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The Ouroboros USAha is Mathews Sajit M

Once upon a time there was a convict named USAha who escaped prison and landed in a village far away from home. He lived there, knew the people and enjoyed their benevolence. One fine day, he killed the richest villager and appropriated his wealth, wife and house. Villagers feared him because he was now not only cruel, but also rich. Slowly USAha became influential and prominent among the neighbouring villages too. He made donations to local church and orphanage and funded childrens' holiday programmes and built parks for public. Everyone became his admirers. Time erased the blood stains on his hands- at least in the minds of the villagers. He would talk to villagers and intimately knew everyone. Secretly he maintained a diary of the details he gathered from the villagers. Whenever there was a problem in the village he would use the secret diary to tackle the problem or the problem maker. He also used the diary to promote his business and farming. Because of the details in the diary, he know whom to approach or attack and what the best time for that was! Year after year, USAha grew richer and villages grew poorer and his debtors. All knew he was doing it, but no one knew how, or were too afraid to blow the whistle. Once, USAha's own son Snowy went to the market and told everyone how they became poor and how his father became richer. He told them about the secret diary he kept about them. He told them what minute details of them were in the diary. People were angry but did not know what to do. People from neighbouring villages who came to the market were also angry as they were also becoming debtors of the cruel man, gradually. When USAha came to know of his son's doings, he was furious. He never wanted the villagers to know about his secret diary of collected details. He pledged to kill his own son. Knowing this, his son decided to run away to a neighbouring village. but the cruel man announced in the market that he would stop supplies to those villages that gave him refuge. He publicly raged and threatened to finish off such rival villages. Most villages send representatives and informed the cruel man that they wont give him refuge, because they depended on the cruel man for their livelihood. They couldn't afford to be his enemies. But some village heads were really courageous. They announced that if Snowy came to their village seeking refuge, they would provide him with shelter and protection at any cost. USAha fumed in anger and stopped all business with those villages. but that time his son had already taken refuge in a village called Equal Doors. The head of the village Ralph Korroeah was a courageous man who stood up against injustice and evil. He gathered more information on how the cruel man used his secret diary to control and deceive them. He communicated with his villagers

and heads of other villages about the impending danger the cruel man was pausing to their lives, families, villages and their future. They all understood the dangerous situation and decided to act together. They decided to pay USAha back in the same coin that he served them with. They set up another market where they traded freely, independent of the cruel man's market forces. They also talked to the cruel man's villagers to come and trade in their free market. Though reluctantly in the beginning, they overcame fear and broke free from the cruel man's fetters. They joined the new market. Thus everyone in the country by-passed the USAha's evil network designed using his secret diary. USAha was fuming with anger, but had nothing to do. He had to witness his own disintegration. Slowly, he lost his control over the people of his own village. He became an icon of shame. Like a clown, he walked the streets of the country reminding the villagers of his evil, wicked ouroboros- a snake eating its own tail.

The auroboros usaha is  

A satire on the present world scenario