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Genesis Groundbreaking Essentia Concept

Georgia Collision Industry Associations Question & Answer Session With Candidate Jim Beck Q&A With EPA on Hazardous Waste and Auto Body Shop Responsibility Ford Wants Even More Repairers to Participate in Its Certified Collision Repair Network N.C. Cleanup Highlights ‘CradleTo-Grave’ Waste Storage Issue for Shops

DEALER NEWS Volvo Car Mobility Launches On-Demand Access to Cars

Genesis groundbreaking Essentia Concept is an all-electric, high-performance concept elevates and reimagines the “Athletic Elegance” design paradigm, while providing a vision of future Genesis product performance and technology. “We understand our obligation as a luxury car manufacturer to create objects of desire, sparking passion and inspiration by emphasizing a culture while exceeding

expectations in terms of technology and connectivity, bringing our outside world seamlessly to the inside of the vehicle,” said Manfred Fitzgerald, Global Head of the Genesis Brand. Essentia is the brand’s first battery electric vehicle and features a lightweight carbon-fiber monocoque, a Genesis Essentia Page 4

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2019 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid

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Essentia From Front Cover robust, multi-motor electric powertrain, and a custom-tailored interior. Essentia is the brand’s initial concept for a true GT car and challenges the status quo as the ultimate manifestation of Genesis design and engineering. As a capable, thrilling sports car designed to counter the complexities of a modern lifestyle, Essentia offers serenity, clarity, and beauty. “The Genesis Essentia concept defines our vision for an electric Gran Turismo that integrates Athletic Elegance and Genesis DNA as defining parameters,” said Executive Vice President Luc Donckerwolke, Head of Genesis Design. “A Gran Turismo typology highlights our ambition as a luxurious car brand for the connoisseurs and it is the perfect base to project our DNA in the future.” Exterior Inspiration: Updating an Icon Throughout the design, the philosophy of “Athletic Elegance” has a prominent role, marrying power and precision through artistry. Essentia takes its inspiration from iconic Gran Turismo proportions, with a long bonnet and a swept-back cabin. Finished in Stardust Gray Metallic, the carbon fiber-bodied Essentia is positioned low to the ground intentionally, to make it instantly recognizable through a graceful silhouette. “The search for dynamic proportions was contrasted with advanced aerodynamic flows to highlight the bion4

Southern Automotive Journal

ic combination of performance and aesthetics,” Donckerwolke said. “Essentia embodies the genetic elements of the Genesis design.” Its front fascia introduces an evolution of the Genesis Crest Grille that highlights efficiency and aerodynamics. Visible through the transparent hood is the advanced carbon fiber chassis, pronounced formula car-style nose cone, as well as the exposed, pushrod suspension. Intakes positioned left and right of the Crest Grille function as air curtains, streamlining airflow around the front corners. Flanking the Crest Grille are signature Genesis Quad Lights, first introduced on the GV80 Concept. Made possible by laser optical technology, the extremely thin, flush headlights are integrated into the body of Essentia. Extending onto a side blade aft of the front wheels, the lights create a unique light signature for Essentia. Functional air outlets located just behind the front wheels reduce pressure buildup and contribute to reduced drag. The side profile of Essentia is dominated by the iconic parabolic line that provides visual structure to the body while also emphasizing its overall length. The anti-wedge parabolic line gracefully runs along the shoulder line of Essentia until it meets the muscular rear wheel arches. Butterfly doors enable effortless and elegant ingress and egress. A sensor mounted in the B-pillar integrates fingerprint controls and biometric facial recognition for opening and closing the doors. September 2018

The rear of Essentia is defined by an aerodynamic cut-off surface that houses the flush rear Quad Lights and emphasizes the muscles of the rear haunch. An elegant rear diffuser surrounded by carbon fiber acts as a clever, integrated venting solution for the rear wheel arch. Midas metal copper, which is also used as detail trim on the bespoke wheels inspired by the Genesis G-Matrix philosophy, surrounds the entirety of the daylight opening. Interior Functionality: Elegant De-cluttering The underlying design theory behind the cabin of Essentia was to maximize the connection between car and driver. Reducing clutter and focusing on beautifully executed details, while displaying the elegant, transparent cockpit cell, was critical. “On the interior, purism has also dominated the creative process for the interior skin, the layer in contact with the occupants, but less traditionalist the connection between the outside skin and the internal structure. We connected both with our flowing G-Matrix that uses a dynamic web allowing lightness and internal air flow. This highlights the exciting opportunities being explored in 3D printing which transcends the lengthy, inflexible and costly tooling process,” said Donckerwolke. The interior of Essentia utilizes a mixed-material approach influenced by high fashion and classic color combinations. Cognac leather seats with chevron quilting envelops the driver and

gers in true cockpit fashion. A slim center console covered in Oxford Blue leather bisects the cabin. The front and rear seat belt slots are out of the ordinary, as well, composed of glass pearl finished/ treated aluminum and polished aluminum. Layered carbon fiber décor adds a sporty and technical element to the interior details, with a 3D optical effect

achieved through the latest technology of layering individual pieces of carbon. Ahead of the driver is an 8-inch widescreen display with piano black surround. The information in the cluster includes only what is necessary for driving. The widescreen display is operated by a jewel-like central controller, providing a fulfilling user experience for both

driver and front passenger. The rear seats, which are accessed through Essentia’s butterfly doors, are covered in contrasting, Oxford Blue velvet. In line with Essentia’s purpose as a true grand tourer, a luggage compartment behind the rear seats affords plenty of cargo room for a weekend road trip with no particular destination in mind.n

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Georgia Collision Industry Associations Question & Answer Session With Candidate Jim Beck

