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Spring 2017

Saint Vincent Seminary 300 Fraser Purchase Road Latrobe, Pennsylvania 15650 Phone: 724-805-2592 Fax: 724-532-5052 Publisher, Chancellor Archabbot Douglas R. Nowicki, O.S.B. Rector Very Rev. Edward Mazich, O.S.B. Vice Rector Director of Human Formation Rev. John-Mary Tompkins, O.S.B. Academic Dean Rev. Patrick Cronauer, O.S.B. Dean of Students Rev. Emmanuel Afunugo Director of Spiritual Formation Rev. Boniface Hicks, O.S.B. Director of Liturgical Formation Rev. Cyprian Constantine, O.S.B. Director of Pastoral Formation Rev. Nathan Munsch, O.S.B. Director of Pre-Theologian Formation Deacon Lawrence Sutton, Ph.D. Director of Seminary Development Shannon Jordan Director of Seminary Public Relations Kimberley A. Metzgar Public Relations Associate Seth Harbaugh Director for Alumni Affairs Rev. Meinrad J. Lawson, O.S.B. Consultant for Alumni Affairs Rev. Chrysostom V. Schlimm, O.S.B. Contributors to this issue: Andrew Boyd, Seth Harbaugh, Brother Etienne Huard, O.S.B., Barbara McAllister On the cover: From left, Brother Eti-

enne Huard, O.S.B., Brother Canice McMullen, O.S.B., Deacon Peter Crowe, Deacon Panji Ren, Rector Father Edward Mazich, O.S.B., Deacon John Shi, Deacon Britton Hennessey, Deacon David Whiteford and Deacon Ross Kelsch.


170 Years Since First Saint Vincent Ordination


  ach spring, and

leading into summer, members of the Saint Vincent Seminary faculty begin planning for end-of-year activities. In additon to final examinations and commencement, spring also means it is time for ordinations, both to the diaconate and the priesthood, for monks at Saint Vincent and seminarians and monks from the Seminary’s constituent abbeys and dioceses. This year marks the 170th anniversary of the first priest ordained at Saint Vincent, Father Charles Geyerstanger. Since that ordination, more than 2,500 diocesan and religious priests have been ordained from Saint Vincent. Founded in 1846 by Bavarian Benedictine monk Boniface Wimmer, O.S.B., Saint Vincent Seminary is the fourth oldest Roman Catholic Seminary in the United States. Although the Seminary was officially established on August 24, 1855 through an apostolic brief of Pope Pius IX, the work of formation was begun almost the minute Boniface Wimmer arrived with 18 companions for priesthood or service as monastic brothers. Four of those men were Benedictine clerics destined for priesthood. The Seminary also had a subdeacon from the Diocese of Pittsburgh in its first class, which included Geyerstanger. Wimmer himself and Father Michael Gallagher, the Pittsburgh diocesan priest at Sportsman’s Hall Parish (now known as Saint

Rev. Charles Geyerstanger

Vincent), were the instructors. Geyerstanger, 26, was closest to ordination, having completed two of the required three years of study in theology at the University of Munich before joining Wimmer’s mission to America. While Wimmer and Geyerstanger spoke German, Gallagher did not and had to teach in Latin. At the same time the Benedictines were tasked with learning English. Once ordained, Geyerstanger and his two instructors, Wimmer and Gallagher, were responsible for the parish at Saint Vincent and preparation of the other three Benedictine candidates for priesthood. They covered about 3,600 square miles of territory, including Catholic congregations in nearly two dozen towns ranging from Indiana, Pennsylvania, to Saltsburg, to Greensburg, and Latrobe. All of this was four decades before the invention of the automobile. At one point Wimmer was prompted to write “my horse is a wandering chapel.” A mere three years after his ordination, Geyerstanger went with Father Benedict Haindl to 2

establish a priory in St. Marys, Elk County, purchasing 800 acres of ground and ministering to the German Catholics there. Two years later he was sent to New Jersey to establish a foundation in Newark, and then two years after that he returned to Pennsylvania, establishing a priory in Butler. He eventually returned to Saint Vincent, serving as its pastor from 1864 to 1879, and also serving the monastic community as choirmaster for a number of years. He died in 1881, 35 years after his arrival in America, helping to establish Benedictine monasticism in the United States and serving not only the German community that Boniface Wimmer intended, but Catholics of all nationalities. (For more information, refer to Mission to America: A History of Saint Vincent Archabbey, the First Benedictine Monastery in the United States, and Saint Vincent Seminary from Its Origins to the Present, both available at

Present-Day Ordinations The range of Saint Vincent’s new class of ordinands is just as diverse, with priests who will be sent to serve locally, in Kentucky, Missouri, and Beijing, China. Eight men will be ordained to the priesthood and six to the diaconate this spring. Andrew Boyd of the Diocese of Erie was ordained to the diaconate on April 22 by Bishop Lawrence T. Persico. Brother Etienne Huard, O.S.B., of Conception Abbey, (Continued on Page 7) Spring 2017, Volume 25, Number 1

Franzi Family: A Legacy Of Love Everything in life happens for a reason. When Salvatore (Sam) Franzi and his wife Kathleen were married, their lives were hectic. As with most young couples, their time and energy was spent providing for a young family and working hard. But God has a way of breaking through to each of us to show us His plan if we look for it. As they settled into their life together, they began to see God’s Grace, oftentimes when they needed it most. These moments were gifts. The more they recognized these moments, the more they grew to appreciate them, grew in their faith, and the more they felt they needed to give back. About 30 years ago, Sam met a monk studying for the priesthood at Saint Vincent Seminary. Sam was preparing to serve as a Eucharistic Minister and Brother Frank Ziemkiewicz was helping in the sacristy. They started a chance conversation that day, a conversation that would lead to a lifelong family friendship. Sam and Kathleen were honored to attend Father Frank’s first Mass and saw first-hand

Kathleen Franzi the joy and sincerity of Father and decided to contribute to the Frank’s vocation. place that made Father Frank’s By getting to know Father vocation possible—Saint VinFrank over time, they became cent Seminary. By giving in this more aware of the needs of our way, they could support not only seminarians. They wanted to Father Frank but all the future help, and as the years went by, priests ordained to serve. They they were in a better position to gave what they could for many do so. They thought and prayed, years.

In 2013 when Kathleen went home to our Lord, Sam decided to start a scholarship named the Kathleen and Salvatore Franzi Scholarship, a fund to honor his wife and their desire to help seminarians become priests. Sam has pledged to keep contributing to it for as long as he is able. Out of love and respect for their parents, Sam and Kathleen’s adult daughters have also said they would continue that legacy in both their parents’ names. God’s love for us is all around us. Sam and Kathleen recognized it and were open to receiving it. Now, those gifts carry forward. By giving of themselves they received an adopted member of the family in Father Frank and adult children who clearly respect, love, and honor their parents. That’s quite a legacy. Thank you to the Franzi family for sharing this legacy in supporting our seminarians. If you would like to know how to start a fund or contribute to a fund like this contact Mr. Shannon Jordan at 724-5326740 or shannon.jordan@

Help To Educate A Priest Please consider honoring a parent, spouse or another loved one with an Endowed Scholarship Fund, or establishing a scholarship in your own name. With a gift of $10,000 or more you can help to educate seminarians studying for the priesthood at Saint Vincent Seminary in perpetuity. For more information about creating a scholarship, contact Mr. Shannon Jordan, Director of Development. Thank you for your continued support! FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT: Mr. Shannon Jordan • Director of Development 724-532-6740 • Saint Vincent Seminary • 300 Fraser Purchase Road • Latrobe, PA • 15650-2690



Spring 2017, Volume 25, Number 1

Dr. Kathleen Borres, associate professor of Biblical and systematic theology, has reviewed two books. The reviews were published in in July, 2016. The books are A New HEAVEN, A New EARTH: The Bible and Catholicity by Dianne Bergant, C.S.A. and Systematic Theology: A Roman Catholic Approach by Thomas P.

Faculty News

Rausch, S.J. Dr. Borres also participated in a colloquium and symposium. The colloquium was on Teaching Church History in a Seminary Curriculum. It was held at Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary, Emmitsburg, in June, 2016. The symposium was on Ecologically Informed Theological Education: Implications for Teaching, Learning and Seminary Life. It was held at Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C. in March, 2017. ***** Father Boniface Hicks, O.S.B., and Father Thomas Acklin, O.S.B., continue work on a book that will be

published by Emmaus Road at the end of July. Details will be forthcoming this summer. ***** Brother Elliott Maloney, O.S.B., continues his research into the spiritual life according to Sacred Scripture begun in his book Saint Paul, Master of the Spiritual Life “in Christ” (Liturgical Press, 2014). He presented an Advent Retreat on “St. Paul’s Grand Narrative of Salvation” at Saint Sylvester Parish in Slickville, last December. He is publishing a series of articles for The

Priest magazine, “The Conversion of St. Paul” in the January 2017 issue, “The Evangelist Mark” (April 2017), “The Evangelist Matthew” (September 2017) and “Christ the King” (December 2017). He has started a series of podcasts on Sacred Scripture at www. ranging from questions on Saint Paul to the theology of the Evangelists. These may be listened to or downloaded gratis for later use. He will be giving a retreat to the Benedictine Community of Saint Bede’s Abbey in Illinois in June on the topic of “Jesus’ Own Theology.”

Father Olivier-Marie Sarr, O.S.B.

Consultor Confirmed On January 14, 2017, Pope Francis confirmed Father Olivier-Marie Sarr, O.S.B., lecturer at the Pontifical Liturgical Institute at Sant’ Anselmo in Rome, as a Consultor of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. Father Olivier lived at Saint Vincent while studying English in 2012 and 2013, and has been of assistance to the Seminary many times. Leaven

Ministry of Reader Eight seminarians from Saint Vincent Seminary were instituted to the Ministry of Reader by Most Rev. Ronald Gainer, Bishop of the Diocese of Harrisburg, on March 29. From left are Brother Mark Liatti, O.S.B., Saint Vincent Archabbey; John Hepinger, Diocese of Erie; Brother Ignatius Camello, O.S.B., Saint Vincent Archabbey; Brother Matthew Hershey, O.S.B., Saint Vincent Archabbey; Very Rev. Edward Mazich, O.S.B., Seminary Rector; Bishop Ronald Gainer, Diocese of Harrisburg; Joseph Petrone, Diocese of Erie; Kristian Sherman, Diocese of Pittsburgh; Gustavo Rodrîguez Perez, Diocese of Metuchen; Joseph Uzar, Jr., Diocese of Pittsburgh. 4

Spring 2017, Volume 25, Number 1

Celebrating Mardi Gras


ach year at the Seminary Mardi Gras celebration, Branch 13 of the First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association conducts a 50/50 raffle. The group not only holds the raffle, but it matches the total given by donors with an additional contribution to the Seminary. This year—the tenth annual Mardi Gras—the raffle raised more than $2,000, allowing the winner to take home more than $1,000.

Formation Talk

Through his Fighting Porn in Our Culture...and Winning! conferences, Dr. Peter Kleponis educates priests, seminarians, members of religious orders and lay persons on the dangers of pornography and how to effectively address the pornography epidemic in America.These conferences have been presented to priests and lay persons in numerous archdioceses and dioceses, as well as to religious communities, seminaries, universities, parent groups and student organizations. The conferences, presented recently to seminarians, consist of a series of talks that address the following topics: the pornography problem in America, how pornography affects men, how pornography affects women and marriages, how pornography affects children and teens, the addictiveness of pornography, the recovery process for pornography addiction, how to protect families from pornography, how to help men who struggle with pornography use/addiction and how marriages that have been wounded by pornography use/addiction can be healed. Leaven


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Spring 2017, Volume 25, Number 1

Mardi Gras 2017


ictured above, clockwise, from left, are Brother Barnabas O’Reilly, O.S.B., with his sisters; Bishop Edward C. Malesic and seminarian Andrew Boyd; Joseph Petrone, John Hepinger, Ross Kelsch, Christopher Pujol, Alexander Gedney, Joseph Uzar, Britton Hennessey and Andrew Boyd; Christopher Pujol, Alexander Gedney, Britton Hennessey, Andrew Yan, Ross Kelsch, Jordan Sonnett, Joseph Rielage, Matthew Marinelli, Brother George DeFazio, O.S.B., Mark Groeger, Brother Lawrence Machia, O.S.B., Brother Louis Carey, O.S.B., Brother Giles Larsen, O.S.B., Alex Deters, Brother Matthew Hershey, O.S.B., and Joseph Petrone; some of the nearly 200 persons in attendance; Father Robert Keffer, O.S.B., and Brother Lawrence Machia, O.S.B.



Spring 2017, Volume 25, Number 1

Father Larry Richards Speaks At Education Fund Dinner Father Larry Richards, pastor of Saint Joseph Church and the Bread of Life Community in Erie, was the keynote speaker at the annual Saint Vincent Seminary Education Fund Dinner Thursday, April 27 at LeMont, Pittsburgh. Proceeds benefit the education of priesthood candidates at the Seminary. Father Richards, a 1987 graduate of Saint Vincent Seminary, has served as the pastor of Saint Joseph Church and the Bread of Life Community in Erie since 2002. He was ordained to the priesthood for the Diocese of Erie in 1989 by Bishop Michael Murphy following completion of his studies.

his studies for a master of arts degree in liturgy from the University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana. Previously, he has served as the Catholic chaplain at Penn State University (Behrend) and as a teacher and director of campus ministry at the Cathedral Preparatory School for Boys. He also founded the Divine Mercy Encounter (DME) Retreat Program for the Diocese of Erie. In addition to his work in parishes and schools, Father Richards is the founder and president of The Reason for Our Hope Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps

Rev. Larry Richards

His college seminary, Gannon University, Erie, was where he earned a bachelor of science degree in mental health counseling in 1983. He will soon conclude

to spread the Good News by educating people about Jesus Christ. His books include Be a Man! Becoming the Man God Created You to Be (2009) and Surrender! The Life Changing Power of Doing God’s Will (2011). Father Richards hosts three radio shows, including The Reason For Our Hope and Open Line on the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) Radio, and Changed Forever with Father Larry Richards on Relevant Radio. He can also be seen on EWTN’s televised programs, Living Right with Dr. Ray and Crossing the Goal. EWTN also broadcast a mini-series in 2014 based on his first book called Be a Man!

