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Spring 2019

Dr. Elizabeth Lev Vatican Art Historian

archabbot’s message


Saying “Yes” to God’s Call ear Friends,

In his homily at the final Mass of this year’s World Youth Day in Panama City, Panama on January 27, Pope Francis cited the Gospel of Luke (4:20-21), “The eyes of all in the synagogue were fixed on him. And he began to say to them: ‘Today this Scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing.’” With these words, Pope Francis said, “the Gospel presents the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry. It started in the synagogue that saw him grow up; he was in the midst of neighbours and people he knew, and perhaps even some of his childhood ‘catechists’ who had taught him the Law. It was an important moment in the life of the Master: the child who was educated and grew up in that community, stood up and took the floor to proclaim and put into action God’s dream. A word previously proclaimed only as a future promise, but now, on the lips of Jesus alone, could be spoken in the present tense, as it became a reality: ‘Today it has been fulfilled’.” In the coming months, our community here at Saint Vincent will witness the various stages of response to God’s call to the priesthood and the religious life.

Following the Easter season, two of our confreres will be ordained: Brother Dominic Leo to the priesthood and Brother Ignatius Camello to the diaconate. Brother Dominic was ordained to the diaconate last September along with Rev. Mr. Andrew Yan of the Archdiocese of Beijing. Father David Klecker was also ordained to the priesthood in September by Bishop Edward Malesic of the Diocese of Greensburg. Six junior monks have also petitioned for July 11, the feast of Saint Benedict. On July 1, several candidates have requested admission to our community to begin the early stage of formation as novices for the monastic life. On June 6, Jubilarian Day, we will also honor those “pillars of perseverance” who have served in the Lord’s vineyard for many years, some with more than 60 years of ministry and service. In Panama for World Youth Day, Pope Francis noted that not everyone who was listening felt called to ministry. Likewise, “not all the residents of Nazareth were prepared to believe in someone they knew and had seen grow up, and who was now inviting

them to realize a long-awaited dream. Not only that, but “they said, ‘Is not this Joseph’s son?’” (Lk 4:22). While not everyone thinks the call is for him or her, let us, in this Easter season, continue to pray for vocations. For those who are waiting for the “ideal or perfect situation to show itself,” Pope Francis said, to realize that God is indeed close to us, and that he may choose to work through a friend or a neighbor to give us a face that is fraternal and friendly, concrete and familiar as He calls on us. The call might not appear to have anything to do with the present. It might not be the perfect time. But perhaps the encouragement of family or friends to listen, to discern, and to answer the Lord’s call can serve as an inspiration to you in responding positively. We hope you are able to join us here at Saint Vincent for an upcoming retreat, concert, exhibit, lecture or liturgical celebration or for a preview of the upcoming football season at Steeler Training Camp. Know that you are remembered daily in the prayers of our community. Sincerely in Christ,

Archabbot Douglas R. Nowicki, O.S.B.

from the Latin “Cor ad Cor Loquitur,” or “Heart Speaks to Heart,” is the motto of Archabbot Douglas R. Nowicki, O.S.B. It refers to the Archabbot’s prayer that giving and receiving authentic love may always be the chief characteristic of the Saint Vincent monastic community. This was also the motto of John Henry Cardinal Newman. This newsletter is published by the Benedictines of Saint Vincent Archabbey.

Director of Archabbey Public Relations/Editor Kimberley A. Metzgar

Publisher Archabbot Douglas R. Nowicki, O.S.B.

Public Relations Associate Seth Harbaugh

Executive Director, Archabbey Apostolates and Endowments Paul R. Taylor, O.S.B. Director of Archabbey Development Shannon Jordan

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Contributors to this issue: Seth Harbaugh Barbara McAllister Brother Placid Sellers, O.S.B.

Cover: Dr. Elizabeth Lev lectures prior to the opening of the Seventh Annual Juried Catholic Art Exhibit at Saint Vincent this fall. Photos by Seth Harbaugh. See pages 3, 18 and 19 for more on the exhibit.


Vatican Art Expert By Kim Metzgar Dr. Elizabeth Lev, the renowned 16th and 17th century Vatican art historian, presented the keynote address at the opening of the Seventh Annual Juried Catholic Arts Exhibition at Saint Vincent College. Dr. Lev’s specialty is Christian art, architecture, Baroque painting, sculpture and High Renaissance art. A professor of art and architecture at Duquense University and an official guide for the city of Rome and the Vatican Museums, Dr. Lev holds a bachelor of arts degree in art history from the University of Chicago and a Ph.D. in art history from the University of Bologna. As juror for the 2018 Catholic Arts Exhibition at Saint Vincent, she noted in her lecture that while the works of Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Raphael and da Vinci are her “comfort zone,” the artists presented in this biennial exhibition have helped generate a new interest in contemporary sacred art. The exhibition was established by Brother Nathan Cochran, O.S.B., in 2006. Lev, who has served as a Vatican consultant for NBC, and made appearances on The Today Show, Nightline and 60 Minutes, gave an animated, passionate talk that touched on essential elements of art. Sacred art, she said, reflects a very different way of seeing the world. It can be incarnational, where people recognize the presence of God among them in their everyday world. Catholic art, she added, is also evangelical, telling stories of humanity from the beginning of time to the last judgment. Lev provided a journey through the centuries of Catholic art as she traced the development of various themes in art history, from the 14th century to the present-day. Highlighting the themes of nature in art and the universality of art, she traced genres and themes over time. She touched on Giotto’s painting of Saint Francis Preaching to the Birds, to Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam to Bernini’s Chair of Saint Peter. Carrying those themes forward, she showed how the artwork reflected the changes in human history, and how the artists in the present exhibit portrayed new ways of thinking about some of these ancient themes. New media, she said, such as photography, has great potential for the theme of universality,

Brother Norman Hipps, O.S.B., president of Saint Vincent College, welcomes Vatican art historian Dr. Elizabeth Lev to the Saint Vincent Gallery for the opening of the Seventh Annual Juried Catholic Arts Exhibition. (See pages 18 and 19.) to wake people up from a simple portrayal of life’s activities, to challenge them to think about the world in which they live. This new way of viewing the world, she said, can allow people to see the world as it really is, with a somewhat critical attitude. However, Lev said, “Catholic art can also bring back a sense of beauty to the world.” Some of the basic artistic elements carried through in the present exhibit include line, shape, space, which help portray form and color. Craftsmanship, skill and innovation, she said, “will speak to people.” Even an audience that is not sure how to appreciate or react to art, she said, can appreciate the colors, craftsmanship and intricate details of a work. Many works of art, Lev said, are a form of clarity and communication. “Jesus did not come here to preach a secret to himself,” she said. “The point of the Good News is that the Good News needs to be spread. A fundamental part of that is clarity.” She cited the Pieta, the Body and Blood of Christ as classic works that were presented in this juried exhibition in a new way. Vision is also important to artists, and perhaps the most complicated and difficult part. Tracing the vision of how ancient stories portrayed a theme such as suffering or piety, she showed how that led in to her choice of works for the exhibit, such as Neilson Carlin’s portrayal of martyr Father Jacques Hamel or Jordan Hainsey’s The Coptic Martyrs of Libya. Lev also noted that she “was delighted to see so many works that seemed intended for

Heart to Heart • Spring 2019


the home, to bring the sacred into the living room, the study, the bedroom, the places where we live out so much of our lives. The more Christians want to be immersed in their story, whether in pictures of sculptures or photos, the more they will want to share it. And that is the challenge to both Catholic artists and viewers, to communicate and savor the Good News!” Lev is the author of numerous articles on art that have appeared in First Things, Sacerdos, Inside the Vatican, the College Art Association, The Sacred Art Journal, Magnificat and Zenit. Her most recent series of articles have appeared online on Aleteia. She is the author of The Tigress of Forli: Renaissance Italy’s Most Courageous and Notorious Countess, Caterina Riario Sforza de’ Medici (Mariner Books, 2012), Roman Pilgrimage: The Station Churches with George Weigel (Basic Books, 2013), A Body for Glory: Theology of the Body in the Papal Collections with Fr. Jose Granados (Musei Vaticani Publications, 2017), and How Catholic Art Saved the Faith: The Triumph of Beauty and Truth in Counter-Reformation Art (Sophia Institute Press, 2018). The exhibition’s main sponsor was the Diocese of Greensburg—The Most Rev. Edward C. Malesic, J.C.L., along with support from the Diocese of Covington—The Most Rev. Roger J. Foys, D.D., Saint Vincent College—Office of the President, Saint Vincent Archabbey, and Jo Ellen and Alan Yeasted.


Archabbot Douglas is pictured with Anna and Tadeusz Kozminski.