By: Brian Medford The mid-year meeting of the Georgia Collision Industry Association (GCIA) was recently held in Atlanta and attracted members from across the state. Gregg Goff (GCIA Secretary) headed up the meeting and ran through several topics affecting GCIA members this year. At the top of that list is a GCIA sponsored video to promote customer education. “We need to educate consumers, be an information provider. We aren’t going to recommend shops, we are going to educate the consumers” said Goff. Shops such as K & M Collision in North Carolina are leveraging videos to help educate customers about the repair process, as well as insurance company tactics like steering. GCIA is working on topics for videos that can be used by GCIA member shops as education tools. One idea is these videos could be part of a rotation of content shown on a waiting room monitor. Suggestions for topics should be sent to gregg.goff@ The GCIA is continuing to work with state legislators for solutions to help shops across Georgia. One topic under research is a possible exploration committee to look at group insurance opportunities through pooling member shops. The GCIA’s 22nd Annual Invitational Golf Tournament is coming up on October 4th with all members encouraged to spread the word. This is the biggest fundraiser of the year for GCIA and they want to continue to make it a success. With NACE Automechanika being held in Atlanta this year, there are lots of activities for GCIA members to take advantage of during the show. The Atlanta I-CAR Committee has partnered with NACE Automechanika to present the Rockin’ Rides Car Show as well as a fundraiser reception to benefit local automotive schools. Being held in conjunction with NACE Automechanika is the Collision Industry Conference (CIC) 6

Southern Automotive Journal

GCIA members submitted questions for the candidates, with Jim Becks’ responses as follows: Q: In regards to OEM repair procedures, what is your position on OEM procedures being identified as the minimum standard of a proper repair” Should insurers be required to adhere to those standards? How will they be held accountable? A: I want to appoint a body shop liaison that only deals with body shops and troubleshooting consumer complaints. We probably need to make it clear in the contract that the insurance company has to stand up for the work when the lawyers show up.

Q: Are you interested in regulating labor rates like some other states have done? A: As a Republican I’m not for that. I’d be a hard sell.

Q: Are you aware of the insurance consumers experience through the current office? A: It isn’t great. Right now you have to fill out a form online. I want to create an intake unit to take data on the phone. Currently insurance investigators in the commissioners office are incentivized to close cases, not solve problems. I also want to create an advocate group with industry experts to advise on issues.

August 2018

Q: The role of Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner is broad, where does auto insurance fall? A: Way down. I helped create the fraud fund to hire fraud investigators, but the fraud people use 54% of the insurance office budget (but they are only 5% of the employees). The insurance office is woefully underfunded. Q: Practice makes perfect, but perfect practice is what makes perfect. Many shops are going through the motions and not doing repairs right. What will you do about repairs needing prevailing rate for specialty work (like aluminum repair) but the insurance company won’t pay the correct rate? A: I would survey the stakeholders to find the top priorities. Q If a claimant gets hit by a car and the adjuster questions the claimant, can they legally do that? A: Some companies have gotten bad about interviewing claimants in order to make partial payments. After Jim Beck spoke the attending GCIA members discussed the different issues they have faced with insurances commissioners in Georgia, including getting them to pay attention to the collision repair business.

which will give attendees two full days of collision industry educational opportunities. The highlight of the meeting was a planned question & answer session with all of the candidates vying for the Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner position. Voters in November will choose between Jim Beck (Republican), Janice Laws (Democrat), or Donnie Foster (Libertarian) as their representative in charge of the state’s insurance industry, as well as fire safety across the state. While all three candidates were invited by Glenn Grey to the GCIA meeting (with all three confirming), only Jim Beck was in attendance. Mr. Beck thanked the GCIA for the opportunity to address the meeting. He started out by saying “Insurance is buying a promise. They take your money but may never give you anything back. You don’t have an instant concept of whether you got what you pay for. You have to have a balance, the body shop needs to make money, the insurance company needs to make money, and the consumer needs to have their promise fulfilled.“ Mr. Beck continued with his concerns about body shop “steering” that is happening in the insurance industry. “We need to find a couple of companies that are not treating people right and make an example of them publicly” he said.n

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Ford Wants Even More Repairers to Participate in Its Certified Collision Repair Network Ford wants even more repairers to participate in its certified collision repair network, which could become more rigorous in the future. Fellow Assured Performance OEM FCA said in 2016 that it checks up on scanning and repair procedure access, and Assured partner Nissan in April described plans to scrutinize shops with an eye to the “right repair.” Boyer said that while Ford currently doesn’t audit individual repairs, the OEM is examining a variety of ways to check shop repair quality, though she couldn’t give specifics at this time. “I think it is where we need to go,” she said. She said Ford’s philosophy is quality repairs using OEM procedures and parts. “That drives all of the work that we’re doing,” she said. Boyer said shops in any market

are still welcome to pursue certification through the program administered by Assured Performance. Ford has never capped its network, and Boyer said it’s not taking that approach in individual markets. “We have opportunity across the country,” she said. While the program could demand more from shops in the future, the rewards could be great. Boyer discussed research from two years ago that found 52 percent of respondents stating that OEM certification was most important to them when picking a body shop. IBIS reported that only 21 percent called a family or friend recommendation most important, 20 percent put an insurer recommendation No. 1, and 7 percent just wanted a convenient location. Boyer said that as Ford considers

its role in the industry and how best to serve customers, it was “really critical” to understand consumer needs and expectations and bring them to life in the marketplace. In terms of letting customers know of certified shops’ existence, Boyer said her team has a marketing lead and an ad agency and performs a lot of work into consumer education. “Our effort there is multifaceted,” she said. It involves promoting concepts like the collision repair network and a consumer’s right to new OEM parts, according to Boyer. She said “we get a lot of traffic” on the certified shop locator on, “We’ll continue to work on that educational effort,” she said, calling it an Ford Please Turn to Page 16