Present-Day Ordinations (Continued from Page 2) Missouri, will be ordained to the priesthood by Bishop James V. Johnston of Kansas City-St. Joseph on May 18. The following day Britton Hennessey and Ross Kelsch of the Diocese of Covington will be ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Roger J. Foys. On May 20 Brother Canice McMullen, O.S.B., will be ordained to the priesthood at Saint Vincent Archabbey Basilica by Bishop Edward C. Malesic of the Diocese of Greensburg. The following week, Bishop Mark L. Bartchak of the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown will ordain Peter Crowe to the priesthood, the same day Bishop Malesic will return to Saint Vincent to ordain Brother Lawrence Leaven

Machia, O.S.B., and Brother Joachim Morgan, O.S.B., of Saint Vincent to the diaconate. In Cleveland, retired Auxiliary Bishop Roger Gries, O.S.B., will ordain Brother Louis Carey, O.S.B., of Saint Andrew Abbey to the diaconate on June 3. Bishop Persico will ordain David Whiteford to the priesthood June 9 in Erie. On June 24, Panji Ren and Jie Shi, who were ordained to the diaconate at Saint Vincent last spring by Bishop Malesic, will be ordained to the priesthood in Beijing, China, returning to their home countries to serve the needs of the Church there. On July 15, Brother Martinho Zevallos, O.S.B., will be ordained to the diaconate by Archbishop Airton José dos Santos in Brazil.

Seminary Formation Conference Father Tyler Bandura, above, of the Diocese of Greensburg and Father Edward Mazich, O.S.B., rector of Saint Vincent Seminary, spoke to the seminarians on their formation day about “Celibacy and Priestly Life” recently. 7

Spring 2017, Volume 25, Number 1

Breakfast For Bishops Saint Vincent Seminary hosted a breakfast for bishops attending the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops annual meetings in Baltimore. Stopping by the breakfast was Cardinal Daniel DiNardo of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, who was elected as the new president of the USCCB. Bishop David Zubik of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, chairman of the Seminary Board of Regents, also attended the breakfast. Pictured are, from left, Archabbot Douglas R. Nowicki, O.S.B., Saint Vincent Archabbey; Cardinal DiNardo; Deacon Britton Hennessey, Diocese of Covington; Deacon Andrew Boyd, Diocese of Erie; and Deacon Peter Crowe, Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown. Pictured with Bishop Zubik, from left, are Very Rev. Edward Mazich, O.S.B., rector of Saint Vincent Seminary; Archabbot Douglas; Bishop Zubik; Deacon Hennessey and Deacon Crowe. Additional guests included Cardinal Donald Wuerl of the Archdiocese of Washington, Archbishop Thomas Wenski of the Archdiocese of Miami, Bishop Jeffrey Monforton of the Diocese of Steubenville, Bishop Edward Malesic of the Diocese of Greensburg, Bishop Mark Bartchak of the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown, Bishop James Checchio of the Diocese of Metuchen, Bishop Emeritus Paul Bootkoski of the Diocese of Metuchen, Bishop Lawrence Persico of the Diocese of Erie, Archbishop William Lori of the Archdiocese of Baltimore and Bishop Thomas Tobin of the Diocese of Providence. Additional guests included Auxiliary Bishop Denis J. Madden of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, Eparch Gregory J. Mansour of the Maronite Eparchy of Brooklyn, Archbishop William C. Skurla of the Byzantine Archeparchy of Pittsburgh, Bishop Emeritus Donald W. Trautman of Erie, Auxiliary Bishop William J. Waltersheid of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Bishop W. Francis Malooly of the Diocese of Wilmington, and Bishop Arthur J. Serratelli of the Diocese of Paterson. There were several other guests as well, including Academic Dean Father Patrick Cronauer, O.S.B., Deacon Dr. Lawrence Sutton, and Father Paschal Morlino, O.S.B.



Spring 2017, Volume 25, Number 1

Our seminarians visited Assisi during their spring break pilgrimage. From left are Father Simeon Spitz, O.S.B., S’14; Deacon Peter Crowe, Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown.; Brother Joachim Morgan, O.S.B., Saint Vincent Archabbey; Brother Martinho Zevallos, O.S.B., Saint Vincent Archabbey; Deacon John (Jie) Shi, Archdiocese of Beijing; Brother Louis Carey, O.S.B., Saint Andrew Abbey; Father Edward Mazich, O.S.B., rector, Saint Vincent Seminary; Father Matthew Lambert, O.S.B., Saint Vincent Archabbey; Brother Lawrence Machia, O.S.B., Saint Vincent Archabbey; Deacon Ross Kelsch, Diocese of Covington; Deacon Peter (Panji) Ren, Archdiocese of Beijing; Deacon Benton Clift, Diocese of Covington; Brother Etienne Huard, O.S.B., Conception Abbey; Brother Dominic Leo, O.S.B., Saint Peter’s Abbey; Brother Canice McMullen, O.S.B., Saint Vincent Archabbey; Deacon David Whiteford, Diocese of Erie; Deacon Britton Hennessey, Diocese of Covington; Deacon Andrew Boyd, Diocese of Erie.


Seminarians Make Pilgrimage to Rome

eminarians participated in a nine-day pilgrimage to Rome over spring break, accompanied by Very Rev. Edward Mazich, O.S.B., rector of Saint Vincent Seminary. Departing on Friday, March 3, they arrived the following morning. Their first stop was Mass and a tour of the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls, one of the four major basilicas of Rome. This papal basilica is known for its depictions of every pope in church history, representing the long lineage of the Catholic Church. The group later participated in vespers at Sant’ Anselmo, the international Benedictine university in Rome. They worshipped at Sunday Mass at Sant’ Anselmo on March 5, then walked to the Leaven

Angelus with Pope Francis at Saint Peter’s Square. Father Edward was able to share with seminarians the benefit of his five years of study in Rome. Following receipt of a master’s degree from Saint Vincent Seminary, Father Edward studied at both the Pontifical Biblical Institute, and the Gregorian University, where he received licentiates in Sacred Scripture and Fundamental Theology, respectively, before completing doctoral studies at Oxford University in England. On Monday the group departed for Monte Cassino for Mass and a tour. The Abbey of Montecassino is where Saint Benedict, in 529, built a monastery for those monks following him from Subiaco, and the site of the graves of Saint

Father Edward, rector of the Seminary, speaking to the seminarians about the history of the church of San Benedetto in Piscinula on the way to the Sunday Angelus.

(Continued on Page 10) 9

Spring 2017, Volume 25, Number 1



(Continued from Page 9) Benedict and Saint Scholastica, his sister. That afternoon they visited the Basilica of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, one of the seven pilgrim churches in Rome, and another of the four major basilicas of Rome, the Archbasilica of Saint John Lateran, which is the cathedral of the Pope. Tuesday morning they attended Mass in Saint Peter’s Basilica followed by a tour of the Basilica and then the Vatican Museums. The following day they attended Mass at Santa Maria Maggiore, the stational church of the day, and later toured more historical churches of Rome with Father Edward. A bus tour to the town of Assisi, where seminarians attended Mass at the Basilica of Saint Francis and toured the town was on Thursday’s agenda. The following day the group participated in the stational Mass at Santi Apostoli, then walked to the Gregorian University and the Angelicum. Saturday’s Mass was at Sant’ Anselmo, where the group stayed, followed by a trip to Ostia Antica, where Saint Augustine briefly lived and where his mother Saint Monica died and was first buried. The group returned home to Saint Vincent on Sunday. Clockwise, on this page, from top, left: having lunch in Assisi after attending Mass at the Basilica of Saint Francis; on a tour at Monte Cassino Abbey, founded by Saint Benedict; inside the Basilica at Saint Paul Outside the Walls; outside at Saint Paul; and the altar at Monte Cassino. On the opposite page all photos are at Monte Cassino except for the bottom right image, which is from Assisi, and the photo of the Vatican above it. Photos by Andrew Boyd and Brother Etienne Huard, O.S.B.



Spring 2017, Volume 25, Number 1

Saint Vincent Seminary Annual Report 2016



Spring 2017, Volume 25, Number 1

Chancellor’s Message


Dear Friends,

A Community Of Prayer

  ope Francis has said that behind every vocation to the priesthood is prayer, “always the strong and intense prayer of someone: a grandmother, a grandfather, a mother, a father, a community.” Carrying that thought a bit further, from an institution that nurtures and assists men on the road to priesthood,

behind every ordinand are the prayers, support and work of our Board of Regents, our faculty, staff and administration. Our entire focus is to nuture those vocations and to provide the training the Church specifies for these future priests in service to the people of God. Everything we do at Saint Vincent Seminary is also dependent upon your support, our friends and benefactors. Without your prayers and your financial assistance we would not be able to do this important work. This year we will have one seminarian ordained to the priesthood from Saint Vincent Archabbey, Brother Canice McMullen. Two seminarians will return to Beijing, China for their ordinations, Panji Ren and Jie Shi. The Diocese of Covington, Kentucky will celebrate two priesthood ordinations, with Britton Hennessey and Ross Kelsch. David Whiteford will be ordained for the Diocese of Erie, Peter Crowe for the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown, and Brother Etienne Huard, O.S.B., will be ordained at Conception Abbey, Missouri. These young men in this ordination class are reflective of the global Church and they will travel the globe in service to the Faith. They will build communities of hope in a troubled world. At Easter time, we hear again the good news of our Catholic faith that the Risen Lord is always with us as a friend, particularly to help us through times of distress and discouragement. And we hear again our Lord’s astonishing words spoken to us that whatever we do for others, we do for him. Let us pray for vocations and for each other that we may put into practice the living reality of our Lord’s teaching more courageously and joyfully each day. Sincerely,

Archabbot Douglas R. Nowicki, O.S.B.

Rector’s Message


Rejoice In New Life, Hope

Dear Friends of Saint Vincent Seminary,

n this glorious Easter season we rejoice in the gifts of new life and hope that the resurrection of Christ brings to us. Reflecting this joy, in one of the readings for mass on Easter morning we heard Saint Paul exclaim: “If then you were raised with Christ, seek what is above, where Christ is seated at

the right hand of God” (Col 3:1). Paul wanted all those baptized into the death of Jesus to be given new strength and hope for life by realizing that as surely as they have participated in Jesus’ death they would also share in his resurrection and new life. The men in formation to be priests here at Saint Vincent rejoice in the new life they have found through their calling to the ministry. They continually show me and all the members of our faculty and staff a spirit of faith and good zeal as they go about the many elements of their formation. By virtue of careful preparation during their seminary years they will be effective witnesses to Christ and the new life he seeks to bring to all during the years of their priestly ministry. Last month our Seminary community experienced a wonderful moment of spiritual renewal when the third and fourth year theology students traveled with me to Rome for a nine-day pilgrimage over spring break. Visiting the places where Saints Peter and Paul preached and where some of the earliest Christian communities flourished was a powerful experience for each of the seminarians who participated. We also traveled outside of Rome to visit Monte Cassino, where Saint Benedict lived much of his life and wrote his monastic Rule, as well as Assisi, the town made famous by Saint Francis, Saint Clare, and their many followers to the present day. The spirit of missionary fervor that launched Peter and Paul on their journeys to Rome and beyond is the same spirit that will bring our seminarians back to their home dioceses filled with the desire to share their deepened faith with you and with all those entrusted to their pastoral care. Please join me in praying for our seminarians and supporting them as the one hundred seventy-first class of Saint Vincent Seminary graduates are ordained to the priesthood in the coming weeks and as their remaining brothers continue their journey of formation to serve as ministers of Christ’s mercy and hope in a culture much in need of those precious gifts. Sincerely in Christ, Father Edward Mazich, O.S.B. Leaven


Spring 2017, Volume 25, Number 1

SAINT VINCENT SEMINARY 2016 Honor Roll of Donors The following list includes all Saint Vincent Seminary donors who made a gift or pledge payment for any purpose during 2016. Please telephone the Seminary Development Office at 724-805-2552 or email if a correction is needed. We extend our sincere appreciation to all partners in our mission during 2016. BENEDICTINE ASSOCIATES $25,000 or more Anonymous Archdiocese of Washington Mr. and Mrs. Frank V. Cahouet Mr. and Mrs. Amil A. DiPadova First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association Mrs. Lucine Marous and + Mr. John C. Marous, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Munsch Anonymous Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation in memory of the B. Charles Held Family + Rev. Jerome M. Weiksner SEMINARY FELLOW $10,000 - $24,999 Rev. Francis P. Balestino + Rev. Msgr. William G. Charnoki Mr. and Mrs. James A. Cherubini Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Davis Mr. Charles M. Fischer Mr. Salvatore J. Franzi Most Rev. Rene H. Gracida Rev. Msgr. J. Edward McCullough Mrs. Nelly Pangilinan + Rev. Robert J. Reardon St. Gregory the Great Church Trixie Puff Foundation Mr. Edwin F. Vandergrift Mr. and Mrs. L. Richard Zappone RECTOR’S CABINET $5,000 - $9,999 Ms. Janice G. Barone Ann S. Foster Memorial Scholarship Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation/ Community Foundation of Westmoreland County + John V. Downey Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Dunlap Mr. and Mrs. Wilson J. Farmerie Mrs. Orlie S. Ferretti Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association, Branch 590 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hans Leaven

Knights of Columbus, Supreme Council Dr. and Mrs. Gene F. Leonard Dr. Joseph C. Maroon + Melvin J. Matty Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Murphy Mr. John C. Rusnak Ms. Patricia A. Smiy

