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Volkswagen Unveils All-Electric Fully Autonomous Driving I.D. Vizzion Concept

How Telematics Is Revolutionizing Claims I know I Need a Business Attorney: Three Questions You Should Ask Importance of OEM Procedures and Parts Reinforced by Recent Testing CCC® Open Shop Surpasses 500,000 Assignments on an Annualized Basis

DEALER NEWS Jim Ellis Charity Golf Fundraiser Generates $120K for 21 Local Charities Mercedes-Benz USA Celebrates Grand Opening of New Headquarters

Starting in 2020, Volkswagen will be launching the I.D. Family, a range of newlydeveloped electric vehicles with long driving ranges and visionary design that will come to market in quick succession. Three I.D. models have already been presented as concept cars: the compact I.D. and the I.D. CROZZ SUV, debuting as production models in 2020, and the I.D. BUZZ microbus, which becomes reality in 2022. At the Geneva International Motor Show, Volkswagen presented the newest member of the I.D. Family: the I.D.

VIZZION sedan. The concept car drives autonomously, is operated by voice and gesture control, and thanks to artificial intelligence, will be capable of learning. In a vision of what may be possible by the year 2030, the I.D. VIZZION’s ‘digital chauffeur’ assumes control of the vehicle—without a steering wheel or visible controls. The concept car drives, steers and navigates autonomously in I.D. Vizzion Concept Turn to Page 4

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Toyota Corolla Hatchback

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I.D. Vizzion From Front Cover traffic, enabling passengers to sit back and enjoy the ride. A virtual ‘host’ knows the personal preferences of the vehicle guests and it adapts to each of them individually. Interaction with the I.D. VIZZION is possible via augmented reality and newly designed mixed reality eyewear—the HOLOLENSTM developed by Microsoft®. Expected to come to production in 2022, the I.D. VIZZION will first be available with conventional controls.

Artificial Intelligence The I.D. VIZZION concept car is one of the first cars to have the potential of artificial intelligence incorporated into its concept. Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to programs capable of self-learning by using algorithms to recognize, evaluate and interpret patterns. Over time, these systems continue to learn more, which enables them to react to new situations. Currently, developers define comprehensive program code that describes all aspects of system behavior. For example, Volkswagen’s Lane Assist feature uses a conventional, model-based program which precisely describes mathematical parameters for the visual recognition of lane markings. In the programing, the developers must also incorporate all sorts of deviations—such as missing or interrupted lane markings—so that they can handle all conceivable scenarios. The optical information supplied by the front camera is then compared with the mathematical description of lane markings, and if they agree Lane Assist is activated and ready to intervene. Programs are now being trained, however, to learn very complex parameters. In this training process, they learn to deduce unknown facts based on machine learning. At Volkswagen, machine learning is being used in determining the vehicle environment by the use of peripheral cameras. For example, the cameras must recognize whether they are 'seeing' a truck, passenger car, pedestrian or bicycle rider. To achieve this, developers feed an image recognition algorithm with thousands of pieces of training data – images of trucks, passenger cars, pedestrians and bicycle riders. It trains with images to distinguish 4

Southern Automotive Journal

The I.D. VIZZION is designed for Level 5 automation so it drives exclusively as a fully autonomous vehicle. Consequently, there is no longer any need for a driver's seat, steering wheel, dash panel or foot pedals.

between the different road users. This enables the implementation of new functions. Artificial intelligence requires a program that can draw its own conclusions autonomously, which allows it to make its own decisions. The automobiles of tomorrow will operate with far fewer control elements, and with controls that can be operated fully intuitively. Assistants like the system integrated in the I.D. VIZZION adapt more perfectly to its users from day to day. The system recognizes their needs and tastes—such as seat and air conditioning settings and their favorite playlists—and activates them autonomously as a function of the context and situation. Hardware and software will be optimally synchronized by the Volkswagen car's artificial intelligence. For autonomous driving, this also includes the essential laser and radar sensors, cameras and electronic control units. They independently share the data and derive the right driving manoeuvre May 2018

based on their own decisions.

Fully Autonomous Driving With the I.D. VIZZION, Volkswagen is showing the maximum extension stage of automated driving. The levels of automation are subdivided into five levels. From Level 4, the multiple redundantly designed technologies for automated driving are so intelligent that a driver is no longer needed. Nonetheless, cars operating at Level 4 still have a steering wheel and cockpit inside, and the user can choose to drive it conventionally as well. The I.D. VIZZION is designed for Level 5, so it drives exclusively as a fully autonomous vehicle. Consequently, there is no longer any need for a driver's seat, steering wheel, dash panel or foot pedals. The I.D. VIZZION detects its environment via inter-connected laser scanners, ultrasonic sensors, radar sensors for objects in the near-zone and radar

Suicide doors dominate the space between the aerodynamically designed 24-inch wheels. They open electrically in opposite directions at up to a 0-degree angle. sensors for long distances, front and rear cameras and side area view cameras. Traffic data is also continually obtained via the cloud and is compared with the data in the I.D. VIZZION. Future networking of vehicles with one another will also enable the Volkswagen car to utilize the swarm intelligence of the immediate surroundings and the larger environment (Car-2-Car and Car-2-X). In addition, the I.D. VIZZION integrates high-resolution digital maps into navigation.

Electric all-wheel drive The drive system components of the MEB architecture—two motors, two transmissions, the electronics that link everything together and the high-voltage battery—are optimally incorporated into the I.D. VIZZION package. The lithium-ion battery has an energy density of 111 kWh and is housed in the vehicle floor. This creates more interior space, lowers the center of gravity and ensures ideal weight distribution. The same applies to the two electric motors on the front and rear axles. The motor in front is a 101-hp coaxial drive, and a compact 201-hp motor is used at the rear. They develop a total system power of 302 hp and drive their

tive axles directly. Intelligent drive control ensures optimal handling properties in every situation. The I.D. VIZZION concept has an anticipated range of up to 413 miles on the European cycle. The power electronics are a crucial link for controlling the flow of high-voltage energy between the motors and the battery. The power electronics convert the direct current (DC) stored in the battery into alternating current (AC). The ideal method for charging the battery is over an inductive interface. But conventional charging via a plug is also possible with the Combined Charging System (CCS), charging stations or conventional electrical sockets.