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Rising Premiums and Lower Losses Bode Well for US Auto Insurance Industry Rising premiums and lower losses Research Analyst at S&P Global Market Meanwhile, the projected 2018 growth bode well for US Auto Insurance Industry Intelligence said, "The auto insurance rate for commercial auto direct premiTechnological innovations a industry is poised to show significantly ums written is even higher at 7.3%, but longer-term disruptive threat, but rate improved underwriting results after sevit also lags the expansion of more than increases will drive growth in the near eral historically challenging years. But 8.8% that the industry achieved in 2017. term, according to S&P Global Market the introduction of autonomous vehicle The projected 2018 growth rate is well Intelligence report in excess of the 4.1% Auto insurance has pace of expansion accounted for more of the projected for the U.S. property and casualty U.S. P&C industry The introduction of autonomous vehicle technology raises key as a whole, accord(P&C) industry's premium volume in recent years, ing to S&P Global longer-term questions about Auto Insurance policy pricing with several rounds of lossMarket Intelligence. fueled rate increases accelAdditional erating premium volumes findings from in the short term, accordthe 2018 US Auto ingly to S&P Global Market Intelligence's technology raises key longer-term quesInsurance Market Report include: 2018 US Auto Insurance Market Report. tions about policy pricing and structure Broad-based premium rate increasDevelopments such as ride-sharing, the in a business line that has historically es to address adverse claims trends will emergence of autonomous vehicle techrepresented about 40% of overall propbring the personal auto business closer nologies and the introduction of new erty and casualty industry premium volto break-even underwriting results. insurance pricing models threaten varyume." Commercial auto will pull back ing degrees of disruption to a sector that The auto insurance industry's from the brink amid a commitment by has historically accounted for the largest financial results are projected to reflect many leading carriers to raise rates and segment of overall P&C insurance prethe impact of corrective actions taken to continued macroeconomic growth. mium volume. address surprise spikes in the frequency Consolidation of market share The rate of growth on combined and severity of claims, which had the among the largest carriers will continue personal and commercial auto direct preeffects of pushing losses in 2016 and in the increasingly commoditized permiums written is projected to pull back to 2017 to their highest levels since the start sonal auto business. 6.4% in 2018 and even lower through the of the century. No dramatic shift in underwriting subsequent four years from the 15-year For the personal auto business, results over the next five years directly high of nearly 8% in 2017. S&P Global Market Intelligence projects resulting from the way in which auto growth in direct premiums written will insurance is priced, underwritten and Tim Zawacki, Senior Insurance slow to 6.3% in 2018 from 7.8% in 2017. consumed.n


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ASA Seeks Applications for Executive Director The Automotive Service Association (ASA) is seeking a new executive director. Between now and Oct. 1, 2018, ASA is inviting interested and qualified candidates to submit their applications to lead the 67-year-old association. Roy Schnepper, ASA chairman of the board, will be heading the Nominating Committee efforts to find a new leader. “Associations are undergoing enormous challenges due to generational shifts, social changes and technology,” said Schnepper. “It’s crucial

that we find the right person who can be an industry leader and provide our association with a clear vision for our future.” ASA has a vacancy in its executive director role due to the departure of Dan Risley, its former president/executive, who left to pursue an opportunity in his home state of Illinois. Beth Risch, the association’s current CPA, has been appointed as interim chief operating officer. Risley remains as a consultant to the association to provide continuity during the transition. The Automotive Service

Association is the largest not-for-profit trade association of its kind dedicated to and governed by independent automotive service and collision repair professionals. ASA serves an international membership base that includes numerous state affiliate and chapter groups. ASA advances professionalism and excellence in the automotive repair industry through education, representation and member services. To take advantage of the many benefits of membership in ASA, please visit or call (817) 5142900, ext. 2.n

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Volvo Car Mobility Launches On-Demand Access to Cars Volvo Cars, the premium carmaker, today launches M, a new brand that will expand the company’s global mobility operations by providing dependable, on-demand access to cars and services through an intuitive app. Moreover, M will learn about its user’s needs, preferences and habits, personalising the customer relationship. It will debut in Sweden and the US in the spring of 2019. “Volvo Cars is becoming more than just a car company. We recognise that urban consumers are rethinking traditional car ownership. M is part of our answer. We are evolving to become a direct-to-consumer services provider under our new mission ‘Freedom to Move’,” said Håkan Samuelsson, Volvo

Cars president and chief executive. M is developing proprietary learning technology that asks users about their specific needs instead of merely informing them where they can pick up a car. “The services currently available mainly offer alternatives to a taxi or public transit,” said Bodil Eriksson, CEO of Volvo Car Mobility. “We’re focused on the way people use the cars they own, which sets us apart. We aim to provide a real alternative to that experience. It should enable us to live life on our terms, getting things done and maximising precious time. We see the opportunity to offer a premium experience.’” In addition to a team of experi-

enced and sought-after digital software engineers and leading talent, M draws on 20 years of learnings and data from Sunfleet, Volvo Car Group’s car-sharing pioneer. Sunfleet is the leading car sharing company in Sweden with 500,000 annual transactions and a fleet of 1,700 cars. It will be fully integrated into M in 2019, making the service available to all existing Sunfleet members. “Mobility is undergoing a fundamental transformation and Volvo Cars is leading that change. The launch of M creates new sources of revenue for Volvo Cars and will be integral to the company’s ambition to build more than 5 million direct consumer relationships by the middle of the next decade,” said Mr Samuelsson.n

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Asked about dealership views on collision repair, Boyer cited two meetings with dealers in Chicago and Cleveland. “The engagement is outstanding,” she said. “… It’s been remarkable.” Both the dealers providing parts to the industry and those with on-site body

Since 2015, independent collision repairers been required to meet both the general Assured Performance important part of Ford’s strategy. base certification requirements, a sinShe said dealers also have access gle checklist which qualifies a shop for to a brochure about the network and multiple OEM networks, and the FordOEM parts they can give out or put in specific aluminum checklist, Assured the glove box at the time of sale. Performance CEO G e n e r a l Scott Biggs said. Motors has openly Dealerships discussed having Dealerships faced a steeper certification requirement starting this were allowed to OnStar promote its aluminumupcoming collision year, bringing them in line with what Ford and Assured Performance be capable but not repair network upon meet the gendetecting a crash. have required of independent shops for years. eral requirements Boyer said no simiuntil this year, lar effort, whether shops seem to recognize the change in when Ford demanded they comply with handled by a call center or by a digital the industry and the opportunity before the latter as well, according to Biggs. referral, was in place at this time. them. Ford continues to engage with all Asked if Ford was considering She said those conversations were stakeholders, viewing this as important, such a thing, Boyer cited Ford’s “smart more around dealerships with existing according to Boyer. She said that the vehicles for a smart world” philosophy. body shops rather than dealers considcompany has conversations with insur“I think as you look at that speering adding a new one. ers and discusses both direct repair procifically in the collision space, certainly, Dealerships faced a steeper certigrams and the Ford certified network, with the connected vehicle data, there fication requirement starting this year, but she said she couldn’t offer anything is endless opportunities to support our bringing them in line with what Ford definitive when asked if DRP networks customers in a time of a collision event,” and Assured Performance have required were starting to show more overlap she said. of independent shops for years. with the Ford network.n Ford From Page 8

