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August 26, 2014

Saint Thom as Aquinas High School



We Will Rise: 4-5

Spring State Champions: 24-25

Aquinas has Prepared for Class of 2018: 6-7 New Saints on the Block: 10-11

Saints at Nationals: 26 Football’s New Era: 28-29


Social Media: 8-9


Tommy Talks: 12

Saints on the Minimum: 13-15

Centerspread: 16-17

Big Sis Little Sis: 18-19

Survey Says: 22

Kemp Conquers All: 20-21

Clean Joke of the Month: 23 Cap That: 27 Last Look: 30-31

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Days to Game Fo otball


Days to Ho m e c o



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Campus News

We Will Rise

This year’s theme challenges students to rise together as Saints.

By Katie Bernard Over the years, students at Saint Thomas Aquinas have been called to Become Legendary, Live A Legacy, and Dare Greatly. This year student council has a new and unique challenge for the students. The challenge is to rise and In Our Rise to work together and remember through it all that we are saints. The school theme is an important decision that sets the tone for the coming school year. “The theme is a beginning, a starting point, it is a pretense, it is a setup for what comes next,” said

StuCo moderator Chuck Hammons. Over the summer the executive student council of Jason Frederick, Holly Hanson, Claire Ferguson, and Isabel Kemp bounced around multiple ideas for this years theme. Ideas included the good stuff, one, making memories, live for the moments, and catch fire. They were focused on the idea of making highschool fun and leaving no regrets. The theme In Our Rise was suggested in July. It came out of a trip senior Holly Hanson took to UCLA. The UCLA football

Photo by Katie Ernst | The Shield

Members of the 2014-2015 Student Council ran the inflatables at the Saints Stampede.

g page 4

me is all the fun and team slogan is “as we memorable events that rise, others will fall”. make up the year,” said Hanson suggested Frederick. the idea and it evolved from there. In In Our Rise is unique in comparison our rise was changed to previous things and fitted to the because executive We will cheer, it focuses council’s practice, compete, on what vision win and smile all we can for the as one. achieve school HOLLY HANSON together until Class of 2015 rather than it was individually. perfect and unique to In Our Rise will follow Aquinas. up what is regarded “[The theme is] as one of the best about all of us working themes in recent together. In our rise. history, Dare Greatly. We rise together. We The exec council found will cheer, practice, compete, win and smile themselves choosing the theme with this in all as one. Things are mind, hoping to choose so much better when a theme students could you do them together,” connect to at the same said Hanson. level. “The theme stands “My biggest hope for how we grow is that it will be taken through this year, and as well as last years high school, along with theme, to be used everything that we throughout the saints achieve and do. On community. Everyone top of that it means connects or relates to to come together and each theme differently, combine individual so I think a lot of efforts and to take people will really like things even further the theme this year like than everything we they have in the past,” did last year. The last said Frederick. thing it means for


Become Legendary



Living the Legacy


Dare Greatly


In Our Rise

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Campus News

SENIORAdvice ToFRESHMEN “Step out of your comfort zone! Meet new people and try new things. This will make you feel more accomplished when you look back on high school.” ~Everett Montalvo

“Don’t just hang out wih your friends from grade school and do whatever Magister Wilson says.” ~Danny Geist

“Go to all of the sporting events and say the cheers with all your heart!” ~Rachel Spenner

“Build strong friendships with all your classmates!” ~Claire Elliot

“Find the activities you find joy in and be the absolute best that you can be in those activites.” ~Brent Keffer

“Once you try different things you will find the place where you belong!” ~Carlyle Nusbaum

“Step out of your comfort zone. Whether it is talking to new people or trying out new activites, you won’t regret it. ~Blake Heying “Go to every game you can to support because one day that might be you!” ~Olivia Meyers

gpage 6

“Try your best in all your academics, athletics, and activities because you don’t want to look back and say ‘I wish I would have’. ” ~Jordan Rezac

“I think last year’s theme is the best advice that can be given to anyone ever: Dare Greatly.” ~Peter Young “Be yourself and do everything.” ~Laura Willsey

“High school is filled with opportunities, so don’t worry about becoming something you think people would want. Be yourself and give yourself the chance to love something new.” ~Cole Smith

Aquinas Has Prepared for the Class of 2018

Saint Thomas Aquinas has done much to get ready for the class of 2018 and to help them feel comfortable on their first day of school.

