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January 23, 2014

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After the first senior Kairos retreat in 1999, Aquinas now prepares for the 100th. K-5, ended up changing his

“When one of your peers

by ANNIE SCHUGART perspective. can give a talk [and] be a leadEditor-in-Chief “As the retreat progressed, er, I think it speaks volumes,” God kept smacking me in the During the very first head,” Farnan said. “Stuff Kairos at Aquinas, theology would come up in the retreat teacher Ryan Best remembers that was in my talk. Finally thinking it was the greatest reabout the third day, I decided, treat he had ever been a part of. ‘Okay God, I’m supposed to The retreated ended up be here.’ Since then, I’ve been being so great that K-1 is now as involved as I can be.” going on K-100. 15 years later, Best attended K-1 to 4000 students later, and 100 about K-50, when his wife Kairoses later, the impact of had a baby. He decided to stay the retreat still remains. involved behind the scenes but “The Holy Spirit works not attend the retreats. Farnan in miraculous and mysterious began with K-5 and has ways,” theology and English attended every retreat from teacher Phil Farnan said. K-20 to K-99. “What I’ve witnessed over Kairos, according to Best the past 89 Kairoses is that it and Farnan, is unique because works every time, no matter it is student-led. Best explained the circumstances. The only that students are more likely to way I can explain it is that there is “What I’ve witnessed over the something a lot more important past 89 Kairoses is that it than me involved.” Best was a part works every time, no matter of the first Kairos, the circumstances.” along with Brian Schenck and Bob PHIL FARNAN Aley. After the Theology and English Teacher Aquinas President at the time, Sister Kathleen Condry, seek peer relationships. Many showed him an article in a schools have added adults to magazine about Rockhurst the small groups that are a High School’s Kairos retreat, part of the retreat, but AquiBest took six students to the nas has kept the small groups retreat at Rockhurst. These six entirely student-led. students ended up leading K-1 at Aquinas. K-1 brought back such positive results at Aquinas that an additional Kairos had to be added during the first year to meet the demands. Farnan wasn’t so eager at first. He said he ended up going on his first Kairos mainly so people would quit bugging him to attend. His first Kairos,

Best said. “You expect us to do that, but when a student does it, people are more likely to follow.” But the impact of Kairos doesn’t end “The impact of the when students pack their bags and head retreat isn’t going to stop. home after the retreat. It’s going to change.” Best, who has helped out with similar retreats RYAN BEST such as Teens EncounTheology Teacher ter Christ (TEC), said Aquinas’s Kairoses are unique because everyone on “The whole idea is to the retreat is a classmate—not build better relationships with a random group of people family, better relationships from different cities like TEC. with friends, and better relaAquinas’s Kairoses make it tionships with God. My hope easier for students to bring would be that more people what they have learned back to will realize the importance of the school and make it a better that,” Farnan said. community. Plans are in place for K-100 But the connections last to be held Jan. 28 through even after high school, Best Jan. 31. Best is still behind the said. At the K-1 through K-99 retreat, and Farnan will still be reunion in January, the conright back at the place he’s been nections were still evident. time and time again. “[The impact of the “The fact that I can be an retreat] isn’t going to stop. It’s instrument of the Holy Spirit going to change,” Best said. is extremely humbling,” Farnan “Your life is gosaid, “and [knowing] that ing to change, sometime, somehow, some way, I can have a lasting impact on somebody’s life and/or spirituality is just a phenomenal feeling.” g

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so you’re going to find new ways to live the retreat and stay on the journey.” Farnan agreed. He also hopes to see that everyone who attends the retreat will have Kairos stick with them.



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January 23, 2014

2 The Shield

STUDENTS IMPROVISE NEW CLUB A new club at Aquinas, the Saints Improv Troupe, is gearing up to compete against Olathe South next month.

by KATIE BERNARD Reporter The Saints Improv Troupe, started last spring by current juniors Ben Trickey and Jack Dotterweich, was inspired by the TV show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and is preparing to compete on Feb. 2 against Olathe South. The troupe was started by Trickey and Dotterweich last year as a side project during forensics class. Over the course of the spring, the idea grew. The troupe had a showcase at the choir Coffee House last year prior to making the club official this August. “Improv is different; it forces you out of your comfort zone,” Trickey said. The team practices twice a week, putting in about three hours a week during seminars. Those that compete also practice for two hours directly before the competition. The troupe competes once a month against local teams, including Shawnee Mission North, Olathe South, and Olathe Northwest. They compete for Operation: Show!, a Kansas City league. The competitions are at ComedyCity in Westport. Although there are about 12 students in the troupe,

Photo by KATIE BERNARD | The Shield

Juniors Joseph Denning and Jack Dotterweich act out a scene in which they are cutting down a tree during practice. The Improv Troupe practices during seminars in the theater, rehearsing for their competitions which take place about once a month. only four to six can compete on any given week. The decision regarding who competes is made by Trickey, Dotterweich and the faculty sponsor and

Performing Arts Department Chairwoman, Kim Harrison. At the Operation: Show! competitions, the troupe competes against one team at a time.

