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Collision Repair Industry's First Online Lean Six Sigma Training Course OEM Non-deployed Airbags to CIC Body June 8-14, 2009 is Automotive Service Professionals Week

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DEALER NEWS Reynolds Announces New GM Parts Integration Software Auto Library Friends Pick Dodge Challenger as 2008's 'Collectible Car of the Future'

Converj: The “Cadillac” Of Electric Vehicles General Motors unveiled a further glimpse at the potential of electric propulsion today, this time in the form of luxury transportation, with the Cadillac Converj Concept. The Cadillac Converj was developed as a well-appointed grand touring coupe with a bold design and a host of interactive technology. The four-passenger Converj concept is intended to show how GM’s revolutionary electric propulsion technology – called Voltec – can power a luxury coupe with a typically Cadillac “no compromises” design. The technology enables up to 40 miles of gas- and emissions-free electric driving with extended-range capability of hundreds of miles.

Bob Lutz, GM's vice chairman of Global Product Development, said the Converj concept has production substance. “It’s a logical extension of our plan to reinvent the automobile,” he said. “It clearly shows what a Cadillac electric vehicle could look like, and clearly indicates that global luxury customers can have a car that has both strong design and electric propulsion with a total range of hundreds of anxiety-free miles.” Cadillac’s extended-range electric vehicle (E-REV) concept has a new body style that is an evolution of the brand’s Converj Please Turn to Page 5

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Automotive Recyclers Association Urges Congress To Protect Consumers’ Vehicle And Automotive Part Choices Congress is busy developing a stimulus plan to address the serious concerns with the American economy. One provision under consideration would provide car owners’ federal funds if they trade-in their older vehicles for vouchers to obtain newer, more fuel efficient vehicles. The Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) continues to urge the U.S. Congress to address deficiencies in vehicle retirement programs that could adversely affect American consumers’ pocketbooks and limit their motor vehicle choices. ARA opposes any vehicle retirement legislation that restricts the sale of high quality, low cost “green” recycled auto parts. Over the past several months, professional automotive recyclers have articulated our concerns to members of Congress and stakeholders regarding restrictive vehicle retirement programs

Southern Automotive Journal

that prohibit the sale of high quality, low cost “green” recycled auto parts for consumers. What may be a voluntary program for a consumer turning in a vehicle on the front end, quickly becomes a compulsory program for other consumers on the back end from reduced access to replacement parts for vehicle repair and inflated prices on those essential replacement parts. Not to mention, the harmful effects on the independent automotive repair facilities in the United States that employ more than 850,000 people. Unless crafted properly, vehicle retirement programs paint a bull's eye on countless small businesses in the professional automotive recycling industry by eliminating some of the very vehicles, vehicle parts, and marketing opportunities that the industry needs to survive. Since “recycled” parts used in the repair and upkeep

February 2009

of mid to older vehicles is the back bone of commerce for our nation’s automotive recyclers, any restrictive motor vehicle retirement programs pose serious economic threats to the industry. In addition, current proposals being floated contain “vague” language on appropriate measures to ensure that the deregistered automobile or light-duty trucks are handled in an environmentally responsible manner. Also, no standards are suggested for setting fair or adequate payment levels for the processing of vehicles that are turned in under this program. As professional automotive recyclers, our business is to efficiently and environmentally responsibly process end-of-life motor vehicles. Unfortunately, we time and time again are subject to unfunded mandates related to vehicle retirement or automotive component disposal concerns.n

Converj From Front Cover traditional Art and Science design theme. An aggressive, forward-leaning arc profile is the foundation for the sporting stance. And more than a Cadillac in form, Converj is also i nte n d e d to be a Cadillac in substance, with the premium materials, technology and driving dynamics that are hallmarks of the brand. The Cadillac Converj’s Voltec electric propulsion system is made up of a 16-kWh, Tshaped battery, an electric drive unit, and a four-cylinder enginegenerator. It uses electricity as its primary source to drive the car. A thermally managed battery pack contains more than 220 lithium-ion cells that provide the primary power to drive the Converj electrically up to 40 miles without using fuel or producing tailpipe emissions. The battery is integrated into the Converj’s chassis and stores electricity from the grid when the vehicle is plugged in. It takes less than three hours to recharge the battery at 240V, or about eight hours from a 120V outlet. When the battery’s energy is low, the Converj seamlessly switches to extended-range mode. During this secondary level of operation, electricity needed to power the vehicle is created on-board by a flex-fuel-powered engine that operates much like a home generator to create electricity. The enginegenerator ensures a constant supply of power for hundreds of miles until the car is refueled or plugged in to recharge the battery. This extended-range mode eliminates the range anxiety that comes with driving pure electric vehicles that offer no backup power when the battery charge is low. Whether in electric or extendedrange mode, the Converj is propelled all the time by an electric drive unit. It converts electrical energy from the battery or the engine-generator into mechanical energy to drive the front wheels. It also

delivers 273 lb.-ft. (370 Nm) of instant torque, for a quick launch, and 120 kW of power. The top speed is 100 mph. There is no compromise in vehicle performance in either mode of operation. To enhance the ride feel, the Converj also features GM’s Magnetic Ride Control; and for even greater efficiency, energy during braking is captured and stored in the battery. There’s no mistak-

ing the Converj for anything but a Cadillac, according to Lutz. “An aggressive, forward-leaning profile hints at a new, progressive theme and proportion in Cadillac’s design evolution,” he says. “The new proportion showcases a uniquely shaped, modern vision of a personal luxury 2+2.” The overall shape is reinforced by a prominent, sweeping body line with large, 21-inch (front) and 22-inch (rear) wheels pushed to the edges of the body. The Converj exterior is painted a dark silver tri-coat that GM designers dubbed “Reaction.” An all-glass roof incorporates solar panels that help offset power drain from the vehicle’s accessories. Additionally, several aerodynamic and design efficiencies were incorporated to enhance the driving range, including: • A full under-vehicle cover (belly pan) • Minimal grille openings that reduce drag at the front of the vehicle • Low-profile rearview cameras replace conventional outside mirrors to February 2009

reduce drag • Wheels are shaped to push air outward for smoother body side airflow • The Converj also incorporates vertical headlamp and taillamp elements, with light pipe technology. “Vertical lamps are Cadillac signatures and the Converj builds on the brand’s light pipe technology with bolder light emitting diode (LED) and highintensity discharge elements front and rear,” said Clay Dean, global design director for Cadillac. “There is also a unique daylight light ‘spear’ at the top of the headlamps.” The Converj’s interior has advanced features and luxurious appointments blending efficiency and environmental consciousness. The 2+2 configuration is trimmed in contrasting Winter White synthetic suede – including the top of the instrument panel – and Midnight Black leather, with polished aluminum and wood grain accents. Renewable materials are used throughout such as w o o l blend carpeting, a h ea dlin e r made from silk, suede made from post-industrial content and more. A technologically advanced driver center increases efficiency and reduces the draw on the battery. Features include: • New, organic light-emitting diode technology used on reconfigurable instrument cluster • Touch-screen navigation, climate, center-stack controls and audio systems • Adjustable, overhead white ambient lighting • Unique “power on” sequence featuring blue-lit console graphics • Screen displays for features including regenerative braking, battery charge level and power output • No inside rearview or outside mirrors; cameras provide surrounding images on a screen placed high on the instrument panel for a full, panoramic view • Push-button ignition and powerfolding front seats.n Southern Automotive Journal