By Jordan Eberhardy

Photo by Diane Pyle

Freshman gather in the commons for the Freshman Bash.

the commons due to rainy The class of 2018 is making weather and enjoyed ice cream, their debut in the halls of Aquinas, and the school is ready conversation, and a surprise cheer by the cheer team. to welcome them with open “We arms. challenged the The school The kids [feel] kids to meet at has done a lot more connected least 15 new to prepare the friends [at the freshman for to people in the bash] and to their arrival. school right away. not shy away Summer from introducing transition DIANE PYLE themselves to day helped people,” said kids from Director of Diane Pyle, public schools Admissions Director of or schools Admissions at Aquinas. that don’t send many kids to The mentoring program put Aquinas to start the process of in place for freshman is different introducing the students to their this year. Instead of seniors new classmates. The freshman bash gave the mentoring the freshman, the job now belongs to the juniors. class a chance to be together “Seniors have college visits as one big group for the first and are gone a lot of times time ever. They gathered in

when we are trying to organize mentoring sessions,” said Pyle. “Juniors will have two years with the freshman in their STA period and will have more time to develop a relationship with the class of 2018.” Having an upperclassmen watching out for them certainly has made freshman feel more at home in the past. “When we started the mentoring program, the number of kids who left after freshman year decreased and the kids felt more connected to people in the school right away,” said Pyle. From here, it is up to the freshman themselves to embrace everything that high school has to offer. Friendships and memories of a lifetime await them in the next four years here at Saint Thomas Aquinas.

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the best of


social media

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Campus News

New Saints on the Block

This year, Saint Thomas Aquinas welcomes seven new teachers to its family.

By Daniel Petracek

Stephanie Cloues

Mark Blaise

Megan Peterson

Stephanie Cloues is a Saint Thomas Aquinas graduate of the 2002 class. She was previously at Ascension Catholic School, where she taught junior high social studies for seven years. At Aquinas, she will only be teaching upperclassmen. She will teach mainly American History. She will also have one Honors American History class, a Government class and an Economics class. “I’m excited to develop students to become lifelong learners and prepare them for college,” said Cloues. She can be found in SMC 2.

Mark Blaise was a member of the 2009 class at Aquinas. He wants to return the favor to the school that did so much for him. He said, “I want to give back to the community that formed me.” Blaise will be teaching senior Government and Economics classes and a freshmen Honors World History class. He will also be an assistant lacrosse coach for a second year. He will be teaching in Senior Hall in Room 161. Oddly enough, Peterson and Blaise were voted most likely to come back to Aquinas to teach by their senior classmates.

Megan Peterson is an Aquinas graduate of the 2009 class. She originally started as a substitute for Leo Brown when he was deployed to Afghanistan last spring. However, she will continue to teach at Aquinas after his return. Brown was one of Peterson’s favorite teachers when she was a student at Aquinas. They maintained a close relationship even after she graduated. Brown then offered her to be his substitute and Peterson gladly accepted. Peterson said, “This is one of the best places you could work at. It is such a great and welcoming community.” She will be teaching Morality to juniors and New Testament classes to freshmen. Her room is in Senior Hall in Room 176.

T S O M ELY K I L O... T

gpage 10

Photo by the 2009 Medallion Staff

Blaise and Peterson pose together as seniors back in ‘09 after being voted “Most Likely to Teach at Aquinas.”

Randy Dreiling

Travis Thurston

Randy Dreiling was last at Hutchinson High School, where he coached football for 17 years. While at Hutchinson, he led his team to a victory in the 2008 state championship over Aquinas. He is entering his first year as the Aquinas head football coach. Dreiling said, “I want to build a football program that Aquinas is accustomed to.” His arrival has produced much excitement for the entire Aquinas community. He added, “This is a special place academically and athletically, and I hope to add to that.” Dreiling will also be teaching weights classes.

Travis Thurston is entering his fifth year of teaching. He spent the last three years teaching math at Hutchinson. He was also an assistant football coach there. At Aquinas, Thurston will be teaching Algebra 1 and Algebra 2, and he will continue coaching football with Dreiling. Thurston decided to come to Aquinas, saying, “It is a community of people all working together and you can’t quite get that in public schools. This is a great school and I’m excited to be a part of it.” Thurston will be in Sophomore Hall in Room 216.

