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Saint Vincent quarterly

embracing diversity

fall 2009

Message from P r e s i d e n t J i m T o w e y


erman monks of the Order of Saint Benedict came to Saint Vincent at the urging of an Irishman. Italians, Poles, Slovaks and others helped the Archabbey, College and Seminary become what it is today. Truly, where would Saint Vincent be without diversity? While demographic trends and changes in immigration may have made our corner of the Commonwealth nearly monolithic, you wouldn’t know it on our campus. For the last two years over 10% of the incoming freshmen came as members of racial or ethnic minorities, or as international students. Over 150 such students are enrolled here – an all-time record. The Quarterly’s cover photo introduces you to one of them – Claudia Arrunategui (pronounced “Ah-roo-nah-tay-gee”). She came to us from a middleclass family of five in Chiclayo, Peru – at age 16, no less. She is a Biology major who hopes to go to medical school in Europe after her graduation in May 2011. Claudia is active by any standard. In addition to studying in a difficult major in a second language, she is a member of the cross country team (her time in the 5K has improved by a couple of minutes and she now runs it “in the 21’s,” she says). She also works 10 hours a week on campus to make ends meet. She had a 3.3 GPA her first semester! She was homesick at first but a birthday cake brought to her dorm room on the morning of her 17th birthday introduced her to Benedictine hospitality. When I asked Claudia what she likes about Saint Vincent, she didn’t hesitate. “I have met people from other countries – Romania, China, Nepal, Brazil, Slovakia, China, and Taiwan. And, oh yeah, America. I’ve learned about different cultures and backgrounds.” As you read this issue, I hope you rejoice with me in the diversity that characterizes life at Saint Vincent College. Our differences strengthen us. If we surround ourselves only with people who look like us, think like us, and pray like us, we may lose out on some of life’s greatest adventures. Our founder Boniface Wimmer knew that – and Claudia Arrunategui knows that, too!

contents Saint Vincent College quarterly Fall 2009 Volume 7, Issue 3

Archabbot and Chancellor Rt. Rev. Douglas R. Nowicki, O.S.B.


feature The Richness of Diversity Succeeding in a world that is increasingly diverse provides great challenges for students.

President H. James Towey

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Saint Vincent College subscribes to a policy of equal opportunity and does not discriminate against any individual on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, veteran status or disability in any of its programs, admission or employment decisions.


Fourteen high school valedictorians choose Saint Vincent.

24 A Conversation with Herb Boyer

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The College remembers an architect of the Summer Theatre.

School namesake visits campus with his family.

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fall 2009



s a in t v in c en t q u a rterl y

Embracing the Rich Dimensions of Diversity by T heresa S ch w ab


n its commitment to recruiting students, faculty and staff across a range of cultures, and religious, ethnic and racial backgrounds, Saint Vincent College is fostering a campus community that is increasingly diverse and ever more representative of the global community. What is striking is the critical support this effort is lending to the College’s longstanding core mission. Ever since its founding in 1846 when Boniface Wimmer and his Benedictine confreres from Bavaria settled at Saint Vincent, visitors from abroad have been welcomed. Now more than ever, the College community is embracing diversity in its student body, faculty and staff.

fall 2009











Vice President for Student Affairs Mary L. Collins says that “a commitment to valuing diversity is woven into Saint Vincent College from our foundation as a Catholic, Benedictine institution to our current Strategic Plan, which includes the goal of minority student support. We strive in many ways to make that goal a reality.” She notes for example that “there are discussions about respect for others in our residence life formation so that respect for others can be communicated through our on-campus life experience, and many clubs organize events and engage in activities that promote diversity. There are numerous other examples across campus that demonstrate our goal to increase our respect and appreciation of the many wonderful people Mary L. Collins who make Saint Vincent the special place it is.” Diversity covers not only ethnic and racial differences, but also geographical background, religion, age and gender. The special observance last year of the 25th anniversary of coeducation, for example, underscored the increased contribution of women in the college’s history. When women were invited to become equal partners in the academic community with the advent of coeducation, it was a significant change for the College. Saint Vincent today continues to reflect a female presence. Tracy H. Branson has joined the administration as Vice President for Institutional Advancement. She is charged with


s a in t v in c en t q u a rterl y

managing the College’s development programs and staff, and increasing support from alumni and other donors. She becomes the second female vice president after Mary Collins, Vice President for Student Affairs. This fall Saint Vincent also welcomed full-time mathematics assistant professor Dr. Christina Maher, and there are now female faculty in all the College academic departments. And a former international student returned to campus this fall semester as an instructor in anthropology. Hungarian born Mariann Vaczi, a 2004 graduate, originally attended Saint Vincent on a basketball scholarship. She came to Saint Vincent never having visited the U.S., and proved to be an excellent student. With the assistance of Saint Vincent’s The Class of 1968/Rev. Ronald R. Gorka scholarship, and the opportunity to travel, this anthropology major found her academic area of interest, specializing in Basque studies, especially the role of sports and sports fans in the Basque culture. She has gone on to earn three master’s degrees in Hungary and is currently a doctoral student at the University of Nevada, Reno, which has a Center for Basque Studies. Next semester, she will return to the Basque area for more research so she can complete her doctoral Dr. Osaro Airen dissertation. “I think coming to Saint Vincent was good for me because it gave me confidence in myself, and gave me the foundation for all my studies that have followed. It started me on my way.”

Educators who advance diversity as essential to educational excellence believe that students exposed to a racially mixed and diverse environment benefit in many ways. Researchers point out that these students demonstrate enhanced intellectual development, improved social self-confidence, a growth in their academic skills and

increased civic engagement. A diverse community of scholars surely is a testament to the country’s unique democratic ideals, and people of faith have been reminded since childhood to embrace the concept of community. At Saint Vincent last year, minority and international students represented 8.1 percent of the student

Senior soccer player Luis Rodriguez.

fall 2009













Dr. Anis Maize (right) with his son and Saint Vincent student Kareem.

r. Anis Maize, chairperson and professor of physics, was born in Egypt, about an hour from Cairo. Even as a young student, Dr. Maize was interested in science. He enrolled at Cairo University and earned a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering and a second bachelor of science in physics. He later pursued a master of science degree in solid state physics at the University of Louisville and a Ph.D. at Purdue University, where he completed his doctoral dissertation on nuclear physics, using electron beams to study the nucleus. He was a post-doctoral research associate at Brown University from 1984 to 1987. After brief teaching assignments at the University of Rhode Island and the University of Maine, he joined the Saint Vincent College Physics Department in 1990, being drawn to the idea of a small school and the special attention that can be given to students. His son, Kareem is a junior studying computing and information science at Saint Vincent. Dr. Maize hopes that he can continue to be helpful to students in appreciating a world view beyond the region.

population—a steady increase over the previous four years. Minority and international students comprise 11 percent of the freshman class this fall, and the on-campus population of minority and international students has grown to nearly 200. Last year Dr. Osaro Airen was named to the newly-created position of Assistant Director of Diversity and Engagement. This southern California native, whose family is first generation Nigerian, assists international students and students of color in adjusting to their new environment. Dr. Airen provides leadership to the Office of Multicultural Student Life, which operates under the auspices of Student Affairs. The multicultural


s a in t v in c en t q u a rterl y

office is run with the philosophy that “diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. It is about understanding each other and moving beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each individual.” He meets with students of color and serves as advisor to the Multicultural Student Coalition and the International Student Union. He provides academic guidance through Academic Affairs, and is involved in the planning of special events such as the observance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day in January, International Week in November, and Black History Month in February. For the past few years, the international students have had a

Saint Vincent faculty members offer students

an international view by their own commitment to teaching abroad, traveling and returning to share a global perspective with their students. special orientation prior to freshman move-in. Dean of Studies Alice Kaylor says this growing population has unique needs, and the orientation is designed to help them familiarize themselves with all the academic and student services available. It is her job to ensure that all students (including the increasingly international population of seminarians) comply with all governmental visa regulations. “There is a lot of interest in Asian countries in having degrees from U.S. colleges,” Dean Kaylor says, and now the

availability of master’s degree programs is even more of an enticement to come to Saint Vincent. “Some international students have connections to the area, but others choose Saint Vincent for a variety of reasons ,” Dean Kaylor notes. One student from Jamaica said her mother had found Saint Vincent on the Internet and thought it would be a nice and safe place for her daughter. Dean Kaylor offers help with course selection. One Taiwanese student expressed fear about taking a class in

Senior Rob James.

fall 2009











public relations, because she did not think she understood American culture well enough, but Dean Kaylor let her know that her unique perspective would benefit the class. “We need people to tell us what the world is like,” she told the student. This year’s international students come from Taiwan, China, Ireland, Italy, England, Jamaica and the West Indies. This fall’s incoming class also saw increased representation from eastern Pennsylvania, and a full 23 percent of the incoming freshman class has come from out of state. Dave Collins, Assistant Vice President for Admission, says enrollment this year is the result of the collective efforts of dedicated counselors, active alumni (particularly in Long Island, New York) faculty and coaches. Eastern Pennsylvania— especially Philadelphia and Bucks, Delaware and Montgomery counties—is


s a in t v in c en t q u a rterl y

also proving to be fertile ground for recruiting. “This increased level of diversity offers our students from western Pennsylvania an opportunity to interact with students from different types of backgrounds,” Collins points out. Minority and Hispanic representation of students has been boosted by students coming from St. Benedict’s Preparatory School in Newark, New Jersey and the Milton Hershey School. There are also international recruiting agreements with colleges and universities in China, Korea and Taiwan. Simon Clayton of Newark is one of the students enrolled from St. Benedict’s. Simon is of African American and Puerto Rican descent. He feels that the choice of Saint Vincent has been a good one for him. The sophomore psychology major says he is enjoying his time at the college, where he serves

Diversity Spans the Ages


hen author Dr. Jerome Oetgen was a guest of the college last spring as a Threshold series lecturer he talked about the heritage of Boniface Wimmer. Dr. Oetgen, who has written two books about Wimmer, posed a question for his audience. What is a Benedictine community? Then Dr. Oetgen offered this answer: “Saint Benedict calls it a ‘school of the Lord’s service.’ But for him, the Latin word ‘schola’—school—signified not a building or an institution, not a college or a seminary...but rather a family—a family whose members include the young and the old, the wise and the inexperienced, the elders and those who come to learn the wisdom of the elders. Such a school as this exists so that its members may serve the Lord by serving one another. It exists for the purpose of passing on a sacred inheritance, an ancient wisdom, from one generation to the next.” Talking about diversity in terms of Saint Vincent certainly must touch upon the Saint Vincent monastic family which spans the ages—literally from the youngest college graduates, who just joined the monastic community and are the newest members of the family, to the longest living monk in the history of the Archabbey, Fr. Flavian Yelinko, O.S.B., who Fr. Flavian Yelinko, O.S.B., celebrated his 103rd birthday this past Sept. 2. (In his now 103-years-old. long life, he has met every Archabbot in Saint Vincent’s history, except Boniface Wimmer, who died in 1887.) With an average age of 55, and large groups of members in the community in their 50-60s, as well as their 20s, (such as former collegiates and now junior monks, Br. Michael Antonacci, O.S.B., and Br. Isidore Minerd, O.S.B.), the community is actually younger than many other monastic communities and doing well with vocations. The older monks offer guidance in the how-tos of community life in general for younger members of the community, says Fr. Justin Matro, O.S.B., Seminary Rector, who also sees value in the presence of the monastic community for the seminarians. When Saint Vincent College students join the monks for prayer, enroll in classes taught by the Benedictines and learn about the monastic community, the students come to appreciate the lives of these men of faith, of so many different backgrounds and ages. The “sacred inheritance” continues. As Dr. Oetgen told his audience: “From the time of Saint Benedict and since then for the past 15 centuries, the Benedictine family has in a very real sense been both inclusive and diverse. It has embraced multitudes.”

fall 2009











in the student Senate, as chairman of the student alumni committee and as a member of the college chorus. At the age of nine, Simon was playing outside his Newark home when two nuns asked him if he would like to attend summer camp. The sisters were members of the Missionaries of Charity, Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s order. He

did, indeed, want to go to camp, and later he was asked if he wanted to attend a Catholic school, which he did, ending up as a very successful student at St. Benedict’s. Through that school, he visited Saint Vincent and decided he wanted to attend (with hopes of becoming the first in his family to graduate from a four-year college). Now he finds that his life will again intersect providentially with the sisters. In May, Simon hopes to join other students visiting Calcutta with College President


s a in t v in c en t q u a rterl y

Jim Towey to work with Mother Teresa’s order there. “Now nine years later, I’ll be helping the sisters,” he says with delight. In the classroom, the sense of international culture can be found in the recent visit by a Cuban-born poet. The visit was arranged by English assistant professor Michelle GilMontero, herself a poet and wife of a poet from Argentina. Gil-Montero’s personal connection made it possible for internationally-known poet, José Kozer, the leading Cuban-born poet of his generation, to serve a week-long poetry residency teaching classes, offering a bilingual poetry reading and conducting a poetry workshop. One of the most influential poets in Latin America, Kozer has published 49 books of poetry and two books of prose. In the spring semester, Gil-Montero will teach a Literary Translation class, a workshop designed to offer students experience in translating poetry from a language they have studied. This semester saw Dr. Rubin Pillay of South Africa, who holds both a Ph.D. and M.D. and operates a large private medical clinic in his homeland, welcomed as an assistant professor of management in the McKenna School. Also new to Saint Vincent this semester was Ying Ziao of China, as associate professor of modern and classical languages. Fr. Benoit Alloggia, O.S.B., a native of France fluent in four languages, has returned to Saint Vincent as instructor of modern and classical languages following his ordination in Rome this summer. Interestingly enough, when faculty positions are posted, a growing number

of applications come from abroad, says Dr. John Smetanka, Vice President for Academic Affairs. “We get a large number of applications, much larger than in the past from other countries. For one position, there were 80 applications, with 40 coming from China, Russia and Ukraine.” Saint Vincent faculty members also offer students an international experience by their own commitment to teaching abroad, traveling and returning to share a global perspective with their students. Dean of the McKenna School, Dr. Gary Quinlivan, was a Fulbright Scholar at Shandong University in the People’s Republic of China. When he returns to China in January, it will have been his 23rd visit to that country. “It gives you so much in terms of practical experience to offer in the classroom. Students ask questions about developments abroad, and you’ve experienced them firsthand,” he says. “The entire business world is international now,” Dr. Quinlivan says. “I just got an e-mail from a student who has been assigned to head a plant in Mexico. Our students can get jobs anywhere in the world; it is a big plus to have a large portion of international students for networking.” The international connections that the College has maintained are providing opportunities for Saint Vincent students, he notes. The relationship with Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan, for example, has been successful. One Fu Jen graduate, Frank Yuan, now a successful businessman in hotels in China, has extended the opportunity for aspiring

hotel managers to intern at his hotels. Four or five students are expected to participate this spring semester, Dr. Quinlivan says. Kennametal has been helpful with international internships as well, the dean says. And international travel continues to enrich academic scholarship. Br. Elliott Maloney, O.S.B., professor of theology, is working on a second book, looking at life in the spirit of St. Paul. He explains that his extensive travel to Brazil and the intense Christian family life he witnessed, has informed his scholarship and enriched his teaching. He has also traveled to Africa, and is preparing an online course for Nigerians. Flags of all the countries represented by students who have studied at Saint Vincent make a colorful display in the cafeteria. There is even an international flair in the cafeteria, which weekly

Sophomore Minh Duong takes a study break in Melvin Platz Garden.

fall 2009





Freshman Move-in Day sparks many long-lasting friendships.








highlights authentic dishes from one of 10 countries—Japan, Greece, Sicily, Lebanon, Vietnam, Mexico, India, Morocco, Brazil or Thailand. This special Parkhurst Food Service program, called Hemisflavor, has been popular with students, says Reggie Esmi, food services senior general manager. Students have enjoyed the variety of salads, soups, entrees, side dishes and

to have the opportunity to study the world’s great religions. Rabbi Jason Edelstein, associate professor of theology, has been a longtime faculty member, and Dr. John Aupperle, a retired Methodist minister and theology faculty member, is beginning his third year in Campus Ministry. The College’s sustained effort to increase diversity, not only among its

desserts (all marked with small signs showing the flag of the country of origin). The administration is also proud of the talented staff members of international backgrounds, including three from Information Services: Chief Information Officer Eddie Dejthai (Thailand); Data Base Administrator Roberto Wisnesck (Brazil); and Director of User Services Abdul Kazi (Pakistan). Saint Vincent students continue

student body, but also among faculty and staff, has clearly borne fruit. It can be seen at the front of classrooms as well as in the residence halls. It is in evidence at school events, in the dining hall, and on the playing fields. As our students prepare to enter the workforce in an ever more global economic system, the experience gained by living in this community enriched by diversity will stand them in good stead to make the transition with confidence.

s a in t v in c en t q u a rterl y

H A Standing Ovation for

Joe Reilly By J u l i a Cava l l o


n June 27, 2009 the lights dimmed, the curtains closed for the last time. The final line of Joe Reilly’s play was spoken as he went home to grace the happiest play of all in heaven. It is hard to think of Joe without thinking about plays and movies, his stories and your stories. He loved them all. He had great affection for people and their stories, especially when he could make people laugh. Joe loved to tell stories about his time in the Army, school days at Holy Innocents in Pittsburgh’s Sheraden neighborhood and the early Saint Vincent Theatre while sitting on a blue chair at a table covered with red and white checkers and holding a handful of popcorn at the Summer Theatre Cabaret. “He loved human nature, human folly and especially stories that showed himself in a ridiculous light,” his daughter, Colleen, remarked in describing her father’s favorite kind of stories. His start in the theatre is itself a good story. In the fall of 1964, Joe was a Saint Vincent Seminary student who had to go in to Pittsburgh to register for the draft. He went down near the willow trees that line Fraser Purchase Road and began hitchhiking.

fall 2009



An actor who performed here this past summer described Saint Vincent Theatre as “actor heaven.” Fr. Tom Devereux, O.S.B., gave him a ride, and was along with several other recent Saint Vincent also going to Pittsburgh that day. That car ride graduates, founded Saint Vincent Summer prompted Fr. Tom to offer the bright young man a Theatre. The next year after fulfilling his Army job on the tech crew for his upcoming production duty, Joe joined them. Joe Reilly and Pat Carney of “West Side Story.” And the rest as they say is were married by Fr. Tom on a Tuesday so they history. would not disrupt the The chance encounter Summer Theatre schedule. with Fr. Tom led to a Their daughters Colleen and life-long friendship and a Annie were baptized by Fr. professional relationship Tom and were raised with between him and Joe. This a strong passion and love encounter sparked other for the theatre. Joe worked pivotal elements of Joe’s as an actor, director, and story. producer of the Theatre until Before entering the draft, the very day that he died. Joe had been discerning Joe was a great presence Joe with cast members from his call to priestly ministry at Saint Vincent who a production of Godspell. and was being drawn to a influenced four decades of different path. If he was students, whether he was unsure prior to “West Side Story,” he may have directing them on stage or teaching them in his been more convinced that priestly life was not great acting and film courses in the classroom. He for him when Fr. Tom introduced Joe to the lead loved life, even while encountering serious health actress and singer, Seton Hill student Patricia problems throughout the last several years. Carney. He also loved Saint Vincent and embraced the In 1969, Fr. Tom and Patricia Carney, Benedictine charisms throughout his life.


s a in t v in c en t q u a rterl y

above left: Fr. Tom with Pat and Joe. Above: Pat and Joe rehearse. LEFT: Colleen, Joe and Pat Reilly.

“My father had great respect for actors, both student and professional, because he knew how difficult it is to act and what courage it takes to be on stage,” Colleen said. “He really liked to see actors work and he loved helping them to do the best they could.” The respect that students and professional actors had for Joe was evident. An actor who performed here this past summer described Saint Vincent Theatre as “actor heaven.” A student enrolled in Joe’s acting class last spring commented, “Mr. Reilly is one of the best teachers I have had at Saint Vincent College. He is very personable, patient with the students and treats everyone with respect, while making the class fun and educational at the same time.” Another student said, “Mr. Reilly has been a fantastic teacher and clearly knows and loves what he teaches. He always has good feedback for us

students and is not afraid to challenge us. He makes the course interesting and is very interested in seeing his students succeed.” In every moment of every rehearsal and every production Joe was passionate. He loved the reaction of the audience and often watched the people as much as he did the play. He brought life to the stage, and also a lot of fun. After Fr. Tom passed away in June 2008, Joe hoped that another Benedictine would be appointed to the Theatre to maintain the Benedictine spirit of the place. In July, Joe’s hope came true when Archabbot Douglas R. Nowicki, O.S.B., assigned Br. Bonaventure Curtis, O.S.B., to the College for the appointment as Executive Director of Saint Vincent Summer Theatre. Saint Vincent Theatre will continue to build on the influence of Joe and Fr. Tom and their legacy will endure for many years to come. Joe, Fr. Tom, take a bow – you deserve a standing ovation!

fall 2009


great minds think alike by



Why Saint Vincent “Made The Grade” For 14 Valedictorians


ach spring, thousands of teenagers are faced with the challenge of choosing the “perfect college.” There’s no question that the brightest students have access to a world of possibilities, but for 14 high school valedictorians (as well as many other exceptional students who had grade point averages of 4.0 or higher), the decision to come to Saint Vincent was an easy one. This year, the College warmly welcomed valedictorians Emily Amond, Lucas Briola, Bethanne Dishler, Amber Elder, Colleen Fisher, Emily Helbling, Kaitlyn Hlebechuk, Diana Hric, Amanda Kasardo, Josh Martin, Melissa Mason, Phillip Meyerhofer, Neal Nanassy and Kasey Radicic to its freshman class. Despite diverse backgrounds and career objectives, these accomplished young people were attracted to the College for reasons


s a in t v in c en t q u a rterl y

Top to bottom: Colleen Fisher, Emily Helbling and Lucas Briola.

that can be best categorized as “the three Cs”: curricula, campus and community. For students who are passionately committed to scholarly pursuits, it is only natural to want to attend an institution that is focused on academic excellence, and many of the valedictorians were impressed by the quality and variety of Saint Vincent’s course offerings. Not only are these students excited about the classes that are related to their majors (which are predominantly in the areas of math and science), but they are also eager to explore other subjects, like foreign language, English and even philosophy, that are part of Saint Vincent’s core curriculum. After carefully considering over a dozen institutions, Colleen Fisher, who hopes to become a high school teacher, had no trouble

ruling out her other choices. “There was no reason to say ‘no,” she said. “I knew this is where I wanted to be.” Unlike the other education programs Fisher explored, Saint Vincent’s stood out because she can “become an expert in her subject” by majoring in chemistry (which she feels is key to being an effective teacher) and start her education courses this year. And it is no surprise that these freshmen were also drawn to the College because of its beautiful campus. Unlike urban institutions that have buildings scattered over several blocks or are too representative of the “hustle and bustle” of city life, Saint Vincent’s campus is like its own little world, where students can both focus on their studies and become involved with a wide range of activities.

A Closer Look At Saint Vincent College’s 14 High School Class of 2009 Valedictorians Student

High School


Emily Amond Derry Area High School, Derry PA Chemistry Lucas Briola Bishop Canevin High School, Pittsburgh, PA Catholic Theology & Mathematics Bethanne Dishler New Brighton Area High School, New Brighton, PA Biology Amber Elder Freeport Area Senior High School, Freeport, PA Finance Colleen Fisher Saint Joseph High School, Natrona Heights, PA Chemistry Emily Helbling Quigley Catholic High School, Baden, PA Undecided Kaitlyn Hlebechuk

Jeannette Senior High School, Jeannette, PA


Diana Hric Ringgold Senior High School, Monongahela, PA Biology Amanda Kasardo East Allegheny High School, North Versailles, PA Undecided Josh Martin Blairsville High School, Blairsville, PA Bioinformatics Melissa Mason Freeport Area Senior High School, Freeport, PA Biology Phillip Meyerhofer Loundon Country High School, Leesburg, VA


Neal Nanassy Laurel Valley High School, New Florence, PA Mathematics Kasey Radicic

Albert Gallatin High School, Uniontown, PA Biology

fall 2009


Additionally, first-rate facilities, like safe, comfortable residence halls and high-tech classrooms, were particularly appealing. However, no Bearcat can deny that one of the most unique characteristics

campus,” said Emily Helbling. “We had a great tour guide, and everyone was so welcoming.” That feeling of community is also an extension of the College’s rich Benedictine heritage. Religion has been

“I knew I wanted to come to Saint Vincent after visiting campus. We had a great tour guide, and everyone was so welcoming.”

– Emily Helbling

about Saint Vincent is its close-knit community. From athletic teams to campus ministry and clubs, it is evident that long-lasting friendships lie at the heart of the College. In fact, students often use the word “family” to describe the meaningful connections they develop with professors, administrators, monks and each other. Visitors quickly become aware of this camaraderie, and prospective students long to share in it, as was the case with a number of the valedictorians. “I knew I wanted to come to Saint Vincent after visiting 18

s a in t v in c en t q u a rterl y

an integral part of the lives of several of these freshmen, and it played a major role during the college selection process. For instance, Lucas Briola was introduced to Saint Vincent by his grandfather, who enrolled prior to World War II. Both close to home and affordable, Saint Vincent was an attractive prospect because it allowed him to double major in math and theology (he is considering either teaching or priesthood), and join the cross country team. Now in the middle of the semester, the freshmen seem to have made a seamless transition into the college experience. This first year represents a new life of independence, but not one that lacks the sense of belonging. “It feels like home,” said Helbling. And for many students, Saint Vincent always will.

Faculty Highlights By J ulia C avallo

Saint Vincent College added four new full-time faculty members for the 2009-2010 academic year. Each professor has a unique background and special qualities to bring to Saint Vincent. Students will have the opportunity to learn from the very best.

M a r g a r e t W at k i n s :

Making philosophy personal

Dr. Margaret Watkins has met interesting people all over the world and published eight journal articles, thanks in large part to her interest in an 18th century philosopher, David Hume. She is particularly interested in Hume’s moral philosophy and the intersection between moral and aesthetic theory. Though philosophy is her specialty, Dr. Watkins realizes philosophy can intimidate students. She tries to show them that it applies to interests that they already have. In the classroom, Dr. Watkins likes to give students a topic, such as friendship, to start a conversation and allow them to interact with each other. She believes that interaction is often where some of the best learning occurs. “Students have different experiences that they bring to the class, and they are able to learn from each other. It is important that they learn these philosophical theories and carry them into their everyday encounters.” Her goal is to make students more reflective in order to think of philosophies they are learning and apply them to real life experiences. “I’m not a professor who pours information into students, but models something for them and learns something from them too. It is a joint enterprise.”

fall 2009


C h r i s t i n a M ah e r :

Embracing a student-centered approach to teaching

Dr. Christina Maher’s eyes light up when she hears a student say, “I don’t like math.” She believes that everyone is able to do math, but many people have had a bad experience in a particular class that may have soured them on the subject. “I find it to be very rewarding to work with students who don’t like math. They think they can’t do math, then they begin to realize that they really can do it.” She promotes an open-door policy with students. The Notre Dame graduate encourages students to come to her office even when they think that they have a very simple question. Dr. Maher believes her openness to students goes hand in hand with the Catholic, Benedictine traditions of Saint Vincent. Her student-centered approach to teaching enables her to use everyday situations to explain mathematical concepts during classes. For example, she uses games that students like to play. When describing simple games like tic-tac-toe, Dr. Maher relates mathematical concepts that are closely related to the strategies and techniques of the game. The assistant professor of mathematics has discovered that even outside the classroom, people are interested in learning how mathematics relates to simple games like tic-tac-toe.

B r e t t Rob i n s o n :

Developing ethical perspectives on communication Brett Robinson’s path throughout his career in mass communication has brought him back to academia, where he said he feels that he can have the most impact. Currently, he is researching the relationship between media technology and “religion” of consumer advertising to complete his dissertation. In December, an article about the subject will be published in Explorations in 20

s a in t v in c en t q u a rterl y

Media Ecology. He recognizes that his students will be future leaders in the field of communication. He does not take lightly the responsibility of preparing Saint Vincent students. The instructor in communication values the opinions of students, recognizing that each student has his or her own motivations and diverse background. “I can meet them where they are and provide support, assistance, and guidance all because of my own journey through the field.” Robinson hopes to involve his

students in critical and ethical analysis of mass communication particularly in advertising and media technology. “Hopefully students in my classes begin to gain critical thinking tools so they are informed consumers and ethical producers of mass media.” At the conclusion of the journey at Saint Vincent, Robinson hopes that he has prepared his students to make a positive contribution on communication. “When students get in to the industry and they face a dilemma, my goal is that the ethical perspective they have developed at Saint Vincent will enable them to react in a positive way and affect positive change in the mass communication industry.”

R u b i n P i lla y :

Sharing his experiences as physician and healthcare manager Dr. Rubin Pillay looks forward to the challenge of his new position as associate professor of management. The South African native is passionate about health care, both from the perspective of a veteran physician, and as a health services manager. “The business of health care management is big everywhere. There are different challenges you face in health care in developing countries versus first-world countries. No matter where it is, the challenges in health care are in essence management issues.” Dr. Pillay hopes to formalize a study abroad relationship between Saint Vincent and South Africa. He likes to use case studies in his management classes to make the theories come alive. He explains that by formalizing a relationship with a South African institution, Saint Vincent students would have the opportunity for a practical and experiential component to their management studies. Dr. Pillay continue to make a difference in South African health care through his research evaluating health management. He believes that Saint Vincent students can gain valuable experiences by aiding him in his work, and also traveling to the country. A study abroad experience would allow Saint Vincent students to put their own learning into practice by helping small businesses and entrepreneurs get off the ground, and aiding in the development of business plans or the implementation of a marketing strategy.

fall 2009


Final Cuts By J im B erger


t only takes one visit to the Saint Vincent athletic website to realize that the Bearcats are ahead of the curve in regard to the use of multimedia in promoting and publicizing the school’s 20 varsity teams. With ever-advancing technology and the prevalence of video throughout the World Wide Web, Saint Vincent sports information director Jeff Zidek has ensured that the Bearcats will remain on the cutting edge of sports promotion. Thanks to the high interest in sports on campus, as well as an eager and enthusiastic pool of student workers, sports videos have been a hit. Athletics


s a in t v in c en t q u a rterl y

videos average over 5,000 views per month. As popularity for the videos grows, so does student interest in working for the Sports Information department, where they receive invaluable real-world experience. “When a student comes to work for me, I stop treating them as a student and try to give them a realistic workforce experience,” Zidek said. “So, by not treating this as a traditional student job, I feel we are giving them a better education.” Erik Kaminski, who worked in the sports information department for four years before graduating in 2005, agrees wholeheartedly with Zidek. “It wasn’t like a normal work-study

job where you had to file papers for two hours or answer phone calls,” he said. “It really gave me a hands-on opportunity that I wouldn’t have gotten from just watching a game as a fan.” Kaminski is entering his second year as assistant sports information director at Mercyhurst College, after working in the same capacity at Robert Morris University and Goucher College following graduation. Eddie Coughlan, a 2008 graduate, was integral in editing and producing a number of the first online highlight reels. Though he fully embraced the role, he never thought it would become so successful so quickly. “I never expected the web videos to explode like they have,” he said. “Back then, it was just about getting some exposure for our athletic department

and getting highlights to the athletes and their parents who may not have been able to make it to every game. Seeing how it has evolved is amazing.” Coughlan is currently employed as production coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens, where is he in charge of all of the video that goes onto the team’s official website. Early in 2009, Zidek created a Bearcat athletics page on the popular internet site Featuring highlights of almost every Saint Vincent varsity sporting event from throughout the year, as well as numerous other features including interviews of studentathletes and coaches, the site became an immediate hit, so much so that Zidek was asked to give a presentation on the benefits of YouTube for college athletics at the annual College Sports Information Directors of America in San Antonio, Texas in late June. “The presentation was extremely wellreceived,” he said. “I continue to get calls and e-mail from my colleagues at schools from all over with questions on how to do what we do at Saint Vincent.” “Saint Vincent is doing things in video that a lot of Division-I institutions aren’t,” said Kaminski. “The office has come a long way since my early days there, and it looks like it’s continuing to go in the right direction.” Former Sports Information Student Workers Jason Seidling (left) and Conner Gilbert (right) were recently hired by the Pittsburgh Penguins as a writer for the web and Penn State-Altoona as Sports Information Director respectively.

To watch Bearcat athletic videos, visit the following link:

fall 2009


Herb Boyer, left, with his family and Saint Vincent College President Jim Towey (center).


s a in t v in c en t q u a rterl y

sp ri n g /summe r 2 0 0 9


A Conversation with

Herb Boyer


r. Herbert W. Boyer, C’58, D’81, is among Saint Vincent College’s most notable alumni, having received international recognition throughout his career for the pivotal role he played in the creation of the biotechnology industry and the founding of the pharmaceutical firm Genentech that utilized his DNA-splitting technology to pioneer numerous lifesaving drugs. Despite his success, he admitted to having one regret. “I wish I had asked more questions when I was here,” he told President Jim Towey and student Jess Salandro during a recent visit to campus with his family. Relaxing at an afternoon Pittsburgh Steelers practice on August 11 with his wife Grace, son Ethan, daughter-inlaw Laura, and granddaughters Natalie and Grace, he took a few minutes to share some memories about the undergraduate education he received at Saint Vincent as a student commuting from nearby Derry. Asked about his fondest memory of Saint Vincent, he jokingly replied, “When I graduated.” He recalled a daily routine of hitchhiking or riding the bus to campus—later he rode with his wife’s brother and split the cost of gas, to demanding classes. He told of having a locker that was his base of operations and of wearing a jacket and tie. “I had

The namesake of the Boyer School visits SVC with his family by

don orland O

Boyer met with Junior communication major Jess Salandro during Steelers training camp.

one jacket and one tie,” he said. “I never untied the tie.” What teachers stand out in his memory? “Mostly the science teachers— Fr. Joel, Fr. Owen,” he recalled. “Fr. Owen taught anatomy. His toughest exam was an oral test during which you

fall 2009


would put your hands behind your back and he would place some of the 206 bones of the body in your hand, one by one. You had to feel it and identify which one it was and whether it was from the left side or the right side of the body. There is only one bone in your body that is symmetrical and that is the hyoid bone in the bottom of your skull so that was the

Boyer (right) with Fr. Joel Lieb, O.S.B.