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All-New 2009 Toyota Matrix Completely Redesigned For Improved Performance And Utility comfort. The 2.4-liter models get a fully independent double wishbone rear suspension system with coil-over shocks. The available AWD system is frontwheel-drive-based and distributes torque to the rear wheels through an electromagnetic coupler when needed. This active torque control system detects available traction based on signals sent from the anti-lock brake system (ABS) sensors on each wheel to the ECU. Toyota gave the 2009 Matrix a coupe-like exterior while maintaining

The Toyota Corolla Matrix, the sporty five-door vehicle that helped redefine the concept of a crossover vehicle, has been redesigned for the 2009 model year to offer better performance while maintaining fuel economy with a wider choice of functional options. Designers created a more coupeinspired exterior while providing enhanced interior utility and improved dynamic performance. The result is a package that has a wider, lower stance than the previous model, but maintains driver roominess and creates a more engaging to drive. The 2009 Matrix offers the choice of two different engines, 1.8- or 2.4-liters, a five-speed manual transmission, and either four- or five-speed automatic transmissions. Matrix is available in three grades – Standard, S and the XRS. All-wheel drive (AWD) returns to the Matrix in the S grade, teamed to the new 2.4-liter engine. The Matrix XRS features the 2.4liter four-cylinder engine. Every engine part was changed to reduce friction, increase output and ensure smooth, quiet operation. The 2.4- liter produces 158 hp at 6,000 rpm and 162 lb-ft of torque at 4,000 rpm. A balance shaft suppresses vibration, and oil jets to help piston cooling. The exhaust system is engineered for reduced backpressure for improved performance. The 2.4-liter engine transmits its power through the five-speed manual transmission and is available with a fivespeed automatic. The AWD Matrix S

is equipped with the 2.4liter four-cylinder engine and the Super ECT 4-speed automatic transmission. Estimated-EPA fuel economy ratings are 26 MPG city/32 MPG highway for 1.8-liter manual transmission models and 25/31 MPG for the 1.8-liter automatic transmission models. Matrix models powered by the 2.4-liter engine with five-speed automatic transmission have EPAestimated fuel economy of 21/29 MPG. Like that of the Corolla, the 2009 Matrix chassis begins with a very stiff, rigid body structure that relies on high tensile-strength steels, gussets and crossmembers for its strength, rigidity and light weight. Front suspension is operated by a compact, rigid L-armtype MacPherson strut with a stabilizer bar. In the 1.8-liter Matrix models, a torsion beam rear suspension with a coil-overshock arrangement allows efficient packaging along with excellent handling and ride February 2009

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Identifix(R) Partners With AutoNetTV to Provide Monthly Video Tips for Auto Service Center Technicians (R)

Identifix , ( one of the nation's premier sources of online and hotline diagnostic and repair information, today announced that it has partnered with AutoNetTV, to provide video content for its Pro Channel. The Identifix Tip of the Month will include valuable information on how to diagnose and fix tough vehicle repair problems. It will be broadcast each month on the AutoNetTV Pro Channel, viewed by owners and team members at approximately 4,700 Englishspeaking service centers throughout North America. The channel provides business and marketing insights, technical training, and other industry-specific messages devoted to the professionals working in the automotive aftermarket. "We are thrilled to include the

Identifix Tip of the Month on the Pro Channel for the technicians, and others working at our subscriber locations," says AutoNetTV co-founder, Sean Whiffen. "We've been fortunate to work with some of the best content partners out there, like CBS and Identifix, to make the AutoNetTV and Pro Channel programs entertaining, educational and motivating. Identifix has a great track record of identifying problems and providing solutions for vehicle repairs. We are sure the owners and staff will look forward to the Tip of the Month segment." The Identifix Tips of the Month are hosted by Jim Newkirk, an Identifix master certified technician, the Identifix European carline team leader and DirectHit product specialist. Newkirk brings over

32 years of diagnostic experience and has worked for Identifix Repair Hotline for 15 years. Identifix will provide a tip segment each month, and the first of 12 will air in February. Each Identifix Tip of the Month is a known fix from the Identifix Hotline Archives(TM), which are designed to help technicians across North America diagnose and fix tough problems on the vehicles that they encounter. Identifix collects and stores known good fixes in what is referred to as a Hotline Archive. A Hotline Archive contains the information and tests a technician will need to diagnose problems on all types of vehicles and systems in one easy to read and use document. They Monthly Video Please Turn to Page 10

June 8-14, 2009 is Automotive Service Professionals Week The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) has declared June 8-14 as National Automotive Service Professionals Week. Building on the success of Automotive Service Professionals Day established in 2001, ASE launched National Automotive Service Professional's Week in 2005 to honor the commitment and dedication of automotive, truck and collision technicians, along with parts specialists and other support professionals who serve the motoring public. This will be the

fourth consecutive year that ASE continues this recognition and has it listed in the 2009 Chase's Calendar of Events. "Twenty-five states issued proclamations honoring National Automotive Service Professionals Week in 2008," said Trish Serratore, ASE Senior VP. "We will once again push to have all fifty states recognize the outstanding work done by automotive professionals across the nation in 2009." ASE will provide a form letter and enlist the aid of local shop owners in each state to petition their respec-

tive Governors to mark this special week. "ASE created National Automotive Service Professionals Week to recognize the men and women who service and maintain the highly complex vehicles upon which we depend so much for our day-to-day transportation," said Tim Zilke, ASE president and CEO. "This event acknowledges that skill and dedication, and ASE is proud to help recognize these individuals for their commitment to their customers, their craft and the American economy." n

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February 2009

Economic Downturn May Push Percentage of Uninsured Motorists to All-Time High Approximately one in six drivers across the United States may be driving uninsured by 2010, according to a recent study from Insurance Research Council (IRC). Although the estimated percentage of uninsured motorists decreased nationally, from 14.9 percent in 2003 to 13.8 percent in 2007, the recent economic downturn is expected to trigger a sharp rise in the uninsured motorist rate. The recently released study, Uninsured Motorists, 2008 Edition, estimates the percentage of uninsured drivers countrywide and by state for the period 2005 to 2007. The IRC estimates the uninsured driver population using a ratio of insurance claims made by individuals who were injured by uninsured drivers to claims made by individuals who were injured by insured drivers. The study contains recent statistics by state on uninsured motorists claim frequency, bodily injury liability claim frequency, and the ratio of uninsured motorists to bodily injury claim frequencies. The magnitude of the uninsured motorists problem varied widely from state to state. In 2007, the five states with the highest uninsured driver estimates were New Mexico (29 percent), Mississippi (28 percent), Alabama (26 percent), Oklahoma (24 percent), and Florida (23 percent). The five states with the lowest uninsured driver estimates were Massachusetts (1 percent), Maine (4 percent), North Dakota (5 percent), New York (5 percent), and Vermont (6 percent). The report also found a strong correlation between the percent of uninsured motorists and the unemployment rate: An increase in the unemployment rate of one percentage point is associated with an increase in the uninsured motorist rate of more than three-quarters of a percentage point. Based on current unemployment rate projections, the percentage of uninsured motorists is expected to rise from 13.8 in 2007 to 16.1 in 2010. "An increase in the number of uninsured motorists is an unfortunate consequence of the economic downturn and illustrates how virtually everyone is affected by recent economic developments," said Elizabeth A. Sprinkel, senior vice president of the IRC. "Responsible

drivers who purchase insurance end up paying for injuries caused by uninsured drivers." The IRC study examined data collected from nine insurers, representing approximately 50 percent of the private passenger auto insurance market in the U.S. For more detailed information on the study's methodology and findings, contact David Corum by phone at (610) 644-2212, ext. 7506; by fax at (610) 6405388; or by e-mail at; or visit the IRC's Web site at www.ircweb. org. Copies of the study are available for $125 each in the U.S. ($140 elsewhere) postpaid from the Insurance Research Council, 718 Providence Rd., Malvern, Pa. 19355-3402. Phone: (610) 644-2212, 7574. Fax: (610) 640-5388. The Insurance Research Council

