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Demevolist Music Group

Demevolist Music Group is a recording label that was established in 2005 by CEO Howard "HchO" Burke. It was made an imprint label on Interscope Records in late 2007. The company’s name was coined by Burke meaning, “the chosen few; ” a summation of the talent embodied within the high school he attended, as is shown through their affiliate artists. According to Burke, “Demevolist is the spark that represents the new industry.” Burke refers to a new way of recording, performing & especially presenting rap music. It is impressive how Demevolist artists can genuinely express themselves with little pressure to model commercial conformity. Regardless of whatever pot their royalties fall in, the success of Demevolist will not be measured in monetary terms. Their success will be determined simply by listener loyalty and an appreciation for their art, which it seems they have little difficulties in acquiring. Their music speaks for itself. Demevolist Music Group is at the forefront of the New Industry.

Demevolist Music Group & Affiliate Artists are referenced in the below excerpt.

The Myth About Boys David Von Drehle, July 26, 2007

"I once had about 15 boys very close to dropping out," the principal continues. "They weren't into sports. I had to find something for them to get into. Finally I made a recording studio for the little meatheads, and they ran with that. All of them made it through to graduation. I'll try anything--dance, chess, hydroponics, robotics--anything to let these kids know that this is a world they can fit into, where they can be successful."

A quote pulled from the article, made by Principal Gregory M. Hodge of Frederick Douglass Academy, Demevolist Music Group member’s former high school.

Affiliate Artists B/A Show TuFli J. Means Yung Nate Proven Fedel


B/A, real name Zonnie McCrimmon, was born in Harlem Hospital in New York City on August 7th, 1986. B/A’s biological father was serving a prison sentence of 14 years, and this led him on the journey for a father figure. Though he looked up to many men from his neighborhood, the most influential male in his life was his brother Isaiah, who is 4 years his elder; and who did his best to provide guidance for his younger brother. According to B/A, “He taught me how to be modest but also aggressive, and how to show concern but show no sympathy.” B/A attended Frederick Douglass Academy in Harlem for middle and high school and connected with a group of his male peers. Experiencing and overcoming trying times of teenage years brought them closer. This was the preliminary stage of Demevolist Music Group. Though he did little school work, English was his strongpoint due to his ‘way with words.’ He would even complete various classmates’ English homework, in return that they complete his Mathematics homework. Nevertheless, he one day decided that rap would be his ticket to a better life and he never looked back. When in the 9th grade, he, his cousin, and a close friend started a group called “Christ.” The group consisted of rapper/ producer Fedel, his cousin and current label-mate J-Means, and himself. During this time, B/A went by the name Verse, because of the versatility he presented while rapping, and because rap songs are constructed of verses. They eventually retired the group but continued to make music together. After realizing that growth in his music led to personal growth, he soon changed his name to Bagdad, or its shortened form, B/A. This name originated when girls in his high school decided that they

wanted to make him their boyfriend. The females would state that they wanted to "bag that boy" so utilizing his way with words, he chose the name Bagdad Boy. As he got older, he dropped the "boy" and stuck with Bagdad.

Show TuFli

Show TuFli is the youngest member of Demevolist Music Group, yet his freshman status should not be mistaken for inferiority. Born Anthony Hunter in Harlem, New York, he has always been musically inclined and has rhymed since the age of six. His talents have long been recognized; even by the renowned Harlem School of the Arts, when as a youth he was awarded a scholarship for use of his singing talents on a tour in Finland. Show displays these same singing talents in his music today, on songs such as "Seems Like Forever" and "Celebrate Addiction." It is not an understatement to say that Show Tufli embodies a unique persona, which he adopted from life experiences. On November 30, 2007, Show suffered a stroke leaving him paralyzed from the neck down. During this difficult time, he credits his mother as being “at the hospital everyday,” and being “stronger” than he was. For these reasons, he considers his mother his hero. With her love, help and devotion, and after several months of therapy, he pulled through and prevailed in the face of adversity. Show fell in love with music at a young age, and feels that "music is an energy, it's life." He uses music to express himself to such an extent that a day without it is null and void. Growing up, he would naturally rhyme the first and last words in every sentence. At 16 years old, Show was invited to record at the Frederick Douglas Academy Studio by Demevolist, and over time

