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A Mothers Prayer


Assalam wa laykum, and welcome to the second issue of An-Nisa. Alhumdulillah we’ve had a lot of positive feedback about the magazine and we hope to in’sha’Allah continue with more articles that are of interest to you. Writing this editorial in the blistering heat just reminds me of how amazing women truly are. The temperatures are in the high 20 degrees and even going up in to the 30s yet still everyday we’re fasting for the sake of Allah, but not only are we fasting we’re also going out to work and then coming back to prepare a scrumptious iftaar for the family (hope our iftaar tips from last month came handy) and still managing to fit in time to do some ibaadah. Ramadhan is a time for us to reflect and how we can make things better for ourselves and those around us. This month we’ve pack An-Nisa with inspiring and powerful articles about women and their struggles; let’s take a moment to think about these women, but also to reflect on our own lives and the things that we have struggled with and say alhumdulillah for coming through it, or seek the help needed to make things better. The first step is always the hardest. We hope you’re enjoy Ramadhan as much as we have been and as Eid quickly approaches we at An-Nisa would like to wish all of you a wonderful Eid celebrating with loved ones with lots of food and laughter. We hope you enjoy this issue as much as the first. We look forward to your feedback and please do contact us with any ideas that you have to make An-Nisa a bigger and better magazine. Eid Mubarak An-Nisa Editorial Team

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So many questions ran through my head daily? Why did my son become an addict? Why did he allow this to happen to himself? Why wasn’t he stronger than this? Why did he keep refusing treatment? Why didn’t he want to change? So many questions left unanswered. All of which will never be answered. Addicts think they have the answers and reasons for using. However, all of which are just excuses. None are truly reasons to use. My son had reasons. He lost his job too far in debt and no end in sight to pay this off and many more. Endless excuses. Each time my mind wanders back to my first born son, my heart starts to pound endlessly, it feels like a stampede running through my chest. I get a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach; a thousand butterflies are fluttering. I try to come to terms with my son’s

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addiction. My tears flow daily when I think of him. I need to know he’s okay.. this reassurance will never come drugs, took his life and now it takes its toll on me, a little each day. If only…. If only I tried harder but how harder could I try. I pray I can find a way to deal with all the pain addiction has created. I pray for the soul of my son. Prayer is the only way to cope, to deal, one must put all faith into Allah’s hands, hoping one day he will answer all of a mothers prayer for her drug addicted son.

Young people can find out the facts about drugs and addiction at: http://teens.drugabuse. gov/drug-facts


t: 01924 500 565

A heroine for a better world Shirin Ebadi is an Iranian lawyer and former judge, she was the first person from Iran and first Muslim woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003 for her efforts to promote democracy and human rights for women and children. Shirin’s outspoken campaigns have often brought her into conflict with the Iranian government, particularly since the disputed presidential election in June 2009. In November 2009 her Nobel medal was confiscated by Tehran’s revolutionary court for so called taxes owed. This was the first time a prize had been confiscated by national authorities. Born in the city of Hamadan, Ms Shirin studied law at Tehran University before beginning a career as a judge in 1970. Within five years she became a president of the Tehran city court, the first woman in Iranian history to be appointed to the position. After several attempts, Shirin went on to establish a law practice in 1992, challenging the authorities on anything from human rights and freedom of expression. Shirin is also the author of many books about life in Iran including; “Iran Awakening” and “The Golden Age”. She also wrote books calling for greater legal protection for Iranian children. I recently read a wonderful quote on Instagram. It read “If you do 99 things correctly and one thing incorrectly, people will ignore the 99 and spread the one” (Imam al-Shafi’i RA). This quote although said many hundreds of years ago is still very applicable today. I find that unfortunately we live in a society we’re very quick to pass judgments about individuals. That we would much rather see people fail than give them a hand to go that one step further. And in some instances we’ll even make the failure happen. Let’s Take Shirin’s story above; she was the first Iranian and first Muslim woman to win a Nobel Prize and instead of the Muslim world, forget the Muslim world let’s just focus on Iran, instead of Iran celebrating this amazing achievement they found reasons to take away her award, first time it happened in the history of the award. Yes Shirin may have made a mistake in her taxes however, was this really a reason to take away her award? Maybe it’s time to take heed from Imam al-Shafi’i and think about what we say about others and ignore that one bad thing and instead focus on the 99 good things – it will definitely give us more to talk about. 


After the Nobel award was announced, Shirin told the BBC that she thought it would give people who worked for human rights in Iran more courage. “It is not religion that binds women, but the selective dictates of those who wish them cloistered. That belief, along with the conviction that changes in Iran must come peacefully and from within, has underpinned my work.”