February 2009

is a division of the American Institute for CPCU and the Insurance Institute of America. The Institutes are independent, not-for-profit organizations dedicated to providing educational programs, professional certification, and research for the property-casualty insurance business. The IRC provides timely and reliable research to all parties involved in public policy issues affecting insurance companies and their customers. The IRC does not lobby or advocate legislative positions. It is supported by leading property-casualty organizations. n Estimated Percentage of Uninsured Motorists by State in 2007 State Uninsured State

Uninsured State Uninsured

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Audatex Launches Collision Repair Industry's First Online Lean Six Sigma Training Course Audatex North America, Inc. today announced the release of the industry's first online Lean Six Sigma training course, a convenient and cost-effective way for learning how to apply proven Lean principles specifically to auto collision repair. The 10-module, self-paced online course provides targeted methodologies for cycle time reduction, waste elimination and process improvement that can help quickly improve shop productivity, customer satisfaction and business-growth potential. The program also provides optional continuing education units and Audatex certification. "It opened my eyes," Vartan

Ghazarian, Assistant Manager of Supreme Collision Centre, said of the Audatex Lean Six Sigma course. "We anticipate a 35 percent increase in efficiency and throughput in all areas, including average length of jobs, parts and supplies procurement and cycle times." Supreme Collision, which operates four facilities in Ontario, Canada and participates in several direct repair programs, is applying Lean principles throughout its organization. Twelve Supreme Collision employees will take the Audatex training, while managers will also attend classroom-based Six Sigma training on best practices provided by a leading U.S. paint company.

Lean Six Sigma is at the heart of some of the world's most successful companies, including Toyota Motor Corporation. Since 2006, Audatex has implemented Lean Six Sigma practices in its daily operations. The company, part of Solera Holdings, Inc., employs Lean Six Sigma experts and trainers known as "Black Belts," the highest level of Lean Six Sigma certification that can be attained. "This course provides comprehensive coverage of Six Sigma and Lean principles and concepts including 5S, Waste, Pull, Flow, Value Stream Mapping, Mistake-proofing and Kaizen," said David Trissel, Certified Black Belt and Associate Vice President of Process Excellence at Audatex.n Monthly Video From Page 8 can shortcut diagnostic time and get the technician to a solution quickly and accurately. Each Hotline Archive starts with the vehicle description, mileage and a short description of the customer concern. It then walks the technician through the Confirmed Fix(TM). A Confirmed Fix is the result of a technician using a Hotline Archive to fix a problem, confirming exactly how they were able to fix their specific problem. When validated by an Identifix technician, the Confirmed Fix is then added to the Hotline Archive making it even more valuable, because experience-based fix information is added to the Hotline Archive. These Confirmed Fixes provide unique experience-based diagnostic information and are extremely useful to technicians searching for a quick fix for a vehicle. The Identifix Tip of the Month will provide technicians with a monthly selection of real world test information and Confirmed Fixes contained in Hotline Archives. "We are very excited to partner with Video is such a great medium to communicate how to diagnose and fix tough problems faster and more accurately. By using Identifix, a shop is able to see whether other shops are observing similar problems on vehicles. The shop can then take advantage of the short cut tests created by our master technicians and use likely causes to find fixes faster," said Jeff Sweet, Identifix President.n

10 Southern Automotive Journal

February 2009

2009 North American Car and Truck of the Year Winners Announced

Hyundai Genesis A jury of 50 automotive journalists from the United States and Canada has selected the Hyundai Genesis as the 2009 North American Car of the Year and the Ford F-150 as the 2009 North American Truck of the Year. The awards are designed to recognize the most outstanding new vehicles in their segments. The awards are based on factors that include innovation, design, safety, handling, driver satisfaction and value for the dollar. Because the vehicles are new, reliability is not a factor. The awards are unique in the United States because they are given by automotive journalists who represent magazines, television, radio, newspapers and web sites instead of a single publication. Also, unlike some other awards, the awards are financed entirely by the jurors.

Ford F-150

The winners were announced at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, however, the show does not give the awards and the voting does not take place there. In December the top three cars and trucks were announced. The car finalists were the Ford Flex, Hyundai Genesis and the Volkswagen Jetta TDI. The truck finalists were the Dodge Ram, the Ford F-150 and the Mercedes-Benz ML320 BlueTEC. The Genesis received 189 points, the Flex received 180 and the Jetta TDI received 131. The F-150 received 259 points, the Ram received 167 points and the Mercedes received 74 points. The awards were first given in 1994. This was the first time a Korean automaker has won. This was the fifth time Ford has won the North American

2009 North American Car of the Year nominees:

Truck of the Year and the third win for the F-150. The other winners were the Expedition and Escape Hybrid. To be eligible, vehicles must be "all-new" or "substantially changed" from the previous model. This year the jury considered more than fifty 2009 vehicles and settled on 14 cars and 11 trucks that deserved to be on the ballot. Michelle Collins, Vice Chairman Automotive at Deloitte & Touche, was responsible for counting the ballots, which jurors sent directly to the accounting firm. Until the news conference announcing the winners Ms. Collins was the only person who knew the winners. Last year the North American Car of the Year was the Chevrolet Malibu and the North American Truck of the Year was the Mazda CX-9. n

2009 North American Truck of the Year nominees:

Audi A4 BMW 1 Series Cadillac CTS-V Dodge Challenger Ford Flex Honda Fit Hyundai Genesis Jaguar XF Lincoln MKS Mazda 6 Nissan GT-R Pontiac G8 Toyota Venza Volkswagen Jetta TDI

BMW X6 Chevrolet Traverse Dodge Ram Ford F-150 Honda Pilot Infiniti FX35/50 Kia Borrego Mercedes-Benz ML320 BlueTEC Nissan Murano Subaru Forester Volkswagen Tiguan

February 2009

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Magna And Ford Motor Company Partner To Introduce Zero-emission Battery Electric Vehicle

Magna International, the world's Magna International. "In addition, the es the technical expertise of two global most diverse auto parts supplier, joint partnership demonstrates valuable companies to achieve a common goal, announced recently a vehicle-developOEM/supplier collaboration by sharing delivering a no-compromise, zero- emisment partnership with sion, battery powFord Motor Company to ered car for the Vehicle/Technology Specifications introduce a zero-emisretail market." sion lithium-ion battery Magna will be - Small car powered by an electric motor; electric vehicle (BEV) to responsible for probe delivered to market viding critical com- Single-speed transmission; in 2011. ponents that makeThe electric vehicle, up the powertrain - Battery pack expected range of up to 100 miles; which Ford announced and battery modat this year's North ules in the vehicle. - On-board battery charger capable of plugging into a 110- or 220-volt American International In addition, Magna standard outlet; Auto Show in Detroit as a will also play a key key vehicle in their elecrole in the engitrification strategy, will - Expected 12 hour charge time at 110 volts; 6 hours at 220 volts; neering required be a small car with an to integrate the expected range of up to electric propulsion - High-voltage powered HVAC compressor; and 100 miles without using system and other a drop of gasoline and new systems into - High-voltage auxiliary heater. without compromising the vehicle archicustomer performance tecture. expectations. The Ford The partnership with Ford and BEV is expected to offer consumers a in the expertise and investment that development of the Ford BEV demonfamiliar driving experience - it will operthe auto industry now requires for new strates Magna's commitment to indusate similar to a conventional vehicle, but advancements in energy independence try-leading innovation in materials, with smoother acceleration, less noise and reduced CO(2) emissions." processes and products. From reducing and zero emission. "Our collaboration with Magna on mass to increasing comfort and forging "This vehicle adds an important a Ford BEV is the result of a shared new paths in customer collaboration, piece to Ford's product lineup with a vision of the potential of electrification Magna's expertise in design, engineerzero-emission vehicle that will be in transportation," said Derrick Kuzak, ing and manufacturing continues to play both affordable and meets customFord's group vice president, Product a role in the development of next-geners' needs," said Don Walker, co-CEO of Development. "This partnership leverageration cars and trucks.n