Couple Honors Saint John Paul II With Statue For Student Chapel Anna and Tadeusz Kozminski originally of Krakow have donated a sculpture of Pope Saint John Paul II for the Mary, Mother of Wisdom Chapel on the Saint Vincent College campus. The sculpture was dedicated on October 21, 2018 in honor of the 40th anniversary of the papal election of Saint John Paul II. The sculpture is a bronze bust of Saint John Paul II made in Milan, Italy and resting on the Botticino marble pedestal. The Kozminskis were born and lived in Poland during tough communist rules. They met on the Polish Baltic Sea during summer vacation at the university and this past February celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary. They both graduated from the Technical University (Mining Academy) in Krakow with master’s degrees in mining engineering. Anna Kozminski’s specialty was the processing of solid minerals and the cleaning of materials extracted from underground. Tadeusz’s specialization included all underground and surface operations, including shaft sinking for mining. During their time in Poland, the Polish

government tried to do everything possible to suppress the Catholic Church. However, thanks to their parents, they grew up with a deep religious faith. The Kozminskis had the joy, privilege and honor to know Karol Wojtyla (later Pope John Paul II) personally from their university time in Krakow. Their uncle, Rev. Joseph Matlak (SDB, PHD, JCD) was the spiritual director preparing and leading Karol Wojtyla to his priesthood ordination. Later Father Joseph Matlak and Father Karol Wojtyla worked together for the beatification of Blessed Albert Chmielowski. Forty years ago, on October 16, 1978, Anna and Tadeusz were in the church praying the October rosary when the pastor entered and announced that a few minutes prior, Cardinal Wojtyla was elected the Pope. They continued their recitation of the rosary for the intention of the newly-elected Pope. The couple met the future pope on numerous occasions as Bishop, Archbishop and then Cardinal of Krakow, as they visited

Heart to Heart • Spring 2019


features their uncle at his retirement residence at a monastery of Albertine Nuns near Krakow. Cardinal Wojtyla conducted his funeral rites. Later in life their paths diverged: Cardinal Wojtyla went to Rome and Anna and Tadeusz Kozminski went to Africa in 1983. They last met Pope John Paul II in Zambia, during his pilgrimage in May, 1989. In Zambia, they worked under very harsh, mainly unregulated conditions, and were exposed to common burglaries, kidnappings and poverty. In early 1988 they contracted malaria. Anna was diagnosed with a blood infection malaria and Tadeusz with cerebral malaria. Because medical care in Zambia was limited, Anna arranged for Tadeusz to go to a hospital in South Africa. He was comatose for four weeks and then miraculously recovered. Anna spent every day and night in continuous prayer. Later, a leading professor from Pretoria University summarized the recovery as a strong body, five percent; medications, five percent; God’s miracle, 90 percent. Tadeusz was told he was the only case in the world with a complete recovery. That experience only strengthened their faith and love for one another and God. In late 1988, they moved from Zambia to South Africa. In 1994, they received an employment offer from an American company and moved from South Africa to the United States. Once there, Tadeusz travelled to many countries around the world, introducing new mining products and technologies to local industries. Anna often accompanied him. After some time they planned to visit Rome again, and sent a letter to Pope John Paul II, remembering their times together and requesting an audience. After a number of weeks the Kozminskis received a letter from Bishop Stanislaw Dziwisz, the personal secretary to Pope John Paul II, inviting them to a private audience on April 24. Pope John Paul II died on April 2, 2005, a few weeks prior to the date for their audience. The Kozminskis continued with their planned trip. On April 19, 2005 Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected as Pope Benedict XVI. On April 24, the day of their scheduled audience, the Papal Inauguration Mass was celebrated in Saint Peter’s Square. The Kozminskis received reserved seating tickets

Archabbot Douglas R. Nowicki, O.S.B., blesses a new bust of Saint John Paul II in the Mary, Mother of Wisdom Student Chapel on campus. Photos by Tyrique Anderson. from Bishop Dziwisz. The seats were under the window of Pope John Paul II’s former room, above the Bernini colonnade. To get there, they had to walk through the Vatican interior, assisted by the Swiss Guard, walking the same steps Pope John Paul II used to walk daily, a very emotional moment for them. Their special memories of Pope John Paul II had to do with his loving care of everyone, especially young people. He taught them, “do not be afraid!” He established World Youth Day. He helped dismantle the communist regime. His motto, “Totus Tuus,” or Totally Yours, expressed his personal devotion to Mary, Mother of God. He introduced

and promoted the powerful devotion of Divine Mercy, Saint Faustina. In providing the gift of the sculpture to the students of Saint Vincent College, Anna and Tadeusz noted, “at present, most young people know of Saint John Paul. In years to come, how many people, and young people in particular, will remember who he was and how great he was. We hope to preserve his name and to honor his legacy for future generations with this gift of a bronze bust of Pope Saint John Paul II for the Mary, Mother of Wisdom Student Chapel in his memory.” “We believe that our gift of the Pope Saint John Paul II sculpture will be a great inspiration to Saint Vincent students.”

Taking part in the Mass for the Blessing and Dedication of the bust honoring Saint John Paul II were, from left, Father Lawrence Machia, O.S.B., Archabbot Douglas R. Nowicki, O.S.B., Father Maximilian Maxwell, O.S.B., and Father Paul R. Taylor, O.S.B.

Heart to Heart • Spring 2019



Spring Break Pilgrimage to Rome Seminarians from Saint Vincent Seminary had the opportunity to go to Rome during the week of Ash Wednesday, which also happened to coincide with the spring break. During their weeklong travels in Rome, they had the opportunity to see Pope Francis twice, once at his General Audience at Saint Peter’s Square and a second time following the Pope’s Penitential Procession of Ash Wednesday from Sant’ Anselmo to Santa Sabina for Mass, as the Sistine Choir sang “Attende Domine.” While at Santa Sabina they met Bishop Robert Barron, the founder of Word on Fire Catholic Ministries and Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles. Among those attending the pilgrimage were, from left, Deacon Andrew Yan of the Archdiocese of Beijing; Jordan Hainsey from the Diocese of Covington; Father Boniface Hicks, O.S.B., spiritual director of Saint Vincent Seminary; Joseph Petrone of the Diocese of Erie; Bishop Robert Barron; John Baumann of the Diocese of Covington; Brother Conrad Wald, O.S.B., of Saint Andrew’s Abbey, Cleveland; and Brother Ignatius Camello, O.S.B., of Saint Vincent Archabbey. Photos courtesy of Jordan Hainsey.

Benedictines in East Asia and Oceania The XII Meeting of the Benedictines in East Asia and Oceania (BEAO) took place in Taipei, Taiwan, November 26 to 30, 2018. Brother Nicholas Koss, O.S.B., second from right, front row, represented Saint Vincent Archabbey at the event, which was attended by Abbot Primate Gregory Polan, O.S.B. Msgr. Slađan Ćosić, Chargé d’Affaires a.i. of the Apostolic Nunciature was the homilist at the November 27 Mass. The organization was created in 1995 by Abbot Primate Notker Wolf, O.S.B., Archabbot Douglas Nowicki, O.S.B., of Saint Vincent Archabbey, and Abbot Timothy Kelly, O.S.B., of Saint John’s Abbey, Collegeville. Presenters included Abbot Jean-Pierre Longeat, O.S.B., Abbot Emeritus of Ligugé, president of the Alliance for International Monasticism (AIM), and Father Mark Butlin, O.S.B., associate director of the Monastic Formators’ Programme in Rome and Assisi, a monk of Ampleforth Abbey, England. Vice President Chen Chien-jen of the Republic of China, Taiwan, spoke on “My experiences as a Catholic in government service, and Taiwan’s relationship with Korea and the Philippines.” Heart to Heart • Spring 2019



Father Thaddeus Rettger, O.S.B., at right in the above photo, talks with a volunteer at the new food pantry in Hastings. At right a volunteer tapes up boxes, and at lower right, volunteers package up sundry items.

Food Pantry’s New Facility Opens in Hastings In the summer of 2017, Heart to Heart reported on the efforts of Father Thaddeus Rettger, O.S.B., and a group of volunteers from Saint Bernard Parish, Hastings, to establish a food pantry to serve the northern Cambria County area. The group, which does a twice-a-month distribution by the non-profit Peter Lemke Council of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society, was initially working out of a space in nearby Carrolltown, but had an indication it might need to move. Approximately $120,000 in grants and donations was raised, property in Hastings purchased, and a new building constructed. The first food distribution in the new building took place on Ocober 17. A grand opening was held on Saturday, November 17, followed by an open house. Information was provided about eligibility for food assistance, the sources of food donations, and on the protocols of food safety. The food pantry serves Hastings, Carrolltown, Nicktown, Northern Cambria, St. Benedict and the surrounding areas of northern Cambria County. The food pantry is partnered with Food for Families, the Greater Food Bank of Pittsburgh, Johnstown Food Bank, United Way, several government programs, local

churches, scouts, schools, rotary and civic organizations, local farmers and individuals as sources of foods and monetary donations. Approximately one in every four residents of the region is eligible for assistance. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, 2018, a month after the new facility opened, the food pantry held a special Thanksgiving food distribution. Father Thaddeus noted that the local Giant Eagle, in northern Cambria, contributed 100 turkeys. Families received vegetables, fruit, cereal, pasta, yams and other staples. During the distribution Father Thaddeus

Heart to Heart • Spring 2019


took a few moments to meet with a group from Pittsburgh regarding expansion of services via a monthly produce distribution. Volunteers packed and loaded boxes in assembly line fashion, getting families in and out quickly. The parking lot had dozens of cars in the snowy lot, and some drivers waited patiently along the road until others exited so they could find a spot. Father Thaddeus noted that more than 70 boxes were picked up in the first hour, making for a special holiday for all involved. For additional photos of the new facility visit


2019 Summer Retreats Announced Five retreats will be offered this summer as part of the Saint Vincent Archabbey Summer Retreat Program. All are three-day retreats beginning with the first session at 5:30 p.m. Friday and ending at 1 p.m. Sunday. Fees are $185 per person, with registration beginning at 3 p.m. in Leander Hall. Online registration is available through the retreat office website at www.