First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association, Branch 88 & Jr. Branch 157 Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Gallagher Rev. Msgr. Arnold L. Gaus + Mrs. Anna Golofski Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Golofski Mr. and Mrs. Ross Green, Sr. Dr. Andrzej G. Groch and Ms. Cynthia Maleski Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Gromek Mrs. Carol J. Haile Rev. John R. Haney Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Hershey Miss Carole J. Higgins Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur J. Holtz Rev. Paul Hrezo Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Huber Rev. Richard A. Infante Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Jones Kate M. Kelley Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kilkeary, Sr. Rev. Msgr. Thomas J. Klinzing Knights of Columbus, St. Benedict Council 9056 Mr. Stanley J. Kurek, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Latterner Mrs. Geralynn A. Learish Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Liberatore Ms. Theresa Lieb Dr. and Mrs. James V. Maher, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Maziarz Edward J. McClain, Jr., M.D. Mr. John R. McGinley, Jr. Mrs. Elizabeth L. McMahon Dr. and Mrs. Carey L. McMonagle Rev. Gerald S. Mikonis Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Edward B. Murcko Rev. Francis J. Murhammer Nationwide Foundation Naval Station Norfolk Chapel Rev. Terrence P. O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Pevarnik Mr. Howard W. Pickering Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Pontzer Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Reuscher Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Rudy Sacred Heart Church Rev. Msgr. John R. Sasway Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Scarpo, Jr. Schwab Charitable Fund Mr. and Mrs. John L. Selle Ms. Marilyn L. Selle

BOARD ASSOCIATES $2,500 - $4,999 Ms. Margaret L. Andros Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. DiClaudio Most Rev. Roger J. Foys Ms. Elizabeth M. Gallagher Mrs. Kathleen Sacco Hann and Mr. Fred J. Hann Mr. William B. Heubel Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hoover Rev. Thomas E. Kredel + Rev. Wayne P. Lavin Mrs. Rosemary P. Mazero and +Dr. John R. Mazero Mr. Richard J. Munsch The Murrman Family Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Policastro, Sr. St. Gregory Men’s Club Thomas E. Reynolds Charitable Trust Rev. Gerard A. Trancone Vanguard Charitable RECTOR’S COUNCIL $1,000 - $2,499 Ancient Order of Hibernians, Inc. Anonymous Sr. Sarah Barrett Rev. Donald P. Breier Christ Our Light Parish Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Cirelli Rev. Roy H. Conley Dr. and Mrs. James F. Curley Diocese of Covington Mr. and Mrs. Patrick W. Dumm Mr. and Mrs. John G. Emerick FBC Chemical Corp. Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Ferlan First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association, Branch 13 First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association, Branch 44


+ Dwayne E. Shingle Mr. Harry J. Sichi St. Benedict Church St. Paul Church Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Stover Mr. Michael G. Terlesky Most Rev. Donald W. Trautman Miss Rose M. Volpe Atty. and Mrs. Thomas G. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Walter Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Wolfe SEMINARY PATRONS $500 - $999 Rev. Michael P. Allison Mr. and Mrs. Victor E. Ballash Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Barbiaux Rev. Joseph C. Beck Rev. Msgr. Michael A. Becker Mr. and Mrs. David A. Bernot Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Busch Rev. Robert R. Byrnes Rev. Msgr. John A. Cippel Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Colbert Rev. Thomas M. Colucci Rev. George R. Cowan Ms. Patricia L. Darbous Mr. and Mrs. James C. Donahue Rabbi and Mrs. Jason Z. Edelstein Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Fagan III Rev. Kevin C. Fazio Rev. William P. Feeney First Catholic Slovak Union of the USA & Canada First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association, Branch 313 First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association, Branch 343 Miss Eileen K. Flinn, Esq. Dr. and Mrs. William M. Fronczek, Jr. Mr. Frank B. Fuhrer Rev. Msgr. John Gerald Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Eugene H. Gleixner Mr. Mark E. Groeger Mr. Michael D. Herman Rev. Dr. and Mrs. William J. Hisker Rev. Mark A. Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Holway Mrs. Ruth L. Janik Dr. and Mrs. Charles F. Keller Miss Mary J. King Mr. and Mrs. F. Patrick Kozbelt Mrs. Theresa J. Kralik Miss Doris E. Krumenacker Spring 2017, Volume 25, Number 1

Mrs. J. Roberta Kubic Rev. Peter J. Kuligowski Mr. and Mrs. James K. Laffey Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Larese Rev. Ronald P. Lengwin Rev. Msgr. Edward M. Lohse Mr. Clair C. Long Very Rev. Daniel C. Mahoney William M. Maley Ms. Paula A. Maloney Rev. Lawrence L. Manchas Mrs. Carol Massaro Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. McConomy Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Miltenberger Sr. Barbara Ann Moravec Mrs. Florein M. Mueller Ms. Elena L. Nipper Mr. and Mrs. Antonio D. Octavo Mr. John D. Onorato Mr. Robert J. Pasquarelli Most Rev. Lawrence T. Persico Mrs. Bernadette M. Pevarnik Rev. Thang M. Pham Polis Charitable Fund Ms. Margaret E. Pontzer Mr. and Mrs. Ronald N. Raimondo Rev. Msgr. William R. Rathgeb Mrs. Elizabeth P. Resnik Rev. Lawrence R. Richards Mrs. Anne B. Robertshaw Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Rossi, Sr. Saint Joseph Monastery Saint Vincent Development Club Rev. David E. F. Scharf Mr. Ronald J. Sestili Rev. Msgr. Robert J. Siffrin Ms. Karen J. Sroka St. Edward Church St. Paul Parish Mrs. Gertrudann K. Tatananni Rev. Edward J. Trzeciakowski Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Urban, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Voyten Most Rev. William J. Winter Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. Ziemski Ms. Carmeline V. Zimmer SEMINARY ALLIANCE $100 - $499 Mr. and Mrs. Chris A. Adams Rev. Robert J. Ahlin Ms. Maureen E. Altman Mr. Charles Angelilli Apostles of the Sacred Heart Mrs. Barbara L. Bacha Rev. Charles J. Baptiste Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Barden Rev. Martin F. Barkin Mr. John D. Barnes Leaven

Rev. Christopher M. Barnes Most Rev. Mark L. Bartchak Rev. Martin D. Bartel, O.S.B. Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Bashour Mr. and Mrs. Mario J. Battaglia Mr. Mark A. Bauer Mr. and Mrs. Carl S. Baumeister Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Baumgratz Mr. and Mrs. Eladio Y. Bayani, Jr. Mrs. Carolyn F. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Bellizia Mr. and Mrs. James D. Bendel Mrs. Pauline Bender Mr. and Mrs. Gene E. Bennett Mr. Kevin Bezy Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Biss Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Black Rev. Daniel L. Blout Rev. Dennis A. Bogusz Rev. Andrew J. Bolcar Mr. Alphonse J. Bon and Mrs. Sarah Bon Rev. Joseph E. Bonafed Ms. Rebecca A. Bookhamer Mr. John and Dr. Mary Ann Boyarski Mr. John W. Boyle Rev. Robert J. Boyle Mr. and Mrs. James H. Bregenser Mrs. Sarah Bregenser Mr. and Mrs. James R. Breisinger Mr. and Mrs. Bradley C. Brennen Mr. Jason J. Brinker Mr. and Mrs. John A. Brock Ms. Ruth M. Bronder Mr. and Mrs. Lester E. Brownfield Rev. Matthew A. Brumleve Capt. John R. Bucholtz Ms. Jane T. Buck Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Buckman Mr. Philip F. Budny Rev. James F. Bump Mr. and Mrs. Regis E. Burgman Dr. and Mrs. Richard V. Burkhauser Mrs. Mary Burrell Mr. and Mrs. Warren J. Busscher Ms. Elizabeth Butler Dr. Brian L. Calcagni Mrs. Adelaide B. Caldwell Rev. Michael M. Camara Mr. and Mrs. Victor V. Capets Dr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Capone Mr. and Mrs. James A. Carasella Rev. Rafael Carballo Mr. James S. Carey, Jr. Rev. Jorge Carranza Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Casey Dr. and Mrs. Jesus S. Cenizal Mr. Harold Cheatle Rev. Vincent P. Cieslewicz, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Ciocca Rev. Matthew R. Cirilli


Citi Nails Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Citrone Mr. and Mrs. Allan G. Clark Vincent A. Colianni, Esq. Dr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Collard Mr. and Mrs. Craig W. Collins Mr. Russell R. Companion Mr. Alexander D. Condron Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Connor Rev. Donald B. Conroy Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Conte Mr. and Mrs. George A. Conti, Jr. Mrs. Jacqueline M. Conti Mr. Joseph R. Conway Mr. Charles J. Cosentino Mr. Ralph R. Costanzo Mr. and Mrs. John W. Courter Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Cox Dr. and Mrs. Francesco Crocenzi Mr. and Mrs. William F. Cronin Ms. Kathleen M. Cronin-Millar Ms. Carolyn Crooks Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Curiale Mrs. Mary Lou Curry Mr. and Mrs. John L. Curtin Rev. Richard J. Czapinski William E. Danko, M.D. Ms. Cornelia Dattilo Mr. and Mrs. Arthur DeAngelis Mr. and Mrs. Ray V. DeCesaris Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Decker Mr. John E. DeGidio Rev. Anthony Dill Diocese of Greensburg Diocese of Steubenville Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. DiVincenzo William B. Dixon, Esq. Ms. Margaret M. Dolinar Mr. and Mrs. Regis Donahue Mr. and Mrs. George C. Dorman Rev. Garrett D. Dorsey Rev. Douglas E. Dorula The Honorable and Mrs. John J. Driscoll Mr. and Mrs. John A. Dudas Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Dudzinsky Mr. Regis M. Dugan Dr. David A. Dzombak and Ms. Carolyn J. Menard Mrs. Jane Eck Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Egan Rev. Craig R. Eilerman Electro Glass Products, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William J. Englert Mrs. Carolyn Engstrom Mrs. Gloria Enis Mrs. Cecilia Eskridge Ms. Gracita C. Estepa Mr. and Mrs. Ben E. Evans Mrs. Mary A. Facetti

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Fajt Mr. Eugene B. Farabaugh Mrs. Agnes C. Farcosky Very Rev. Philip N. Farrell Mr. Jerome F. Fatora Mr. Frederick R. Favo Mr. and Mrs. David J. Federline Mr. and Mrs. Theodore H. Feindt Rev. Michael P. Ferrick Fidelity Charitable Dr. Joseph J. Filler First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association, Branch 11 First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association, Branch 77 First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association, Branch 90 First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association, Branch 177 First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association, Branch 218 Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Fitzgerald Mr. Terrence M. Flaherty Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Fodge Dr. Arlene J. Fontanares Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Franxman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Freiland Rev. Mr. and Mrs. F. Daniel Frescura Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Friday Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Fronczek, Jr. Mr. Carl R. Fuhrman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Galek Miss Ann Gavaler Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Geisler Dr. and Mrs. Frank N. Genovese Rev. Carl J. Gentile Mr. Ronald R. Giuliana Ms. Patricia E. Glatz Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Glenn Mr. John S. Golofski, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John R. Grayson Rev. James R. Gretz Mr. Clement F. Gross, III Mr. and Mrs. James J. Grossi, Sr. Mrs. Gloria S. Guanzon Mr. Raphael F. Guanzon Rev. John L. Gudewicz Ms. Susan Guttendorf Mr. and Mrs. Fred K. Habenicht Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Hagan Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Hager Rev. Thomas F. Hamm, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Colin M. Hammer Ms. Linda Hammers Rev. Mr. and Mrs. John M. Hanchin Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Hanley Rev. Msgr. Robert M. Harris Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hartsock Rev. John A. Harvey Mr. and Mrs. J. Harry Haslam, Jr. Ms. Martha R. Hazlinsky Spring 2017, Volume 25, Number 1

Rev. Robert W. Herrmann Mr. A. Joseph Hertzog Mrs. Joan Herzing Mrs. Ilse T. Hilliard Mrs. Bernadette Himmel Mr. and Mrs. R. Lee Hite Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Hobart, Jr. Ms. Betsy Hochstine Rev. Norman C. Hohenwarter, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Holnaider Holy Name Society, St. Benedict Church Mr. Michael Homak Mr. Charles Horan Mrs. Geraldine F. Hricik Mr. and Mrs. John S. Hudock

Mr. Charles E. Hutchison Mr. John M. Javor Mr. John Jodell John & Hanna Hindmarsh Foundation Mrs. Janet M. Jones Rev. Benedict E. Kapa Dr. Martin A. Kapusta, Jr. and + Mrs. Charlene E. Kapusta Mrs. Rosalie Kasperik Mr. and Mrs. John G. Kaufman Mrs. Ann L. Keiser Rev. Msgr. James P. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Kelly Mrs. Joan F. Kessler Rev. William J. Kiel

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick W. King Rev. Msgr. Lawrence R. Kiniry Dr. and Mrs. William J. Kirsch Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Kissell Rev. Joseph J. Kleppner Mr. Dennis A. Kline Ms. Joanne A. Knapp Knights of Columbus, Council 8613 Knights of Columbus, Jeannette Council 1222 Knights of Columbus, Latrobe Council 940 Knights of Columbus, St. Malachy Council 11018 Mr. Peter Kram Mr. and Mrs. John R. Kramer

Lifetime Recognition Through December 31, 2016. $1,000,000 or more Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. John F. Donahue First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association +Dr. and Mrs. George J. Magovern, Sr. +Mr. John C. Marous, Jr. and Mrs. Lucine Marous $500,000-$999,999 Diocese of Pittsburgh Mr. David M. Roderick +Dr. and Mrs. George E. Sweeney $100,000-$499,999 Anonymous +Mr. and Mrs. August Battaglia Mr. and Mrs. David L. Brennan Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions Mr. and Mrs. Frank V. Cahouet +Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Demshock Diocese of Erie Diocese of Greensburg Diocese of Harrisburg Mr. and Mrs. Amil A. DiPadova Mr. and Mrs. George C. Dorman Mr. and Mrs. Wilson J. Farmerie +Mrs. Mary Jo Hammontree William Randolph Hearst Foundations +Rev. John P. Hickey Kate M. Kelley Foundation Knights of Columbus, Supreme Council Leaven

