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SAIRA LO b. 1995 I’m a designer from the Philippines and a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts. Aside from graphic design, I have a huge interest in 3d.

I live in a small apartment with my parents and younger siblings. My mom is a housewife, on the other hand, my dad works for a manufacturing company. I was granted 100% scholarship to a prestigious art school here in my country. And to be honest, I don’t think I’ll make it to College if I wasn’t a scholar.

My siblings are also scholars in their respective schools. Life has been difficult to us and that’s why we—the children—always do our best efforts to get and maintain scholarships. My father is a welder, it’s a minimum wage job. Papa barely make enough money to support the family. He only gets $200 or less for a month, not to mention that we do not have any other source of income. Just like you before, I cannot afford to buy a good machine. All the equipment I needed for school were all borrowed: laptop, camera, pen tablet, etc. During college, my neighbor lent me his son’s laptop. It was an old i3 Compaq and can’t take heavy renderings so I was

blowing on it from time to time. That moment was really frustrating. Still, I’m very thankful because I was able to survive school with that machine. Currently, I use a 3-year-old desktop my mom and dad gave to me as birthday present. I know it cost my parents a lot of money and they don’t have a lot to begin with. Although, they were able to buy it because a friend loned an amount of money to them. Sadly, up until now they’re still paying him back.

Before you continue Dann, Iet me express my gratitude to you for taking the time to read my story. Really, thank you.

Today, I am looking for a full-time job/day job so I can repay my family for everything they’ve done for me. However, a few of the companies here require you to have your own laptop. Some freelance gigs too. Yet, I don’t want to nag my parents to buy me one. As much as possible, I don’t want to be a burden to them again.

I apologize if this took so long, Dann. But let me thank you for being such a kind and generous person. Just the opportunity itself means a lot to me. If given the chance, I would be very, very happy to carry your laptop with me as I go on this journey. I promise to take care of it and value it with all my heart. May God always bless you and your family.

To Dann Petty  
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