BENEDICTINE SPIRITUALITY Hospitality: Responding to God’s Generous Welcome to Us Friday, May 24, 5:30 p.m. to Sunday, May 26, 1 p.m. From a Christian, Benedictine perspective hospitality involves far more than providing comfort for guests. This retreat will reflect on ways in which God welcomes us, ways in which we are summoned to welcome Him, and ways in which we can make room for others and thus have our hearts expanded in the love of Christ. Retreat Master: Father Donald Raila, O.S.B., is director of the Saint Vincent Archabbey Oblate Program. He is the author of two books: Lessons from Benedict: Finding Joy in Daily Life; The Study Guide to Lessons from Saint Benedict: Finding Joy in Daily Life; and the editor of The Rule in Bits and Pieces, a collection of reflections covering every chapter of the Holy Rule of Saint Benedict.

All Guests ... Are to be

Welcomed As Christ

—Rule of Saint Benedict 53:1

CHARISMATIC PRAYER Let Your Kingdom Come Friday, June 14, 5:30 p.m. to Sunday, June 16, 1 p.m. At the beginning of the Acts of the Apostles, the disciples ask Jesus, “Lord, at this time are you going to restore the kingdom to Israel?” (Acts1:6). He does not directly answer the question, but tells them to go and pray, and that they will receive power from on high to be his witnesses in the world. In short, Jesus establishes the kingdom anywhere his followers, empowered by the Holy Spirit, make his presence and his Church present in the world. This is what the world needs today—outward, tangible, visible manifestations of God’s transformative and restorative power! In short, we still pray to God in response to the prayer of Pope St. John XXIII, “Renew your wonders in this our day, as by a new Pentecost! Amen! Come, Lord Jesus! Let Your Kingdom come!” Retreat Master: Father Shawn Matthew Anderson, O.S.B., earned a master of divinity degree from Saint Vincent Seminary in 2007 and a doctorate from Virginia Commonwealth University in pharmacology. He serves as an assistant professor of biology.

BENEDICTINE SPIRITUALITY The Humility of the Sacred Heart in Benedictine Spirituality Friday, June 28, 5:30 p.m. to Sunday, June 30, 1 p.m. As we celebrate the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart, during this weekend retreat, we remember the simple beautiful invocation of the Litany of the Sacred Heart, “Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make our hearts like unto Thine.” Saint Benedict lived long

Heart to Heart • Spring 2019


before the Revelation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to Saint Margaret Mary, but he already highlighted a key virtue of the Sacred Heart: humility. In this retreat we will reflect on humility in Benedictine spirituality and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Retreat Master: Father Boniface Hicks O.S.B., has master of arts and master of divinity degrees from Saint Vincent Seminary, as well as a Ph.D. in computer science from Pennsylvania State University. He co-authored, along with Father Thomas Acklin, O.S.B., the book Spiritual Direction: A Guide for Sharing the Father’s Love, and is also director of Spiritual Life for Saint Vincent Seminary.

MEN’S RETREAT The Virtue of Fortitude in Our Troubled Times Friday, July 19, 5:30 p.m. to Sunday, July 21, 1 p.m. The Catholic Faith will provide all the strength needed for you to battle the growing darkness of our troubled times— if you take Christ as your Captain. This retreat will focus on the special challenges facing men in our post-Christian social environment and ways to cultivate the virtue of fortitude. The teachings of the Church on the virtue of fortitude and the pursuit of holiness will be illustrated by Church history and the lives of the saints. Retreat Master: Father Maurus Mount, O.S.B., has master of arts, master of divinity and bachelor of sacred theology degrees from Saint Vincent Seminary, a master of arts degree in classical (Continued on Page 9)


Retreats (Continued from Page 8)

languages from the University of Illinois, and a doctorate in classical philology from the University of Vienna, Austria. He is an assistant professor of classical languages at Saint Vincent Seminary and a member of the faculty of Saint Vincent College.

New Stained Glass Window In Leechburg

SILENT RETREAT Practitioners of Silence Friday, July 26, 5:30 p.m. to Sunday, July 28, 1 p.m. We live in a noisy and bustling society that generally misunderstands, devalues, and sometimes even fears silence. Drawing from various sources of inspiration as our guide, this retreat will explore how the careful cultivation and practice of silence and restraint of speech may improve the quality of our lives and the lives of those around us. Retreat Master: Father Jeffrey Nyardy, O.S.B., earned a master of divinity degree from Saint Vincent Seminary. His work at Saint Vincent Archabbey includes serving as a member of the faculty and staff of Benedictine Priory and Benedictine Military High School, Savannah, Georgia. He has also served as junior master of the monastic community and director of solemnly professed Benedictine and visiting religious seminarians. He continues to serve as an assistant to the Archabbot.

Father Vincent de Paul Crosby, O.S.B., designed a new main stained glass window for Christ the King Church in Leechburg. The window will be installed in 2019. Father James Loew, O.S.B., is administrator of the parish.

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Basilica Renovations Parishioners, visitors and members of the Saint Vincent community may have observed some recent changes at the altar area of the Saint Vincent Archabbey Basilica. Installers from Jones Stone and Marble installed marble on the sides of the steps leading to the altar of the Basilica to match the marble on the center steps. Father Vincent de Paul Crosby, O.S.B., the Archabbey’s consultant for monastic environment and art, noted that Jones Stone and Marble did the work on the altar for the Mary Mother of Mercy Mausoleum Chapel. The company also did the decorative tiles around the base of the two new statues of Saint Pope John XXIII and Saint Pope John Paul II which were dedicated in 2018. “When we renovated the church in 1996, we wanted to extend the sanctuary but we were not sure if we had the best solution,” said Father Vincent. “So we did the extensions in wood and then had the

wood faux painted to match the existing green marble. We lived with this for 22 years and then finally decided to make the extensions permanent. Fortunately we were able to find a match for the dark green marble, called Vermont Green. We also located a match for the off white Botticino marble. We also used some of the original small rose marble mosaics in the border. “Working with marble and carefully blending the old with the new is a very tedious process,” he added. “Jones Stone has done an excellent job.” Additionally, prior to the 1950s renovations, marking the centennial of Saint Vincent’s elevation to the rank of abbey, the Basilica had a wineglass pulpit carved from white oak and stained to match the other wood furnishings. It contained elaborate carvings of the four Evangelists’ symbols, winged man (Matthew), winged Lion (Mark), winged Ox (Luke) and Eagle

Heart to Heart • Spring 2019

(John). The elevated wineglass pulpit had an elaborate, curved stairway leading to the top platform. It also had a curved sounding board above it to help direct sound to the congregational seating in the Basilica. It was removed in 1955 and replaced with two lecterns. During later renovations it was replaced with a simpler structure, more familiar to current parishioners, with the inscription “In omnibus glorificetur Deus” (May God be Glorified in All Things) on the book rest. The evangelists’ symbols were recently added to the current ambo, along with an additional step, Father Vincent said. “I worked with Dr. Angelo DiMezza, a parishioner, to redesign the pulpit,” Father Vincent said. “I did the designs. He did an excellent job in executing the designs. Our goal was to raise the pulpit one step, enlarge the reading surface, provide some very discreet low voltage lighting for



the reader. I knew that [the late] Brother Nathan Cochran had been keeping small carved figures of the four Evangelists in the gallery. They were parts of the original pulpit. We returned these sculptures to the Church and attached them to the front of the redesigned pulpit.” Father Vincent noted that a lighting project is also underway in the Basilica. “There are three phases to this project,” he said. “We are in the first phase. They are now installing all the new fixtures that will provide accent lighting to the vaulting in the clerestory area of the nave, choir, apse and transepts. There is also new accent lighting being installed in all the arches of the side aisles. “The second phase,” Father Vincent said, “will be the retrofitting to the existing lighting. We are awaiting delivery of these fixtures. The third phase will be the merging of the first and second phases in a new computerized system.” While Father Vincent was not able to give a time for completion of the lighting project, he said, “the end result will be very dramatic.” In recent months, an upgrade was also completed to the Basilica sound system, The finished church is 230 feet long and the width in the nave and choir is 62 feet. The sanctuary ceilings are 68 feet high. It takes six seconds for a word spoken at the front of the church to be heard in

the back. Thus, the acoustic challenges of providing quality sound to meet the needs of the worshippers who attend

daily Mass, as well as the needs of the Archabbey’s live broadcasting system, were not insignificant. The challenges of providing a sound system in a building of this age, and of these dimensions, were daunting. The Gelnett & Associates staff also had to contend with the aesthetics of the Basilica. Speakers were custom painted to match the marble columns. Cables and cords were carefully hidden. Hundreds of feet of cable for high-definition broadcasting had to be installed, as well as new high-definition cameras. Gelnett & Associates built a system that automatically turns the microphones on and off and adjusts levels for different voices. The echo and reverberation issues in the nave were minimized by directing sound to the pews and by not allowing sound waves to bounce off the high ceilings and marble floors.

New Accessibility Ramp The accessibility ramp in Saint Vincent Basilica is complete. In a building that is well over 100 years old, it’s difficult to retro-fit improvements and do them well. After many months of careful planning and design, the Basilica is now better able to serve those who worship and visit the Basilica that need special assistance. We offer our most sincere thanks to the First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association (FCSLA) for the grant from their organization that helped fund this project. A special thanks to the National President, Cynthia Maleski, the FCSLA Board, the Grant Committee, and the convention delegates who approved the grant. We are deeply grateful for the funds granted to us for this project and for the FCSLA’s strong support of Saint Vincent Archabbey and Seminary. Thank you FCSLA!