+Rev. Thomas J. Kram +Mr. James Lancas Rev. Msgr. Paul A. Lenz +Mr. Thomas Marshall Rev. Msgr. J. Edward McCullough Richard King Mellon Foundation +Rev. Richard V. Paluse An Anonymous Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation in memory of the B. Charles Held Family +Mrs. Mary Louise Redding Thomas E. Reynolds Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. Vincent A. Sarni +The Honorable Bernard F. Scherer and Mrs. Norma P. Scherer +Mr. Joseph S. Schuchert and Mrs. Karalyn Schuchert +Rev. Mr. John E. Sroka and Mrs. Marion L. Sroka St. Gregory the Great Church St. Marys Catholic Foundation +Rev. John P. Stack +Rev. Raymond A. Vollmer +Rev. Jerome M. Weiksner

Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Victor E. Ballash +Mrs. Viola B. Bratton +Ms. Helen M. Cegelski +Mrs. Anna M. Chase Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. DiCesare Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown Diocese of Columbus Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston Diocese of Youngstown Mr. and Mrs. J. Christopher Donahue

($10,000 or More, Lifetime)

Most Rev. Rene H. Gracida +Mrs. Mary S. Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Gromek Rev. Joseph R. Grosko +Dr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Heisel, Jr. Hoehn Scholarship Trust Fund Koch Foundation, Inc. +Mr. Steven Kosmo and Mrs. Angeline Kosmo +Rev. George T. Leech +Rev. Joseph R. Lemp +Dr. Barbara Loe +Ms. Catherine H. McCluskey Mr. and Mrs. John Munsch The Murrman Family +Rev. Fabian G. Oris Mrs. Nelly Pangilinan +Rev. E. Charles Patterson +Rev. George E. Saladna Mr. and Mrs. L. Richard Zappone $25,000 to $49,999

$50,000 to $99,999


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Krebs Mr. and Mrs. Robert Krempasky The Mildred F. & Paul M. Kridlo, Sr. Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation/Community Foundation of Westmoreland County Mr. and Mrs. Zoltan J. Kristof Dr. and Mrs. Frank J. Kroboth Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Kromel Mr. and Mrs. Emil Kuhar Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Kusbit Rev. Msgr. Raymond W. Kutner Mr. and Mrs. Gerald LaFrankie Mr. and Mrs. John M. Lally Mr. and Mrs. David E. Lamb

Anonymous Archdiocese of Atlanta Archdiocese of Washington Rev. Francis P. Balestino Ms. Janice G. Barone Ms. Sarah Barrett +Mrs. Bernice R. Bauer Brooks Foundation +Mrs. Annette C. Brownfield +Rev. John J. Cassella +Rev. Msgr. William G. Charnoki Mr. and Mrs. James A. Cherubini +Rev. Msgr. Leon S. Darkowski The Dean Family +Rev. Anthony G. Deluca Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. DiClaudio Diocese of Gary

Diocese of Steubenville Diocese of Tulsa +Mr. Thomas J. Donnelly and Mrs. Marilyn Donnelly Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Durishan +Rev. Benedict W. Erkens Mrs. Orlie S. Ferretti Mr. Charles M. Fischer +Mrs. Jacquelyn Fish Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Fish Mr. Salvatore J. Franzi and +Mrs. Kathleen Franzi Ms. Elizabeth M. Gallagher +Dr. and Mrs. Harry Gerstbrein Mr. Carl G. Grefenstette and +Mrs. Mary Jane Grefenstette Rev. John R. Haney Mrs. Kathleen Sacco Hann and Mr. Fred J. Hann Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hans Mr. William B. Heubel Miss Carole J. Higgins +Rev. Edward F. Higgins Donald F. Hunter Charitable Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Gene F. Leonard +Ms. Mary L. Lepkowski + Rev. Francis G. Massung Dr. Edward J. McClain, Jr. and + Mrs. Nancy McClain + Ms. Mildred Mladenick Dr. and Mrs. Edward B. Murcko Rev. Francis J. Murhammer +Rev. Francis A. Nazimek +Mr. John A. Robertshaw, Jr. and Mrs. Anne B. Robertshaw + Rev. Richard P. Scherer +Mr. Clyde S. Shuler +Mr. Glenn E. Stinson and Mrs. Lavina Stinson +Mr. Gilbert A. Strittmatter Spring 2017, Volume 25, Number 1

Rev. Hugh J. Lang Mr. Francis L. Langan Mr. David Lanzel Mr. and Mrs. Dale P. Latimer Lazor Furniture, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Leone Mr. Robert H. Long Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Long Mrs. Agnes L. Lorenzen Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Lowe Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Lowell Mr. and Mrs. Robert Luczak Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Ludwikowski Rev. Gerald J. Lutz Dr. and Mrs. James R. Lynch, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Myron C. Lyon Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Lyskava Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Macha Mrs. Bruni Magovern Mr. and Mrs. Charles Maguire His Eminence, Cardinal Adam Joseph Maida The Most Reverend Edward C. Malesic Mr. Jack G. Mancuso Rev. Timothy D. Marcoe + Dr. Philip X. Masciantonio Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Matthews Mrs. Loretta McBroom Dr. and Mrs. Michael P. McCarthy Rev. John J. McCoy, Jr.

Ms. Mary E. McFadden Mr. Terrence J. McGlinn, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. McGreevy Mrs. Janet McGuire Mrs. Mildred McGuire Mrs. Mary K. McHugh Mr. Gary M. McKeown Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. McKinley Mrs. Mary Lou McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. John F. McLaughlin Rev. Lawrence J. McNeil Mrs. Judith J. Melroy Mrs. Roberta Merva Mr. and Mrs. George E. Mesher Rev. Michael E. Messner Mr. and Mrs. Willis R. Meyer

Lifetime Recognition

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Stover Rev. F. Raymond Trance +Rev. Francis C. Wildgruber $10,000 to $24,999

Anonymous Mrs. Betty J. Antesberger Ms. Evelyn Augustin +Mrs. Katherine M. Bates Mrs. Marian R. Bearer Rev. Andrew J. Bolcar Ms. Linda M. Boxx Mr. T. William Boxx +Mrs. Rosemary Breindel Mr. and Mrs. John D. Bridge Caesar Puff Foundation +Mr. Robert H. Caldwell and Mrs. Adelaide B. Caldwell +Rev. John J. Charnoki Mrs. Margaret T. Chiosi Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Chute Rev. Msgr. John A. Cippel Rev. Roy H. Conley E. E. Connelly Family Foundation Rev. Msgr. John L. Conway +Mr. Anthony Corbo and Mrs. Rose Corbo Dr. and Mrs. James F. Curley +Ms. Dolores Daly +Mr. John A. Daum +Ms. Mary C. Dillon +Rev. Msgr. Michael A. Dravecky Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Davis +Mr. Frederick N. Egler and Mrs. Ruth Egler Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Fagan, III +Rev. Edward R. Farina FBC Chemical Corp. + Rev. Robert E. Feeney Rev. William P. Feeney Leaven

+Rev. Francis B. Filip J. B. Finley Charitable Trust First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association, Branch 13 First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association, Branch 590 First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association, Okres The Ann S. Foster Memorial Scholarship Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation/ Community Foundation of Westmoreland County Mr. Francis H. Freidhoff +Rev. Francis H. Gallagher Rev. Msgr. John Gerald Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Gallagher +Rev. Arthur L. Garbin +Rev. Hugh M. Gloninger Mr. and Mrs. Ross Green, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. John E. Grotzinger +Ms. Helena R. Hartshorne +Ms. Catherine R. Held Hershey Foods Gift Match Program +Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Hess +Rev. Edwin H. Hirt Mr. Germain J. Holtz Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur J. Holtz Human Life International, Inc. Rev. Richard A. Infante Mr. John M. Javor Kattan-Ferretti Insurance Agency +Ms. Marie D. Kaul +Rev. Hubert J. Kealy +Mr. and Mrs. Clair J. Kirsch Knights of Columbus, St. Benedict Council 905 +Rev. Msgr. Donald W. Kraus


Mr. and Mrs. Howard R. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Miller, Jr. Rev. Mr. John C. Miller, Jr. Ms. Elizabeth Mina Mr. and Mrs. Gary Molitor Rev. Walter J. Moll, Jr. Most Rev. Jeffrey M. Monforton Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Moore Mrs. Virginia L. Moretto Rev. Wayne E. Morris Ms. Mary A. Mudron Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Mueller Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Murin Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. Murtha, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Naggy Mrs. Barbara Nakles

($10,000 or More, Lifetime)

+Mr. Norbert L. Kraus Rev. Thomas E. Kredel Miss Doris E. Krumenacker +Ms. Irene H. Kruzynski Mr. and Mrs. James K. Laffey Mr. and Mrs. Ashley Leggett, Jr. +Rev. Francis M. Lynch Dr. and Mrs. James V. Maher, Jr. +Rev. Msgr. Robert J. Maher +Rev. Msgr. Augustine Marzhauser +Mr. Melvin J. Matty Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Maziarz Mrs. Mary McCauslin +Rev. John H. McMahon +Rev. Edward F. McSweeney R. K. Mellon Family Foundation +Rev. Msgr. Alphonse G. Mihm Rev. Gerald S. Mikonis Sr. Barbara Ann Moravec +Mr. Roland J. Mueller and Mrs. Florein M. Mueller Mr. Richard J. Munsch +Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Munsch Nationwide Foundation Ms. Maureen S. O’Brien Ms. Rita Palguta Pat Dumm Construction Co. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Pevarnik +Mr. Joseph C. Pevarnik and Mrs. Bernadette M. Pevarnik Mr. Howard W. Pickering Rev. Leo J. Pleban Mr. John S. Polickoski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Pontzer PPG Industries Foundation Ms. Jane Prengaman Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Queenan, Jr. Rev. Msgr. William R. Rathgeb +Rev. Robert J. Reardon

+Ms. Adeline Reeping +Dr. Frank E. Resnik Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Reuscher +Rev. Msgr. Charles O. Rice +Ms. Philomena Rich Rossin Foundation +Ms. Bertha Salter Rev. Msgr. John R. Sasway +Mr. Thomas E. Schaut +Rev. William J. Scholz Schwab Charitable Fund Mr. Leo H. Selle Serra Club of Cambria County Mr. Charles Sheedy Mr. Dwayne E. Shingle +Ms. Norma A. Sirback Dr. Jane A. Slezak Ms. Patricia A. Smiy St. Gregory the Great Men’s Club St. Paul Seminary +Rev. Julius S. Stefurosky Mrs. Gertrudann Keddie Tatananni +Mrs. Mary E. Tepe Rev. Gerard A. Trancone +Miss Mary Lou M. Trancone Trixie Puff Foundation Mr. Edwin F. Vandergrift Miss Rose M. Volpe Atty. and Mrs. Thomas G. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Walter Washington Theological Union +Mr. Leroy Wilhelm Rev. George A. Wilt Most Rev. William J. Winter Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Wolfe Mrs. Kathleen Yanity +Rev. Msgr. Aloysius L. Zwolinski Spring 2017, Volume 25, Number 1

Rev. David J. Nazimek Mr. Daniel L. Nedzinski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Newell Rev. Robert A. Norton Mrs. Cathy H. Nowicki Dr. and Mrs. Harry M. Null Ms. Maureen S. O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. O’Brien Dr. John E. Occhuizzo Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Ochocki Capt. and Mrs. Robert E. Oldani Rev. Kenneth E. Oldenski Miss Patricia Olmer Mr. William J. Olson Mrs. Catherine E. Olson Mr. and Mrs. William A. O’Neil Rev. Jeremiah T. O’Shea Very Rev. Ronald Osinski Rev. Chester J. Pabin Mrs. Betty Pacienza Rev. John A. Palko Mr. and Mrs. David J. Paluselli Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert D. Pastor Rev. Angelo J. Patti Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Pauvlik Mr. Thomas J. Pauvlik Mr. Raymond L. Pavlik Ms. Josephine A. Pavlock Mrs. Hazel M. Pearsall Dr. and Mrs. Gabriel S. Pellathy Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Pereira Mr. and Mrs. David A. Perry, Sr. Rev. David A. Perry, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Pesavento, Jr. Mr. Paul P. Petrarca Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Pevarnik Mrs. Esther Pevarnik Mr. Mark A. Pevarnik Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Pevarnik Mr. Stephen M. Pevarnik Mrs. Kathryn J. Pfouts Rev. Peter R. Pilarski Rev. Bernardo Pistone Mr. Richard A. Platt Rev. Alexander L. Pleban Rev. Leo J. Pleban Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Pleus Rev. Kevin G. Poecking Mrs. Mary Ann Polinski Mr. and Mrs. Brian L. Pollock Mr. and Mrs. Arnold L. Pon Mr. and Mrs. J. Marc Poole Ms. Carol L. Pratt Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Prechtl Rev. Philip P. Pribonic Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Pusateri Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Queenan, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Quinn Mr. and Mrs. M. Robert Racko Leaven

Mr. Edmund J. Stegner Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Stein Mrs. Celine Steinmiller Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Stillwagon Mr. and Mrs. James Straub Ms. Julie A. Straub Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Sujansky Mrs. Sylvia F. Sullivan Mr. Michael J. Summa Suncrest Nails LLC Mr. Fredrick G. Sutton Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Sutton Dr. Gerard D. Sweeney Rev. John P. Sweeney Dr. and Mrs. William J. Switala Rev. Msgr. Andrew Szaroleta Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Takacs Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tamburello Rev. Carl T. Tancredi Mr. and Mrs. William L. Ticknor Mr. Geoffrey J. Tolge and Dr. Helena Zyczynski Rev. Msgr. Samuel J. Tomaselli Mr. and Mrs. William J. Tompkins Mr. and Mrs. Regis A. Tomsey Mr. Paul W. Trunzo Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Tupta, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Nick J. Uliano Mr. Edward S. Ungvarsky Mr. and Mrs. Charles Urbanowicz Ms. Molli E. Vassar Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Vaughan Verizon Foundation Atty. and Mrs. Gregory W. Walkauskas Mr. John L. Wandrisco Rev. G. David Weikart Mr. and Mrs. William G. Weiss Mrs. Priscila Weiss Ms. Robin Weissert Mr. Raymond W. Werthman Rev. Richard J. Wesoloski Rev. Timothy F. Whalen Mr. Paul and Dr. Deborah Whiteside Ms. Rita A. Wiesner Ms. Jean M. Wildauer Ms. Mary J. Wilt Miss Elaine K. Wilt Rev. George A. Wilt Mr. Daniel G. Wortman Mr. Richard Yokopenic Mrs. Almanimfa Q. Zaballero Mrs. Dorothy Zello