Exterior The proportions of the I.D. VIZZION differentiate it from comparable production vehicles in the premium class. The wheelbase (122.0 inches) and roof are extremely long, while the front and rear overhangs are short. This creates more space than in today’s premium sedan models. In addition, the I.D. VIZZION sets new standards with its refined aerodynamics. The concept car is 203.3 inches long, 76.7 inches wide, and 59.3 inches tall. May 2018

From the front, the I.D. VIZZION creates a dynamic look with its front fascia, which is extremely low in the middle, and its fenders that rise sharply to the sides. Light also dominates the front-end design, with a white, illuminated VW badge, which develops into a white, animated light axis. As soon as the I.D. VIZZION recognizes one of its passengers via electronic key or a facial scan, this light axis flows over the side of the body and the white-illuminated door handles and into the rear body. The lighting concept is designed to be interactive. For example, active lighting elements in the front end adapt to the environment of the vehicle according to the driving situation. The I.D. VIZZION uses HD Matrix lights—a first for Volkswagen. These intelligent dipped beam and main beam headlights operate with 8,000 light pixels. In the future, these dots of light can be used to project symbols and displays in front of the car. These could be the virtual 'zebra stripes' of a pedestrian crossing, signaling to pedestrians that the I.D. VIZZION has recognized them, and is stopping to let them cross the road safely. In profile, the I.D. VIZZION is simple, yet elegant. The coupe-like roofline of the concept car extends past the wheelarches in the rear, creating the silhouette of a GT. The side sections are eye-catching with their seamlessly designed surfaces. Even the windows are completely flush with the body panels, making the greenhouse visually merge more with the shoulder and side sections of the body. Suicide doors dominate the space between the aerodynamically designed 24-inch wheels. They open electrically in opposite directions at up to a 0-degree angle. This, and the lack of B-pillars, enables exceptionally easy egress. The rear, with its sharp trailing edge, has ideal aerodynamic properties. Instead of a conventional trunk lid, an electrically actuated rear hatch swings upward, giving access to a 20.0 cubic-foot trunk. Like the rest of the concept car, the rear also exhibits clean and expressive styling. The white light axis is present at the rear too. This low-profile strip of LEDs wraps into the sides of the car and I.D. VIZZION Please Turn to Page 20 Southern Automotive Journal


BMW M550i TwinTurbo V-8 xDrive - a "Driver's" Machine At 456 hp the M Performance TwinPower Turbo 4.4 liter 8-cylinder engine is the star attraction of the M550i.

The M Performance TwinPower Turbo V-8 harmonizes with BMW xDrive intelligent allwheel drive with rear-wheel bias and a bespoke M Performance chassis set-up helping to create the fastest and most agile BMW 5 Series to date.

Autonomous, electric, lithium-ion and hybrid; all words driving the automotive news world. However, when engaging in a conversation about the BMW M550i one uses words like TwinTurbo, V-8, Xdrive, handling, performance and of course the significance of the letter M. BMW M Performance version of the world’s most successful business sedan, the first ever BMW M550i xDrive takes the spot as the top of the line performance vehicle in the current BMW 5 Series lineup. The BMW M550i xDrive is the first M Performance model is powered by a specifically modified M Performance TwinPower Turbo 4.4 liter 8-cylinder engine. This V8 unit is equipped with two twin-scroll turbochargers and features a High Precision Injection system, Valvetronic fully variable valve lift and Double-VANOS variable camshaft timing control. This technology adds up to an output of 456 hp at 5,500 rpm* and peak torque of 480 lb‑ft from just 1,800 rpm propelling the BMW M550i xDrive from 0 to 60 mph in under 4.0 seconds and then on to an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph. The abundant torque reserves and high-revving characteristics serve up to an outstanding blend of performance and uncompromised everyday usability. BMW intelligent xDrive all-wheel6

Southern Automotive Journal

It's wasn't all about the performance numbers with the BMW M550i. The fineline ridge wood trim on the interoir is stunning. The BMW designers even made the black plastic look elegant. drive system in the BMW M550i xDrive splits drive power between all four wheels as the situation demands – intelligently and with a rear-wheel bias. BMW xDrive is key to delivering two fundamental elements of the trademark M Performance driving experience under all conditions: increased driving performance and extremely precise handling. The Adaptive M Sport suspension lowers ride height by 10 millimeters and is paired to either the standard 19-inch M light-alloy wheels in Cerium Grey metallic matte or the optional** 20-inch M light-alloy wheels (in an exclusive design, also painted in the Cerium Grey metallic matte finish).The exterior of the BMW M550i xDrive boldly expresses the sedan’s dynamic performance capabilities. The M aerodynamic kit, including an M rear spoiler on the trunk lid, accentuates the sporty lines and at the same time, it optimizes the airflow guiding the air around and over the car. The exterior mirror caps, the kidney grille frame, the special M Performance design accents on the front air intake and the two Air Breathers on the front fenders, exclusively feature Cerium Grey metallic finish, while the high-gloss Shadow Line trim around the windows May 2018

gives added impact to this sport sedan’s undeniably dynamic appearance. An M sports exhaust system – with exclusive tailpipes in Black chrome are responsible for producing the unmistakable and exciting BMW M roar. Additional elements include illuminated door sills bearing the “M550i xDrive” inscription. Standard Multicontour seats are upholstered in Black Dakota leather with blue contrast stitching (Nappa Leather optionally available), the latest version of the M sports steering wheel, M design floor mats and pedals made from aluminum highlight the sporty exclusivity that is a hallmark of all BMW M Performance Automobiles. One doesn't have to be a formula one driver to appreciate the BMW M550i. A car designed for the track is not much fun on the street. A track car's horse power makes it hard to find a place to rev and go through the gears. As well, a wellbalanced performance street car is not much exciting at the track. It seems you are always looking for more horse power. The BMW M550i accurately strikes the balance. As you go through the gears can't help but think, "I would love this baby to take it to the track."n

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How Telematics Is Revolutionizing Claims by Alicja Grzadkowska A telematics software company has noticed there’s a shift underway in a key market. “At the beginning, we were working with the underwriter in an insurance company talking about pricing,” said Nino Tarantino, CEO of Octo Telematics North America. “But now, for all our insurance partners, the guys from claims are involved.” How telematics is revolutionizing claims A telematics software company has noticed there’s a shift underway in a key market. “At the beginning, we were working with the underwriter in an insurance company talking about pricing,” said Nino Tarantino, CEO of Octo Telematics North America. “But now,

for all our insurance partners, the guys from claims are involved.” So, why the uptick in interest towards the technology? “Today claims organizations are blind. They don’t do anything until a policyholder files a claim,” said Tarantino. “With telematics, they know there was an accident or there was a bodily injury event in real-time so they can be proactive.” Though the adoption of technology is often a slow process, the CEO described telematics as a “revolution” in the claims process. If someone has a telematics device in their car and they get into an accident, insurers can determine in real-time where the car was damaged, the extent of the damage, the probability of bodily injury, and what other car was involved, explained Tarantino. It’s something Octo has been involved

with for many years in Europe. Now, that expertise is proving useful on this side of the globe. Octo currently works with 24 insurance carriers in both the US and Canada, and positions itself as an IoT platform company that’s all about the data. The platform collects information from smartphones, OEMs, black boxes, and other telematics devices installed in vehicles. The most common use of this data is usage-based insurance, said Tarantino, which helps assess a driver’s risk and determines the right price for their auto insurance. A driver’s braking, acceleration, speeding, and cornering all factor into the price. Other behaviors that contribute to risk profiles include how much they drive, where they go, and what time they’re out on the road. The next phase of applying the