Heart to Heart • Spring 2019



Priest, Deacon Ordinations

Benedictines from Saint Vincent Archabbey were ordained to the priesthood and to the diaconate on September 22 by Most Rev. Edward C. Malesic, Bishop of the Diocese of Greensburg, at Saint Vincent Archabbey Basilica. Father David Klecker, O.S.B., the son of Robert Klecker of Eagon, Minnesota and Barbara Weiss of Hopkins, Minnesota and Brother Dominic Sylvester Leo, O.S.B., the son of M. Leo Joseph and Rita Leo of Bangalore, India were ordained along with a seminarian from the Archdiocese of Beijing, China, Andrew Yan. FATHER DAVID KLECKER, O.S.B. Father David Klecker, O.S.B. is a graduate of Saint Paul Academy, Saint Paul, Minnesota. He received a bachelor of science degree in 1997 from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. He has done graduate work at the Angelicum in Rome, the Aquinas Institute of Theology, St. Louis, Missouri, and at Holy Apostles College and Seminary, Cromwell, Connecticut. He is currently enrolled in graduate studies at Armstrong State University, Savannah, in computer science. Father David professed vows as a Cistercian monk on August 29, 2005, and was ordained a deacon on August 20, 2011 while still a Cistercian monk. He transferred to Saint Vincent Archabbey

Taking part in the ordination Mass on September 22 were, from left, Father David Klecker, O.S.B., Saint Vincent Archabbey, who was ordained to the priesthood; Brother Dominic Leo, O.S.B., Saint Vincent Archabbey, and Andrew Yan, Archdiocese of Beijing, who were ordained to the diaconate. in 2015, and completed his master of divinity degree at Saint Vincent Seminary in 2016. He was assigned to the Archabbey Public Relations Office in 2015-2016 to assist with computer technology and Archabbey websites and as a videographer. In 2017 he was assigned to Benedictine Military School in Savannah, Georgia, as a faculty member in information technology. BROTHER DOMINIC LEO, O.S.B. Brother Dominic graduated in 1988 from Saint Aloysius Junior College in Bangalore, where he also received a bachelor of commerce degree in 1991 from Saint Joseph’s

Taking part in the September 22 ordination Mass were from left, Deacon Andrew Yan, Archabbot Douglas R. Nowicki, O.S.B., Bishop Edward C. Malesic of the Diocese of Greensburg; Father David Klecker O.S.B., of Saint Vincent Archabbey; and Brother Dominic Leo, O.S.B. Heart to Heart • Spring 2019

College of Commerce, majoring in taxation. He earned the master of science degree in information technology in 2004 from Karnataka State Open University. Brother Dominic studied at the Seminary of Christ the King Mission, British Columbia, Canada, in 2012; at Saint John’s School of Theology and Seminary, Collegeville, Minnesota, in 2014 and is completing studies for the priesthood at Saint Vincent Seminary. He entered the Benedictine Order as a monk of Saint Peter’s Abbey, Saskatchewan, Canada on April 12, 2014 and transferred his vows to Saint Vincent Archabbey on March 21, 2017. At the Archabbey he has been assigned as socius of novices (2017-2018), sacristan and assistant master of ceremonies (2017-present) and blogger in the Vocation Office (2017-present), as well as assistant manager of the Gristmill General Store and miller at Saint Vincent Gristmill (2017-present). DEACON ANDREW YAN Rev. Mr. Andrew Yan of Tai Yuan, Shanghai, China, is the son of Hui Ping Yan and Rune Fan of Shanghai. He graduated in 2004 from Quin Xu High School, Tai Yuan. He earned a bachelor of science degree in chemistry from Tai Yuan University of Technology. He is studying at Saint Vincent Seminary for the Archdiocese of Beijing. Additional photos are available for viewing at



Ordination Brazil Father Martinho Zevallos Chávez, O.S.B., was ordained to the priesthood on August 18 by Most Rev. Dom Airton José dos Santos, Archbishop of Campinas, at Mosteirio de São Bento, Vinhedo, Sao Paulo, Brazil. A 2018 graduate of Saint Vincent Seminary, he is the son of Luis Ariel Zevallos Perez and Teresa Sara Chávez de Zevallos of Arequipa, Peru. He graduated from Coronel Gregorio Albarracin, Tacna, Peru, in 1989 and received a bachelor’s degree from the University of San Agustin, Arequipa, Peru, in 1995. He also has a doctorate in physics from the University of São Paulo, Brazil, 2003. He professed solemn vows at the Archabbey’s dependent priory in Brazil on August 17, 2014 before Father Prior Paulo Panza, O.S.B. He was ordained to the diaconate on July 15, 2017 by Archbishop Airton José dos Santos at the Priory in Brazil. While attending Saint Vincent Seminary, he served the Archabbey as assistant to the director, Foreign Mission Office (20122018); socius of novices and postulants (2015-2018); assistant to the director of vocations (2015-2018); assistant to the prior (2013-2017). He is now serving as novice master at São Bento Priory.

Father Edward Mazich, O.S.B., rector of Saint Vincent Seminary, right, attended the ordination of Father Martinho Zevallos Chávez, O.S.B. The ordination Mass was celebrated by Most Rev. Dom Airton José dos Santos, Archbishop of Campinas. Next to Father Edward in the photo is Prior Paulo Panza, O.S.B., of Mosteirio de São Bento. In the photo below, Father Martinho celebrates his First Mass the following day.

Heart to Heart • Spring 2019


archabbey news apostolates Father Boniface Hicks, O.S.B., gave an Advent retreat with holy hour reflection at Father of Mercy Chapel, Toronto, Ohio, at the Sacred Heart Center of Hope. The retreat was entitled “Advent Journey with Mother Mary.” Father Boniface presented a one-day conference, “Unbound: Freedom in Christ,” at Saint Vincent Basilica Parish in September. Father Boniface also attended a three-day symposium that introduced Blessed Karl of Austria to the Dallas Region of the Order of Malta. Blessed Karl of Austria was the last Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and a Bailiff Grand Cross of Honor and Devotion in the Order of Malta. Throughout the weekend, more than 550 people were introduced to Blessed Karl and will now be praying for his canonization. Talks were held at the Allen Public Library in Allen, Texas for the general public, at the home of Karen Chapman, DM for the Dallas Region’s Defense of Faith Semi-Annual Talk, and at the parish of Mater Dei in Irving, Texas. The series of talks ended with a Solemn Mass with full choir followed by veneration with blessing of a first-class relic of Blessed Karl as the Kaiserhymn was sung in German. The speakers included Suzanne Pearson, a delegate of the Emperor Karl League of Prayer, who gave a detailed summary of the life of Blessed Karl; Father Boniface, who is also a delegate of the Emperor Karl League of Prayer, who spoke about Blessed Karl being a saint for our times; and Princess Maria-Anna Galitzine, who provided firsthand Habsburg family stories of her grandparents, Blessed Karl and Empress Zita. ***** Brother Mark Floreanini, O.S.B., arranged for a Saint Vincent College alumni art exhibit at the Sant Vincent Gristmill this past fall. Brother Mark, who is also an alumnus of the college, participated in the show. *****

Conference Attendees Visit Basilica Father Paul Taylor, O.S.B., celebrated Mass for the National Conference of the Ladies of Charity in the Archabbey Basilica. The group held its annual conference in Pittsburgh, and visited at Saint Vincent for Mass. The server for the Mass was Jimmy Rosa, a Saint Vincent College student. Father Michael Antonacci, O.S.B., published an article in the journal Magnetic Resonance in Medicine entitled “Simple and robust referencing system enables identification of dissolved-phase xenon spectral frequencies,” (Antonacci, M.A., Zhang, L., Burant, A., McCallister, D. and Branca, R.T., 2018). Simple and robust referencing system enables identification of dissolved-phase spectral frequencies. For reference: https://onlinelibrary.wiley. com/doi/abs/10.1002/mrm.27042. He presented a research poster, “Absolute Reference for Dissolved-Phase 129Xe Spectroscopy Leads to Peak Reassignment,” at the 26th annual meeting of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. He had another article published in Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, “Calibration of methylene-referenced lipid-dissolved xenon frequency for absolute MR temperature measurements.” (Antonacci, M.A., Zhang L., Degan S., Erdmann D., Branca RT,

Heart to Heart • Spring 2019

2018). Calibration of methylene-referenced lipid-dissolved xenon frequency for absolute MR temperature measurements. For reference: pubmed/30216528. Father Michael was also the co-author of two articles, “Accurate quantification of brown adipose tissue by xenon-enhnaced computer tomography,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, January 2018, 115 (1) 174-179, and “Effects of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles on the longitudinal and transverse relaxation of hyperpolarized xenon gas,” in the Journal of Magnetic Resonance, Volume 291, 2018, 53-62. ***** Father Thomas Hart, O.S.B., was invited to offer an Advent talk, “One Gospel: Fourfold in Form— The Year of Grace According to Saint Luke,” as part of the Theology on the Vine Series at Immaculate Conception Church, Irwin.