My Story: Marriage to a revert I feel compelled to share my story with versa. you sisters as it is highly relevant for the community today considering all that has This would happened in the recent months. guarantee that we would Allhumdullilah I married a revert to Islam not only have four years ago. It took great delibera- rights over tion to take this step considering still the each others stigma attached to mixed race marriages property but today in our society. It seems more so ac- the main thing ceptable when a brother marries a revert would be we but not so much when a sister follows that would decide path. Nonetheless I married my husband the funeral arwith an Islamic Nikaah ceremony in Batley r a n g e m e n t s and we have been happy ever since. meaning a Muslim burial But then we faced a dilemma: since my for us both. We also made a conscious dehusband still had family in close contact cision to both have wills made that would that were of different faith it could cause ensure our requirements after our deaths rise to issues in the future. What would are fulfilled. We now feel safe that both happen if something was to happen to us will have our requests met by our fammy husband or what about our children if ily. something was to happen to both of us? I do feel that we need to fully accept This prompted us to use the law to pro- those who have reverted back to our faith tect ourselves, and we undertook a civil by making them a part of our lives legally ceremony. This ensured that I am now too. We need to give them the right that the next of kin for my husband and vice they deserve and also exercise our right

within the law too. In this day and age we need to be practical and logical about the way we conducts our lives. Whilst the civil marriage means nothing to me and my nikaah is the true concept of marriage we were aware of our legal rights in the UK legal system. In this day and age we can not be complacent to the law and whilst our Islamic belief is paramount we have to understand and safeguard ourselves within the law of this land.

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Virgin Coconut Oil By Henna Khan Do you have a tub of coconut oil stashed away in your cupboards’ and you have no idea what to do with it? After reading this, coconut oil will definit ely be at the top of your shopping list! Coconut is the fruit of the coconut palm. The oil of the nut (fruit) is used to make medicine. Some coconut products are referred to as “Virgin” coconut oil. How does it work? Coconut oil is high in a saturated fat called medium triglycerides These fats work differently than other types of saturated fat in the body. Some benefits Virgin coconut oil are: Frizzy hair Rub a small amount of coconut oil in your hair after you have conditioned

it. Smells a m a z ing, looks amazing and frizz free. Acne Every morning after cleansing and toning your face replace moisturizer with coconut oil and see the difference in just a week. Skin will feel smoother, and blemishes less visible. Dry Skin As coconut oil acts as an emollient due to the fact that it contains mainly fats, it is beneficial for dry skin ,eczema and psoriasis Wrinkles Helps reduce wrinkles

©ÉÉlÉÞl´É +{Éà »ÉÅ»HÉù -+É¥ÉàqÉ¥Éà{É ùÉW~ÉÖùÉ

(NÉ«ÉÉ +ÅHoÉÒ ¶É°) ~ÉÊýÉ©É{ÉÉ qà¶ÉÉà©ÉÉÅ +É~ÉiÉà »ÉÅ»HÉù Ê»ÉÅSÉ{É{ÉÒ ¥ÉÉ¥ÉlÉ©ÉÉÅ oÉÉàeÉ ~ÉÉUÉ ~ÉeÒ+à UÒ+à. ùÉàYÅqÉ Y´É{É©ÉÉÅ +à÷±ÉÉ ´«É»lÉ ¾Éà>+à UÒ+à Hà »HÚ±É{ÉÉ >´Éà{÷»É (¡ÉÉàOÉÉ©ÉÉà)©ÉÉÅ §ÉÉNÉ ±Éà´ÉÉ{ÉÖÅ ÷ɳÒ+à UÒ+à. LÉÉ»É HùÒ{Éà ©ÉÉlÉÉ »ÉÉÅW{ÉÉ »É©É«Éà ´«É»lÉ ù¾à +à÷±Éà £GlÉ Ê~ÉlÉÉ{Éà ©ÉÉàH±ÉÒ +É~Éà lÉà{ÉÉoÉÒ »ÉÅlÉÉ{É{Éà +à´ÉÖÅ ±ÉÉNÉà Hà ©ÉÉlÉÉ{Éà lÉà{ÉÉ §ÉiÉ´ÉÉ©ÉÉÅ HÉà> ù»É {ÉoÉÒ. »ÉÅ»HÉùÉà{ÉÉ Ê»ÉÅSÉ{É©ÉÉÅ PÉù{ÉÖÅ ´ÉÉlÉÉ´ÉùiÉ PÉiÉÖÅ +NÉl«É{ÉÖÅ Uà. ©ÉÉlÉÉ-Ê~ÉlÉÉ{ÉÖÅ »ÉÖLÉÒ ±ÉN{É Y´É{É, »ÉÉùÒ ùÒlÉ-§ÉÉlÉ, ´ÉeÒ±ÉÉà »ÉÉoÉà{ÉÖÅ ´ÉlÉÇ{É, ¡Éà©É, ±ÉÉNÉiÉÒ, yÉÉÊ©ÉÇH ʶÉKÉiÉ (Wà{ÉÉoÉÒ +±±Éɾ{ÉÉà eù ù¾à) ʶɺlÉ ´ÉNÉàùà{ÉÒ ¥ÉɳH A~Éù +»Éù ~Éeà Uà. HÉà> XlÉ{ÉÖÅ ´«É»É{É HùlÉÉ ©ÉÉlÉÉ-Ê~ÉlÉÉ ~ÉÉ»ÉàoÉÒ ¥ÉɳH ~ÉiÉ lÉà{ÉÒ {ÉH±É Hù´ÉÉ{ÉÖÅ ¶É° Hùà Uà. 