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February 2009

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Matrix From Page 7 interior utility and increased rigidity with reduced vibration and noise – all without any major change to the package size. The result is a sporty, dynamic shape that provides room for five people to ride in comfort. The 2009 Matrix is 0.6 inches longer than the previous version, and about a half-inch lower in height. From the rear, the Matrix has rounded rear windows and continuous character lines that run from the front grille to the Apillar. The S and XRS models integrate a front underbody spoiler with a large mesh fog lamp bezel and rear underbody spoiler. A rear deck spoiler is standard for all XRS models. The Matrix interior is completely redesigned to enhance driving enjoyment, comfort and utility. Cabin space remains equal to that of the previous Matrix, though seating positions are lower to accommodate the vehicle's new lower profile. The standard tilt and telescopic steering wheel enhances driving position comfort for a wide range of driver


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physiques. New front sport seats are equipped with standard seat-mounted side airbags. Expanded front-to-back couple distance yields more rear seat room, and the 60/40 split folding rear seat includes a center-position headrest. Cockpit styling is anchored by a driver-oriented instrument panel and console controls. The Optitron instrument panel gauges feature bright white lighting and red needles. A large round speedometer is mounted in the center, with a tachometer to the left. A combination gauge to the right of the speedometer houses a fuel level indicator, an engine temperature indicator, and an

February 2009

LCD display that combines an outside temp indicator and odometer/trip meter. A fold-down seatback table is available for the front passenger's seat on S and XRS. The front center console features a movable and removable cup support element. The cup holder area can be used as a tray when the divider is removed, and all open trays have rubber mats. Multiple storage spaces are located throughout the interior, including front and rear door pockets that each hold a 20-ounce plastic bottle. Four side panel shopping bag hooks and four D-rings in the floor provide luggage tie-down convenience. A folding tonneau cover also comes standard.n


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Reynolds Announces New GM Parts Integration Software for the ERA(R)



ila Ava


ditors: Please use as space permits to promote ASE tests. Thank you.

The Reynolds and Reynolds Company announced General Motors (GM) has approved its Parts Availability and Parts Information integration software for GM dealers in the U.S. using the Reynolds ERA (R) and POWER dealership management systems (DMS). These two new enhancements allow parts department personnel to retrieve important GM Parts information directly from the DMS screens, eliminating the need to toggle between separate DMS and GM Parts

Workbench screens. "Reynolds is committed to continually enhancing our dealership management systems -- and the integration to them -- to help automotive retailers operate more efficiently and more profitably," said Cathy Orrico, vice president of OEM Solutions for Reynolds. "The GM Parts Availability and Parts Information integration software is another example of how increased manufacturer integration with our systems can help GM

dealerships improve the accuracy and productivity of their parts department employees, which, in turn, can improve the overall profitability of their dealership operations." GM Parts Information provides parts department personnel with the ability to view in the DMS information from the GM Parts Workbench screens, including parts pricing, supersession history, and special return criteria. GM Parts Availability allows parts personnel to view the availability of a specific part at the dealership's local GM Parts Distribution Center (PDC) along with two additional GM Parts Distribution Centers, as well as displaying key ordering ASE Computer-Based Testing and shipping information such as Convenient‌Secure‌Instant Test Results stock availability, weight, and haz230 Testing Sites ardous material indication. Toll-Free Registration GM Parts Availability and e v te with 30 Years of GM me S Auto, Truck, Collision Series Parts Information integration can o c Parts Experience l We Advanced – L1 and L2 help dealers: Local We 770.274.1131 Service Consultant • Increase the productivity Toll Free: Auto Parts 1.800.727.5920 of parts personnel by reducing STEVE Winter 2009 Testing time spent switching between Registration Window: Jan. 9 - Feb. 17 GM Exclusise Parts Team applications. Testing Window: Jan. 16 - Feb. 23 • Help ensure part number Direct GM For information visit accuracy by providing the most 706-776-1144 Toll-Free Registration: 1-800-525-6929 Toll Free current information from GM 866-262-7407 Parts. DONALD ASE Fax MANAGER 101 Blue Seal Drive, S.E., Suite 101 s Leesburg, VA 20175 • Increase customer satisExt. 706-776-7398 125 703-669-6600 s faction through quick answers to their parts inquiries. • Help reduce the time service technicians wait for parts JIMMY KEN AJ Testing ROGER ASE Computer-Based requests to be fulfilled.n EXT. EXT. EXT. 126 135Test Results 123 Convenient‌Secure‌Instant

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International Car of the Year Awards Announce 2009 Winners The 13th Annual International Car of the Year Award's (ICOTY) jury presented the winners of the 2009 International Car and Truck of the Year Awards. Held at the MGM Grand Detroit, the black-tie event hosted more than 500 industry leaders, VIPs, and media on the eve of press week of the North American International Auto Show. Among the political elite in attendance was U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow, who provided opening remarks for the ceremony. The mission of the ICOTY Awards is to honor new-year model vehicles that reach beyond power and performance by tapping into lifestyle compatibility. The jury, made up of 16 nationally-renowned automotive journalists, selected the new-year models with ballots tabulated by J.D. Power and Associates to ensure accuracy and credibility. The event was hosted by Editorial Director, Kevin Smith and Road & Travel Magazine (RTM) Editor-in-Chief, Courtney Caldwell. The winners are:

Dodge Ram 1500 International Truck of the Year

Nissan GT-R International Car of the Year

2009 Earth, Wind & Power Awards(TM) Debut At Icoty The 2009 ceremony also debuted the Earth, Wind & Power (EWP) Awards(TM), honoring the most environmentally-friendly car and truck of the year. The mission of the EWP Awards is to recognize new-year model vehicles driven by a power source that help reduce global warming, are conducive to promoting a cleaner environment and support the mission to achieve energy independence through alternative sources. And the EWP winners are:

Volkswagen Jetta TDI EARTH, WIND & POWER - Car of the Year

Ford Escape Hybrid EARTH, WIND & POWER - Truck of the Year

Earth Angel Award Honda Motor Company was awarded the second annual EARTH ANGEL Award for most environmentallyfriendly automaker. The mission of the award is to recognize the automaker demonstrating the most significant progress with environmental initiatives and partnerships worldwide. U.S. Congressman Gary Peters provided opening remarks for the award, which was sponsored by Bridgestone.n February 2009

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Volkswagen Tiguan: GTI Of Compact Sport Utility Vehicles Volk swagen of America, Inc. announced recently that its all-new and highly anticipated compact sport utility vehicle Tiguan is now available in dealer showrooms. Staying true to Volkswagen’s autobahn heritage, the Tiguan is truly the GTI of compact sport utility vehicles. Tiguan brings new standards of design aesthetics, driving dynamics, safety features, and a host of luxury and convenience attributes to an emerging category. Tiguan offers distinctive European design charac teristics such as a sophisticated a n d eyecatchi n g face, an available panoram ic sunroof enabling almost 13 square feet of sunshine, and three trim levels allowing personalized configurations for a wider range of CUV shoppers. Tiguan features the “fun to drive” handling and performance expected from a Volkswagen. A standard 2.0L TSI engine delivers turbocharged acceleration while still delivering responsible fuel efficiency. This award winning turbocharged four-cylinder power plant delivers 200 horsepower and 207 lbs –ft of torque. The combination of four valves per cylinder, direct fuel injection and turbo charging delivers the optimum balance of power and economy. European tuned suspension enables connected handling, while also providing a 20