archabbey news apostolates ***** Father Nathanael Polinski, O.S.B., gave a talk on Lectio Divina to the Blessed Columba Marmion Chapter of the Oblates at Saint Louise de Marillac Parish. He will give another talk to the group in May. Father Nathanael also gave a talk to the Saint Vincent Oblate group entitled “Participation in Christ’s Perfect Worship in the Liturgy.” He gave a day of recollection to the Sisters Servants of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Cresson, in December. ***** Father Brian Boosel, O.S.B., has been appointed to serve as director of the Saint Vincent College Honors Program. ***** Father Jude Brady, O.S.B., gave the retreat for the Benedictine Sisters of the Good Shepherd, Rio Grande City, Texas, and gave two days of reflection, one for Saint Vincent Seminary in September, and one for the priests and deacons of the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown. He also gave a day of reflection recently for the Franciscan Formation Third Order Regular, in Washington, D.C. ***** Father Stephen Concordia O.S.B., directed the Fifth Annual Festival of Lessons and Carols of the Saint Vincent Camerata in the Basilica in December. ***** Father James Podlesny, O.S.B., represented Bishop Edward Malesic at the Council of Bishops and Executives meeting of the Christian

Associates of Southwest Pennsylvania in the fall. He also led an evening of reflection for the ecclesial lay ministers of the Diocese of Greensburg on “The New Evangelization and the Ecclesial Lay Minister as a Leaven for Change in the Parish” in October. In November he attended the Theology and Education Committee of the Christian Associates meeting at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, which discussed “The State of Ecumenism Today

and the Future of the Ecumenical Movement in Light of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report.” Father James spoke on Servant Leadership at the Christ the Divine Teacher School in November, and was appointed in November to the Lenten Appeal Planning Committee for the Diocese of Greensburg. ***** Father Matthew Lambert, O.S.B., who is studying at the Biblicum in Rome, completed a presentation on the minor prophet

Transition Program Presentation Father Philip Kanfush, O.S.B., attended the 21st Annual Conference of the Tennessee Association for Behavior Analysis November 8-10 in Nashville. His presentation was “Using Behavior Analytic Principles to Support Inclusion of Students with ID on a College Campus,” with Alaina Daloiso. “Since the enactment of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act in July, 2014, the special education and adult service communities have struggled to find meaningful ways to prepare students with disabilities for inclusion in their communities through employment and social involvement. The proposed presentation will review the theoretical foundations of behavior analytic principles and report the use of those behavior analytic instructional principles to achieve statistically significant gains among students.” A second presentation at the conference was “Play and Autistic Spectrum Disorder: From Literature to Life.” The presentation provided “an overview of theories of play in typically developing children, addressed the symptomatology of Autism that impinges on development of typical play skills in young children, and provided strategies for behavioral programming to enhance the development of play skills in young children with Autistic Spectrum disorder.” Father Philip (right in the photo above) presented on “Designing A Successful College Campus-Based Transition Program,” with Philip M. Pisone, at the Autism New Jersey Conference, Atlantic City, New Jersey, with Philip M. Pisone (left in the photo above).

Heart to Heart • Spring 2019


archabbey news apostolates

Benedictines At Seminary Studying at Saint Vincent Seminary for the 2018-2019 school year are nine Benedictines from Saint Vincent Archabbey, Latrobe. Pictured, front, from left, Deacon Lawrence Sutton, Ph.D., director of pre-theology formation; Rev. Nathan Munsch, O.S.B., director of pastoral formation; Very Rev. Edward Mazich, O.S.B., rector; Rev. John-Mary Tompkins, O.S.B., vice rector and director of human formation; Rev. Cyprian Constantine, O.S.B., director of liturgical formation; Rev. Emmanuel Afunugo, dean of students and Rev. Boniface Hicks, O.S.B., director of spiritual formation; back, from left, Brother Francis Jin, O.S.B., first theology; Brother Celestine Xu, O.S.B., pre-theology II; Brother Andrew Kim, O.S.B., second theology; Brother Dominic Leo, O.S.B., fourth theology; Brother Cassian Edwards, O.S.B., second theology; Brother Barnabas O’Reilly, O.S.B., first theology; Brother Robert Austin, O.S.B., pre-theology II; Brother Gilbert Heater, O.S.B., pre-theology I; Brother Ignatius Camello, O.S.B., third theology. Photo by Jim Andrews, Andrews Photography. Nahum. He plans to complete his licentiate this year at the Biblicum. ***** Brother Cassian Edwards, O.S.B., spoke on “Love of Christ and Neighbor,” to the Saint Vincent College administrative staff on December 12. Father Donald Raila, O.S.B., spoke on “Hospitality: Openness to the Other,” at the October 10 meeting. ***** Benedictines who recently gave presentations to the Oblates

of Saint Benedict at Saint Vincent Archabbey include: Father Thomas Hart, O.S.B., “Humility in Benedictine Spirituality,” in November. Brother Dominic Leo, O.S.B., spoke on “Conversatio morum” in December. The talks take place in the Brownfield Center on campus as part of the Oblate meetings. Following the talks, Oblates pray Sunday Vespers with the Benedictine community. ***** Father Edward Mazich, O.S.B., spoke on the topic of miracles at the fall session of the Spirituality and Aging series at Saint Vincent College. “What is a miracle?” he asked. “I think that everybody has in one form or another prayed for miracles for our families, for peace or for

Heart to Heart • Spring 2019

other things. We all pray for miracles at some time. But how often do we consciously reflect on what a miracle is?” Father Edward noted that many accounts of miracles from the Bible are found, either affecting the life of an individual or the lives of many. “The Church teaches that miracles happen and we can pray for miracles, but be prudent about what you ask for,” he said. Miracles, he said, are defined when there is no scientific or medical reason for something to happen. Miracles are not, he added, performed to “entertain or trick us.” When a prayer appears to be unanswered,


archabbey news apostolates Father Edward said, “pray to accept the will of God. Pray that if there is going to be a miracle that you will be open to it. We should always pray for something. Miracles can happen in our lives.” ***** In a recent article in a vocations supplement in The Catholic Spirit, newspaper of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, a monk of Saint Vincent Archabbey was credited with having a role in the vocation of a present-day seminarian for the diocese. John Soplinski, a 1996 graduate of Saint Vincent College who is from Weirton, West Virginia, attributed his decision to begin studies to family members who were priests as well as to the influence of Father Brian Boosel, O.S.B. ***** Father Cyprian Constantine, O.S.B., spoke and led a discussion on the post-Vatican II liturgy at Our Lady, Queen of the Americas Parish in Conneaut Lake, PA, in the Diocese of Erie. The pastor is the recently ordained Rev. David Carter, an alumnus of Saint Vincent Seminary.

He gave the Christmas Preparation Retreat at Mount Saint Macrina House or Prayer in Uniontown. The topic of the retreat was: “The time of salvation is near: Prepare by Fasting, Prayer, Repentance, and Almsgiving.” Part of the Archeparchy of Pittsburgh, Mount Saint Macrina is the site of the largest pilgrimage among Ruthenian Byzantine Rite Catholics in North America. It is also home to the monastery of Byzantine Catholic Order of Sisters of Saint Basil. ***** Father Philip Kanfush, O.S.B., earned a post-graduate certificate in Children’s Literature at the Pennsylvania State University in 2018. He also received

certification as an Authorized Continuing Education Provider with the Behavior Analyst Certification Board and as a Certified Employment Support Specialist recently. He was an invited presenter for a faculty in-service training at Saint Vincent Seminary in the fall of 2018, his topic being “Facilitating Content and Skill Mastery for Students with Learning Problems.” ***** Father Warren Murrman, O.S.B., will publish a translation of the work of Boniface Wimmer: Abbot of Saint Vincent in Pennsylvania, A Biography for Our Time this summer. Father Warren has been working on the translation for a number of years with Dr. Maria Von Mickwitz. The work was originally published in German in 1891, and prior to this effort, had never been translated into English. Publisher of the book will be Archabbey Publications.

Mass at BC Celebrating a recent Mass at Benedictine Military School in Savannah, the students along with administrators, faculty and staff members were present. On stage, from left, were three students, Father Jean-Luc Zadroga, O.S.B.; Father David Klecker, O.S.B.; Father Frank Ziemkiewicz, O.S.B., headmaster; Father Ronald Gatman, O.S.B., and Father John Paul Heiser, O.S.B. (Photo by BC Communications Director Noell Barnidge) Heart to Heart • Spring 2019


Juried Catholic Arts Exhibition Garners National Attention For Saint Vincent Gallery


am absolutely persuaded that a monastic school which does not give just as much attention to art as to knowledge and religion is a very imperfect one and that a deficiency in scholarship at the beginning can be more readily excused than a neglect of art,” wrote Saint Vincent founder Boniface Wimmer. The tradition continues today in the arts, as the Seventh Juried Catholic Arts Exhibition recently concluded, garnering national attention. Juror Elizabeth Lev, Ph.D., photo middle, right, is an American-born art historian who specilizes in Christian art and architecture, Baroque painting and sculpture and High Renaissance art. A licensed guide for the city of Rome and the Vatican museums, she has served as a Vatican art expert for NBC and has appeared on The Today Show, Nightline and 60 Minutes, and was the host of Catholic Canvas, a 10-part series on the art of the Vatican Museums, which aired on EWTN. The show had 311 internationally submitted entries, which was winnowed to 44. To view Lev’s lecture, “Catholic Art of the Modern Age: New Images for an Ancient Story,” visit this link: 1. Winner of The Brother Nathan Cochran Award in Sacred Arts, first prize, Daniel Bonnell of Savannah, Georgia, oil on canvas, “Adoration”; 2. The late Brother Nathan, O.S.B., founder and visionary of the biennial Sacred art exhibition in 2006; 3. Elizabeth Lev, Ph.D., 2018 Juror; 4. Honorable Mention, Jordan Hainsey, C’11, of Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, digital photograph, “The Coptic Martyrs of Libya”; 5. Maysoun Y. Seman of Commerce Township, Michigan, “People’s Choice” Winner, watercolor on wood, “Mary and Elizabeth—The Visitation.” 6. Third prize winner, Lisa Buggey of Indiana, Pennsylvania, acrylic on canvas, “Saint Maximilian Kolbe”; 7. Father Robert Keffer, O.S.B., and a visitor admire his work, “The Mystical Revelation of Saint Rita,” that was shown in the exhibit.