Each team is ranked out of 10 in separate improv games. Between four and six students compete at competitions each month, although two of their scheduled


competitions had to be canceled due to weather. The team currently has a record of one and one. g


Frivolity is discouraged, but StuCo and others want to make sure Catholic schools are celebrated. her students, she will provide a nice lunch for the teachers and staff of Aquinas in appreciation of their year-round efforts to educate and provide for students. Activities such as this will add some fun to the week but at the same time will not abandon the Student Council and faculty is gearing up for reason behind the celebration. the celebration of Catholic schools that will take Meyers also said the other major goal of StoCo place on the week of Jan. 26 to Feb. 1. this year is to make it known that it is Catholic While some festivities are being organized, Schools Week. Aquinas is scaling back on some of the more frivo“Last year, I didn’t even really know Catholic lous celebrations that have accompanied the week in Schools Week was going on,” years past. Instead of indulging on these superficial celebrations “Last year, I didn’t even really Meyers said. The goal is for excitement this year, Aquinas is hoping to to build throughout the week, achieve a deeper understanding know Catholic Schools’ Week peaking on Thursday for the of what going to a Catholic girls’ home basketball game was going on. ” school really means. against Shawnee Mission NorthThe Archdiocese has west and on Friday for the boys’ AJ MEYERS requested that activities like away game against Blue Valley Junior Class President themed dress days be kept at West. bay since they are not actually Academic Principal Craig celebrating anything having to do with being a CathMoss said Catholic Schools Week is a very worthy olic school. While themed dress days certainly add reason to celebrate. excitement and fun to a school day, they are slightly Moss referenced a quote from a Catholic Cardioff target in terms of appreciating Catholic schools. nal when he said that “if we don’t teach our children According to Junior Class President AJ Meyers, values, someone else will. If we don’t teach our this year’s Catholic Schools Week will aim to support children Catholic values, no one else will.” the Catholic Education Foundation. Events like a He also said that Aquinas should celebrate pancake breakfast preceding a 9 a.m. start on the being a Catholic school just as much as state chamWednesday of Catholic Schools Week will help to pionships. Doing so is what allows for a chance to raise money for the foundation. celebrate the Aquinas community as a whole. With Later that week, on Friday, theology teachattitudes like this and a community of spirit-filled er Mary Ann Hilgers will be having her annual Saints, Catholic Schools Week of 2014 has the po“Appreciation Cafe” for teachers. With the help of tential to go down as the best in 40 years. g


“up in my grill”

You may not understand everything kids say. But that’s ok. You don’t have to be perfect to be a perfect parent. Because kids in foster care don’t need perfection. They need you.


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Campus News




The Shield 3

January 23, 2014


Aquinas juniors plan the fourth year of their original service project, the Give N’ Get Coat & Shoe Exchange.