Anna Johnson

Samantha Donald

Anna Johnson worked as an art teacher at Aquinas several years ago, and she has been a substitute teacher for the past three years. When she found out Jeannette Marstall was retiring, she decided to return to Aquinas. She looks to bring back her passion of art to the place she once taught. Johnson said, “I am very excited to teach the students to appreciate creating and studying art. I hope that each student will realize that they each have a unique, creative spark inside that they may or may not have discovered yet.” Johnson will be teaching Foundations of Art and Drawing this year. Her room number is 219.

Samantha Donald is a Hayden graduate, and she taught there for the last four years. Last year, she was choosing between two teaching jobs and could not decide. She went to mass and adoration on Hayden’s senior retreat, praying for help. She heard about an opening at Aquinas and after an interview with Dr. Ford, she knew this job was exactly what she wanted. Donald said, “This is the ideal school to teach at. I have always wanted to be here.” She is excited to form connections with the students. Donald will be teaching Chemistry 1, Honors Chemistry 2 and Anatomy in Room 228. She will also be an assistant cross country coach.

page 11 g

TommyTalks Hey Saints!! Welcome back to school. This school year is going to be incredible. We as a community have so much ahead of us. Think of all the memories that will be made at Friday night football games, homecoming week festivities, canned food drive madness, dances, pep assemblies, all school masses, and so many more amazing things that make Aquinas our second home. We all have something we can do to help our school RISE up and become the best it has ever been. It doesn’t matter if you are a freshman, sophomore, junior senior, boy, girl, athlete, band member, actor/actress, or brainiac. All that matters is that we are Saints. Together we can rise up as a community and improve ourselves and those around us. We stand together and we stand strong. Let’s make this 20142015 year unforgettable Saints!!! ~Tommy

gpage 12


Saints on the Minimum

Working Saints weigh in the debate for a higer minimum wage.

By Alex Kinnan

“How much do you make an hour?” It’s a common question among upperclassmen, and the lowest response to this has been the same since July 24, 2009. Over five years ago. This summer, working juniors and seniors were asked, “Should the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour be raised?” The conversation has been sparked among Americans across the country, following President Barack Obama’s 2014 State of the Union address, where he expressed his desire to raise Monica Sneed | The Shield Junior Meghan Kindel working the drive the federal minimum wage to thru at Dairy Queen on College Blvd. $10.10 an hour. The Fair Labor I think the bigger Standards Act was passed problem is actually in 1938 and created a minimum hourly wage for how much they take workers in the United States. It out on taxes. That has been constantly changed, should be something fought over and changed again. This is usually due to a rise in the government the cost of living, which is why also looks at when the minimum wage originally establishing a started at 25 cents or $3.80 in minimim wage law. 2013 dollars, according to a 2011 article on Upperclassmen were MEGHAN KINDEL asked if the federal minimum Class of 2016 wage should be raised. Junior Meghan Kindel, Dairy Queen wage law is actually how cashier said she felt it was much they take out of taxes. not enough for people to live That should be something the off of, especially once factors, government also looks at when like income tax, are taken into establishing the minimum wage account. “I think the bigger law,” said Kindel. problem than the minimum

These juniors and seniors don’t have to live off the minimum wage, but they clearly understand that many do. Senior Maddy McCormick, cashier at Gigi’s Cupcakes said that people are struggling to get by on the minimum wage, and the minimum wage across the country should be at least above $8.00 per hour. According to the US Department of Labor, many states have their minimum wage set higher. Washington’s is at a lofty $9.32 per hour, while other states’ are lower, like Wyoming’s, which is at $5.15 per hour. However, Saints did not feel this would heavily affect their opinion on college searches. Junior Christy Reinberger, Dairy Queen cashier said that if she was deciding between two colleges she liked, the minimum wage difference could very much sway her choice. Another issue that has been discussed, is that business owners simply cannot afford to have it raised any more, and if it is raised, they will have to fire employees. Jim Jacobs, owner of a Mr. Goodcents franchise, said that while all of his employees make above $7.25 an hour, he would probably raise prices and cut back hours to balance

page 13 g

Features the change, if it were raised to $10.10. “I think that it should be closer to $8.00 or $8.50,” said Jacobs. A wide range of solutions has been introduced in various states, in order to do something about this issue, which has remained polarized in Congress since proposals to the Fair Labor Standards were given.