“It was Fr. Joel Lieb who really sparked my interest in DNA. We were assigned a chapter on the structure of DNA. When I read that chapter and presented it, I knew I was going to do that.” tricky one—so everyone got a hyoid bone. We called Fr. Owen “The Frog” because he taught frog anatomy.” “My physics professor was Fr. Roland—we called him Rocky—he was a small, wiry man,” he continued. “The faculty were all tough and were really characters. There was no grade inflation. I remember the worst class I ever took was a philosophy course in Metaphysics. I just didn’t get it. I had no idea—so I flunked Metaphysics. Years later when I was at Saint Vincent to speak I told the Archabbot that I had tried to insert some philosophy into my remarks and asked if it might be possible to go back and change my Metaphysics grade to a C.” “It was Fr. Joel Lieb who really sparked my interest in DNA,” Boyer said. “It was sort of an accident. I 26

s a in t v in c en t q u a rterl y

had taken an elective course in cell physiology and, as part of the course, we had to give a seminar—it was a small class, maybe ten students. We were assigned a chapter on which to give a seminar and I was assigned a chapter on the structure of DNA which was just getting into textbooks at that time, 1957. I was interested in genetics but had only read about the standard fruit fly experiments. When I read that chapter and presented it, I knew I was going to do that. It had such heuristic value. It explained everything. Now, it has become so complex.” “We also had an economics professor,” Boyer continued. “He was sort of a dapper guy who would wear a suit and scarf but he was so tough—Fr. ArmandJean Baldwin. We called him the Purple Shaft—he wore a cape and had this very continental panache about him. The Benedictines were all terrific and were all characters in their own way.” While a student, he had a part-time job on campus working for Fr. Tom Devereux on the stage crew. “We used to play gin rummy offstage during performances,” he said. Now, Herb Boyer’s name is attached to the School of Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Computing, an announcement that was made during Commencement in 2007 in the presence of that year’s speaker, President George W. Bush. “It is very humbling,” he admitted, “but it’s not something I really enjoy. President Towey and Archabbot Douglas convinced me that it would help the School to do that, so I agreed.” Enrollment in the Boyer School has steadily increased, with 38% of this year’s freshman class choosing a major there.

Grand Challenges for Engineering

By d r . p a u l f o l l a n s b e e James F. Will Professor of Engineering Science


eriodically, technical communities come together to identify the highest priority technical challenges in the coming years. Identifying these topics helps to define investment opportunities, research directions, unique partnering relationships, and future training requirements. In 2008, the National Academy of Engineering issued a report entitled Grand Challenges for Engineering listing 14 such topics (see sidebar on page 28).

Fall 2009


The Engineering Grand Challenges represent more than a timely listing of research topics. Rather, they comprise challenges to the health and economic competitiveness of our country. Each of these challenges carries some degree of urgency. Many of today’s students likely will join professions that directly or indirectly impact these grand challenges. Part of our responsibility as educators at Saint Vincent College is to prepare students both for the opportunity and responsibility posed by these grand challenges. I was trained as a mechanical engineer (Duke, BSE 1972), but early in my undergraduate education, my interests were drawn to the materials science and engineering discipline (CMU, PhD 1981). My passion for materials first developed as a sophomore at Duke University during an introductory materials course taught by a seasoned professor who had served as an engineer at Pratt & Engineering’s 14 Grand Whitney Aircraft. I have since had an opportunity to Challenges practice as a materials scientist and engineer at Los Alamos National Laboratory, General Electric Global Defined by U.S. National Academy R&D Center, Howmet Castings (an Alcoa business), of Engineering, 2008 and Pratt and Whitney Aircraft. Sustainability Make solar energy affordable* Commercialize fusion energy* Develop carbon sequestration* Manage the nitrogen cycle* Improved Living Enhance virtual reality Advance personalized learning Engineer tools for scientific discovery* Health Provide access to clean water* Restore / improve urban infrastructure* Advance health informatics Engineer better medicines* Reverse-engineer the brain Reduced Vulnerability Prevent nuclear terror* Secure cyberspace

Two seminal studies commissioned by the National Research Council—one of which was recently * Special role for materials science released—have helped to chart research directions in and engineering the field of materials science and engineering. The first study was initiated in the mid 1980s at a time when the materials field was expanding rapidly. Advances in micro-electronics, including the “Moore’s Law” increase in number of transistors that can be placed on an integrated circuit (which in turn relates to storage capacity, processing speed, etc., in our computers), increasingly efficient air travel (due to increasing thrust to weight ratios in aircraft engines and the development of high temperature materials and coatings), and artificial joint materials and technologies are but a few examples of advances during the latter third of the 20th century that


s a in t v in c en t q u a rterl y

were enabled by materials technologies. The NRC wisely commissioned the 1986 study under the co-leadership of Praveen Chaudhari (IBM) and Merton Flemings (MIT) to set the stage for further coordination in the materials discipline. One of the main recommendations of the report, entitled Materials Science and Engineering for the 1990s—Maintaining Competitiveness in the Age of Materials, 1989, was that materials engineers need to understand the relationship between chemistry (composition), processing and structure, and performance of the system. That is, the composition of a material, the manner in which it is processed, and the resulting structure (microstructure) are inter-related factors that dictate how well a material performs. The original materials “tetrahedron” illustrates this interdependence. Simple as it appears today, this concept reinforced to the materials engineer the need to specify more than the chemistry of a material for it to optimally serve an intended application. And, it reinforced to the materials scientist that the basis of the interdependencies were worthy of continued study. The report’s recommendations Performance were particularly relevant to the invention and synthesis of new materials for new applications, e.g., solar conversion, energy storage, drug delivery, light weight automobile engines, etc. My own research during the 1980s and 1990s, which I am now able to resume at Saint Vincent College, benefited from the Chemistry recommendations from this NRC study. I was brought to Los Alamos National Properties Laboratory (LANL) in 1981 to develop a research program in the area of deformation Structure dynamics, which is the study of the strength and fracture resistance of materials when exposed to very fast impact events. The availability of very sophisticated test equipment at LANL allowed me to make fundamental measurements of how the strength of a metal varies with the rate at which the metal is stressed. Engineers commonly probe the variation of strength with temperature; my measurements complemented this data and allowed a more fundamental analysis of the origin of kinetic laws and the development of mathematical equations that engineers could use to predict a metal’s strength in, for instance, a complicated impact scenario. My work probed the relationship between strength (as the performance metric) and a metal’s structure and processing history. The research by my team during the 1980s and 1990s was one of many research efforts to increase understanding of the connections between a material’s composition, processing, structure, and performance. Computational modeling and simulation grew in importance in design as engineers sought to take advantage of these interrelations in design of new components and systems.


fall 2009


The realized importance of high technology materials to the U. S. economy led to another National Research Council study in 2006. In general, products using advanced materials are high-value products that yield high manufacturing returns (profits) and high paying jobs critical to national economic competitiveness. With strong participation from the automobile, aerospace, and materials supplier industries, the report, issued in 2008, called for increased integration of the materials design tools and new simulation and characterization tools that more thoroughly account for the material’s microstructure and the variation of the microstructure with processing and service. In fact, the report, entitled Integrated Computational Materials Engineering—A Transformational Discipline for Improved Competitiveness and National Security, draws a parallel between materials and the emerging bioinformatics discipline. While I’m not convinced a materials informatics discipline is required, I do believe that many of the engineering grand challenges defined by the NRC study in 2008 will go unsolved without the development and introduction of new materials. For example, the efficient conversion of solar energy requires inexpensive materials, based on readily available raw materials, which will convert a photon of light energy to electrical energy at high efficiencies. Commercialized fusion energy will require development of containment materials which will withstand high temperature, erosive, and high radiation environments. The design of molecules that will bond with a carbon dioxide

Part of our responsibility as educators at Saint Vincent College is to prepare students both for the opportunity and responsibility posed by these grand challenges. molecule or even catalyze the conversion of the harmful carbon dioxide molecule into something more inert is one concept for sequestration (required to reduce the rate of global warming). Restoring / improving urban infrastructure is a huge materials problem demanding corrosion and wear resistant materials with an eye toward the total life cycle impact of processing and ultimate disposal. “Engineer better medicines” will entail, among other attributes, the design of molecules that target cancer cells or specific viruses within the body. With nuclear energy considered to be one of many sources of global energy in light of exponentially increasing demand, the likelihood of nuclear terror must be mitigated through design of fuel cycles that yield undesirable (to the terrorist) spent fuel resources, while reducing the volume of hazardous waste. Advanced materials will be part of the solution to each of these grand challenges. 30

s a in t v in c en t q u a rterl y

fall sports preview By J i m B e r g e r


hough the 2009-10 academic year is in its infancy, the fall sports schedule is in full swing, with eight Bearcat athletic teams. The Bearcat football team, in its third year back after a 45-year hiatus, looks to have experience on its favor, as 80 players, including 21 of 22 regular starters, return from a season ago—a

Bearcat tailback Jairus Marlow (above) and tennis ace Alexis Cup (right).

far cry from the past two seasons when the vast majority of starters were freshmen and sophomores. Six All-Presidents’ Athletic Conference recipients return for head coach Bob Colbert’s squad, led by sophomore tailback Jairus Marlow, who led the conference in yards per carry (7.8) last year and scored six

touchdowns. The team also returns a pair of quarterbacks who split duties last season in sophomores Kevin Corona and Jake Smith, while the entire starting defensive unit from 2008 is also back, including junior safety Josh Diamond and sophomore linebacker Anthony Johnson, who finished fourth and fifth, respectively, in tackles in the PAC last year. The Lady Bearcat tennis team, in the midst of its most successful stretch in team history, looks for another exceptional season under head coach Jim Bendel. Last year, the team went 13-3-1, and enjoyed a programrecord 10-match winning streak midway through the season. Though both of the team’s top players from last year—Kim Meier and Megan Wells—have graduated, Bendel’s team returns a number of quality players. Sophomores Alexis Cup and Emily Morris combined to go 20-6 in singles play last season, while junior Nicole Peer went a perfect 8-0 and senior Brittany Vignero 6-0. Doubles play was also solid for SVC, as the Lady Bearcats won 31 of 45 doubles matches in 2008.

fall 2009


The men’s soccer team, coached by Keith Harmon, looks to bounce back from a disappointing 7-11 2008 season, with seven losses coming by one goal. Senior forward Luis Rodriguez looks to anchor the team’s offense, after leading the PAC in scoring in each of the past two seasons, including a 15-goal, twoassist output in 2008. He enters the 2009 season fifth all-time in program history in career goals scored, and should quickly ascend up the list over the course of the season.

Ben Fecik strikes for the Bearcat soccer team (above) while Diana Petrovich spikes for the Lady Bearcat volleyball team (right).


The twin brother tandem of seniors Matt Fecik and Ben Fecik is also back for Harmon after each was named AllConference in 2008. Matt is expected to be an anchor on the team’s defense, while Ben looks to team with Rodriguez to give the team a solid one-two goal scoring punch on offense. Head coach Becky Stewart’s women’s soccer team returns seven starters from last season, and the Lady Bearcats hope to improve upon its 7-9-3 record in 2008. Senior co-captains Alex Shasko and Ashley Bartko—both three-year

s a in t v in c en t q u a rterl y

starters—are two of the key players for the Lady Bearcats. Shasko, a midfielder, is a three-time all-conference selection, while Bartko, known for her intense, physical brand of play has anchored the defense throughout her career. Junior Leanna Seminsky is the team’s leading returning scorer, as she scored seven goals in 2008, while another junior, Michelle Stepien, has seen her role continually increase on offense throughout her career, and will be looked upon as another goalscoring threat for the Lady Bearcats. Sophomore Logan Gamelier, who played every minute of every game as a freshman, will team with Bartko on defense, while Kirstie Mills, another sophomore, returns in goal, after placing in the top five in the PAC in 2008 in saves and save percentage. The Lady Bearcat volleyball team, coached by Sue Hozak, looks to continue its winning tradition in 2009, as the team went 25-7 last season, and has amassed a record of 125-36 over the past five seasons. All but two starters return from last year, led by allconference outside hitter Diana Petrovich. The 6-1 junior finished among conference leaders in both kills and blocks, and led the Lady Bearcats in kills in 23 of their 32 matches in 2008. Rejoining Petrovich on the front line will be junior Rachel Pace and sophomores Taylor Guido, Dawn Timko, and Natalie Hozak. Pace and Guido started all 32 matches last season, while Hozak returns after a knee injury cost her the entire 2008 campaign. As a

freshman in 2007, however, she was one of the top all-around players in the PAC, earning all-conference recognition while finishing among conference leaders in kills, digs, and aces. Senior Christa Calgaro returns to lead the defense, after pacing SVC with an average of 3.8 digs per set, and finishing fourth in the PAC with 42 service aces in 2008. Fresh off of its second place finish at the PAC Championships a year ago, the Bearcat men’s cross country team, coached by Dr. Andrew Herr, also expects its good fortunes to continue. Though the team graduated arguably the top runner in program history in Adam Smith, a three-time PAC champ and 2009 ECAC champion, the Bearcats return a number of their top runners from a season ago. Sophomores Kevin Wanichko and Ryan Barlow finished 2008 with a flurry, with the former taking third at the PAC championships and the latter fourth, while junior Matt Hagg and two other sophomores, Tomas McLaughlin and Josh Hooke, also finished among the team’s top seven in each meet a year ago. Herr’s team will also welcome a number of talented first-year runners, including Jeff Hite, Cam Stumme, and Lucas Briola. The Lady Bearcat cross country team, coached by Tom Harbert, also boasts a number of returnees from a strong 2008 campaign, highlighted by senior Katie Macioce and sophomore Ivette Mejia. Macioce medaled in five different meets last season, including a fifth-place finish at the PAC championships. Mejia began the year with a bang, taking second in the first competition of her career at Westminster Colllege, before battling

through injury in the middle stages of the season. Upon returning, she quickly regained her old form, ending the year with a 10th place overall finish at the PAC championship. A number of talented returnees will join Macioce and Mejia, including juniors Emma Goetz, Claudia Arrunategui, and Brenda Hartman, as well as sophomores Natalie Wolff and Rachel Horne. The team that enjoyed arguably the biggest turnaround at Saint Vincent in 2008 was the women’s field hockey team, led by coach Jym Walters. After finishing 3-15 in 2007, the Lady Bearcats rebounded to go 8-11 in 2008, with seven of the losses coming by one goal. All but two starters return for Walters in 2009, led by senior Maryellen Baverso, the team’s leading scorer in each of the past two seasons. The 2009 squad is quite veteranladen, with six seniors and six juniors, all of whom have been full-time starters in each of the past two years. Baverso will be joined on offense by senior Lauren Scheloske and junior Sam Larkin, both of whom have shown a knack for putting the ball in the net. The midfield will be led by senior Rachel Hill and junior Tonya David, who have both been extremely valuable two-way players throughout their careers, while seniors Judy Spelz and Katie Benedict return to anchor the team’s defense in front of senior goalie Jackie Novak, who looks fully recovered from a knee injury that cost her almost the entire 2008 campaign.

Junior Tonya David spearheads the attack for the women’s field hockey team.

fall 2009


Steelers Training Camp 2009 2





s a in t v in c en t q u a rterl y

Photographs Courtesy of:

Jim Berger Nicole Matich Kim Metzgar Rebecca Polaski David Safin

5 6




Photo Indentifications 1


Saint Vincent Senior Marketing Major Nicole Matich had an internship with the Steelers Media Department (with Ryan Clark).

2 Ben Roethlisberger speaks with the media in front of Chuck Noll Field. 3 Br. Maximilian Maxwell sets up the Steelers six Lombardi Trophies. 4 Santonio Holmes signs autographs. 5 Coach Mike Tomlin addresses the media after practice.


6 The team gathers for practice instructions. 7 University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball Head Coach John Calipari made an appearance at camp. 8 Actor Ving Rhames dropped by camp and had a word with James Harrison.


9 KDKA Reporter Dave Crawley does a story about Benedictine Monks at Steelers Camp. 10 Steelers fans await the arrival of the team before practice. 11 The incomparable Troy Polamalu.

fall 2009


News Briefs

The German pilgrimage included a visit to Carrolltown, where Boniface Wimmer initially planned to establish his foundation.

German Visitors Make Pilgrimage to See Boniface Wimmer’s Legacy


he first rays of morning sun rising over Chestnut Ridge slowly illuminate the bronze statue of Saint Vincent founder Boniface Wimmer, one arm holding the Rule of Saint Benedict, the other


s a in t v in c en t q u a rterl y

outstretched to embrace a new day, a day devoted, as he wrote frequently, for “the greater honor and glory of God.” Monks, students, parishioners, employees and visitors can’t help but be reminded of his work as they glimpse the statue standing before the imposing Basilica that was completed nearly two decades after his death. A different statue of Boniface Wimmer stands in

the center of a square in his hometown of Thalmassing, Germany, a tribute from the people of his hometown to a native son. In July, a group of 16 visitors from Thalmassing stood before the “other” statue of Wimmer as they made a week-long pilgrimage to Latrobe as part of the yearlong celebration on campus marking the bicentennial of his birth. The invitation

for their visit was extended by Archabbot Douglas R. Nowicki, O.S.B., when he visited Thalmassing in 1996, on the occasion of the sesquicentennial of Saint Vincent. The pilgrims toured many sites of interest locally and in Pittsburgh. Their visit included tours of the Basilica, the Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve, and the Saint Vincent Gristmill, which was constructed shortly after Wimmer’s arrival. They also spent a day in Carrolltown, where Wimmer had initially intended to establish his foundation. The visit helped the pilgrims gain a better picture of Wimmer’s work. Richard Heindl, who came with his wife Irmi, discovered only a few years ago that he was Wimmer’s great-great-great-

nephew. Since then, Heindl has read Wimmer’s biography, An American Abbot, and the recent collection of his letters edited by biographer Jerome Oetgen, Letters of An American Abbot. But even with that research, Heindl, an IT systems specialist, said the full picture of what Wimmer achieved was difficult to picture until coming to Saint Vincent. “To see the towers of the Basilica at night was my first impression of this place,” he said, noting that the visit made a deep impression on him. “For the first time, I realized completely the dimensions of Boniface Wimmer, his person and his work,” said Alfons Kiendl, burgermeister (mayor) of Thalmassing. He said the anniversary of Wimmer’s birth has given everyone an

opportunity to learn more about him. In October, a group from Saint Vincent reciprocated the visit, as they traveled to Thalmassing and Bavaria in October for the Benedictine Heritage Tour. Father Anton Schober, who has served for 30 years as pastor in the church where Wimmer was ordained in 1831, noted that “the real impressions, to be in that place where he was, are much more than I’ve known before. We, who come from his home parish, now can see what it is he has been able to bring about through his life and work. We can only marvel that what he has begun continues to this day, at what rich fruit his work has brought us.” — Kim Metzgar

Tracy Branson Joins Office for Institutional Advancement


racy Branson has been named Vice President for Institutional Advancement. Branson is a development professional with more than 20 years experience in college and university administration. She will provide leadership, supervision and management of the college’s institutional advancement programs and staff including the setting of strategic priorities, development of performance plans and assessment of annual programs. “I am pleased to announce that Tracy Branson has accepted the opportunity to develop a philanthropic program for Saint Vincent that will keep us on track to be among the top colleges in the United States,” said College President Jim Towey. “She has the talent, experience and ability to provide the vision and leadership needed to develop increased support from our alumni and donor community. She will fit in quickly and we are lucky to have her.”

fall 2009




Center for Northern Appalachian Studies Wins Award


he Center for Northern Appalachian Studies was awarded the Pennsylvania Federation of Museums and Historical Organization’s Charles H. Glatfelter Executive Award for “Publications and Contributions to Pennsylvania History - The Continuing Work of the Saint Vincent College Center for Northern Appalachian Studies.” The text of the notification letter read: “This award

recognizes the broad scope of work—books, lectures, oral histories, to name some. In addition, the Center is to be commended for providing too often under-served rural communities a resource to collect, archive, and preserve their history.”

Alumni of Distinction Honored During Homecoming Weekend


aint Vincent College honored eight graduates with the presentation of Alumni of Distinction Awards

at a Friday evening dinner during the annual Alumni Homecoming Weekend. The Alumni of Distinction awardess included J. Patrick Conroy, C’64, of Latrobe; Richard Gilmartin, M.D.,

C’54, of Wichita, Kansas;

Megan Sheehy Melucci, C’89, of Murrysville; Richard Quinlan, C’59, of Sunapee, New Hampshire; Molly A. Robb Shimko, C’90, of Latrobe; Richard Stillwagon,

P’65, C’69, of Greensburg; and Ronald Swade, C’59, of Western Springs, Illinois. Michael A. Walsh, C’96, of Harrisburg, was honored as a recent Alumnus of Distinction.

President Jim Towey (third from left) and Archabbot Douglas R. Nowicki, O.S.B. (fourth from right) with the 2009 Alumni of Distinction.


s a in t v in c en t q u a rterl y

Admission Website Receives Top Honors


aint Vincent College’s admission website was ranked #1 in the country by in its 11th annual Enrollment Power Index, an analysis of admission websites of all four-year colleges and universities. Each summer, the MCO team of college admission and internet experts conducts a research-based analysis that measures how well college and university websites provide information to prospective students to assist them through the application process.

The study grades over 3,000 institutions on a 100-point scale, including functionality, design and technology components. The criteria for the study are reviewed and updated

annually by internal experts as well as current high school students. Each institution was reviewed by more than 1,000 college-bound high school students.

New Director of Alumni Relations Named


ichael C. Gerdich, a 1998 graduate of Saint Vincent College who has served in the College’s admission office for the past decade, has been named by President Jim Towey as director of alumni relations. Gerdich, 33, will head the department which is responsible for maintaining relationships with nearly 12,000 Saint Vincent graduates in the United States and around the world. “Mike is perfect for this job and I am excited about the energy and experience that he will bring to this important post,” Mr. Towey said. “He did a great job in admission and his love for Saint Vincent is evident in everything he does.”

fall 2009




Maryellen Baverso, Nicole Matich (not pictured) and Reginald H. Butler, II were named Saint Vincent College Homecoming Queen and King at halftime of the Saint Vincent Bearcats vs. Westminster Titan football matchup during Alumni Homecoming and Fall Family Weekend at the College on September 19.

PA Secretary of Education Speaks to Students


s a in t v in c en t q u a rterl y


ennsylvania Secretary of Education Dr. L. Gerald Zahorchak told more than 200 education students at Saint Vincent College September 3 that they have chosen the greatest mission in the history of the United States. “Our country is blessed to have all of you willing to provide your service, your lives, and your careers to the greatest mission we have in the history of this country,” Dr. Zahorchak said. “That is to help regain our place in this country and in the world.” Dr. Zahorchak came to Saint Vincent at the invitation

of Josh Vigna (pictured at left with Zahorchak), a sophomore student from Johnstown, who wrote him last spring. “I couldn’t wait to get here,” he said. “I thought it would be a great idea to visit Saint Vincent.” “We have education at the forefront of this country as never before,” Dr. Zahorchak continued. “For a good reason it is at the forefront because it’s a changing world with changing dynamics. Other countries are working at this too and other states are at it hard. We want to regain our position of national prominence.”

Alumni News 1940s

Rev. Msgr. Paul A. Lenz, D.D., C’46, S’49, D’95, is celebrating his 60th anniversary of priesthood for the Diocese of AltoonaJohnstown. Sebastian “Sibby” LoNigro, C 48, was inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame at California University of Pennsylvania.

James J. Greer, Jr., C’68, has been appointed Director of the Loyola Retreat House in Faulkner, Maryland. It is a 74-bed retreat center and he is privileged to be its first lay director.


Rev. Dr. William J. Hisker, P’65, C’69, S’05, was ordained to the Permanent Diaconate by Bishop Lawrence E. Brandt at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral, Greensburg on August 10.

Thomas J. Rennie, C’72, was recently elected president of the Southwestern Chapter of the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants for the 2009-2010 fiscal year. James V. Scatena, C’73, was named Business Leader of the Year by the Mason County (Michigan) Chamber of Commerce. Jim and his wife, Patty (Russell), SHU’73, were surprised at the banquet by their two children, their spouses and four grandsons.


Rev. Peter R. Pilarski, C’55, S’59, of St. Januarius Church in Plum is celebrating 50 years in the priesthood. Rev. Msgr. Arnold L. Gaus, C 56, S’59, recently celebrated his 50th anniversary as an AltoonaJohnstown Diocesan Catholic priest.

Bruce A. Antkowiak, C’74, was the featured Law Day speaker at the Mercer County Bar Association’s Law Day celebration.

Donald J. Accorsi, C’57, and his wife, Joan, celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary on August 8.


Martin M. Gildea, C’60, is a retired college professor living in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. He enjoys working in his garden and walking. Thomas E. Skoloda, Ph.D., P’60, C’64, has recently retired from Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine. He and Alice are planning a bicycle trip across the United States next summer. They are healthy and happy and looking forward to this part of their life. Andrew M. Tometsko, Ph.D., C’60, was posthumously named distinguished alumnus at Plum High School earlier this year. Dr. Tometsko pursued a graduate degree in biochemistry at the University of Pittsburgh and eventually earned his Ph.D. while he was part of a team that synthesized the first protein insulin in a lab. One of Andrew’s most important accomplishments was developing a method of assessing the induction of genetic damage, now considered to be essential in determining the safety of new products and therapeutics. A testament to the legacy of the late Dr. Tometsko, Litron Laboratories, has remained in the family and continues to grow. John C. Pranaitis, C’67, has elected to retire after 39 years of service with Transtar, Inc., a subsidiary of United States Steel Corporation.

Charles D. Cleveland, C’72, and his wife, Joan, are enjoying life in Pembroke Pines, Florida with their beagle puppy named Winnie.

Gino F. Peluso, Esq., C’77, was recently installed as President of the Duquesne University Law Alumni Association. He is the first Saint Vincent College graduate to hold this position. His duties include presiding at meetings with the Board of Governors, and officers, along with attending and speaking at law alumni events in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York City, Washington, D.C., Harrisburg and Scranton, in order to stay connected with alumni and enhance the reputation of the law school. Attorney Peluso has also been appointed to the Advisory Board of the Duquesne University School of Law and is a Trustee of the Scholarship Fund. Assisting law students, both financially and otherwise, is of paramount importance to the Law Alumni Association, which has made significant contributions toward that objective. A former prosecutor in the Westmoreland County District Attorney’s Office for nine years, Attorney Peluso is entering his 29th year in the private practice of law, and would encourage all “fellow Bearcats,” who are Duquesne Lawyers, to join the Law Alumni Association.

Erich P. Steinhagen, C’79, and his wife, Janice (Malego), SHU’79, own and operate Steinhagen Pottery and have been named to Early American Life Magazine’s 24th Annual Directory of Traditional American Crafts. The Steinhagens’ reproduction 18th-century redware pottery was selected for the honor by a panel of experts hailing from such prestigious institutions as Old Sturbridge Village, the American Folk Art Museum and George Washington’s Mount Vernon. The jury chose what it considered the top craftspeople in the U.S. working with traditional tools and techniques and displaying mastery of the art form, heritage techniques and workmanship, according to the judges. The Directory appears in the August 2009 edition of Early American Life Magazine, a national magazine focusing on architecture, decorative arts, period style and social history from colonial times through the mid-19thcentury.


Albert J. Novak, Jr., C’81, and his wife, Sally, SHU’81, announce the marriage of their son, Ben, to Abby Collier of Alpharetta, Georgia. The wedding was held at Saint Andrew Parish on May 9. Jim Buscaglio, C’04, served as an usher. Other SVC alumni in attendance included Ben’s Godfather, Mark T. Latterner, C’81 and Paul R. Whiteside, C’82. H. Vance Vargo, C’82, will be the solo trumpeter at the Installation Mass of Bishop Joseph Cistone at St. Stephen’s Catholic Church as the new Bishop of Saginaw, Michigan.

fall 2009


Frank M. Moses, C’84, was recently honored with the Jack Butz Humanitarian Award for giving of his time to various business and civic organizations, but most significant are his contributions to Habitat for Humanity. Frank and his wife, Brenda, live in Neshannock Township with their two children, Francis, 20, and Brittany, 18. Charles L. Shady, C’86, has been appointed to the position of general counsel at MercedesBenz USA (MBUSA.) William C. Brock , C’87, was named President and CEO of Straub Brewery, Inc., effective June 1. Most recently as the brewery’s Chief Operating Officer, Bill was responsible for the coordination and management of all production, finances, marketing, sales transportation and logistics for Straub Brewery. The great-great-grandson of Brewery Founder Peter Straub, Bill served for nine years as the Executive Director of the Central Pennsylvania Workforce Development Corporation, where he coordinated and built regional workforce strategies promoting unified economic development in the Central Pennsylvania Region. Bill also worked as an Analyst and Project Manager for six years with the McDowell Group, a research and consulting firm, in Juneau, Alaska. The previous Straub Brewery President, Dan Straub, semi-retired when Bill assumed his new role, but will continue working with the brewery as a chief consultant.

fellowship at the University of Connecticut, Hartford Hospital. Luke A. Latimer, C’98, was appointed to the position of Chairman of the Board of the First National Bank of Santa Fe (Santa Fe, New Mexico). First National Bank of Santa Fe is the oldest banking institution in New Mexico. First National Bank operates branches throughout New Mexico and Denver, Colorado. In addition he will also serve on the Audit and Governance committees and chair the Technology Development and Applications Committee. Luke also has a position on the Holding Company Board, New Mexico Banquest Corporation. He is still the Executive V.P./ Treasurer of R&L Development Company (New Alexandria, PA) and serves locally on The First Commonwealth Bank (Indiana, PA) Board of Directors and First Commonwealth Bank Directors Loan Committee. George M. Safin, C’98, was named Director of Financial Services at the Franklin Regional School District. Amanda (Ciotti) Visosky, C’98, G’07, of Vail, Colorado, is working on a program where the goal is to bring the creative arts into the health care center to alleviate stress. Such programs have become increasingly popular among health care centers around the country, and university research has strengthened the connection between fine arts and health.


John Urban, C’01, was named Maryland Teacher of the Year in 2009 and was named Cross Country Coach of the Year in 2008. Heather (Ellwood) DalleTezze, C’02, and her husband Jeremy DalleTezze, C’02, currently live in Grove City, Pennsylvania with their young son, Vincent William, dog, Sophie and cat, Julius. Heather is editor-in-chief of a research firm in Boston, Massachusetts and Jeremy is a professor of business at Grove City College. Sara M. Egros, C’02, recently passed the Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) exam which was held in January and received the vocational certificate. The certification is required by those companies which transport dangerous goods. She recently accepted a position at Thermo Fisher Scientific as a Dangerous Goods Transportation Specialist. Rev. Mr. F. Daniel Frescura, S’02, was ordained to the Permanent Diaconate by Bishop Lawrence E. Brandt at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral, Greensburg on August 10. Renee Dolan Ryan, C’02, graduated with a Masters of Education from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. She is currently a second grade teacher with Fairfax County Public Schools.


Michael W. Rozell, C’91, Belle Vernon Area High School music teacher and theater director, has been named the new vice president on the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association District 1 Board. Theodore M. Pettko, C’93, was named Shareholder at Schneider Downs, effective July 1. Robert M. Dunkerly, C’95, author of Redcoats on the River won the 2009 Clarendon Cup Award from the Lower Cape Historical Society of Wilmington, North Carolina. Br. Albert S. Gahr, O.S.B., C’95, Fr. Jean-Luc Clinton Zadroga, O.S.B., S’00, and Br. Isidore Matthew Minerd, O.S.B., C’06, made their first profession of vows as Benedictine monks of Saint Vincent Archabbey July 10. Dene W. Daugherty, D.O., C’97, is a 2003 graduate of the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in Erie, Pennsylvania. After his graduation, he went to New York City to do a residency in general surgery. He is currently completing a trauma surgery


s a in t v in c en t q u a rterl y

Jennifer Miele (left), Jaime Crawford (right), and SVC Assistant Alumni Director Chuck Holland all members of the Class of 2000, along with seventy other Saint Vincent College Alumni gathered at MiMi’s Kitchen on Clay Avenue in Jeannette for a Wine and Tapas Tasting. Guests dined on appetizers with wine from Greenhouse Winery in Rillton.

Hans Ijzerman, C’03, has accepted a position as assistant professor at VU University, Amsterdam.

Kristen M. Bernot, C’07, to Mark Ryan Growden, C’07. A July wedding was planned at Saint Vincent Basilica.

Brian A. Jaras, C’04, is currently employed as an internal controls supervisor with PAETEC in Rochester, New York.

Janice M. Byrne, C’07, to Sean M. Fox, C’09. A summer 2010 wedding is planned at Saint Vincent Basilica.

Kristi L. Rain, M.D., C’04, received her medical doctorate from Thomas Jefferson Medical College and is currently completing a combined internal medicine and pediatrics residency at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York.

Alicia L. Fritz, C’07, to Zachary Dixon.

Janice (Sheffler) Citeroni, C’05, accepted a job as marketing specialist with CENTRIA Services Group in Moon Township. Avyn Bartrug, C’07, is employed at Management Science Associates, Pittsburgh, as a client analyst.

Sarah E. Gower, C 11, to David Gilbert. Sarah and Dave will be married in the summer of 2011.

Kristi L. Rain, M.D., C’04, to Brian Jaras, C’04. A May 2010 wedding is planned at Saint Vincent Basilica.

Marriages Nicole A. Phillipine, C’96, to Rodney G. Martin on November 18, 2008 in Waialae Beach, Oahu, Hawaii.

Janice M. Byrne, C’07, is a Spanish and psychology teacher at Serra Catholic High School in McKeesport and is pursuing a masters degree in child psychology at Duquesne University. Jason Seidling, C’07, has been hired by the Pittsburgh Penguins as website writer. Sherrie Dunlap, C’09, has been accepted into AmeriCorps VISTA for a year of volunteer service. From September 2009 until September 2010, Sherrie will be working at South Puget Sound Community College in Olympia, WA to start the college’s service-learning program. Sean M. Fox, C’09, is a staff accountant for Senior Life in Johnstown.

Michelle L. Rauterkus, C’03, to Patrick Warren on April 11 in Austin, Texas. Emily (Killian) Molina, C’03, was matron of honor.

Conner Gilbert, C’09, is the sports information director at Penn State Altoona.

Engagements Dene W. Daugherty, D.O., C’97, to Annie Yuen, M.D. They have not yet announced specific wedding plans. Sarah E. Vijlee, C’97, to Lucas Brown. An October 2010 wedding is being planned. Anne M. Arndt, C’98, to James E. Carney, Jr. An October 2 wedding was planned. Nicole Franczyk, C’03, to Matthew Webb. A wedding was planned for July 31 at Heinz Chapel, Oakland. Jennifer L. Koury, C’05, to Jonathan Franks. The couple planned an October wedding.