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Radacsy Mr. and Mrs. Pietro Raimondi Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Rarick Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Rector Mrs. Imogene Reidy Ms. Karen T. Reidy Mr. Sherwood Richardson Mrs. Margaret P. Richardson Mrs. Stella Ridilla Mr. Randal G. Rinier Mr. and Mrs. Marc B. Robertshaw Mrs. Lois H. Roos Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Rose Rev. Nicholas J. Rouch Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. Rudolph Mr. and Mrs. John T. Ryan Rev. Msgr. Robert J. Saly Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Santez, Jr. +Mrs. Edith Sarneso Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Sarneso Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Sarni Mrs. Dolores M. Sasway Rev. Lawrence A. Schaeper Mr. Joseph Schappert Mr. William H. Scheirer Dr. and Mrs. Bernard C. Scherer Mr. and Mrs. James K. Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Schneider Rev. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Schuette Mr. Richard J. Schulte Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Seamens Mr. and Mrs. James R. Sedley Serra Club of Allegheny Valley Serra Club of Cambria County Serra Club of Greensburg Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Severin Atty. and Mrs. Carl T. Severini Mr. and Mrs. David W. Shaffer Mrs. Dorothy J. Shea Mr. and Mrs. William W. Shearouse, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Shepler Mrs. Mary L. Shumaker Rev. Paul S. Siebert Mr. and Mrs. George J. Silowash Mr. Brian K. Silowash Ms. Barbara E. Simpson Mrs. Josephine M. Smart Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Smith Mr. Donald R. Snipes Ms. Melinda Snoznik Mrs. Diane G. Sobota Dr. Fred L. Soisson, Jr. Mrs. Donna R. Spalla St. Paul Seminary St. Vincent de Paul Society Mrs. Theresa M. Stas

SEMINARY CENTURY Gifts up to $99 Mr. and Mrs. Dante M. Abitria Mr. Samuel C. Acchione Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Adamonis


Mr. and Mrs. Dan Agustin Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Alton Ms. Beth Alwine Mr. William R. Amatucci Mr. and Mrs. James L. Annas, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel J. Answine Mr. and Mrs. William P. Antesberger Mrs. Sheila S. Antonacci Mrs. Grace Arnold Ms. Linda S. Aten Mrs. Edita R. Atilano Dr. Carolina Bacani-Longa Mr. and Mrs. Benno Bearer Mrs. Louise M. Bearer Mr. and Mrs. Carmen J. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Belsterling Rev. Sylvester J. Bendzella Mr. and Mrs. Edward Benoit Rev. Harry R. Bielewicz, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. M. Brian Biggins Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Blasiole Mr. and Mrs. Richard Blessington Mrs. Carole A. Blessington Mr. Michael E. Bodenschatz Mr. Henry Boeckman Atty. Eric Bononi and the Honorable Michele G. Bononi Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. Bowden Ms. Shelly Bowden Mrs. Sharon H. Brahmstadt Mrs. Kathleen A. Brestensky Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Bridge Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Bridges Mr. and Mrs. Chester M. Brighenti Mr. Gregory Broad Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Brown Mr. David A. Burak Very Rev. Philip G. Burger Mr. Harold B. Burke Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Butala Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Caffrey, Jr. Rev. James A. Caldwell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Caraccioli Mr. and Mrs. George T. Caravaggio Rev. Anthony J. Carbone Mr. Kenneth and Dr. Annette Cartaxo Mrs. Catherine C. Cencerik Ms. Michelle C. Chaido Mr. Charles J. Chatt Mr. and Mrs. Chester M. Chorzempa Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Clouse William and Mary Jane Collins Commercial National Bank Rev. Mr. and Mrs. John J. Concannon, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice A. Confer Mr. and Mrs. J. Patrick Conroy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Coppula Ms. Carole Cortes Spring 2017, Volume 25, Number 1

Mrs. Naomi S. Costello Mr. Daniel V. Costello Dr. and Mrs. William P. Coyle Mr. and Mrs. James W. Creenan Mr. and Mrs. Marc P. Crimboli Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Crimboli Mrs. Marion G. Cronauer Mr. and Mrs. William D. Crosby, Jr. Mrs. Frances S. Cunningham Dr. and Mrs. Jean-Jacques D’Aoust Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. Dauerer Dr. and Mrs. Vincent J. De Cosmo Mrs. Gloria A. DeFabo Mrs. Joanne K. DelSordo Major and Mrs. Alfred S. Demailo Dr. and Mrs. Hugh M. Dempsey Mr. and Mrs. David L. DePrator Ms. Marion Depree Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Destefano Mr. Donn M. DeVallance Rev. Eric J. Dinga Mr. and Mrs. Patrick H. DiNunzio Mrs. Shirley M. Dorazio Ms. Christina Dornauer Ms. Josephine A. Dugan + Rev. Robert J. Dunphy Mrs. Loretta M. Durishan Mr. and Mrs. Howard Dutrow Mrs. Louise D. Elleo Mr. and Mrs. Perry Ellie Mrs. Gertrude K. Engel Mr. Robert J. Englebach Mrs. Maxine Erskine Mrs. Adele Faish Mr. John J. Falenski Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Farias Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Farrell, Jr. Mrs. Jacqueline Fedryk Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Ferencak Mrs. Josephine A. Ferretti Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ferry Rev. Ryan M. Fischer Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Fitzpatrick Mr. Charles A. Florey Mrs. Eileen Foski Ms. Mary E. Freil Mr. William J. Fromme Ms. Loretta L. Fuller Ms. Flora J. Funtal Mr. and Mrs. Vincent P. Gagetta Mrs. Margaret M. Gallardy Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Gallo Ms. Lesley A. Galosi Ms. Catherine A. Gannon Ms. Margaret M. Gannon Mr. Frank Gapinski Mr. Terence P. Gates Rev. John A. Geinzer Mrs. Evelyn K. Gera Rev. John J. Gibbons Leaven

Ms. Margaret A. Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Glowaski Ms. Clareece Godt Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Gogol Ms. Julie Golofski Mr. Francis L. Gonet Mr. and Mrs. Lon A. Good Mr. Hugh J. Gorman Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Goswick Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Gray Ms. Rosemarie Gregory Mrs. Ruth B. Gregory Mr. and Mrs. James M. Groba Mr. and Mrs. Gervase S. Gumbita Mr. Michael Guritza Ms. Lynda J. Guzik Mrs. Nancy Haberberger Mr. and Mrs. James M. Haggerty Mrs. Hazel V. Hall Mr. George L. Hall Ms. Betty L. Hammargren Mrs. Veronica E. Hannahoe Mr. Derek W. Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Dean W. Hansen Ms. Sunny S. Hargis Ms. Jerry F. Harris Mr. and Mrs. James Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Haycisak Mr. and Mrs. Frantz Herko Ms. Patricia L. Hess Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Hollinger Mrs. Lucille Hoover Mr. and Mrs. Randy Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Horne Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hrobak Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Hrosik Atty. and Mrs. Francis R. Hunter Ms. Louise Hutchings Ms. Ruth S. Isenberg Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Janes Mr. Brent Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. James J. Jioio Mr. Roy L. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. James E. Jones Mr. Shannon J. Jordan Rev. Msgr. Ralph L. Kaiser Mrs. Dorothy Keddie Mr. and Mrs. David M. Kelly Rev. Msgr. Kurt Kemo Mr. Ed Kengersky, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Timothy F. Kessel Ms. Jennifer M. Kettering Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. King George G. King, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. John Kingry Mr. Reginald Kirsch Mrs. Dollie H. Kiscadden Ms. Jane F. Klacik Ms. Rhonda L. Kleinspehn Rev. Joseph J. Kleinstuber

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kline Mr. James A. Kline Mr. and Mrs. John H. Kline Mr. James G. Klocek Mr. John Knecht Knights of Columbus, Penn Allegheny Council 4242 Knights of Columbus, Queen of Angels Council 4890 Knights of Columbus, Stephen P. Barry Assembly 940 Mr. and Mrs. William B. Knoll Mr. Albert J. Kollar Mrs. Mary Angela Kornides Mr. Victor S. Koslosky Ms. Carol A. Koss Mrs. Dorothy B. Kotsenas Mrs. Helen Kowatch Mr. and Mrs. John Kraft Mrs. Maria Kramer Mr. and Mrs. David R. Krause Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Kujawinski Mr. and Mrs. John E. Kunz Mr. and Mrs. Jerome F. Kurland Mr. Robert J. Kurland Mr. Thomas J. Kuss Mrs. Kateryna Lackey Mrs. Sandra L. Langer Latrobe Country Club Rev. Eugene F. Lauer Mrs. Irene Lavin Mrs. Shirley A. Lazar Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lazuka Rev. Patrick Leahey Rev. William J. Lechnar Mr. and Mrs. Ashley Leggett, Jr. Ms. Lorraine Lenda Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Lennon Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Leonard Mrs. Angela D. Letzeisen Mr. and Mrs. Morrison F. Lewis The Honorable and Mrs. John K. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Lieb Mr. William E. Llewellyn, Jr. Lt. Colonel and Mrs. Roy S. Lombardo, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Long Mr. and Mrs. William E. Lozier Ms. Arlene Ludwig Mrs. Patricia T. Luparello Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Macaluso Mrs. Regina A. Macey Mr. and Mrs. Mark Majorsky Mrs. Rose Malec Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Malley Mr. and Mrs. Jim Manolakos Mrs. Gloria Manzi Mr. and Mrs. Regis A. Marinchek Mrs. Evelyn S. Marks


Mrs. Claudia J. Martucci Mr. and Mrs. Warren Massey Mr. and Mrs. Bernard I. Matlak Mr. Gregory J. Maurer Mr. and Mrs. Edward Maurer Mr. and Mrs. Bernard F. May Mrs. Rita Mayercsik Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. McCaver Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. McGregor Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. McGuigan Ms. Virginia M. McHale Mr. Richard D. McHenry, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. McMichael Ms. Patricia McMinn Ms. Kimberley A. Metzgar Mr. and Mrs. John T. Mirabelli Dr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Monack Mrs. Dolores M. Monaco Ms. Dorothy L. Monroe Ms. Jerry Moore Mr. and Mrs. Francisco C. Morales Very Rev. Drew Morgan Mr. William J. Morley Mr. and Mrs. Roy Morris Mr. and Mrs. Lester T. Morris Mr. and Mrs. John L. Morrison Mr. Kenneth K. Mosack Mrs. Joyce Motter Mrs. Margaret G. Mulcahy Mr. and Mrs. James L. Murdy Mr. Thomas J. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Hugh J. Murphy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Francis P. Murrman, Jr. Mr. John W. Murtha Ms. Barbara Nalle Ms. Dolores M. Nasser Mr. Fred R. Nene and Ms. Candace Cain Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nevins Rev. Dam D. Nguyen Mr. Raymond Novotny Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Nugent Mr. and Mrs. Edy M. Ochoa Ms. Maria Ondras Mr. Daniel P. Orange

Rev. Paschal Kneip Scholarship The Rev. Paschal Kneip Scholarship, an Archabbey scholarship, provides funding for monks of Saint Vincent Archabbey to attend the Seminary. In thanks, recent donors to that Archabbey Scholarship are listed here. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gut Mr. J. Brian Kuebler Oblates of St. Benedict Spring 2017, Volume 25, Number 1

Mr. and Mrs. James P. O’Sullivan Mr. Robert S. Ozabal Mr. John F. Painley Mrs. Elizabeth E. Painter Mr. Vern Palinkas Mr. George Pallo, Jr. Miss Guadalupe Panson Mr. Richard P. Pantaleo Ms. Kathryn W. Parks Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Patun Mrs. Agnes C. Peters Mrs. Jean Peterson Mrs. Pauline Pfeifer Rev. Jon J. Plavcan Mr. and Mrs. David H. Plows Mr. John S. Polickoski Rev. Michael C. Polinek

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Poloney Mr. George R. Ponticello, Jr. Ms. Jane Pramuk Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Preik Ms. Nancy E. Premoshis Ms. Atala Purdy Mr. Francis Puskar Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Rafferty Mr. and Mrs. John E. Ragan Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Rapp Mr. Edward V. Rebar Mr. John A. Remark, Sr. Rev. David M. Renne Ms. Julia C. Revitsky Ms. Blanche A. Rhodes Rev. Dennis Riccitelli Mr. Bruno M. Ripoli

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. James A. Robinson Mr. Herman R. Rocchi, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Allison M. Roesch Ms. Linda S. Rohol Ms. Helen Rolla Mr. and Mrs. John C. Rosick Mr. Edmond Rosky Mr. Joseph J. Rubino Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Rudy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Rugalla, Jr. Mrs. Theresa I. Rullo Mrs. Ruth J. Rupprecht Mr. and Mrs. James J. Sackett Mr. Robert F. Sager Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Scarberry Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Scarpino

Ms. Karen Schmiech Mr. and Mrs. Greg Schneider Very Rev. Daniel L. Schomaker Mrs. Eveline Schott Miss Mary J. Schuetz Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Schulte Mrs. Mary Lou B. Schutz Mr. O. A. Schweizer Mr. and Mrs. William M. Scott Mr. William M. Scott Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Scott Secular Carmelites of Latrobe Ms. Bonnie J. Seebach Mr. Joseph T. Senko Mr. John M. Senko Mr. and Mrs. Julian J. Senko Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Shaver

Guardian Society Guardian



are loyal alumni and friends who have remembered Saint Vincent Seminary in their estate planning through



policies, trusts or annuities. Their stewardship guarantees a quality education to the future spiritual leaders of the Church. Members of the society, through March 20, 2017, are: Anonymous Mrs. Gloria Acklin Rev. Francis P. Balestino Mrs. Joan B. Ballash Mr. Victor E. Ballash Dr. Christopher Bellicini Mrs. Jill Bellicini Mr. James D. Bendel Rev. Donald R. Bischof Rev. Daniel L. Blout Ms. Mary C. Bradley Rev. Donald P. Breier Rev. John J. Brzek Rev. Thomas J. Burke Rev. Robert R. Byrnes Mr. James A. Cherubini Mrs. MaryAnn Cherubini Rev. John R. Cindric Rev. Msgr. John A. Cippel Rev. Matthew R. Cirilli Rev. James W. Clark Mr. Robert L. Clarke Mr. Russell R. Companion Rev. Roy H. Conley Rev. Msgr. John L. Conway Leaven