Library, Gallery Dedication: April 23, 2020 The work of Saint Vincent alumnus Roman Verostko will be featured in the inaugural exhibit of the new Saint Vincent Gallery, which is scheduled to be completed and dedicated on April 23, 2020. The exhibit will be enitled “Roman Verostko and the Cloud of Unknowing: From Ideas in the Mind to Ideas in Code.” The new gallery space is part of the expanded Dale P. Latimer Library, which is presently undergoing renovation as part of the Forward, Always Forward Capital Campaign for Saint Vincent College. Verostko has championed the intersection of art, science and technology through his innovative use of computer algorithms driving pen-plotters to create original drawings. Verostko’s unique blending of art historical principles, technological innovation, and a profound spirituality informed by his time in the monastery, exemplifies the kind of academic inquiry Saint Vincent instills in its students. The exhibition spans Verostko’s entire career—beginning with the formative years he spent at Saint Vincent and continuing to the present day. Verostko’s ceaseless exploration of pure abstract forms, electronic media, and systems of logic and language, have made him one of the most important artists within the expanding field of generative, algorithmic art. Students and researchers will be able to investigate more deeply the vast array of intersecting ideas and themes inherent in Verostko’s work. Curated by Minneapolis College of Art & Design’s Gallery Director, Kerry Morgan and Melanie Pankau, MCAD Gallery Coordinator, Verostko’s retrospective exhibition is accompanied by a 168-page, full color catalogue. In the future, rotating exhibitions elaborating on Verostko’s oeuvre and the contemporary confluence of spirituality, science, technology, and art will be featured in the Saint Vincent Gallery. Comprised of over 4,000 objects, the art collection at Saint Vincent boasts an impressive collection of paintings, works on paper, textiles, pottery and sculpture ranging from ancient to contemporary. Within the core of the collection remains nearly 200 paintings gifted by King Ludwig I of Bavaria

Archabbot Douglas R. Nowicki, O.S.B., right, and Andrew Julo, curator of the Saint Vincent Arts and Heritage Collection, attended the opening of Roman Verostko’s latest exhibit on January 22 at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD). Verostko, center, is flanked by Kerry A. Morgan, director of gallery and exhibition programs at MCAD and Melanie Pankau, fellowship coordinator at MCAD. The work of Roman Verostko will be featured in the first exhibit for the new Saint Vincent Gallery, scheduled for April 23, 2020. at the request of Boniface Wimmer, O.S.B., in the mid-19th century. At a time when the nascent community of Saint Vincent was looking to establish itself in America, these paintings served as both tools to edify students as well as a visual link to a distant home. “From its earliest days, Wimmer thought of the arts as having the same status and support as science and religion,” said Gallery Curator Andrew Julo. “Today, building on Wimmer’s vision, Saint Vincent continues its commitment to fostering a culture of creativity, inquiry and contemplation. The expansion of the Latimer Family Library and new state-of-the-art technology center is an extremely exciting step in Saint Vincent’s history. “Placing the Gallery within the library emphasizes that Saint Vincent is an innovative Catholic institution of higher learning,

Heart to Heart • Spring 2019

interested in exploring intersections between faith, science, technology, and the humanities as expressed within the visual arts,” Julo said. “In addition to significantly expanding exhibition areas, the Gallery will also feature video presentation space, centralized climate-controlled storage, office space, a conservation lab, a rare book exhibition area and collection room. Through the generosity of several donors and benefactors, Saint Vincent has made a significant commitment to ensuring students have on-campus access to world class artwork and exhibitions.” To support the renovation and expansion of the Dale P. Latimer Library, contact David M. Hollenbaugh, associate vice president for Institutional Advancement and campaign director, at 724-805-2590 or david. Watch the live stream video link for the library construction at



D ! ate


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$100 (inCludes reserved ConCert seating) $25 general admission 724-805-2177 • WWW.EVENTSQUID.COM/EVENT/6318 21

Heart to Heart • Spring 2019


Blue Mass Honors First Responders

Saint Vincent Archabbey, College and Seminary and the Diocese of Greensburg co-sponsored a Blue Mass to honor local and state police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical service personnel. Father Joseph Adams, O.S.B., was the principal celebrant. The speaker was Deputy Carlos Jativa, an Allegheny County sheriff’s deputy who was critically injured during a fall while searching for a fugitive. He is also a decorated military veteran who was injured during a second tour of duty with the U.S. Marines in Iraq in 2012. In the photos above, clockwise, from top left, Father Joseoph blesses emergency vehicles following the Mass; Dr. Eric Kocian, professor in the Criminology, Law, and Society program at Saint Vincent; Archabbot Douglas R. Nowicki, O.S.B., Natasha and Carlos Jativa and Dr. Bruce Antkowiak, Saint Vincent’s legal counsel. Those who have died in the line of duty were also remembered. To view the event visit the Archabbey’s YouTube® channel:

Heart to Heart • Spring 2019



Fahnenweihe Mass Celebrates Cultural Heritage On November 17, Saint Vincent Basilica was the site of a bi-lingual (German and English) Mass and Fahnenweihe. Over 300 members of German-American cultural heritage organizations from Western Pennsylvania and throughout North America were on hand for the event which featured the blessing of the flag of the G.T.E.V. D’Lustingen Isartaler Bavarian Club of Pittsburgh. Mass was celebrataed by Father Warren Murrman, O.S.B. Participants dressed in traditional native Bavarian clothing. The flags of the many organizations were part of the entrance and recessional processions as well as of the impressive ceremony of blessing of the Isartaler flag which occurred at the conclusion of the Mass. Photographs were furnished by Stephen Hargreaves of the Alt Washingtonia Verein in the nation’s capital and by Brother Placid Sellers O.S.B., of Saint Vincent Archabbey.

Heart to Heart • Spring 2019



Blessing of the Harvest Each year on the day before Thanksgiving, the monks gather at the Gristmill for the Blessing of the Harvest. The grains and the equipment are blessed by Archabbot Douglas R. Nowicki, O.S.B., and a brief prayer service is held. Archabbot Douglas is pictured above with Brother Dominic Leo, O.S.B., the Gristmill Miller.

Heart to Heart • Spring 2019



UPCOMING EVENTS at SAINT VINCENT SATURDAY, APRIL 13, 2019 • PITTSBURGH HARP DUO harp • 7 p.m. • Saint Vincent, Basilica Crypt • concertseries. THURSDAY, APRIL 25, 2019 • DAVID SHEDLOSKI • THRESHOLD LECTURE • ARNOLD PALMER 7:30 p.m. • Free admission. Reservations: 724-805-2177 FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 2019 • FROM THE STREETS OF SHAKESPEARE TO THE COURT OF ELIZABETH History Dinner Theater • 6 p.m. • Fred Rogers Center • Reservations:

A Hidden Wholeness–The Zen Photography Of Thomas Merton The Saint Vincent Gallery this spring exhibited a selection of photographs created by the Trappist monk, author and activist Thomas Merton. Dr. Paul Pearson, director of the Thomas Merton Center in Louisville, Kentucky, gave an overview of Merton’s growing interest in photography in the final decade of his life, exploring in particular Merton’s use of the phrase “Zen photography” and its relationship to his vision of the world. Photo credit: Photograph of Thomas Merton by John Howard Griffin. Used with permission of the Merton Legacy Trust and the Thomas Merton Center at Bellarmine University.


New Arts Website Patrons of the arts at Saint Vincent can now find links to news and activities from all of their favorite arts sites, such as the Saint Vincent Gallery, the Foster and Muriel McCarl Coverlet Gallery, and the Saint Vincent Concert Series, available at one new website: To find links to all of our Saint Vincent family of websites visit Heart to Heart • Spring 2019

THURSDAY, JULY 11, 2019 • PROFESSION OF SOLEMN VOWS • 10 a.m. • Archabbey Basilica TUESDAY, JULY 23, 2019 • PRIESTS’ DAY • 11 a.m. • Archabbey Basilica




All Souls Day Service at Mausoleum Archabbot Douglas R. Nowicki, O.S.B., and members of the monastic community remembered those members of the Saint Vincent Archabbey, College, Parish and Seminary community during a service at the Mary, Mother of Mercy Mausoleum Chapel. this past fall.