David V. Braum, Jr., D.O. C’04, to Jennifer L. Homer on July 11 at Saint Vincent Basilica with Fr. Aron M. Maghsoudi, C’02, S’06, and Fr. Joseph Michael Adams, O.S.B., C’01, S’09, officiating. SVC alumni in the wedding party included Michael A. Swetz, C’04, James J. Buscaglio, C’04, and Michael J. Urick, C’04, as groomsmen, and Mark Cogan, C’04, reader.

fall 2009


Jennifer Lynn Berrett, C’01, to Cenk Güler on October 18, 2008 at Saint Vincent Basilica with Fr. Brian Boosel, O.S.B., C’96, S’02, officiating and Rebecca Berrett, C’01, as maid of honor. Diana M. Bruno, C’01, to Russel Perkins on May 2 at Saint Vincent Basilica with Fr. Fred Byrne, O.S.B., S’82, as celebrant. Brandy Jo Curci, C’02, to Eric M. Newill on August 9, 2008 at Saint Vincent Basilica. Annette M. Kaltenbaugh, C’03, to Blair Haldeman on June 20 at Saint Vincent Basilica with Fr. Vernon Holtz, O.S.B., C 58, S’62, as celebrant. Jessica L. Yasurek, C’03, to Robert Juperna on August 8. The newlyweds live in South Greensburg. Bruno J. Pino, C’04, to Megan Elizabeth Holleran on September 13, 2008 at Saint Vincent Basilica with Fr. Paul-Alexander Shutt, O.S.B., S’97, as celebrant. Ashley E. Steiner, C’04, to Jeffrey W. Braum, C’04, on October 4, 2008 at Saint Vincent Basilica.

Jamie E. Dunlap, C’06, Lauren Mihalco, C’06, Tara N. Nolan, C’06, Joseph K. Finau, C’06, Jason Florendo, C 10 and Greg Walker, G 09. Also participating in the wedding ceremony were Laura L. Gerhart, C’08, and Timothy M. Myers, C’07. Numerous Saint Vincent alumni were in attendance to share in the joyous celebration. Following a Hawaiian honeymoon, the newlyweds are making their home in Latrobe. Avyn A. Bartrug, C’07, to Scott Israel on April 4 at Hartwood Mansion, Indiana Township. They honeymooned in San Diego, California. Krystle D. Eleamos, C’07, to John Burt, C’04, on July 5, 2008 at All Saints Greek Orthodox Church, Canonsburg. Alumni in attendance were bridesmaids Kimberly Stevens, C’07, and Jennifer Uhrin, C’07. Following a honeymoon to Aruba, they are living in Canonsburg. Emily M. Tomassetti, C’07, to Neil D. Caldwell on December 27, 2008 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Altoona. After a cruise to the Bahamas, they now live in Murrysville.

Emma Isabelle to Carrie L. MorganDavis, C’96, and her husband, Rich, on May 28. She joins older twin siblings, Max and Ava, 15 months. Zachary David to William “Bill” Hald, C’98, and his wife, Lynnann (Bash) Hald, C’00, on April 8. He joins big brother, Derek, 6. Stella Elizabeth to Daniel W. Kunz, C’99, and and his wife, Elizabeth (Kovach) Kunz, C’99, on March 23. She joins big brother, Thomas Andrew, 2 1/2.

Richard M. Kisic, C’08, to Rachel Woodruff, C 10, on June 20, 2009 at Saint Vincent Basilica.

Births Lydia Hope to Capt. Matthew J. DiGiacomo, USAR, C’93, and his wife, Andrea, on May 28.

Luke R. Meloy, C’06, to Kimberly A. Morelli, C’08, on May 23 at Saint James Catholic Church, New Alexandria. The newlyweds are now living in the Poconos.

Ashlyn Claire and Mikayla Shannon to Lisa R. (Homulka) Bradley, C’94, and her husband, Bryan K. Bradley, C’94, on July 7, 2008.

Louis Alexander to Lara (Zadzilko) Mercolini, C’00, and her husband, Michael Mercolini, C’00, on May 21. Proud grandparents are Raymond Zadzilko, C’69, and Mary Frances Zadzilko of Ebensburg and Alexander and Linda Mercolini of Pittsburgh.

Ryan Koenig, C’05, to Natalie M. Baverso, C’05, on August 16, 2008. The newlyweds now live in Madison. Ashley N. Doman, C’06, to Nolan R. Larry on August 8, at Saint Vincent Basilica. Camille M. Florendo, C’06, and Rick Cobrando on June 7, 2008. SVC alumni in the wedding party included, Rachel L. Cobrando, C’99,


s a in t v in c en t q u a rterl y

Liliana Leigh to Dyan (Joyce) Centofanti, C’96 and her husband, Nick, on May 23.

Patricia Maria to Andrea (Ferraco), C’01, and her husband David Redinger, C 91, on October 13, 2008. She joins big brother, Everett, 2.

Norah Lyle to Douglas A. Kovach, C’01, and his wife, Amanda Lyle Kovach, on April 10. Vincent William to Jeremy Dalle Tezze, C’02, and his wife, Heather (Ellwood) Dalle Tezze, C’02 on April 7.

Aidan James to Shauna M. (Kinkela) Weaver, C’02, and her husband, James C. Weaver, born December 18, 2008.

Samuel Thomas to Allen R. Giacobbi, C’04, and his wife, Laura (Michalik), C’04, in May.

and John E. Maher, C’77 on the death of their sister and aunt respectively, Loretta G. Maher, on March 30. Aldo O. Prosperi, C’53, Aldo J. Prosperi, M.D., C’80, Stephanie A. Prosperi, M.D., C’90, Ann Prosperi Knapp, C’92, and Blase A. Prosperi, C 12, on the loss of their stepmother, stepgrandmother, and stepgreat-grandmother, respectively, Michelina Prosperi, on March 22.

Walter J. Mealy, C’55, on the loss of his daughter, Alice Morrin, 43, on June 28.

Matthew Schneider, C’83, on the death of his mother, Hildegarde Schneider, on April 13.

Joseph A. Corrado, Ph.D., C’57, S’61, on the death of his brother, Edward A. Corrado, C’56, on July 22.

Sean F. Gaffney, C’84, on the death of his father, Frank J. Gaffney, Esq., C’51, on July 30.

Rev. Gilbert J. Burke, O.S.B., P’53, C’58, S’62, on the death of his brother, Mark E. Burke, on June 8.

J. Frederick Zappone, P’60, and Donald Zappone, P’63, on the death of their father, John B. Zappone, on May 3.

John J. Megrey, P’39, on the death of his brother, Albert L. Megrey, on July 3. Robert J. Kunik, P’46, on the loss of his wife, Betty, on April 19. Frank Martin, C’50, on the death of his brother, Raynond Martin, on March 7. Rev. Daniel C. Wolfel, O.S.B., P’46, C’50, S’54, on the death of his brother, Edward A. Wolfel, on March 24. Rt. Rev. Paul R. Maher, O.S.B., P’43, C’51, S 54, Leo T. Maher, C’43, James R. Maher, C’68, Robert T. Maher, C’68, Michael J. Maher, C’74,

Albert J. Novak, Jr., C’81, and his wife, Sally Anne (Aurelio) Novak, SHU’81, on the death of their mother-in-law and mother, respectively, Anna T. Aurelio, on March 27. Br. Timothy J. Brown, O.S.B., S’82, on the death of his mother, Gertrude Brown, on May 30.

Joseph E. Biss, C’60, on the loss of his sister, Miriam “Mimi” Biss Bamonte, on May 25.


Very Rev. Paul A. Lisik, V.F., S’81, on the death of his sister, Paula A. Rice, on April 3.

Carl D. Burlas, C’55, on the death of his brother, Donald J. Burlas, on May 5.

Clark J. LaMendola, P’58, C’62, on the death of his father, Frank J. LaMendola, on June 6.

Jacob Randall to Jessica R. (Stofko) Stephenson, C’04, and her husband, Jason, on Friday, March 20.

Sgt. Brian D. Urik, C’80, on the death of his mother on September 17, 2008.

Lee A. Stewart, C’84, on the death of his mother, Evelyn R. Stewart, on March 29. Stephen Bukovac, beloved son of Joseph M. C’86 and Jennifer Edwards Bukovac of Leesburg, VA., died on August 20, after seven years of giving great joy. Stephen suffered from Leigh’s Syndrome. He is also survived by his younger brother, Samuel, and his extended family: grandparents, Joyce and Jim Goetzinger, of Richmond, Virginia, Neel and Martha Edwards of Clifton Forge, Virginia, and predeceased Joseph and Eleanor Bukovac of Springdale, Pennsylvania; and many loving aunts, uncles and cousins.

John M. Elliott, Esq, LL.D, C’63, D’85, and his wife, Eileen, on the death of their daughter, Elizabeth “Liz” Hanusey Suppy on April 8.

Mark A. Hall, C 88, on the death of his father, Elder E. Hall, on June 16.

George T. McGrady, P’64, on the death of his sister, Sister M. Mercy, R.S.M., on April 30.

Rev. Thomas M. Hart, O.S.B., S’88, on the death of his sister, Mary May, on April 8.

Rev. Pierre G. Sodini, C’65, on the death of his father, George Sodini, on May 27.

Jason E. Strcula, D.M.D., C’91, on the death of his father, Andrew Strcula, on April 15.

Richard A. Stillwagon, P’65, C’69, on the death of his mother, Alice V. Stillwagon, on June 5.

Brad E. Wetzel, C’91, on the death of his father, Douglas E. Wetzel, on May 14.

Timothy A. Zadai, C’68, on the loss of his mother, Mary Norma Stolz Zadai, on May 15.

James A. Frey, C’92, and Jill Roman Frey, C’92, on the loss of his father, Jim Frey, on March 17 and his mother, Joan Frey, on May 1.

Ronald D. Fasano, C’70, and Joseph Fasano, C’74, on the death of their father, Salvatore S. Fasano, on June 26.

Rev. Michael P. Sikon, S’95, on the death of his mother, Nancy L. Sikon, on August 18.

Eugene F. O’Neill, Ph.D., C’70, on the death of his mother, Eleanor M. O’Neill, on March 24.

Elizabeth Zdradzinski, C’97, on the death of her mother, Judith Cavalier, on July 19.

James F. Wilson, C’72, and Gregory G. Wilson, C’76, on the death of their mother, Josephine Wilson, on December 16, 2008.

Josalyn Malesky, C’06, on the death of her uncle, Benjamin W. Malesky, C’59, on April 24.

Rev. James F. Podlesny, O.S.B., S’80, on the death of his father, James J. Podlesny, on August 13.

Rachel M. Komarinski, C’09, on the death of her grandfather, John R. Harvan, C’50, on February 21.

fall 2009



John F. Rozsas, C’53, on April 26.

Rev. Thomas A. Heffernan, S’61, August 6.

Rev. Conall R. Coughlin, O.S.B., C’54, in May 2009.

Matthew J. Kastantin, C’65, on February 24, 2008.

Rev. Stanley L. Jaki, O.S.B., Litt.D., C’54, D’89, on April 7.

Charles J. McGeever, Ph.D., C’65, died suddenly on May 10 in Bangkok, Thailand.

John R. Harvan, C’50, on February 21.

Thomas E. Andreoli, M.D., Sc.D., C’56, D’87, on April 14.

Joseph F. Reilly, C’66, S 70, on June 27.

J. Wray Connolly, Jr., P’51, C’55, on August 19.

Jonathan A. Arnold, C’56, on June 21.

Anthony Conte, C 51, on March 16.

Edward A. Corrado, C’56, on July 22.

John E. Fetkovich, Sr., C’51, on April 30.

Rev. Edward J. Kretz, S’56, on August 3.

Frank J. Gaffney, Esq., C’51, on July 30.

Thomas J. Fallon, C’57, on July 10.

George A. Hines, P’51, on November 26, 2007.

Benjamin W. Malesky, C’59, on April 24, 2009.

Glenn E. Laufer, C 52, in 2008.

Rev. Christopher H. Plokhooy, S’59, on March 2.

Donald N. Cribbs, Jr., C’77, on August 12.

Rev. John F. Bench, C’60, S’64, on June 6.

Frank J. Vanek, H 77, on April 5.

William J. Gradisek, D.D.S., C’60, on May 20.

William H. Squib, C’79, on January 14, 2008.

Rev. Roland R. Ripoli, O.S.B., C’60, S’64, on July 10.

Robert C. Lawrence, C 85, on March 26.

John B. Zappone, C’37, on May 3. Rev. Aloysius A. Kuenzig, S’43, on June 18. Myron P. “Pete” Digenis, C 46, on April 10.

Carl F. Pelini, C’52, on May 12. John L. Cornett, P’49, C’53, on August 2. Paul J. Durkin, C’53, S’57, on June 18. Donald D. Hoke, C’53, on March 13. Rev. Geno G. Rivi, C’53, S 57, on March 15.


s a in t v in c en t q u a rterl y

Gerald J. Yanity, C’67, on August 12. Alex G. Ezerosky, C’68, S 72, on May 5. Jan R. Marchewka, C 68, on May 9. William I. Austin, C’69, on May 21. Norman J. Suda, P’67, C 71, on March 25. George R. Clark, C’74, in the fall of 2007.

Peggy M. West, S’94, on May 1.


T he 2008-2009 Saint Vincent College Honor Roll of Donor s

o the alumni, parents, friends, faculty, administrators, staff, corporations, foundations, and businesses that support the College, we thank you for your dedication to Saint Vincent’s programs and for your continued commitment throughout the years. The following list recognizes donors who made gifts or pledge payments to Saint Vincent College between July 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009. Donors are listed according to their particular affiliation in alphabetical order. We have made every effort to compile this list accurately. However, with a list of this size, clerical errors are inevitable. If your name or gift is listed incorrectly, please contact the Office of Advancement Services at (724) 805-2949. Corrections will be published in the next issue of Saint Vincent Quarterly.

IN GRATEFUL RECOGNITION OF LIFETIME GIVING FOUNDERS CIRCLE Gifts of $1,000,000 or more Grace & Herbert W. Boyer, Ph.D., Sc.D., C’58 D’81 Ann & J. Christopher Donahue Sis & Herman K. Dupré, Sc.D., C’53 D’98, Family and Friends Margaret & Thomas A. Greubel, M.D., C’49 Henny Heisel Darlene & Dale Latimer Barbara Loe, Ph.D. Muriel McCarl Janet Palumbo Elizabeth Resnik-Gessner Wilma Ucker Mary Ellen & James F. Will, L.H.D., C’60 D’94

BENEDICTINE LIFE $50,000-$99,999 Marian J. & Francis R. Bradley, C’58 Peter J. Calistri, P’49 Rita & Peter Carfagna Margaret & James P. Carreras, Jr., C’62 Guido J. Casari, Jr., P’52 C’56 Patricia & Timothy J. Collard, M.D., C’64 Mary Kathleen Cuneo Eleanor & James F. Curran, D.D.S., P’50 Mary & John J. Degnan, C’66 Antoinette & Bernard C. DeLeo, M.D., C’54 Gail & George N. Derhofer, C’75 Candace & Ross F. DiMarco, Jr., M.D., C’69 Anne & Frederick R. Favo, P’51 Joan & Lawrence A. Ferlan, M.D., C’56 Orlie Ferretti Kathleen & Paul W. Fish, P’51

BENEFACTORS Gifts of $500,000-$999,999 Shirley & †J. Wray Connolly, Jr., P’51 C’55 Rosemary & John R. Mazero, M.D., Sc.D., D’88 Jeanne & Arthur H. Meehan, Jr., C’57 Stella Ridilla Maureen & Mark Rossi, C’78 Karalyn & Joseph S. Schuchert, P’46 Mary Lou Flavin Stumpf, H 95 Sandy & Thomas Usher, C 64 D’06 Gifts of $250,000-$499,999 Elizabeth & †Thomas E. Andreoli, M.D., Sc.D., C’56 D’87 Anna & Edward Dunlap Edna Asper Elkouri Margaret & Richard C. Gilmartin, M.D., C’54 Mary & Donald A. Haile, C’63 Joseph G. Hurley, Esq., LL.D., P’44 C 48 D’84

Mary Ellen & Joseph A. Franklin, C’53 Alice & †Frank J. Gaffney, Esq., C’51 Roberta & Paul P. Giunto, C’70 Bonnie & Gerald J. Guz, C’63 Catherine Held Theresa Hoy Terri & Jed Hughes Kiera Lee & John M. Lally, CPA, C’77 John J. Lapina, C’72 Justina & Luke A. Latimer, C’98 Anita L. & Charles G. Manoli, L.H.D., P’45 C’51 D’05 Dee & Philip X. Masciantonio, Ph.D.,Sc.D., C’50 D’83 Sandra L. (Benson) Matt, C’88 & Nicholas P. Matt, C’90 Eileen & Thomas McConomy, P’51 Mary Jo & Gene E. McDonald, LL.D., C’43 D’96

Dorothy McConnaughey Wilma McKenna Mary & Jim Murdy Shirley & Charles Varsel, Ph.D., C’54 Gifts of $100,000-$249,999 Thomas & Marianne R. (Reid) Anderson, C’87 Anonymous (2) T. William Boxx, S’92 Suzy & Jim Broadhurst Teri & Timothy M. Dunlap Sylvia Campi Joseph D. Cestello Maribeth & Patrick J. Cunningham, C’56 Mr. & Mrs. William J. Donahue Jane & Tasso Katselas Judy & August P. Klein, Sr., C’57 Erma Ilene & James E. Lordeman, C’47 Joan & Joseph Mangarella, P’57 C’61 Carol & Joseph Massaro

Alina & Joseph A. Massaro III Martha & Charles J. McIntyre, C’60 Dianne & Regis P. McKenna, D.I.A., C 61 D’86 Linda McKenna-Boxx Mary Lou & Aloysius T. “Ish” McLaughlin, Jr., P’52 C 56 Marie & Arthur Miltenberger Arnold D. Palmer, L.H.D., D’96 Carol G. Pollock JoAnn & Charles J. Queenan, Jr. David M. Roderick Joanne Rogers Kathleen & Arthur J. Rooney, Jr., C’57 Patricia & Daniel M. Rooney, L.H.D., D’99 Mr. & Mrs. Victor P. Smith Dorothy & Fred Soisson, P’47 C’51 D’82 Frank S. Trumbower, Jr., Ph.D., P’55 Donald E. Visconti, C’52 Dottie & H. Martin Westfall, C’56 Janet M. & Richard L. Wolfe, C’58

Mary & Perry C. Smith, P’46 C’50 Roseanne & Richard J. Smith, C’57 Mr. & Mrs. John Staley, IV & Family Wilma H. & Kenneth R. Strawberry, C’53 Joan & Ronald A. Swade, C’59 Angelo J. Taiani, C’48 Betty & Glen C. Tenley, C’55 Helene Terheyden Naomi & Jon J. Vichich, C’69 Betty & Louis S. Vodzak, D.D.S., C’58 Virginia & John L. Wandrisco Rev. Deacon & Mrs. Raymond J. Zadzilko, C’69 †John B. Zappone, C’37

Suzanne & Carey L. McMonagle, M.D., C’70 Natalie F. (Legin) Metz, C’88 & R. Mark Metz, C’89 Constance & Larry F. Myers, P’56 C’60 Kathleen Murray-Nolan & J. Michael Nolan, Jr., Esq., C’71 Mary & Joseph W. O’Toole, C’60 Mr. & Mrs. P. David Pappert, P’54 Helen & Richard S. Quinlan, C’59 Paul F. Renne, C’65 Sharon & James Rohr Nancy Roland Rowley & Rt. Rev. Robert D. Rowley, Jr., P’59 Jean & Joseph J. Rubino, L.H.D., C’50 D’93 Sandi & Vincent A. Sarni Marlene & Joseph A. Scarpo, Jr., C’84 Tamara & Matthew D. Schneider, C’83 Marcia & Dennis M. Seremet, C’77

$25,000-$49,999 Elizabeth & R. James Annarella, P’48 C’52 Barbara J. Baum Vicki & Charles O. Bauroth, C’83

fall 2009


Anne & Raymond T. Belz, C’62 Kathy & James D. Bendel, L.H.D., C’60 D’85 Joanne B. & Richard F. Beyer Terese & George R. Blaha, C’61 Fay & Kevin Boland, C’79 Mary Lou & James J. Branagan, P’61 Brenda & Joseph L. Calihan Donna Caputo Ann, Rob, Brian & Matthew Carey MaryAnn, C’99 & James A. Cherubini, C’75 Karen & James R. Colosimo, C’62 Ann & †John L. Cornett, P’49 C’53 Patricia & Anthony DeRosa, Ph.D., C’58 Mary Jane Dolan Joan & John K. Donahue, M.D., C’50 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Donghia Margaret & William A. Feczko, M.D., C’59 Mary Carleen & James R. Ferry, C’60 Nancy & Robert P. Gannon, M.D., C’56 Penny & Thomas P. Gessner, C’64 Patricia & Pat J. Greco, C’68 Joseph A. Hardy, III Jennie & Francis J. Hertzog, M.D., C’56 Maxine & Daniel W. Jamieson, C’68 Carol & Dennis A. Jankowski, M.D., C’64 Sara & Peter C. Juliano, Ph.D., C’63 Richard M. Kotelez, C’64 Mr. & Mrs. D. Scott Kroh Mari Jo & Robert D. Kuhn, C’43 Elizabeth & Robert J. Kunik, P’46 Maureen & James K. Laffey, C’75 Virginia & William Leightner, M.D., C’52 Dr. & Mrs. George Magovern, Sr. Mary & George A. Marcinko, C’57 Carole & Roger Martin, C’61 Kay & James J. Mayer, C’50 Barbara W. McKenna Rosemary & Frank C. McLaughlin, Jr., C’57 Ronald A. Monack, C’52 Ann & Alfred P. Moore, Ph.D., C’67 Miriam (Arroyo-Aguilu) & Michael H. Murray, C’84 Kenneth E. Nicely, C’69 Monica & Harry M. Null, M.D., C’65 Harriet & John C. Onufer, Jr., C’47 Paula & Michael J. Panik, C’63 Prudence & Fran R. Perri, M.D., Sc.D., P’43 C’49 D’88 Andrea & John C. Prato, C’65 Marlee & George R. Puskar, P’61 Kathy & Dennis B. Rafferty, C’71 Lauren & Ronald N. Raimondo Debra & James K. Ramsay, D.M.D., C’72 Magdalen & John A. Resko, Ph.D., P’50 C 55 Mary & James R. Rowley, P’64 Margaret & Frederick H. Ruff, Jr., C’52 Linda & Richard Ruffalo, C’68 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Ryan Eileen & James Ryan, C’70 Kim F. Schillinger, C’56 Twila & James K. Schmidt Richard J. Schulte, P’64 C’68 Dian & Joseph M. Seria, M.D., C’64 Sharon & The Honorable Henry E. Shaw, Jr., C’61 †Helen & Jack Stabile, P’49


saint vincent quarterly

Joanna & Richard Stillwagon, P’65 C’69 Christina L. (Brouwer), C’98 & James W. Walters, C’96 Kathleen & Roy F. Walters, Jr., C’53 †Deceased

2008-2009 GUARDIAN SOCIETY Membership in the Society recognizes individuals who have made a commitment to Saint Vincent College by means of their will, a trust, or other planned gift. The Guardian Society is a truly watchful, supportive, and guarding presence that assures Saint Vincent College will remain safe and sound far into the future. With grateful appreciation, we recognize the following Guardian Society members: Jean R. AbiNader, C’69 Edgar A. Aland, P’40 †Thomas E. Andreoli, M.D., Sc.D., C’56 D’87 Cecil C. Baecher, P’49 Barbara J. Baum James D. Bendel, L.H.D., C’60 D’85 John A. Bernat, C’53 Augustus A. Boova, P’42 C’47 J. Bruce Bossie, P’57 †Margaret M. Bott James J. Branagan, P’61 Marjorie A. Carlson Joseph D. Cestello Rev. Matthew R. Cirilli, S.T.L., C’60 S 64 †J. Wray Connolly, Jr., P’51 C’55 †John T. Costello, P’64 C’68 Mary D’Alessandro Edward J. Danis, Ph.D., C’67 Bernard C. DeLeo, M.D., C’54 Leonard E. Demalon, C’58 Hugh M. Dempsey Anthony DeRosa, Ph.D., C’58 Patricia DeRosa Jack C. Deutsch, C’48 Vincent F. DiMalta, Ed.D., C’67 Edward J. Dunn III, P 56 C’60 Mark W. Durishan, C’70 Edwin H. Fritz, Sr. Joan Fritz Robert P. Gannon, M.D., C’56 Jeanette A. (Mosso) Geary, C’87 Albert G. Giordano, Ph.D., C 48 Paul P. Gutmann, C’54 John W. Hall, Jr., C’59 Very Rev. John R. Haney, C’57 S’61 Henny Heisel Robert H. Henley, P’48 Carole Jean Higgins Rev. Edward F. Higgins, C’50 S’54 John P. Hogan, Ph.D., C’61 S’65 Byron R. Hunter, C’63 Robert L. Jacobs, C’61 Frank L. Jioio, C’37 Thomas C. Kibirsky, C’66 August P. Klein, Sr., C’57 Edwin J. Kloos, P’42 C’49

William L. Kochler, Jr., C’50 Patricia L. Kowatch, C’92 Gerard L. Kress, P’57 C’64 Charlotte M. Lally Ronald J. Lieb, D.D.S., P’51 C’56 James E. Lordeman, C’47 Charles F. Magnani, Ph.D., C’67 Joan & Joseph P. Mangarella, P’57 C’61 Gennaro A. Marsico, C’99 Grover V. Martin, C 60 J. Craig Martin, C 45 James J. Mayer, C’50 Dorothy McConnaughey †William McKeon James A. Meyer, C’62 John J. Morgan, C’67 Joseph W. Mulroy, C’60 Frederick M. Nista, O.D., P’61 Albert J. Novak, Jr., C’81 Donald R. O’Brien, C’76 Francis R. Perri, M.D., Sc.D., P’43 C’49 D’88 †William A. Petrosky, P’42 C’49 John C. Prato, C’65 Richard S. Quinlan, C’59 Paul F. Renne, C’65 Edward J. P. Roberts, C’89 Arthur J. Rooney, Jr., C’57 Mark Rossi, C’78 Loretta E. Scalzitti, C’83 Robert B. Schlather, C’68 Richard C. Schmidt, C’64 James J. Seabol, P’51 John J. Shevlin, Jr., C’51 Dorcas J. Singley Perry C. Smith, P’46 C’50 Stuart R. Smith, C’64 Fred L. Soisson, Jr., M.D., L.H.D, P’47 C’51 D’82 Kenneth R. Strawberry, C’53 The Suran Family Richard M. Susa, C 58 Angelo J. Taiani, C’48 Eugene P. Tassone, C’53 Richard J. Toth, C 55 Edmund Tunitis, P’46 John C. Turlik Very Rev. Paul E. Turnbull V.F., C’68 Thomas J. Usher, C 64 D’06 James J. Valvano, C’55 Richard J. Vernino, D.O., C’82 James J. Wager, C’59 Allen H. Weiss, M.D., C’44 Edward J. Whalen, Esq., C 46 James F. Will, L.H.D., C’60 D’94 William A. Wittenauer, P’51 C 55 †Deceased

THE 2008-2009 HERITAGE SOCIETY OF SAINT VINCENT COLLEGE The Heritage Society recognizes leadership donors and acknowledges the important role they share in the success of Saint Vincent College. Members of the Heritage Society believe in the value of the College’s traditions

and are dedicated to the continuation of our outstanding programs. Annual membership in the Heritage Society is reserved for those alumni, parents, and friends who demonstrate exceptional leadership, commitment, and support for the mission of Saint Vincent College and our vision for the future. Members’ unrestricted gifts provide critical support for operational costs of the College. Annual membership is calculated and recognized in accordance with the College’s fiscal year, July 1 through June 30 MEMBERS OF THE 2008-2009 BONIFACE WIMMER ALLIANCE Gifts of $10,000 or more Anonymous (4) Irene & Thomas L. Antkowiak, M.D., L.H.D., C’67 D’99 †Paul U. Bigelow, C’55 Suzy & Jim Broadhurst Brenda & Joseph Calihan Theresa & Peter J. Calistri, P’49 Rita & Peter Carfagna Margaret & James P. Carreras, Jr., C’62 Antoinette & Bernard C. DeLeo, M.D., C’54 Joseph H. Devine, C’54 William & Janet Donahue Eileen & George C. Dorman Ed & Anna Dunlap Family & Friends of Sis & Herman K. Dupré, Sc.D., C’53 †James J. Farabaugh Kathleen & Paul W. Fish, P’51 Mary Ellen & Joseph A. Franklin, C’53 Roberta & Paul P. Giunto, C’70 Margaret & Thomas A. Greubel, M.D., C’49 Bonnie & Gerald J. Guz, C’63 Mary & Donald A. Haile, C’63 Jane & Tasso Katselas Ann & George Magovern, Sr., M.D., L.H.D., D’97 Lucine & John Marous Carol & Joseph Massaro Alina & Joseph A. Massaro III Nicholas P. Matt, C’90 & Sandra L. (Benson) Matt, C’88 Rosemary & John R. Mazero, M.D., Sc.D., D’88 Dorothy & †Paul McConnaughey, C’39 Martha & Charles J. McIntyre, C’60 Diane & Regis P. McKenna, C 61 †William McKeon Mary Lou & Aloysius T. McLaughlin, Jr., P’52 C 56 Jeanne & Arthur H. Meehan, Jr., C’57 Marie & Arthur Miltenberger Ann & Alfred P. Moore, Ph.D., C’67 Mary & Jim Murdy Kit & Arnold D. Palmer, L.H.D. Paula & Michael J. Panik, Ph.D., C’63 Carla & Kevin L. Passarello, C’83 JoAnn & Charles J. Queenan, Jr. Lauren & Ronald N. Raimondo Elizabeth Resnik Joanne Rogers Kathleen & Arthur J. Rooney, Jr., C’57

Amy (Palmer) & Roy Saunders Marcia & Dennis M. Seremet, C’77 Margi & J. Gerald Slavonia, C’63 Mr. & Mrs. John Staley IV & Family †Paul M. Strittmatter, P’51 C 55 Joan & Ronald A. Swade, C’59 Angelo J. Taiani, C’48 Betty & Glen C. Tenley, C’55 Sandy & Thomas Usher, C 64 D’06 Shirley & Charles Varsel, Ph.D., C’54 Mary Ellen & James Will, C’60 D’94

ARCHABBOT’S COUNCIL $5,000-$9,999 Anonymous (3) Linda & Joseph Bartolacci, C’82 Molly & Enrico P. Campi, C’84 Angela M. (Peskie), C’93 & Richard J. Coldren, C’92 Penny & Thomas P. Gessner, M.D., C’64 Most Rev. Wilton D. Gregory, S.L.D. Marjorie & Robert J. Hartsock, M.D., C’52 Henny Heisel Louise King Elizabeth & Robert J. Kunik, P’46 Kiera Lee & John M. Lally, C’77 John J. Lapina, C’72 Kate MacVean Mary Jo & Gene E. McDonald, LL.D., C’43 D’96 Rosemarie & William J. McGarrity Suzanne & Carey McMonagle, M.D., C’70 Kate MacVean Don Miller Family DeeAnn & Sam Mucci Miriam & Michael H. Murray, C’84 Mary & David Myers Kathleen Murray-Nolan & J. Michael Nolan, Jr., Esq., C’71 Mary & Joseph O’Toole, C’60 Maureen & Mark Rossi, C’78 Sherry & Timothy P. Ryan, C’81 Bonita M. Sacia Vin & Sandy Sarni Tammy & Matthew D. Schneider, C’83 Rebecca & Paul A. Seaman, C’84 Diane & Edward Sobota Dr. and Mrs. Robert N. Staffen John, C’73, Leslie, Kim, C’07 & Michael, C 11 Stevens Wilma & Kenneth R. Strawberry, C’53 Mary & Jim Towey Dottie & H. Martin Westfall, C’56 Gustave W. Wolf, P’56 C’61 Rev. Deacon & Mrs. Raymond Zadzilko, C’69

PRESIDENT’S CABINET $1,000-$4,999 †Rev. Damian A. Abbaticchio, O.S.B., P’36 C’41 S’45 Frances & Jean R. AbiNader, C’69 Romaine & Mark Abramovic Margaret & Franklin E. Altany, M.D., C’48 The Honorable Charles & Nancy Anderson

Thomas & Marianne (Reid) Anderson, C’87 Jean & Louis D. Astorino Anonymous (3) Joanne & Henry A. Bashour, P’46 Michelle & Gene M. Battistella, C’88 Joann & E. Lewis Baughman, C’52 Maryan & The Honorable William H. Baughman, Jr., C’71 Vicki & Charles O. Bauroth, C’83 Ryan J. Beiser, C’00 Anne & Raymond T. Belz, C’62 Kathy & James D. Bendel, L.H.D., C’60 D’85 Joanne & Richard Beyer John B. Bidese, C’50 Bernie & Joseph E. Biss, C’60 Cynthia & John A. Black, C’76 Terese & George R. Blaha, C’61 Sandra & James Bobick Frank A. Bonati, Ph.D., C’68 Donna & Samuel A. Boova, P’48 C’52 Mary Lou & James J. Branagan, P’61 Donna & John D. Bridge, C’70 Patty & Harry Brock Ann & Edmund S. Bronder, Ph.D., P’63 C’68 S’72 Doug Brown P. Vincent Bucci, C’52 Ginger & Richard V. Burkhauser, Ph.D. Charlotte & Carl Burlas, C’55 Helen (Kissell) & Gerald R. Burns Adelaide & Robert Caldwell Molly Campi, C’84 & Enrico Campi, C’84 Silvia Campi Margaret W. Carlton Judge Guido J. Casari, Jr., P’52 C’56 Richard J. Cassidy Carol & Thomas W. Castle, C’68 Rev. Msgr. William G. Charnoki, PA, JCL, C’61 S’65 J. Scott Cherry, C’04 MaryAnn, C’99 & James A. Cherubini, C’75 Marilyn & Peter J. Citrone, Sr., M.D., P’49 C’53 Dr. Mary Jo & Douglas Clark Lisa & David J. Claybaugh, C’84 Sally & Thomas W. Cline, Ph.D. Gayle & Kevin J. Coakley, C’68 Mary & Craig Collins Kimberly M. Colonna, C’94 Debbie & Terrence L. Conroy, C’68 Patricia & Timothy J. Collard, M.D. C’64 †John L. Cornett, P’49 C’53 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Couch Susan & Thomas A. Covalla, P’61 D. Frederick Cullen, Ed.D., P’46 C’50 Maribeth & Patrick J. Cunningham, C’56 Marilyn & John V. Cusick, P’53 C 57 Luci & +Richard K. Cutrell, C’74 Atty. Arthur Cutruzzula Janet & Douglas Danforth William E. Danko, M.D., C’51 Marianne & Ernie D’Antonio, P 72 C’76 Margaret & James T. DeAngelis, D.O., C’72 Cecilia & Cyril R. Deck, C’56 Mary & John J. Degnan, C’66 Pamela & Angelo DeMezza, C’69

