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Myth Hunting Tips and Tricks    I nvestigating

Morse Code

Things are made for a reason one picture can tell a lot, things you should

Morse code is made up of

look out for are; Every conclusion and

on-off tones, lights, or clicks


theory should always have

Try decoding using the


a reasoning. To organize

reference that is given.


your reason, it's very



~Names and Numbers

-.././-.-./---/-../../-./--. Ask,

These things can be hard to find but also easy just by looking at;

~Who ~What ~Where ~When

~Under the tables/chairs ~On the ceilings ~Edges of the map ~Wall

As I say before, things are there for a reason, some questions you should ask are; ~Why?

~Why Lastly, check for updates in the game. The myth can update every weeks or days. When exploring an updated place, check for what is being updated. New teleportations, new clues and items.

~What does this symbolize? ~Why is it important? ~Is there any story behind this?

TRICK: Disconnect your device wifi to enter restricted areas but be careful not to jump or you will get stuck.





.-/-./-.. ./..-./..-./---/.-./-

The Hunt [Page 5]  

Dedicated to Shadowed Snake.

The Hunt [Page 5]  

Dedicated to Shadowed Snake.