Rev. Bernard B. Costello Rev. Stuart W. Crevcoure Mrs. Carmencita Crocenzi Dr. Francesco Crocenzi Mrs. Mary Lou Curry Rev. Edward M. Czemerda Mr. Robert E. Davis Dr. Hugh M. Dempsey Rev. John J. Detisch Rev. Anthony W. Ditto, Jr. Rev. John P. Ellias Dr. Mark Erickson Rev. Regis M. Farmer Rev. William P. Feeney Mr. Matthew J. Felice Dr. Craig M. Felton Mr. Frank B. Fuhrer Rev. Msgr. John Gerald Gallagher Mrs. Kathleen Gallagher Mr. Philip M. Gallagher Rev. Msgr. Arnold L. Gaus Miss Ann Gavaler Rev. Carl J. Gentile Ms. Clareece Godt Mr. Joseph A. Gombita, Jr. Mr. John E. Haag Mr. Edward P. Hager Rev. Thomas F. Hamm, Jr. Rev. John R. Haney Mrs. Joanne L. Hartzell Rev. Robert W. Herrmann Mrs. Mary T. Hershey Mr. Robert M. Hershey Mr. William B. Heubel Miss Carole J. Higgins Rev. Mark A. Hoffman Mrs. Rita R. Hunter Ms. Viola J. Kammersell Rev. Richard P. Karenbauer

Rev. Msgr. James P. Kelly Rev. Msgr. Lawrence R. Kiniry Rev. Msgr. Thomas J. Klinzing Mrs. Susan Knoll Mr. William B. Knoll Mrs. Angeline Kosmo Miss Doris E. Krumenacker Mr. Jerome F. Kurland Rev. Msgr. Raymond W. Kutner Rev. Msgr. Paul A. Lenz, P.A. Very Rev. Daniel C. Mahoney Rev. Thomas F. Manion Mrs. Lucine Marous Rev. Mark J. Mastrian Rev. Msgr. Michael W. Matusak Rev. James P. McCormick Rev. Msgr. J. Edward McCullough Rev. Lawrence J. McNeil Rev. Mr. John C. Miller, Jr. Sr. Barbara Ann Moravec Dr. Robert R. Morrell Mrs. Robert R. Morrell Mrs. Doris Mousseau Mr. Thomas Mousseau Rev. Francis J. Murhammer Mrs. Caroline Anne O’Brien Mr. Donald R. O’Brien Ms. Katherine P. O’Brien Rev. Msgr. Maurice V. O’Connell Miss Ann M. Pakos Mrs. Paula F. Palombo Mrs. Judy Peters Mr. William J. Peters Rev. John D. Petrarulo Rev. Alexander L. Pleban Rev. Leo J. Pleban Rev. Adrian C. H. Pleus Mrs. Carol J. Pontzer Mr. Joseph H. Pontzer


Rev. Philip P. Pribonic Dr. John D. Proe Rev. Msgr. William R. Rathgeb Rev. Msgr. Robert J. Saly Mr. Walter J. Samul, Jr. Rev. Msgr. John R. Sasway Rev. Thomas A. Scala Rev. David E. F. Scharf Mrs. Mary Lou B. Schutz Mr. Leo H. Selle Rev. Michael P. Sikon Dr. Jane A. Slezak Mrs. Dorothy Staffen Dr. Robert N. Staffen Ms. Donna L. Stankovich Rev. Carl T. Tancredi Mrs. Gertrudann K. Tatananni Rev. Richard G. Terdine Rev. F. Raymond Trance Rev. Gerard A. Trancone Mr. Nicholas P. Trunzo Very Rev. Thomas L. Tyler Rev. Michael J. Vecchio Mr. Roman J. Verostko Rev. Thomas A. Wagner Rev. Robert M. Washko Rev. Msgr. Mauricio W. West Mr. George A. Willinghan, Jr. Rev. George A. Wilt Ms. Janet E. Yakubco Rev. James G. Young In Memoriam + Mr. James H. Ackerman + Dr. Carolyn L. Attneave + Rev. Msgr. Andrew J. Balok + Mr. August Battaglia + Mrs. Vera Battaglia + Mrs. Bernice R. Bauer Spring 2017, Volume 25, Number 1

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Sheehy Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Sherbondy Rev. Paul R. Shuda Ms. Arlene Shull Mr. and Mrs. Jay B. Simard Miss Norma Jean Simmons Ms. Anne P. Slovic Mr. and Mrs. Jack Slusser Mr. Linus C. Smith and + Mrs. Patricia J. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Lowell I. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Smolka Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Sobota Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sorice Ms. Anna P. Spisak Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Springer Mr. Ronald Stachoni

Dr. and Mrs. Robert N. Staffen Mr. and Mrs. John E. Stockey Mr. and Mrs. John H. Stout Ms. Ann C. Stowe Mr. John G. Stump Ms. Sharon Stump-Moyer Mr. Michael A. Sturnick Mr. William Summa Ms. Lorraine M. Tarnoski Mr. David P. Tarosky Drs. Gary and Mary Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Doug Taylor The Pittsburgh Oratory Mrs. Rebecca Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Robert Toffolo Mr. and Mrs. David J. Trentin Mrs. Myra N. Trgovac

Mr. Paul A. Trovato Beth A. Troy, D.M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Tushup Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Tyson Mrs. Imelda M. Unites Mr. Jerome Valenti Dr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Vanden Berk Mr. and Mrs. George J. Vince Mrs. Virginia M. Voytek Rev. Brian L. Warchola Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Warchola Mr. Ronald J. Weakland Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Wehner Mr. and Mrs. James A. Wehner Mr. Andrew Weidenboerner Mr. Ronald A. Weleski

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Werneth Dr. and Mrs. John Wesner Mr. Henry S. Winkler Mrs. Roberta N. Wisz Ms. Lois Wolf-Geer Mr. and Mrs. George J. Wood Ms. Mary Ann Wuyscik Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Wygonik Mr. and Mrs. Gene R. Yanity Ms. Marcia A. Young Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Young Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Young Ms. Elizabeth Yurechko Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Zapatka Mr. Louis M. Zecchini Miss Diane Zelenak Ms. Marjorie L. Ziegler

Guardian Society + Mr. George A. Bauer + Mr. L. J. Bauer + Mrs. Patricia D. Bauer + Mr. Frank W. Billock + Ms. Margaret M. Bott + Miss Mary D. Brandle + Mrs. Viola B. Bratton + Mrs. RoseMary Breindel + Mr. Regis Bridge + Mrs. Annette C. Brownfield + Mrs. Mary S. Carey + Rev. Msgr. John T. Carter + Rev. John J. Cassella + Rev. Thomas J. Cassidy + Ms. Helen M. Cegelski + Mr. M. Dennis Cessar + Rev. Msgr. William G. Charnoki + Mrs. Anna M. Chase + Rev. Stephen M. Chervenak + Mrs. Nancy J. Condron + Most Rev. William G. Connare + Rev. John B. Corbett + Ms. Stella M. Cudnik + Rev. Edward V. Curry + Mr. John A. Daum + Rev. Dominick A. Deblasio + Rev. Anthony G. DeLuca + Mr. Michael F. Demshock + Rev. Ettore J. DeNapoli + Rev. Henry P. Dinicco + Rev. John A. Dompka + Rev. Philip J. Donatelli + Rev. Msgr. Michael A. Dravecky + Miss Gertrude M. Erickson + Rev. Benedict W. Erkens + Ms. Helen R. Fajt + Rev. Edward R. Farina + Rev. Robert E. Feeney + Mrs. Mary T. Fialkowski Leaven

+ Rev. Francis B. Filip + Rev. Charles M. Fink + Rev. Donald C. Fisher + Rev. John T. Flaherty + Mr. Walter Forney + Mr. Richard H. Foster + Rev. Francis H. Gallagher + Rev. Msgr. Robert P. Garland + Mr. William T. Gasper + Miss Mary Gavaler + Rev. Cornelius E. Gildea + Mrs. Mary S. Griffin + Rev. Michael T. Gubanich + Mr. Andrew R. Gurecka + Mrs. Josephine D. Hagan + Mrs. Mary M. Halloran + Mr. Joseph P. Hamilton + Mrs. Mary Jo Hammontree + Rev. Msgr. Henry F. Hanse + Mrs. Ethel C. Harvey + Ms. Anne M. Heckel + Mrs. Henny Heisel + Dr. Joseph F. Heisel, Jr. + Ms. Catherine R. Held + Rev. John P. Hickey + Rev. Edward F. Higgins + Mr. Raymond W. Hill + Rev. Msgr. John F. Hogan + Mr. John W. Holtz + Mr. Robert Hunter + Rev. Thomas W. Jackson + Mr. Frank L. Jioio + Rev. Patrick J. Jones + Rev. Stanislaus J. Jozwiak + Miss Leonarda Karawsky + Mrs. Irene Karmo + Rev. Hubert J. Kealy + Rev. Thomas M. Kirby + Mr. Bernard Kline

+ Mr. Stephen P. Kosmo + Rev. Thomas J. Kram + Ms. Irene H. Kruzynski + Rev. Wayne P. Lavin + Rev. George T. Leech + Rev. Joseph R. Lemp + Mrs. Grace Long + Rev. Francis M. Lynch + Rev. Msgr. Robert J. Maher + Rev. Joseph G. Malinak + Mr. William Marchioni + Mr. John C. Marous, Jr. + Rev. Msgr. Augustine Marzhauser + Mr. Melvin J. Matty + Ms. Catherine H. McCluskey + Mrs. Charlotte P. McDonald + Most Rev. John B. McDowell + Rev. John H. McMahon + Rev. Edward F. McSweeney + Ms. Ruth M. Meier + Mr. Vincent T. Mendicino + Mr. Joseph R. Miller + Ms. Mildred Mladenick + Rev. Ronald J. Naylor + Rev. Francis A. Nazimek + Rev. Richard V. Paluse + Rev. Harry E. Parsons + Rev. E. Charles Patterson + Miss Dorothy Petrosky + Rev. Msgr. Joseph F. Pier + Rev. Francis P. Plantes + Rev. Robert J. Reardon + Mrs. Mary Louise Redding + Rev. John H. Reilly + Rev. Msgr. Charles O. Rice + Miss Philomena Rich + Rev. Geno G. Rivi + Rev. Thomas M. Rodgers


+ Dan and Margery Root + Mr. Louis Rosenberger + Rev. George E. Saladna + Rev. Richard P. Scherer + Rev. Valentine G. Sedlak + Rev. Stephen A. Sheetz + Ms. Norma A. Sirback + Rev. Charles D. Skinner + Rev. Thomas E. Smith + Rev. John P. Stack + Ms. Margaret C. Stanley + Rev. Julius S. Stefurosky + Mr. Leonard P. Straple + Mr. Gilbert A. Strittmatter + Dr. George E. Sweeney + Ms. Mary K. Tamasy + Mrs. Mary E. Tepe + Mrs. Katherine E. Torda + Rev. Andrew J. Turlik + Mr. Leo M. Veneskey + Rev. Francis T. Weaver + Rev. Msgr. Joseph L. Weidmann + Rev. Jerome M. Weiksner + Rev. Francis C. Wildgruber + Mr. Leroy Wilhelm + Rev. John E. Wilt + Ms. Michele Wissinger + Rev. Msgr. Aloysius L. Zwolinski

Requiescat in Pace If you have included Saint Vincent Seminary in your estate planning, or need information on becoming a Planned Giving Associate, please contact Mr. Shannon Jordan, the Director of Development at (724) 532-6740. Spring 2017, Volume 25, Number 1

Named Seminary Funds Altoona-Johnstown Scholarship Victor and Christina Ballash Memorial Scholarship Victor E. and Joan B. Ballash Scholarship Msgr. Andrew J. Balok Endowment Fund Sally Barrett Seminary Education Scholarship August J. and Vera Y. Battaglia Scholarship Fr. Henry Becker and Br. Albert Becker Scholarship Benedict Endowment Fund Benedictine Pastors Scholarship Benedictine Rectors and Professors Scholarship Rev. Matthew Benko, O.S.B. Scholarship Frank J. and Joan Hoover Bonanno Scholarship Viola B. Bratton and Francis Comer Memorial Scholarship Paul and Rosemary Breindel Scholarship John and Margaret Bridge Scholarship Cahouet Family Scholarship Rev. Aloysius D. Carasella, O.S.B. Scholarship Anna M. Chase Scholarship James and MaryAnn Cherubini Scholarship Bishop William G. Connare Scholarship Rev. J. David Crowley Scholarship Bishop Nicholas Dattilo Memorial Scholarship Marianne F. Dean Scholarship Jane and Michael Demshock Scholarship DiPadova Family Trust, James A. DiPadova Scholarship Archbishop Thomas A. Donnellan Scholarship George and Eileen Dorman Scholarship

Rev. Demetrius Dumm, O.S.B. Endowment in Biblical Studies Loretta M. Durishan Scholarship Mario J. Ferretti Memorial Scholarship Kathleen A. and Salvatore J. Franzi Scholarship Diocese of Greensburg Scholarship Kathleen Sacco Hann Scholarship William Randolph Hearst Scholarship Held Family Scholarship Charles and Catherine Held Endowment Immaculate Heart of Mary Scholarship Rev. Richard Infante Scholarship John M. Javor Scholarship Pope Saint John Paul II Scholarship Marie Kaul Benedictine Scholarship B. P. Kenna Scholarship Andrew and Amelia Kirsch Scholarship Stephen P. Kosmo Scholarship Theresa C. Kosmo and Pearl Szczygiel Scholarship Rev. Thomas J. Kram Scholarship Msgr. Paul A. Lenz Burse for Native Americans Scholarship William P. Malloy and Paul R. Whiteside Scholarship John and Alice Mazich Rector’s Endowment Fund Venerable Father Michael McGivney Education Fund Thomas J. and Margaret McKeon Munsch Scholarship Albert Murrman Memorial Fund for Hispanic Ministries

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Spring 2017, Volume 25, Number 1

cent Sem Vin in a


n va tr obe, p en n s y l

Seminary A Perfect Fit


aint Vincent is a unique Seminary. For someone like Ross Kelsch, from the Diocese of Covington, Kentucky, it’s been a perfect fit for him. Ross brought with him many gifts, gifts that needed the right atmosphere to be formed and enhanced for the betterment of himself and ultimately for the People of God. Ross grew up working in his parent’s grocery store. He is an accomplished pianist and organist. He has a degree in business from Northern Kentucky University and prior to enrolling at Saint Vincent Seminary he worked several years in banking and administration. A person with so many diverse talents needs a place that can individualize his formation. That place is Saint Vincent Seminary. As Ross reflects on his time here preparing for his ordination to the priesthood this summer, he’s grateful for Saint Vincent. In addition to the rewarding pastoral work doing outreach to the poor, needy and sick, Saint Vincent gave him so many unique opportunities to grow. He grew in his music ministry by serving in as cantor or organist at local parishes. He had opportunities to be involved with the college in the fine arts department and playing at Masses for campus ministry. He’s lent his musical talents for weddings and funerals at Saint Vincent Basilica. Each of these experiences brought him closer to God’s people, which is a skill every priest and pastor certainly needs. “By its nature, with the monastery, college, and its commitment to the local parishes, Saint Vincent gave me an individualized experience that built upon my strengths,” Ross said. He came here with a maturity and independence that was allowed to blossom. He is enriched and better suited to give of himself to the People of God in the Diocese of Covington. He is thankful for the support of his bishop, the people that support vocations in his diocese, the Saint Vincent Community, and the past and present benefactors of Saint Vincent Seminary. This community raised up a soon-to-be ordained priest whose singular wish is to return this gift by his service.