Gail & George N. Derhofer, C’75 Patsy J. & Frank T. Deverse, C 63 Kathryne & Harry J. Digenis, C 46 Candace & Ross F. DiMarco, Jr., M.D., C’69 Barbara M. Doerfler Jane & Richard J. Doerfler, D.M.D., C’82 Christine & James K. Dolney, D.O., C’72 Cam & Greta Domenic Joan & John K. Donahue, M.D., C’50 Rita & Earl W. Donaldson, Jr., D.D.S., C’63 Ann Marie & John H. Doody, C’63 Domenic P. Dozzi Irene & Paul M. Duggan, M.D., P’52 C’56 Edward J. Dunn III, P 56 C’60 Carolyn J. Menard & David A. Dzombak, C’79 Thomas R. Eckenrode, Ph.D., P’53 C’58 Drs. Christopher Strasser & Dawn Edmiston Susan & Cameron Eiseman Brenda & Jay Ernette Laura & Samuel J. Etze, C’64 Karen & H. Gervase Fajt, Jr., C’69 Louis A. Falbo, C’86 Joseph W. Farrell, C’68 Anne & Frederick R. Favo, P’51 Margaret & William A. Feczko, M.D., C’59 Raissa & David J. Federline, C’83 Mary Ann & Michael E. Ferguson, C’74 Joan & Lawrence A. Ferlan, M.D., C’56 Orlie Ferretti Dr. Arthur W. & Sharyn Fleming, in Honor of Paul Noroski, C’02 Eileen K. Flinn, Esq., C’90 Paul S. Follansbee, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Funnell Daniel H. Gattone, C’62 Ann Gavaler Mary Gavaler George A. Gbur, C’84 Terri & Frank N. Genovese, M.D., C’71 Anthony F. Gentile, M.D., C’65 R. Terry Gerard, C’77 Richard P. Gibson Margaret & Richard Gilmartin, M.D., C’54 Lorraine & Stephen P. Gingo, C’71 Barbara & David J. Gocke, M.D., C’55 Mary & Vincent J. Gocke, C’52 Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Govi Michele & F. Nicholas Grasberger III Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Gravelle Patricia & Pat J. Greco, C’68 Carl & Mary Jane Grefenstette Carolyn & Charles E. Gregg, M.D., C’70 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Greubel Wanda & James H. Griffin III, C’63 Susan & Robert J. Grossman, C’79 Karyn & Lt. Col. Peter H. Guevara, D.M.D., C’87 Donna & Richard Guskiewicz, C’54 Ellen & David E. Haid, C’69 Beth & Raymond J. Hanley Roberta & Anthony R. Haradin, M.D., C’59 Tammy Skatell & D.P. Harris Jean & Edward P. Heinrichs, D.M.D., C’68 William & Susan J. (Brentzel) Hensler, C’02 Drs. Pilar & Andrew Herr Mary Margaret & Joseph M. Hohman, C’70

Mari Lee & Jeffrey P. Holtzman, C’77 Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Holway Cathy & Sy Holzer Pat & Don Hrosik Rita & Joseph A. Hudock, P’55 C’59 Anita M. Hudock Jason & Kimerly A. (Friday) Isaly, C’92 Mardi & William H. Isler, C’68 Mr. & Mrs. Timothy E. Jakubisin Maxine & Daniel W. Jamieson, C’68 De Sales Karawsky Joanne & James F. Karg, P’47 Rosalie & Robert L. Kasperik, P’64 Doris & Michael K. Kauffelt II Jacqueline & J. Patrick Keith, Esq., C’62 Ronnie L. Keller, C’80 Peggy & Maxwell King Dorothy & Joseph J. Kinney, M.D., P’44 C’48 Maryann & Paul F. Kirk, D.D.S., C’70 Helen & Thomas M. Kissell, C’51 Edwin J. Kloos, P’42 C’49 Mary Louise & George I. Kocerka, C’51 Charles Kostors Atty. Richard M. Kotelez, C’64 Richard & Judy Kovach Andrea & Theodore J. Kravits, Jr., C’90 Laurene & Zoltan J. Kristof, C’63 Mari Jo & Robert D. Kuhn, C’43 William F. Kuhn, C’57 Maureen & James K. Laffey, C’75 Nina & Thomas A. Lafferty, D.D.S., C’77 Laurel & William G. Laird, C’69 Maureen & James K. Laffey, C’75 Delores & Col. Neil M. Larimer (Ret.), C’55 Justina & Luke A. Latimer, C’98 Matthew J. Latimer, C’94 Cheryl & Mark T. Latterner, C’81 Virginia & William Leightner, M.D., C’52 Cristina & John C. Lawrence, P’55 C 59 Rev. Msgr. Paul A. Lenz, D.D., C’46 S’49 D’95 Nancy & Rodger B. Lewis, C’75 Elvio A. Levri, Ph.D., C’59 Donna & Ralph Liberatore Ronald J. Lieb, D.D.S., P’51 C’56 Wilfred A. Liebhauser, M.D., C’51 Valerie & Richard C. Lodise, M.D., C’68 Nicholas Lopushansky Dawn & Dr. Paul G. Lorincy, C’74 Cheryl & Ronald A. Lutes, D.O., C’84 Paula & Joseph A. Lutz, C’51 Suzanne & George P. Maguire, M.D., C’68 Martin L. Maher, C’69 Joan & Joseph P. Mangarella, P’57 C’61 Anita & Charles G. Manoli, L.H.D., P’45 C’51 D’05 Judy & Francis J. Marlow, C’70 Terrence R. Marcinko & Mary A. Champion Gerald V. Marron, C’36 Barbara & George E. Martin, P’59 Carole & Roger Martin, C’61 Gail & Dominick J. Masocco, C’61 Susan & Edward Maziarz Cheryl & Richard K. McAllister Eileen A. & Thomas A. McConomy, P’51 Brian McCarl Dora McFadden

fall 2009


Robert E. McGuire, C’66 Wilma McKenna Rosemary & Frank C. McLaughlin, Jr., C’57 Marijo & Kenneth M. Meier, C’72 Natalie F. (Legin) Metz, C’88 & R. Mark Metz, C’89 Valerie Mied Darcie M. Slanker Milazzo, C 95 Shirley & Charles M. Mills, P’50 C 61 Kathryn M. Mitchell Teri & William J. Mitchell, C’84 Ronald A. Monack, C’52 Mary & Ronald A. Monack, D.O., C’82 Thomas M. Monaghan, C’66 Rev. Msgr. Donald J. Mondello, C 56 Robert R. Moody, Jr., C’69 Dr. & Mrs. Chris Mucci Florein & Roland J. Mueller Mary & Francis M. Mulcahy, Ph.D., C’83 Joseph W. Mulcahy, M.D., C’80 Sharon & Martin G. Mullen, P’65 Bernadette & Edward B. Murcko, D.D.S., C’54 Sally Anne & Al Novak, C’81 Nina & James M. Novak, C’73 Monica & Harry M. Null, M.D., C’65 Maureen S. O’Brien Sherry & John F. Olczak, Ph.D., C’72 Mary Kaye & Jack F. Olson, C’50 Carolyn & Thomas A. Orszulak, M.D., C’67 Marilyn & Wylie Overly Margaret & Mark J. Owens, C’87 Major Steven P. Pacini, Ret., C’81 Georgetta & David J. Paluselli, C’64 Mr. & Mrs. P. David Pappert, P’54 Dorris & John S. Parker Michael A. Parsnick, C’68 Johanna & Vincent R. Pecoraro, C’61 Atty. Gino F. Peluso, C’77 Laurie & John R. Perchak, C’69 Prudence & Fran R. Perri, M.D., Sc.D., P’43 C’49 D’88 Jack Perry, C’72 Bernard J. Peterson, C’59 Edith B. Petrocelli Melodie & Paul Phillips Michael Philopena Michelle & Francis E. Pipak, Jr., C’71 Dolores & Mark J. Piwinsky, Ph.D., C’74 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Policastro Marianne J. (Gillott) Pouliot , C’91 & Roland J. Pouliot, C’91 Diane M. (Dustolfo) Poznick, C’89 & John E. Poznick, C’89 Kathy & Aldo J. Prosperi, M.D., C’80 Mary & William J. Provance, D.O. C’81 Stephanie (Dzombak) & John C. Puccetti, C’82 Lynn & Robert F. Pusateri, C’72 Sandra & Gary Quinlivan, Ph.D. Bernice Raab Kathy & Dennis B. Rafferty, C’71 Debra & James K. Ramsay, D.M.D., C’72 Magdalen & John A. Resko, Ph.D., P’50 C 55 Sharon & James E. Rohr Nancy Roland Rowley & Rt. Rev. Robert D. Rowley, Jr., P’59 Jean & Joseph J. Rubino, Jr., L.H.D., C’50, D’93


saint vincent quarterly

Margaret & Frederick H. Ruff, Jr., C’52 Linda & Richard C. Ruffalo, D.M.D., C’68 Jeanne & John C. Rusbosin John J. Ruszkiewicz, Ph.D., C’72 Rev. Kenneth P. Rutter, D.D., D’92 Eileen & James B. Ryan, C’70 Mary L. & William F. Ryckman, M.D., C’66 Kathryn & Daniel P. Salandro, Jr., C’77 Patricia & Robert Sandherr †Stephen E. Saramata, C’49 Kathleen & Ray G. Sarver, M.D., C’50 Loretta E. Scalzitti, C’83 Donna (Loncaric) Scango JoAnne K. & Gordon E. Scherer, C’65 Kim F. Schillinger, C’56 Karen & Robert B. Schlather, C’68 Chrisie & Richard C. Schmidt, C’64 Twila & Jim Schmidt E. B. Schneider Joyce & Edward J. Schreier, D.D.S., C’64 Richard J. Schulte, P’64 C’68 Dian & Joseph M. Seria, M.D., C’64 W. Dean Shaffer George Shaner Carol & Michael J. Shaughnessy, M.D., P’56 C’60 Sharon & The Honorable Henry E. Shaw, Jr., C’61 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Shearer Jackie & James M. Sheehan, C’67 Joe S. Sheetz Marie & John J. Shevlin, Jr., C’51 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Shields Jillian & Andrew F. Shimko, Jr., C’76 Molly Robb, C’90 & Kenneth A. Shimko Dwayne E. Shingle, C’65 George J. Silowash, C’75 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Simeone Kathleen & Bernard Skubak, C’73 Patrick J. Slaney Nancy & Clyde G. Smith, C’68 Mary & Perry C. Smith, P’46 C’50 Dr. & Mrs. Whitney R. Snowman Dorothy & Fred Soisson, P’47 C’51 D’82 Karen & James V. Steeley, C’61 Barbara & Louis A. Steiner Joanna & Richard A. Stillwagon, P’65 C’69 Sarah & Mark R. Strang, D.M.D., C’78 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Straub Lee H. Sung, M.D. Eugene P. Tassone, C 53 Maureen & Lawrence L. Taylor, C’89 Eileen & Dennis Thimons Mary & Dennis Thompson †Sarafene L. (Sally) Tiberi Rev. Gerard A. Trancone, S’69 Sue & Jeffrey M. Varga, M.D., C’79 Barbara R. Ventura Naomi & Jon J. Vichich, C’69 Judy & Ronald B. Vittone, M.D., C’55 Robert E. Wainscott, Jr., P’61 Capt. Joseph F. Walsh, C’59 Gil & Mason Walsh, Jr. Christina L. (Brouwer), C’98 & James W. Walters, C’96 Kathleen & Roy F. Walters, Jr., C’53 Ellen & James M. Walton

John & Ginnie Wandrisco Laura C. (Dzombak) Warren “Butch” & James A. Wehner, C’53 Marianne & Philip H. Weihl Nancy & John T. Weir, C’72 Donna & Allen H. Weiss, M.D., C’44 Debbie & Paul R. Whiteside, C’82 Pat & Robert C. Wilburn Mr. & Mrs. John J. Wilson, C’68 & James D. Wilson David R. Witucki, C’68 Charles J. Wolenter, M.B.A., C’71 Carol & Stephen P. Yanek, C’68 Beth & Daniel J. Yaniro, Jr., C’79 Stephen Yanity, C’90 Kathryn & Daniel Yates Christine & L. Richard Zappone Kristin M. Zawacki Dr. Carla L. (Burkhart) Zema, C’95 & Timothy D. Zema, C’95 Betty & Louis E. Ziobro, C’63 Joyce & John T. Zoldak, C’74 Maxine & Denis P. Zuzik, C’68 †Deceased

Joseph F. Hagan, Jr., P’42 John C. Rennels, Jr., C’42

1943 Henry A. Breindel, P 43 John P. Capp, C’43 Henry V. Giobbi, C’43 Robert D. Kuhn, C’43 Earl F. Lantzy, Jr., P’43 Cletus R. Long, P’43 John J. Petrelli, P’43 John L. Schick, C’43

1944 Robert H. Burns, P 44 Vincent F. Lackner, Ph.D., C’44 Allen H. Weiss, M.D., C’44

1945 John E. Andres, P’40 C’45 Albert J. Burgunder, P’45 Ernest C. Raskauskas, P’45 Richard M. Sproch, M.D., C’45 †Carl W. Strawberry, D.D.S., C 45

1946 For information about the Heritage Society of Saint Vincent College contact Alicia Barnes at (724) 805-2499 or alicia.barnes@email. COLLEGE and PREPARATORY ALUMNI Building upon the Benedictine commitment Congratulations to the Class of 1964 for contributing the most to SVC in fiscal year 2008-2009, to the Class of 1968 for the most contributors, and to the Class of 1939 for the highest average.

1937 Frank L. Jioio, C’37

1938 Zachary F. Endress, Jr., M.D., C’38 Samuel A. Folby, Sr., P’38

1939 Regis J. Champ, P’39 Walter B. Evans, C 39 †Paul W. McConnaughey, C’39

1940 Richard H. A’Hearn, P’40 James R. Proctor, C’40 M. Bowman Shipley, Jr., P’40 Jerome P. Straub, P’40

1941 †Rev. Damian A. Abbaticchio, O.S.B., P’36 C’41 S’45 Joseph A. Halula, P’37 C’41 Capt. Herbert S. Hunter, M.D., C’41 John T. Maccioli, C’41

1942 Theodore A’Hearn, P’42

Henry A. Bashour, P’46 John F. Brennan, P’46 Leo S. Chapla, C 46 Harry J. Digenis, C 46 Joseph Horvath, C’46 Joseph J. Kasunic, P’46 Robert J. Kunik, P’46 Rev. Msgr. Paul A. Lenz, D.D., C’46 S’49 D’95 Paul H. Rettger, P 46 Philip F. Stebler, Jr., P’46 Edmund Tunitis, P’46 W. Holmes Yealy, M.D., C’46

1947 Francis L. Biggins, C’47 Augustus A. Boova, P’42 C’47 Edward F. Budinsky, C’47 Robert R. Charlton, P’47 James F. Karg, P’47 Joseph F. Klespis, C’47 S’55 James E. Lordeman, C’47 Jerry B. Sullivan, P’43 C 47 Col. Charles H. Sunder, P’43 C 47 Daniel M. Vernino, D.D.S., C 47 Howard Weiss, M.D., C 47

1948 Franklin E. Altany, M.D., C’48 Albert E. Bender, Sr., Ph.D., C’48 Jack C. Deutsch, C’48 Robert H. Henley, P’48 Frank E. Jobe, C’48 George J. Keller, P’44 C 48 Abraham J. Khorey, C’48 Joseph J. Kinney, M.D., P’44 C’48 Arthur B. Lizza, C 48 Walter J. McGervey, C 48 Hugh F. McKeegan, Ed.D., P’44 C’48 Robert W. McKenna, P’48 C. Michael Miller, P’48 Arthur K. Milne, Jr., D.D.S., C 48

Gerard C. Muench, C 48 Joseph W. Petrosky, P’48 Angelo J. Taiani, C’48

1949 Cecil C. Baecher, P’49 Peter J. Calistri, P’49 James J. Cowell, P’49 William C. Freeman, C’49 Robert C. Frisky, P’49 Thomas A. Gigliotti, C’49 Thomas A. Greubel, M.D., C’49 Daniel P. Ingram, P’49 Edwin J. Kloos, P’42 C’49 Victor S. Koslosky, C’49 John C. Kostolansky, C 49 John J. Lochrie, C’49 Frank J. Luparello, M.D., Sc.D., C’49 D’87 Donald L. McAtee, P’49 Walter E. McGinty, C’49 Edward S. McKay, Ph.D., C’49 Manuel Mediavilla, Jr., C’49 Leonard L. Paletta, P’49 Francis R. Perri, M.D., Sc.D., P’43 C’49 D’88 Albert F. Pishioneri, C’49 Ted H. Roik, P’43 C 49 Rudolf F. Roitz, Jr., P’49 †Stephen E. Saramata, C’49 John Shultz, C’49 Samuel Slyman, C’49 Mario I. Teza, C’49 John R. West, Jr., C’49 Joseph Wohar, C’49 Francis X. Yandrick, C’49

1950 D. Frederick Cullen, Ed.D., P’46 C’50 Ray V. DeCesaris, C’50 John K. Donahue, M.D., C’50 Paul M. Donovan, P’50 Thomas E. Evans, P’50 John F. Farrell, C’50 Nadum S. Khorey, D.C., C 50 William A. Kindelan, Sr., P 42 C’50 William L. Kochler, Jr., C’50 Vincent N. Lepidi, C’50 Raymond J. Lieb, C 50 Frank Martin, C’50 Philip X. Masciantonio, Ph.D., Sc.D., C’50 D’83 David J. McDonald, P’50 George J. Miseo, C 50 William J. Mitchell, M.D., P’46 C’50 John R. Nypaver, C’50 Simon C. O’Barto, Sr., C’50 J. Thomas Okonak, C 50 Jack F. Olson, C’50 Cataldo A. Palladino, C’50 Thomas A. Pauvlik, P’50 Eugene R. Riggio, M.D., C’50 Joseph J. Rubino, L.H.D., C’50 D’93 Ray G. Sarver, M.D., C’50 William A. Schweirs, P’50 Perry C. Smith, M.D., P’46 C’50 Donald Smithbauer, P’50 Edmund J. Stegner, C’50 Charles A. Thomas, C’50 J. Fred Triggs, Jr., P.E., P’50

1951 James W. Ambrose, P’47 C’51 William J. Blatt, Jr., P’47 C’51 Abraham S. Brown, C’51 Rev. Brian W. Connolly, STL, Ph.D., C’51 S 55 Thomas E. Curran, M.D., C’51 John A. Dailey, P’47 C 51 William E. Danko, M.D., C’51 Thomas J. Dempsey, C’51 James P. Evans, P’51 Frederick R. Favo, P’51 Atty. Paul W. Fish, P’51 Atty. Donald R. Hacker, C’51 †Dave R. Hart, C’51 Donald E. Henigin, C’51 Thomas M. Kissell, C’51 George I. Kocerka, C’51 W. Raymond Levay, P’51 Wilfred A. Liebhauser, M.D., C’51 Joseph A. Lutz, C’51 Charles G. Manoli, L.H.D., P’45 C’51 D’05 Thomas A. McConomy, P’51 Rev. Robert L. McCreary, O.F.M. Cap., L.H.D., P’51 D’90 Terence M. McFadden, P 51 Atty. Robert J. Milie, C’51 Paul L. Milza, C’51 Samuel L. Paolo, C’51 Lloyd L. Pontzer, C’51 Robert F. Roser, C’51 James J. Seabol, P’51 John J. Shevlin, Jr., C’51 Fred L. Soisson, Jr., M.D., L.H.D, P’47 C’51 D’82 Ernest L. Teichert, C’51 Fred B. Trescher, Jr., P’45 C 51 Leo R. West, P’46 C’51

1952 Irving Altman, C’52 Jose A. Arroyo-Aguilu, Ph.D., C’52 E. Lewis Baughman, C’52 Edward M. Bilik, C 52 Samuel A. Boova, P’48 C’52 P. Vincent Bucci, Ph.D., C’52 Elio Calabrese, C’52 Herman V. Esway, Jr., C’52 John F. Frech, C’52 Vincent J. Gocke, C’52 Joseph A. Gyan, C’52 Robert J. Hartsock, M.D., C’52 Michael G. Hillegass, C 52 William F. Leightner, M.D., C’52 Karl D. Ludwig, M.D., C’52 Ronald A. Monack, C’52 Thomas F. O’Connell, P’52 Stanley C. Paviak, C’52 Leo J. Penatzer, P’46 C’52 Frederick H. Ruff, Jr., C’52 J. Dennis Ryan, C’52 Richard L. Sekanick, C’52 Richard S. Sepesy, Sr., D.D.S., P’48 C’52 Atty. Carl T. Severini, P’48 C’52 Donald J. Soisson, C’52 John A. Stechschulte, P’52 Harry B. Strickland, Ph.D., C’52 Milan N. Tokar, C’52

Charles J. Tripoli, M.D., C’52

1953 Irmo V. Antonacci, C 53 Carroll F. Burke, P’53 Francis E. Burkley, C’53 Anthony Butala, P’53 Peter J. Citrone, Sr., M.D., P’49 C’53 †John L. Cornett, P’49 C’53 Joseph W. Deagan, C’53 Atty. Richmond H. Ferguson, C’53 Joseph A. Franklin, C’53 James D. Hensler, D.M.D., C’53 C. Robert Jackson, C’53 Philip H. Jones, C’53 Matthew A. Kasprenski, M.D., C’53 David B. Kilgore, C’53 Joseph L. Kloss, M.D., C’53 Samuel C. Liburdi, C’53 Ralph A. Litzinger, C’53 Charles McCrudden, P’53 John F. McDevitt, P’46 C 53 Francis R. Mizikar, C’53 John A. Petrarca, C’53 Richard E. Romito, C’53 Paul J. Sauer, Jr., C’53 S 57 Kenneth R. Strawberry, C’53 Eugene P. Tassone, C’53 Edward A. Ulicny, C’53 C. Francis Varga, M.D., C’53 Atty. Roy F. Walters, Jr., C’53 James A. Wehner, C’53 George C. West, C 53 L. Joseph Wittenauer, P’53 Michael A. Yanossy, P’53

1954 Dino R. Angelici, D.D.S., C’54 Thomas C. Badstibner, P’50 C’54 Albert J. Bautz, P’50 C 54 Alfred C. Deana, C’54 Bernard C. DeLeo, M.D., C’54 Vincent T. DeLuca, C 54 Joseph H. Devine, C’54 Emil J. DiLorenzo, C’54 Very Rev. Jerome A. Dixon, JCL, C’54 S 57 Richard G. Fallon, P’46 C’54 Robert E. Gearing, C’54 Richard C. Gilmartin, M.D., C’54 Eugene P. Grimm, P’54 Richard B. Guskiewicz, C’54 Roland J. Horvath, C’54 G. Bruce Jenkins, C’54 The Honorable James R. Kelley, P 50 C’54 Albert M. Kraus, M.D., C’54 Eugene J. Leahy, Jr., D.D.S., C’54 Atty. Jerome M. Lynes, C’54 Rev. Francis E. Maloney, C 54 S 58 †Bernard S. Malush, C’54 Edward B. Murcko, D.D.S., C’54 P. David Pappert, P’54 Vincent R. Piccolo, P’54 Sylvester A. Puzio, C 54 Ralph E. Roos, C’54 S’58 Ronald J. Sanzi, P’54 John J. Slater, C 54 George K. Slough, C’54

Charles Varsel, Ph.D., C’54 James E. Wilkins, Jr., C’54 Raymond B. Wrabley, C’54

1955 William P. Albaugh, C’55 Wilbur K. Bangor, C’55 Thomas B. Bayne, C’55 S’59 †Paul U. Bigelow, C’55 John A. Boccella, D.D.S., C’55 John J. Brennan, Ph.D., C’55 Carl D. Burlas, C’55 Stephen M. Cibulas, C’55 Rev. Msgr. John A. Cippel, C’55 S 59 Edward G. Faulk, C’55 Robert B. Fryer, P’55 Paul F. Gabos, M.D., C’55 David J. Gocke, M.D., C’55 Rev. Joseph R. Grosko, C’55 S’59 Joseph P. Hamilton, P’51 C 55 Anthony J. Iezzi, Ph.D., C’55 Robert T. Kendra, C’55 Carl Emil Krill, Jr., M.D., P’51 C 55 Col Neil M. Larimer, USMC (Ret), C’55 Robert M. Levin, M.D., C’55 Charles F. Lorenz, C’55 Michael J. Ludgate, P’55 Ronald J. Malenky, C’55 William F. McInerney, P’55 William F. Metzger, P’55 Anthony A. Milleo, C’55 Joseph G. Mucci, C’55 Edward T. O’Connor, P’50 C’55 Neil P. Pagano, C’55 John A. Resko, Ph.D., P’50 C 55 †Paul M. Strittmatter, P’51 C 55 Glen C. Tenley, C’55 Rev. Msgr. Samuel J. Tomaselli, C’55 S’59 Atty. Anthony B. Trambley, C’55 Ronald B. Vittone, M.D., C’55 Anthony Vivirito, P 55 Rev. George A. Wilt, C’55 S’59 John R. Zeleznock, D.M.D., C’55

1956 †Col. Jonathan A. Arnold, C’56 Thomas C. Burlas, C’56 John C. Caimi, C’56 Joseph C. Caruso, C’56 Judge Guido J. Casari, Jr., P’52 C’56 James A. Colonna, C’56 Rudolph A. Concheck, C’56 Patrick J. Cunningham, C’56 Cyril R. Deck, C’56 Robert G. Dorsch, C 56 Paul M. Duggan, M.D., P’52 C’56 William F. Dunn, Jr., C’56 Edward J. Edelen, P’56 Edward J. Egan, C’56 Charles W. Ellermeyer, C’56 Paul E. Farnan, C’56 Lawrence A. Ferlan, M.D., C’56 Robert W. Fox, C’56 Patrick J. Freeman, C’56 Robert P. Gannon, M.D., C’56 William F. Geeting, C’56 Francis J. Hertzog, M.D., C’56

fall 2009


Lewis C. Jordan, Jr., P’56 Robert F. Krill, C 56 Emory M. Lesho, C’56 Ronald J. Lieb, D.D.S., P’51 C’56 Thomas H. Loughran, C’56 Richard T. Mator, Sr., C 56 Aloysius T. McLaughlin, Jr., P’52 C 56 Rev. Msgr. Donald J. Mondello, C 56 Robert J. Mueller, C’56 S’60 Richard H. Paul, Sr., C’56 Thomas P. Petrick, M.D., C’56 Rev. Leo J. Pleban, C’56 S’60 Maurice W. Rudiselle, P’51 C’56 S’60 William W. Ruhl, P’56 Kim F. Schillinger, C’56 Leonard A. Tobias, C’56 H. Martin Westfall, C’56 Arthur L. Wolfe, C’56

1957 Donald J. Accorsi, C’57 Nicholas H. Alwine, P’57 Vince Brogan, C’57 John V. Cusick, P’53 C 57 Capt. Joseph J. D’Amato, USN (Ret.), C’57 Richard E. Doll, Ph.D., C’57 William J. Falcon, C’57 Joseph C. Johnston, P’53 C’57 William F. Kuhn, C’57 Dennis P. Livi, C’57 Edward J. Lucas, Jr., C’57 George A. Marcinko, C’57 Carl A. Masciantonio, C’57 David E. Mastrorocco, P’57 John P. McGough, C 57 Atty. Frank C. McLaughlin, Jr., C’57 Mark W. McShane, P’57 Arthur H. Meehan, Jr., C’57 John A. Mullen, C’57 Ronald J. Polak, C’57 Arthur J. Rooney, Jr., C’57 Arthur Rullo, C’57 Paul A. Scarlata, D.M.D., P.C., C 57 William J. Siard, C 57 Jerome R. Siemer, P’57 Richard J. Smith, C’57 William J. Soisson, P’52 C’57 Joseph C. Suatoni, C’57 Richard D. Vallano, C 57 Donald T. Weis, C’57

1958 Robert K. Ashton, C’58 John Bilos, M.D., C’58 Herbert W. Boyer, Ph.D. Sc.D., C’58 D’81 Francis R. Bradley, C’58 Paul F. Bradley, C’58 Daniel R. Brannon, M.D., C’58 Rev. Gilbert J. Burke, O.S.B., P’53 C’58 S’62 Charles V. Burkley, C’58 Gene Centore, C’58 Leonard R. Corazzi, C’58 Charles R. Delfino, C’58 Donald R. Eck, D.O., C 58 Thomas R. Eckenrode, Ph.D., P’53 C’58 John E. Eisaman, C’58


saint vincent quarterly

Duane W. Farabaugh, Ph.D., C’58 Rev. Mark W. Glasgow, C’58 S’62 Vincent R. Hart, C’58 Norman I. Huber, P’58 Harold J. Huecker, P’58 Richard J. Kalisky, D.D.S., P’54 C 58 John P. Kelly, Jr., C’58 John A. Kintz, C’58 William R. Klasnic, C’58 Christopher J. Martin, C’58 Nicholas D. Masciantonio, C’58 Rev. Martin D. McCamley, C’58 S’62 Eugene J. McCormack, Jr., P’58 Paul J. Menner, P’58 William H. Milon, C’58 Frank A. Naples, P 58 Gervase B. Nealon, C’58 John A. Rakaczky, C’58 Robert D. Rudiselle, P’53 C’58 William K. Salomone, C 58 Rev. Msgr. John R. Sasway, V.F., C’58 S’62 Charles M. Seamens, C’58 Albert N. Skomra, Ph.D., C’58 C. Robert Smelas, C’58 Clarence O. Smith, C’58 Thomas G. Smith, C’58 Walter H. Spellman, Jr., C’58 Paul D. Tripodi, D.M.D., C’58 Joseph S. Tripoli, P’54 C’58 Charles E. Verostko, C’58 Harry L. Vidmar, C’58 Edward E. Watkins, Jr., C’58 Ralph J. Wick, C’58

1959 Leonard Anderson, P’55, C 59 Joseph F. Barresi, C’59 William J. Bowles, P’59 John K. Cingolani, C’59 Frederick L. Dankmyer, M.D., P’55 C’59 Richard DeGregory, C’59 Richard H. Ergler, C’59 William A. Feczko, M.D., C’59 Peter J. Fioresi, C’59 Joseph F. Fiori, P 59 Robert A. Forsyth, C’59 Elmer R. Furman, C’59 William U. Gillespie, P’59 Gervase S. Gumbita, P’55 C 59 Anthony R. Haradin, M.D., C’59 James D. Hohman, C’59 The Honorable Joseph A. Hudock, P’55 C’59 Edmond J. Jankowski, Ph.D., C’59 Edward G. Kelly, M.D., P’59 John C. Lawrence, P’55 C 59 Elvio A. Levri, Ph.D., C’59 Rev. Ronald J. Little, C’59 George A. Loeper, C 59 Louis E. Lwowski, C’59 Rev. James R. Macey, Ed.D, P’59 George E. Martin, P’59 James P. McCabe, C’59 William S. McCabe II, C 59 Richard J. Middendorf, P’59 Thomas S. Patricoski, M.D., C’59 Bernard J. Peterson, C’59

Atty. Anthony J. Polito, C’59 Peter F. Pontzer, M.D., P’55 C’59 Curt F. Roemele, C’59 Julius S. Romagnoli, C’59 John J. Roman, C’59 Rt. Rev. Robert D. Rowley, Jr., P’59 Edward D. Schultz, M.D., C’59 Thomas A. Sculco, P’59 Rev. Francis A. Siler, C’59 S’63 Col. Bernard E. Stalmann, Jr., P’59 Regis R. Stana, Ph.D., P’59 David A. Stiteler, P’59 Ronald A. Swade, C’59 Frederick D. Thomas, P’51 C’59 Forrest M. Vercheak, P’59 James J. Wager, C’59 Capt. Joseph F. Walsh, C’59 Terrence J. Weir, P’59 Rev. Deacon Theodore B. Welsh, P’59 A. Simeon Whitehill, C’59 Patrick L. Woomer, P’59 Joseph P. Zanella, C’59 Richard A. Zappa, C’59

1960 Ciro D. Aloisi, C’60 William J. Beitler II, P’60 Rev. John F. Bench, C’60 S’64 Joseph E. Biss, C’60 Atty. Thomas E. Boettger, C’60 Richard J. Burgundy, C’60 Andrew B. Chovanes, P’56 C’60 Edward J. Dunn III, P 56 C’60 Atty. Richard M. Fanelly, P’60 Frank J. Farrell, Jr., C’60 James R. Ferry, C’60 Thomas M. Fisher, C’60 Arthur H. Green, C’60 John P. Helfenstein, Jr., P’60 Ronald C. Higgins, C’60 Robert J. Hohman, Ph.D., C’60 Rev. Hubert J. Kealy, C’60 S’64 Joseph E. Koch, P’56 C 60 John E. Kovach, Sr., P’60 Edward H. Kuntz, C’60 Collum C. Liska, P’60 Donald E. Mackowski, P’60 Francis L. Macuga, C 60 Charles J. McIntyre, C’60 Joseph T. McNamara, C’60 Harold V. Muller, Jr., C’60 Joseph J. Nayduciak, C’60 S 64 William F. Noonan, Sr., C’60 John W. O’Loughlin, M.D., C’60 Atty. Joseph W. O’Toole, C’60 Richard A. Paske, C’60 Joseph R. Patrick, C’60 Michael R. Pohl, Esq., P’60 Charles A. Pohland, C’60 Paul W. Rishell, P’60 Thomas F. Risher, Jr., C’60 Frank J. Ryan, C’60 Michael A. Ryan, C’60 Michael J. Shaughnessy, M.D., P’56 C’60 John M. Singer, C’60 John J. Spelock, Jr., C’60

Harry G. Steele, P’60 Raymond J. Straub, C’60 James F. Suda, C’60 Rev. Joseph E. Swierczynski, C’60 S’64 John J. Tucker, C’60 James J. Walsh, Jr., C’60 James A. Ward, Ph.D., P’56 C’60 James F. Will, L.H.D., C’60 D’94 Louis M. Zecchini, C’60

