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Freshman Move-in Day sparks many long-lasting friendships.








highlights authentic dishes from one of 10 countries—Japan, Greece, Sicily, Lebanon, Vietnam, Mexico, India, Morocco, Brazil or Thailand. This special Parkhurst Food Service program, called Hemisflavor, has been popular with students, says Reggie Esmi, food services senior general manager. Students have enjoyed the variety of salads, soups, entrees, side dishes and

to have the opportunity to study the world’s great religions. Rabbi Jason Edelstein, associate professor of theology, has been a longtime faculty member, and Dr. John Aupperle, a retired Methodist minister and theology faculty member, is beginning his third year in Campus Ministry. The College’s sustained effort to increase diversity, not only among its

desserts (all marked with small signs showing the flag of the country of origin). The administration is also proud of the talented staff members of international backgrounds, including three from Information Services: Chief Information Officer Eddie Dejthai (Thailand); Data Base Administrator Roberto Wisnesck (Brazil); and Director of User Services Abdul Kazi (Pakistan). Saint Vincent students continue

student body, but also among faculty and staff, has clearly borne fruit. It can be seen at the front of classrooms as well as in the residence halls. It is in evidence at school events, in the dining hall, and on the playing fields. As our students prepare to enter the workforce in an ever more global economic system, the experience gained by living in this community enriched by diversity will stand them in good stead to make the transition with confidence.

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Fall 2009  

Embracing Diversity

Fall 2009  

Embracing Diversity