July 2013

Young and Healthy skin Eliminates dead skin cells and moisturizes skin- leaving your skin looking healthier and younger! A Great Deodorant! The microbe-killing properties in coconut oil eliminates body odour Cooking, baking, Eating! Great for cooking, whether it’s spread on your toast, in your rice, even a dash in your hot beverage! Coconut oil is a healthier replacement for butter. Give it a try and change your life like it has done mine!

ʶɻlÉ{ÉÒ ¥ÉÉ¥ÉlÉ©ÉÉÅ ¥É}Éà ~Éàù{÷»É{ÉÖÅ »ÉùLÉÖÅ ´É±ÉiÉ ¾Éà´ÉÖÅ W°ùÒ Uà. Xà Ê~ÉlÉÉ HeH ´É±ÉiÉ +~É{ÉÉ´Éà +{Éà ©ÉÉlÉÉ ¥ÉɳH{ÉÉà ~ÉKÉ ±Éà, lÉÉà ¥ÉɳH ©ÉÉ-¥ÉÉ~É{ÉÒ »ÉùLÉÉ©ÉiÉÒ HùlÉÖÅ oÉ> X> Uà. +±±Éɾ lÉù£oÉÒ ©ÉÉ {Éà +à´ÉÒ ©É©ÉlÉÉ ©É³à±ÉÒ Uà Wà{ÉÒ ÊWÅqNÉÒ{ÉÉ qùàH lÉ¥ÉIà H»ÉÉà÷Ò oÉÉ«É Uà. ¡ÉoÉ©É´ÉÉù ¥ÉɳH{Éà »HÚ±Éà ©ÉÚHÒ{Éà +É´ÉlÉÉÅ ©ÉÉ{ÉÒ +ÉÅLÉ©ÉÉÅ ~ÉÉiÉÒ +É´Éà Uà. ¾É>»HÚ±É ~ÉÚùÒ HùÒ{Éà HÉà±ÉàW WlÉÉÅ »ÉÅlÉÉ{ÉÉà{Éà ~ÉùNÉÉ©É ©ÉÚHÒ{Éà +É´ÉlÉÉÅ ¾ä«ÉÖ §ÉÉùà oÉ> X«É Uà. qÒHùÒ{Éà »ÉÉ»Éùà ´É³É´ÉlÉÉÅ LÉÚ¥É lÉH±ÉÒ£ +{É֧ɴÉà Uà. UlÉÉÅ »ÉÅlÉÉ{É{ÉÒ ¡ÉNÉÊlÉ ©ÉÉ÷à +É ¥ÉyÉÖÅ W°ùÒ Uà, +à +ྻÉÉ»É ¾Éà´ÉÉoÉÒ ©ÉÉ +É qÖ:LÉ »É¾{É HùÒ ±Éà Uà. ÊWÅqNÉÒ§Éù ~ÉÉàlÉÉ{ÉÉ »ÉÅlÉÉ{ÉÉà ©ÉÉ÷à qÖ+É HùlÉÒ ©ÉÉlÉÉ ¾Å©Éà¶ÉÉ »ÉÅlÉÉ{É{ÉÒ §É±ÉÉ>{ÉÉ ¡É«Él{ÉÉà HùlÉÒ ù¾à Uà. ~ÉiÉ »ÉÉoÉà »ÉÉoÉà +~ÉàKÉÉ ùÉLÉà Uà Hà lÉà{ÉÉ »ÉÅlÉÉ{ÉÉà ~ÉiÉ lÉà{ÉÉ lÉù£ »ÉÉ°Å ´ÉlÉÇ{É Hùà. ʥɩÉÉùÒ, ¥ÉÖhÉ~ÉÉ©ÉÉÅ »ÉÅlÉÉ{ÉÉà lÉà{ÉÉà L«ÉÉ±É ùÉLÉà. Xà »ÉÉ°Å »ÉÅ»HÉù Ê»ÉÅSÉ{É oÉ«ÉÖÅ ¾¶Éà lÉÉà »ÉÅlÉÉ{ÉÉà W°ù ©ÉÉlÉÉ-Ê~ÉlÉÉ{ÉÉà L«ÉÉ±É ùÉLɶÉà +{Éà qÖ+É+Éà ±Éà¶Éà.