Photo by JORDAN EBERHARDY | The Shield

The items are set up at Prince of Peace in Olathe, where the store is open to anyone from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on a Sunday; this year, it took place on Jan. 19. All items A single mother came in asking for are free for anyone. Typically, about three help, as many had before. But junior Brito four hundred people come shop for anna Woicke remembers this experience items. Leftover items are donated. specifically because as she helped carry The project isn’t an easy undertaking. bags of coats out to her car, she found The students put in many hours planning the woman was living out of her car. every small detail: fliers, announcements, The story isn’t unique. There’s the speeches at Mass, sign ups, collecting story of the father who just received cushangers and bags for items, and other tody of his daughter but had to start from small tasks. The Key Club sends volunthe bottom to provide for her. There’s teers to help at the Give N’ Get as well. the story of the woman who has a sister McElroy, Eberhardy, and Woicke teaching impoverished children in Africa. all said that they lead busy lives between There’s the story of the administrator of school, activities, and work, but they bethe Kansas City Kansas School District lieve anyone can find time for service. who was hoping to help some of its less “There’s always so much to be done, fortunate students. and there’s always going to be people in All of these are people who the Give need,” McElroy N’ Get Coat & said. “It’s not just Shoe Exchange has “There’s always so much to be us. Anyone can do impacted. it. We’re so busy, done, and there’s always going to but we’re still able “It’s the coolest thing in the to help people. I be people in need.” entire world seeing love the feeling certain people after, just knowJACKSON McELROY you’re affecting ing you’ve done Junior that you wouldn’t so much to help usually see in your people.” ‘bubble,” Woicke said. “You get to hear Eberhardy agreed, saying that service their stories, hear what they’re going doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking to through, and hear why they’re in the place help. they are, and it’s just really touching.” “It doesn’t take a very big idea to The Give N’ Get is a unique service actually have an impact on people,” project started four years ago by Aquinas Eberhardy said. “When we first started, juniors Jackson McElroy, Jordan Eberhar- it was a relatively basic idea: we’re going dy, Brianna Woicke, and Jake Konnesky, to collect coats and give them out. And it as well as St. James juniors Bailey Ingolia actually helps a ton of people.” and Josh Lewis. Originally it began as an While the Give N’ Get has continued eighth grade project to obtain Confirmato grow throughout the years, now reachtion service hours in a meaningful way ing nearly every corner of the community, and to bring the class together. it continues to impact these four students But it has only continued to grow. just as much as it does the community. “It started with the Prince of Peace “I’ve learned a lot about myself as community, then it got to the Aquinas a leader. Every year it makes me very community, and each year now it seems thankful,” Eberhardy said. “You see these like we’re reaching out to the entire Kanpeople coming in every year who don’t sas City area,” McElroy said. have something as basic as a coat.”. The Give N’ Get is advertised in The Woicke agreed. Leaven, parish bulletins, at Aquinas, at “The stereotype of Johnson County is Kansas City School Districts and other that everyone is well-off, but people even school districts, and at Advice and Aid in our own community are struggling,” Pregnancy Center, to name a few. Woicke said. “It seems like everyone is The students collect donations of always asking for the latest thing, but some coats, shoes, and other winter items; typpeople would kill for a coat.” g ically, they receive about 2000 donations.

by ANNIE SCHUGART Editor-in-Chief

Photo by NAME | The Shield

Photos by JORDAN EBERHARDY | The Shield

Above: Junior Jackson McElroy sorts through donations on the Saturday before the Give N’ Get. McElroy was one of the original creators of the project. Below: Junior Caroline Backs organizes a coat rack on Saturday in preparation for the Give N’ Get. Backs was one of the Key Club volunteers.

Photo by ANNIE SCHUGART | The Shield

Freshman Julia McElroy and junior Brianna Woicke sort through coats during the Give N’ Get Coat & Shoe Exchange.


6 The Shield

January 23, 2014

OH SAY CAN YOU SING? by SHANNON BECKER sing a few notes. We’re content to let the instruments wash Guest to the Shield

Did you donate to the Give N’ Get Coat & Shoe Exchange?

There is something disappointing about going to a sports game. No, it’s not the players’ performance or the end score but what we do at the beginning that never fails to disappoint and annoy me simultaneously. More accurately, it’s what we don’t do. Here’s a hint: it starts with “national anthem” and ends with “not singing it.” I think it’s disheartening to know teenagers barely older than our senior class marched into battle and fought for the rights that cushion our lives, yet we can’t be bothered to

with “night” or “light,” and stumbled around “O’er the ramparts we watched.” If you did not see the glaring problem with the previous statement, please go back and read it again. It wasn’t until one day in choir when our director asked if it really only bothers him

over us or watch one singer belt out the high notes. And it’s not like I can claim innocence; I’ve done this more times than I can count. I was more or less content to sing along quietly (which I’m sure everyone around me was grateful for), and let the music drown “It seemed to be one of those unspome out until I was little more ken rules; right up there with ‘on than background noise. Wednesdays we wear pink’ and ‘EwHeck, I didn’t ing doesn’t buy Androids,’ we’d find even know the ‘no one sings the national anthem.’” entire song until I was in second grade or so. I could that no one ever sings the recite the Pledge of Allegiance, national anthem. my ABCs, all my prayers, but Wow. Talk about a sucker the national anthem? punch. I wasn’t prepared for Eh…. the guilt—and yeah, a little bit Sure, I knew the beginof shame—that seeped into ning, and of course everyone my conscious. What made it knows the ending, but I would worse was knowing everyone always mix “perilous fight” else seemed content to go


The Shield welcomes opinion articles from any Aquinas student or faculty member as we seek to be the voice of Aquinas, and approved opinion articles will be published on this page. If you are interested in writing an opinion article or helping out in any way, please contact editor-in-chief Annie Schugart at ASchugart14@

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Will you donate to the blood drive on Thursday, Jan. 30?