1961 John G. Arch, Esq., C’61 Gerald D. Attea, C 61 Philip C. Ball, C’61 James M. Barko, C’61 George E. Biskup, Jr., P’61 George R. Blaha, C’61 James J. Branagan, P’61 Nicholas John Bruno, C’61 Rev. Msgr. William G. Charnoki, PA, JCL, C’61 S’65 Thomas A. Connelly, C’61 Thomas R. Coppinger III, C’61 Thomas A. Covalla, P’61 Robert F. Doerfler, C’61 Benedict L. Fajt, C’61 Ralph J. Farmerie, Sr., C’61 Theodore H. Feindt, C’61 Craig M. Felton, Ph.D., C’61 Jerome M. Feret, C’61 G. Howard Frey, C’61 Robert F. Fritschi, C’61 William W. Gordon, C’61 Atty. William A. Goyette, P’61 John M. Herndon, C 61 John F. Jackovitz, Ph.D., C’61 Stanislaus S. Jerich, C’61 Charles F. Keller, Ph.D., C’61 George G. King, Ph.D., C’61 John R. Knott, P’57 C’61 Michael M. Leahy, P’61 Lavern J. Lenze, Jr., C’61 Robert S. Lepsig, C’61 Frank B. Mahon, Jr., M.D., C’61 Joseph T. Maloy, Ph.D., C’61 Joseph P. Mangarella, P’57 C’61 Roger Martin, C’61 Joseph R. Maruca, Ed.D., P’54 C’61 Dominick J. Masocco, C’61 The Honorable Lee J. Mazur, Sr., C’61 Michael P. McCarthy, M.D., F.A.C.S., C’61 Regis P. McKenna, D.I.A., C 61 D’86 James A. McMahon, Ph.D., C’61 Charles M. Mills, P’50 C 61 Atty. Frank J. Milon, C’61 Francis P. Murrman, Jr., P’57 C’61 Robert A. Nargi, C’61 Paul D. Oesterle, P’57 C’61 Anthony J. Orlando, C’61 Thomas S. Patts, P’57 C’61 Vincent R. Pecoraro, C’61 George R. Puskar, P’61 John O. Schiffgens, Ph.D., C’61 Charles E. Scott, Jr., C’61 Thomas W. Shaughnessy, Ph.D., C’61 The Honorable Henry E. Shaw, Jr., C’61

Andrew J. Sofranko, C’61 The Honorable Paul J. Stakem, C’61 Richard P. Stead, P’61 James V. Steeley, C’61 Joseph J. Steffan, C 61 Paul C. Steimer, C’61 Robert E. Wainscott, Jr., P’61 David R. Wandrisco, C’61 Walter C. Weaver, C’61 S 65 Charles E. Winschel, C’61 Gustave W. Wolf, P’56 C’61 John D. Zoretich, C’61

1962 Robert D. Belan, C’62 Raymond T. Belz, C’62 Ronald K. Blase, C’62 Charles H. Boeh, C’62 Bernard F. Byrne, Ph.D., P.E., P’62 John R. Burin, C 62 Charles E. Carreras, Ph.D., C’62 James P. Carreras, Jr., C’62 James R. Colosimo, C’62 Michael L. Comini, C’62 Wayne J. DeBlander, C’62 Joseph C. DelSordo, C’62 John A. DeLuca, C’62 David M. Demangone, C’62 Atty. Donald C. Fetzko, C’62 Robert J. Fray, C’62 Thomas J. Froehlich, Ph.D., C’62 William M. Fronczek, Jr., M.D., C’62 Daniel H. Gattone, C’62 Rev. Stan M. Gregorek, C’62 S’66 Joseph G. Hart, C’62 John E. Hausmann, P’62 Lee A. Hokaj, C’62 James D. Kashin, C’62 J. Patrick Keith, Esq., C’62 William P. Kirby, C’62 George J. Landers, C’62 David R. Linden, Ph.D., C’62 David A. Magnani, C’62 Frank L. McDonald, P’54 C’62 James W. Meehan, Jr., Ph.D., C’62 Edward Mulholland, Ph.D., C’62 The Honorable Joseph A. Nickleach, C’62 Rev. James R. O’Brien, C’62 S’66 John M. Pausic, P’62 Richard L. Payne, C’62 Michael J. Quinlisk, C 62 Daniel F. Rafferty, P’56 C’62 George C. Rovnyak, Ph.D., C’62 Paul L. Schell, M.D., C’62 Robert T. Waters, C’62 Edward M. Wigger, Jr., C’62 Richard H. Wildnauer, Ph.D., C’62 Col. Michael W. Wydo, USMC (Ret.), C’62

1963 Rev. Alvin J. Adams, C’63 S’67 John J. Andersen, P’63 Major William G. Battista, C’63 Thomas A. Bauer, P’63 Raymond J. Blair, Jr., C’63 Robert E. Buck, Ph.D., P’63 Robert L. Citrone, P’59 C’63

Frank T. Deverse, C 63 Earl W. Donaldson, Jr., D.D.S., C’63 John H. Doody, C’63 Jan K. Esway, D.M.D., C’63 Arthur N. Flauto, Jr., C’63 Edwin V. Gaffney, Ph.D., P’59 C’63 Robert C. Galloway, C’63 James H. Griffin III, C’63 Gerald J. Guz, C’63 Donald A. Haile, C’63 Robert A. Harteis, P’59 C 63 George J. Hettler, Jr., P’59 C’63 Byron R. Hunter, C’63 Peter C. Juliano, Ph.D., C’63 Zoltan J. Kristof, C’63 Joseph Michael Loftis, P’59 C 63 Kenneth A. Matonic, C’63 Frank A. Mazeitis, C’63 Robert E. McDonald, P’63 Michael W. Mickinak, C’63 Thomas W. Milslagle, P’63 Guy M. Nicoletti, Ph.D., C’63 Thomas P. Nigra, M.D., P’59 C’63 Martin L. Palguta, C’63 Michael J. Panik, Ph.D., C’63 Anthony J. Pesavento, Jr., P’63 Christopher R. Pignoli, C’63 James J. Polkabla, O.D., C’63 Stephen G. Rodkey, P’63 Robert D. Ruddy, C’63 Bernard C. Rudegeair, C’63 Daniel J. Russell, C’63 John P. Spicuzza, Jr., C’63 James V. Spino, C’63 Capt. James A. Staub, Jr., C’63 J. Michael Stephany, P’63 Joseph L. Sterck, P’59 C 63 William J. Switala, Ph.D., C’63 Charles C. Tyson, C’63 Dennis F. Ufnar, C’63 Gerard G. Wiegand, C’63 James H. Wirth, C’63 Louis E. Ziobro, C’63

1964 Martin J. Bennison, Ph.D., C’64 James E. Bertera, P’64 Joseph A. Bizup, C’64 William J. Bravin, C’64 David Buben, Ph.D., C’64 Timothy J. Collard, M.D., C’64 Ronald L. DaParma, P’64 George L. DeCaro, C’64 James A. Eckenroth, C’64 Joseph E. Epplen, P’60 C’64 Samuel J. Etze, C’64 Samuel W. Flannagan, M.D., C’64 Gerard J. Fuchs, C’64 Herbert W. Fulmer, Ph.D., C’64 Thomas P. Gessner, M.D., C’64 Patrick H. Gribbin, C’64 Ernest P. Guter, P’64 John E. Haag, P’59 C’64 S 68 Edward V. Haile, C’64 John J. Hohman, C’64 David E. Horner, C’64 James S. Kalmer, C’64

Philip M. Kane, P’64 Robert L. Kasperik, P’64 Kevin A. Kavanaugh, P’64 John M. Kennedy, C’64 Lawrence C. Korchnak, Ph.D., P’64 Atty. Richard M. Kotelez, C’64 Gerard L. Kress, P’57 C’64 Francis A. Marasco, C’64 Francis D. Meredith, C’64 Richard F. Messalle, C’64 Joseph B. Miller, C’64 Paul A. Mockenhaupt, P’64 David G. Morgan, Ph.D., C’64 Walter J. Nieri, M.D., C’64 Timothy J. O’Connor, C’64 Raymond J. Olack, P’64 David J. Paluselli, C’64 Dennis A. Paluselli, C’64 Rev. Phillip P. Pribonic, C’64 S 68 William A. Ramos, C’64 James J. Reilly, M.D., P’64 Thomas A. Reddington, P’64 Dominic J. Romeo, Ph.D., C’64 James R. Rowley, P’64 Neil F. Ruggieri, Ph.D., C’64 Richard C. Schmidt, C’64 Edward J. Schreier, D.D.S., C’64 Paul H. Schulte, C’64 Joseph M. Seria, M.D., C’64 Peter J. Serzikas, P’64 John E. Shields, C’64 Richard L. Shirey, Jr. Ph.D., C’64 Dennis P. Slevin, Ph.D., C’64 Bernard B. Smith, P 64 Hamilton J. Smith, P’64 John G. Stump, C 64 Timothy E. Ungvarsky, P’64 Thomas J. Usher, C 64 D’06 John D. Walter, C’64 James C. Wasicki, C’64 Francis L. Whitson, C’64 Thomas E. Wolf, Ph.D., C’64 Daniel P. Wright, C’64 David B. Ziff, P’64

1965 James D. Allgor, C’65 Atty. James W. Baumbach, C’65 Walter A. Bryja, C 65 Fred F. Ciarochi, M.D., C’65 John L. Coulehan, M.D., C’65 Andrew A. DelSordo, M.D., C’65 William M. DeLuca, C’65 Leo E. Ehrensberger, P’61 C’65 Charles J. Farley, C’65 Anthony F. Gentile, M.D., C’65 Thomas E. Griffin, C’65 David J. Harper, C’65 Charles F. Hrach, C’65 James T. Kane, C’65 Michael J. Magura, Ph.D., P’61 C’65 John F. Maley, Jr., C’65 Robert V. Mandraccia, M.D., C’65 Robert G. McGunnigle, C 65 Timothy O. Moore, C’65 Martin G. Mullen, P’65 Austin F. Noll, Jr., C’65

The Honorable Thomas F. Norton, C’65 Harry M. Null, M.D., C’65 Joseph J. O’Connor, C’65 James G. Patrick, C 65 Vincent S. Pishioneri, C’65 Francis X. Riley, C’65 Timothy J. Russell, Ph.D., C’65 Martin E. Salmon, C’65 Frank A. Scappaticci, C’65 Gordon E. Scherer, C’65 Robert A. Schulz, Ph.D., C’65 Thomas R. Scott, C’65 Robert F. Sheridan, C’65 Dwayne E. Shingle, C’65 Kenneth Sweder, C’65 Earl D. Sweeney, Jr., C’65 Steven H. Whiteman, C’65 Thomas E. Will, C’65

1966 Gilbert V. Biancucci, C’66 Joseph J. Cepicka, Jr., C’66 Stanley Cook, C’66 S 70 David S. Davis, C’66 Carl DeChellis, C’66 John J. Degnan, C’66 Rev. William P. Donahue, C’66 S’70 Thomas Duafala, Ph.D., C’66 Atty. James N. Falcon, P’62 C’66 Charles E. Glessner, P’62 C’66 John E. Harvan, Jr., P’59 C’66 Walter B. Hobart, Jr., C’66 Thomas C. Kibirsky, C’66 Robert J. Kline, Ph.D., P’62 C’66 S 70 Robert E. McGuire, C’66 Ronald J. Menia, C’66 Donald L. Miller, Ph.D., L.H.D., C’66 D’93 Thomas M. Monaghan, C’66 R. Thomas Olmer, Jr., C’66 John F. Painley, C’66 W. Timothy Pitchford, C’66 Robert L. Pochet, C’66 William A. Prenatt, C’66 Rev. Dennis Riccitelli, C 66 James E. Robyak, Ph.D., C’66 William F. Ryckman, M.D., C’66 Robert J. Skovira, Ph.D., P’61 C’66 William F. Sobolak, P 66 Robert G. Stefanik, P’61 C’66 Timothy P. Sukay, C’66 James A. Volovich, C’66 Atty. Thomas G. Wagner, P’66 Charles B. Yaskanich, Jr., C’66

1967 Thomas L. Antkowiak, M.D., L.H.D., C’67 D’99 Thomas H. Arch, C’67 William L. Beerman, C’67 Paul D. Bock, C’67 Richard V. Burkhauser, Ph.D., C’67 William J. Costantini, C’67 David L. DePrator, P 67 Lawrence W. Dice, C’67 Thomas S. Dziuban, C’67 James C. Fisher, Jr., C’67 Stanley G. Galik, C’67 Charles E. Gallagher, C’67

fall 2009


Nick Garrick, C’67 Richard P. Gervasoni, C’67 John F. Hohman, C’67 W. Richard Howe, C’67 Thomas C. Howell, C’67 John J. Hutchinson, Jr., C’67 John A. Jupin, M.D., C’67 James P. Kurtz, Ph.D., C’67 Cmdr. Paul D. Mankovich, C’67 Charles J. Marr, C’67 Thomas A. Masters, C’67 Atty. James J. McGovern, C’67 Timothy A. McHugh, M.D., C’67 Richard A. Memo, M.D., C’67 Alfred P. Moore, Ph.D., C’67 Donald J. Mullineaux, Ph.D., P’63 C’67 Deacon Mitchell M. Natali, C’67 Francis J. O’Malley, Jr., C’67 Thomas A. Orszulak, M.D., C’67 Michael B. Pollock, C’67 Ronald B. Pontani, C’67 Anthony J. Schill, C’67 Joseph M. Schroeffel, P’63 C 67 Gene F. Sheehan, C’67 Atty. James M. Sheehan, C’67 James R. Sollars, C’67 Joseph D. Terry, C’67 Atty. James J. West, C’67 H. Sherman Whipkey, C’67

1968 Anonymous Carl S. Baumeister, C’68 Frank A. Bonati, Ph.D., C’68 Andrew J. Breslin V.M.D., C 68 Edmund S. Bronder, Ph.D., P’63 C’68 S’72 Atty. William R. Carroll, C’68 Thomas W. Castle, C’68 Richard B. Chapas, Ph.D., C’68 Thomas L. Clouse, Ed.D., C’68 S 72 Atty. Kevin J. Coakley, C’68 Terrence L. Conroy, C’68 †John T. Costello, P’64 C’68 Vincent L. DiBella, C’68 Paul F. Duffer, Ph.D., C’68 Joseph W. Farrell, C’68 Atty. Charles W. Garbett, C’68 John W. Gardner, Ph.D., C’68 Pat J. Greco, C’68 Clement F. Gross III, C’68 Atty. Herbert C. Hanson, C’68 Edward P. Heinrichs, D.M.D., C’68 John E. Hillman, C’68 Peter M. Hutchinson, Ph.D., C’68 William H. Isler, C’68 John T. January, C’68 Thomas N. Kaminski, M.D., C’68 William P. Kraus, C’68 William C. Lloyd, Jr., C’68 Richard C. Lodise, M.D., C’68 James R. Lowney, C’68 David M. Lynch, Ph.D., C’68 Robert T. Maher, C’68 William T. McGee II, C’68 Donald J. McNulty, Jr., C’68 John M. Mied, P’64 C’68


saint vincent quarterly

Michael E. Misterkiewicz, C’68 Robert D. Moore, C’68 Stephen A. Olenchock, Ph.D., P’64 C’68 Michael A. Parsnick, C’68 Michael A. Polechko, Ph.D., C’68 David L. Pottinger, C’68 M. Robert Racko, C’68 John J. Reilly, C’68 Robert G. Riepl, Ph.D., C’68 Thomas Robinson, C’68 Richard C. Ruffalo, D.M.D., C’68 Walter J. Samul, Jr., C’68 Atty. Robert B. Schlather, C’68 Richard J. Schulte, P’64 C’68 David G. Scott, C’68 J. Jeffrey Shaffer, P’64 C’68 Lawrence A. Sladek, D.D.S., D.M.D., C’68 Dennis J. Slonka, C’68 Clyde G. Smith, C’68 Robert W. Taylor, O.D., C’68 Michael J. Tulley V.M.D., C’68 Richard J. Tushup, Ph.D., C’68 S 72 Steve Verbos, C’68 Laurence R. Wagaman, C’68 Richard G. Watson, Ph.D., C’68 Paul M. Whipkey, C 68 Jonathan F. Widich, C’68 John J. Wilson, C’68 David R. Witucki, C’68 Stephen P. Yanek, C’68 Timothy A. Zadai, C’68 Atty. Denis P. Zuzik, C’68

1969 Jean R. AbiNader, C’69 Terry E. Cavanaugh, C’69 Angelo DeMezza, M.D., C’69 Ross F. DiMarco, Jr., M.D., C’69 H. Gervase Fajt, Jr., C’69 Frank C. Fodge, P 69 Arnold Foradori, Jr., C’69 J. Ronald Grattan, C’69 David E. Haid, C’69 Cullan J. Herald-Evans, P’64 C’69 Dale A. Kastelic, C’69 William G. Laird, C’69 Timothy A. Landrin, C’69 Martin L. Maher, C’69 Francis P. Markiewicz, C’69 Michael J. McDermott, C’69 Thomas E. Meade, C’69 Robert R. Moody, Jr., C’69 Kenneth E. Nicely, C’69 Patrick T. O’Donnell, C’69 Robert J. O’Grady, C’69 John R. Perchak, C’69 Vaughn F. Peterson, C’69 William C. Pierret, P’65 C 69 Andrew G. Roberts, Jr., D.C., C’69 Alan J. Roth, O.D., P’64 C’69 Frederick J. Seitz, C’69 Rev. Becket G. Senchur, C’69 S’73 Atty. Gary V. Skiba, C’69 Dennis E. Skocz, Ph.D., C’69 Daniel A. Smith, C’69 Richard A. Stillwagon, P’65 C’69

Peter J. Struzzi, C’69 Jon J. Vichich, C’69 Michael C. Vudragovich, P’65 C 69 The Honorable Raymond J. Zadzilko, C’69

1970 Andrew V. Allen, C’70 William G. Barrick, C’70 Edward V. Bartz, C’70 Dennis C. Bridge, C’70 John D. Bridge, C’70 Edward J. Chango, Jr., C’70 Atty. Kenneth A. Collier-Magar, C’70 Thomas J. Conti, Ph.D., C’70 Gerald A. Eskay, D.D.S., C’70 Rev. John T. Euker, C’70 S’74 John E. Flanigan, C 70 John A. Germak, M.D., C’70 Paul P. Giunto, C’70 Stephen J. Grabowski, Ph.D., C 70 Charles E. Gregg, M.D., C’70 Charles E. Hanley, C’70 Raymond D. Hluska, P 66 C 70 Joseph M. Hohman, C’70 Robert L. Janesko, C’70 Alex Keefe, C’70 Rev. John T. Kielb, C’70 S’75 Michael J. Kinney, C’70 Paul F. Kirk, D.D.S., C’70 Rev. James B. Krah, C’70 S’71 Justin F. Krellner, C’70 Edward R. Krivus, C’70 Vincent G. Kuharic, C’70 Michael A. Lawrence, C’70 William E. Lombard, M.D., C’70 Francis J. Marlow, C’70 Joseph A. McAlarnen, C’70 John P. McCann, C’70 John T. McDonnell, C’70 William J. McEnery, Jr., C’70 Dennis P. McIlnay, Ph.D., P’66 C’70 Carey L. McMonagle, M.D., C’70 Robert P. McNamara, C’70 Paul F. Moersdorf, Ph.D., C’70 Vincent P. Morris, Jr., C’70 Frank R. Nelson, Jr., C’70 Richard J. Obidowski, C’70 Eugene F. O’Neill, Ph.D., C’70 Duane M. Ponko, C’70 Patrick K. Rafferty, C’70 Victor A. Rehula III, C’70 Joseph S. Repucci, C’70 Chad Rittle, C’70 James B. Ryan, C’70 Robert J. Ryan, C’70 James H. Schimpf, C’70 Thomas A. Shimshock, C’70 Michael J. Simmons, Ph.D., C’70 Gary D. Toth, D.M.D., C’70 David P. Turyan, C’70 S’74 James J. Uhrin, C’70 Stephen J. Warner, C’70 James J. Wasylyshyn, C’70 Peter W. Weidenboerner, C’70 Rev. Patrick G. Wood, C’70

1971 John R. Bartolomucci, C’71 The Honorable William H. Baughman, Jr., C’71 Michael J. Chanoski, C’71 Chester M. Chorzempa, C’71 Rev. Sean K. Code, C’71 James V. Desiderio, C’71 James F. DiMuzio, C’71 Robert E. Donohue, Ph.D., C’71 Robert Michael Farley, C’71 Ronald D. Firment, C’71 Joseph P. Fletcher, C’71 Frank N. Genovese, M.D., C’71 Stephen P. Gingo, C’71 John A. Gondek, C’71 Michael L. Grube, C’71 James A. Haid, C’71 Philip S. Hoschar, C’71 T. Michael Jackson, C’71 George A. Janik, C’71 William A. Kmetz, C’71 Thomas F. Kurimsky, C’71 Larry J. Lawton, C 71 James J. Lucas, C’71 Ramon F. Martin, M.D., Ph.D., C’71 Robert B. Miedel, P 66 C’71 Manuel J. Navarro, C’71 Patrick D. Neiler, C’71 J. Michael Nolan, Jr., Esq., C’71 Eugene T. Oberst, C’71 C. Edward Omachel, C’71 Lawrence W. Pelland, C’71 Atty. Francis E. Pipak, Jr., C’71 Gregory G. Plate, C’71 Albert L. Porreca, Jr., D.D.S., C’71 Atty. Vincent J. Quatrini, Jr., C’71 Nicholas R. Rado, Jr., P 67 C’71 Atty. Dennis B. Rafferty, C’71 John C. Rapa, C’71 John Staczek, Ph.D., C’71 Francis M. Tandarich, C’71 Michael A. Tomayko, P 66 C’71 Mark L. Whipkey, C 71 Charles J. Wolenter, C.P.A., C’71 Atty. Gerard A. Zeller, C’71

1972 Joseph C. Alexander, Jr., C’72 James T. Auffenorde, C’72 Michael E. Barchony, C’72 Guy J. Bellaver, C’72 Francis W. Bost, C’72 Charles D. Cleveland, C’72 Mark W. Culleton, C’72 Robert A. Deak, C’72 James T. DeAngelis, D.O., C’72 Paul W. DeFelice, C’72 Michael P. DeMaria, C’72 Christopher J. DeSalva, Ph.D. J.D., C’72 Michael B. Devlin, C’72 James K. Dolney, D.O., C’72 Alfred J. Funari III, C’72 Dwayne E. Galuska, P 72 Atty. Anthony J. Grieco II, C’72

Mario E. Guillen, Jr., C’72 John A. Hrehocik, P’67 C’72 Robert A. Kocis, Ph.D., C’72 Atty. Mark Kusner, C’72 John J. Lapina, C’72 Randall F. Lechner, C’72 Gregory L. Lonergan, P 72 Frederick W. Lydic III, C’72 Robert D. Matsik, C’72 Gerald B. McNamara, C’72 Stephen M. McNamara, C’72 Kenneth M. Meier, C’72 Michael X. Newmyer, C’72 John F. Olczak, Ph.D., C’72 Donald A. Orlando, C’72 Paul G. Parsons, C’72 Jack Perry, C’72 John R. Petersavage, C’72 Robert F. Pusateri, C’72 James K. Ramsay, D.M.D., C’72 Henry T. Reape, C’72 Thomas J. Rennie, C’72 Mark U. Ruppel, C’72 John J. Ruszkiewicz, Ph.D., C’72 Leroy F. Seria, O.D., C’72 Vincent J. Sweeney, C’72 George M. Szalewicz, C’72 John T. Weir, C’72 James F. Wilson, Sr., C’72 Anthony A. Zoladz, C’72

1973 James J. Athya, C’73 Paul B. Bartos, M.D., C’73 John M. Beauduy, C’73 Fred J. Biasini, Ph.D., C’73 M. Brian Biggins, P 68 C’73 S 77 Kenneth C. Borland, Ph.D., C’73 Thomas G. Brosnick, C’73 Thomas J. Campfield, M.D., C’73 Thomas A. Coughlin, C’73 Andrew P. Cravero, Jr., C’73 Robert J. Cwik, C’73 Felix J. DeSio, M.D., C’73 Donald J. DeYoung, C’73 Daniel M. Donato, C’73 Edward C. Falenski, C’73 Larry T. Glass, M.D., C’73 Charles J. Gray, C’73 George P. Harding, C’73 Dennis A. Kirr, C’73 Louis A. LaMarca, C’73 Richard J. Lampert, C’73 Thomas M. Matviya, Ph.D., C’73 Louis T. Mazur, C’73 Atty. John W. McTiernan, C’73 Michael J. Morris, Ph.D., P’69 C’73 Virgil J. Niesslein, P 73 George E. Newell, Ph.D., P’69 C’73 Atty. James M. Novak, C’73 Robert R. Pacacha, C’73 Thomas R. Philpott, C’73 William F. Reilly, C’73 William B. Richardson, Jr., C’73 Atty. Raymond M. Schlather, C’73 Douglas P. Scisciani, C’73

Bernard Skubak, C’73 John N. Stevens, Jr., C’73 Terence J. Tandarich, C’73 J. Michael Tedesco, D.O., C’73 James G. Villano, C’73 James E. Werth, C’73 Victor A. Yanchuleff, C’73

1974 Edward L. Antonacci, C’74 George R. Briercheck, C’74 Henry B. Brown III, C’74 Joseph F. Chirillo, C’74 Atty. William T. Cline, C’74 Michael Condor, Jr., C’74 F. Gregory Dulovich, C’74 Jeffrey R. Fanchalsky, C’74 Joseph T. Fasano, C’74 Michael E. Ferguson, C’74 Brian F. Immekus, C’74 Michael R. Ivan, C’74 Thomas D. Kuhn, C’74 Judge Robert J. Lesnick, C’74 Benedict A. Lieb, P’70 C’74 Dr. Paul G. Lorincy, C’74 Robert B. Lutes II, C’74 Charles P. Lynn, P’70 C’74 Michael J. Maher, C’74 Robert C. Martz, C’74 Michael P. Masciantonio, P’69 C’74 S 78 Charles E. Miller, C’74 George M. Mollick, C’74 Victor R. O’Korn, C’74 Richard M. Pieper, C’74 Mark J. Piwinsky, Ph.D., C’74 Armand Policicchio, Ph.D., P’70 C’74 Robert W. Schmitt, C’74 Paul W. Shaffer, C’74 George J. Soltis, C’74 Michael J. Tabita, C’74 Joseph V. Terza, Ph.D., C’74 John T. Zoldak, C’74

1975 William H. Byrnes, Jr., C’75 Christopher L. Carlton, C’75 James A. Cherubini, C’75 George N. Derhofer, C’75 Don A. DiGirolamo, C’75 Thomas M. Durishan, C’75 Allen M. Fidazzo, C’75 William K. Hammond, C’75 Bernard G. Hanchak, C’75 Martin A. Kapusta, Jr., D.M.D., C’75 Gregory Kerpchar, C’75 Timothy M. Kraynak, C’75 Matthew P. Kristofik, P’65 C’75 James K. Laffey, C’75 Alan Lazar, C’75 Rodger B. Lewis, C’75 David A. McDevitt, C’75 Rev. Robert J. Miller, C’75 Richard F. Mittereder, M.D., C’75 Arthur F. Moeller III, Ph.D., C’75 John L. Morrison, C’75 Gerard M. Munchinski, C’75

Michael J. Namey, Jr., D.O., C’75 Capt. Joseph A. Napoli, Jr., C’75 Lawrence J. Nowicki, C’75 James M. Papp, C’75 James F. Scarpelli, Jr., C’75 George J. Silowash, C’75 Thomas F. Smith, D.P.M., C’75 Thomas D. Stilwell, C’75 Robert L. Tambellini, C’75 Richard P. Thimons, C’75 Lawrence N. Tomayko, C’75 Peter F. Tressitte, Jr., C’75 Domenick A. Valore III, C’75

1976 Richard W. Albright, P 72 C’76 Martin G. Bednarek, C’76 John A. Black, C’76 Frank W. Bregar, M.D., C’76 Lt. Col. Ernest C. D’Antonio, P 72 C’76 Edward H. DePasquale, C’76 John B. Dransart, C’76 Andrew J. Flanders, C’76 Richard A. Grochmal, M.D., C’76 Martin F. Hickey, C’76 Andrew J. Jacobs, C’76 Thomas J. Kanar, Jr., C’76 Col. Donald T. Kidd, C’76 Peter R. Meier, C’76 Donald R. O’Brien, C’76 Eleftherios M. Pistentis, C’76 Joseph M. Potocki, Jr., C’76 Donald A. Primerano, Ph.D., C’76 Gilbert E. Siard, Jr., C’76 Philip V. Spina, Jr., C’76 Joseph R. Spirko, C’76 Albert R. Stahl, C’76 John M. Stramat, M.D., C’76 Gerard D. Sweeney, D.M.D., C’76 Robert J. Trach, C’76 Richard P. Ziegenfus, C’76

1977 Daniel P. Adley, CIH, CSP, C’77 Capt. Jerry L. Becker, C’77 Norman L. Brawdy, C’77 Joseph J. Burik, C’77 Jon Calder, C’77 John J. Danek, D.O., C’77 Timothy N. Doratio, C’77 Atty. Gregory C. Fajt, C’77 Mark J. Falatovich, C’77 Gregory A. Fearon, C’77 Robert A. Ference, C 77 William F. Ferris, Jr., C’77 Martin J. Furman, C’77 R. Terry Gerard, C’77 Jeffrey P. Holtzman, C’77 Michael D. Iwanski, C’77 Jeffrey A. Joseph, D.O., C’77 Thomas A. Lafferty, D.D.S., C’77 John M. Lally, CPA, C’77 Robert L. McNamara, C’77 J. William Murtha, C’77 Atty. Gino F. Peluso, C’77 Atty. Ronald J. Saffron, C’77

Daniel P. Salandro, Jr., C’77 Jeffrey L. Samide, Ph.D., C’77 Dennis M. Seremet, C’77 Vincent S. Simmers, C’77 Michael J. Sweet, C’77 David E. Urban, C’77 John K. Walsh, C’77 Francis E. Zadylak, C’77

1978 Daniel W. Ausec, C’78 Michael J. Bucci, C’78 Guy J. Davis, C 78 David A. Dombrosky, C’78 Matthew J. Dvorchak, M.D., C’78 Atty. Joseph A. Hoffman, C’78 Matthew L. Kasprenski, M.D., C’78 Timothy F. Kessel, C’78 James G. Klocek, C’78 Mark J. Kropilak, Esq., C’78 Christopher Maurer, C’78 Dennis M. Normile, C’78 Brian G. O’Malley, C’78 Daniel T. Painter, C’78 Timothy J. Parana, C’78 Edward G. Redovan, M.D., C’78 Gary F. Regan, C’78 Atty. Paul R. Rennie, C’78 Edward J. Revitsky, Jr., C’78 John R. Rigney, C’78 Mark Rossi, C’78 Joseph A. Rossowski, D.D.S., C’78 John E. Speidel, C’78 Mark R. Strang, D.M.D., C’78 David J. Trentin, C’78 Phillip A. Trozzi, C’78

1979 David J. Baker, C’79 Robert W. Barlock, C’79 Donald J. Beck, D.P.M., C’79 Atty. Lawrence J. Caporale, C’79 John B. Conroy, J.D., C’79 David A. Dzombak, Ph.D., C’79 The Honorable William I. Gabig, C’79 Kenneth H. Goff, C’79 Robert J. Grossman, C’79 Mark L. Higgins, C’79 Mark S. Kiselica, Ph.D., C’79 Raymond T. Levay, C’79 Robert J. Manoli, O.D., C’79 Edward McCormick, C’79 Dennis D. McDaniel, Ph.D., C’79 Atty. Steven J. Moff, C’79 Jay P. Murray III, C’79 Scott N. Newton, C’79 Michael J. Oberding, M.D., C’79 Michael P. Ralph, C’79 Donald A. Rothrauff, C’79 Mark C. Simpson, C’79 Michael F. Spagnolo, D.D.S., C’79 Erich P. Steinhagen, C’79 Aaron J. Straub, C 79 Frank T. Susko III, C’79 Lawrence J. Sylvester, O.D., C’79 Jeffrey M. Varga, M.D., C’79

fall 2009


David T. Wiehagen, C’79 Daniel J. Yaniro, Jr., C’79 Michael J. Ziemianski, C’79

1980 Patrick T. Brown, C’80 James M. Budd, O.D., C’80 Robert J. Delach, C.P.A., C’80 Gregory E. Dodds, C’80 Kirk J. Dodson, C’80 George A. Fetkovich, C’80 Donald J. Jakubek, M.D., C’80 †Louis V. Jara, C 80 George S. Kedzuf, C’80 Ronnie L. Keller, C’80 Richard T. Lawson, C’80 Gerard Manoli, C’80 Joseph W. Mulcahy, M.D., C’80 Gregory J. Nedved, C’80 Michael J. Nockett, C’80 Aldo J. Prosperi, M.D., C’80 Atty. Joseph G. Sepesy, C’80 Brian K. Silowash, C’80 Sgt. Brian D. Urik, C’80 Terrence C. Wright, Ph.D., C’80

1981 Mark S. Answine, C’81 Walter T. Barton, C’81 Charles M. Bennett, C’81 Carl T. Brezovec, Ph.D., C’81 Atty. John E. Bumbaugh, C’81 Atty. Jeffrey W. Burzawa, C’81 Michael G. Concannon, C’81 Michael A. Fahey, Jr., C’81 Kenneth M. Foster, C’81 Anthony A. Frazier, C’81 Clifford A. Geary, C’81 Edgar C. Himler, C’81 Atty. John A. Konfala, C’81 Frank J. Kubus, Jr., C’81 Thomas H. Laird, C’81 Mark T. Latterner, C’81 David K. Legg, C’81 Paul M. Lewandosky, D.C., C’81 Mark L. Litteer, C’81 Douglas S. Magill, C’81 David K. Mason, C’81 Gregory J. Maurer, C’81 Frank P. McGrogan III, M.D., C’81 Albert J. Novak, Jr., C’81 Major Steven P. Pacini, Ret., C’81 Gregory G. Piper, C’81 Richard J. Pish, M.D., C’81 William J. Provance, D.O., C’81 Michael J. Rubino, C’81 Gregory B. Rudolph, C’81 Atty. Timothy P. Ryan, C’81 Richard Skubak, C’81 Scott T. Toman, C’81 Steven V. Vucic, C’81

1982 John R. Abel, Sr., C’82 Anthony E. Anderson, C’82 John A. Carolla, C 82


saint vincent quarterly

Richard J. Caruso, C’82 Jon M. Cecchetti, C’82 James S. Culp, C’82 Richard J. Doerfler, D.M.D., C’82 Gregory J. Dorsch, C’82 James W. Downey, C’82 Michael J. Gans, D.M.D., C’82 Jeffrey S. Hancock, C 82 Paul A. Hasson, C’82 Seymore Thomas Hays III, Ph.D., C’82 Michael L. Howe, C’82 Mark W. Julian, M.S., C’82 Thomas J. Kuss, C’82 Kenneth C. Lepidi, C’82 Ronald A. Monack, D.O., C’82 Mark S. Palko, C’82 John C. Puccetti, C’82 Michael J. Spark, C 82 William D. Stasko, C’82 Mark A. Ulishney, C’82 David M. Vavra, C’82 Richard J. Vernino, D.O., C’82 James T. Walsh, C’82 Paul R. Whiteside, C’82