I have mixed feelings about the about minimum wage being adjusted to the cost of living because some people lack the work experience. JIM JACOBS Franchise Owner

In 2000, Washington state voted to design their wage law so that it was equal with the cost of living in the state. When the cost of living in Washington goes up, so does the minimum wage. Now, Washington state has one of the highest minimum wages in the country at $9.32 per hour. “I have mixed feelings about minimum wage being adjusted to the cost of living because some people lack the work experience, and then more experienced employees would see an even more increase of wages. The process should be evaluated first, then be determined if they should be raised or not,” said Jacobs. Companies have also decided to raise their minimum wage without the federal government. According to a June 2014 article in USA Today, Ikea furnishings will raise its lowest wage to $10.76 per hour, starting January 1, 2015. It is very clear every high school student trying to get a part time job will have to deal with what their wage is, but what is unclear is what they are willing to settle with it being.

gpage 14

How Kansas stacks up Cost of living rank is based on all 50 states and the national average is 100.


Cost of living rank 112 Min Wage $8.00


Cost of living 89 Min Wage $7.25


Cost of living rank 91 Min Wage $7.50 Cost of living rank:

What Working Saints Said 60 Job not listed

Lawncare Retail 13 Worker 15

Lifeguard 29

According to a poll taken by The Shield of seniors, juniors and sophmores.

42 Babysitter/ Nanny Resturant 25

Do you make above $7.25 an hour?

What job did you have this summer?

73 No

163 Yes

page 15 g


BIG SIS lil sis

By Janie Bachkora

New club aims to make underclassmen feel more at home.

School, in Oklahoma. High school is an overwhelming and at times Lubbers said, “It [BSLS] was amazing because as a scary place, especially for freshmen and transfer students. freshman and the first child in my family to go through that Allison Lubbers introduced Big Sis Lil Sis (BSLS) to Aquinas school, I didn’t know many to make new students feel less people besides the people from intimidated and more welcomed my middle school. Big Sis Lil Sis gave me an upperclassman and excited. In BSLS, senior girls are friend that I could go to for paired with sophomore girls advice with teachers, classes, and junior girls are paired with or anything else.” freshman girls. The seniors and Lubbers wanted to bring this club to Aquinas. juniors serve as mentors Unfortunately, It teaches the but more her family upperclassmen importantly moved back friends to the to Oklahoma leadership and underclassmen this summer. helps mentor Last Lubbers left underclassmen. the club in summer, as a the hands of junior, Allison moved from some of her LINDSAY HUDDLESTUN closest friends. Oklahoma to Class of 2015 Overland Park, Seniors Lindsay and with her she brought Huddlestun, Big Sis Lil Sis. BSLS was a club Alexis Cordill, Hope N’Diaye, that Allison had been involved and Emily Lavery will serve as co-presidents this year. in at her old school, Bishop McGuinness Catholic High Huddlestun is responsible

gpage 18

for all social media, Lavery serves as treasurer, and N’Diaye and Cordill are in charge of planning events and catering. English teacher Kristie Nourie serves as club moderator. Lavery said, “This club is different from the mentor program because it includes all grades, not just two, and it’s going to include more fun, outside-of-school activities.” The four co-presidents are still brainstorming event ideas. They want to get all BSLS members together for movie nights, tailgates before games, pizza parties, and service hour opportunities. Huddlestun said, “The goal of BSLS is to get the freshman out of their shells and meet new people. It’s an easy way

Photo by Jordan Eberhardy | The Shield

The four Co-Presidents of Big Sis Lil Sis taped information about the club on every girls’ locker before the first day of school. The letters contained information about upcoming events, sign up, and pairing.

for them to get involved. It teaches the upperclassmen leadership and helps mentor underclassmen.” Lubbers said that at Bishop McGuinness she was able to become very close to her Big Sis, so close that she felt like an actual sister. Lubbers said, “I became friends with her, which led to me becoming friends with some of her upperclassman friends, and it was just awesome!” Her goal is for Aquinas students to have the same positive experience that she had. Huddlestun said, “We all really hope that the girls will become extremely close to their sister.”