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ASA Partners with Podium to Enable Shops to Text Customers Directly Through Easy Interface Currently serving 150,000+ users across nearly 20,000 businesses, Podium uses cloud-based software to help businesses gain insight into their customers’ experiences. It helps businesses more easily interact with customers through texting capabilities. “ASA is one of the most trusted leaders in the auto service industry,” said Brad Jenson, vice president of Business Development at Podium. “This was a key factor in Podium choosing [ASA] as an operational partner. By combining Podium’s powerful messaging platform and online review products with ASA’s experience and leadership, the ASA membership will have a massive competitive advantage in winning new customers and keeping existing customers loyal.” Thanks to the ASA-Podium agreement, ASA members: Won’t be charged Podium’s setup fee of $299.

Will receive 10 percent off the standard monthly subscription fee for any Podium services purchased. For more information about this new member benefit, visit Podium’s profile at, an online benefits portfolio, or visit To take advantage of this special offer, shops must be members of ASA. ASA Vice President Tony Molla said ASA is proud to welcome Podium as its latest Sponsored Benefit Provider. “We are extremely excited about working with Podium and being able to provide such an outstanding benefit for our members,” Molla said. “This new ASA benefit speaks to the changing customer dynamic and provides the opportunity for our members to better interact with their customers and communicate with them in new ways to build on their success.” Podium will be providing a

webinar as part of ASA’s Wednesday Webinar series Nov. 28 on “Why Your Shop Should Be Texting.” The Automotive Service Association is the largest not-for-profit trade association of its kind dedicated to and governed by independent automotive service and collision repair professionals. ASA serves an international membership base that includes numerous state affiliate and chapter groups. ASA advances professionalism and excellence in the automotive repair industry through education, representation and member services. To take advantage of the many benefits of membership in ASA, please visit or call (817) 514-2900, ext. 2. For additional information about ASA, including past news releases, go to, or visit ASA’s legislative website at 182 mm

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September 15 Deadline for National Auto Body Council Awards The National Auto Body Council is reminding those interested in submitting nominations for the NABC Annual Awards Program of the upcoming September 15 deadline. NABC; s Awards Program recognizes individuals and businesses whose actions and contributions have positively impacted their community and demonstrated the professionalism and integrity of collision industry professionals. Winners of the NABC awards will be announced at the Collision Industry Red Carpet Awards Breakfast at the 2018 SEMA Show in Las Vegas in November. Nominations are being accepted

in two award categories: The Award of Distinction recognizes individuals who have gone above and beyond with their volunteerism, charitable and selfless acts of kindness and made a difference in changing and saving lives. Any individual, business organization, or group employed in a collision industry-related segment, such as collision repair facility, vehicle manufacturer, supplier/vendor, educator, insurer, independent appraiser or trade association is eligible to be nominated. The Body Shop Image Award recognizes the most significant improvements made to a shop’s interior, exterior and operations and as a result, helped

enhance the experience of the customer with the collision repair process. Any body shop completing a remodeling during the calendar year 2017 is eligible to be nominated. “It’s an easy, quick process to submit an online nomination. We look forward to hearing and celebrating more stories of the generosity and goodwill throughout our collision industry and in local communities across the country,” said Marie Peevy, Chair of NABC’s Awards Program. To view stories of past NABC Award winners, visit

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New Ford Mustang Offers More Technology, Exhilarating Performance and More Personalization Than Ever

The Mustang features a more athletic and more modern exterior design that includes a lower, remodeled hood and grille for a meaner, leaner look, and a new front splitter for improved handling and improved fuel economy. More powerful 5.0-liter V8 engine, all-new 10-speed automatic transmission, and MagneRide® suspension highlight available equipment that make the new 2018 Ford Mustang an even better performer on the road, and allnew Drag Strip mode makes Mustang more menacing at the track Available advanced technologies include a fully customizable 12-inch LCD all-digital instrument cluster, Active Valve Performance Exhaust system, and new driver-assist features such as Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection and SYNC® Connect 2018 Mustang boasts refreshed front and rear-end design that delivers a leaner, meaner look and improved aerodynamics for more confident han-

dling and improved fuel economy The 2018 Ford Mustang rolled into showrooms this fall with more of what pony car enthusiasts want most: more power, more technology, and more choices to make any Mustang their own. The new Mustang features a more athletic and more modern exterior design that includes a lower, remodeled hood and grille for a meaner, leaner look, and a new front splitter for improved handling and improved fuel economy. Mustang GT’s legendary 5.0-liter V8 engine packs more horsepower and torque than the outgoing version, and a long list of performance and technology upgrades – including an available 10-speed SelectShift® automatic trans-

mission and new Drag Strip mode for maximum straight-line acceleration – that make Mustang more track ready than ever. “This is one of the most aggressive refreshes you’ll ever see for a vehicle – we can’t wait for people to drive this car,” said Carl Widmann, Mustang chief engineer. “We identified everything that is important to Mustang fans and delivered across the board, and we couldn’t be happier with the end result.” Technology and design changes give owners new options to personalize their Mustang, highlighted by the available all-digital instrument cluster. Created in part by ex-video game developers, Ford’s first 12-inch all-digital LCD instrument offers various screen layouts, 26 color options and displays for up to eight gauges. The screen can be easily personalized, offering different views for normal/snow/wet, sport, and track/drag modes. Drivers can use new Mustang MyMode to save their favorite settings for suspension and steering and exhaust note preferences. Premium trim level features give the interior an enhanced look and feel, with a hand-stitched wrap for the center console armrest, a look that is mirrored across the instrument panel and down the sides of the center stack. Restyled seating surfaces feature new 2018 Mustang Please Turn to Page 28

