for Large Premium Car. The ES 350 ranks highest in its segment for a second consecutive year. The LS earned the distinction of highest-performing model in its segment with just 50 PP100. This is the fifth year in a row that the LS had placed first in its segment and

the 12th time in 15 years that the LS has been at the top of its segment. The Lexus production facilities also took Plant Assembly Line Quality Awards. The Cambridge South, Ontario, Canada plant (RX line) was honored with the Gold Plant Assembly Line Quality Award, while the Kyushu 2, Japan plant (IS line, ES 350, RX line) earned a Silver Plant Assembly Line Quality Award.n

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