was welcomed into the group. The 18-year-old rapper says he was “born to be a performer,” and said passion for becoming an entertainer is seen in his assertion that school never really interested him as much as music. Despite his indifference towards school, Show displayed an ambitious drive, ultimately graduating from Frederick Douglass Academy in 2008. He has maturity that is rarely seen in young men, which is naturally demonstrated in his music. Enthusiastic about beginning to work on his solo debut as an artist and producer, he plans to combine “old school sounds with futuristic beats.” He wants to introduce a "new kind of sound…something that hasn't really been done before." Show simply possess great skill. One of his trademarks is cleverly referencing his love for Ralph Lauren’s Polo collection with his affinity for Harlem’s infamous Polo Grounds, where he was raised.

J. Means

J. Means has led far from a fairytale life. Harlem’s Jason Means comes from a family of hustlers, who exposed him to some harsh realities of life at a young age. J. Means was born in Brooklyn's Coney Hospital, so it should be no surprise the rapper’s favorite performers include fellow New York greats Jay-Z, Nas, Biggie, and Cam’ron. As a youth, he was placed in foster care, dealing with both of his parents being incarcerated, and watched the male figures in his life fall victim to Harlem's street life. These are all tribulations that the 22-year-old performer has overcome. Previous to attending middle and high school at Fredrick Douglas Academy, J. Means befriended Demevolist CEO Howard Burke. Burke was among the spectators

who watched as J. Means battled other students in daily cipher battles. After school principal Gregory Hodge had a production studio built in the school for academic use, Howard Burke realized that this studio could be used to their advantage. Burke recalls approaching Dr. Hodge on numerous occasions with his pitch and a budget. Dr. Hodge frequently denied the request until he realized the opportunity to provide the young men with an incentive to stay out of trouble. The entire school was amazed by Hodge’s unprecedented move, and Means and Burke were especially grateful. The establishment of the studio program served as a tool to enable J. Means' already zealous ambition.

Yung Nate

Yung Nate was always focused on turning his poetry in to rap lyrics. But as a teen, Nathaniel Mussington had a desire to keep up with the fast life, which eventually led him to living the life of a street hustler. He became involved with drugs and whatever else he could get his hands on. Thus, he has plenty of stories to tell but he has one story in particular which resonates. He, like so many other young men, was raised in a household without a father. He explained that it left him with a pain he constantly expresses through his music. According to Nate “My father and I share the same exact name.” Ironically, growing up for Nate was a constant reminder of his father’s absence.

After joining a community mentor program, Blue Nile River Rights of Passage, his life took a turn for the better. It was through the program that Yung Nate recognized his commitment to music. “I won't half step,” he said referring to his dedication as an artist. “I'll give you my last.” He believes in his music to such a degree that he is willing to give up everything to surrender to it completely. Nate began High School at the Frederick Douglass Academy and soon met Charles Hamilton; which would prove to be fruitful relationship. They eventually began recording at the school’s studio and would both become affiliate artists of Demevolist Music Group. After being shopped to labels such as Jive Records as a duo, Nate realized that he had the talent to catch the attention of music executives. He then vowed that there would be no turning back. According to Nate, “I know I can be the best at this.” Yung Nate captures the essence of his generation through his music. According to him, “the way James Brown spoke to his generation in the 1960s is the way I want to speak to mine.” Regardless of addressing the suitability of his lyrics, Yung Nate is one of few rappers who can accurately convey the young urban experience.


Proven aka Isaiah Harris is a rapper native to Harlem who graduated from Rice High School and attended Clark Atlanta University. During high school, Proven preferred writing and rapping to help pass the time. Proven is a self-described ‘history whiz’ and his rhymes cover everything from personal situations to politics – which he happens to hold a strong passion for. As the self-proclaimed “Unofficial Senator” of New York, the 23-year-old performer has a unique swagger that can be heard he laces the mic. Though his content can be quite misogynistic, his unique voice and smooth delivery captivates listeners. Proven admits that music helps him deal

