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THE BEGINNING After the   second   world   war,   political   changes   took   place   in   the   Indian   sub-­continent.  India  was  divided  and  AQ  Chowdhury,  a  well  known  journalist   and   former   editor   of   the   Assam   Herald   joined   Ali   Bhoy   Ltd.,   Dhaka   as   its   Managing   Director   for   the   marketing   of   Radios   and   Cameras   etc.   Thereafter,   Prof.   SN   Mitra   of   the   Department   of   Physics,   Dhaka   University   inspired   the   young  AQ   Chowdhury   to   establish   the   present   company.   The   company   soon   became   known   throughout   Pakistan   as   the   leading   supplier   of   scientific   AQ  Chowdhury  (1920  -­  1983) instruments   and   chemicals   to   universities,   research   institutes   and   industries.   Distributors   were   appointed   throughout   Pakistan   and   a   demonstration   laboratory   showing   the   performance  of  equipment  was  established.  In  course  of  time,  the  company  liberally  participated  in   science  conferences  and  shows  to  promote  the  use  of  Science  &  Technology.   Today,   the   company   specializes   not   only   in   instruments   but   also   in   turnkey   packages   to   set   up   Scientific   Research   Centers,   Quality   Control,   Environmental   and   Science   Teaching   Laboratories.   These  packages  include  from  the  supply  of  equipment,  to  installation,  maintenance  and  training  of  the   work  force.  

      COMPANY HISTORY AQ   Chowdhury   aka   AQC   has   been   a   pioneer   of   providing  advanced  technology  solutions  to  study  and   monitor   the   quality   of   air,   water,   soil,   food,   pharmaceuticals,   chemical,   metal   and   petroleum   products.   AQC   provides   scientists   with   innovative   tools   and   works   hard   to   exceed   their   expectations   in   helpfulness  and  courtesy. Founded  as  a  family  business  in  the  middle  of  the  last   century,   the   company’s   history   is   marked   by   unparalleled  service  on  its  way  to  becoming  a  national   leader  for  these  years.  Its  historically  close  cooperation   with  the  scientific  and  medical  community  is  the  key  to   AQC’s   continuous   success,   which   draws   on   users’   ideas  and  solutions  tailored  to  their  requirements.  

From the   outset,   the   competence   of   AQC   meshed   closely   with   its   entrepreneurial   spirit.   In   the  beginning  of  the  fifties   of   the   last   century,   the   founder,   AQ   Chowdhury   took   training   in   optics   in   Germany  and  Switzerland.  Today,  the  fields   of   Spectroscopy,   Chromatography   and   Microscopy   offer   the   most   insightful   perspectives   into   the   world   of   AQC.   The   company  at  the  national  level  is  organized  in   three   divisions,   all   of   which   are   among   the   OHDGHUVLQWKHLUUHVSHFWLYH¿HOGV

RESOURCES AQC’s knowledge  base  is  located  in  Uttara,  Dhaka  where  as  many  as  40  highly  trained  Scientists  and   Engineers  find  solutions  of  science  in  a  state-­of-­the  art  laboratory  of  14,000  sqft.  Known  as  Plasma   Plus+,  the  laboratory  has  found  solutions  for  many  national  problems  and  is  South  Asia’s  first  such   laboratory  in  the  private  sector.   Developed  in  1993,  the  laboratory  is  a  not-­for  profit  centre  aimed  to  promote  Science  &  Technology   and  their  application.  It  is  registered  with  the  Joint  Stock  Company  under  Section  28  and  is  the  social   responsibility  project  of  AQC.  

RESOURCES Today, Plasma  Plus+  offers  solutions  at  a  fraction  of  cost  for  scientific  research  in  food,  agriculture,   medicine,  environment,  metal,  plastic  and  other  materials.  The  laboratory  is  equipped  with  leading   edge   technologies   like   GC-­Mass   Spectrometer,   Gas   Chromatograph,   High   Performance   Liquid   Chromatograph,   Atomic   Absorption   Spectrophotometer,   FT-­IR   Spectrophotometer,   Microwave   Digestion  System  and  many  more.   Analytical   technologies   keep   changing   fast,   systems   of   high   precision,   excellent   repeatability   and   reproducibility  along  with  large  throughput  are  the  demands  of  today.  This  basically  means  users  of   instruments  must  be  continuously  upgraded.  AQC  and  Plasma  Plus+  have  been  a  pioneer  in  offering   “hands   on”   training   courses   to   meet   the   demands   of   the   time   under   its   own   banner,   “Continuing   Education  in  Science  &  Technology”,  CEST.  There  are  ready  courses  on  many  analytical  modalities.   Instruments   defying   obsolescence   are   used.   Clients   include   users   of   instruments   from   national   research   laboratories,   pharmaceutical   and   chemical   laboratories.   The   facility   is   also   used   by   neighbouring  countries.  