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data seems like a natural development considering that Octo has already done it in Europe, where the company’s platform collected a million crash data points from devices, 400,000 of which were transformative in crash dossiers used by claims. “Based on our partners in Europe that have used telematics for many years, they were able to improve the loss ratio by 10, 15, 18 points, which is a huge amount of money in savings,” said Tarantino. The result is a reduction in claim resolution time by close to 50%. Higher customer satisfaction and fewer loopholes for fraudsters are just a few of the other perks, according to the CEO. It might not be overnight that all drivers suddenly use telematics and all insurers rely on the data for claims, but change is coming. “I cannot tell you that this happens in a few months and everyone’s going to do it, but there’s no doubt that it’s happening,” said Tarantino. “The claims organizations need to reduce their costs and to reduce their cost, they see telematics as a valuable option.” n Reprinted with permission form

CCC Publishes 2018 Crash Course Report Link to CCC crash report

Huge investments and bets are being made by automakers, tech companies, insurers and collision repairers, as companies position themselves to benefit from new technologies; technology that not only changes the types of vehicles consumers buy in the future, but how and when they buy, how they insure, and how they repair in the case of an accident. The increasing adoption of technology like Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) provide OEMs, insurers, and repairers visibility into the future, where fewer accidents involving more complex vehicles means fewer collision parts sales, trickier risk assessment, and challenging repairs. In Crash Course 2018, we look through the lens of the full auto ownership life cycle – from auto shopping to purchase through vehicle end of life, exploring how the ‘Buy’, ‘Drive’, ‘Crash’, and ‘Repair’ of the U.S. automotive market has trended and how it will change in the future. n

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Hatch is Back! All-New 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback Don’t let its diminutive dimensions fool you – the hatchback, in either SE or XSE grades, is all about making a huge impression. With its lengthy list of standard features that includes Entune 3.0 with Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa Connectivity; a revised sporttuned suspension and new Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform; and the first North American application of Toyota Safety Sense 2.0, Corolla Hatchback strikes a resounding chord with drivers who value authenticity, utility, practicality, and style. Corolla Hatchback has flair extraordinaire. With a theme of Shooting Robust, along with a design goal of Agile, influencing their every pen stroke, designers created a form that is simultaneously

To l l Fr e e

distinct, dynamic, muscular, and sophisticated. Shooting references the design’s sport coupe traits implemented in all facets. Its hood sits two inches lower than before, affording passengers excellent forward visibility. The new frontal styling with a rounded nose and trapezoidalshaped under grille is a further evolution of Toyota’s Under Priority Catamaran and Keen Look design philosophies, both of which emphasize Corolla Hatchback’s increased width. Slim, J-shaped Bi-Beam LED head-



lamps wrap deep into the front fenders and accent the front in both stylishness and precise illumination. Front overhang has been cut by 0.8 inches; at the rear, it’s 0.8 inches longer. Chiseled character lines at its profile link both ends’ protruding flanks making for an active, wellplanted expression that is uncommon amongst its peers. Wheel sizes range from 16-inches to 18-inches in diameter. Its new rear style articulates Corolla Hatchback’s overarching emphasis on athletic presence. The relationship between front and rear design is closely aligned given the rear’s more rounded physique that encompasses simple, condensed, yet powerful, three-dimensional Toyota Corolla Please Turn to Page 15





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‘Most Favored Nation’ State Farm so far Hasn’t Given PartsTrader Pass to Some Other Select Service Shops By John Huetter Repairer Driven News State Farm has granted Caliber Collision Centers a pass on its requirement that all Select Service shops must use PartsTrader to source replacement parts, but the nation’s No. 1 insurer hasn’t removed the mandate on some of its other direct repair program shops. It’s apparently not just small collision repairers without the clout of the more-than-550-shop Caliber that are reporting still having to use PartsTrader. (We’ve kept our sources with information about Caliber and other shops anonymous here to shield them from

potential repercussions for speaking about Select Service terms.) A shop executive from one large national brand confirmed that their facility was still bound by the requirement. A national support entity for collision repairers reported that some of its larger shops were still bound to the PartsTrader requirements as well. That seems sort of unfair to State Farm Select Service shops competing in markets with a Caliber, particularly if any of such competitors had key performance indicators equal to or greater than Caliber’s. Asked if it planned to extend the perk to other DRP shops and about this

fairness issue, State Farm said in a statement: “State Farm has nothing to share with Repairer Driven News.” The apparent double standard for Caliber compared to other shops is ironic given that State Farm Select Service contracts contain “most favored nation” clauses demanding any special deals given to other insurers be extended to State Farm. A 2015 Select Service contract filed as an exhibit in the Pulera et al v. State Farm litigation contains the following concessions (minor formatting edits): Provider agrees to estimate and State Farm Please Turn to Page 30

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Toyota Corolla From to Page 10 landscapes. Its hatch – now made from TSOP (Toyota Super Olefin Polymer) and ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) – is not only lightweight to aid fuel efficiency, it is set at a steeper angle (moved 14 degrees forward) for that ultimate sporty look. The rear all-LED taillamps feature a diffusing inner lens designed to highlight the hatchback’s stout stance. And the rear bumper styling echoes the frontal Under Priority Catamaran design with its thin lower lip and chrome diffuser. Differentiation between SE and XSE is distinct. Both grades receive LED headlamps and taillights, chrome rear diffuser, and alloy wheels. XSE ups the ante with 18-inch wheels, LED fog lights, chrome front grille surround, and an available innovative Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS). AFS – available only on XSE CVT – allows for the focused distribution of light in an area that matches the vehicle’s speed and steering angle. The Bi-Beam LED units move vertically and horizontally to provide optimal light output by analyzing steering angle, vehicle speed, and the vehicle’s longitudinal axes angle to adjust lamps. At the center of the instrument panel resides a standard high-resolution 8-inch multimedia touchscreen. The center stack screen provides access to