along with the status quo. It seemed to be one of those unspoken rules; right up there with ‘on Wednesdays we wear pink’ and ‘Ewing doesn’t buy Androids,’ we’d find ‘no one sings the national anthem.’ It’s even worse during the Olympics. While we’ll proudly display our national flag, it’s somehow perfectly fine to stand stock-still, stoic and silent, while the national anthem plays? While not only the country watches, but also the entire world? Rough. Honestly, what’s holding us back? Embarrassment over our singing voices? Hesitancy to be the only one singing? All are solved if everyone pitched in. It’s only a few stanzas, sure, but considering those stanzas reflect our struggle, our loss, our desperation, and our hope in the fight for our Independence, I’m thinking we could maybe put a little more effort. g

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January 23, 2014

The Shield 7


Amy Person left in 2008 to raise her son, but she was drawn back by memories of 9/11. by JANIE BACHKORA Reporter

These heartfelt comments left tears in her eyes. “I just remember having After five years away from a massive impact on a lot of teaching, Amy Person had students,” she said. “I felt like it an emotional experience that was a gift God gave me to teach, brought her back. and I felt like there was a small “Sept. 11 is a day that I part of me that was missing that. I obviously remember teaching,” was missing the connections I had said Person. “I sat in my classmade with my students.” room and went through a lot of Person contacted Aquinas emotions with my students that about the possibility of returnparticular day. This past year, I ing and was asked to come back was watching the History Channel part-time for the spring semester, on Sept. 11, and I was immediate- sooner than she had originally ly taken back to the day that I was planned. She prayed about it, sitting in my classroom teaching. talked to her husband, and deI totally remember it being my recided it was sponsibility the perfect to really be “I felt like it was a gift God opportunity there for [the to see if she gave me to teach, and I felt definitely students] because of wants to like there was a small part return to the emotion of the day.” teaching fullof me missing that.” Photo by JANIE BACHKORA | The Shield Person time. Amy Person lectures to her American History class during 2nd hour on Jan. 17. Person was a student-teacher took her Person’s AMY PERSON at Aquinas and rose to department chairwoman before taking an indefinite break in 2008 to raise her child. thoughts to return to Social Studies Teacher Facebook Aquinas difficult part of her return is unnerving for me.” the success of “We the People,” a where she is already re-establishing her expectations Person had an established class for seniors that tested their posted a receiving positive feedback. and reputation. reputation when she was at knowledge of the Constitution. status about not letting the Sept. “I think I’m very lucky to “I’m coming in to a situation Aquinas before. Immediately With her help and guidance, the 11 attacks be forgotten. She also have gotten the opportunity to where I’m having to go back to after graduating from Kansas club was able to compete on a talked about remembering where have her as a teacher even if it is the beginning as far as establishState University, she was a stunational level. she was on that day and wanting only for one semester,” said junior ing my expectations and my rules dent-teacher for current Social “It was something that was to make sure that her son knew Madeline Crume, a student in of the road,” Person said. “When Science Department Chairman visionary for the school and the importance and magnitude of Person’s American History class. I was department head, I ran a David Shriver and then was hired something that put us on the the devastation. The post received “Her teaching style is different certain ship and now I am just a as an Honors American History map,” Person said. an abundance of attention and from what I’m used to, but I teacher in a department. It’s difand Honors Economics teacher Person decided to leave love from former students, who think the challenge will benefit us ferent for me because I’m usually in 1996. She eventually became Aquinas in 2008, after teaching said they would not have wanted juniors in the long run.” in control of what I do and what the head of the history departfor 12 years, to spend time with to be with anyone else on that day. Person said that the most is around me, and this is a little bit ment and played a major part in her newborn son. g

A PRESIDENT AND A QUEEN Annie Lind’s exuberant love for Aquinas is infectious.

Photos by JACKSON McELROY | The Shield

Of all her involvements, Lind enjoys StuCo the most. “It is the best group of people. Everyone is so happy and enthusiastic,” Lind said. “It is crazy to think how little things have such a big impact on the entire school.” She has no regrets about StuCo and is really thankful that her mom made her do it freshman year. “Annie stands out as a president,” Distler said. “In 30 years, I have only seen four or five