1983 Charles O. Bauroth, C’83 Mark A. Delcoco, C’83 Ivan G. Dzombak, C’83 Thomas J. Fahey, C’83 William M. Fallon, C’83 David J. Federline, C’83 A. Michael Horoschak, C’83 Joseph A. Kapelewski, C’83 Lt. Col. Jeffrey A. Koonz, C’83 David M. Kramer, C’83 Mark T. Marozza, C 83 Mark A. McDermond, C’83 James P. McGroder, C 83 James M. Mihalik, C’83 Francis M. Mulcahy, Ph.D., C’83 David J. Novak, Esq., C’83 Atty. Kevin L. Passarello, C’83 Christopher A. Pepper, C’83 Jerome E. Phipps, C’83 James B. Pieffer, C’83 Kevin L. Rettger, C’83 Richard A. Sackett, Jr., C’83 Loretta E. Scalzitti, C’83 Matthew D. Schneider, C’83 Robert L. Scoglietti, C’83

1984 Enrico P. Campi, C’84 David J. Claybaugh, C’84 Sean M. Collins, C’84 Michael A. Cook, D.O., C’84 Marc A. DiVittis, C’84 Robert M. Firment, C’84 Atty. George A. Gbur, C’84 James D. Greer, Jr., C’84 Brian C. Johnston, C’84 Kreig A. Lentz, C’84 Ronald A. Lutes, D.O., C’84 William J. Mitchell, C’84 James J. Mori, C’84

Michael H. Murray, C’84 Ronald J. Pangrazi, C’84 Timothy L. Pollak, C’84 Joseph A. Scarpo, Jr., C’84 Paul A. Seaman, C’84 Michael W. Sloan, C’84 Douglas M. Smith, Ph.D., C’84 Robert R. Stewart, C’84 Lawrence C. Sweeney, C’84 JoAnn M. (Adams) Szymkowiak, C’84 Mark A. Weis, C’84

1985 Gerard J. Borris, C’85 Richard M. Celko, D.M.D., C’85 Robert S. Erdely, C’85 Laura J. (Soisson) Gregg, C’85 Marcia R. (Hirt) Hirt-Reigeluth, C’85 Brian T. Kegel, C’85 Susan M. Lester-Stocks, C’85 Michael E. Lohri, C’85 Douglas L. Olinger, C’85 Rev. Alfred S. Patterson, O.S.B., C’85 S’90 Christine L. Simmons, C’85 Daniel Skubak, C’85 Daniel L. Stairs, C’85 Kent D. Sternitzke, Ph.D., C 85 Col. Thomas A. Summers, C’85 Keith P. Tempinski, C’85 Rebecca A. (Harris) Wolinsky, C’85

1986 William E. Amatucci, Ph.D., C’86 Anthony F. Colosi, C’86 David G. Dwyer, C’86 Sean F. Ellermeyer, Ph.D., C’86 Louis A. Falbo, C’86 Douglas P. Huber, C’86 Christopher A. Irvin, C’86 Patrick D. Kelly, C’86 John M. Klimchock, C’86 Francis J. Lennon III, C’86 Vincent B. Lisi, C’86 Michael J. Lucci, C’86 Thomas J. Manion, C’86 Christopher A. Monzi, C’86 Leonard T. Rosky, Jr., C’86 Gordon P. Schupp, C’86 Joseph W. Siko, Jr., D.P.M., C’86 Mark L. Silko, C’86 Kenneth D. Stas, C’86 William J. Vigliotti, C’86 Lawrence P. Williams, C’86

1987 Marianne R. (Reid) Anderson, C’87 William C. Brock, C’87 Todd M. Bullock, C’87 Carla J. (Casteel) Burke, C’87 Alan W. Cipicchio, C’87 David G. Drummond, C’87 Lt. Col. Peter H. Guevara, D.M.D., C’87 Blanca E. Hauke, C 87 John W. Hutchins, C’87 Jon D. LaScala, C’87 Ruth A. (Pevarnik) Lawrence, C’87

Thomas L. Luscombe IV, C’87 William P. Malloy, C’87 Jacqueline M. Blackwell McCracken, Esq., C’87 Lisa C. (Will) McManus, Esq., C’87 Frank P. Minni, C’87 Mark J. Owens, C’87 Barbara J. Pezze, C’87 Geno C. Ray, C’87 Susan M. (Eckert) Rettger, C’87 Theresa J. (Soisson) Russo, Ph.D., C’87 Charles A. Scanga, Ph.D., C’87 David F. Skoloda, C’87 Rhonda M. (Yeaglin) Sulkosky, C’87 Nancy L. (Sagan) Summers, C’87 Rev. Paul R. Taylor, O.S.B., Ph.D., C’87 S’92 Steven A. Warner, C 87

1988 Kimberly A. (Pecar) Amatucci, C’88 Gene M. Battistella, D.O., C’88 Jacqueline J. (Kloc) Beer, C’99 Beth A. (Hall) Bowersox, C 88 Patricia J. Chabala, C’88 Deborah A. (Stretavski) Colosi, C’88 John R. Comunale, C’88 Charles F. Crumrine, Jr., C’88 Janice M. (Petrunyak) DeFloria, C’88 Stephen F. Douds, C’88 Katie A. (Beer) Fisher, C’88 Michael C. Fulmer, C’88 Barbara A. (Gamble) Gleason, C’88 Cheryl A. (McLaughlin) Harper, C’88 Harry J. Hilty, C’88 Elizabeth A. Hoffman, M.D., C’88 Gregory A. Jasper, C’88 Mary J. (McLeigh) Kim, C’88 Brian J. Konieczny, C’88 Leslie A. (Laposky) Madden, C’88 Sandra L. (Benson) Matt, C’88 Natalie F. (Legin) Metz, C’88 Diane M. (Soltis) Milcheck, C’88 Philip J. Palko, C’88 Amy Panebianco, Esq., C’88 Joanne M. (Craig) Pearson, C’88 Atty. Mark B. Peduto, C’88 George A. Persin, D.O., C’88 Maria L. (Paul) Person, C’88 Colleen C. Ruefle, C’88 Jeffrey J. Skatell, C’88 Carol T. (Tosh) Vigliotti, C’88 Thurman D. Wingrove, C’88

1989 Gregory J. Corsi, C’89 Michael J. Cremonese, C’89 Janet D. (Dunst) Devlin, C’89 James W. Etling, C’89 James J. Fetzer, Ph.D., C’89 Lou Anne (Murtha) Gansor, C’89 Marianne K. (Schrift) Garlicki, C’89 Adrienne M. Geis, C’89 Michael J. Hills, C’89 Loretta F. Janik, C’89 Ann Marie (Ragan) Kiszka, C’89 Patrick J. Malley, C’89

R. Mark Metz, C’89 Harry T. Murtha, Jr., C’89 Jill A. (Merryman) Newcomer, C’89 Diane M. (Dustolfo) Poznick, C’89 John E. Poznick, C’89 Cathy J. Rinchetti, C’89 Edward J. P. Roberts, C’89 Edward C. Saliba, C’89 Donna M. (Shifko) Sunseri, C’89 Deborah D. (Plack) Taylor, C’89 Lawrence L. Taylor, C’89 Timothy D. Yunk, C’89

1990 Edward R. Amend, Psy.D., C’90 John P. Beer, C’90 Mark J. Buraczewski, C’90 William A. Casey, C’90 Sandra (Raneri) DeFrancesco, C 90 Jeffrey P. Devlin, C’90 Tracey M. (Ronan) Dimko, C’90 Eileen K. Flinn, Esq., C’90 Bernard A. Fontana, C’90 Paul J. Gadola, C’90 Marcia L. (Morganosky) Harrer, C’90 John E. Jablonsky, Jr., C’90 Deborah L. (Porter) King, C’90 Erin M. (Flavin) Klems, C’90 Michael E. Klems, C’90 Theodore J. Kravits, Jr., C’90 James W. Lee, C’90 Nicholas P. Matt, C’90 Robert D. McGann, D.O., C’90 Suzanne A. (Bastin) Shanower, Ph.D., C’90 Molly Robb Shimko, C’90 Diane E. Vajdic, C’90 Michelle L. (Woodward) Walters, C’90 Jean E. (Hornak) Williams, C 90 Stephen Yanity, C’90

1991 Jean-Claude Ajemian, C’91 Brenda S. (Speicher) Crumrine, C’91 Theresa M. (Urdzik) Delenne, C’91 Craig H. Fockler, D.O., C’91 Kristin M. (Konieczny) Fontana, C’91 Lisa M. Frye, C’91 Kathryn L. (Turoczy) Galbraith, M.D., C’91 Frank A. Gamrat, Ph.D., C’91 Glenn J. Heller, C’91 Kristine F. (Kuchna) Keller, C’91 Lori A. (Fischer) Kenna, C’91 Dena D. (Dennler) Koenig, C’91 Sheila P. (Beecher) Levine, C’91 Jill A. Lisankis, C’91 Carleen M. (Long) McGann, C’91 Dr. Melissa L. McLane, C’91 Dana M. (Wuenschel) Olup, R.N., C’91 Gregory F. Pellathy, C’91 Marianne J. (Gillott) Pouliot, C’91 Roland J. Pouliot, C’91 Barbara L. (Bosilovich) Renze, C’91 Melissa (Nicholson) Wegman, C’91 Bryan K. Williams, C 91

1992 Frank A. Altier, Jr. D.M.D., C 92 Michelle S. (Glova) Bills, C’92 Richard J. Coldren, C’92 Robert F. Demangone, C’92 Lee R. Demosky, C’92 Chris W. Emert, C’92 Kimberly A. (Friday) Isaly, C’92 Ryan M. Kearney, C’92 Patricia L. Kowatch, C’92 Maria C. (Licastro) Leiden, C’92 Anthony K. Scanga, C’92 Julieann (Claybaugh) Selep, C’92 Leslie A. (Smetanka) Steratore, C’92 William J. Switala, Jr., C’92 Sean E. Vereb, C’92

1993 Dawn R. (Rager) Berardo, C’93 Laura M. (Biertempfel) Bowser, C’93 Kelly J. (Ehrensberger) Breindel, C’93 Angela M. (Peskie) Coldren, C’93 Mary Ann (McFeaters) Coulston, C’93 Molly M. (Sheehy) Creenan, C’93 Allen A. Dzambo, Jr. D.P.M., C’93 Amy L. (Golab) Frankhouser, C’93 Monica A. (Gallagher) Gramlich, C’93 Tara (Bednar) Jurczak, C’93 Sandra D. Petkus, C’93 Marlene E. (Beeler) Phillips, C’93 Mark G. Rivardo, Ph.D., C’93 Katherine E. (Conroy) Scanga, C’93 Frank J. Steratore, C’93 Richard W. Watson, C’93 Ryan F. Will, C’93

1994 Erik J. Agostoni, C.P.A., C’94 Brian W. Bieller, C’94 Timothy S. Burns, C’94 Kimberly M. Colonna, Esq., C’94 Michelle L. (Sones) Depp, C’94 Joy A. (Gruber) Foster, C’94 Eric J. Frankhouser, C’94 Daniel J. Hagan, C’94 Cheryl A. (Gerboc) Kirkland, C’94 David M. Kirkland, C’94 Matthew J. Latimer, C’94 David N. Lettrich, C’94 Patrick Maher, Jr., C’94 Kristine A. McGann, C’94 Anne H. (McShane) Neely, C’94 Carol L. (Vogel) Overly, C’94 Rhonda L. Randall, D.O., C’94 Jeffrey M. Rega, C’94 Shawn P. Ryan, C’94 Jenifer L. Temofonte, C’94 Dana J. (Wagner) Tommaney, C’94 David A. Volpe, C’94 Rev. Donald A. Walczak, Jr., C’94 S’99 Stacey G. (Franklin) Winfield, C’94

1995 Kim R. (Doverspike) Avolio, D.O., C’95 Beth L. (Langham) Bollinger, C’95

Thomas P. Britt, C’95 Leigh S. Bryan-Taylor, C’95 Marcus H. Chlystek, C’95 Kelly L. Conroy, C’95 Kristen L. (Sagath) Corwin, C’95 Vincent E. Corwin, C’95 Joan M. (Aungier) Davis, C’95 Richard A. Dreistadt, C’95 Patricia L. Henry, C’95 Christine A. Kitz, C’95 Joseph C. Maddalon, C’95 Christian D. Marquis, C’95 Peter J. McDaniel, C’95 Darcie M. Slanker Milazzo, C 95 Rebecca J. (Gasper) Mulvay, C’95 Julie M. Nalducci, C’95 Dr. Gabriel B. Pellathy, C’95 Rose M. Prutz, C’95 Jennifer M. Shushnar, C’95 John F. Straub, C’95 Gail P. Uliano, C’95 Thomas S. Wesolowski, C’95 Timothy J. Wesolowski, C’95 Robert S. Zelmore, C’95 Carla L. (Burkhart) Zema, Ph.D., C’95 Timothy D. Zema, C’95

1996 Rev. Brian D. Boosel, O.S.B., C’96 S’02 Christie L. (Katana) Collins, C’96 Meagan Bilik DeFazio, J.D., C’96 Haley M. (Huba) Gaster, C’96 Martin R. Kohler, C’96 Theresa M. (Cesnalis) Kohler, C’96 MaryBeth (Neal) Maddalon, C’96 Maureen E. Montemurro, C’96 Jonna P. (Partezana) Mundorff, C’96 Leslie K. (Jones) Orbin, C’96 Bryan J. Pizzuti, C’96 Erin L. (Fabry) Schumacher, C’96 Jennifer M. Swaney, C’96 Tina D. Talotta, C’96 Michael A. Walsh, C’96 James W. Walters, C’96 Kerry A. Will, C’96 Roger R. Wilson, C’96

1997 Scott E. Avolio, C’97 William J. Bedont, Jr., C’97 Kelly Sheehy DeGroot, C’97 Brett M. Dias, C’97 Chad B. Donovan, C’97 Karen E. (Shimko) Fetter, C 96 Frances V. Gamble, C’97 Eric D. Hoffman, C’97 Jaime M. Kochis, C’97 Christopher J. Kwidis, C’97 Robin (Mandarino) LaFond, C’97 Daniel R. Ott, C’97 Kelly J. (Marcuri) Ott, C’97 Ruth Anne F. (McVay) Straub, C’97 Mark G. Vadas, C’97 Renee P. (Pirain) Vasilko, C’97 Katrina A. (Barnes) Vidnovic, C’97 Sarah E. Vijlee, C’97

1998 Christy L. (Beckwith) Chicklo, C’98 Barbara J. Chirdon, C’98 J. Eric Deal, C’98 Ruth A. Early, C’98 Ann M. Giacobbi, CIA, CPA, C’98 Jasen G. Gohn, C’98 William M. Hald, C’98 Edward R. Howe, C’98 Jeffrey M. Janeiro, C’98 Chenghui Li, C’98 David W. Lyons, C’98 Lisa M. (Sabo) Lyons, C’98 Herman R. Marini III, C’98 Dianne R. (Milanovich) McDonald, C’98 Melissa E. (Franck) McKay, C’98 Thomas B. McKay, C’98 Patrick T. McManus, C’98 Dannielle R. (Kozera) Midkiff, C’98 Shawn M. Mulvay, C’98 Autumn (Coleman) Purdy, C’98 George M. Safin, C’98 G’07 Molly A. (Hoffer) Scanlon, C’98 Justin J. Stevenson, C’98 R. Clayton VanVerth, C’98 Theodore Vidnovic III, Ph.D., C’98 Amanda Ciotti Visosky, C’98 Christina L. (Brouwer) Walters, C’98 †Deceased

Graduates of the Last Decade the G.O.L.D. Standard of Giving The College young alumni are the future of the institution and the best exhibit of the quality of a Saint Vincent education. With collegiate experiences still fresh in their minds, gifts from the Graduates of the Last Decade help to ensure that future students will have an opportunity to build their own Saint Vincent memories.

1999 Amy R. Camp, C’99 MaryAnn Cherubini, C’99 Kevin E. Feigel, C’99 Margaret E. (Zylka) House, C’99 Beth A. (Vaslavsky) Howe, C’99 Brandon J. Kazan, C’99 Anthony T. Kovalchick, C’99 Daniel W. Kunz, Esq., C’99 Elizabeth A. (Kovach) Kunz, C’99 Gennaro A. Marsico, JD, CFP, C’99 Dora M. McFadden, C’99 Jennifer L. (McGaffic) Polasky, C’99 Charles P. Pouliot, C’99 Jennifer A. (Fazio) Trigona, C’99 Michael P. Uhrin, C’99

2000 Domenic J. Barnabei, C’00 Ryan J. Beiser, C’00 Jennifer A. (Miele) Cinti, C’00 Dennis J. Fetter, Jr., C’00 Lynnann R. (Bash) Hald, C’00

fall 2009


Charles M. Holland, C’00 Amy J. Jancaro, C’00 Susan M. Kish, C’00 Gregory A. Kozera II, C’00 Mary E. (Willson) Kozera, C’00 Kari L. (Amond) Manges, C’00 G’04 Anthony R. Marciano, C’00 Karina L. (Hilty) Marciano, C’00 Lara L. (Zadzilko) Mercolini, C’00 Michael A. Mercolini, C’00 Lisa L. Poole, C’00 Atty. Lucas J. Repka, C’00 Karen J. Shantz, C’00 Lt. Shane N. Sirianni, C’00 Matthew D. Trigona, C’00 Lynn M. (Zelt) Vaishnava, C’00 Dawn L. (Heinbaugh) VanVerth, C’00 Kelley M. (Gigler) Young, C’00

Michael B. Downey, C’04 Stephanie A. (Emery) Harm, C’04 Kirk W. Holliday, C’04 George Adam Jakubek, C’04 Kenneth J. Kerchenske, C’04 Sarah A. Kovach, C’04 Amanda L.(Doman) Lucchino, C’04 Amy L. (Tenerowicz) Mallory, C’04 G’06 Michael E. Neal, C’04 Amanda M. Newcomer, C’04 Edy Marcelino Ochoa, C’04 James E. Petruska, C’04 Kristi Lynn Rain, M.D., C’04 Matthew J. Satterfield, C’04 Michael Joseph Urick, C’04 Jason Michael Winters, C’04 John C. Wohar, C’04 Katrina Marie Wojtunik, C’04 S’07



Amanda Bess (Morocco) Babb, C’01 Robert C. Babb, C’01 Alicia M. Barnes, C’01 Michael J. Brownfield, O.D., C’01 Laura C. Harper, C’01 Laurie A. (Racculia) Hougentogler, C’01 Matthew H. Kelly, C’01 Douglas A. Kovach, C’01 Eva M. (Novak) Kunkel, C’01 Megan Marucco, C’01 Gabrielle K. Nastuck, C’01 Michelle L. Pershing, C’01 Jennifer L. (Striner) Ruffing, C’01 Valerie R. (Proto) Sirianni, C’01 Christopher G. Stiles, C’01 Beth Ann Troy, D.M.D., C’01 John Urban, C’01

Sarah E. Bachner, C’05 Alison Barberic, C’05 Daniel J. Bartosh, C’05 Timothy J. Black, C’05 Amy D. Brown, C’05 G’07 Michael J. Gerhart, C’05 Alex E. Hindman, C’05 Matthew P. Kopchick, C’05 G’07 Nicole R. Martino, C’05 Joseph McBroom, C’05 Stacey Lee Policicchio, C’05 Amanda L. Rubis, C’05 Julie A. Smyder, C’05 Jennifer M. Sylves, C’05 Judd M. Trostle, C’05 Emily A. Uhrin, C’05 Mollie E. Vassar, C’05 Matthew J. Whorral, C’05

2002 Catherine A. Ferris, C’02 Grant A. Friedline, C’02 Susan J. (Brentzel) Hensler, C’02 Jonathan D. Mains, C’02 G’04 Lisa M. (Jaskulski) Ochoa, C’02 Matthew E. Richardson, C’02 Christopher M. Ryan, C’02 Renee Marie (Dolan) Ryan, C’02 Ann E. Smith, C’02 Jayna L. (McCormack) Stiles, C’02

2003 David G. Alderson, C’03 Charles R. Alsdurf, C’03 G’04 William J. Berish, Jr, C’03 Julia A. Cavallo, C’03 Erica M. (Hogan) Gaster, C’03 Mark A. Kurisko, C’03 G’05 Adam F. Nicolai, C’03 Shannon M. (Congelio) Richardson, C’03

2004 Rory P. Biggins, C’04 John R. Burt, C’04 Scott Cherry, C’04 Jennifer Lynn Cobb, C’04 Jennifer A. DeFino, C’04


saint vincent quarterly

2006 Kate E. Barkowski, C’06 Sarah K. (Johnston) Barnett, C’06 Rebecca L. Bush, C’06 Kristy Lynn Cameron, C’06 David J. DeAngelis, C’06 Matthew Paul-Frank Duran, C’06 Beth A. Floro, C’06 Leanne E. Gallo, C’06 Renee C. (Burley) Gressler, C’06 Josalyn Malesky, C’06 Jeffrie A. Mallory, C’06 Erin L. McGrath, C’06 Kathryn A. McLaughlin, C’06 Luke R. Meloy, C’06 Matthew P. Morley, C’06 Samuel E. O’Donnell, C’06 Matthew D. Robson, C’06 Courtney M. Ryan, C’06 Matthew R. Shields, C’06 Christopher R. Spaw, C’06 Benjamin Stoltzfus, C’06 Louis R. Tommasini, C’06 Dana Marie (Puglisi) Winters, C’06

2007 Joseph A. Astorino, C’07

Patrick C. Auth, C’07 Gavin M. Bates, C’07 Andrew J. Bonelli, C’07 Krystle Eleamos Burt, C’07 Robert C. Byers III, C’07 Danielle S. Cartaxo, C’07 Megan L. Clark, C’07 Randalyn Cochran, C’07 Mary Kathleen Connolly, C’07 Aaron L. Conway, C’07 Patrick L. Coyne, C’07 Kristin A. Cullen, C’07 Garrett N. Derhofer, C’07 Craig V. Dolan, Jr., C’07 Thomas A. Dressman, C’07 Renee E. Eaton, C’07 Laura M. Fedor, C’07 Brandon James Fisher, C’07 Anthony D. Fiumara, C’07 Regina B. Gamberoni, C’07 Steven E. Goold, C’07 Joshua N. Guthrie, C’07 Kristen L. Hartbauer, C’07 Megan K. Ivory, C’07 Tess L. Jones, C’07 Nicholas S. Krause, C’07 Amy L. Kronenwetter, C’07 Laura A. McDermott, C’07 Bethany B. (Evans) Pajak, C’07 Thaddeus M. Pajak, C’07 Kevin M. Sarp, C’07 Bradley J. Sanders, C’07 Kimberly N. Stevens, C’07 Nathan R. Sylvester, C’07 James E. Szelagowski, C’07 Sean M. Thornton, C’07 Shanon J. (Bridge) Wilson, C’07 John J. Wojtila, C’07 Kimberly P. Wurst, C’07 Kristine E. Wurst, C’07

2008 Adam Agin, C’08 David J. Baker, C’08 Taylor Bianco, C’08 Catherine T. Bittner, C’08 Elizabeth A. Boggs, C’08 Doug Braem, C’08 Kelly J. Bridges, C’08 Ashley L. Cichowski, C’08 Olivia W. Cinberg, C’08 Megan E. Clark, C’08 Amanda C. Connell, C’08 Jordon m. Conklin, C’08 Jennifer DeLuca, C’08 Stephen P. Dragan, C’08 William Fischer, C’08 Nathan R. Genard, C’08 Anne Gillespie, C’08 Nathan Harig, C’08 Roger A. Hattrup, C’08 Michael P. Hughes, C’08 Anna M. Jackson, C’08 Amy Janocsko, C’08 Nathan Jara, C’08 Marie Jennewine, C’08

Lauren C. Jones, C’08 Rachelle E. Jones, C’08 Laura Magnuson, C’08 Kimberly Morelli Meloy, C’08 Timothy K. O’Mara, C’08 Michael R. Palcsey, C’08 Angela L. Perlik, C’08 Daniel H. Quinn, C’08 Amanda Reese, C’08 Richard P. Rodi, C’08 Julie L. Roebuck, C’08 Valerie Marie Rogers, C’08 Melissa M. Rosinski, C’08 Ashley R. Russo, C’08 Benjamin R. Smith, C’08 LeighAnn M. Smith, C’08 Greg Spelar, C’08 Meghan K. Stafford, C’08 Justin K. Trafalski, C’08 James L. Walsh, Jr., C’08 Amy L. Wodarczyk, C’08

PARENTS OF CURRENT STUDENTS and ALUMNI This special group of donors represents those who entrusted Saint Vincent College to educate and nurture their sons and daughters. Support from the parents of current students and alumni is an indication of their satisfaction with the Saint Vincent experience, and helps to continue College programs for future generations. John R. Abel, Sr., C’82 Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Accorsi, C’57 Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Jay Achezinski Mr. & Mrs. Richard Agagliati Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Alexander Mr. & Mrs. Joseph V. Ambrose Mr. & Mrs. David E. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Andring Mr. & Mrs. Emmanuel Answine Mr. & Mrs. Jerome A. Antonacci Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence B. Apone Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas G. Aspiotes Mr. & Mrs. Paul Attaochu Anne Aungier Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Baang Mr. & Mrs. William Back Anna Balint Mr. & Mrs. Luis A. Bana Charlotte Banks-Boyd Mr. & Mrs. Larry S. Barber Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Barkowski Mary Ann Barnes Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Barrett Mr. & Mrs. Raymond B. Bartko Mr. & Mrs. Dennis J. Beecher Mr. & Mrs. Carmen Bell Bernadette Bellas Kathy & James D. Bendel, L.H.D., C’60 D’85 Mr. & Mrs. Gerald F. Benson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. David Benson Mr. & Mrs. James E. Berger Dorothy Jane Bianco

M. Brian Biggins, P 68 C’73 S 77 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Biller Mr. & Mrs. Greg Binduga Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Bittner, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James F. Blahovec Mr. & Mrs. Cary Blotzer Dr. & Mrs. John W. Bookwalter Jeanette Borris Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Bosiljevac Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Botsko Mr. & Mrs. Fred Botti Mr. & Mrs. Steven Bowman Mr. & Mrs. James Boxler Michele D. Bozek Regis J. Bozek Mr. & Mrs. James E. Brett Mr. & Mrs. Arthur T. Breuer, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Walter S. Bricker Mr. & Mrs. Vincent E. Brinker Jose Solis & Valeda Britton Mr. & Mrs. John A. Brock Patty Brock Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Brockway Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Bronkar Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Brown Helene Brown Mr. & Mrs. Todd M. Bullock, C’87 Mr. & Mrs. Norman Bumbarger Mr. & Mrs. Rolland J. Burger Brenda L. Burkley Dr. & Mrs. David Burns Mr. & Mrs. Gerald R. Burns Drs. Howard & Susan Bursch Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bush Mr. & Mrs. John F. Caccamese Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Caggiano Oland Canterna Mr. & Mrs. Aldo Caporoso Linda C. Capozzi John T. Carey Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Carfagna Mr. & Mrs. Michael Carney Mr. & Mrs. William Carthew Daune F. Cavalier Mr. & Mrs. David Celko Mr. & Mrs. John Cenkner Mr. & Mrs. Robert Chabitnoy Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Chancio Dr. & Mrs. George Cheponis Debra Ciarrocchi Mr. & Mrs. Dominick A. Ciccone Mr. & Mrs. David E. Cichowski Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Cichowski Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Cirilli Mr. & Mrs. John Claiborne Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Clark Thomas W. Cline, Ph.D. Mr. & Mrs. Mark Close Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Close Mr. & Mrs. Mark Close Mr. & Mrs. John Clouse Dr. & Mrs. Bernard Cobetto Mr. & Mrs. Ron Cochrane Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Coffroth Mr. & Mrs. Curt Colaianne, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Anthony A. Colangeli, Sr.

Dr. & Mrs. John N. Colantonio Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Colbert Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Coldren, Sr. Dr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Collard, C’64 Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Collins William J. Collins James A. Colonna, C’56 Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Concannon, C’81 Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Confer Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Conti Mr. & Mrs. Ricardo Corona Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Cox Paul Coyne Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Cramer Mr. & Mrs. James J. Creese Mr. & Mrs. Paul T. Cronauer Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Cunningham Mr. & Mrs. Philip Cunningham Nicholas Cup, Jr. Sandra Busch Cup Mr. & Mrs. Gary Cushey Atty. & Mrs. Arthur Cutruzzula Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. D’Alessandro Mr. & Mrs. Frank Dalicandro Mr. & Mrs. Terence W. Damico Wanda Daney So Thi Dang Estelle Dannhardt Mr. & Mrs. Donald Davanzo Mr. & Mrs. Ervin J. Deal Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Dean Mr. & Mrs. John E. DeAngelis Dr. & Mrs. James T. DeAngelis, C’72 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Deely Mr. & Mrs. George DeLanoy Mr. & Mrs. Tony DeLuca Robert Delyser Alma J. Demyan Mr. & Mrs. Mark DePasquale Gail & George N. Derhofer, C’75 Mr. & Mrs. Jack Derlink James V. Desiderio, C’71 Mr. & Mrs. John B. Devlin Toni F. DiCarlo Robert Dick Mr. & Mrs. James DiCostanzo Mr. & Mrs. Regis M. Diethorn Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Diggs Mr. & Mrs. Carmen J. DiGiacomo Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Dillon Mr. & Mrs. David L. Dinning Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. DiSantis Mr. & Mrs. Raymond DiVincenzo Barbara M. Doerfler Mr. & Mrs. William D. Doody Mr. & Mrs. Carmen Dott Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Dreliszak Mr. & Mrs. James Driscoll Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Duman Mr. & Mrs. Terry Dunford Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Dunkerly Lloyd Duran Mr. & Mrs. Allen Dzambo, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Jim Eberle Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Eckle Mr. & Mrs. Patrick T. Egan

Mr. & Mrs. William Emling David Ernette James L. Ernette MaryAnn Ernette Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Evanchec Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Evanovich Mr. & Mrs. Mark R. Evans Penny Evans Mr. & Mrs. Scott Fairley Mr. Francis Carroll & Mrs. Cornelia Farley Mr. & Mrs. William T. Fayen Mr. & Mrs. Frank Fazio Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Felbaum Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Ferencak Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Ference Mr. & Mrs. Ivan G. Ference Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Ferlan, C’56 Mr. & Mrs. R. Edward Ferraro Mr. & Mrs. William F. Ferris, Jr., C’77 William F. Ferris, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Edward Fichter Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Fields Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Fisher Mr. & Mrs. Harry L. Fitzgerald Sharyn Fleming Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Floro Mr. & Mrs. Pat Foley Drs. Margot & Stephen Forsyth Mr. & Mrs. Armando T. Fortunato, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Fox Mr. & Mrs. Jim Fries Ligia Frietas Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Fumea Elmer R. Furman, C’59 Mr. & Mrs. Vincent P. Gagetta Mr. & Mrs. Edward S. Galando Janet Galaski Dr. & Mrs. Roger J. Galket Mr. & Mrs. Neil F. Gallagher Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Garman Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Gates Cynthia J. Gentile Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Gerhart Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gillespie Janine C. Gmitter Mr. & Mrs. John A. Gondek Mr. & Mrs. James H. Grant, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. James M. Grassi Mary Catherine Greisinger Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Greubel Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Guido Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Guskiewicz, C’54 Mr. & Mrs. Peter Habib Edward V. Haile, C’64 Mr. & Mrs. William Hald Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hamman Mr. & Mrs. George M. Hankewycz Peter Hannon Mr. & Mrs. Bruce W. Harkleroad Mr. & Mrs. Bruce P. Harris Mr. & Mrs. John B. Hattrup Tessa J. Head Mr. & Mrs. John Heese Michael C. Heidler Mr. & Mrs. George Heinbaugh, Jr. Susan F. Hennessy

Maureen K. Herczyk Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Herrod Mr. & Mrs. Dale E. Hess Mr. & Mrs. Lee Hetrick Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Hickman George Hilf Susan Hilf Mr. & Mrs. James Hodnichak Mary V. Hofmeister Linda Hogan Christine Holliday Mr. & Mrs. Richard Horne Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Hornung Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hotz, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Francis Hougentogler Mr. & Mrs. William Hritz Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Hrosik John P. Hruby The Honorable & Mrs. Joseph A. Hudock, P’55 C’59 Mr. & Mrs. William A. Hunter Mr. & Mrs. Ken Hustava Dolores Hutskow Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ianachione Mr. & Mrs. Philip J. Ionadi Mr. & Mrs. Stan Isenberg Mr. & Mrs. Juan Pablo Izquierdo Kathryn A. Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Timothy E. Jakubisin Mr. & Mrs. David Jancaro Marianne Janisko Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Jeroski Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Kirk Jones Mr. & Mrs. Tom Joyce, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Karasack Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Kassis Mr. & Mrs. Michael K. Kauffelt II Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Kazan Helen W. Kearney Mr. & Mrs. Dennis N. Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. Kelly Mr. & Mrs. James M. Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Terrence P. Kernan, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Walt Kilmer Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. King Mr. & Mrs. Carl Kirschbaum Mr. & Mrs. Alan M. Klaich John Kocher Kathy Kocher David Rene Kolar Mr. & Mrs. Anthony L. Korbar Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Kostovny Mr. & Mrs. Ernest J. Kostrick Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Kostrub Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Kovach Mr. & Mrs. Frank Krapa Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Krejdovsky Mr. & Mrs. D. Scott Kroh Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Krol, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Krupey Mr. & Mrs. David J. Kubeja Frank J. Kubus, Jr., C’81 Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Kukuchka Gisele Peoples Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kuruc