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N.C. Cleanup Highlights ‘Cradle-To-Grave’ Waste Storage Issue for Shops A North Carolina property owner’s request that auto body shops help pay for hazardous waste cleanup there demonstrates the “cradle-to-grave” issue collision repairers have with their waste. In a nutshell, the government holds an environmental waste producer like a collision repairer responsible for their materials even if the body shop had in good faith contracted with another party to dispose of it. If something happens with that party or further downstream in the waste disposal chain, the shop can still be tagged to help cover cleanup costs. A-1 Auto Body owner Mark Baker was among repairers contacted in 2017 by Trex Properties counsel Justis Law Firm with a carrot-and-stick offer. Either pay $2,000 in a one-time settlement and indemnification or risk a lawsuit to recoup what Justis said the shop owed Trex for cleaning up a former Detrex site at 3114 Cullman Avenue in Charlotte,

N.C., tied to 165 gallons of the shop’s hazardous waste. Trex had bought the land — and assumed the responsibility — from Detrex. Baker said he had contracted with Environmental Marketing to remove the waste generated by his Middlesex, N.C., body shop. Ultimately, the materials were sent to the facility, where residual contaminants from years of treating solvents there led to regulators demanding Trex take action, according to Justis Law Firm managing member Gary Justis. Justis said neither Trex nor Detrex were to blame for the situation. “They (Detrex) didn’t do anything wrong either,” he said. “We’re seeking recovery of costs under (the Comprehensive Env i r o n m e nt a l R e s p o n s e, Compensation, and Liability Act) for parties who generated and transported waste” taken to the facility, he said. CERCLA “has nothing to do with fault,”

he said. An Environmental Protection Agency spokesperson in December 2017 indicated that a hazardous waste producer could indeed under CERCLA be held responsible “for the presence of hazardous substances at a site,” even if the producer didn’t put it there. “For example, the Superfund law (officially the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act) imposes liability on parties responsible for, in whole or in part, the presence of hazardous substances at a site,” the spokeserson wrote. “Superfund liability is triggered if: 1) hazardous wastes are present at a facility, 2) there is a release (or a possibility of a release) of these hazardous substances, 3) response costs have been or will be incurred, and 4) the defendant is a liable party. There are four classes N.C. cleanup Please Turn to Page 25

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BMW 4 Series Convertible M sport

In the US, the BMW 4 Series success story dates back to September 2013 and the launch of the original BMW 4 Series Coupe. Built at BMW Group Plant Munich, the 4 Series Coupe adds its own brand of aesthetic appeal and performance to its qualities. With a notably wider stance and longer wheelbase than its predecessor, the body of the BMW 4 Series Coupe has a low-slung silhouette with sporty, elongated lines. Sporting the brand’s trademark short overhangs, a long hood and a passenger compartment set back with a flowing roof line, the BMW 4 Series Coupe boasts a perfectly composed design language, while still offering high levels of everyday practicality. Shortly after the launch of the BMW 4 Series Coupe, the convertible entered the U.S. market. Raising the roof line produces a broad-shouldered look and a graceful, sporty outline that is emphasized by the long trunk lid. Opening the roof, meanwhile, creates the impression of a wraparound boat deck rear. The Convertible is manufactured at BMW Group Plant Regensburg. The new BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe was BMW’s second four-door coupe after the 6 Series Gran Coupe. The car’s dynamic-looking, elongated styling succeeds in uniting sedan-like functionality with the sporting elegance of a coupe. Built at BMW Group Plant Dingolfing, the addition of rear doors gives the 4 Series Gran Coupe an 24

Southern Automotive Journal

The interior of the BMW 4 Series family delights with its own unique blend of sportiness and elegance even sleeker appearance. “The maxim guiding the BMW 4 Series model update was ‘stick to the proven formula but add extra richness to the cars’ character’. That’s why the exterior design shines the spotlight most brightly on the dynamic and elegant qualities of the BMW 4 Series family” Domagoj Dukec, Head of Exterior Design BMW Automobiles. Styling cues derived from the spectacular BMW Concept 4 Series Coupe from 2012 are clearly visible in the design of the new BMW 4 Series, with the new models including elements such as hexagonally shaped fullLED headlights, a large air intake with eye-catching bars and full-LED rear lights. The restyled nose of the BMW 4 Series expresses the model range’s dynamic overall personality to great effect. Crisp contours alternate with expansive surfaces to create a broad, sharply-contoured front end of threeAugust 2018

dimensional muscularity that hugs the road in sporting fashion. The defining feature at the front of the new BMW 4 Series is an unbroken central air intake that increases in size towards the outer edges, lending the entire nose section a more imposing presence and a greater sense of width. Standard Sport line features high gloss black finish surroundings enhancing the vehicles powerful and sporty character. Twin headlights help ensure the front end of the BMW 4 Series models sticks to the traditional BMW design. The 2018 BMW 4 Series Coupe, BMW 4 Series Convertible and BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe are equipped with new bi-LED headlights as standard. The headlights are composed of a familiar silhouette: flat-bottomed headlight tubes encircled by daytime running light rings and a dynamic cropped look produced by the characteristic “eye.n

N.C. cleanup From Page 25 of Superfund liable parties: 1) current owners and operators of a facility, 2) past owners and operators of a facility at the time hazardous wastes were disposed, 3) generators and parties that arranged for the disposal or transport of the hazardous substances, and 4) transporters of hazardous waste that selected the site where the hazardous substances

were brought.” Justis Law Firm attorney Matthew Merryman cited the 1990 “National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan” in connecting A-1 Auto Body with costs associated with the site. “Of course, even if a party takes a cleanup action under an authority other than CERCLA (e.g. RCRA corrective action), it may have a right of cost recovery under