goal is pretty much accomplished. by JACKSON McELROY “I’m able to make Aquinas a Reporter home for everyone,” she said. Her love and passion for Lind grew up knowing she Aquinas is evident. was going to attend Aquinas. “It didn’t happen right away,” What she didn’t know was the said the Homecoming Queen, impact she would have on the “but now my heart beats faster Aquinas community. when I walk in. I look forward to “She is so creative, energetic, school—you’re at home here.” sweet, driven, and extremely comLike many other students, passionate,” says Student Council Lind is unsure of her future. At moderator and theology teacher the moment, there are five schools Phyllis Distler. “She walks into the she has narrowed down for room and it just lights up.” college, with many options for Since freshman year, Lind majors. No matter where she “My day can go from a one goes to school, Aquinas will still has been involved with many Aquinas clubs and activities. be her favorite. to a 10 just by seeing a glimpse She participates in Student When asked about being a Council, forensics, yearbook, teacher or student council moderof that stubby blond ponytail.” Key Club, choir, musicals, and ator at Aquinas, she said “there’s a was previously a member of definite possibility of me coming SARAH BREKKE dance team. She was also a back.” Senior freshman retreat leader, is a Whether she comes back Senior Ambassador, and particor not, Lind wants students to ipated in the junior mission trip. students who can come close to know to take advantage of getting Since she is so involved, she comparing with her leadership and to know everyone personally and loves the sight of others taking enthusiasm.” to remember that there is a little part in embracing what Aquinas Very few people walk in bit of loser in everyone. has to offer. freshman year saying that they “She is my biggest role “Seeing others kids being big- want to get to know everyone model and she inspires me to do ger than themselves and becoming in their class on a personal level. everything,” said her sophomore part of their community is always Even fewer people can say that brother Jack Lind. “She is my best so awesome,” she said. they have done just that. Lind’s friend.” g

Favorite Annie Lind stories submitted via survey “Her sophomore year Homecoming dress was strapless, but she didn’t like it so she sewed a headband of the same color on to it to make it look like she had a one shoulder strap dress.” “One time I was sitting at a stoplight and Annie was driving behind me. I looked in my rear view mirror and no one was in the driver’s seat. I then proceeded to almost pee my pants because plastered to my window was a wild Annie Lind.” “I walked up to her locker to go to class with her, and I found her sleeping on the floor.” “One time in the summer she texted me at like 12:30 a.m. and said that she missed being at school, so she just drove to Aquinas and hung out in the parking lot and listened to music.” “My favorite was after her 6 a.m. practice and she was running down the hallway brushing her teeth with no shoes on and had her coffee in the other hand.”

8 The Shield


January 23, 2014

WRIGLEY NAMED MIDWEST COACH OF THE YEAR Cross country coach Justin Wrigley has dedicated 13 years to Aquinas, most recently leading the girls’ team to break a state record.

by ANNIE SCHUGART Editor-in-Chief In the fall of 2001, Justin Wrigley walked in the doors of Aquinas to serve as simply an assistant to cross country Coach Greg Wilson. 13 years later, Wrigley walks in with his new title: Midwest Sectional Coach of the Year. Wrigley was recently selected by the National Federation of State High School Associations, receiving the Midwest award which included the states of Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota. When he first heard he had received the award, Wrigley said he was shocked simply because he wasn’t focused on coaching awards; he was focused on the greater good of the team. “What the girls accomplished at the state meet was historic on every level, so I view this award as a way of recognizing the accomplishments of those kids,” he said. “It is a reflection of all of the people involved.” Wrigley was quick to credit his fellow coaches Chris Ronan, Matt Hallauer, Jim Halling and Kadie Calovich, saying that it’s not just a single vision, but rather multiple people sharing the same desire to succeed. He also was quick to thank each and every member of the team “that has ever worn the Saints cross country uniform for contributing their efforts in making our team culture so great.” Yet the athletes he coaches were quick to praise Wrigley. “Not many people can say

Photo courtesy of MATT HALLAUER

Wrigley speaks to the girls’ team moments after they set an unbreakable state championship record. Team co-captain Grace Geiger, pictured at far right, said, “He taught so many of us to fall in love with our sport, and that’s the best gift he could have ever given to us.” that they love their coach, and I seriously couldn’t ask for a more inspirational role model,” senior cross country captain Grace Geiger said. Senior boys’ captain Matthew Wilderson agreed. “Wrigley deserved it because of all the endless hours of workouts, talks, and research on how to be the best runner,” Wilderson said. “He is always there to give me motivation and help the team.” Wrigley has been impacting the lives of his athletes since he first entered Aquinas in 2001. His coaching philosophy is that

athletics are just one aspect of a “full and balanced life” that everyone can benefit from and