Southern Automotive Journal

smooth and compliant ride. Both front wheel drive and 4Motion® all-wheel-drive is available to suit any weather or road condition. Tiguan also is unique in the category by offering a choice of either

s i x speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission options. Like all Vo l k s w a g e ns , Tiguan includes the Prevent and Preserve Safety System, consisting of 45 safety features. As standard equipment, Tiguan includes six airbags, with rear side airbags available as an option. Like all 2009 model year Volkswagens, Tiguan also features standard Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP) for added February 2009

safety. Tiguan was designed with driver and passenger convenience in mind. Flexible seating, with reclining rear seats with six inches of fore and aft travel, allow for additional leg room or cargo space depending on individual needs. The front passenger seat also folds flat for carrying longer objects. The interior also includes various clips and storage bins ensuring safe space for all types of items that travel in the vehicle. This vehicle also features an available state of the art navigation system, combining a sophisticated radio with a precise touch screen navigation system and easy to use map views through its 6.5 inch high resolution wide-screen display. The system includes a 30GB hard drive to store map data and audio files that can be brought into the device via the optical drive or SD card slot. The optical drive is capable of reading CD, DVD a n d DVD

Audio f o r mats. In conjunction with the media device interface (MDI), the system can interface with an iPod or USB stick. The system offers available Sirius Satellite Radio audio services and Sirius® Traffic service, which streams real-time traffic data into the navigation system.n

New ASA Associate Members Show Support for Independents The Automotive Service Association (ASA) is pleased to announce six new associate members that have recently joined the association. The decision to become an associate member displays a strong commitment to ASA and its efforts to serve the automotive service and repair industry - including its many dedicated independent repair professionals. New associate members joining ASA during the fourth quarter of 2008 include:

Alltech Inc. Deluxe Corporation

Europroject Ltd. Greystone Equipment Finance MDH Automotive Services Thorsen Tool Company

The associate category of ASA membership is designed for companies or groups that supply goods, services or equipment to the industry, especially to ASA’s regular category of membership - businesses that perform automotive repair services. ASA’s full list of associate members can be found on the ASA Web site, The associate member list is categorized according to

the products or services the member provides to the industry. From air systems and tools to wheel alignment systems, associate member categories run the gamut in the automotive service and collision repair industries. “ASA members continue to have a great selection of business services. These choices continue to improve with the addition of these six new associate members,” said John Scully, ASA’s executive vice president. “I want to personally thank each one for joining and also encourage each new member to take advantage of the ASA value package.”n

ARA Presents OEM Non-deployed Airbags to CIC Body The ARAPro Airbag Protocol was presented before the Collision Industry Conference (CIC) body during the Parts Committee meeting headed by Committee Chairman Ken Weiss of Comsearch and coordinated with the help of Don Porter of State Farm Insurance. ARA Past President and Vice Committee Chair Jim Watson of A B C Auto Parts and Wreckers, Inc., IL, represented ARA and offered a powerful presentation which detailed the industry’s market and demand for OEM non-deployed airbags, the scope of the ARA Airbag Resources’ Airbag Protocol and its implementation through Airbag in the training, employee certification, handling, inspection and branding of ARAPro OEM non-deployed airbags. Watson also expressed the common industry goal of lowering total loss rates and therefore increasing the number of repairable vehicles. During the presentation, the collision industry was invited to ask questions regarding the sale of OEM nondeployed airbags and was surprised to find that in the statistical data collected by 25 facilities, approximately 6,000 airbags have been sold within the past year. According to, there have been requests for 800,000 airbags made on their site alone. This data supports ARA’s report that, while no major insurance company publicly acknowledges their use of OEM nondeployed airbags, replacement airbags are in strong demand nationally and

“I believe this was a shining moment airbags consistently rank in the top 15 for ARA and ARAPro.” ARA thanks the part inquiries for many recyclers. CIC, Chairman Ken Weiss, Steve Nantau The presentation went further to of Ford, Gary Ledoux of Honda, Keith explain that the ARAPro is a standardJones of the Insurance Company of based alternative solution for vehicle British Columbia (ICBC) and Don Porter repair when used as appropriate and can of State Farm Insurance for making this lessen the severity of the repair. Among exchange of information and dialogue the listed conditions in which to conbetween the industries possible. Don sider the use ARAPro airbags in vehicle Porter summarized the meeting by sayrepair are: when a new OEM airbag is not ing, “Information of this nature is an available due to prolonged backorder integral part of the education process or obsolescence, the customer is fully for the collision industry, OEM manuinformed and consents, the customer facturers, automotive recyclers, insurers asks for an ARAPro airbag and when and the customers. All parties need to using an ARAProg airbag will keep vehicles from becoming a total loss. Listeners Airbags Please Turn To Page 24 were also assured that ARA will continue to review and upgrade the ARAPro standards as airbag market trends Best Quality and technolBest Service ogy advance. Competitive Pricing The preLarge Inventory sentation was Lifetime Warranty reported to be W well received NO Delivering Throughout the Southeast by the collision indusCheck us out on the Web try and was a Direct very successful event. As Toll Free described by ARA President Sandy Blalock FAX 400 Glover Street of Capo's Truck Marietta, GA 30060 and Auto Parts, NM,

Reconditioned Plastic OEM Bumpers for all Passenger Vehicles




February 2009

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Volkswagen Group of America Announces Formation of Chattanooga Manufacturing Company Volkswagen Group of America today announced the formation of its new manufacturing company, Volkswagen Group of America Chattanooga Operations, LLC, to be based in Chattanooga, Tenn. At a community briefing regarding the progress of the new Chattanooga facility, the company also unveiled the architectural renderings for the $1 billion plant. "2009 will be a big year for Volkswagen in Chattanooga, and I am pleased with the continued progress we have made at the plant. With the

22 Southern Automotive Journal

formation of the manufacturing company, the architectural renderings and construction set to begin on the paint shop, we are well on track to meet all our scheduled milestones," said Frank Fischer, CEO, Volkswagen Group of America Chattanooga Operations. "Our commitment to manufacturing in the U.S. is reinforced at the highest levels of our company. The Chattanooga facility is a critical part of our 2018 strategy and will be a benchmark for all future plants across the company." The architectural renderings of the

February 2009

plant show an integrated assembly, paint and body shop, with a full-scale training center located immediately adjacent to the facility. The training center, developed in conjunction with Chattanooga State Community College will include a lean/corporate training center, a basic training center focused on the production processes, an advanced training center focused on the automotive components, an apprenticeship training center and a conference center. The training facility is scheduled to be completed by the 3rd quarter of 2009. Progress also continues for hiring and supplier procurement. The company, which now has a head count of close to 100 full time employees, is preparing to move into new office space at Chestnut Towers in downtown Chattanooga in February. "In a tough economic climate, Volkswagen is pleased to be bringing jobs and investment to Tennessee," Fischer said. "We appreciate the commitment from our state and local partners and look forward to an eventful year." With an 18 percent downturn in automobile sales for the U.S. market in 2008, Volkswagen Group of America sales remained close to its 2007 totals. As a result, the company's U.S. market share increased more than 20 percent. Additionally, Volkswagen Group globally saw an increase in overall sales in 2008. Last year, Volkswagen Group of America announced plans to invest $1 billion in a new production facility in Chattanooga, Tenn. The plant will build a new mid-size sedan designed specifically for the U.S. market and is destined to play a key role in meeting the company's long-term goals. The plant will create 2,000 direct jobs in the region. According to studies, the new plant is expected to generate $12 billion in income growth and an additional 9,500 jobs over the life of the project. Start of production is slated for early 2011, with an annual capacity of 150,000 vehicles, 30 percent of which will be powered by Volkswagen's TDI clean diesel technology.n

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Original Thought #40:

Trust is the most important replacement part.