At the center of the instrument panel resides a standard high-resolution 8-inchmultimedia touchscreen. The center stack screen provides access to vehicle settings, audio controls, navigation, smartphone, and Entune 3.0 apps vehicle settings, audio controls, navigation, smartphone, and Entune 3.0 apps. Climate controls, located below the multimedia portal, are fashioned in a bright, highly visible digitized configuration. The standard amenity list is as impressive as the cabin’s aesthetic. SE grade is equipped with single-zone automatic climate control, leather shift knob, and paddle shifters located behind the steering wheel. An electronic parking brake, three-door SmartKey system, automatic up/down windows, and two front USB outlets are standard as well. Corolla Hatchback’s seamless unification of comfort and sporty con-

trollability begins at its TNGA C platform. The compact structure employs a mixture of adhesives, spot welding, and additional bracing – top to bottom, side to side – for the benefits of driver controllability and low fuel consumption. On-road feel and fuel efficiency is further refined through the extensive use of aluminum and high- and ultra-high tensile steel in the lighter-weight chassis and body. In fact, torsional rigidity is improved a massive 60 percent compared to its predecessor. The end result: A Corolla Hatchback that possesses an uncanny blend of balance, composure, and feel that’ll have its driver pining for windy roads – time and time again.n



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James Roach Presented Founder’s Award By I-CAR® bled to have invested my time in I-CAR, working with so many industry people committed to helping I-CAR meet its vision that every person in the collision repair industry has the information, knowledge and skills required to perform complete, safe and quality repairs for the ultimate benefit of the consumer.” Roach retired as Senior Vice President - Parts and Service Division with American Honda Motor Company in 2014 after 35 years with the company. He also served as Director of the Honda Subsidiary, CALHAC, and as a Board member of AYES-Automotive

James Roach, Immediate Past Chairman of the I-CAR® International Board of Directors, was awarded the Founder’s Award for his dedication and service to I-CAR at the 2018 I-CAR Volunteer & Instructor Conference held recently in San Antonio, Texas. Roach was on the I-CAR International Board of Directors from 2011 to 2018. During that time, he served in various roles, including the I-CAR Executive Committee. Roach’s term as Chairman ran from 2016 to 2018. “This is a wonderful surprise,” Roach stated, “I am personally hum-

Youth Education Systems. Additionally, Roach holds I-CAR’s Platinum™ designation and participates in a variety of other volunteer activities within his community. Newly-elected I-CAR Chairman Tim O’Day stated, “It is an honor to present the Founder’s Award to Jim Roach. Jim has been a strong member of the I-CAR Board of Directors and has always maintained his commitment to the I-CAR Mission and Vision. It is good to have Jim in the position of Immediate Past Chairman for the upcoming year.”n

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Jim Ellis Charity Golf Fundraiser Generates $120K for 21 Local Charities For the 17th consecutive year, Jim Ellis Automotive hosted a charity golf tournament to raise funds for charity. The tournament was held in late September at Chateau Elan and was a group effort by a number of Jim Ellis employees, partners and vendors coming together to make the event a success. This year’s tournament surpassed previous years with a total of $120,000

raised for charity. Since the tournament’s inception, over $1 Million has been raised to benefit Atlanta’s children and women in need. The tournament began as a company family picnic and golf outing. As the company grew, management realized the opportunity to use the event as a fundraising tournament to help others, so it morphed into a fundraising tourna-

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ment while preserving the camaraderie aspect of employees and vendors coming together to enjoy a fun event while raising money. “The Jim Ellis Charity Golf Tournament would not be possible without so many Jim Ellis employees that participate by playing in the tournament, making calls for donations, working the tournament and the list goes on,” said Jim Ellis Automotive Group Vice President Stacey Ellis Hodges. “It is heartwarming to see everyone come together to raise money for such important causes that touch the lives of so many that work at Jim Ellis. I am proud of the record amount of funds generated for contribution in 2017.” Following the tournament, Jim Ellis employees had the opportunity to nominate charities that they would like to see receive funds from the tournament. From there, the golf committee went through the nominations, vetted the submissions and looked at the need for each. From there, the committee reviewed eligible charities to determine which ones they would be able to support and how much to give to each one. The main focus for the charities donated to is that they in some way help children and women in need. This year, 19 recipients were chosen to receive funds: 1. 20/20 Hearing 2. Angel Flight 3. Atlanta Police Union Santa Cop 4. Babies Can’t Wait 5. Calvary Children’s Home 6. Camp Horizon 7. Canine Companions 8. Corners Outreach 9. Cross Cultural Ministries 10. Drake House 11. Georgia Center For Child Advocacy 12. Gwinnett Children’s Home 13. Gwinnett Kiwanis Christmas Kids 14. Hope Inc. 15. Interfaith Outreach 16. Jesse’s House 17. Norcross Cooperative Ministry 18. Our House 19. Street Grace 20. The Extension 21. Yaarab Shrinersn

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I know I Need a Business Attorney: Three Questions You Should Ask Automotive Legal Advisors, LLC By: Nicholas G. Moore, Esq. – Automotive Industry Corporate Attorney Nicholas Moore is a licensed Georgia Corporate Attorney focused in Georgia’s dynamic automotive industry. He can be reached directly via phone at (678) 939-0049 or simply visit online at www. and reach out there under Contact Us to ensure a prompt response. Many of the best certified mechanics, collision repair specialists, transmission gurus, and tire experts get into business because they want to capitalize on their skill-sets, and often get paid extremely well for it when others, perhaps with superior ability, get paid far less. So what is the difference you may ask? Business and legal sense; or, more importantly, hiring experts to make those decisions for them. You wouldn’t want your alignment guy mixing and matching paints after a collision repair any more than you want a certified mechanic organizing your company legally – It’s simply not their expertise. Know when to ask questions, and learn what to ask. This Article will focus on a few brief important legal questions to ask a business attorney to ensure your entity is organized optimally.

1) Does it matter how I’m organized if there is more than one owner of my business? The most optimal organizational platform for an automotive shop that has no intention of releasing shares to the public is a Limited Liability Company (LLC). This amazing construct allows for an Operating Agreement to expound on all the affairs of the business without requiring Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Corporate Minutes, or providing sensitive and personal information for public search. You don’t need a Secretary, CFO, or even a CEO – just a percentage of ownership of each stakeholder (owner), with no limit on the maximum number of owners.

2) For the operating Agreement, can I choose how and when I want the profits and losses distributed? Perhaps the most important provision of the Operating Agreement is the “Distributions” provision (my practice provides a 23-page Georgia-specific Operating Agreement for every entity registered as an LLC). This particular paragraph describes how and to whom the net profits and losses will be distributed. If there is more than one owner, then it is imperative to determine how the distributions should be made BEFORE the first dollar is ever earned. I am, however, aware many of you reading this are already operating your business, whether at a profit or not, and think that it’s too late for you to take advantage of this Agreement. WRONG! Fortunately, there is no time limit or statute of limitations on when you may execute an Operating Agreement for your business, so seek to do so immediately. I am continually involved in or answering questions about business arrangements and relationships that are heading south in a hurry and many had not provisioned for such events at all, much less in a well-drafted Operating Agreement that speaks exactly to the issue at hand. Litigation is not the wise way to determine the rights of parties – it is simply the expensive way.