      ACHIEVEMENTS *First  company  to  start  business  in  scientific  instruments. *First  company  with  in-­house  Chemists  and  Engineers  to      introduce  modalities  like  NMR  Spectroscopy,  Electron  Microscopy,      Mass  Spectroscopy,  AA  Spectroscopy,  X-­Ray  Diffractometry,    Inductively  Coupled  Plasma  Spectroscopy,  UV-­VIS  Spectroscopy,      FT-­IR  Spectroscopy,  Gas  and  Liquid  Chromatography,  Optical  Emission      Spectroscopy,  Laser  Induced  Breakdown  Spectroscopy  and  many  more. *First  company  to  have  an  application  laboratory. *First  company  to  provide  engineering  service  to  overseas  countries  for  application  and  maintenance  of    spectroscopic  and  chromatographic  equipment. *First  company  to  introduce  in  house  training  on  various  analytical  modalities. *First  company  in  Bangladesh  to  analyze  the  deadly  diethylene  glycol  in  paracetamol  syrup. *First  laboratory  in  Bangladesh  to  isolate  melamine  in  powder  milk  (Technology  Transfer  to  BSTI). *First  laboratory  in  Bangladesh  to  analyze  Selenium  in  serum  using  Atomic  Absorption  Spectroscopy      (Technology  Transfer  to  ICCDR,B). *First  company  in  Bangladesh  to  present  scientific  papers  in  national  and  international  symposium. PARTNERSHIPS $QWHF%97KH1HWKHUODQGVƓ$UXQ7HFKQRORJLHVƓ'LVWHN,QF86$Ɠ+DQQD,QVWUXPHQWV,QF86$Ɠ +HLGROSK *PE+ *HUPDQ\ Ɠ -HRO /WG -DSDQ Ɠ /DEFRQFR &RUSRUDWLRQ 86$ Ɠ /HLFD 0LFURV\VWHPV *HUPDQ\Ɠ/H\EROG'LGDFWLF*PE+*HUPDQ\Ɠ/LQNDP6FLHQWLILF,QVWUXPHQWV/WG8.Ɠ0LOHVWRQH 6UO,WDO\Ɠ0LFURPHULWLFV,QF86$Ɠ1DQRVXUI$*6ZLW]HUODQGƓ1HZSRUW86$Ɠ3KHQRPHQH[86$Ɠ 3ULQFHWRQ,QVWUXPHQWV86$Ɠ4XRUXP7HFKQRORJLHV/WG8.Ɠ6KHOGRQ,QF86$Ɠ6KLPDG]X&RUSRUD-­ WLRQ-DSDQƓ6SHFWUD3K\VLFV86$Ɠ:HVWHFK6FLHQWLILF,QF8.

      PRODUCT LINE Spectroscopic   &   Chromatographic   Apparatus,   Electron   Microscopes,   NMR   Spectrometers,   ESR   Spectrometers,  Laboratory  Instruments  for  Sample  Preparation,  Science  Education  Systems,  Lasers   and  Accessories.


       KEY PERSONNEL IQ  Chowdhury:  Chairman    &  CEO HQ  Chowdhury:  Director,  Product  Development Z.  Ahmed:  Director,  Commercial Prof.  AH  Khan  Ph.D:  Director,  Science  &  Technology Sarabindu  K.  Saha:  General  Manager Touhid  Raihan:  Manager,  Application Irteja  Naser:  Product  Manager


OTHER INFORMATION Number  of  staff:  80 Number  of  offices:  4 Yearly  turnover:  US$12M  as  of  2009

       OFFICES Corporate  Office: For   Spectroscopic   and   Chromatographic   Equipment,   NMR   and   ESR   Spectrometers,   Electron   Microscopes,  Laser  Optics,  Science  Education  Systems  and  Sample  Preparation  Equipment: $4&+2:'+85<6&,(1&( 6<1(5*<397/7' Baridhara  Central  Plaza,  Floor  2 87  Suhrawardy  Avenue  Baridhara,Dhaka  -­  1212   Tel:  (8802)  9862272,  9894533  &  8625121;;  Fax:  (8802)  8854428 E-­mail:  & Branch: For  Oscilloscopes,  Signal  Generators,  Histopathology  and  Thermo-­electric  Equipment: $4&+2:'+85< &203$1<397/7' 83  Laboratory  Road  Dhaka  -­  1205 Tel:  (8802)  8625121  &  9669288;;  Fax:  (8802)  8854428 E-­mail: Overseas  Office: $4&+2:'+85<6&,(1&( 6<1(5*< )0:HVW6XLWH++RXVWRQ7H[DV Tel:    281  440  5874;;  Fax:  281  444  3527 E-­mail:  &   Application  Laboratory  and  Customer  Support  Division: PLASMA  PLUS+ House  12  Rd  5A  Sector  11  Uttara  Dhaka  -­  1230 Tel:  (8802)  8953450  &  8953501;;  Fax:  (8802)  8854428 E-­mail: Web:



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