Original Thought #40:

Trust isThought the most important replacement part. #40: Original BMW Parts are identical to those used in Series Original Thought #40: production and most just as reliable when replacement it comes to qualitypart. and Trust important Trustisisthe the most important replacement part.

Original BMWChoose Parts are identical to those used BMW in Series functionality. precision. Choose Original Parts. production and just as reliable when it comes to quality and Original Thought #40: Original BMW Parts are identical to those used in Series functionality. Choose precision. Choose Original BMWused Original BMW Parts are identical to those production and just as reliable when it comes to quality and Original Thought #40:

Series Trust is the most important replacement part. functionality. precision. Choose Original BMW Parts. production and just as most reliable when it comes to quality and At United Gwinnett, the important order we’ll part. Trust isBMW theChoose most important replacement

handle today is yours. functionality. Choose precision. Choose Original BMW Parts. At United BMW Parts Gwinnett, the identical most important we’llused in Series Original BMW are to order those Original BMW Parts are identical to those used in Series handle today is yours. At United BMW the most important order we’ll and production and justasas reliable when ittocomes to qualityOriginal and production and Gwinnett, just reliable when it comes quality BMW Parts handle today is yours. precision. Choose Original BMW Parts. functionality. Choose

functionality. Choose precision. Choose Original BMW Parts. United Gwinnett At UnitedBMW BMW Gwinnett, the most important order we’ll Original BMW Parts 3264 Commerce Ave handle today is yours. Original BMW Parts Duluth GABMW 30096 Gwinnett United At United BMW Gwinnett, 770-476-8407 3264 Commerce Ave the most important order we’ll United handle today is yours. Gwinnett Duluth GABMW 30096

At United BMW Gwinnett, 3264 Commerce Ave the most important order we’ll 770-476-8407 Duluth GAis 30096 handle today yours. Photos are for illustrative purposes only and are based upon the latest information available. European vehicles or product may be shown. Vehicles may also be pictured with non-US or optional equipment. We make reasonable efforts to provide accurate information but we do not provide a warranty of accuracy. Consult your authorized BMW center or for more information. ©2005 BMW of North America, LLC. The BMW name and logo are registered trademarks. All rights reserved.


Original BMW Parts The Ultimate

® Original Parts Driving BMW Machine

IADA Opposes Proposed Legislation that Would Benefit Only U.S.-Built Vehicles "Cash for Clunkers" Amendment Does Not Go Far Enough In a letter sent to Capitol Hill earlier today, the American International Automobile Dealers Association (AIADA) voiced its opposition to the current version of the "cash for clunkers" amendment set to be considered by the Senate during debate on the economic stimulus package. The Automobile Trade in Program also known as the Harkin/ Stabenow Amendment was introduced by Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) and Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) last night. In order to receive a rebate for trading in their older, less fuel efficient cars, the legislation requires consumers to purchase only new cars "assembled in America." "We should not take away the consumer’s right to free choice. Any relief for consumers during these economic times should apply to ALL new vehicles for sale in the U.S. – not just those assembled here," said AIADA President Cody Lusk. American auto dealers represent 20 percent of all retail sales in the United States. With auto sales at historic lows Congress must pass comprehensive economic recovery legislation that benefits consumers, the auto industry, and the American economy. n Airbags From Page 22 understand the changing dynamics of vehicle construction, repair processes and what the future may hold in store for all of us.” ARA would also like to thank Peter Byrne of ARA Airbag Resources for compiling the PowerPoint presentation used for this meeting. If you would like to view a copy of the presentation and would like to promote the sale of ARAPro airbags in your local area, please click here. For more information regarding Airbag Resources and the ARA Airbag Protocol, please visit n 24

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February 2009

Auto Library Friends Pick Dodge Challenger as 2008's 'Collectible Car of the Future' From all of America's new cars and trucks in 2008, the all-new 2009 Dodge Challenger will become the most desired by future car collectors. That is the prediction of the Friends of the National Automotive History Collection (NAHC). "The 2009 Dodge Challenger selection is unique among all the 'Vehicle of the Year' awards, because it is selected by 'car buffs' who know what future collectors will value," said Matthew Lee, chairman of the NAHC Board of Trustees. "We asked our members to predict which of this year's new vehicles will turn heads in the Woodward Cruise of 2033 -- and

the 2009 Dodge Challenger is it." Members of the organization, which supports the world-famous automotive collection at the Detroit Public Library, vote annually to predict the "Collectible

The Right Part

Vehicle of the Future" from the year's new American-built cars and trucks. The all-new 2009 Dodge Challenger was selected from 17 all-new vehicles launched in 2008. "It is a great honor to have the Friends of the National Automotive Historic Collection select the all-new 2009 Dodge Challenger as America's most desired new car by future collectors," said Tony Elias, Chief Engineer - Dodge Challenger. "The allnew Dodge Challenger pays homage to a rich performance heritage and integrates the best of modern American muscle-car characteristics -- unmistakable design, Challenger Please Turn To Page 30

The Right People

Georgia’s Fastest Growing Wholesale Parts Dealer!

w w w. b i l l r e i l l y s u n i o n c i t y t o y o t a . c o m 4115 Jonesboro Road • Union City, GA 30291

770-692-2900 888-698-3853 770-969-0887 Direct

Toll Free

February 2009


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Hyundai Crafts A Rival to The World's Premier Sport Sedans Rear-wheel Drive and High-output V8 Engine Deliver World-class Driving Experience Can Hyundia shatter premium ing outstanding handling and steerautomobile paradigms with the introing performance. Standard Electronic duction of its new flagship, the all-new Stability Control (ESC), the industry’s Genesis sports sedan. With capabilities most important new safety technology, and features comparable to the world’s further enhances the vehicle’s driving leading premium sports sedans, confidence. Hyundai leads all popular Genesis is built on Hyundai’s allcar brands in the standard application new, performance-driven rear-wheelof ESC, with drive architecture. It offers Genesis Named 2009 North American Car Of The Year two powertrains, the Genesis Named 2009 New Car Of The Year Lambda 3.8liter V6 engine, Genesis Honored With "best Bet" Awards From and Hyundai’s The Car Book 2009 all-new Tau 4.6-liter V8 engine. The Tau produces 375 horsepower using premium fuel and 368 horsepower using regular unleaded, leading all competitors in specific output with 79.5 to 81.0 horsepower per liter r e s p e ctively. W i t h te chnol ogy rivaling more expensive luxury sedans, more than Genesis showcases features such as 70 percent of 2008 Hyundai sales featurXM NavTraffic, Adaptive Front Lighting ing ESC as standard equipment. System (AFLS), Lexicon® audio systems Headlining the Genesis’ perforand electronic active head restraints. mance capabilities is Hyundai’s all-new Genesis is built on an all-new rearTau 4.6-liter V8 engine mated to a ZF wheel-drive architecture, its first appli6-speed automatic transmission with cation in a U.S. Hyundai model. Genesis SHIFTRONIC® manual control. The Tau boasts a near ideal 52/48 front-to-rear V8 delivers an estimated 375 horsepowweight distribution for exceptional haner to fit the demands of performancedling and more refined steering characoriented consumers. This powertrain teristics. The rear-wheel-drive layout combination will launch Genesis to 60 allowed engineers to position the car’s miles per hour in less than six seconds. front wheels farther forward deliverGenesis 3.8 also delivers spirited 26

