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WE KNOW â„¢ SNOW Brushes for Airfield Maintenance


Helping to keep your airfield operational Sajas Group is a Finnish family-owned brush production corporation established in 1945. with durability, efficiency, and compatibility foremost in mind. Using our brushes, you are equipped to deal with every challenge in the most efficient way, spending no more time and energy than is necessary. We design and produce brushes, which are technically more advanced, economically more reasonable and environmentally more sustainable.

The harsh northern weather conditions have made us familiar with the varied challenges set for airfield brushes. Our brushes cover all your sweeping and maintenance needs at airfields, from runways, taxiways and aprons to sidewalks, parking areas, streets and access roads and other paved areas – in every weather condition, every single day, all year round. Saja® airfield brushes are manufactured for dealing specifically with rubber, FOD, sand, water, slush, frost, snow and ice.

Being operated by the third generation already, we offer you our know-how and high-quality products with the experience of over 70 years behind them.

With over 40 years of airport experience, we design and manufacture every brush

A vast number of airfield operators and sweeper manufacturers all over the world rely on our brushes and their quality features. Finavia, the maintainer and developer of 22 Finnish airports, has granted us the Known Supplier’s status based on European Commission’s regulations.


Superior Quality Highest quality is not only our pride – it is our responsibility. Hundreds of thousands of people take-off and land through the runways swept by SajaŽ brushes. Foundation of the quality comes from the experienced employees, who have worked with the brushes even 20 years. Premium raw materials and high-end production machinery ensure the steady quality and all the processes are monitored by ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System for the constant improvement.

Reliability When working in the busy, 24/7 airport environment, keeping the runways clean and safe, you can never run out of brushes. That is why we keep key products always in stock, and production lines ready, standing by for a quick delivery. Normally we plan deliveries with our customers to keep operations running smoothly.


Origin of Wires The life of a brush is influenced by many variables such as the quality of the surface to be brushed, the material to be swept (water, snow, ice, FOD, etc.), the weather conditions, the characteristics of the sweeper, the driver’s choices – and quality of the steel wire. In general, only the carbon content and tensile strength of the steel wire are considered, but the method of manufacturing the wire has other, crucial effects on the quality of the wire. Poor microstructure, unsuitable carbon content, chemical impurities or wrong tensile strength range, can appear in reduced wear resistance or even in excessive breakage of the wire.

Quality Raw Material The way of manufacturing the raw material for the steel wire is the most important factor affecting the quality of a brush. For example steel wire made of scrap metal smelted in an electric arc furnace may have poor microstructure whereas steel wire made of pig iron smelted in blast furnace may have less impurities and better microstructure. There are different methods, but with a proper manufacturing process, the steel gets its high carbon value and other physical properties, which then defines the durability and effectiveness of the brush.

Because of safety, we use only steel wires of the highest quality, supplied by the most recognized wire suppliers. This will guarantee the peak performance and reliability of our brushes. The microstructure, carbon content and tensile strength of the steel wire we use is designed to be used for brushing the runways. Therefore, the wear resistance and brushing efficiency of our brushes are the best.



Especially developed for sweeping We have produced our own Polypropylene filaments since 1983. That made possible not only continuous monitoring of the effectiveness, but also the constant development on which the harsh weather conditions in different parts of the world have placed strict requirements. Decades of research, development and production of Polypropylene filamentshave refined the durability and sweeping efficiency to the best in the world. For you to recognize the best performance, we gave our Polypropylene a name – FINALON™.


SKYLINE™ Full Plastic Cassette

The Skyline™ Brush Cassette is made entirely of polypropylene, and owing to the material’s ruggedness and proven resistance to chemicals, it offers a perfect solution for heavy-duty cleaning efforts. Because of the continuous bristling of Skyline™ brushes, debris such as snow, rubber, soil and FOD are efficiently cleared, ensuring flights leave and land safely and on time. Furthermore, the brushing methods offered by Skyline™, water is simply brushed away, further ensuring safety on the runway. The Skyline™ cassettes are available in a range of sizes, profile and lengths to ensure compatibility across a variety of sweepers. With just the right fit, you achieve the full sweeping width for your machine. Furthermore, a range of bristle diameters are available to gain the desired sweeping result.

Bristles with high durability We have always been claimed to have best filaments. Our Finalon™ filaments made out of Polypropylene copolymere have the best durability.

Continuous bristling - no bushings Continuous bristling means more material, which means it has better performance and longer lifetime. It even sweeps water away.

Custom fit length No more cutting oversized cassettes, no more extra pieces for filling the row. The lenght of Skyline™ cassette is chosen according to the length of your brush core for your convenience.

Wheather proof SKYLINE™ is full plastic. There’s no metal to rust. It can be used and stored anywhere. It is also recyclable or can be incinerated with other waste. 6

Saja® brushes are compatible with all runway sweeper, jet sweeper and sweeper-blower brands with cassette system, such as Boschung, Bucher, Danline, Fresia, Kahlbacher, Schmidt, Schörling, Vammas, Zaugg, and Øveraasen.




Steel Wire Cassette SajaŽ Steel Wire Cassettes ensure peak performance in the maintenance of runways, taxiways, aprons and other paved areas – no matter if there is ice, snow, rubber, or FOD on the surface. Our cassettes are available in various profiles and lengths to perfectly fit the brush core of each sweeper model. No more cutting oversized cassettes, no more extra pieces for filling the row. With just the right fit, you achieve the full sweeping width for your sweeper.

Wires with highest durability We use galvanized steel wires only from the most recognized suppliers, to ensure the highest standards and durability.

Weatherproof bushings Bushings made out of thermoplastic elastomer ensure the highest durability in most demanding weather conditions and physical stress.

Profile with perfect fit Perfect fit and customized length of cassettes for each core. Polyethylene provides high stiffness in combination with outstanding impact strength even at very low temperatures. Plastic profile is also lighter compared with metal one to minimize the load of the broom shaft and its bearings.

No loose wires No more flanges, screws, twists, glue or other tricks to fix the locking wire to the profile to keep the wires at place. Our locking wire is inserted permanently.


Saja® brushes are compatible with all runway sweeper, jet sweeper and sweeper-blower brands with cassette system, such as Boschung, Bucher, Danline, Fresia, Kahlbacher, Schmidt, Schörling, Vammas, Zaugg, and Øveraasen.


SAJAŽ Steel Wire Brush Rings We produce both tufted and standard brush rings with inner diameter of 10� (254 mm). These can be combined to the core to achieve the desired brushing performance. The brush rings are carefully balanced to create an even wear of the brush, to relieve the stress of the bearings and to prevent unwanted vibrations.


Ground Light Brushes We produce different kinds of brushes for snow plows and other equipment clearing snow off from light beacons and signs on runways and other areas on the airfield, such as Argnani & Monti, EagleEdge LITE, FMG, Hagie, Johnston, Kahlbacher, Stark, Tellefsdal, Vammas and Zaugg-SnowShark.



Sweeper brushes Our complete selection of airfield maintenance products consists also of brushes for sweeping taxiways, aprons, sidewalks, parking areas, streets, access roads and other paved areas.

SajaÂŽ brushes are compatible with all sweeper brands on the market, such as Applied, Beam, Bema, Boschung, Brock, Bucher, Dulevo, EHR, Faun, Hako, Johnston, Kahlbacher, KĂźpper-Weisser, Multihog, Ravo, Scarab, Schmidt, and Tuchel.


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