“Wrigley deserved it because he is always there to give me motivation and help the team.” MATTHEW WILDERSON Senior, Captain can be a replication of overcoming challenges in other aspects of

life. He promotes competition to motivate athletes to improve, and he believes in teamwork and becoming one’s personal best. Certainly the girls’ cross country team this year left a permanent mark on Kansas history as they became the first team to earn a perfect 15 points at the state meet. Yet Wrigley saw more than just another state title. “When our kids get to the starting line at the championship meets, it is easy to see that because they truly care so much for one another that they will stop at nothing to bring success to the

group,” he said. “That kind of love is an incredible thing to witness and an impossible thing to stop.” Wrigley may be the one receiving the tangible award, but he has left the true reward in the mark he leaves on his athletes--a permanent impact seen not only through the success in their sport, in the team they see as family, or in the challenges they overcome, but rather in a way that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. “He taught so many of us to fall in love with our sport,” Geiger said, “and that’s the best gift he could have ever given to us.” g

SAINTS CHANGE SCHEDULES Many students made last-minute changes to their schedule—a process that is not necessarily as easy as it may seem—yet some underclassmen might not even realize it is possible to change their schdules.

by JORDAN BARTZ Opinions Editor The process for setting the schedule for more than 900 Saint Thomas Aquinas students involves a lot of moving parts and is not as easy to change as many students think. After the schedule is made, a student has to go to the Academic Counseling office to get it changed. To do this students go into the office and see if the changes they want are even possible. Next a student then takes a form home for them and their

parents to sign. There is also a small fee if the change is not made before the first deadline. Registrar Ellen White said, “For each student, there are 14 different pieces to their schedule. Their seven classes first semester and their seven for second semester.” When the schedule is made, it is made to have roughly 20 to 25 students per class. Once students start transferring to different hours or different classes entirely, these numbers can fluctuate. “In some theology classes there might be a wider range of students than in some science classes where there are only a

JCCC Honors: Dig deeper. Aim higher.

“The Honors program enhances your college education and provides opportunities to gain hands-on experience in areas of interest.” Amanda, JCCC Honors student and Gardner Edgerton High School graduate Johnson County Community College’s Honors Program stimulates and challenges academically talented students. An Honors application is required for admission. For more information, call Pat Decker at 913-469-8500, ext. 2512, or visit

certain amount of room for students to do demic reason,” not just a student wanting a labs and other activities,” White said. different teacher or to be with friends. Academic Counselor Deb Castinado The deadline for the current semester said, “We try our hardest to accommodate was Tuesday, Jan. 14. This early date helps all of the requests we get but a lot of times in many ways. First, it gives the Academic the class will be full or won’t be available in Counselling office workers time to send the certain hour that the student wants so it colleges transcripts for the semester. Colleges makes the switch difficult if not impossible.” like to see these to make sure that seniors This can be one of the reasons that are still academically challenging themselves. a schedule change might be denied, or Also, the current junior class will be picking allowed with multiple switches changing their courses for next year very shortly and most if not all of a this lets them know student’s classes. what credits they still “With some of “The final week can be kinda need so that they can the schedules, you graduate. crazy. Usually there is about 10 can just switch two Castinado said, “I classes out and it personally look at all people in line waiting to see if 200 plus of the Class works,” White said. “But for others there of 2015’s transcripts their switch will work.” is a trickle-down and find out what effect which can lead credits that they still ELLEN WHITE to multiple changes need.” Registrar in a student’s schedThis deadline also ule.” creates a hectic week Another reason a class change request for those who work in the Academic Counmight be denied is if the change is being seling office. An estimated average of 300 made just to switch teachers but stay in the to 400 students who transfer each semester, same class. some more than once, and many of whom “I think that it’s a good life lesson for transfer during the final week. students,” White said. “You’re not always “The final week can be kinda crazy,” going to like your boss or coworker but White said. “Some years it’s better than it’s good to learn how to work well with others but usually there is about 10 people in them.” line waiting to see if their switch will work.” Sometimes these changes are accepted. Upperclassmen make significantly If White or Castinado get one of these more schedule changes than underclassrequests, they send them to academic prinmen. cipals Craig Moss and Brian Schenck, who “First semester, the seniors usually then decide whether to accept it. have the most changes because of all the Moss said, “When it’s a teacher change electives that they have to choose from,” request, the process is mostly the same. Castinado said. “Before second semester, The student still goes to Academic Counmore juniors usually transfer. seling and fills out the same form, the only “Underclassman in general transfer less, difference is that an administrator has to especially the freshman,” Castinado said. “I approve it.” don’t even think that some of them know What they look for is a “sound acathat they can change their schedule.”g

January 23, 2014


The Shield 9


New Head Coach Randy Dreiling is welcomed at Aquinas and starts new weights program.