3) What about my tax election? Am I confident I am taking advantage of the IRS Code? Another important consideration that is often overlooked by small and midsized shop owners is the tax election. There are many different ways to organize your tax structure, several of which can allow for you to avoid certain tax liabilities that you may not have known existed. For example, creating an LLC with a Subchapter S federal tax election (“S-Corp”) gives you the benefit of tax advantages of a corporation with the flow-through ability of a traditional general partnership. The S-Corp allows for you to pay yourself a “reasonable salary” for your work for the company. This means you only pay certain FICA (social security, Medicaid, etc.) taxes on the reasonable salary that is distributed to you as an “employee” of the company. The excess income over that reasonable salary avoids the FICA tax and can provide tax savings of up to a few thousand dollars per year or more. It is considered “General Income” for tax purposes. And you only file annually versus quarterly as with traditional C-Corp entities. Unlike S-Corps, however, general partnership flow-through tax models require that you report the entire revenue, less expenses, on your personal tax return thereby subjecting the entire net profit (revenue – expenses = net profit) to the FICA tax. Also, with the brand new tax code, there are many advantages that really give small businesses a boost. In sum, take advantage of the opportunities available to you. I can almost guarantee, although businesses can vary wildly, that any expense associated with consulting knowledgeable counsel about the matters expressed above will be absorbed by the benefits of consulting that counsel. For example, converting your entity to an LLC if you are not organized as such, along with a durable and clear Operating Agreement, as well as registering the appropriate tax election, will save you money and prevent any unforeseen issues that can wreak irreparable damage to your small business. It’s too expensive and risky NOT to reach out to the experts. After all, counsel trusts you with their cars because they know what they don’t know. Time to reciprocate! Hope this Article provides some insight to you. See you in the Shop! n 18

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I.D. VIZZION From Page 4 the rear fenders, emphasizing the width of the I.D. VIZZION. Immediately above, a red LED strip provides tail and brake light functions. The rear window doubles as a gigantic OLED display, allowing it to become a third brake light. As braking intensifies, the brake light enlarges interactively from bottom to top.

Interior The I.D. VIZZION has an interior which enables a new dimension in travel. Since the I.D. VIZZION is conceived for fully autonomously driving, there is no need for a traditional driver's seat with cockpit. Therefore, the space was designed create a lounge-like atmosphere. Four ergonomically balanced seats form the center of this world. Footrests invite guests to relax, and a bright atmosphere is created with large side windows and a continuous panoramic sunroof that runs from front to rear. To ensure that the transparency of the space is not too great, the glass surfaces can be darkened electronically. At maximum darkening, the privacy glass is nearly opaque. The car has no dash panel, as the concept vehicle is primarily operated by gesture and voice control. In addition, all guests aboard the I.D. VIZZION can, if they wish, use a HOLOLENS which projects a virtual interface into the real space by augmented reality. However, there are still two rotary/pushbutton controls on the center console of the I.D. VIZZION (one front, one rear) to enable the intuitive manual control of functions such as entertainment volume control. These controls can also fully stop the concept car. The virtual host recognizes its occupants by biometric facial recognition or electronic device, such as a smartphone, and is able to call up settings from the cloud via the Volkswagen ID, automatically adjusting the settings for individual occupants. The profile for the Volkswagen ID can control parameters such as seating, lighting, climate control, infotainment (including streaming services) and scents. In addition, the virtual assistant reacts predictively to a wide variety of 20

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The rear window doubles as a gigantic OLED display, allowing it to become a third brake light. As braking intensifies, the brake light enlarges interactively from bottom to top. events and relevant points of interest. For example, if the car is approaching a traffic jam that cannot be avoided, the interactive assistant automatically communicates the new arrival time for the given destination. If there is a cafe along the route, which one of the guests would like to make use of, the assistant asks whether it should drive to the cafe or perhaps order a coffee to go and pay for it. The car can also be interconnected with all conceivable digital devices, including fitness trackers. Via these and/ or the HOLOLENS, the I.D. VIZZION tracks the vital parameters of its passengers. For example, if it notices that someone is too hot, it adjusts the temperature downward for the area of that passenger via indirect ventilation of the four-zone automatic air conditioner. Three different travel modes can be activated on-board via the personal May 2018

assistant: Relax, Active, and Family. In the Active mode, for example, the passenger can sit as usual, work, communicate, play and call up information on the drive. As soon as a guest activates Relax mode, a footrest extends out, relaxing music is played, and the ambient lighting switches to a warm color. In addition, various scenarios can be called up via the HOLOLENS. They include the digital Business, Navigation, Entertain, Communication, and—especially for any children on-board—Learning modes. The projections that are customized for each mode are shown in the user's visual field as augmented reality via the HOLOLENS. The Business mode, for example, makes it possible to participate in meetings by video chat or easily process e-mails and presentations. In Learning mode, children can call up games and learning apps.n

Georgia’s “Next Generation” Helps Lead Global Transmission Project Associate from Georgia Plant Featured in “Who Makes a Honda” Video Honda engineer Arturo Valdes was part of a global team that created and launched into production in Georgia the industry’s first 10-speed automatic transmission (10AT) for front-wheel-drive vehicles. The team’s success is the latest story featured in the What Makes a Honda is Who Makes a Honda video series. “When we formed the 10-speed transmission team, we focused on our next generation of leaders at Honda in Georgia,” said Mike Jett, vice president and plant manager of Honda Precision Parts of Georgia (HPPG). “Fortunately, when we put the organization together, the team was very diverse. I think the fact that we had so many different points of view was part of the success for the 10AT launch.” In addition, the 10AT project was a global effort with associates from HTM, HRA, HGT and Honda Motor. Introduced to the market in 2017, with the launch of the 2018 Honda Odyssey minivan, the new transmission is also applied to the all-new 2018 Honda Accord, recently named the North America Car of the Year, as well as the 2018 Acura RLX, and it will be applied to additional models in the future.