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CERCLA section 107 if the action was a necessary response to a release of hazardous substances, and was performed consistent with the NCP.” When asked why repairers who sent waste off in good faith should have to cover the downstream costs for conditions caused by another party, Justis asked why they shouldn’t. Merryman estimated in a July 14, 2017, letter to Baker that Trex would pay $4.6 million to undertake Resource Conservation and Recovery Act corrective action work at the site. He said Trex had paid about $1.9 million already through March 31, 2017. “I refused to pay Trex , they said I would be included in their multi million dollar lawsuit against all shops that sent waste to them,” Baker wrote in January. “I have not got a response yet.” In late June, he wrote that he still hadn’t heard anything. North Carolina DENR records indicate at least one other body shop was contacted by Trex with a settlement offer. An unspecified person wrote to the state Justice Department stating they’d been asked by State Road, N.C.-based Swift’s Body Shop to look into a letter from the Justis Law Firm. The document is similar to the one Baker received. A Sept. 1, 2017, letter from Merryman offered to indemnify the shop for 600 gallons in exchange for a $4,000 settlement payment. The offer was cheaper than the buyout premium state or federal regulators or other private parties would give, Merryman wrote. “After consulting other agencies, which questioned this activity, I turned to the US EPA office in Atlanta,” the Swift’s representative wrote in a letter to the North Carolina Department of Justice postmarked Sept. 12, 2017. “Upon contacting that office one of the agents said they had they had had reports of this type activity since May. At that time I was informed that Swift’s Body Shop owed no one money. … “Swift’s Body Shop has no plans to respond to this mailing unless told to do so by officials.” Justis said he couldn’t comment on Trex’s strategy when asked if the company indeed pursued lawsuits against shops which refused to settle. “Many parties did settle,” he said.n Southern Automotive Journal


WCMH: State Farm refuses to pay for scans on 2018 Jeep Cherokee By Repairer Driven News An July 17 Ohio TV news segment alerts viewers to the need for a diagnostic “safety scan” on “just about all cars on the road” and the possibility an auto insurer would refuse to cover the cost — even on a 2018 vehicle. The WCMH “Better Call Jackson” broadcast features Derek Weaver, whose 2018 Jeep Cherokee was hit in the right rear in what he described was a minor parking lot impact. The at-fault party was insured by State Farm, which provided Weaver with a “list of the things that State Farm was refusing to pay for. And the first thing on the list was the scans, the pre-scan, the mid-scan and the post-scan,” he told WCMH reporter Mike Jackson. A 2016 FCA position statement mentioned by Weaver and shown in the WCMH segment calls it “necessary” for repairers to scan the OEM’s vehicles before and after a repair. It states that diagnostic trouble codes could arise before or during the repair any time a car “is involved in an accident or collision, even though

the damage may appear minor.” Multiple OEMs — including FCA — say DTCs without dash lights appear in vehicles dating back to the 1990s. While the Cherokee trim level couldn’t be determined from the broadcast, footage of the 2018 Jeep shows parking sensors, indicating additional electronic sophistication a repairer would have to ensure is restored correctly. A Three-C Body Shop scan demonstration in the segment uses a third-party Snap-On Versus Edge, though FCA’s position statement demands an FCA wiTECH tool be used on diagnostic checks. (It also implies a first-party alternative like the asTech is acceptable.) “Each claim is handled on its merits,” State Farm said in a statement to WCMH. “State Farm estimates include necessary operations to complete the individual repair, and depending on the nature of the damage and individual vehicle, State Farm may determine vehicle scan operations are necessary and will include a corresponding cost for that operation to support the amount owed to a vehicle owner.

“While we cannot discuss a specific claim, due to customer privacy, we welcome the opportunity to review a claim if you can provide that additional information. Further, the vehicle owner is encouraged to reach out to their State Farm claims contact to have their concerns addressed. Based upon how the repairer and customer shared their interpretation of our response, it seems there may be some additional confusion we can resolve.” WCMH reported that Three-C performed a mid-repair scan for free but conducted no post-repair scan. Weaver told the station that the possibility of an undetected issue affecting his warranty was “my biggest concern.” The WCMH report doesn’t indicate if Weaver plans any additional action given his warranty fears, nor does it examine the liability of Three-C releasing the car without post-repair scanning it.n Reprinted Contented: Copyright © 2018. DRIVEN COMMUNICATIONS INC. All Rights Reserved.




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2018 Mustang From Page 21 patterns and color choices, including tan, Showstopper Red, Midnight Blue with Grabber Blue accents, and Ebony with Alcantara® suede accents. A pulsing start button glows red at night before the engine is started, and the instrument panel sports an updated Mustang badge. A heated leather steering wheel is a first-time option for Mustang drivers. The rear of the car gets revised LED taillamps for a more technical look, plus a new bumper, revised styling and available performance spoiler. A dual bright exhaust is standard on EcoBoostequipped models, while Mustang GT gets a standard dual exhaust with quad-tips. Ultimate performance Performance is at the core of Mustang DNA, offering drivers a unique thrill of acceleration and cornering for the ultimate fun-to-drive experience. On all models, new shock absorbers make for better ride control, a new cross-axis joint in the rear suspension leads to increased lateral stiffness, and innovative stabilizer bars bring sharper response and handling. MagneRide® active suspension is a new option with Performance Pack – and standard with Performance Pack Level 2. The active damping system uses sensors positioned around the vehicle to adjust the suspension based on various inputs, including speed, steering angle, brake pressure, lateral and longitudinal acceleration, engine torque, drive mode selection, and even outside air temperature. The proven 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine continues to offer outstanding performance, and improves to 310 horsepower and 350 lb.-ft. of torque. The 5.0-liter V8 engine on Mustang GT has been thoroughly reworked; with 460 horsepower and 420 lb.-ft. of torque, it is more powerful and revs higher than any Mustang GT before it. The power increase was achieved with the first application for Mustang of Ford’s new dual-fuel, high-pressure direct injection and low-pressure port fuel injection on a V8 engine – deliver28