Abbot of Montecassino Conducted Retreat Abbot Donato Ogliari, O.S.B., of Montecassino Abbey, Italy, gave the monastic retreat to the community June 4-8. He was named the 192nd Abbot of Montecassino by Pope Francis in 2014. He is the author of several books and numerous articles on theology and spirituality. Heart to Heart • Spring 2019


SEEK 2019 Before the spring, 2019 semester started at Saint Vincent, Father Killian Loch, O.S.B., director of Campus Ministry, led a group of students to SEEK2019 in Indianapolis. The conference was sponsored by FOCUS, the Fraternity of Catholic University Students. Among those attending and interacting with the Saint Vincent group was Sister Bethany Madonna, S.V., who is vocation director for the Sisters of Life, Suffern, New York. The Sisters of Life is a contemplative/active religious community of women founded in 1991 by John Cardinal O’Connor for the protection and enhancement of the sacredness of every human life. Sisters take the three traditional vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, but are also consecrated under a special, fourth vow to protect and enhance the sacredness of human life.

Ministry of Acolyte Eight seminarians were instituted into the Ministry of Acolyte by Most Rev. Lawrence T. Persico, Bishop of Erie, center. Included in the group were Benedictines Brother Cassian Edwards, O.S.B., fourth from left, and Brother Samuel Pinheiro, O.S.B., of São Paulo, Brazil, right. At left are Father Edward Mazich, O.S.B., Seminary rector, and Archabbot Douglas R. Nowicki, O.S.B., chancellor.

Heart to Heart • Winter 2019


Pilgrimage to Rome

The Archabbey Vocation Office leads an annual pilgrimage to Rome that takes place between Christmas and the start of the New Year. Candidates considering a vocation to the monastic life at Saint Vincent travel with Father Maximilian Maxwell, O.S.B., director of vocations, and several other Benedictines, and visit sites of interest such as Saint Peter’s Basilica; Sant’ Anselmo, the international Benedictine University in Rome; Subiaco Abbey, the original Abbey of Saint Benedict just outside of Rome; and Montecassino Abbey, founded by Saint Benedict in the sixth century. Above, the participants are pictured with Abbot Primate Gregory Polan, O.S.B., at Sant’ Anselmo, in the first row, left. Brother Gilbert Heater, O.S.B., a junior monk of the Archabbey is in the back row, left. Below, interested candidates also attended Vespers at Saint Peter’s on New Year’s Eve with Pope Francis. They are pictured prior to the service.

Heart to Heart • Winter 2019


Saint Benedict’s Parish Closes 125th Anniversary Year Saint Benedict Parish, Baltimore, where Father Paschal Morlino, O.S.B., has served as pastor for 34 years, had a series of events throughout the year to mark the 125th anniversary of the parish. The anniversary year closed on March 3, with Archdiocese of Baltimore Auxiliary Bishop Denis Madden, as the principal celebrant and homilist at the Mass. Father Paschal, Father Agapitus Businge, Deacon Ed Whitesell, were among the concelebrants. Photos courtesy of Jeannie Boyd-Warren.

Oblate Group Visits Saint Vincent The Blessed Columba Marmion Deanery Oblate group from Pittsburgh made a pilgrimage to Saint Vincent in early March. The visit was organized by Oblate Mary Ann Kaufman, who is involved with this deanery, based in the South Hills at Saint Louise de Marillac Parish. The group is pictured with Father Donald Raila, O.S.B., director of the Oblate program, following a tour of the campus. Heart to Heart • Winter 2019


Ornaments, Stained Glass Saint Vincent Archabbey Publications now has 22 ornaments featuring aspects of the Saint Vincent Basilica. The latest ornament in the series is of the Blessed Virgin Mary statue in the Marian Chapel in the back of the Basilica. The statue was executed in white Carrara marble in 1913-1914 by Giovanni Sugari. The new ornament in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary statue follows one of Saint Vincent founder Boniface Wimmer based on the statue outside of the Archabbey Basilica. Wimmer (1809-1887) arrived in October of 1846 with 18 candidates for the monastic life. The bronze statue was designed by Austrian sculptor Ferdinand Seeboeck (18641952).

The ornaments are available at the Basilica Gift Shop. All ornaments are also available at the Archabbey’s online store, Brother Mark Floreanini, O.S.B., stained glass artist, has been making a limited quantity of stained glass crosses from the old clerestory windows of the Archabbey Basilica. The windows were installed over 100 years ago. A new stained glass square, approximately eight inches in dimension, continues to provide the faithful with a token from the Basilica windows. Colorfully crafted squares incorporate

The perfect gifts for any time of year!

Parish Anniversary Medallion

elements from the old windows, while continuing the tradition of incorporating a cross in the design. No two of these limited edition handcrafted colorful pieces are alike. They are suitable for hanging, as some come mounted with a chain. Others are suitable for display on a mantle or windowsill or shelf. The stained glass squares are available at the College book store, the Basilica Gift Shop as well from Archabbey Publications online at

2016 Ornament Celebrates Basilica Organ

Like Us On Facebook Sunday Homilies from Saint Vincent Archabbey

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More than 2,400 alumni and friends “like” Saint Vincent Archabbey & Seminary on Facebook. Join them: www.facebook. com/SaintVincentSeminary.

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2019 Archabbey calendars! ast year the Archabbey Vocation Office developed a calendar for vocation guests, as well as for anyone wishing to add a daily reminder of Saint Vincent Archabbey to their lives. The 2019 calendars, designed by Seth Harbaugh, are available online at www. The 2019 calendar features images by Archabbey Public Relations staff members Seth Harbaugh, Brother Placid Sellers, O.S.B., and Kim Metzgar.

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n December 22, 2017, the president signed into law the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. Since then, there have been a plethora of questions regarding tax brackets, individual deductions, charitable giving and the effect on planned giving tools. While the questions are complex and we would always recommend seeing a financial planner and tax professional to discuss your specific circumstances—there are still ways to utilize tax advantages as you fulfill your philanthropic goals. One planned giving tool that has been put in the spotlight is the charitable IRA rollover—also known as a qualified charitable distribution, or QCD. Why is this

PLEASE HELP SUPPORT A MONK’S LIFE OF SERVICE planned giving tool getting attention? The main reason is that using the IRA rollover enables a donor who may not be able to itemize deductions under the new law to gain similar tax advantages. This is because funds sent directly to a qualified charity, such as Saint Vincent Archabbey, from an individual retirement account are not considered taxable income for


the individual. By making a gift this way, you avoid increasing your taxable income as you meet or exceed your required minimum distribution (RMD) and support the work of the Benedictines around the world. There are many situations in which you may not want to withdraw some or all of your required minimum distribution. They may include wanting to maintain a certain income level to ensure access to benefits based on income, or simply not wanting to pay additional taxes on unneeded income. Working with a financial planner, many people have found that using the IRA rollover allows them to address these concerns while also fulfilling their desire to support the work of a qualified charity such as Saint Vincent Archabbey. As the doubling of the standardized deduction may affect your ability to itemize charitable giving, the IRA rollover provides people who are age 70 1/2 or older with an additional opportunity to support causes they care about, while meeting RMD and other requirements. As always, please discuss any withdrawals from your IRA with your financial planner or tax advisor. —Courtesy of Mae Richardson Catholic Relief Services Used With Permission



Brother James Cartwright, O.S.B. with training of liturgical ministers, made communion calls and hospital and home visits. He also served as moderator of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society and spiritual director for the Holy Name Society. His experience before coming to Saint Vincent included working at Anchor Hocking Corp. of Connellsville for nine years, Uniontown Hospital for four years, Immaculate Conception Parish, Connellsville for two years. He was a CCD teacher for 22 years and served as a director of religious education for six years. At Immaculate Conception he was a sacristan and lector for 14 years, a cantor for three years, and a six-year member of the parish council, serving as president for

five years. His community service included serving as a member of the Greater Connellsville Jaycees, Greater Connellsville Community Fund, member of the BPO Elks #503, the Knights of Columbus, the Braddock Trail Scouting District and the Chamber of Commerce in Connellsville. A Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated by Archabbot Douglas R. Nowicki, O.S.B., on October 5 at the Saint Vincent Archabbey Basilica. Memorial contributions may be made to the Benedictine Health and Welfare Fund, Saint Vincent Archabbey, 300 Fraser Purchase Road, Latrobe, PA 15650-2690.

Brother James Cartwright, O.S.B., a monk of Saint Vincent Archabbey, died Saturday, September 29, 2018 after a long struggle with diabetes. He was born in Connellsville on December 5, 1946, a son of the late Winifred L. Moon Cartwright and the late Clarence E. Cartwright. Surviving are his brother, Thomas (Cindy) E. Cartwright of Connellsville, nephews Brian and Shawn, and nieces Nikki, Janae, and Janille. He attended Immaculate Conception Parochial School, graduated from Geibel Catholic High School in Connellsville in 1965 and then attended Saint Vincent Scholasticate from 1967 to 1969. Brother James professed simple vows on July 10, 1984, and solemn vows to the monastic community on July 11, 1987. His service to the monastic community includes serving as assistant to the prior, director of religious education at Saint Vincent Parish, assistant director of retreats and manager of the monastery infirmary. From 1991 until 2003 he was assigned to the pastoral staff at Sacred Heart Parish in Jeannette. His duties included assisting the coordinator of religious education in the areas of adult education, the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, and in the confirmation program. He assisted Heart to Heart • Spring 2019


giving + ROBERT L. KASPERIK Mrs. Rosalie Kasperik



Ms. Mary A. Yake

To give a tribute or memorial gift, please make a donation to Saint Vincent Archabbey in honor of or in memory of a friend, colleague or family member. Mail to Shannon Jordan, Archabbey Development Office, 300 Fraser Purchase Road, Latrobe, Pa., 15650-2690, 724532-6740. Donors from July 1, 2018 to January 31, 2019 include:

+ RICHARD F. BEYER Mrs. Joanne Beyer

+ REV. ALBERT C. BICKERSTAFF, O.S.B. Mr. and Mrs. William W. Shearouse, Jr.