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Mr. & Mrs. John S. Kuruc Mr. & Mrs. William P. Lafayette Mr. & Mrs. Mark Langenbacher Mr. & Mrs. Russell J. Langton Mr. & Mrs. Orlando Lash Mr. & Mrs. Dale P. Latimer Mr. & Mrs. James G. Latimer, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Russell T. Lauffer Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lawrence Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. Lawson, C’80 Mr. & Mrs. William W. Lee Dorothy A. Lengyel Mona Leshock Mr. & Mrs. Elidio Levri Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Lewis Eileen E. Lihota Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Liner Mr. & Mrs. Robert Littlefield Barbara Lloyd Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Loftis Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery L. Lopes Mr. & Mrs. Michael Louison Mr. & Mrs. John R. Lowers Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lucchetti Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lucente Ann Luketich Mr. & Mrs. Theodore J. Lutter Edward V. Macuga Mr. & Mrs. James M. Madar Kathleen Magoulis Mr. & Mrs. John F. Maley, Jr., C’65 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Malingowski Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Malloy Mr. & Mrs. Luis A. Mancebo Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Manning Dr. & Mrs. Charles G. Manoli Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Mantini Mr. & Mrs. Martin J. Marbach Mr. & Mrs. Randall Marchesi Mr. & Mrs. David Marion Mr. & Mrs. Anthony C. Marsico Mr. & Mrs. Robert Martz, C’74 Dr. & Mrs. Philip X. Masciantonio, C’50 D’83 Mr. & Mrs. David K. Mason, C’81 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen D. Matenje Luanne Matta, Ph.D. Mr. & Mrs. Mark M. McClain Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. McDermott Mr. & Mrs. David A. McDevitt, C’75 Mr. & Mrs. Michael McGrath Dr. & Mrs. Frank P. McGrogan, C’81 Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. McIntyre, C’60 Robert McKee, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Mark McKlveen Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. McLane Mr. & Mrs. Michael McMahon Mr. & Mrs. John McWilliams Mr. & Mrs. Bernie Medved Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Mehall Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Meier, C’72 Mr. & Mrs. Peter R. Meier Mr. & Mrs. James J. Meiler Joan A. Mendel Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mickey Robert B. Miedel, P 66 C’71 Mr. & Mrs. Greg A. Mihalko


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Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey J. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Miller Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Gary M. Minjock Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Moats Mr. & Mrs. Ron Molinari Mr. & Mrs. Duane Molinaro Joan Moore Mr. & Mrs. John V. Moore Dr. & Mrs. Roger W. Morrell Mr. & Mrs. John H. Morris, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mowry Mr. & Mrs. Russell Moye Mary & Jim Murdy Mr. & Mrs. Jay P. Murray III, C’79 Mr. & Mrs. Harry Murtha, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. David A. Myers Mr. & Mrs. Deni A. Napoleone Mr. & Mrs. John R. Neal Richard J. Nodvik Mr. & Mrs. Frank Xavier Noonan Mr. & Mrs. John E. Novak Mr. & Mrs. George Novak Mr. & Mrs. John Novosel Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Nowakowski Mr. & Mrs. Simon C. O’Barto, C’50 Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. O’Branski Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ondek Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Pagano Mr. & Mrs. Thaddeus Pajak Mr. & Mrs. James Palermo J. Ivan Palkovic Judy Panebianco Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Parana, C’78 Cheryl A. Parkhill Mr. & Mrs. Ronald F. Pastor Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Pater Mr. & Mrs. Jim Pearce Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Pellish Gisele Peoples Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Petrella Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth D. Petris Mr. & Mrs. John Petrucci, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Pevarnik, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. David Pinkosky Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Pitkavish Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Pityk Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Plaza Mr. & Mrs. Richard Pocratsky Carol Podnar Mr. & Mrs. David Poorbaugh Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Portier Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Posival Mr. & Mrs. Jim Pratt Dr. & Mrs. Aldo J. Prosperi, C’80 Mr. & Mrs. Howard A. Purdy Mr. & Mrs. John A. Quayle Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Racculia Andrea F. Raho Dr. & Mrs. James K. Ramsay, C’72 Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Ramsier Mr. & Mrs. Richard Rapsinski Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Raraigh Mr. & Mrs. Stefan F. Rastetter Geno C. Ray, C’87 Mr. & Mrs. James Rectenwald

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas V. Reddington Sheri Reed Mr. & Mrs. Richard Reilly Mr. & Mrs. Jean Rensel Mr. & Mrs. Rodney P. Repka Mr. & Mrs. Randy Retter Mr. & Mrs. Domenico Ricci Rebecca Richard Mr. & Mrs. Edward Richardson Jeannine M. Richardson Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas R. Riehl Mr. & Mrs. Donald Rivardo Mr. & Mrs. William Robson Charlie Roche Mr. & Mrs. William M. Roche Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Rodgers Mr. & Mrs. Vaughn Romell Thomas Roney Mr. & Mrs. Joel A. Rosenberg Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Rosensteel Mr. & Mrs. Louis Rossi Dr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Rossowski, C’78 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rovnak Mr. & Mrs. Rudy Rudolf Mr. & Mrs. William Ruof Mr. & Mrs. Michael Rusinko Kathleen A. Ryan Dr. & Mrs. William F. Ryckman Shaun Rymer Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Sacco Mr. & Mrs. George J. Safin Mr. & Mrs. Dominic D. Salvatori Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sandherr Mr. & Mrs. Martin Sannino Anthony Sansone, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Louis Santia Mr. & Mrs. August Santini Mr. & Mrs. John S. Satterfield Mr. & Mrs. Wilson G. Saul, III Mr. & Mrs. Carl A. Scanga Mr. & Mrs. David Scherer Mr. & Mrs. James K. Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Karl Schmidt Dr. & Mrs. D. James Schreck Anthony Scialabba Mr. & Mrs. Alvin G. Scott Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Seckar Terri Selembo Mr. & Mrs. Michael Self, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Julian J. Senko Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Shearer Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Sheehy Mr. & Mrs. Gary Sherry Mr. & Mrs. Roy E. Shields Mr. & Mrs. Gary Shiner Allison Shipley Mr. & Mrs. J. Jeff Shola Mr. & Mrs. Timothy M. Showalter Mr. & Mrs. Ray Shuster Mr. & Mrs. Mark Sieg Mr. & Mrs. Douglas H. Simmons Mr. & Mrs. David Simpson Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Sirianna Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Skonezny Mr. & Mrs. Craig C. Sluga Mr. & Mrs. David Smith

Mr. & Mrs. James Smith Mr. & Mrs. Mark Smith Mr. & Mrs. Martin Smith Dr. & Mrs. Whitney R. Snowman Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Snyder Dr. & Mrs. Fred L. Soisson, P’47 C’51 D’82 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Spelz Mr. & Mrs. Gery R. Stafford Mr. & Mrs. Louis A. Steiner Mr. & Mrs. Carmen Stelitano Mr. & Mrs. Daniel P. Stodola Mr. & Mrs. Daniel A. Straub Mr. & Mrs. Victor C. Straub Chuck Strauss Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Strevig Mr. & Mrs. Carl Striner Mr. & Mrs. Marty Strnisha Mary Lou Flavin Stumpf Mr. & Mrs. James Succop Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Jerry J. Suman Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Suranic Mr. & Mrs. John Suscovich Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Swaney Mr. & Mrs. John Swartz Drs. Thomas & Barbara Talamo Mr. & Mrs. Richard Tamagno Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Tascione Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Tedesco Mr. & Mrs. Tim Teynor Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Thimons Mr. & Mrs. Louis R. Tovey Mr. & Mrs. William J. Triplett, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Benedict Troy Barbara Turriziani Ruthann Valentine Lisa Vanderbeck Mr. & Mrs. Timothy W. Varner, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. William Vawter C. Sue Vehec Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Venzin Mr. & Mrs. Patrick L. Vigna Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Vignero Mr. & Mrs. David Vincent Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Wagenhofer Mr. & Mrs. John Walker Mr. & Mrs. James F. Walsh Mr. & Mrs. Wade Walters Zoe’ K. Walters Mr. & Mrs. James Wardoclip Mr. & Mrs. Norman Waugaman Mr. & Mrs. James Weber Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Weigle Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Wertz Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Wesolowski, C’95 April West Mr. & Mrs. James West Mr. & Mrs. H. Martin Westfall, C’56 Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Wichrowski Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Wigfield Dr. Mary & Mr. Francis Wiley Mr. & Mrs. James F. Will, C’60 D’94 Mr. & Mrs. Mark P. Will Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Will, C’65 Mr. & Mrs. Walter Williams

Mr. & Mrs. Ted Williams Mary Alice Williamson Mr. & Mrs. Basil Wilson, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. John Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Winkler June M. Winter Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Witmer Charles J. Wolenter, C.P.A., C’71 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wolff Mr. & Mrs. James L. Woodring Carol Woodward Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wright Mr. & Mrs. James Wudarczyk Glenna Wyant Martha Yablonsky Mr. & Mrs. Larry Yafchak Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Yandura Dr. Sung Won Yoon The Honorable & Mrs. Raymond J. Zadzilko, C’69 Mr. & Mrs. L. Richard Zappone Jerome Zelt Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Ziemianski, C’79 Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Zigerelli Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth F. Zubaty

friends Deborah L. Acklin Kevin B. Acklin Steven Adams Tara Adkins Thomas S. Albanesi, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Harry S. Albert Mr. & Mrs. Russell L. Albright Dr. & Mrs. Alfredo Aldave Nancy Ambrose The Honorable & Mrs. Charles W. Anderson Diane R. Anderson G. E. Anderson Janice A. Andiorio Mr. & Mrs. John B. Andrighetti Edward C. Angelilli Anonymous (4) David N. Anthony Mr. & Mrs. Vincent F. Antinori Barrie S. D. Archer Dr. & Mrs. Adel W. Armanious Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Aromatorio Mr. & Mrs. David J. Arter Marie Ashton Mr. & Mrs. David Assard Mr. & Mrs. Louis D. Astorino Mr. & Mrs. William L. Augur Dr. & Mrs. George L. Austin Mr. & Mrs. Francisco D. Avellana Roberta H. Avery Barbara L. Bacha Kathleen A. Bacha Dolores I. Backes Mr. & Mrs. Bruce M. Bair Mr. & Mrs. David M. Balk Roberta K. Ball Mr. & Mrs. Richard Barbarita Abbey D. Baronie

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Barrington-Hughes Elizabeth M. Bartel Veronica Bartman James Basile Michelle Battistella Mr. & Mrs. John Beaty Alice M. Beech Tom Behr Mr. & Mrs. Bart M. Beier Luella Bell David R. Bellis Mr. & Mrs. Herschel A. Benjamin Ronald S. Berardi, M.D. Timothy J. Bevelacqua Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Beyer Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Beytagh, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. W. G. Billingsley Anne H. Bilos Bernie Biss Karen S. Bitker Mr. & Mrs. John A. Black Mr. & Mrs. John T. Blackwood Mrs. George R. Blaha Mr. & Mrs. William E. Blair Robert A. Bonacchi Mr. & Mrs. John F. Bonaccorsi Mr. & Mrs. Eric Bononi Barbara A. Bossart Ray Bourg Mr. & Mrs. Louis (Caroline) E. Bowden Mr. & Mrs. James Bower David G. Bowser, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Ellsworth Bowser Robert A. Boyer Donna S. Boyle James M. Bracket Patricia A. Brady Dr. & Mrs. Hugh W. Brallier Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Branca Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brashears Mr. & Mrs. Brian G. Brennen Mary Jane Brett Patricia Brett Mary Ann Brinkos David E. Brody Ruth M. Bronder Charles G. Brown Doug Brown Mr. & Mrs. James H. Brown Dr. & Mrs. Richard E. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Philip Brozen Joseph Bulava Harold B. Burke Charlotte Burlas James H. Burns Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bussiere Pamela C. Buxton Mr. & Mrs. Daniel A. Caiarelli Edward Calabrese Harrie E. Caldwell Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Caldwell Deborah Campbell & Don Rinchuse Mr. & Mrs. Larry J. Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Campbell Molly Campi Mr. & Mrs. Oland Canterna

Patricia Carlin Marjorie A. Carlson Margaret W. Carlton Samuel G. Carpenter Mr. & Mrs. David Carrera Mr. & Mrs. John P. Carroll Mr. & Mrs. Philip B. Carroll Mandy Raab Carson David Carter June E. Caruso Mr. & Mrs. Martin L. Casey Richard J. Cassidy Sandra L. Charalambous Mr. & Mrs. Ray T. Charley Maryann V. Che Mr. & Mrs. George Chlopik Nancy Sheeran Cholis Drs. Rosemarie E. & Edward P. Cibik, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Cirucci June Cirucci Mr. & Mrs. Mark Allen Cirucci Steve Cirucci Mr. & Mrs. Alan D. Citron Sue A. Clampitt Linda G. Clark Dr. Mary Jo & Mr. Douglas Clark Wilma L. Clawson Mr. & Mrs. Christopher P. Clay Mr. & Mrs. Larry Clements Tracy Lyn Clibbens J. Robert Cline Dr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Cloran Dr. Michael P. Cloran Winifred A. Cloran Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Coffee Franics X. Colden, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Collins Joyce Collins Patrick Condo & Jan Taylor Dolores Conlin Dr. & Mrs. Robert R. Conte Cynthia A. Cook Mr. & Mrs. Robert Corder Cynthia Costello Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cotter Sandra Coutcher Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Cowell Karl T. Craton Mary Alice Cronin Mr. & Mrs. Matt Crouse Alnez Cruz Timothy Cuff Sue Cummings Mary Kathleen Cuneo James M. Cupelli James F. Curley, Ph.D. Mr. & Mrs. John E. Curley Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell T. Curley, Jr. James Curry Mr. & Mrs. William A. Curry Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. D’Addesio Mr. & Mrs. Douglas D. Danforth E. C. Danielson Jean-Jacques D’Aoust, Ph.D. Mr. & Mrs. Harry Davidson Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Davis

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry L. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Charles Q. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Arthur B. De St. Maurice Mr. & Mrs. Chris DeDiana Biagio F. DeFelice Edward L. Demengo III Pamela DeMezza Howard Dempsey Gail Derhofer August R. Derito Mary M. Desloovere Mr. & Mrs. Andrew H. Deuble Jeanne Dias John J. DiBattista Robert C. Dick, Sr. David J. Dillman Helen Dinkins Mr. & Mrs. Amil A. DiPadova Judith DiPerna Joseph C. DiPietro Patricia J. Dipietro Magdalene M. Doblick Mr. & Mrs. Matthew D. Dobry Mr. & Mrs. Ronald H. Dobson Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Doemling Regina Doernbach Bernadette Domenic Mr. & Mrs. Donald Domenic Roxann Mullen Donahue Mr. & Mrs. William J. Donahue Barbara A. Donovan Mr. & Mrs. George C. Dorman M. Teena Dornisch Claire G. Dorsch Colleen L. Dorsey James Doyle Susan Drummond Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Duckett Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Dudzinsky Cheryl A. Dugan Mary H. Dull Mr. & Mrs. John A. Dunn Family and Friends of Sis & Herman Dupré Loretta M. Durishan Barbara J. Dvorznak Mr. & Mrs. William T. Dymond Rebecca Dysert Christine A. Dziedzina William C. Dzombak, Ph.D. Wanda F. Easthom Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Eckenroad, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Egan Karen E. Eggebrecht William Ehman Mr. & Mrs. Karl Eisaman Mr. & Mrs. Cameron H. Eiseman Mr. & Mrs. John H. Elder III Johanna M. Emory Dr. & Mrs. Steven Ender Cheryl English Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Erny Michael Erskine Mr. & Mrs. George J. Ertlmeier Mary Ann Estok Michael J. Evans Blanche Fabian

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Mary Ann Facetti Mr. & Mrs. H. Gervase Fajt, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James Falenski †James J. Farabaugh Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Farley Mark Fatla Mr. & Mrs. Edward Federico Julia A. Fedor David R. Fike Barbara D. Fitzmaurice Sylvia Fitzmaurice Nancy Fives Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Flock Martha Flowers Rick A. Fogle Samuel A. Folby, Jr. Grace Marie Forejt Betty C. Forsyth Lucretia Forsythe Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Foster Jack E. Foust Mary Ellen Franklin Joan Freda Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence E. Freedberg Pamela Freeman Patricia Freismuth John M. French Sandra K. French William Friedlander Margaret B. Friloux Mr. & Mrs. Edwin H. Fritz, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Monte D. Fry Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Fry Frances Frye Mr. & Mrs. John C. Fryer, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Donald D. Funnell Charles Futrovsky Mr. & Mrs. Frank F. Fyalkowski, Jr. Mary E. Gabriel Mr. & Mrs. David T. Gagner Walter M. Gagric Mary J. Gallagher Mr. & Mrs. David Gallatin Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Gardner Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Gardner William T. Gasper Cheryl C. Gatons Carol Gaudiello Mary Gavaler Mary Jane Geary Anna L. Geimer Rev. Carl J. Gentile J. Wayne George Albert Germain Mr. & Mrs. Quentin Gessner Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Gettemy Richard P. Gibson Mr. & Mrs. Doc W. Giffin Frances M. Gigliotti Mr. & Mrs. Lance Gilgore Drs. Martin & Stacy Gillespie Patricia E. Gillis Tom Giotto Kathleen Pandak Glass Blanche Goldbach Geoffrey S. Goll


saint vincent quarterly

John W. Gorman Mr. & Mrs. David A. Gourley Dr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Govi Dr. David J. Goydan Mr. & Mrs. Terence Graft Mr. & Mrs. F. Nicholas Grasberger III Lucille A. Grattan Dr. & Mrs. Steven J. Gravelle Mr. & Mrs. John A. Graziano John V. Graziano Kathleen J. Greco Cynthia P. Green Joan E. Green Mr. & Mrs. Ross Green Mr. & Mrs. Leo T. Greenburg Bonnie Greenhouse Mr. & Mrs. Carl G. Grefenstette Most Rev. Wilton D. Gregory, S.L.D. Diane F. Greubel Rita M. Griggs Katherine L. Grochmal Joyce E. Gross Mr. & Mrs. William G. Gross Eleanor A. Grundler Edward T. Guman Donna Guskiewicz Mr. & Mrs. Jerry L. Guthrie †Anne V. Guzik Stephen R. Haky, Jr. Mary E. Hall Gerald Hamerski Jean Hammer Rev. Deacon & Mrs. John M. Hanchin Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Hanley Gloria E. Hanna Lloyd B. Hansen Dolores J. Hantz Nancy Hardinger Robert J. Hardinger Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas M. Harouse James E. Harris Theresa Hartman Mary B. Hartung Marian W. Hatton Christina Hawley Martha Hazlinsky George J. Heideman Henny Heisel Mary Helmantoler Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Hendricks Robert Henkels Evelyn S. Henry Walter Henry Velma M. Herman Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Herold Carole Jean Higgins Charles E. Hill Carol Ann Himich Douglass T. Hobbs, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Hodder Cheryl M. Hodnichak George Hodnichak, Jr. Donald H. Hoffman Catherine Holmes Renee Holmes Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Holway

Mr. & Mrs. Sy Holzer Mark W. Homison, D.C. Paul Hornick Judith Hughes Dorothy S. Hunter Howard Huntley Ginny Hutchinson Mr. & Mrs. Victor Ilenda Suzy Inglefield Jason D. Isaly Cynthia A. Jackson Dolores R. Jackson Dr. & Mrs. J. Fraser Jackson Thomas R. Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Steven L. Jacobs Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. James Olga G. Janesko Bessie W. Janik Helen O. Janus Ruth A. Jarvis Mr. & Mrs. Philip Jaworski Mr. & Mrs. Dean Jenison David W. Jensen Sheila F. Johnson Donna J. Kaczanoski Marcia Kaminski Mr. & Mrs. Timon M. Kaple De Sales Karawsky Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Kasper Louis V. Kasperik Mr. & Mrs. Tasso Katselas Dr. & Mrs. Eugene E. Katz Dr. & Mrs. Jerald M. Katz Mr. & Mrs. John G. Kaufman Keith Kaufman Ruth A. Kaufman Elizabeth C. Kearney Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kearney Mr. & Mrs. Tim Kearney Cheryl Kenly Cynthia Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Kepner Rev. & Mrs. C. Russell Kerr Alexia Kielb John P. Killmeyer Dr. Jin Kim Sally A. Kimmick Christopher King Robert King Maureen M. Kinnear Donna J. Kinneer Gary Kinney Eileen Kirsch Kathleen Kiss Amy B. Klein Rev. Joseph J. Kleinstuber Janet S. Kline John Kline Mr. & Mrs. M. J. Kluska Mr. & Mrs. James K. Knause Susan W. Knight Dolores E. Koble Carolyn Koch Mr. & Mrs. James M. Kochis Nicholas Kohart Charles Kostors

Mr. & Mrs. Francis Kotsko Kathie Kowach James Kowatch Margaret Kraft Diana Kreiling Janette M. Krejdovsky Joan Krejdovsky Karen Krejdovsky Rosemary Kretschmann †Ambrose E. Kronenwetter Dr. & Mrs. John M. Krouse Tracy A. Kruk Roy Krzewinski Jack Kundus Mr. & Mrs. Sal R. Labricciosa Mary Ruth Lackner Eric Lacktman Dr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Landry Rick Lang John Langton Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Lantzy Mr. & Mrs. John Lapadot Mr. & Mrs. Roger C. Lapson Jean Larkin Bettie C. Lavery Mr. & Mrs. Eusebio S. Lavin, Jr. Annetta M. Lawry John B. Lendvai Dr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Lenthall Mr. & Mrs. John F. Leonard III Mr. & Mrs. Peter Lerario Mr. & Mrs. Jon M. Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Liberatore Ronald M. Liberi Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Lieb Rose Marie J. Lieb Theresa Lieb John M. Linebaugh Mary B. Lisi Stephanie J. Little Jean Long Greg Longenhagen Mr. & Mrs. John Longo Erma Ilene Lordeman Randall J. Lucas Joan Marie Lucker Diane Luscombe Cathy F. Lutes Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lutz Mr. & Mrs. Bernard J. Lynch Diane Lynch Dorothy H. Lynch Dr. & Mrs. James R. Lynch Susanne S. Lynch Carol M. Lyons Mr. & Mrs. Jack R. MacIlvain Kate MacVean Mr. & Mrs. Bob Madia Phyllis K. Madlem Michael Madrigale Ann & George Magovern, Sr., M.D., L.H.D., D’97 Suzanne J. Mahady Deanna R. Majerski Raymond J. Majerski Richard Majerski

Paula A. Maloney Sylvia D. Malush Dr. & Mrs. George E. Mamo Pamela G. Mamula Larry Mandarino Clark Manglesdorf & Margaret Louise Newmeyer Joan Mangarella Irene M. Mankovich Mr. & Mrs. Douglas L. Mann Mr. & Mrs. Lucius P. Manns Mr. & Mrs. John L. Maples Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Marchok Andrew Marcinko Mary Marcinko Mary Alice Marcinko Terrence R. Marcinko & Mary A. Champion Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Marcoline Rebecca S. Marin Mr. & Mrs. John O. Marks, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. John C. Marous Mr. & Mrs. Mark Marsula Barbara Martin Bonnie R. Martin Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Martinelli Dr. & Mrs. John A. Marty Mr. & Mrs. Anthony R. Mascaro Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Mascilli Hugh E. Mason Rev. Mark J. Mastrian Marlene R. Mataruski Bernard Matlak Melvin J. Matty Colleen Mawby Linda Mayer Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mays Dr. & Mrs. John R. Mazero Jill S. Mazowiecki Loretta McBroom Pauline O. McCandless Toni McClintic & John Aloe Mr. & Mrs. James E. McCloskey Dr. & Mrs. Thomas D. McClure Mr. & Mrs. Hays W. McCormick III Susan Rusbosin McCormick Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. McCue Rev. Msgr. J. Edward McCullough James P. McDonald Mary Jo McDonald Chuck McDowell Dr. & Mrs. Mark McGalla Roxanne R. McGalla Rosemarie & William J. McGarrity Dr. & Mrs. Donald J. McGraw Eileen Mary McHugh Mr. & Mrs. James C. McHugh Dr. & Mrs. Regis McHugh Beverly L. McKean Margaret A. McKean Dorothy G. McKelvey Mr. & Mrs. Regis P. McKenna, D.I.A. Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. McKenna Wilma McKenna Mr. & Mrs. Ronald D. McKenzie †William McKeon Charles McKernan

Gerald E. McNulty Danielle H. McQuiston William A. McSorley Edith Medeiros Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Meese Mr. & Mrs. Anthony M. Mehalic Cathleen M. Meredith James Merkel Sylvia S. Merrill Gretchen E. Meyers Sophie T. Miara Janet Mical Barbara M. Michael James R. Michael Herbert J. Michaelis Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Michak Valerie Mied Joseph E. Miedel Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Miedlar Dr. & Mrs. Mark Milchak Mr. & Mrs. Leon M. Miles Mr. & Mrs. Albert G. Miley Joanne C. Miley Deborah Milito Mr. & Mrs. Andrew G. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Francis G. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Joshua L. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence N. Miller Martin L. Miller Rose M. Miller Timothy G. Miller Mr. & Mrs. William L. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Arthur D. Miltenberger Judie C. Minteer Kathryn M. Mitchell Kent P. Mizgalski Marcia R. Molnar Kathleen Monier Darlene V. Moore Mr. & Mrs. Douglas A. Moore Geraldine Moore Harry B. Moore Shawna Moore The Honorable & Mrs. William F. Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Christopher A. Morrall Carey A. Morschl Dr. & Mrs. Chris Mucci Mr. & Mrs. Sam Mucci Mr. & Mrs. Roland J. Mueller Peg Mulcahy Suzanne Muldoon Matthew M. Mumley Dr. Regina G. Murcko Mr. & Mrs. James F. Murray Mr. & Mrs. John C. Murray Kathleen Murray-Nolan Cynthia & Frank Mustari Becky L. Mylant Patricia L. Nandor Evelyn J. Naugle Mr. & Mrs. Dean P. Neiman Judith Nelson Camille & Ed Nemanic Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Nemanic Mr. & Mrs. Peter Neperud Major John Neuberger

Shirley M. Newbould Pauline Newmeyer Mr. & Mrs. Harold H. Newton Correne Newton Nancy Noel Patrice Noel Adelaide Novak Sally Anne Novak Angela Oaks The Honorable & Mrs. William J. Ober Mr. & Mrs. Keith O’Brien Maureen S. O’Brien Mr. & Mrs. James P. O’Connor Mr. & Mrs. William P. O’Connor Christine W. Okonak Mr. & Mrs. R. Thomas Okonak Catherine Olson Teresa O’Neill Anthony G. Opeka Joan Orlando Trina Orlando Mr. & Mrs. Norris Overdahl Dr. & Mrs. Wylie L. Overly Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Palmer Dr. & Mrs. John S. Parker Nicholas Parrendo Frank Parry, Jr. Patricia Parsons Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Patterson Dr. & Mrs. Michael A. Pelini Stephen L. Pellathy Timothy Penatzer David S. Perhach James Perhach Judith I. Perhach Cora Perschke Colleen Personett Andrew J. Peterson Edith B. Petrocelli Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Pevarnik Louis I. Pevarnik, Jr. Barbara Pfarr Mr. & Mrs. Paul Phillips Michael Philopena Laura J. Phipps Nancy Piatt Very Rev. Bernardo Pistone Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Policastro Rabbi Fredrick Pomerantz Edwin J. Popelas Mr. & Mrs. Sidney C. Porter Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Posey Ann Underwood Potts Jacque Powell Mr. & Mrs. James J. Prengaman Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Preston Joyce Prettiman Theodore C. Prettiman Howard W. Prezel George H. Pry Stefanie J. Puccetti Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Purvis Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Queenan, Jr. Bernice Raab Mr. & Mrs. Ronald N. Raimondo Brian Rannie

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert G. Ratner, Jr. Glenn Reinhardt Caroline Reinstadtler Jared J. Reitz Patricia M. Repucci Julia C. Revitsky Mr. & Mrs. Herbert R. Riddell, Jr. Joseph P. Ridge Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Ridgway Mary Beth Rightnour Virginia A. Riley Bruno M. Ripoli Susan K. Risbrudt Shannan D. Ritchie Naomi Robb Donald R. Robinson Janice Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Rodenberger Ivan Rodriguez Mr. & Mrs. Allison Roesch Joanne Rogers Cindi Rohwer Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rollins II Rev. Peter A. Romeo Todd Romoser Eleanor C. Rose Alvin Rosensweet Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Rossi Maureen Pilkington Rossi William Roth Rose Rothbauer Kay Rowe Mr. & Mrs. William R. Rowse Mr. & Mrs. James B. Rule Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Rusbosin Mr. & Mrs. John C. Rusbosin Gregory P. Russak Rev. Kenneth P. Rutter, D.D. Carol Ryan Valerie J. Ryder & Richard I. Baldock Mr. & Mrs. A. Michael Samaha, Jr. Norma Samide Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Santin Eugene A. Saraceni Edith Sarneso Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Sarni Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Sarp Dr. & Mrs. Ray G. Sarver Carl Sass Amy (Palmer) & Roy Saunders Albert Sauter Mr. & Mrs. Ralph A. Scalise Mr. & Mrs. William D. Scalise Donna Scango Marlene Scatena Stuart E. Schafer Dolores F. Schell JoAnne K. Scherer Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Schiltz Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schimizzi Celine M. Schlimm Mr. & Mrs. John W. Schlirf Rev. William D. Schmeling Theresa Schmittlein Mr. & Mrs. Charles Schneider E. B. Schneider

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Mary Lou B. Schutz Beverly Schwemlein Nancy Seabol Dale R. Sechrist Rev. Robert L. Seeman Della Segal Virginia E. Selembo Thomas Seneca Dr. & Mrs. Nicholas J. Senuta Dr. & Mrs. Paul C. Serra Loretta Shabella W. Dean Shaffer George Shaner Mabel Jeanette Shaner Dorothy Sharrocks Dolores M. Shearer Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Shearer Margaret C. Sheehy Joe S. Sheetz Kathleen R. Shepherd Mr. & Mrs. John Sherid Lyn B. Sherman Janet Shetterly Jeffrey D. Shick Mr. & Mrs. Jerry A. Shields Mr. & Mrs. Gary Shiflett Kenneth Shimko Francisco Shinkawa Dr. & Mrs. Charles J. Shirley, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Simeone Veronica M. Singer Drs. Daljit & Usha Singh Patrick J. Slaney Mary T. Slater Mr. & Mrs. Jaroslav J. Slezak James P. Smedo Marjorie A. Smego John W. Smillie Mr. & Mrs. Brian D. Smith Cindi Smith Lori M. Smith Mary Frances W. Smith Michael Smith Nancy Smith Richard H. Smith, Jr. Sandra L. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Scott P. Smith Sharon P. Smith Patricia Smiy Mr. & Mrs. Paul Smiy Caroline P. Sobolak Thomas P. Soos Marcella Soto Dr. & Mrs. Harry W. Speedy Charlotte E. Spino Catherine L. Spinozzi Thomas J. Squires John Stack Mr. & Mrs. Robert N. Stack Dr. & Mrs. Robert N. Staffen The Honorable & Mrs. Jess M. Stairs Mr. & Mrs. C. J. Stalnaker Raymond J. Stankiewicz Dr. & Mrs. William D. Stavisky Karl Steckmann Mr. & Mrs. Ralph G. Steen


saint vincent quarterly

Patricia W. Steinhagen William J. Stenger Michele Stephenson Joanna Stillwagon Paul Stoehr Robert J. Stokes Wilma Strawberry Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Strittmatter Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Stryker Conrad Stumpf Mr. & Mrs. William C. Stumpf Betty Sundry Lee H. Sung, M.D. Jamie R. Sweeney Mr. & Mrs. Andrew L. Szakos Shirley Tannenbaum Mary A. Tarka Josephine S. Tesauro Mr. & Mrs. Paul Testa Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Then Mr. & Mrs. John C. Thompson Timothy Thompson Mr. & Mrs. William S. Thompson Rebecca A. Thorne Mildred Thorwart Mr. & Mrs. James L. Tito John A. Tonelli Mr. & Mrs. J. Paul Toth, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Jack Townsend Rev. Gerard A. Trancone Dr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Tranquilla Lawrence S. Trasky Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Trentin Newill I. Troup, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Troy Mary Margaret Truschel Li Hwa Tseng Mr. & Mrs. Malik Tunador Mr. & Mrs. M. M. Turner Susan Turner Marie Uhrinek Michael J. Ulishney Nancy P. Ulishney John C. Vaccaro Laura Vakerak Mr. & Mrs. James R. Valentine Dr. Judy Ann Valyo Mr. & Mrs. Franklin T. Van Wert Kris A. Vanderman, Attorney at Law Ronald Vanke, CPA Mr. & Mrs. George A. Vardy Geraldine M. Varsel James Varsel Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Vawter Barbara R. Ventura Mr. & Mrs. John G. Verbanic Ann Vergari Olga M. Verost Mr. & Mrs. Peter D. Visnic Mr. & Mrs. David S. Waggle Annemarie H. Wagner Rev. Thomas A. Wagner Mr. & Mrs. William J. Wagner Wagners Market, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Waldow Daniel W. Waligura

Lynn Walker Marcia Walsh Mr. & Mrs. Mason Walsh, Jr. Virginia G. Walter Mr. & Mrs. James M. Walton Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Wampler II Mr. & Mrs. John L. Wandrisco Laura C. Warren Mr. & Mrs. Michael Watson Patricia L. Watson Mr. & Mrs. Kevin A. Webb Pamela J. Webb Mr. & Mrs. C. Philip Weigel Mr. & Mrs. Philip Weihl Mr. & Mrs. Bruce B. Weiner Nancy Weir Lee Weissert Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Wells III Arthur Werschulz Patricia S. Wesley Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. West Thomas R. West, Jr. Barbara A. Wheatall Debra J. Wheeler Virginia L. Wheeler Ronald C. Whigham Lougene Whiteman Mr. & Mrs. Raymond L. Whitney Bonnie Wichryk Emily Wichryk Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Williams Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey K. Wilson James R. Wiltman Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Winkhart Lois Wolf-Geer Judith Wright Most Rev. Donald W. Wuerl, S.T.D., L.H.D. Elizabeth Yaksich Chris Yaskovitch Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Yates Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Yezovich, Sr. Jennifer Yocca Stephen Yoesoep Donna M. Young Mr. & Mrs. Leon C. Yount Mr. & Mrs. S.L. Yount Dr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Yount Denise E. Zeller Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Zima Susanna C. Zimmerman Jane Zitterbart Ruth A. Zittrain, Esq. Wanda F. Zuzack

FACULTY, ADMINISTRATORS AND STAFF The employees of Saint Vincent are dedicated to the mission of the College and to serving students. Their financial contributions are a visible indication of their belief in the mission and their support for the future of the College. Mark Abramovic Christina E. Andrae Linda Arandas

