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“Adopt a Seminarian” – St.Tikhon’s Scholarship Program


t. Tikhon’s Seminary is a theological graduate school whose primary purpose is to spiritually form and theologically educate the future deacons, priests, and bishops of the Orthodox Church in this country. Located in South Canaan, Pa. (northeast of Scranton), the Seminary presently has an enrollment of 106 students, from almost every ethnic jurisdiction in North America and various national churches throughout the world. The Seminary is attached to St. Tikhon’s Monastery, the oldest Orthodox monastic community in North America. Founded more than 100 years ago by thenArchbishop of North America, St. Tikhon of Moscow, and blessed by then-Bishop, St. Raphael of Brooklyn, the Monastery gave birth to the Seminary as a pastoral school to help educate priests for the missionary diocese of America (rather than pull monks out of the Monastery to serve parishes). The Seminary’s relationship to the Monastery remains its single greatest asset. The Monastery provides the seminarians with the ability to attend and participate in the full cycle of divine services every day, and affords each student the opportunity to have a monastic as his spiritual father-confessor. Students who choose to attend St. Tikhon’s cite the Seminary-Monastery relationship as the most important reason for coming, and those who graduate look back and say the Monastery was a most important influence in Seminary life. No other Orthodox graduate seminary in the United States has this benefit in forming pastors.

A parish or organization may offer an annual scholarship as a community project: for example, 20 persons donating $25 a month (or $300 per year) to equal a full $6,000 scholarship; or 10 persons donating $25 a month (or $300 per year) as a semester scholarship of $3,000. Once a scholarship donation has been received by the Seminary, it is awarded to an academically deserving student who is in financial need. The school notifies the donor – the individual, parish or organization – of the recipient’s name and sends them a biography and photograph of him (and his family). The student then stays in communication with the donor, not only thanking the benefactor for the scholarship but also apprising them of his progress in his studies towards Ordination. The Seminary further encourages the student and donor to meet in person. To date, eight parishes lead the “honor roll” in giving full scholarships each year: Christ the Saviour Church, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Christ the Saviour Church, Paramus, New Jersey Holy Cross Church, Williamsport, Pennsylvania Protection of the Theotokos Monastery, Weaverville, North Carolina St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Allison Park, Pennsylvania St. Elijah Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma St. Michael Church, Broadview Heights, Ohio St. Michael Church, Louisville, Kentucky

In addition, eleven other parishes are donors of partial, one-semester scholarships: Christ the Saviour Church in Chicago, Ill.; Holy Apostles Mission in Mechanicsburg, Pa.; Holy Ascension Church in Frackville, Pa.; St. Andrew Church in Baltimore, Md.; St. John the Evangelist Church in Memphis, Tenn.; St. Mary Church in Coaldale, Pa.; St. Michael Church in Jermyn, Pa.; St. Nicholas Church in Pittsfield, Mass.; St. Paul Church in Houston, Tex.; SS. Peter and Paul Church in East Herkimer, N.Y.; and St. Thomas Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church in Washington, D.C. Another 100 individuals or organizations also offer either a full or partial scholarship. A Seminary scholarship is an investment in the future of Christ’s Church. While the amount of the donation will not accrue interest for the individual or parish, something far greater is its benefit: You will have a future priest praying for you every day of his Seminary career, thanking God for your donation; and someday, when he stands at the Holy Altar as a priest, you will be remembered at every Liturgy he offers to Christ. Your gift will also be a fulfillment of the words of the Scripture, spoken by the Holy Apostle St. Paul: “In all things I have shown you that while working hard one must help the weak, remembering the words of the Lord Jesus, how He said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’” (Acts of the Apostles 20:35). Seminary scholarship donations should be made payable to St. Tikhon’s Seminary with a note designating the name of the scholarship, and mailed to: Saint Tikhon’s Seminary c/o Fr. Alexander Atty Post Office Box 130 South Canaan, PA 18459 Thank you for your consideration of this appeal, and may God bless and keep you in His loving care.



The majority of students at St. Tikhon’s are married and live off campus, because as yet there is no married student housing; many of them have children. Neither they nor the single students who live in the dormitory are able to work because of the full-time course load, the hours of Church services they are required to attend, and the extra time needed for after-school study. Therefore, many of the students who do not have income saved in advance are not in a position to pay their tuition and other costs are also unable to seek employment to fund such expenses. Thus, the school seeks for these students scholarships that are subsidized by parish churches and individual benefactors.

The cost of a full scholarship is $6,000 a year. The cost of a scholarship for a single semester is $3,000, and scholarships can be given in smaller increments as well. Scholarships may be given by parishes – in the parish’s name (for example, Christ the Saviour Church, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Scholarship) – or by individuals, in their own name, in the name of members of their family, or in Loving Memory of family members or friends who have fallen asleep in the Lord.

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2010 Tikhonaire  

The Tikhonaire from 2010