Ask one of the four co-presidents or Mrs. Nourie for a questionnaire, which will allow underclassmen and upperclassmen to be paired based on similar interests. Turn it in with $20 to one of the four listed below or Mrs. Nourie. Once you sign up, you’re all set and are encouraged to participate in as many events as possible. The deadline is September 15. Alexis Cordill ( Lindsay Huddlestun ( Emily Lavery ( Hope N’Diaye (

@ B i g S i s L i l S i s S TA

page 19 g


Kemp Conquers


Junior Isabel Kemp had multiple surgeries over the summer and is making a full recovery.

By Ellie Heit

Photo coutesy of Mrs. Kemp

Isabel’s guests, inspired by the book ”Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes,” decided to make some paper cranes to show their support.

g page 20

Junior Isabel Kemp learned last semester that she suffered from a Chiari Malformation, a structural defect in the cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls balance. She had one surgery performed in the spring and three more in the summer to repair her deficiency. Kemp is known for her crazy red hair and her positive attitude. Thankfully her hair was saved and Kemp has kept a shining attitude. “I was amazed at how Isabel handled herself through all the surgeries and her recovery,” said Michele Kemp, Isabel’s mother. “She has an amazing

ability to think of the frequent visitors were others around her even her grandparents. “They were when dealing with excruciating pain and constantly at the fear of what is coming hospital, watching her next. She still always little brother and sister tried to smile and ask all or bringing meals and the doctors, nurses and snacks to home and the visitors how they were hospital,” said Michele. doing. She was I could not have been helpful more blessed to have to the so many amazing younger people surrounding patients when we me. were at Children’s ISABEL KEMP Mercy Class of 2016 and she One thing she and never stopped fighting her visitors did to pass and trying to get better, the time was making no matter how weak or badly she felt.” paper cranes. After her Two of her most grandfather read the

book ‘Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes’ in the hospital one day, all of Isabel’s guests were inspired to make paper cranes to show their support. “My friends and family have been amazing,” Isabel said.”From my family’s unending love to my friends constant visits, I could not have been more blessed to have so many amazing people surrounding me. Everyone has been so supportive, and I could not have made it through without them.”

“Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes” is a book based on the true life story of Sadako Sasaki. She was a two-year-old when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, only one mile from her home. Nine years later she was diagnosed with leukemia. She lived in a nursing home and decided to make 1,000 paper cranes because of the Japanese legend that said a person would be cured by the gods if they did this. She died after making 644 cranes, but her family finished the task for her after she died. The simple gesture of working hard to create something beautiful has inspired many. page 21 g

: S ay s urvey

When did Saints go to bed this summer?

later than 2 p.m. 13%

8-10 p.m.

Opinions of Aquinas students based on a survey of 248

When did students begin their summer reading? 52%


10 p.m. to midnight 33%

30% 15% 2% 13%


midnight to 2 a.m.

When did Saints wake up this summer? 26%




Did Saints go on summer trips this year? No





Yes 5-7 a.m.

g page 22

7-9 a.m.

9-11 a.m.

past 11 a.m.





What do you call a fat psychic? A four chin teller! Submitted by The Shield Staff

Submit your school-appropriate joke to for a chance for your joke to be featured in the next issue of The Shield



The Shield needs your opinions! If you are interested in writing an opinion article to be featured in our next issue, contact Co-Editors-in-Chief Jordan Eberhardy and Janie Bachkora for details. We would love to hear from you! page 23 g



This past spring Saint Thomas Aquinas High School won three state championships in girls track and field, girls soccer, and baseball.

By Jackson McElroy

BASEBALL The season was long, the games were hot. But the 2014 baseball team brought the state title back to Aquinas. Throughout the season the team had some good days and some bad days, but brought it on come the postseason. The Aquinas baseball team defeated St. James to win Regionals. The first game of the state tournament the team barely beat Shawnee Heights, with 2014

graduate Tyler Watson, hitting in the winning two runs in the last inning. “At that point we knew we could win state and that game gave us the confidence to do so,” senior Ethan Meyers said. In the championship game the boys faced Blue Valley Southwest, a team they split a series with earlier in the season. Aquinas was up 6-0 early in the game. As the team gathered Photo (right) courtesy Michele Gress

The boys raise the state championship trophy shortly after the last out of the game. Photo (left) courtesy Michele Gress

g page 24

The baseball team poses with the trophy and the Aquinas flag, raising a number one.

around the dugout fence waiting for the last out, graduate Jack Pauley made an incredible diving catch to seal the deal. “We couldn’t believe it, we finally could do the dog pile on the field. We were all going crazy as it was still hard to believe we had just won the State Championship playing the best baseball we ever had.” Meyers recounts.