Southern Automotive Journal

A fully customizable 12-inch LCD all-digital instrument cluster The Track - Mode

The Normal - Mode

ing robust low-end torque, high-rpm power, and improved fuel efficiency. EPA-estimated fuel economy ratings for EcoBoost-equipped Mustangs with an automatic transmission are 21 mpg city, 32 mpg highway, 25 mpg combined. Manual transmission models are rated at 21/31/25. Mustang GT is rated 16/25/19 (automatic transmission) and 15/25/18 (manual transmission). Actual mileage will vary. The manual transmission for both engine options has been upgraded for improved torque. For the V8, the manual transmission has been completely redesigned to include a twindisc clutch and dual-mass flywheel to increase torque capability and deliver more efficient clutch modulation. A new 10-speed SelectShift® automatic transmission, available with both EcoBoost and V8 engines, is the best automatic Mustang has ever offered. With a wide-ratio span and optimized gear spacing, this all-new gearbox helps deliver higher average power for acceleration – improving responsiveness and performance. Track drivers will find electronic line lock standard on both V8 and EcoBoost-equipped models. The feature lets racers pre-warm their tires before the start of a race for better grip. Complementing the feature on August 2018

vehicles equipped with a 12-inch alldigital cluster is an industry-first video game-like animation of a spinning alloy wheel kicking up a cloud of smoke when line lock is activated and engaged. The 2018 Mustang will also be the first will love this new Mustang,” Widmann said. “The enhanced V8, Drag Strip mode, the 10-speed transmission, the Michelin tires. It all adds up to the most exciting Mustang GT ever and has a 0 to 60 time of in under 4 seconds.” Enthusiasts will find a new level of fun when Mustang Performance Pack Level 2 becomes available in the spring of 2018. The package includes a collection of drive-enhancing components such aerodynamically balanced high-performance splitter and rear spoiler designed to add downforce and enhance driver confidence when attacking curves at high speed. For the first time, Mustang features a number of Ford driver-assist technologies, including Pre-Collision Assist with pedestrian detection including Distance Indication and Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Keeping System, and Driver Alert System. The driver assist systems use radar and cameras to recognize objects in the road, and may take autonomous emergency action – such as braking – to mitigate or avoid a collision.n

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Q&A With EPA on Hazardous Waste and Auto Body Shop Responsibility

By Repairer Driven News Editor’s note: Repairer Driven News late last year conducted an email interview with the Environmental Protection Agency on a collision repairer’s responsibility with regards to hazardous waste. Specifically, we looked at the “cradle-to-grave” risk of a shop being financially responsible for its handling even after the materials have been removed from the shop by a contractor. Here’s an excerpt from the conversation with an EPA spokeswoman, with minor formatting edits: Q: Can you give me a general overview of the EPA’s cradle-to-grave rules and what it means for hazardous waste producers like body shops? A: The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Subtitle C establishes a federal program to manage hazardous wastes from cradle to grave. The objective of the Subtitle C program is to ensure that hazardous waste is handled in a manner that protects human health and the environment. In order to achieve this, there are Subtitle C regulations for the generation, transportation, and treatment, storage, or disposal of hazardous wastes. States become authorized to implement these regulations in lieu of the federal EPA, and are therefore largely responsible for running these programs. Q: What kind of mitigation costs or other penalties does a waste producer face if it turns out their disposal company did something improper with their waste? A: Mitigation costs and other penalties are case specific and based upon the type, seriousness, and duration of violations. States may be able to provide examples of costs and penalties that generators have incurred but there is a wide range in penalty amounts and in the extent of work that may be needed to come into compliance. Q: What kind of paperwork, etc. should a waste producer look for in choosing a waste disposal company? A: We recommend that facilities work with their states to identify options for waste disposal companies, for example, to confirm that the facility has the appropriate permits and to identify any potential compliance issues. Another resource for generators should they want to look up federal environmental compliance information on waste disposal facilities is EPA’s website: Q: What kind of records should the waste producing business keep on hand? For how long? A: There are specific regulatory requirements that govern recordkeeping under the RCRA hazardous waste program. There are three categories of generators (i.e., waste producers) that are subject to regulation, dependent largely upon how much hazardous waste they generate in a calendar month: Large Quantity Generators, Small Quantity Generators, and Very Small Quantity Generators (formerly known as Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators (CESQGs). For more information about the generator categories, please see our website at: Q&A With EPA Please turn to Page 34

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Electrified and Enhanced: 2019 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid Similar in design to the NSX supercar, the MDX Sport Hybrid's powertrain features Acura's signature three-motor Sport Hybrid Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive™ (SH-AWD®) system, making it the brand's most powerful and efficient production SUV. The Acura MDX lineup continues to lead the industry as the best-selling three-row luxury SUV both of this year and of all-time.3 Similar to the conventional MDX, the 2019 MDX Sport Hybrid features a number of enhancements, including driver and front-passenger 4-way power lumbar support (up from 2-way), authentic Desert Olive Ash wood highlights, high-contrast seat and door panel stitching, and matching wood center console trim for Advance Package models. Technology and Advance grades include unique interior trim, exterior badging and stainless steel sport pedals. Technology Package models include seating for seven, while the range-topping Advance Package incorporates a 6-passenger interior configuration with second-row captain's chairs and a large second-row center console in place of a three-occupant bench seat. NSX-Derived Sport Hybrid Super Handling AllWheel Drive™ (SH-AWD®) Engineered for customers who desire the ultimate in driving refinement, technological sophistication and prestige, the MDX Sport Hybrid's 3.0-liter, i-VTEC™ V6 engine and three-motor Sport Hybrid Super Handling-All Wheel Drive™ (SH-AWD®) system delivers decisive power and control as well as instant torque. Despite turning out 321-peak horsepower and 289 lb.-ft. total peak torque, all MDX Sport Hybrids receive an impressive EPA combined fuel economy rating of 27 mpg2. An advanced 7-speed dual-clutch transmission (7DCT) is standard – a feature closely related to the NSX supercar's 9-speed DCT. Unlike a conventional automatic transmission, MDX Sport Hybrid's DCT offers ultra-fast gear changes and operates without the need for a torque converter, significantly improving efficiency. The 7DCT can operate automatically or manually via steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters. The MDX Sport Hybrid's electric SH-AWD® system operates independently of the gasoline engine, as the two rear-mounted electric motors dynamically apportion torque directly to the rear wheels. When cornering, the MDX Sport Hybrid delivers positive torque to the outside rear wheel, much like mechanical SH-AWD®, to create a yaw moment. In addition, the Sport Hybrid SH-AWD® can simultaneously apply regenerative brake torque to the inside rear wheel during cornering to further enhance cornering control.n 32

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Similar in design to the NSX supercar, the MDX Sport Hybrid's powertrain features Acura's signature three-motor Sport Hybrid Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive™ (SH-AWD®) system, making it the brand's most powerful and efficient production SUV.