HPPG was the first Honda plant in the world to produce the new 10-speed automatic transmission, an incredible challenge and important responsibility within Honda’s global manufacturing operations. “I think one of the most rewarding parts of the launch was seeing all the hard work among team members become a reality,” said Valdes, who served as production project leader for the launch and is now the engineering project leader for all future models. “It was very challenging, but working as a team, we saw our dreams become reality.” The Who Makes a Honda video series focuses on Honda associates who live out the company’s commitment to The Power of Dreams, a global theme that encourages Honda associates to conceive ideas that will create new value for customers and society and then show the determination required to bring those dreams to life. In addition, the video series spotlights the inspiring efforts of Honda associates in their work and in the community. The Who Makes a Honda video featuring Valdes can be viewed on Honda’s YouTube channel at https:// Honda Manufacturing in North America Honda began manufacturing products in America in 1979 and was the first Japanese automaker to produce automobiles in America, marked by the start of Accord production in Marysville, Ohio, in 1982. Over nearly four decades, Honda has steadily grown its local manufacturing capabilities and now employs more than 25,000 associates at 19 plants in North America with the capacity to produce more than 1.92 million automobiles, three million engines, 400,000 power equipment products and 330,000 powersports products each year, using domestic and globally sourced parts. In 2017, more than 90 percent of all Honda and Acura automobiles sold in the U.S. were made in North America, using domestic and globally sourced parts. Honda also manufactures the HondaJet advanced light jet and GE Honda HF120 turbofan engines in America. The company also works with more than 650 original equipment suppliers in North America with cumulative parts purchases exceeding $360 billion over 35 years. n


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NAIC: Allstate Drops to No. 4 in Auto Insurance Carrier Market Share By John Huetter Farmers (down 0.32 points) and Auto-Owners rose 0.13 points to climb Allstate lost nearly half a perNationwide (down 0.39 points), though three slots to No. 15, swapping places centage point of market share in 2017 both held their No. 7 and 8 slots with with the Hartford and controlling 1.09 to end the year as the counpercent of the try’s No. 4 insurer, according market. to data released last week by Insur ance State Farm No. 1 at 18.13 percent, down 0.17 points the National Association of industry conGEICO No. 2 at 12.83 percent, up .091 Insurance Commissioners. solidation also Progressive No. 3 at 9.88 percent Progressive overtook it continued, with to command 9.88 percent of the Top 25 carAllstate No. 4 at 9.29 percent the U.S. private passenger auto riers controlling market and the No. 3 slot, up 85.82 percent of 0.71 percentage points from premiums at the end of 2016, up from 85.15 percent in 2016. Allstate fell 0.43 points to control 4.49 percent and 3.18 percent of the 9.29 percent of the industry. market, respectively. The Hartford lost 2016. The Top 10 insurers held 72.33 State Farm remained No. 1 at 18.13 0.17 points and fell three slots to end percent of the market, up more than half a percentage point from the prior percent, down 0.17 points, while GEICO the year at No. 18 with an even 1 percent year.n rose nearly an entire percentage point market share. Reprinted Content: (0.91) to close the year at 12.83 percent Besides GEICO and Progressive, Copyright Š 2018 DRIVEN and the silver medal. notable winners included No. 5 USAA, COMMUNICATIONS INC. Other notable losers include up 0.24 points to a 5.7 percent share.

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Volkswagen Announces a New Five-Passenger Atlas SUV to Be Built in Chattanooga Volkswagen of America, Inc., will be building a new five-passenger SUV at its Chattanooga factory. Based off Volkswagen’s award-winning MQB platform, the new Volkswagen SUV will be a variant of the seven-passenger Atlas and, like its sibling, will be designed and engineered for the American market. “The Atlas has built strong momentum for Volkswagen in the SUV segment, and we are excited to grow our SUV portfolio with this new, Chattanoogaassembled five-passenger SUV,” said Hinrich J. Woebcken, President and CEO, Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. “We are not only committed to this market, we are committed to our U.S. manufacturing home in Chattanooga, Tennessee.” Woebcken made the announcement in Chattanooga with Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam. “During my time as Governor, I’ve watched Volkswagen Chattanooga flourish from a single vehicle producer, starting with the Passat, into what it is today—a thriving U.S. manufacturing operation that can produce three models,

and counting,” said Governor Haslam. “We value Volkswagen as a committed partner, whose investments in the state have not only created new jobs, but have helped us build a skilled Tennessee workforce. I look forward to watching as VW continues to grow in Tennessee.” Volkswagen will invest approximately $340 million to bring the vehicle

to market, in addition to approximately $900 million already invested to expand the plant for Atlas production. The fivepassenger Atlas variant will mark the third Volkswagen model assembled at the Chattanooga factory. Volkswagen Chattanooga also manufactures the Passat, which went on sale in 2011, and the Atlas, which started sales in 2017. n




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Importance of OEM Procedures and Parts Reinforced by Recent Testing As more advanced technologies and newer materials become increasingly common in today’s vehicles, the use of OEM repair procedures and parts that perform the same in a subsequent collision as those on the vehicle when it was made has become even more important. In the wake of the John Eagle Collision Center case (see sidebar), Ford Motor Company asked an independent test lab to determine whether aftermarket copy versions of two F-150 parts frequently replaced in a collision repair would meet Ford dimensional design specifications, and the answer was a resounding “no.” The lab conducted laser scans of an aftermarket aluminum hood and several front bumper brackets for the 2012 F-150. The results show the non-OEM


hood was not dimensionally compatible to Ford design specifications, with numerous substantial measurement deviations resulting in an uneven surface. As shown in the graphic below, peaks and valleys several millimeters outside of the Ford specification were found throughout the aftermarket copy part. For the front bumper brackets, significant deviations rom Ford specifications were found with regard to guidehole locations and their length, along with fluctuations in the curvature of the bracket wall in numerous areas. “These variations are quite substantial,” said Larry Coan, FCSD collision product manager. “Collision repair shops are able to work with very slight part variations, but not significant deviations like these that are off by several millime-

The significant variances found in this testing can lead to longer repair times and higher costs, and negatively impact the performance of the vehicle in a subsequent crash. “All components of the vehicle structure are designed and tested to work together in a real-world collision,” said FCSD Collision Product Team Manager Lisa Fournier. “Any significant deviations from engineering specifications, such as changes in materials, forming processes, dimensional inaccuracies and any structural differences, along with how it is repaired, can dramatically alter the crash characteristics of a vehicle.” For more information on the importance of using the right parts and repair procedures, visit Collision.Ford. com. n

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Mercedes-Benz USA Celebrates Grand Opening of New Headquarters Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) held the official grand opening of its new headquarters in Sandy Springs, 14 miles outside of the heart of Atlanta. Among the distinguished guests joining Dietmar Exler, MBUSA president and CEO, were Nathan Deal, Governor of Georgia; Keisha Lance Bottoms, Mayor of Atlanta; Axel Harries, Daimler vice president sales Mercedes-Benz Cars and product management Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars; and Rusty Paul, Mayor of Sandy Springs. "All the stars are aligned. Our new Atlanta headquarters marks a highpoint for Mercedes- Benz in the U.S. market," said Dietmar Exler, president and CEO of MBUSA. "Not just in terms of being the leading luxury brand in the U.S. for the past two years, but also in terms of this building which is designed from the inside out to enable a creative, innovative and empowered workforce more representative of a start-up than a conventional corporation." The 200,000 square-foot building, located on a 12-acre campus near