300 Fraser Purchase Road, Latrobe, Pennsylvania, 15650 • Phone 724-805-6740 • Leaven




Ro Me ss et K els ch

23 2017, Volume 25, Number 1 Your Generous Support Makes This Spring Possible!


ake a donation to Saint Vincent Seminary in honor of a friend, colleague or family member. Consider a tribute or memorial gift today. Mail to Rev. Bonaventure J. Curtis, O.S.B., Seminary Development, 300 Fraser Purchase Road, Latrobe, Pa., 15650. Saint Vincent Seminary Tribute and Memorial Gifts Donors from September 28, 2016, to March 20, 2017, are included below.

In honor of: REV. THOMAS P. ACKLIN, O.S.B. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Barbiaux Mr. and Mrs. Stuart K. Lamont Rev. Anthony Petracca BR. IGNATIUS CAMELLO, O.S.B. Mr. Fitzroy W. Lee REV. THOMAS P. CURRY, O.S.B. Mrs. Elizabeth A. Wass REV. CHAD R FICORILLI, O.S.B. Mr. Dennis A. Kline BR. MATTHEW HERSHEY, O.S.B. Ms. Patricia E. Glatz BR. ETIENNE HUARD, O.S.B. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Kelly VERY REV. EDWARD MAZICH, O.S.B. Mrs. Ilse T. Hilliard BR. CANICE DANIEL MCMULLEN, O.S.B. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Kelly REV. NATHAN J. MUNSCH, O.S.B. Ms. Kathleen M. Cronin-Millar Dr. and Mrs. Gene F. Leonard RT. REV. DOUGLAS R. NOWICKI, O.S.B. Mrs. Cathy Hillenbrand Nowicki MRS. BERNADETTE M. PEVARNIK Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Pevarnik Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Pevarnik MS. MARGARET POPIOLKOWSKI Mr. Michael Homak REV. DONALD S. RAILA, O.S.B. Ms. Molli E. Vassar REV. MR. PETER REN Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Kelly Mr. Richard J. Schulte REV. NOEL H. ROTHRAUFF, O.S.B. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh M. Dempsey REV. MR. JOHN SHI Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Kelly Mr. Richard J. Schulte Leaven

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+ REV. CUTHBERT GALLICK, O.S.B. Mr. and Mrs. James P. O’Sullivan + REV. CLAIR F. GANNON, O.S.B. Ms. Catherine A. Gannon Ms. Margaret M. Gannon + MARGARET HANCHIN Rev. Deacon and Mrs. John M. Hanchin + MICHAEL HANCHIN Rev. Deacon and Mrs. John M. Hanchin + REV. ARTHUR J. HOLTZ, O.S.B. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur J. Holtz + JOSEPH A. HUDOCK Mrs. Dorothy B. Kotsenas Dr. and Mrs. Gene F. Leonard + ROBERT L. KASPERIK Mrs. Rosalie Kasperik + GEORGE J. KELLER Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Fitzpatrick + MILDRED KELLER Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Fitzpatrick + BETTE KESSEL Mr. and Mrs. Timothy F. Kessel + DOROTHY E. KLINE Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. McMullen Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E.F. Weaver + REV. OMER U. KLINE, O.S.B. Mr. and Mrs. James P. O’Sullivan + REV. PASCHAL N. KNEIP, O.S.B. Mr. and Mrs. James P. O’Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Rudy + SIMON C. KRALIK Mrs. Theresa J. Kralik + REV. THOMAS J. KRAM Mr. and Mrs. Wilson J. Farmerie + RT. REV. LEOPOLD J. KRUL, O.S.B. Ms. Cecelia A. Kruly + MARY JULIA LANTZY Mrs. Dolores M. Sasway + REV. CHRISTIAN G. LEFROIS, O.S.B. Ms. Marion Depree + REV. GERMAIN L. LIEB, O.S.B. Mr. Richard J. Schulte + VIRGINIA LINHART Ms. Mary Anne Linhart + JOHN A. LONG Mrs. Louise D. Elleo + LOUISE G. LONG Mrs. Louise D. Elleo

In memory of: + RICHARD P. ANDROS, JR. Ms. Margaret L. Andros + MR. EDWARD C. ANGELILLI Mr. Charles Angelilli + CLARENCE BADAR Miss Patricia Olmer + BENEDICTINE MONKS OF CARROLLTOWN Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hoover + REV. ALBERT C. BICKERSTAFF, O.S.B. Mr. and Mrs. William W. Shearouse, Jr. + REV. GILBERT J. BURKE, O.S.B. Mr. and Mrs. Lester E. Brownfield + JOHN R. BUTALA Mrs. Irene Lavin Ms. Linda Monroe Mr. Edward S. Ungvarsky + ROBERT J. BUTLER Ms. Elizabeth Butler + FR. BOB CAFFREY Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Rector + BR. NATHAN M. COCHRAN, O.S.B. Mr. and Mrs. Budne Reinke + MOST REV. NICHOLAS C. DATTILO Ms. Cornelia Dattilo + KATHLEEN M. DEPRATOR Mr. and Mrs. David L. DePrator + REV. DEMETRIUS R. DUMM, O.S.B. Ms. Karen Teresa Reidy + REV. WILFRED M. DUMM, O.S.B. Ms. Karen Teresa Reidy + REV. ROBERT J. DUNPHY Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Brady Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Farias Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nevins Ms. Maryanne Ryan + ELIDA LIPORI FEENEY Rev. William P. Feeney + MR. WILLIAM D. FOSKI Mrs. Eileen Foski + MRS. KATHLEEN FRANZI Mr. Salvatore J. Franzi


+ KATHY LUBIEJEWSKI Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Kujawinski + CHARLES G. MANOLI, SR. Mr. and Mrs. James W. Creenan + JOAN MCSWEENEY Mr. John McSweeney + ARNOLD D. PALMER Miss Carole Jean Higgins Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Sarni + OUR PARENTS Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. Dauerer + BERNARD J. PETERSON Mrs. Jean Peterson + JOSEPH C. PEVARNIK Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Pevarnik + WILLIAM R. PFOUTS Mrs. Louise D. Elleo Mrs. Kathryn J. Pfouts + HELEN POGORELEC Rev. Deacon and Mrs. John M. Hanchin + JOHN POGORELEC Rev. Deacon and Mrs. John M. Hanchin + ELEANOR RANALLI AND FRANK RANALLI, JR. Dr. Frank A. Ranalli + ANNETTE ROCCO Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Kujawinski + VIRGIL C. ROSEBOROUGH Mr. Richard J. Schulte + JOHN J. RUSNAK Mr. John C. Rusnak + ANNA SASWAY Mrs. Dorothy J. Shea + JOHN B. SASWAY Mrs. Dorothy J. Shea + REV. PAULINUS J. SELLE, O.S.B. Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Casey + DWAYNE E. SHINGLE Mr. and Mrs. Victor R. Tranquillo + JOHN JOSEPH SHORT, SR. Dr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Vanden Berk + KENNETH SOBECK Knights of Columbus, St. Malachy Council 11018 + REV. MR. JOHN E. SROKA Ms. Karen J. Sroka + HERBERT A. WIRFEL Mrs. Elizabeth L. W. McMahon + JOHN J. ZELENAK Miss Diane Zelenak Spring 2017, Volume 25, Number 1

Your Lasting Legacy

Greensburg, November 2016; “Active Recipient of the Spirit’s Call,” Ministry Renewal Day, Office for Lay Ecclesial Ministry, Diocese of Greensburg, August 2016. A book published in March of 2016 is Forming Intentional Disciples Study Guide, by Our Sunday Visitor, March 2014 (translated to Spanish) and “Sacrifice and Atonement: Psychological Motives and Biblical Patterns,” Stephen Finlan, Horizons, June 2017, (forthcoming). Pittsburgh

Father Robert J. Ahlin, J.C.L., C’67, S’71, was featured in a special vocations supplement of Pittsburgh Catholic recently. He is pastor of Holy Angels Parish in Pittsburgh’s Hays neighborhood. In the story by Chuck Moody he recalled first meeting a priest at age five, and that seed eventually led to his vocation. The priest had visited Father Ahlin’s

y ar tes in No em &

Ximena DeBroeck, S’09, recently completed the doctoral program at Duquesne University, earning the Ph.D. degree. Her dissertation is “Becoming a Priestly People: A Biblical Theology of Liturgical Sacrifice as Spiritual Formation.” Her director was Dr. William M. Wright IV. Dr. DeBroeck has served as assistant professor of Sacred Scripture at Saint Mary’s Seminary and University since the fall of 2015 and is also a faculty member for permanent diaconate formation for the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

She previously served as director of the Office of Worship and Sacramental Formation for the Archdiocese of Baltimore, and has created a course for the Institute for Church Life for the University of Notre Dame/STEP, entitled Introduction to Scripture. Recent presentations have included: “Literal Sense of the Scriptures” at University of Notre Dame Symposium, forthcoming June 2017; “From Empty to Acceptable Sacrifice, A Rhetorical Movement in Isaiah,” Society of Biblical Literature, Eastern Great Lakes Biblical Society Regional Meeting, March 2017; “Scripture, Liturgy, Evangelization,” University of Notre Dame Liturgy Symposium, June 2016. Presentations at pastoral conferences and retreats include: “Ministry: A Sharing in Christ’s Mission of Reconciliation & Communion,” Fall Day of Recollection, Office for Lay Ecclesial Ministry, Diocese of

S ws Ne

Alumna Earns Doctorate

grandmother after she had been injured in an accident and made an impression on him. In elementary school he was taught by the Franciscan Sisters. Several relatives who were priests and nuns were also influential. Father Ahlin was ordained by Bishop Vincent Leonard in 1971 and has served at Saint Patrick Parish in Canonsburg and Saint Peter Parish in Butler. After nine years as a parochial vicar he was sent to Catholic University to pursue a degree in canon law and was assigned to work at the Tribunal as a canonical consultant following his studies. He was later appointed judicial vicar. He continued his parochial ministery at Saint Mary of the Assumption Parish in Lawrenceville, and then at Holy

When considering a planned gift as a way of continuing your ongoing support for the education of those studying for the priesthood, please consider some of the following options: • Charitable Bequests • Charitable Gift Annuities • Life Insurance Policies • Retained Life Estate Contracts • Charitable Lead Trusts • Appreciated Securities You may establish a scholarship fund in your own name or in the name of a deceased spouse, family member or friend. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that your gift is supporting a cause which will help the Church and provide for the education of priests. You can also benefit from immediate and estate tax deductions or avoid capital gains tax.

To make a gift to Saint Vincent Seminary, please use the enclosed envelope or contact us at 724-532-6740. You may also visit us online at: Leaven

25 Spring 2017, Volume 25, Number 1

y r a tes

in No m


& s w


Angels. “Underlying every vocation is a sense that I am doing what God wants me to do,” he said. “I may not always understand it or graciously accept it, but I cannot think of doing anything else.” He was recently appointed canonical consultant for the Department of Canonical Services, effective March 20. *****

In the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Bishop David A. Zubik announced the following appointments: Father Edward L. Yuhas,

S’97, to administrator at the n ew l y - e s t a b l i s h e d Saint Katherine Drexel Parish in southeast Washington Country, effective January 8. Father Michael A. Zavage, S’09, to residence at the newly established Saint Katherine Drexel Parish, effective January 9. Father Zavage maintains his responsibilities as chaplain at California University of Pennsylvania, Waynesburg University, and Washington and Jefferson University. Father William E. Dorner, S’07, to chaplain to the students and staff at La Roche College, effective January 30. Father Dorner maintains his responsibilities as part-time chaplain to Holy Family Academy and canonical consultant for the Department for Canon and Civil Law Services, with

residence at Saint Sebastian Parish, Ross Township. Erie

In the Diocese of Erie, Bishop Lawrence Persico has made the following appointments, effective February 13: Father William R. Barron, S’06, to pastor of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish, Sykesville, and Saint Mary Parish, Reynoldsville. Father David E. Carter, S’16, parochial vicar, Saint Catherine of Siena Parish and Saint Michael the Archangel Parish, both in DuBois, for a three-year term. Father Mark A. Hoffman, S’89, to pastor of Saint Mark the Evangelist and Mount Calvary parishes, both in Erie. Father Brandon M. Kleckner, S’12, to pastor of Saint Francis of Assisi Parish, Clearfield.