“The team has already started our weight program in the mornings and after school,” junior Kyle Bollig said. “Soon we will start Saint Thomas Aquinas hired watching film and learning the new head football coach Randy new offense.” Dreiling on Dec. 13. Serious talks The new offense Dreiling of a new head coach started to is bringing is the triple option circulate around President Bill offense similar to what Navy and Ford’s board last fall when the Georgia Tech runs. Saints ended the season with a 3-7 The team started the new record. program at the beginning of the Dreiling was previously head second semester and works out coach at Hutchinson High School four times a week. for 17 seasons. In 2008, Aquinas Dreiling mainly focuses on lost the 5A state football champispeed and agility. onship to Hutchinson 38-0. In the “We’re not trying to build near future, Aquinas players hope power lifters,” Dreiling said. to be the team holding up the “We’re trying to build athletes.” trophy under Dreiling. Junior Kyle Raunig said the “With the decisions we’ve team goes in the gym and works made over the past couple on quickness and changing direcmonths, we hope to be competing tion. on the Saturday after Thanksgiv“Coach Dreilling has started ing,” Ford said, referring to the to put us through speed and traditional date for KSHSAA’s agility to make sure we are in the state football championships. Photo by TROY HILDERHOF | The Shield best shape we can possibly be in When Dreiling started at come season time. He’s a very Head Coach Randy Dreiling instructs junior Brent Keffer how to correctly squat during 1st hour wights class. Hutchinson, the Salthawks were good coach with class and a lot of This class is part of Dreiling’s new weights program. on a 26-game losing streak. experience and will push everyone We had a plan and we put it in seasons. be soon after that Dreiling would Dreiling explained how he turned to their limit.” place.” And when Dreiling won state be getting calls around the Aside Dreiling championships, he didn’t just win about a new “It’s unquestionable the Hutchinson “We’re not trying to build from the footwas able to turn state championships. The Saltjob offer at fooball proball records, amount of success powerlifters. We’re trying to Dreiling is also around Hutchinhawks’ seven state championships Aquinas. gram. son’s losing were by an average score of 34-12. Shortly “It all a great fit to be [Dreiling] has had.” build athletes.” football program “The numbers speak for after Dreilstarts in the a role model. to a have a rethemselves,” Ford said. “It’s ing accepted weight room. “He’s BILL FORD RANDY DREILING markable 160-38 unquestionable the amount of the position It develops you Catholic and President Head Coach record over the success he has had. He’s the type as new head physcially and a Benedictine next 17 seasons. of guy we were looking for.” football coach mentally, which graduate with The Salthawks won six straight However in 2013, Hutchinof the Saints, he got right down ultimately builds confidence,” great character,” Ford said. “I’m state championships from 2004 son finished the season 5-4 and business. One of his changes Dreiling said. “We followed the excited to see what is to come in to 2009 and managed to go to the their 13-season streak of playoff Dreiling is bringing to Aquinas is a the upcoming years.” g simple formula of going to work whole new weights program. every day, getting better every day. state championship nine out of 10 berths was snapped. It wouldn’t

by TROY HILDERHOF Sports Editor

Upcoming Sport Events Today Friday Saturday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday, Jan. 30 Friday, Jan. 31

Saints Classic starts V Boys Basketball vs. Washburn Rural (6:30 p.m.) V Girls Basketball vs. BVNorth at KaMo Basketball Tournament V Wrestling Hays Invitational (2:30 p.m.) JV/V Boys Swimming at Blue Valley Southwest (1 p.m.) JV/V Bowling Miege Invitational (1 p.m.) JV/V Dance Team KSpec Competition at Olathe East (3 p.m.) Freshman A/B Boys Basketball vs. Blue Valley (6 p.m.) JV/V Wrestling Senior Night at home (6 p.m.) JV/V Bowling vs. Schlagle, Washburn at Ranch Bowl (3:30 p.m.) JV/V Girls Basketball vs. SMNorthwest (5:30 p.m.) Freshman A/B Boys Basketball vs. Blue Valley West (6:00 p.m.) Photo by BRYAN ZACK | The Shield C/JV/V Boys Basketball at Blue Valley West (5:30 p.m.) Freshman Zachary Dare dives into the pool at the SMNW swimming meet.


Sports are approaching the season midway point and are getting ready for the post season run. by BRYAN ZACK Campus News Editor

the Saints are headed in the right direction. “Sophomore Derek Ecklund has been our leader. He works hard in practice and sets a good example for the rest of the team” said Dare. The team is in action next this Saturday at Blue Valley Southwest.