Georgia 400, at the intersection of Mercedes-Benz Drive (formerly Barfield Road) and Abernathy Road, is made entirely of glass that is supported by a steel structure. Glass, which runs the full length of the building, was chosen as the exterior material because of the sleek, modern aesthetic and transparency enabling employees to enjoy natural

daylight anywhere in the building. The building was designed from the inside out and entirely purposebuilt around the way employees utilize the space. As an environment oriented around encouraging interaction and creativity, the workplace has a 1:1 ratio Mercedes-Benz please turn to Page 32

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Ford Motor Company Vehicles Releases Position Statement on the Use of Non-OEM and Salvage Parts The original parts used on Ford Motor Company vehicles are designed and built to provide optimum fit, function, safety and structural integrity. For this reason, Ford Motor Company does not approve the use of recycled, salvaged, aftermarket or reconditioned parts. The quality, performance and safety of these parts may not meet Ford Motor Company standards. Only by purchasing Ford Original Equipment Collision Replacement Parts through an authorized Ford Dealer, can you be assured of the replacement part’s fit, finish, quality and safety.

Recycled, salvaged, aftermarket and reconditioned parts (including body parts, wheels and safety restraint components) are not authorized by Ford. Departure from repair instructions provided in the Ford Workshop Manual, including alternate repair methods or the use of substitute components, risks compromising crash safety. Failure to follow these instructions may adversely affect structural integrity and crash safety performance, which could result in serious personal injury to vehicle occupants in a crash. Furthermore, Ford Red Carpet

Lease agreements stipulate that all parts damaged as a result of a collision must be replaced with Genuine Ford Original Equipment Replacement Parts. Alternative collision parts are not covered by Ford Motor Company’s new vehicle service part warranty or any variety of the Ford Extended Service Plan. In addition, any damage to or failure of a Ford part caused by the installation or improper performance of an alternative part is not covered by Ford Motor Company’s new vehicle service part warranty or any variety of the Ford Extended Service Plan.n

CCC® Open Shop Surpasses 500,000 Assignments on an Annualized Basis The electronic method of communication between non-DRP repair shops and auto insurers delivers results, efficiency CCC Information Services Inc. (CCC) announced that its CCC® Open Shop solution (Open Shop) is now facilitating more than 500,000 assignments on an annualized basis. Open Shop is the industry’s first tool to provide insurance carriers with the ability to electronically send assignments to repair facilities outside of their direct repair program (DRP) network and enable those shops to accept the assignments, create estimates, and electronically upload them to insurance carriers. Open shop assignments now represent a meaningful portion of total assignments processed by CCC, a leading Software as a Service provider to the automotive, insurance, and collision repair industries. “The CCC Open Shop solution has had a significant impact on my business,” said Graham Adams, Manager at Harper Collision Center in Knoxville, TN. “We don’t have any DRP relationships so we use Open Shop all of the time. It can really speed the process for us and it provides customers with a better experience. Before Open Shop, a customer might need to coordinate to meet with an appraiser, get multiple estimates, and do a lot of running around. With Open Shop, they can 28

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bring their car to us, we can quickly get the estimate written and approved, and then move on to the business of fixing their car.” Open Shop enables insurers to extend their reach by communicating electronically with repair facilities that are outside of their DRP program. For repairers, Open Shop assignments are received and processed similar to a DRP assignment and are clearly identified in the CCC ONE® Platform’s message center, making it simple to differentiate them from DRP assignments. Open Shop is powered by the CCC ONE May 2018

Platform, which is in use by more than 24,000 collision repairers and 350 insurers. “We’re thrilled that our Open Shop solution has been so well received by the industry,” said Mark Fincher, VP, Market Solutions for CCC. “As CCC continues to grow its network, our ability to connect parties for mutual benefit grows as well. For CCC Open Shop, insurers and repairers that weren’t previously working together can now do so with ease, creating new opportunities for everyone, and making the process that much easier for consumers.” n


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State Farm From Page 12 bill for repairs based on a pricing agreement between Provider and State Farm. If no pricing agreement exists, Provider agrees to charge the lower of the: …

Provider agrees that if it gives a bottom line discount, rebate, or other estimate discount on the overall repair costs to any insurer, such discount constitutes an estimate and bill for repairs for purposes of this section … In that event, pricing offered to State Farm and its customers by Provider shall include the bottom line discount given to any other such insurer unless otherwise agreed to by State Farm. …

charged State Farm at locations participating in this Agreement. such price must be given to State Farm …

(4) Recycled parts mark-up percentage offered to or agreed to with any other insurer. …

When estimating new, non-OEM replacement parts, Provider agrees to estimate and bill for repairs based on a pricing agreement between Provider and State Farm. If no pricing agreement exists, Provider agrees to charge the lower of the: …

Regardless of the pricing utilized for such (specialty) repairs, Provider agrees that it will not charge State Farm or its customers above the labor rates and paint and materials pricing offered to or agreed to with any other insurer for such repairs. …

Experts have argued that individual shops can negotiate unique direct repair program contract terms — which Caliber apparently has done here — and we certainly have no issue with that. In fact, we’d encourage it — it’s just good business. However, we should note that such negotiation might be easier said than done for smaller shops — or even national interests without Caliber’s size — particularly as State Farm arguably holds more of the cards in the form of the nation’s largest referral volume. Also, there's an argument that an insurer repeatedly demanding any perk a Select Service shop gives a competing carrier ought to extend the same "most favored nation" terms whenever it bestows an additional concession on one of the shop's competitors. Otherwise, it's a pretty glaring double standard. Finally, there's a case that a DRP insurer should give all network shops in a market the same "ground rules" and reward high KPI performers solely with referrals, not with altered ground rules. (For example, the winner of the Super Bowl gets a payout. They don't get a rule change that gives them, and only them, five downs next season.) PartsTrader has been controversial, with some sops embracing the electronic parts procurement system and others upset about being forced to use it as a condition of the No. 1 insurer's direct repair program. n

(3) Price offered to or agreed to with any other insurer. …

If Provider provides a price to any other insurer at a ‘non-participating’ location that is lower than the prices

Reprinted Content: Copyright © 2018. DRIVEN COMMUNICATIONS INC. All Rights Reserved.