Southern Automotive Journal

February 2009

performance through a 3.8-liter DOHC V6 engine that delivers an estimated 290 horsepower and 264 lb.-ft. of torque. To maximize the power spread, the engine utilizes Continuously Variable Valve Timing (CVVT) on intake and exhaust cam shafts and a new Variable Intake System (VIS) that helps cylinders breathe efficiently at low and high RPM. The better breathing results in outstanding offthe-line acceleration and passing performance, and remarkable fuel efficiency. Even with their impressive output, both Genesis engines are also environmentally friendly, achieving Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) certification levels. The Genesis V6 engine is mated to an Aisin 6-speed SHIFTRONIC automatic transmission that features an overdrive lock-up torque converter for improved highway fuel economy. The transmission offers smooth shifts and a wide spread of ratios that ideally suit the engine's characteristics including a talloverdrive sixth gear for quiet, efficient highway cruising. Drivers can access the SHIFTRONIC® feature by moving the gear selector into a separate gate. Pushing the selector forward or pulling it rearward will shift the transmission up or down sequentially, adding to driver control. A clear LCD readout on the instrument panel shows the gear that's in use. Genesis Please Turn To Page 28

New 2009 Ford F-150: More Capability, More Choice, More ‘Smart’ Features For America’s Truck The vision for Ford’s truck team was clear: Redesign America’s favorite truck inside and out to give customers unrivaled capability, unprecedented choice and a host of smart, game-changing features. T h e result is the new 2009 Ford F-150, the new benchmark in the full-size pickup segment from the industry’s truck leader – which has built more than 33 million F-Series pickups since 1948. The Ford truck team adopted a holistic, 360-degree approach to revamping the new 2009 F150 – from its s e g m e n t- f i r s t features to the tough new exterior highlighted by a dramatic three-bar grille and more spacious, flexible and refined interior, to the unparalleled choice of cab styles and trim levels – including a new Platinum series that redefines truck luxury. The improvements are just as dramatic beneath the sheet metal. A new high-strength, lighter-weight chassis is the backbone that allows this tough truck to deliver more horsepower, better fuel economy and safety, and additional towing and payload capacity. “The Ford F-150 is an American icon,” said Mark Fields, Ford’s president of The Americas. “Ford is the truck leader, and F-150 customers expect and demand the best truck on the market. “Our team not only met those expectations, they exceeded them with

Awards and accolades for all-new 2009 Ford F-150 include :

• 2009 North American Truck of the Year • Detroit News Truck of the Year • Motor Trend 2009 Truck of the Year Award™ • 2009 Best Redesigned Vehicle from Kelley Blue Book’s • Top honors as “Truck of Texas” as well as “Best Luxury Pickup” for the 2009 F-150 King Ranch from Texas Auto Writers Association • “Best Overall Half-Ton Pickup” from• “Automotive Excellence” award in the Workhorse Category from Popular Mechanics • “Top Safety Pick” from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for its standard safety technology: Safety Canopy side curtain air bags and AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control

the new 2009 F-150,” Fields added. “With Ford’s product-led transformation in full swing, the new F-150 could not have come at a better time – for Ford and for our customers.” In all, more than 1,000 Ford engineers, designers, researchers and others worked together to develop the new 2009 F-150. The team drew inspiration by listening to Ford’s large customer base. F150 Please Turn To Page 28 February 2009

• “Residual Value” award from Automotive Leasing Guide (ALG) for retaining the highest percentage of its original price among 2009 full-size light duty pickups at the end of a conventional three-year lease, based on ALG projections • Motor Trend's Truck Trend Top 5 Trucks from Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) for 2009 Ford F-150 Heavy Duty DeWalt Contractor Concept • “Accessory-Friendly Truck” Design Award from SEMA Southern Automotive Journal


Genesis From Page 26 Genesis features a suspension design that is among the most sophisticated and refined anywhere, at any price. The front five-link suspension features upper and lower arms linking the front wheels to the chassis. This artfully

articulated arrangement creates a virtual king pin axis that dramatically reduces unwanted kickback through the steering wheel as well as improving responsiveness. The five-link independent rear suspension is equally sophisticated, enabling precise suspension geom-

F150 From Page 27


“Before we started working on the new truck, we continued the conversation with people who use these trucks every day for work and play,” said Matt O’Leary, chief engineer of the 2009 F-150. “We went to their ranches, their job sites and their homes, making sure we crafted features that would improve their ownership experiences and, really, their lives.” “The new, improved chassis helps deliver additional payload and towing capacity as well as improved fuel economy, which we know is top of mind for customers,” O’Leary said. Thanks to the strength of the frame and comprehensive package of standard safety equipment, including side-curtain air bags, the new F-150 is engineered to earn top safety ratings from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Complementing the modern frame is a high-tech suite of features that ensures the F-150 is sure-footed and safe in all driving and load conditions. The new F-150 offers segment-first standard AdvanceTrac® with RSC® (Roll Stability


The New Ford F-150 features the industry-first Tailgate Step to make accessing the bed of the truck easier. Control) and Trailer Sway Control plus available Rearview Camera Assist as well

etry for a premium ride and engaging handling prowess. The capabilities of the advanced front and rear-suspension are maximized through Amplitude Selective Dampers (ASD) allowing tuning flexibility at smaller damper displacements. n as Integrated Trailer Brake Controller a segment-first on light-duty pickups. The interior of the new 2009 F-150 SuperCrew offers more usable space for moving more people and gear thanks to a 6-inch stretch that improves rear seat legroom and cargo capacity. A mechanically articulated second-row seat flips up and out of the way. Combined with a truly flat load floor, the feature gives the new SuperCrew class leading 57.6 cubic feet of space behind the front seats and can accommodate items up to 47.9 inches tall, such as flat-screen TV that needs to be hauled from the electronics store to home. In response, Ford’s truck team designed a truck that offers more choice than any full-size truck on the market. With three cab styles, four box options and seven unique trim levels, the F-150 comes in 35 different configurations to meet the widest range of customer needs and wants – all delivered with quality. Buyers can choose from the nofuss XL workhorse, to the sporty STX and off-road capable FX4, to the mid-range XLT. For those looking for tough luxury, Ford offers the high-end Lariat and King Ranch F-150 models.n


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Cash for Clunkers Program Introduced in Senate A fleet modernization program has been proposed by U.S. Sens. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.; Susan Collins, RMaine; and Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., which would establish a national incentive program for voluntary retirement of fuel-inefficient vehicles through the Department of Energy. Princeton University's Dr. Alan Blinder, in a New York Times article published in 2008, referred to this policy option as "Cash for Clunkers" - government payments to remove older, less-fuel-efficient or high-polluting vehicles from America's highways.

Specifically, the program would compensate drivers $2,500 to $4,500 for exchanging their fuel-inefficient vehicle for a more fuel-efficient vehicle. The American Council for an EnergyEfficient Economy predicts that, if implemented, the program would save motor fuel and reduce greenhouse gases and ground-level ozone levels. The Automotive Service Association (ASA) supports a Cash for Clunkers program if it includes these following important points: • Includes a vehicle repair option for consumers.