Swimming The boys’ swimming team has been in action recently at the Shawnee Mission Northwest and Lawrence Free State meets. This is a very young team with Bowling nine freshman, four sophomores, The season has gone well for and two juniors. Also with brand the Saints. new coach, Ken Grayam, this has “We started off a little slow at definitely been a rebuilding year. the place we seem to never do well This does not discourage at. Then we freshman went and got “Sophomore Derek Ecklund swimmer second in a Zachary has been our leader. He works tournament Dare. was easi “Alhard in practice and sets a that ly winnable. though we But I look currently do good example.” forward to not qualify us all being for state, we ZACHARY DARE consistently are working Freshman good to win really hard to some meets,” improve our times. Coach Grayam said senior Alex Van Pelt. has made it clear that his goal was The team is looking for sucto get us a state title in a few years. cess in the post season this year. “I He can have fun with us, but he think we have an amazing chance knows when to be serious and get at making it to state, there are a to work,” said Dare. few teams that will be competitive Led by captains Derek with us at regionals but I think Ecklund and Michael Zalenski,

we’ll be better,” said Van Pelt. The Bowling team has a lot of senior leadership which is really helping out the team. “Having a lot of seniors on the team makes practice and meets a blast, it’s pretty much a family. We are pretty close and know how to treat each other when we are struggling and need a boost. It makes the season so enjoyable.” said Van Pelt. The bowling team is in action next at the Bowl Miege Invitational at Mission Bowl. Girls’ Basketball The girls’ basketball team has had a great season so far. The Lady Saints have an impressive 8-1 record with the only loss coming to Columbia Rock Bridge. The Saints are a perfect 5-0 in the league after knocking off previously undefeated Miege Friday night. The team is ranked No. 2 in Kansas by the Kansas Basketball Coaches Association. Saints nation has been coming out strong to the games. “The crowd has been amazing so far!,” senior Tia Weledji said. “Shout out to John Wernel, Jack Hopfinger, and Joe Kelley for be-

ing three of our biggest fans. They, along with the rest of our supporters, really keep us energized and enthused to play our hardest every second of the game.” Most awards and recognitions don’t come out until the end of the season but last week Weledji was nominated to be an All-American.

“The crowd this year has been amazing,” Kohnle said. “Best crowds I’ve experienced in my four years here and it’s really helped us on the floor. The Southwest game was great and you guys all contributed to the win. We have the best fans in the EKL and we appreciate your support.” The Saints are in action this weekend at the Saints Classic.

Boys’ Basketball The Saints boys’ basketball Wrestling team is not off to the start that The boys wrestling team just they wanted with a 2-6 record. competed at “We’ve started off a “The crowd this year has the Bobcat Classic this little slower been amazing. Best crowds past weekend. than we The team has would have I’ve experienced in my four experienced liked, but some injuries we know years here.” but senior Zack we have Hoskins doesn’t to come JOHN KOHNLE think that will together as a Senior stop them. team to turn it around,” “We have suffered some injuries, senior John Kohnle said. including my shoulder but I still But that 2-6 record is deceivfeel good about the team” said ing considering that three out of Hoskins. “ I think we have a 50/50 the six losses have come in overchance at winning state. Our main time so the games have been very competition is St. James,” said close. Like the girls team, the crowd Hoskins. The team is currently ranked third in the Kansas Wreshas been a huge factor. tling Coaches Association. g

Last Look

10 The Shield

January 23, 2014


Photo by JORDAN BARTZ | The Shield

The starting five for boys’ basketball—sophomore Riley Pint, junior James Pyle, junior Adam Kutney, senior John Kohnle and senior Chris Ernst—walk onto the court for the Miege game Friday.

Photo by Jordan Bartz | The Shield

Photo by Jordan Bartz | The Shield

The crowd salutes senior Chris Ernst with the “Hunger Games” sign.

Junior James Pyle drives past a Bishop Meige defender during the second half of Friday’s game.

Photo by JORDAN BARTZ | The Shield

Above: The varsity cheerleaders enthusiastically pump up the crowd by singing the wiggalo.

Photo by JORDAN BARTZ | The Shield

Junior Savannah Miller dances and baton twirls at halftime during the girls’ basketball game against Bishop Miege. Photo by JORDAN BARTZ | The Shield

Allie Dierks drives in for a layup during the game against Bishop Miege. The Aquinas girls’ basketball team won, with their season standings at 8-1.

Photo by HANNAH NEY | The Medallion

Senior Zack Hoskins takes down a wrestler during the Shawnee Mission South varsity tournament on Jan. 11.

Photo by JORDAN BARTZ | The Shield

Senior guard John Kohnle shoots a jump shot in the first half of the Bishop Miege game.

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The Shield, 01/23/14  

Saint Thomas Aquinas HS "Kairos Through the Years"

The Shield, 01/23/14  

Saint Thomas Aquinas HS "Kairos Through the Years"