(3) Labor rates and paint and materials pricing offered to or agreed to with any other insurer. … When estimating new, OEM replacement parts, Provider agrees to estimate and bill for repairs based on a pricing agreement between Provider and State Farm. If no pricing agreement exists, Provider agrees to charge the lower of the: … (3) Price offered to or agreed to with any other insurer. … When estimating recycled replacement parts. Provider agrees to estimate and bill for repairs based on a pricing agreement between Provider and State Farm. If no pricing agreement exists. Provider agrees to charge the lower of the: …

If Provider agrees to perform a repair based on another insurer’s estimate where the vehicle owner has accepted a cash-out. cash settlement, or settlement under a similar settlement method, then any pricing for the repair shall constitute “a price offered to and agreed to” between the other insurer and Provider, is subject to subsections 4.a., 4.b., 4. c., and 4.d., and must be offered to State Farm as provided by this section … Provider agrees that when glass is being replaced in conjunction with a claim being processed under this Agreement, pricing will be based on the lower of the: (1) Prices charged to other insurers

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Mercedes-Benz From Page 27 of collaborative seating and individual workstations. The building itself is divided into North and South Work Bars that are joined by a spacious indoor Atrium, which is the heart of the building. On the second and third floor, the Work Bars are joined by corridors called Bridges. The building also includes a conference center, a coffee bar with its own barista, a restaurant-quality café that emphasizes locally sourced ingredients, a 5,000 square foot fitness center with trainers, an on-site child care facility with four classrooms and an outdoor playground and a furnished roof deck for outdoor collaboration space. The headquarters building incorporates environmentally-friendly features such as water reduction using drip irrigation and energy efficient mechanical systems to target LEED Silver Certification. In the interest of eliminating food waste, the company is partnering with Second Helpings Atlanta Inc., which rescues surplus food from Metro Atlanta organizations and delivers to those in need. To align with the company's commitment to sustainability, MBUSA is implementing several alternative transportation initiatives including flex scheduling to reduce the traffic impact, a dedicated MARTA shuttle for employees, bike racks, as well as electric vehicle charging stations. Construction of the new headquarters took 425,000 man hours and more than 1,000 workers. The building consists of 14,000 cubic yards of concrete, 1,500 tons of steel and 1.6 acres of glass. More than 780 trees have been planted, and a nature trail encircles the building to provide an outdoor campus feel. "What a beautiful building this is! It's hard to top the seal of approval from the world to have Mercedes-Benz

The building itself is divided into North and South Work Bars that are joined by a spacious indoor Atrium, which is the heart of the building. choose Georgia as its headquarters," said Governor Nathan Deal. "Your service projects in the community have made you great neighbors, and we appreciate the Southern hospitality." Lab1886 Atlanta During the ceremony, Axel Harries announced Daimler's intention to establish a global incubator-type entity called Lab1886 in Atlanta. Lab1886 will help drive innovation by combining a big corporation's expertise and know-how with the spirit of a startup. The Atlanta entity will open in the summer of 2018 and joins three existing locations in Beijing, Berlin and Stuttgart. "In the last few years, we have watched Atlanta carefully: excellent colleges and universities are offering highly skilled and motivated graduates, and more and more innovative technology and digital companies make their home here. Atlanta is a true city of the future – a perfect match for Mercedes-Benz," said Harries. "We will build the fourth Lab1886 opening here in Atlanta this summer."

Unwavering commitment to innovation and community Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms expressed excitement about the new headquarters as well as the Lab1886 announcement saying, "We are excited about what's coming to Atlanta very, very soon." She expressed enthusiasm for the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in downtown Atlanta and the company's investments on the Westside, adding, "The partnerships between the corporation, nonprofits and government here in the city are incomparable." Aside from its impact on the economy of Atlanta and the state of Georgia, the company has made itself well known in the community for its efforts to educate and empower the next generation. MBUSA is involved with over 50 organizations in its effort to address local needs in the community, including Atlanta's Westside, the fast-developing area surrounding the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. "It's an exciting day for us," said Sandy Springs Mayor Rusty Paul. "You've been great partners to our community already."n

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Aluminum Alloy in the All-New 2018 Ford Expedition/Lincoln Navigator tioning is allowed as part of this Ford Senior repair. On the 2018 Expedition Damageability Engineer Gerry and Navigator, however, the Bonanni looks at some of the center-floor crossmember is key repair procedures for the a new, three-piece design and new aluminum-alloy vehicles. sectioning is not allowed. The As the all-new 2018 Ford outer edge of the center-floor Expedition/Lincoln Navigator crossmember may be replaced Series vehicles begin to reach separately though in the event collision repair facilities, repairof a hard side-impact collision, ers should notice a design utilizing the factory joints. similar to that of the F-150, The new, high-strength which means repairs that are steel frames for the vehicles are intended to be less-invasive, similar to that on the current time-consuming and costly. F-150 and many frame-section“The entire outer skin of ing repair kits offer repairers the new 2018 Ford Expedition/ Ford team member, Tim Cline at the extra quality inspection area in new found flexibility in tackling Lincoln Navigator Series is the body shop at Ford’s Kentucky Truck Plant this repair. This includes a front, comprised of 6022 aluminum where the Expedition is built. short-frame, stub-section kit alloy,” said Bonanni, “which (which runs about 18 inches from the offers excellent corrosion resistance. front bumper to the factory joint), sepCoupled with the all-new, high-strength arately serviceable lower-control arm steel frames, the new materials allow for Another repair the Expedition and brackets, front- and rear-third framea weight savings of up to 200 pounds on Navigator borrow from the F-150 is the sectioning kits, and additional framethe Navigator and up to 300 pounds on ability to section the B-pillar reinforceservice items such as bumper brackets, the Expedition.” ment, which now terminates before it spring brackets and other specialty From a welding standpoint, reaches the roof skin panel, allowing for items. Bonanni noted that this type of alloy removal of the B-pillar without disturb“These offerings allow repairmay be repaired utilizing 5554, 1.2mm ing the roof. Simply cut a window into ers to focus on only the damaged aluminum wire, with pure argon as a the exterior skin to gain access to the fasportion(s) of the frame, creating a lessshielding gas. A pulse-technology MIGteners to properly remove the reinforceinvasive overall repair plan and allowwelder is also preferred by Ford. ment. This modern procedure saves ing for yet another option to prevent a “Unlike previous models, the repairers the time and cost to remove the vehicle from being totaled,” concluded A-pillar may now be serviced,” informed roof skin, front windshield and additional Bonanni. Bonanni. “It can be sectioned right over trim, possibly preserving what otherwise More information on the 2018 the B-pillar reinforcement, using a buttmight have been a totaled vehicle. Expedition and Navigator is available joint with a backer.” Specific details on One key repair difference is the at, with detailed repair this repair can be found in the official center-floor crossmember. On the curprocedure walk-throughs now availFord workshop manual, Section 501-29: rent F-150 and Super Duty this is a sinable on n Side-Panel Sheet Metal Repairs. gle-piece component design, and sec-

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Southern Automotive Journal May 2018 Issue  

Southern Automotive Journal provides news trends and perspectives to professionals in the automotive collision industry including, independ...

Southern Automotive Journal May 2018 Issue  

Southern Automotive Journal provides news trends and perspectives to professionals in the automotive collision industry including, independ...