Girls’ Track and Field Photos by Monica Sneed

With Justin Wrigely as new head coach and a powerhouse of a distance team, girls’ track and field were destined for success. Sophomore Maggie Sieben recalls “I realized at the first meet that we could be contenders for the state title. The people who participate in track and field... compete not only

Left: (from left to right) Senior Emily Downey and graduates Bailee Cofer, and Grace Geiger sweep the 3200m. Center: Senior Maggie Jacobs throws the javelin. Maggie placed 6th at state. Right: The girls’ and boys’ track and field team celebrate the girls’ first place state championship.

Photo by Jackson McElroy | The Shield

for personal success but for the success of the whole team.” At the meet, the distance “trio” of 2014 graduates Grace Geiger and Bailee Cofer along with senior Emily Downey took first, second, and third in both the 1600 and 3200 meter races. The three girls scored 48 total points, with Cofer winning the individual state title in the races.

Scoring 77 points total, the girls team edged out St. James Academy by four points to bring home that state championship. “I was so proud to have been a part of a successful season with such amazing teammates and awesome coach. To end as 5A state champions was an absolutely incredible feeling,” Sieben said.

GIRLS’ S CCER From the beginning the girls’ soccer team had the goal of winning state. Winning five in a row is almost unheard of. After winning 16 games in the regular season with only one loss, bringing home the banner seemed as real as ever. The girls’ team took down St. James in the Regional Finals, then beat Topeka West and Kapaun Mount Caramel high schools to advance to the championship game against Blue Valley Southwest. The championship game went into overtime 1-1. Within the first minute of OT, senior Jamie Kutey scored the final goal that won the game.

“It was so exciting that we ran up and tackled Jamie with hugs and than had our huge dog pile.” senior captain Olivia Meyers said. Meyers cites the team chemistry as the best as it has been, greatly contributing the successful season. “We are a tight team, and we are successful because of it.“

Photo by Michele Gress Photo courtesy Olivia Meyers The girls begin to dogpile after

The team celebrates with their trophy.

winning state in overtime.

page 25 g


Saints at Nationals Aquinas sent five track and field athletes to compete at a national level in their events this past spring.

By Jackson McElroy

Photo by Katie Ernst

Photo courtesy of Haley Dietsch

Tom Pyle in mid-stride as he prepares for his long jump at the state track meet.

Long Jump

From June 24-29 the United States Track and Field Youth Outdoor Championships were held at the University of Indiana. This year, Saint Thomas Aquinas sent their school-record-holding long jumper, Tom Pyle, to Bloomington, Indiana. “We were on a bus going to one of the meets and Wrigley came and told me my jump had qualified for nationals. It was really exciting.” said senior Tom Pyle. Training lasted three weeks longer

g page 26

for Tom and included more strength building in the weight room as well as many visits to the track to work on form. At the meet Tom competed well, placing second out of 13, despite not having his best jumps. Tom will always remember the meet though. “The experience was pretty exciting; I’m hoping to compete at the college level after high school, so it will be good to have experienced running at a college track with a bigger audience.”

(From left to right) Graduate Bailee Cofer, Senior Emily Downey, Graduate Grace Geiger, and Junior Haley Dietsch at New Balance Nationals in North Carolina.

Girls 4x1600

Earlier in the spring at the KU Relays, junior Haley Dietsch, senior Emily Downey, and graduates Grace Geiger and Bailee Cofer hit the mile times they needed to compete at the New Balance National Track and Field Meet in the 4x1600 meter relay. Cofer, Geiger, and Downey swept (first, second, and third places) the 1600 and 3200 meter races at state. Dietsch placed third in the 800 and first in the 4x800 meter relay at the Kansas State Meet. The four girls tallied 64 of the 77 total points that led

the girls track team to a state title. The success at state made the girls even more excited for the New Balance Nationals. On June 15, the girls placed seventh in the 4x1600 meter relay at New Balance in Greensboro, North Carolina, just one place away from being All-American. “I feel like we competed to the best of our ability. Our time would have gotten us in at least the top 5 most every other year, but this year was just a very fast year,” Haley Dietsch said. “The experience was amazing.”