Father Matthew J. Kujawinski, S’02, to pastor of Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, Mercer, and chaplain at SCI Mercer. Father Mark J. Mastrian, S’86, to pastor of Saint Joseph Parish, Force. Father William J. O’Brien, C’73, to pastor of Saint Callistus Parish, Kane. Greensburg

Rev. Mr. William J. Hisker, P’65, C’69, S’05, professor of management at Saint Vincent College, spoke on “Cultivating a Spirituality of Mercy” this fall in the college’s Aging and Spirituality Series recently. He is presently assigned to the partnered parishs of Saint Rita, Saint John and Immaculate Conception in Connellsville in his role as a permanent deacon for the Diocese of Greensburg.

David George, Monsignor Riffle Give Presentations

David George, C’98, S’02, presented a formation talk recently to seminarians. He is director of wellness and health at Mepkin Abbey in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. Monsignor Raymond Riffle, S’79, of the Diocese of Greensburg also recently presented a special conference on pastoral leadership principles. Leaven


Spring 2017, Volume 25, Number 1

Serrans Visit Saint Vincent Seminary This past fall seminarians celebrated Mass and had dinner with members of the Serra Club of Altoona-Johnstown. Mercy, he said, “is an elusive topic that is not for the faint of heart.” In addition to spiritual mercy in daily living, he noted that mercy to one’s self is important as well: “We can construct a future filled with mercy through an infinite succession of merciful moments in the present. What we choose to cultivate in our spirituality will determine our lives. Mercy makes love concrete. Love is proven in our giving of mercy. You know that somebody loves somebody when they will do for others what is not due in justice. In a relationship of love, you are willing to make that extra step. When we show mercy, we make room for the other person to grow. A spirit without mercy narrows the space for growth and shrinks our horizons. A spirit of mercy destroys evil.”

West Newton, while continuing as pastor of Saint Therese, Little Flower of Jesus Parish, Uniontown; administrator of Saint Joseph Parish, Uniontown, Saints Cyril and Methodius Parish, Fairchance, and Saint Hubert Parish, Point

University Parish, Indiana, and assistant episcopal master of ceremonies. Monsignor James T. Gaston, V.F., C’67, S’71, to administrator of Our Lady of Grace Parish, Greensburg, and Saint Benedict Parish, Marguerite,

David Whiteford Ordained Deacon David Whiteford of the Diocese of Erie was ordained to the diaconate by Bishop Lawrence Persico on October 8. He is a 2009 graduate of Collegiate Academy, Erie and earned a bachelor of arts degree in history from Gannon University, Erie, in 2013. A fourth-year theologian, he will be ordained to the priesthood on June 9.


In the Diocese of Greensburg, Bishop Edward C. Malesic has made the following appointments: Monsignor Michael W. Matusak, V.F., P’67, S’75, administrator of Holy Family Parish, Leaven

Marion; and Vicar Forane of Deanery V, effective September 21. Father Alan N. Polczynski, S’05, to administrator of Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, Coral, while remaining as pastor of Saint Thomas More


Spring 2017, Volume 25, Number 1

y r a tes

in No m


& s w


Joe Donnelly Award

the retirement of Father John T. Sweeney, S’70, as pastor of Holy Family Parish, West Newton, effective December 31. Father Sweeney will reside at Neumann House, Greensburg.

during the sabbatical for Father Daniel L. Blout, S’86. Monsignor Gaston will remain pastor of Mother of Sorrows Parish, Murrysville, Vicar Forane of Deanery III and continues in all other diocesan appointments. Father Blout will be attending the Institute for Continuing Theological Education (ICTE) at the Pontifical North American College, Rome. He will continue as pastor of Our Lady of Grace and administrator of Saint Benedict Parish, Marguerite, upon his return in April. Bishop Malesic announced

Saint Vincent Archabbey, College and Seminary were honored with the 2016 Joe Donnelly Award from the Union Mission of Latrobe through the Senate of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The award is for demonstrating selflessness through a long-term commitment to service and the betterment of society, especially because of the work with the homeless in Westmoreland County. Seminarians visit the Union Mission on a regular basis.


In the Archdiocese of Atlanta, Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory has made the following appointment: Father Luis Efrain Alvaréz, C’09, S’14, to interim priestin-charge of Saint Theresa Church, Douglasville, effective October 5.

is serving as pastor. Bishop Roger Foys celebrated Mass at the parish last fall to commemorate the anniversary. The guide features 273 photos and is presented in four languages—English, German, Chinese and Spanish. “I am very honored and blessed to be able to celebrate


Father John Michniuk, S’12, assisted in production of a full-color, 240-page book on the 175-year history and tour guide of Mother of God Church, Covington, where he

this 175th anniversary,” Father Michniuk told The Messenger, diocesan newspaper. “I just have a one-year history here as the pastor, but I remember coming here as a seminarian … and this church has always had a place in my heart.”

Seminarians’ Establish E-Newsletter

Seminarians have undertaken a new endeavor, an e-newsletter, which frequently features a reflection, news of seminarians and a calendar of forthcoming events. The endeavor comes from the office of the Student Government president. Recent news in the Seminary Dispatch included some photos of a fraternal dinner, First Fratres in Unum, the Seminary’s motto for the year, which comes from Psalm 133:1: Behold how good it is when brothers live in unity. John Hepinger, first theologian from Erie, brought his family’s famous spaghetti sauce with him and seminarians helped make homemade meatballs before everyone sat down to a fraternal dinner. A link to subscribe appears on the Seminary’s website.



Spring 2017, Volume 25, Number 1


Father Donald Bender, S’15, a priest of the Diocese of Harrisburg, was interviewed in a Catholic Witness feature on campus ministry at Dickinson College in Carlisle, where he serves as campus minister. His parish is the nearby Saint Patrick. Now in his second year in the role, Father Bender celebrates Mass on the lawn each semester to help visually promote the Catholic campus ministry. Sunday Masses now attract between 50 and 60 students. “Catholic campus ministery is very important,” he said, “because we’re present to the young adults and they know that they can seek a campus minister if they have questions or need to talk about their faith. We bridge the gap between their familial faith that they’re leaving and their individual faith that they’re building. We’re here to walk with them on that journey.” Youngstown

In the Diocese of Youngstown, Bishop George V. Murry, S.J., has named Father Robert Miller, S’02, as administrator of Saint Louis Parish, Louisville. Father Miller was ordained to the priesthood in 2002 by Bishop Thomas J. Tobin, and has served at Saint Patrick Parish, Hubbard; Saint James Parish, Waynesburg; Little Flower Parish, Middlebranch; Saint Peter of the Fields, Rootstown; Saint Patrick Parish, Kent; Saint Mary Parish, Massillon and Immaculate Conception Parish, Leaven

A Day Of Thanksgiving Before Thanksgiving break, the students, faculty and staff members of Saint Vincent Seminary gathered together for the Seminary’s annual Thanksgiving dinner. Throughout the course of the evening the Seminarians served those attending by waiting on and bussing tables as well as by making all the deserts. Ravenna. Most recently he has served as chaplain of University Hospitals Portage Medical Center. WheelingCharleston

In the Diocese of WheelingCharleston, Bishop Michael J. Bransfield has made the following appointment: Father Benedict Kapa, S’98, to chaplain of Charles Carrol Council No. 16494 of the Knights of Columbus for the Fraternal Year 2016-2017, effective immediately. This appointment is made in addition to his current assignment as pastor of All Saints Parish in Bridgeport. Steubenville

In the Diocese of Steubenville, Father Michael W. Gossett, S’11, diocesan director of vocations, will be touring 29

Attend Episcopal Installation Father Maximilian Maxwell, O.S.B., C’07, S’14, and Father Boniface Hicks, O.S.B., S’03, director of spiritual formation for Saint Vincent Seminary, attended the recent episcopal installation for Bishop Edward Burns as the new Bishop of Dallas. Father Maximilian led a Saint Vincent Campus Ministry service trip to Juneau, Alaska when Bishop Burns served there. Bishop Burns was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Pittsburgh before being released for episcopal service. Spring 2017, Volume 25, Number 1

y r a tes

in No m


& s w


the diocese with Bishop Jeffrey M. Monforton to talk about discernment and how to pray in order to follow God’s will. The series of presentations will take place throughout the spring and will include prayer and an opportunity for the people of the diocese to gather and discuss how to seek God’s will. Metuchen

First theologian Gustavo Rodriguez Perez of the Diocese of Metuchen was recently

featured by the diocese, in print and on its website, for his vocation. His home parish is Our Lady of the Holy Rosary in Colombia. While in his native country he spent time in the military and entered seminary while discerning with a religious community. Following completion of his studies he felt a call to diocesan ministry and emigrated to the United States. He quoted Pope Francis, who said, “The joy of the Gospel is something that should be experienced.” Rodriguez noted that prayer is an important part of the discernment process. “There are many aspects that I could highlight about my time in seminary,” he said, “but I would like to emphasize three. Prayer, a deep

Remembering Our Alumni Deaths

Father Phillip DeCarlo, C’51, S’55, died January 17. He was a priest for 61 years. Father DeCarlo wore many hats during his six decades as a priest, including chaplain to the police department in the City of Pittsburgh. During that ministry he convinced a person not to jump off the Sixth Street Bridge in Pittsburgh. “Only Jesus could have helped you extricate yourself” from the abruptness of some situations, he once told Pittsburgh Catholic in an interview. He also advised that “no matter how tired and beat you may be, be kind to those who seek your help, even at the most inopportune times.” His service included Saint Patrick Leaven

understanding of my experience of God, and love for my vocation. Seminary provides an excellent environment to delve into my spiritual life. Daily Mass, Holy Hours, communal prayer, spiritual direction and different apostolates are some of the most important parts of this environment. And I think that this is essential because the academic life of seminary can be very demanding and can cover most of my time. It is not possible to grow in faith and understanding of God’s call without all of these components working together.” Condolences

Father Thomas Sparacino, S’97, a priest of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, on the death of his mother, Marie, on February 9.

Parish in Canonsburg, Epiphany Parish in uptown Pittsburgh, Saint Joseph in Natrona Heights, Saint Titus in Aliquippa, Saint Regis Parish and Saint John the Baptist in Monaca. *****

Father Donald Fisher, C’57, S’61, died February 25. He was an advocate for equality and social justice. He took part in historic civil rights efforts that took place in 1965 in Selma, Alabama. He served at Saint Joseph Parish in Verona, Saint Francis de Sales Parish in McKees Rocks, and Saint Mary Parish in Aleppo Township, then as pastor of Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament Parish in the East End, Pittsburgh. He was pastor of Saint Peter Parish in Slippery Rock and also at Saint Regis Parish in Oakland. He also served in chaplain education at Carlow University, as a hospital chaplain at Dixmont State Hospital, and as a missionary with the Holy Spirit fathers in Africa. He was active with the Thomas 30


Longtime Saint Vincent employee Marvin Glover retired on Friday, March 31, and the Seminary community gathered at lunchtime to wish him well. Congratulating him is Father Warren Murrman, O.S.B.

Merton Center and as a community organizer for the Bloomfield Garfield Corp., and was director of Focus on Renewal in McKees Rocks for 37 years. *****

Father James L. Popochock C’64, S’68, died March 14. He was a priest of the Diocese of Greensburg. He served at Mount Saint Peter Parish, New Kensington; Holy Family Parish, Latrobe; the former Saint Leonard Parish, Monessen; and as pastor at Saint Matthew Parish, Saltsburg; the former Assumption Parish, Leechburg; Immaculate Conception Parish, Connellsville and its mission in Dawson; the former Saint Procopius Parish, New Salem; and as administrator of its partnered parish, Saint Thomas Parish, Footedale and Saint Joan of Arc Parish, Farmington, until his retirement. He was moderator of the Charismatic Renewal groups, pro-life director and a regional moderator for the diocese. Spring 2017, Volume 25, Number 1

Marching For Life 2017



Spring 2017, Volume 25, Number 1


UPCOMING ORDINATIONS APRIL 22 Andrew Boyd, Diocese of Erie, to the diaconate, by Most Rev. Lawrence T. Persico, J.C.L., Bishop of Erie, at Saint Mark Seminary in Erie.

MAY 18

MAY 27 Peter Crowe, Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown to the priesthood, by Most Rev. Mark L. Bartchak, J.C.L., Bishop of Altoona-Johnstown, 10 a.m., Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, Altoona. Brother Lawrence Machia, O.S.B., and Brother Joachim Morgan, O.S.B., to the diaconate, by Most Rev. Edward C. Malesic, J.C.L., Bishop of Greensburg, 10 a.m., Saint Vincent Archabbey Basilica.


Brother Etienne Huard, O.S.B., of Conception Abbey, to the priest-

Brother Louis Carey, O.S.B., Saint Andrew Abbey, Cleveland, to the di-

hood at his Abbey in Missouri by Most Rev. James V. Johnston, D.D.,

aconate, by Most Rev. Roger Gries, O.S.B., Auxiliary Bishop of Cleveland.

J.C.L., Bishop of Kansas City-St. Joseph.

MAY 19

Britton Hennessey and Ross Kelsch, Diocese of Covington, to the priesthood by Most Rev. Roger J. Foys, D.D., Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption, Covington.

MAY 20

Brother Canice McMullen, O.S.B., Saint Vincent Archabbey, to the priesthood by Most Rev. Edward C. Malesic, J.C.L., Bishop of Greensburg, 10 a.m., Saint Vincent Archabbey Basilica.


David Whiteford, Diocese of Erie, to the priesthood by Most Rev. Lawrence T. Persico, J.C.L., Bishop of Erie, Saint Peter Cathedral, Erie.


Panji Ren, Jie Shi, to the priesthood by Bishop Joseph Li Shan in Beijing, China.


Brother Martinho Zevallos, O.S.B., to the diaconate, by Archbishop Airton José dos Santos in Brazil.

Leaven Spring 2017  

Saint Vincent Seminary's magazine features its 2016 annual report, news of alumni including Rev. Larry Richards, who spoke at the spring Edu...

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