+ WILLIAM E. BIERBOWER II Ms. Christine M. Bierbower

+ MRS. MARGARET R. BOCK Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Golofski

REV. MARTIN D. BARTEL, O.S.B. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley C. Dobies St. Titus Confraternity Christian Mothers & Women’s Guild

REV. DAVID R. GRIFFIN, O.S.B. Mr. and Mrs. Kurt G. Engstrom

BR. EDWARD V. GRINDER, O.S.B. Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Hobart, Jr.


Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Burkett

BR. GILBERT HEATER, O.S.B. Ms. Rose G. Turnowchyk

VERY REV. EARL J. HENRY, O.S.B. Mr. Walter J. Samul, Jr.


Mr. David E. Feinberg Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Hershey


Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Hobart, Jr.


First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association


First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association St. Titus Confraternity Christian Mothers & Women’s Guild

RT. REV. DOUGLAS R. NOWICKI, O.S.B. Mrs. Joanne Beyer

REV. NATHANAEL RONALD POLINSKI, O.S.B. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Polinski Mr. Joseph G. Seman

REV. DONALD S. RAILA, O.S.B. Miss Julia Steele

REV. NOEL H. ROTHRAUFF, O.S.B. Mr. and Mrs. George R. Cook

REV. MSGR. JOHN R. SASWAY Mrs. Dolores M. Sasway

REV. CHRYSOSTOM V. SCHLIMM, O.S.B. Dr. Martin A. Kapusta, Jr. Mr. Walter J. Samul, Jr.

REV. THOMAS MORE SIKORA, O.S.B. St. Titus Confraternity Christian Mothers & Women’s Guild


Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Sossong

REV. MARTINHO ZEVALLOS-CHÁVEZ Our Lady of Grace Church St. Benedict Catholic Church

Ms. Edith P. Klarmann

+ REV. OMER U. KLINE, O.S.B. Mr. and Mrs. James P. O’Sullivan

+ REV. MARCIAN KORNIDES, O.S.B. Ms. Marcia Guzik


Dr. Andrzej G. Groch and Mrs. Cynthia Maleski-Groch









Mr. James R. Wurzell

Mr. Charles M. Seamens Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Stillwagon Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Edward Poponick Mrs. Charlotte E. Spino Mr. William N. Stoots

+ MR. J. BERNARD CATNEY Rev. Jerome J. Purta, O.S.B.


Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Beech and Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Chute

+ LEONARD A. CULLO, SR. Mr. Charlton G. Johnson, Jr.

+ REV. WILLIAM P. DONAHUE Mr. James R. Wurzell

+ MRS. JACQUELINE DUGAN Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Golofski

+ REV. DEMETRIUS R. DUMM, O.S.B. Mrs. Imogene Reidy

+ REV. WILFRED M. DUMM, O.S.B. Mrs. Imogene Reidy

+ MRS. ANNA B. FABIAN Ms. Nancy A. Anderson Ms. Mildred R. Flaherty Ms. Reba Jean Meador Mrs. Mary Ann Polinski

+ DAVID M. FARRELL Mrs. Frances B. Farrell

+ DOROTHY DONATO FERTAL Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Golofski

+ REV. MSGR. JOSEPH G. FINDLAN Rev. Frank M. Kurimsky


Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Stegman III


Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Golofski


Mr. and Mrs. James D. Bendel Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Guz


Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Hobart, Jr.

+ MRS. CHARLENE E. KAPUSTA Dr. Martin A. Kapusta, Jr.

Heart to Heart • Spring 2019

Mrs. Theresa J. Kralik Mr. Peter Kram

Mr. Peter Kram Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Meehan

+ WILLIAM L. KUBIC Miss Mary K. Kubic

+ DANA MARIE LAPSON-BUCZEK Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Lapson

+ RONALD J. LIEB, D.D.S. Ms. Catherine E. Koncul Mr. and Mrs. David J. Lieb

+ REV. LUCIAN E. MALICH, O.S.B. Mr. and Mrs. Eric P. Zahren

+ GIOVANNA AND CARMEN MARCHETTI Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert D. Pastor

+ REV. PIRMIN MEIER, O.S.B. + Richard E. Kastner

+ CONNIE MITRISIN Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Mitrisin + MR. ANGELO J. MRAZ Mrs. Sandra L. Mraz + EDWARD G. NEMANIC, SR. Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Nemanic, Jr. Mrs. Lorraine M. Proch Mr. Matthew Proch + MARYANN OVERSON Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Dutchess Ms. Kelly Hostetter Mr. Michael J. Hostetter Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Lyter + ANNA AND GEORGE PASTOR Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert D. Pastor + BERNARD J. PETERSON Mr. James R. Wurzell + RICHARD E. PIPAK, SR. Mrs. Julie A. Busony Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Ryhal + STANLEY T. POCRATSKY Mrs. Irene B. Pocratsky + NORMAN M. PROHINSKY Ms. Barbara M. Benson (Continued on Page 35)




Benedictine Education The efforts of the Benedictine community to educate and prepare future monks for service to the Church, and to the Benedictine community, will come to fruition on Saturday, May 25, 2019, when Brother Dominic Leo, O.S.B., will be ordained to the priesthood, and Brother Ignatius Camello, O.S.B., will be ordained to the diaconate by Bishop Edward C. Malesic of the Diocese of Greensburg. Brother Dominic’s path to Saint Vincent Seminary took him from India to Canada to Latrobe and lasted longer than a decade. As he said, “At times I was frustrated and several times I had to dig deeply within to find the path to trust in God. But over time I put more of my trust in God and began to see His hand at work in me and along my path.” We can all relate to frustration and anxieties around major life choices: it’s only human. If we trust in God and recognize our blessings, we also see how our choices and the personal growth to which they lead make us better people. As Brother Dominic finishes his studies at Saint Vincent Seminary, he knows he will be a better person, priest, and monk because his faith was deepened by the patience and trust that led him closer to Christ. Brother Ignatius Camello, O.S.B., worked as an intensive care unit nurse for 21 years, first in the Philippines and then in Los Angeles. He was doing good things, even saving lives, enjoying his life and his freedom. His plan had brought him all he had. Was it enough? His thoughts would wander to moments that stirred his soul, no matter how radical those thoughts would be. In prayer or at Mass when his mind drifted to the priesthood, the fight between the practical and the radical thoughts continued. Priesthood didn’t make sense. Surely, he wasn’t holy enough; he was too old. An architect friend of Brother Ignatius was heading to the east coast. Brother Igna-

tius decided to tag along. Where they went didn’t seem to matter. On their way to somewhere else, they passed by the Saint Vincent Basilica. The architect and the future priest were drawn in. On campus they met a monk who struck up a conversation, invited them to dinner, and encouraged them to explore the campus. He was so warm and welcoming, Brother Ignatius felt at home. It started to make sense. The stability of the place and all it had to offer was inviting him in. He had no plan to join the Benedictine Community. Now he will be ordained a deacon. The joy and peace he feels is “overwhelming.” He is blessed, and we are blessed. Your Generous Support Makes This Possible!


Give Now! Honor A Friend Or Loved One With A Tribute Or Memorial Gift Honor a friend or loved one with a tribute or memorial gift to Saint Vincent Archabbey. Gifts can be made online at or mailed, using the envelope in the center of this magazine, to Development Office, 300 Fraser Purchase Road, Latrobe, Pa., 15650.

Heart to Heart • Spring 2019

(Continued from Page 34) + REV. LEO P. ROTHRAUFF, O.S.B. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Haas + REV. MELVIN C. RUPPRECHT, O.S.B. Mr. John C. Rapa + WALTER AND HELEN SAMUL Rev. Chrysostom V. Schlimm, O.S.B. + VINCENT, FLORENCE AND CELINE SCHLIMM Rev. Chrysostom V. Schlimm, O.S.B. + ADAM SIKORA Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Fajt + DAVID STUART SMITH Mr. Steven Bowman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Graham Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kim Ms. Christie Layhue Ms. Corinne McDevitt and Family Ms. Debra Voss Mr. Ferdinand Wedjane + THOMAS Q. SPITZER, M.D. Mr. Thomas Quinn Spitzer, Jr. + DEACON JOHN AND MRS. MARION SROKA Ms. Karen J. Sroka + REV. ULRIC THANER, O.S.B. Mr. Charles A. Linhart + HELEN TOTH Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Golofski + FORREST M. VERCHEAK Mrs. Marlene Vercheak + ALLEN H. WEISS, M.D. Mrs. Donna Weiss + GEORGE F. WYNNE Mr. Michael A. Messina


Saint Vincent Archabbey 300 Fraser Purchase Road Latrobe, PA 15650—2690




DAVID SHEDLOSKI 7:30 P.M., THURSDAY, APRIL 25 Co-author with Arnold Palmer of A Life Well-Played: My Stories


his book represents a final chance for all of us in Arnie’s Army to embrace him one more time. So sit back and enjoy the journey.” —Jack Nicklaus FREE ADMISSION. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED: 724-805-2177

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