February 2009

• Programs should be administered by the states. • Vehicle participation should be tied to emissions and improving air quality. • Repair cost allowances should be sufficient to address emissions repairs. There are several Cash for Clunkers initiatives being discussed as part of the Stimulus legislation. To review the Feinstein legislation or other related Cash for Clunkers information, please visit Automotive Service Association's legislative Web site at

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ATX Launches Enhanced Automatic Collision Notification for BMW ATX Group, the leading independent provider of telematics services to global automobile manufacturers, announced today the deployment of the BMW Assist(TM) enhanced Automatic Collision Notification (ACN) application for most 2009 and later BMW models. This represents the next step forward in the rapid and appropriate deployment of emergency response following a vehicle accident. BMW's enhanced ACN sends additional data from the vehicle's control units automatically to the BMW Assist response center, operated by ATX. There, the data is evaluated using a unique algorithm jointly developed with BMW and the William Lehman Injury Research Center in Miami, Florida. This analysis allows the response center to determine the risk of severe injury. Challenger From Page 25

chromed fuel-filler door with classic 'FUEL' script and a performance hood with scoops designed to cover and cool the iconic HEMI V-8 engine. The award will be presented to

This information can help local emergency services set dispatch priority, identify the most appropriate response team and the most appropriate treatment facility to transfer the injured parties. ATX has served as the BMW Assist response center since 2001 in North America and since 2003 in Europe. The ACN service helps ensure rapid response after a crash by sending an alert promptly and automatically, including the vehicle location. Simultaneously, a voice call is placed to the response center. ATX then contacts the appropriate Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) with jurisdiction at the accident site and conveys both the crash information as well as occupant-provided information. More than 500,000 BMW vehicles are now in operation in the U.S. and Canada

with this core BMW Assist feature. "ATX is proud to partner with BMW Assist to set the pace for leadingedge, connected vehicle applications that enhance emergency response to vehicle crashes and advance traditional telematics safety to a broader platform of end-to-end, mobile emergency management," said ATX President Steve Millstein. "This is a critical next step in using vehicle generated-data to help emergency dispatchers more quickly assess the nature of the emergency, and aid emergency responders in more accurately determining triage criteria. It has the potential to save precious minutes in identifying and transferring critically injured patients to the appropriate care, as well as providing more information to prepare awaiting hospital emergency staff."n

Dodge executives by the Friends of the NAHC at their annual holiday reception on Saturday, January 17, the public opening day of the North American International Automobile Show. It will be at the NAHC's quarters in the Skillman Branch Library in downtown Detroit.

The NAHC is the world's largest public archive of automotive lore and a treasure for automotive historians, journalists and collectors. Its collection of books, manuals, photos, company histories, and historic documents is open to the public.n

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Nalley Nissan

January 2008

EPA Publishes Final Auto Refinishing Regulation

Kia Debuts KND-4 Concept Vehicle

Recycled Rides Vehicle Donation Program Reinforces the Positive Imageof the Collision Industry

MECHANICAL NEWS ASA Testifies in Opposition to Super Warranties at Florida DEP Workshop

Half Page Full Color Advertisement For only 595.00 Issue

More Congressional Support for ‘Right to Repair’ Legislation

Volvo Announces New Collision Avoidance Package

Suzuki Selects “The KND-4 compact SUV is a vital vehiAud cle because it showcases dynamic and sophisOeconnection To Advance i TT ticated styling cues that are strongly indicative Parts Supply Chain of future Kia SUV models,” said Len Hunt, executive vice president and COO of KMA.

“Designed with active and independent consumers in mind, KND-4 demonstrates Kia’s ongoing commitment to making vehicles that are both stylish and technologically advanced.” Athletic and Sleek Exterior KND-4 appeals to consumers who crave freedom and an active lifestyle, while removing the boundary between the city and outdoors to allow the driver to express his or her unique personality. The swift, rounded front end features LED headlamps and a sleek radiator grille, which flows smoothly into flared

Volume 13 Issue No. 1

KND-4 Please Turn to Page 12

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SCRS Con Protect tinues RepaireEfforts rs Data to I-Car Refo cuse Volu s ntee rs And Itself With Instruct Program ors Hou Subcomse Judiciar Design mittee y Hold MECH Law Hearing s




nz E-C des-Be

Mitsubishi Lancer

Mar ch 2008

NEWS ASA Opp Certifica oses Stat e tion LegislatParts ion Hou Subcomse Judiciar Design mittee y Law Hold DEAL Hearing s ER NE Hyunda WS i Mot Imp or Ame OEConn lements rica the Making CR-Z spor is a its Nort Express ection’s ts origi car concnext-gen h Ame ® Tech D2d nal erati rican ept achi nolo eves gas-elec equippedon light debu gy high both tric weig t,

Sout P.O. hern Auto MarieBox 6750 moti (770) tta, Ga 97 ve Journ 321-9 3000 al 920 6-000 9

Our Circulaton Area

Kia Motors America (KMA) unveiled the all-new KND-4 compact SUV concept vehicle at the Los Angeles International Auto Show in November. Having made its world debut at the Seoul Motor Show in April 2007, the KND-4 concept was specifically designed to provide an idea of what next-generation Kia compact SUVs will be like. Conceived at the Kia Design Center in Korea, the new concept exhibits a powerful and strong character that corresponds with Kia’s philosophy of “Exciting and Enabling.”


Spotl ight

Introd uce Sons Next-Gs the CRAcura enerat Z Hybrid ion Gre Vehicle en Car Introd s uce

Southern Automotive Journal P.O. Box 675097 Marietta, Ga 300060009 (770) 321-9920 E-Mail

with that “Com level of clean hybrid Hon ht desi begins sion pact Renatorque. perform system da’s gn anew rese hybr rena intended issan The CR-Z ance andthat arch from id ce issan nolo sports mod fundame ce in to capt Zero” stands a gies - an for the ure form ntals that car featuel of a expr desig the . The ronm ance whil deliver res adva lightweig idea esn of com elev enta e t nced ht pact of a l foot redu igh cing theated drivi techcars the Desi gned print CR-Z otl perSpcombineto be .futu vehicle’sngenvi lier s pow ristic erfu and dyna CR-Z Supp l perf Plea se Turn ormancemic, to Page in 9



ISION Industryces ization Announ rgan I-Car sed Re-o focu Yet' with 'Best ions, Sess 2007 CARS cation Expanded 16 Edu king, wcase Networibitor Sho WS Exh L NE ANICAion Order MECH l Regulatfor OBD-II, y Fina roved rant App ssion War Emi ulations Reg iversary tion 5th Ann Informa ice ent of ServAgreem




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, tyles rs. lifes ior tsca inter hful ed spor yout nds of acing ngin ort bou s. Repl r 3+1 ry-e tion rota To supp the ches al direc a cleve a new es oom ut is ra stretin radic m-Z sh, blish passen-e layo y Kabu Zoo ter coup atilit al 2+2 h esta da’s with styli hvers whic g grea al size. typic of enric ’s of Maz rs the gement ept givin tradition or na nce customecapable this year , ht arran ior conc versus weig nt adveenesse Show ucts s. At iding The ome pass fort asing inter ept prov ted proding way l Auto all com es, t is ts ger out incre -of-the-m gn conc for snow spiri htful, spiri in excit rnationa spor desi spur ping spre e way e6 with Inte ra, a pact s that lives insig mak ging shop com to to Pag Kabu rican idea their Obli and flat ing h Ame enting nd the fresh els. r” s se Turn ral n mod s fold ture Plea tsca Nort is pres beyo seve seat ura da ra uctio ger Kub Maz venturesto explore prod l of a SporKabu ed re “Sou da, laythat e norm in futu t Nam l y Maz drive true iona coup appear er the of ever , rear- enthusiResiden d and coul To deliv nce t-engine driving t in Nat Georgia MX-5 esse fron by ifinalis Program is the the ired Mazda’s Sem o Award ates adm by that lly rpor Her ama inco universa delivered h Alab enz out and long Milliontced asts Th the In es-B One





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