with the undue stress of everyday life. Proven’s journey through Hip Hop began at age 12 when his cousin introduced him to a local female lyricist who was known as Exclusive. Shortly after their initial meeting, she was impressed by his natural rapping ability, and encouraged the youngster to continue writing and rhyming. Proven was quite influenced by the female emcee because she taught him the importance of counting his bars speaking the truth. She is also responsible for his rap name. One day while listening to Cam'ron's album Confessions of Fire, Cam'ron said something that made her think of him and she called him Show’n’Prove. Proven began collaborating with numerous friends from his neighborhood He soon linked up with Zonnie McCrimmon (B/A) and they clicked instantly. Proven has since recorded over 200. If ever in Proven’s presence, don’t be surprised if you happen to hear Cam'rons "Confessions of Fire" or Ma$e's "Double Up” playing in the background. Those are just two of his many favorite abulms he likes to listen to. He credits Ma$e and many other rappers, "too many to list" says, Proven, as his influences. Of all the talent affiliated with Demevolist Music Group, Proven is the only one who did not attend Frederick Douglass Academy. He grew up with fellow label-mate B/A, and gradually became acquainted with the rest of the crew. Proven soon became a regular at the school's studio, and has since been embedded as a member of Demevolist.


Fedel was born Brandon Delesline, on January 24, 1986 in Washington Heights and he is a self proclaimed nomad. Having moved around between Harlem, the Bronx, Virginia and QueensBridge, music has always been a mainstay in Fedel's life. A product of a teenage

mother, Fedel spent a large portion of his life living between grandmothers. While he is an avid believer of the phrase "someone always has it worse" Fedel believes that every trial and tribulation he's faced in life only serves as subject matter for his songs. Fedel became a lyricist and producer when he met classmates Jason Means (J. Means) and Zonnie McCrimmon (B/A) at Frederick Douglass Academy. After forming the group "Christ" the trio began to record and perform together with the assistance of fellow classmate and Demevolist CEO Howard "HchO" Burke. Serving as producer and artist in the group, Fedel was responsible for many of the instrumentals provided for the groups’ early work. Naming himself Fedel (a play on the word "fidelity" meaning factual truth and loyalty to something), he prides himself on making music that is true to his real life experience. While Jay-Z, Big Punisher, DMX, Jadakiss among others played a part in his development as an artist, Fedel cites Nas and Mary J. Blige as his biggest influences. "Their ability to create anthems with lyrical content that connects with peoples' everyday struggle is definitely something that I want to emulate." Just before graduating from college in 2008, Fedel's world was turned upside-down by the untimely death of his 21 year old brother; "I'd already lost my close cousin and grandmother who raised me, but that was definitely the worst pain I've ever felt." Admitting that this death and the familial aftermath took him off track with his music for a while, seeing his Demevolist peers excelling has given Fedel a new found appreciation for music. Fedel is focused and ready to share the unique perspective he brings to Hip Hop.






Vibe Yard Fest

Location 10/03/08

Set Length Atlanta, GA


15 Minutes

Clark Atlanta University

Vibe Yard Fest


Washington, DC

5 – 10 Minutes

Howard University

CMJ Mixtape Awards


Brooklyn, NY

20 Minutes

Public Assembly

CMJ Spectrum


New York, NY

15 Minutes


CMJ Platform


New York, NY

30 Minutes

Crash Mansion

CMJ Fader


New York, NY

25 Minutes

Fader Fort



Hampton, VA

15 Minutes

Hampton University


Williamstown, MA

45 Minutes

Williams College


New York, NY

15 Minutes


EOW @ Southpaw


Brooklyn, NY

30 Minutes


BSU Presents:


Oswego, NY

40 Minutes

SUNY Oswego


New York, NY

10 Minutes

Sapphire Lounge

Live @ SOB’s


New York, NY

15 Minutes


Training Camp Showcase


New York, NY

1 Song

Club Pyramid

Limelight Wednesdays


New York, NY

28 Minutes

Sapphire Lounge

Last Call’s


Los Angeles, CA

Hip Hop Block Party Williams College Homecoming Presents: The Breeding Ground

Swagger Like Us Limelight Wednesdays

Last Call

Week of

With Carson Daly

Brand New Artists Spa-Latenight Presents: Leader of the New Sschool


University Park, PA

45 Minutes

Penn State University


Howard Burke Chief Executive Officer Email: Phone: 646-418-8039

Eric Adams Chief Operating Officer Email: Phone: 347-879-5657

Jason Means Chief Visionary Officer Email: Phone: 323-640-1881

Kia Pinn Publicist Email: Phone: 646-234-9579


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