CapThat n a m h s e r F Orientation


CapThat is The Shield’s monthly caption writing contest. Submit your best and funniest captions for the above photo to The winning caption will appear in the next issue of The Shield! page 27 g


Football’s New Era

New coach Randy Dreiling has changed the offseason training program along with the expectations of his players

By: Jordan Bartz

Starting in January Randy Dreiling took over as Head Coach for the Saint Thomas Aquinas football team after 29 years of experience—17 at Hutchison. Dreiling said, “It was a bit of an adjustment coming to Aquinas. The dress code and the pre-game mass are different from what I’m used to, but overall it’s a lot alike. Kids are kids. They may not know it, but they all want the structure and discipline because they are all trying to do the same thing.” Since starting he has been implementing his new offseason program. Dreiling said, “We started training in January with weights and have continued that through the summer three times a week. We also

gpage 28

took varsity down to a tournament at Pitt State with 13 other teams.” Senior Kyle Bollig said, “This offseason has been more intense. The new weights program requires us to commit everyday and make us much more

ran for about 30 minutes, and then had normal practice for an additional hour, when allowed. Bollig said, “Practice started at 6:00 A.M. and would last until about 8:30 A.M.” Dreiling said, “On our Thursday

We are going to be a very explosive team with a really good chance to go far in the playoffs. KYLE BOLLIG Class of 2015

accountable.” The summer weights program consisted of workouts on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Each day the players lifted for one hour, then they

practices we run our 40s . We started the offseason running only ten and each week we would add three more so at the start of the season we would end up running 40 40s.”

On Mondays the team focused on speed. On Wednesdays they focused on agility, and on Thursdays they ran 40s. “With the kids we have here and the work that we have put in this summer, I think that we will be in the mix at the end of the season. I think that we will go into each game thinking that we can win,” said Randy Dreiling . Bollig added, “The schedule is a bit tougher this year because of our new district, but we’re going in more prepared so I think that we will do pretty well this season.” Senior Kyle Raunig said, “We have a lot of underclassmen this year that are going to be contributing this year, but I still think

Coach Dreiling watches his team warm up with side runs on their first day of fall practice.

Jordan Bartz | The Shield

Both Bollig and Dreiling understand how that we are going to be a very explosive team much the crowd can affect the game and the with a really good chance to go far in the playoffs.” season. Dreiling said, “People like good football and Coach Dreiling has not only changed that’s what we aim to give them. One of the cool the offseason program, but he has also parts of Friday nights is when implemented his own system. People like good you can have a sold out game “We are going to run the ball more. Ideally we are going with a rowdy student section. It football and that’s can be the driving force in what to run more, but we also still what we aim to give want to have the productive makes our year go well.” them. ‘big play touchdowns’ through Bollig said, “We will definitely be exciting this year. the air” said Dreiling. RANDY DREILING We will be faster and have a Bollig said, “For us to Head Football Coach achieve our goals this year really good defense. There we are going to have to show our toughness also won’t be any blowouts this year, unless of course we are the team winning.” and attitude because we are going in as the underdogs.”

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Photos courtesy of Katie Ernst | The Medallion

1. Saints’ cheerleaders link up for prayer. 2. 2014 graduates Paige Hopfinger (left) and Bailee Cofer (right) run side by side at the Saints Stampede. 3. (from left to right) Seniors Kyle Bollig, Ethan Meyers, Nathan Burditt, Nathan Stukel, and Annie Bartolac hang out on the field during the race. 4. Junior Matthew Romme approaches the finish line. 5. The Saints Girls’ Cross Country team huddles before beginning the 5k. 6. Latin teacher and former cross country coach Greg Wilson signals the start of the race.

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9 Photos courtesy of Katie Ernst | The Medallion


7. Senior Nicole Biggins assists a Saints Stampede guest at the ring toss. 8. Seniors Anna Biggins, Katie Ernst, and Lexa Whalen smile for the camera at the Saints Stampede. 9. The football team suppots a guest as he winds up for a big throw. 10. Senior Becca Hare, sophomore Maggie Sieben, and juniors Abbey Hopfinger, Olivia Rode, Meghan Kindel, and Haley Dietsch cross the finish line hand-in-hand.

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The Shield, 08/26/2014  

The Shield, 08/26/2014