Mary Alice Armour Kimberly F. Baker, Ph.D. Alicia M. Barnes, C’01 Timothy J. Bates, C’87 Courtney Baum Robert Baum James D. Bendel, L.H.D., C’60 D’85 Christine M. Bierbower Doreen M. Blandino, Ph.D. Beth L. Bollinger, C’95 Rev. Brian D. Boosel, O.S.B., C’96 S’02 Michael W. Botsko, Jr., Ph.D. Steven D. Brown Celine R. Brudnok, C’90 Enrico P. Campi, C’84 Colleen A. Carr Julia A. Cavallo, C’03 Thomas W. Cline, Ph.D. Robert Clouse David A. Collins Mary L. Collins Joan Aungier Davis, C’95 Lee R. Demosky, C’92 Robert J. DePasquale, Ph.D., C’75 Elizabeth A. DiGiustino Billie Ditch Clydene M. Duran Rabbi Jason Z. Edelstein Dawn M. Edmiston, Ph.D. Donna M. Edmonds Beth A. Floro, C’06 Paul S. Follansbee, Ph.D. Christine L. Foschia Suzanne Galando Michael J. Gerhart, C’05 Ann M. Giacobbi, CIA, CPA, C’98 Dennis S. Gilbert Marvin D. Glover Jasen G. Gohn, C’98 Dennis J. Grace Steven J. Gravelle, Ph.D. Christine Sundry Gregorini, C’97 Thomas P. Harbert Donald P. Harris Denise A. Hegemann Lawrence D. Hendrick Andrew Herr, Ph.D. Charles M. Holland, C’00 Susan M. Hozak Anita M. Hudock John A. Hunter Peter M. Hutchinson, Ph.D., C’68 Alice Joy Kaylor Abdul W. Kazi Dr. James S. Kellam Timothy J. Kelly, Ph.D. Jason E. King, Ph.D. Maxwell King Richard A. King Jennifer L. Koehl, Ph.D. Joanne Kornides Amy L. Kronenwetter, C’07 Lorri Kujawski Eva M. Kunkel, C’01 Dr. Gene Leonard Judy Maher

Cynthia J. Martincic, Ph.D. Dennis D. McDaniel, Ph.D., C’79 Jennifer A. Miele, C’00 Sue Ann Murphy Frank R. Murtha III Edward G. Nemanic, Jr. Amy Neubert Atty. James M. Novak, C’73 Christopher Oldenburg, Ph.D. Donald A. Orlando, C’72 Ramie Ortiz Patricia L. Owens Betty A. Patrick James E. Petruska, C’04 Lisa L. Poole, C’00 Gary M. Quinlivan, Ph.D. Sandra Quinlivan Mark G. Rivardo, Ph.D., C’93 Lee Ann Ross Linda Sanderson Maria J. Schifano Dr. Michael Sierk Shirley A. Skander John J. Smetanka, Ph.D. Mary Beth Spore, Ph.D. Rebecca A. Swank Rev. Paul R. Taylor, O.S.B., Ph.D., C’87 S’92 Dennis Thimons H. James Towey Emily A. Uhrin, C’05 Susan K. Walker, Ph.D. Cynthia Walter, Ph.D. James W. Walters, C’96 Bradley C.S. Watson, Ph.D. Richard G. Watson, Ph.D., C’68 Donna M. Werner Thomas S. Wesolowski, C’95 Roger R. Wilson, C’96 Jason Michael Winters, C’04 Katrina Marie Wojtunik, C’04 S’07 Kimberly Woodley Kristen M. Zawacki Carla L. Zema, Ph.D., C’95

SUPPORT TO SAINT VINCENT COLLEGE WAS PROVIDED BY THE FOLLOWING COMPANIES, FOUNDATIONS, ORGANIZATIONS, GOVERNMENT AGENCIES AND MATCHING FUNDS ABA Industries, Inc. ACG Systems Adelphoi Inc. Adobe Systems Incorporated Aetna Foundation Inc. Agora Benefits, LLC All American Paintball Park Allegheny Foundation Almega Company, Inc. Alternative Power Sources, Inc. American Association of Museums American Steel Service Co. Anchor Aquatics Inc. The Andreas Foundation Dino R. Angelici, D.D.S. Ankle & Foot Center PC

Anonymous (2) Aquinas Academy School Arnold D. & Winifred Palmer Foundation Artcraft Printers Inc. Association of Independent Colleges & Universities AT&T Company Foundation AT&T United Way Employee Giving Campaign Austin Child Guidance Center Autosports, Ltd. The Ball Newsstand & Home Bakery Bangor Realty Inc. Bank of America Bear Stearns & Co. Inc. Bechtel Foundation The Benedictine Society Bergen-Passaic Animal Hospital Berish Agency, Inc. Berks County Intermediate Unit Joseph E. Biss, CPA Boeing Gift Matching Program Bononi & Bononi, P.C. Attorneys at Law The Boston Foundation The Bouchat Agency, Inc. Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Inc. Buchanan Insurance Agency The Buhl Foundation Bulava & Associates Bumbaugh & Nicola Business Benefits of Ohio The Calihan Foundation The Carfagna Family Foundation Cassidy, Kotjarapoglus & Pohland, LLC. Celtic Culture Cenkner Engineering, Inc. CentiMark Foundation Cerini’s National Road Champion Lumber Company, Inc. Charleroi Federal Savings Bank Charles M. Mills Insurance Agency ChevronTexaco Chick Machine Company Chian Ching-kuo Foundation Chiropractic Health Center, LLC Coca-Cola Company Commercial Fire Hydrant Service 11 The Community Foundation of Westmoreland County The Community Foundation of the Allegehenies Condor Technologies, Inc. Continental Laundry Systems Incorporated Corona Law Firm P.A. Cusack and Stiles David’s Greenhouse RB Davis Incorporated Dawson Funeral Home, Inc. The Bruno & Lena DeGol Family Foundation Francis L. DeFabo, M.D., PC Delaware Valley Packaging Group Demezza, Inc. DeNunzio’s Italian Chophouse Dickie McCamey & Chilcote, P.C. Dino & Associates Inc. Dino’s Restaurant Diocese of Greensburg

Diocese of Pittsburgh Diocese of Steubenville Diplomat Freight Services, Inc. Richard E. Doll, Ph.D. Dominion Foundation Don’s Auto Service Double Eagle Real Estate The Douglas and Janet Danforth Foundation Dow Chemical Co. Foundation Peter C. Dozzi Family Foundation Dudley Enterprises Inc. Duquesne University G E Dvorchak Sr., MD Memorial Clinic Allen A. Dzambo, Jr., D.P.M. Earl Knudsen Charitable Foundation Earthmovers Excavating Eaton Corporation Eckert Seamans Cherin and Mellott Electro Glass Products, Inc. Elizabeth Carbide Components, Inc. Emerson Electric Co. Entech HR LLC Excela Heath ExxonMobil Foundation Fairview Services Plan Inc. Fayette Emergency Medical Service R. Edward Ferraro, Attorney At Law Donald C. Fetzko, Attorney At Law Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund Dennis Filges and Company Inc. First Data Corporation F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc. FMC Foundation Jack E. Foust Associates, Inc. Freddie Mac Foundation GE Foundation General Motors Higher Education Foundation General Press Corporation Frank N. Genovese, M.D. Government Employees Insurance Company The Grable Foundation Gray Flooring Graytok Family Vision Care John Greenlee and Associates Funeral Home Groom Lawn Doug Gross Landscaping and Tree Service Grubb & Ellis Peter M. Habib & Associates The Hair Lair John Hall Inc. Hallman Agency Hamon Corporation Hampton Office Products Harsco Corporation Fund Hartman-Graziano Funeral Home Inc. Hausmann Enterprises Haverford Systems Inc. H. J. Heinz Company Foundation The Heinz Endowments Hershey Foods Gift Match Program Hershey Trust Company Highland Photography Highmark Foundation Hillman Foundation Houghton Mifflin H.P. Cadwallader, Inc.

ING Foundation Insurance Review Services, Inc. Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Inc. InterTECH Security LLC J. Patrick Keith, Attorney At Law Jendoco Construction Corporation Jesnic, Inc. John M. Carson Insurance Sales Johnathan Michael’s Boutique K Specials/Proshop USA Kasun Architects, Inc. Katherine Mabis McKenna Foundation Katselas Family Foundation Kattan-Ferretti Insurance Agency Kennametal Foundation Kennametal Inc. Kent State University Kepple-Graft Funeral Home Key Foundation Knights of Columbus #1400 Kovach & Kovach, Attorneys At Law Kratzenberg & Lazzaro Kristine T. Feliciani Insurance Agency, Inc. Kuhns Electric Supply Daniel W. Kunz, Attorney At Law Lakeside Party Center Latrobe Center Distributing, Inc. Latrobe Country Club Latrobe Volunteer Fire Department Laurel Nursery-Garden Center Leo M. Bacha Funeral Home, Inc. Atty. Jon M. Lewis LexisNexis Cares Liberty Insurance Agency Library Staff Ligonier Construction Company Ligonier Valley Endowment of The Pittsburgh Foundation Lockheed Martin Longo Media Group, Inc. Paul G. Lorincy, P.C. Margaret A. Cargill Foundation Marshall Elevator Company Marsula Electric, Inc. Massaro Corporation Massey Charitable Trust Max’s Flooring John S. Maykuth Jr. Funeral Home McDowell Associates Inc. McFeely-Rogers Foundation McKenna Family Foundation MediaQuest Mellon Financial Corporation Fund Merck Company Foundation Merrill Lynch & Company Foundation Metanexus Institute Microsoft Corporation Morocco Welding, LLC Christopher Mucci, D.M.D. LLC Mullen Refrigeration Service, Inc. My Sports Dreams, LLC Myers Coach Lines, Inc. Natale Sporting Goods National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) National City Bank

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National City Bank - Latrobe National Gypsum Foundation Inc. National Science Foundation National Stock Exchange Nationwide Foundation Neighbors Inc. Nickos Chimney Company North Carolina Wesleyan College North Hills Auto Mall North Hills Historic Auto Club Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation Nypaver Tax Preparation OSRAM SYLVANIA, Inc Our Lady Of The Elms High School Palace Printer The Paper House Parente Randolph LLC Penn Jersey Packaging Pennsylvania Campus Compact Pennsylvania Department of Education Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission The Pennsylvania Rural Arts Alliance Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board The Pepsi Bottling Group Foundation Petrosky’s Pro Hardware Supply Pfizer Foundation Philip M. McKenna Foundation, Inc. Philips Electronics North America Corporation The Pittsburgh Foundation Pittsburgh Steelers Sports, Inc. PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. The PNC Foundation Power of Giving PPG Industries Foundation PricewaterhouseCoopers Foundation R & L Development Company R. K. Mellon Family Foundation R Squared S Inc. The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation Raytheon Systems Company Foundation ReedSmith, LLP Reparex Fabricated Systems Reschini Agency, Inc. Richard King Mellon Foundation Richard P. Gibson & Rosemary Kirr Charitable Trust Robert G. King Marital Trust Robert J. Manoli, O.D. & Associates PC Robert Morris University Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Robertshaw Charitable Foundation Rob’s Carpentry Rotary Club of Latrobe T. Rowe Price Associates Foundation, Inc. Royal Flush, Inc. RPC Video Rusbosin Furniture and Carpet Company S & T Bank Saint Vincent Archabbey Saint Vincent College Alumni Office


saint vincent quarterly

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Westmoreland School Counselors Association Westmoreland SCORE Chapter #555 Westmoreland Supply Company Whirlpool Foundation William G. McGowan Charitable Fund, Inc. Wyeth YWCA of Greater Pittsburgh Zappone Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Westmoreland County Denis P. Zuzik, Esq

TRIBUTE Gifts In Honor of Francis J. Bilicic, P 37 Mr. & Mrs. Philip Cunningham In Honor of Br. Nathan M. Cochran, O.S.B., S’85 Mr. & Mrs. David J. Arter Donald J. Accorsi, C’57 Thomas G. Brosnick, C’73 David Buben, Ph.D., C’64 Jon M. Cecchetti, C’82 Felix J. DeSio, M.D., C’73 W. Richard Howe, C’67 Ronnie L. Keller, C’80 William F. Kuhn, C’57 Ronald A. Lutes, D.O., C’84 Suzanne & George P. Maguire, C’68 Francis M. Mulcahy, Ph.D., C’83 Michael J. Oberding, M.D., C’79 Ronald J. Pangrazi, C’84 David L. Pottinger, C’68 Daniel F. Rafferty, P’56 C’62 Dennis J. Slonka, C’68 Patricia & Michael F. Spagnolo, D.D.S., C’79 Kent D. Sternitzke, Ph.D., C 85 Sue & Jeffrey M. Varga, M.D., C’79 Charles E. Verostko, C’58 Richard H. Wildnauer, Ph.D., C’62 In Honor of Katherine L. Grochmal Ivan Rodriguez In Honor of Rev. Vernon A. Holtz, O.S.B., C 58 S’62 Francis Carroll & Cornelia Farley In Honor of William H. Isler, C’68 Richard J. Schulte, P’64 C’68 In Honor of Philip Rodgers Jamison, Jr., C’90 Mary Helmantoler In Honor of Daniel H. Kelly, C’74 Lynn Walker In Honor of Thomas M. Kissell, C’51 Kathryn M. Mitchell In Honor of Mary & George A. Marcinko, C’57 Andrew Marcinko In Honor of George A. Marcinko, C’57 Mary Alice Marcinko

In Honor of Mary Marcinko Terrence R. Marcinko & Mary A. Champion In Honor of Barbara A. & George E. Martin, P’59 Robyn & Edward G. Kelly, P’59 In Honor of John R. Mazero, M.D., Sc.D., D’88 Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Vincent F. Antinori Ronald S. Berardi, M.D. Dr. & Mrs. Hugh W. Brallier Mr. & Mrs. David Carrera Joseph D. Cestello Mr. & Mrs. Ray T. Charley Dr. & Mrs. Alan D. Christianson Dr. Mary Jo & Douglas A. Clark The Community Foundation of Westmoreland County Mr. & Mrs. Harry Davidson Robert F. Demangone, C’92 Mr. & Mrs. Donald Domenic Mr. & Mrs. William T. Dymond Carolyn J. Menard & David A. Dzombak, C’79 Mr. & Mrs. Cameron H. Eiseman Loretta & Richmond H. Ferguson, C’53 Barbara D. Fitzmaurice Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence E. Freedberg Mr. & Mrs. Frank F. Fyalkowski, Jr. Dennis S. Gilbert Dr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Govi George J. Heideman Donald H. Hoffman Louis V. Kasperik Dr. & Mrs. Jerald M. Katz Rev. & Mrs. C. Russell Kerr Kathie Kowach Diana Kreiling Mr. & Mrs. D. Scott Kroh Mr. & Mrs. Eusebio S. Lavin, Jr. Dorothy H. Lynch Susanne S. Lynch Dr. & Mrs. George E. Mamo Dr. & Mrs. Charles G. Manoli, P’45 C’51 D’05 Mr. & Mrs. Ronald McKenzie Mr. & Mrs. Francis G. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence N. Miller Dr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Moss Florein & Roland Mueller Mr. & Mrs. Dean P. Neiman Correne Newton Marilyn & Wylie Overly, M.D. Dr. & Mrs. John S. Parker Louis I. Pevarnik, Jr. Ann Underwood Potts Kathy & Aldo J. Prosperi, C’80 R. K. Mellon Family Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Samide, C’77 Amy (Palmer) & Roy Saunders Drs. Daljit & Usha Singh Dr. & Mrs. Whitney R. Snowman Dr. & Mrs. Harry W. Speedy Dr. & Mrs. Robert N. Staffen Lee H. Sung, M.D. Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Thimons United Way of Westmoreland County Mr. & Mrs. Mason Walsh, Jr.

Virginia & John L. Wandrisco Mr. & Mrs. Michael Watson Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Yates In Honor of Richard A. Memo, M.D., C’67 Rose Rothbauer In Honor of Rt. Rev. Douglas R. Nowicki, O.S.B., L.H.D., P’63 C’68 S’72 D’95 Diocese of Greensburg Donahue Family Foundation, Inc. Eileen & George C. Dorman Rev. Msgr. Paul A. Lenz, D.D., C’46 S’49 D’95 Mary & Jim Murdy Maureen S. O’Brien JoAnn & Charles J. Queenan, Jr. Mary & Jim Towey In Honor of James B. Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Daniel G. Crozier In Honor of Joanne Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Daniel G. Crozier In Honor of John F. Rogers, P’66 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel G. Crozier In Honor of Richard C. Ruffalo, D.M.D., C’68 J. Jeffrey Shaffer, P’64 C’68 In Honor of Loretta E. Scalzitti, C’83 Rabbi Fredrick Pomerantz In Honor of J. Jeffrey Shaffer, P’64 C’68 Linda & Richard C. Ruffalo, D.M.D., C’68 In Honor of Vera L. & Jaroslav J. Slezak Richard J. Schulte, P’64 C’68 In Honor of Rev. Paul R. Taylor, O.S.B., Ph.D., C’87 S’92 Mr. & Mrs. Sy Holzer Barbara & George E. Martin, P’59 In Honor of Donald Zappone, P’63 Austin Child Guidance Center

MEMORIAL GIFTS In Memory of †Michael E. Answine, C’92 Mr. & Mrs. Emmanuel Answine In Memory of †William I. Austin, C’69 William P. Kraus, C’68 Cindi Rohwer In Memory of †Robert J. Bartel Mr. & Mrs. Joseph V. Ambrose Janice A. Andiorio Joan E. Andrews Anonymous (2) Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence B. Apone Elizabeth M. Bartel Mr. & Mrs. John Beaty Mr. & Mrs. Herschel A. Benjamin

Patricia A. Brady Thomas C. Burlas, C’56 Mr. & Mrs. Jesus S. Cenizal Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Contic Mr. & Mrs. Charles Q. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Jerry L. Davis Sandra DeFrancesco, C 90 Carolyn Dobies Wanda F. Easthom Paricia & Frank J. Farrell, Jr., C’60 Mr. & Mrs. David Gapinski Joe Garner, P 46 Ann M. Giacobbi, CIA, CPA, C’98 Frances Gifford Gerald Hamerski Dolores J. Hantz Ginny & Peter M. Hutchinson, C’68 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kozar Mr. & Mrs. Roger C. Lapson Leo M. Bacha Funeral Home, Inc. Dr. & Mrs. Gene Leonard Mr. & Mrs. John L. Maples Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Massari Loretta McBroom Mr. & Mrs. George Mittaly Marcia R. Molnar Our Lady Of The Elms High School Margaret Pacek Judy Panebianco Mr. & Mrs. James J. Prengaman Shannan D. Ritchie Naomi Robb Kay Rowe Kenneth & Molly Robb Shimko, C’90 Mr. & Mrs. George Shumaker Dr. & Mrs. Frank E. Skacel, Jr. Karl Steckmann Mr. & Mrs. Paul Stokes Mr. & Mrs. Paul Testa Ralph A. Volpe Louis M. Zecchini, C’60 In Memory of †Rev. Aelred J. Beck, O.S.B., P’40 C’45 S’48 Claire G. & Robert G. Dorsch, C 56 Anna L. Geimer In Memory of †Dominic Benkert- Rodrequiz Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Lenthall In Memory of †Jean Boosel Rev. Brian D. Boosel, O.S.B., C’96 S’02 In Memory of †Rev. Joseph P. Bronder, O.S.B., P’60 C’65 S’69 Ann & Edmund S. Bronder, Ph.D., P’63 C’68 S’72 Elizabeth R. Campbell Christine A. Dziedzina Richard B. Guskiewicz Associates Marijo & Kenneth M. Meier, C’72 Carol G. Pollock Mr. & Mrs. William R. Rowse Mr. & Mrs. Louis A. Steiner

In Memory of †Jane F. and Monica A. Burkley Charles V. Burkley, C’58 In Memory of †Robert Staley Carey Mr. & Mrs. John C. Murray In Memory of †Joseph J. Charnoki, Jr. Rev. Msgr. William G. Charnoki, PA, JCL, C’61 S’65 In Memory of †Nicole Clamann Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Lenthall In Memory of †C. William Clarchick Lois & Frank Martin, C’50 In Memory of †John J. Coleman, Jr. Autumn Coleman Purdy, C’98 In Memory of †Joseph R. Depto Margaret Depto In Memory of †Rev. Thomas W. Devereux, O.S.B., P’50 C’55 S’59 Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Aromatorio Dr. & Mrs. George L. Austin Bernie & Joseph E. Biss, C’60 Harrie E. Caldwell Margaret W. Carlton Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Davis Robert DePasquale, Ph.D. C’75 August R. Derito M. Teena Dornisch William C. Dzombak, Ph.D. Rick A. Fogle Mr. & Mrs. William D. Foski Mr. & Mrs. Edwin H. Fritz, Sr. Frances Frye Dolores J. Hantz InterTECH Security LLC Margaret Kraft Mr. & Mrs. Eusebio S. Lavin, Jr. Michael J. Lucci, C’86 Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Marchok Melvin J. Matty Loretta & David J. McDonald, P’50 Suzanne & Carey L. McMonagle, C’70 Rev. Msgr. Donald J. Mondello Mullen Refrigeration Service, Inc. Amanda M. Newcomer, C’04 JoAnn & Charles J. Queenan, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Herbert G. Ratner, Jr. Alvin Rosensweet Eugene A. Saraceni Sisters of Charity Shirley Tannenbaum Mr. & Mrs. Harry Tkach Rev. Gerard A. Trancone, S’69 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Trentin James J. Uhrin, C’70 Rev. George A. Wilt, C’55 S’59 Ruth A. Zittrain, Esq.

In Memory of †Vera DiPerna Mr. and Mrs. Bart M. Beier Judith DiPerna In Memory of †Harry T. Dolan, C’46 Magdalene M. Doblick Jacquelin H. Floyd Tom Giotto Cynthia P. Green Marjorie & Robert J. Hartsock, C’52 Matthew M. Mumley Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Posey Severstal Sparrows Point, LLC Veronica M. Singer Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Supowitz Josephine S. Tesauro Mr. & Mrs. Ed Wintermantel In Memory of †Rt. Rev. Egbert H. Donovan, O.S.B., P’31 C’36 S’40 Dr. Judy Ann Valyo In Memory of †Johanna Julia DeMark Drylie Barbara A. Bossart In Memory of †Robert T. Eichner, Jr. Barbara A. Bossart In Memory of †John Erdely Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Doemling In Memory of †George J. Estok, Jr., C’49 Mary Estok ING Foundation In Memory of †Grace Farrell Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Miedlar In Memory of †Margaret Ferlan Dr. & Mrs. Charles G. Manoli, P’45 C’51 D’05 In Memory of †Mario J. Ferretti Kattan-Ferretti Insurance Agency Orlie Ferretti In Memory of †Terrence J. Fitzmaurice, Sr., P’61 Sylvia Fitzmaurice Barbara & George E. Martin, P’59 Rev. Paul R. Taylor, O.S.B., Ph.D., C’87 S’92 In Memory of †Charles J. Flavin, L.H.D., P’47 C 51 D’87 Mr. & Mrs. William C. Stumpf In Memory of †Kenneth N. Flodin Rose Flodin In Memory of †Keith Flodin Frank F. Fyalkowski, Jr.

In Memory of †Myron “Pete” Digenis Kathryne & Harry J. Digenis, C 46

fall 2009


In Memory of †Mary E. Folby Samuel A. Folby, Jr. Samuel A. Folby, Sr., P’38 In Memory of †Sherri Fritzius Alicia M. Barnes, C’01 In Memory of †Donald W. Gaylor, M.D., P’46 C’50 Mary & Perry C. Smith, P’46 C’50 In Memory of †Richard J. Gmitter Janine C. Gmitter In Memory of †Michael V. Gmitter Janine C. Gmitter In Memory of †Genevieve Grochmal Angela Oaks Ivan Rodriguez In Memory of †Joseph F. Grochmal, C’72 Mr. & Mrs. John C. Fryer, Jr. Katherine L. Grochmal Ivan Rodriguez In Memory of †John R. Harvan, C’50 Jacqueline A. Occhuizzo In Memory of †Joseph F. Heisel, Jr. L.H.D., C’43 D’84 Henny Heisel In Memory of †Donald D. Hoke, C’53 Wilma & Kenneth R. Strawberry, C’53 In Memory of †Charles A. Horan III, M.D., C’68 Pat & Pat Greco, C’68 Linda & Richard C. Ruffalo, D.M.D., C’68 In Memory of †John F. Johnston, P’38 W. Dean Shaffer In Memory of †Mary Jordan James J. Wasylyshyn, C’70 In Memory of †Tami M. Kunst, C’07 Faculty of the Liberal Arts Program Alice J. Kaylor & Timothy Thompson In Memory of †Bob Lawry Annetta M. Lawry In Memory of †Rev. Joel R. Lieb, O.S.B., P’38 C’43 S’46 Rosemarie & William J. McGarrity In Memory of †Joseph J. Lihota, C’68 Eileen E. Lihota Richard J. Schulte, P’64 C’68 Kathy & James D. Bendel, C’60 D’85 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Coldren, Sr. Angela M. (Peskie), C’93 & Richard J. Coldren, C’92 Mr. & Mrs. Steven L. Jacobs Donna Scango Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Sisca


saint vincent quarterly

In Memory of †John Lopatich Richard B. Guskiewicz Associates

In Memory of †James Leo Noel Denise A. Hegemann

In Memory of †Antonio Lucci Michael J. Lucci, C’86

In Memory of †Peter M. O’Farrell, C’68 Jean R. O’Farrell Richard J. Schulte, P’64 C’68

In Memory of †Charles Lucker, P 46 Marie Ashton Delaware Valley Packaging Group Barbara A. Donovan Blanche Fabian Mary E. Gabriel Mary J. Gallagher Mary E. Hall Catherine Holmes H.P. Cadwallader, Inc. Dr. & Mrs. Eugene E. Katz Susan W. Knight Joan Marie Lucker National Stock Exchange Penn Jersey Packaging Thomas Seneca Raymond J. Stankiewicz Virginia L. Wheeler In Memory of †Bernard S. Malush, C’54 Mr. & Mrs. John E. Curley Sylvia D. Malush North Hills Historic Auto Club John Stack In Memory of †Baptiste J. Manzini, C’43 Linda Manzini Emanuele Thomas P. Soos In Memory of †Samuel P. Marin, Ph.D., C’70 Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Wampler II In Memory of †William C. Martin Mr. & Mrs. Frank F. Fyalkowski, Jr. In Memory of †Concetta Annette Demonte Messich Barbara A. Bossart In Memory of †James W. Mied, C 68 Anonymous (2) Valerie Mied Rev. Paul R. Taylor, O.S.B., Ph.D., C’87 S’92 In Memory of †Leon F. Miller Linda M. Rosen, Ph.D. In Memory of †Robert D. Morgillo, C’48 Gina Maria Morgillo In Memory of †Orlando (Lundy) Naccarato Gabrielle K. Nastuck, C’01 In Memory of †James J. Nesser, Sr., C’46 Stephen R. Haky, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Deni A. Napoleone Anna R. Nassif Margaret & Albert N. Skomra, Ph.D., C’58 Donald W. Takacs

In Memory of †Philip E. “Buck” Pacini, C’51 Major Steven P. Pacini, Ret., C’81 In Memory of †Jennie Paduch Library Staff In Memory of †Fred Panebianco Mary J. Kim, C’88 Eric Lacktman Amy Panebianco, Esq., C’88 In Memory of †Mabel “Arlene” Pasulka Frances M. Gigliotti In Memory of †Carl F. Pelini, C’52 Mr. & Mrs. Russell L. Albright David N. Anthony Barrie S. D. Archer Mr. & Mrs. William L. Augur Mr. & Mrs. Francisco D. Avellana Mr. & Mrs. Bruce M. Bair Mr. & Mrs. Richard Barbarita Timothy J. Bevelacqua Mr. & Mrs. W. G. Billingsley Mr. & Mrs. William E. Blair Business Benefits of Ohio Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bussiere Patricia Carlin Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Cirucci June Cirucci Mr. & Mrs. Mark Allen Cirucci Steve Cirucci Mr. & Mrs. Christopher P. Clay Dr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Cloran Dr. Michael P. Cloran Winifred A. Cloran Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. D’Addesio Dawson Funeral Home, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Andrew H. Deuble Kim Do Rebecca Dysert D. Kay Edwards Mr. & Mrs. David T. Gagner Geoffrey S. Goll Mr. & Mrs. Leo T. Greenburg Dr. & Mrs. J. Fraser Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Dean Jenison Mr. & Mrs. Timon M. Kaple Kent State University Dr. Jin Kim Mr. & Mrs. Douglas L. Mann Bonnie R. Martin Dr. & Mrs. Mark McGalla Roxanne R. McGalla Susan P. McGalla Mr. & Mrs. Jack R. Mcllvain Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. McKenna Charles McKernan Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Meese

Cathleen M. Meredith Atty. Robert J. Milie, C’51 Mr. & Mrs. William L. Miller Dr. & Mrs. Michael A. Pelini Mr. & Mrs. Sidney C. Porter Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Ridgway Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Schiltz Juliet Smith Ed Strauss Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Stryker Mr. & Mrs. John C. Thompson Mr. & Mrs. M. M. Turner Mr. & Mrs. George A. Vardy Mr. & Mrs. John G. Verbanic Mr. & Mrs. Peter D. Visnic Mr. & Mrs. David S. Waggle Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Wells III Chris Yaskovitch In Memory of †William A. Petrosky, P’42 C’49 Gloria E. Hanna Kennametal Inc. Dr. & Mrs. Charles G. Manoli, P’45 C’51 D’05 In Memory of †Cortez Lisa Poppleton Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Lenthall In Memory of †Erin Squires Ramsey Wilma & Kenneth R. Strawberry, C’53 In Memory of †Dolores Rehula Victor A. Rehula III, C’70 In Memory of †Pauline Richards Frances M. Gigliotti In Memory of †Theresa Ridilla Richard B. Guskiewicz Associates In Memory of †Maurice Rittner Samuel A. Folby, Jr., P’38 In Memory of †Albert Aloysius Roth William Roth In Memory of †John F. Rozsas, C’53 Wilma & Kenneth R. Strawberry, C’53 In Memory of †J. Robert Rusbosin, H 79 Deborah Campbell Richard B. Guskiewicz Associates Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Marcoline Don Rinchuse Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Rusbosin Mr. & Mrs. Franklin T. Van Wert In Memory of †Tim Russert J. Thomas Okonak In Memory of †Rev. Brice T. Ryan, O.S.B., C’54 S’58 Richard J. Schulte, P’64 C’68

In Memory of †Gladys Schempp John J. Danek, D.O., C’77

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Madia Albert Sauter

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Shiflett Carol & Stephen P. Yanek, C’68

In Memory of †Mr. and Mrs. Karl Schempp, Jr. John J. Danek, D.O., C’77

In Memory of †Genevieve Schulte Pat & Pat Greco, C’68 Ginny & Peter M. Hutchinson, C’68 Mardi & William H. Isler, C’68 Dr. & Mrs. Charles G. Manoli, P’45 C’51 D’05 Jim Schulte Nancy & Clyde Smith, C’68 Genevieve G. Stock Michael A. Walsh, C’96

In Memory of †Stanley R. Sheeran, Ph.D., C’38 Nancy Sheeran Cholis

In Memory of †Robert C. Wagner, C’53 Marian W. Hatton

In Memory of †Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shirey Mr. and Mrs. Edward Federico

In Memory of †Louise Kiefer Wall Barbara A. Bossart

In Memory of †Kelly Nicole Smith Alicia M. Barnes, C’01

In Memory of †Michael A. Wesner, C’41 David Carter Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Gardner Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Lantzy Mr. & Mrs. Peter Lerario Mr. & Mrs. Norris Overdahl Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rollins II Lyn B. Sherman The Mona Lisa & Lee Wallace Foundation, Inc.

In Memory of †Raymond M. Schmittlein, C’50 Mr. & Mrs. James H. Brown Paul & Bonnie D’Allesandro Jeff & Barb Derek Michelle Ferguson Rob & Lee Firment Robert M. Firment, C’84 Mr. & Mrs. John J. Fisher Martha Flowers Scotty Geary Jim & Janice Gondek Barry Halula Brandon & Jennie Halula Joe & Kim Halula Ed & Elaine Hudimac Howard Huntley Roger & Joann Kelsey Mr. & Mrs. Roger Kelsey Dick & Judy Kovach Bob & Joan Krempasky Dr. & Mrs. Charles G. Manoli, P’45 C’51 D’05 Jim & Lisa McCallen Mike Montana Florein & Roland Mueller Theodore C. Prettiman Mary Sagan Theresa Schmittlein Gabe & Cheryl Startari Edmund J. Stegner, C’50 In Memory of †Ann Schnieder

In Memory of †Paul and †Genevieve Schulte for the education they gave us Paul H. Schulte, C’64 Richard J. Schulte, P’64 C’68 In Memory of †Paul A. Schwertner Mr. & Mrs. Tim Kearney In Memory of †John L. and †Mary A. Seaman Rebecca & Paul A. Seaman, C’84 In Memory of †Rev. Louis S. Sedlacko, O.S.B., P’35 C’40 S’44 Richard B. Guskiewicz Associates Barbara & George E. Martin, P’59 Jerome P. Straub, P’40 Dr. Judy Ann Valyo In Memory of †Dennis M. Sesak, C 75 Geraldine Sesak Branca & Thomas Branca Mr. & Mrs. Victor Ilenda Anthony G. Opeka Roy W. Proue, Jr.

In Memory of †Ruth C. Stewart Samuel A. Folby, Jr., P’38 In Memory of †Alice Stillwagon Rosemarie & William J. McGarrity Nancy & Clyde Smith, C’68 The Honorable & Mrs. Raymond J. Zadzilko, C’69 In Memory of †Rev. Simon J. Toth, O.S.B., C’55 S’59 Scarpelli Funeral Home In Memory of †Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Tygard Christina Hawley In Memory of †Frank J. Vanek, H 77 Mr. & Mrs. Alan D. Citron Cynthia Costello Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Davis Hamon Corporation James P. McDonald Laura Vakerak Mr. & Mrs. William J. Wagner Mr. & Mrs. Bruce B. Weiner

Steelers running back Willie Parker catches passes during summer training camp. See a photo spread on the Steelers’ annual visit to the College on page 22 of this issue.

In Memory of †Norman A. Venzon, M.D., C’50 Mary & Perry C. Smith, P’46 C’50

In Memory of †Robert West, P’52 Irene & Paul M. Duggan, P’52 C’56 John R. West, Jr., C’49 In Memory of †William A. Wittenauer, P’51 C 55 Anne & Frederick R. Favo, P’51 Charles McCrudden, P’53 In Memory of †John B. Zappone, C’37 Anonymous Austin Child Guidance Center Samuel A. Folby, Sr., P’38 Saint Vincent College Alumni Council Marie Uhrinek Mr. & Mrs. Leon C. Yount Mr. & Mrs. S.L. Yount Dr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Yount

Mailed from Zip Code 15650 Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage Paid Permit No. 110

300 Fraser Purchase Road Latrobe, PA 15650-2690

Wimmer Anniversary Celebration


he closing ceremonies for the 200th anniversary of the birth of Saint Vincent Archabbot Boniface Wimmer, O.S.B., are scheduled for Founders’ Day 2009, Thursday, November 19. His Eminence Justin Cardinal Rigali, Archbishop of Philadelphia, will be the principal celebrant and homilist. Also concelebrating will be Saint Vincent Archabbot Douglas R. Nowicki, O.S.B., Most Rev. Lawrence E. Brandt, J.C.D., Ph.D., Bishop of Greensburg; and Abbot Primate Notker Wolf, O.S.B., of Rome.

Fall 2009  

Embracing Diversity

Fall 2009  

Embracing Diversity