August 2018

SCRS Welcomes Nissan as Newest Corporate Member SCRS on initiatives that focus on increasThe Society of Collision Repair "Nissan is honored to join SCRS,” ing awareness of safe and proper repairs, Specialists (SCRS) proudly welcomes shared Mark Zoba, Nissan Certified and it’s important to us to be an active Nissan North America as the newest Collision Growth Manager. "We’ve supporter of those types of forwardautomobile manufacturer to join as a shared a close relationship for years, thinking organizations.” supportive member of the association. and the membership is an extension “The SCRS mission to “Nissan has been a educate, inform, and reprenoticeable advocate of "’s important to us to be an sent is really parallel to so information to help collision active supporter of those types of formany things that Nissan is repair businesses excel,” working on right now,” added ward-thinking organizations.” shared SCRS Treasurer SCRS Chairman Kye Yeung. Amber Alley. “Our business “The privilege is all ours, to be has really benefited from able to have the meaningful the relationship through the Mark Zoba, interactions that we do with rebates and promotional Nissan Certified Collision Growth Manager companies like theirs and to and social media advertiscollaborate on ways that we ing resources that we get can uplift an industry that as a certified facility. Having plays such a critical role for their support of industry inithe consumer. We are thrilled to have tiatives through involvement in SCRS just of our recognition of the good work Nissan’s support, and more importantly, affirms that we are aligned with an autothe association does to help develop their active engagement in conversamaker who understands the importance resources and disseminate information tions and resource development for the of supporting entities that help make that lifts the industry up. OEMs have collision repair industry.”n repair businesses more successful.” received a great deal of support from

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August 2018

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Q&A With EPA on Hazardous Waste and Auto Body Shop Responsibility Q&A With EPA From Page 30 The hazardous waste generator recordkeeping requirements only apply to small and large quantity generators. These requirements can be found in 40 CFR 262.40. The regulatory text and link are below: §262.40 Recordkeeping. (a) A generator must keep a copy of each manifest signed in accordance with §262.23(a) for three years or until he receives a signed copy from the designated facility which received the waste. This signed copy must be retained as a record for at least three years from the date the waste was accepted by the initial transporter. (b) A generator must keep a copy of each Biennial Report and Exception Report for a period of at least three years from the due date of the report. (c) See §262.11(f) for recordkeeping requirements for documenting hazardous waste determinations. (d) The periods or retention referred to in this section are extended automatically during the course of any unresolved enforcement action regarding the regulated activity or as requested by the Administrator. Q: What is the rationale of making the waste producer liable for the waste forever? I can see why the EPA wouldn’t want producers like shops just giving their waste to anyone with a truck and a pulse. But if the shop has acted responsibly and in good faith in vetting and choosing a waste disposal company, why should the shop be responsible for the actions of their contractor potentially years later? To use an example from another industry, that’d be like blaming someone who invested in or did business with Enron in the 1970s for Enron’s actions in the 1990s and 2000s A: Generally speaking, complying with all of the applicable RCRA regulations, as discussed above, is the best way to reduce or minimize any potential future liability. However, other environmental laws that deal with certain types of situations may apply. For example, the Superfund law (officially the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act) imposes liability on parties responsible for, in whole or in part, the presence of hazardous substances at a site. Superfund liability is triggered if: 1) hazardous wastes are present at a facility, 2) there is a release (or a possibility of a release) of these hazardous substances, 3) response costs have been or will be incurred, and 4) the defendant is a liable party. There are four classes of Superfund liable parties: 1) current owners and operators of a facility, 2) past owners and operators of a facility at the time hazardous wastes were disposed, 3) generators and parties that arranged for the disposal or transport of the hazardous substances, and 4) transporters of hazardous waste that selected the site where the hazardous substances were brought. For more information on Superfund liability, please refer to this website; Q: Is there any bulletproof means a repairer can use to dispose of their waste and be sure the EPA won’t be contacting them about an issue years later? For example, I’ve heard references to something called a “certificate of destruction” – is waste destruction a viable option, and what happens in terms of shop liability if their hazardous waste contractor lies about the destruction? A: The best advice for any generator of hazardous waste to minimize liability is to comply with the RCRA regulations to ensure their hazardous waste is properly managed and disposed of at appropriate facilities, maintain any required records, and maintain communication with state authorities on compliance. For more information on the types of facilities where hazardous waste can be disposed of, please refer to this website: Q: Any guidance for body shops on storing waste prior to the handover to the disposal company? A: For hazardous waste storage, there are specific regulatory requirements with which a body shop may have to comply as discussed above (as opposed to ‘guidance’). If body shops generate hazardous waste, these facilities should comply with the hazardous waste generator provisions to ensure safe management of hazardous waste before shipping the waste for disposal or recycling. More information can be found on our website at: On our website we have available two older documents that still may be of assistance. One is the guide for vehicle maintenance shops on compliance with RCRA:


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September 2018


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September 2018 Southern Automotive Journal  

Georgia Collision Industry Associations Question & Answer Session With Candidate Jim Beck Q&A With EPA on Hazardous Waste and Auto Body Sh...

September 2018 Southern Automotive Journal  

Georgia Collision Industry Associations Question & Answer Session With Candidate Jim Beck Q&A With EPA on Hazardous Waste and Auto Body Sh...