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An ecological approach to bottled water has never been more important for the Dining and Hospitality industry

The Clear Alternative

Housewater are a leading brand of filtered, chilled, still and sparkling mains fed water systems for on-site bottling. Housewater was specifically created to provide the hotel and hospitality industry with a clear alternative to environmentally suspect bottled water and non, profit generating tap water and to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of an establishment.

There is no capital investment necessary as Housewater will install the equipment along with an initial supply of designer branded bottles for a fixed monthly hire payment, which includes a full service and maintenance programme. Cost and equipment levels can be structured to provide a realistic proposition for a variety of operations, from a small cafĂŠ, coffee shop, bar or bistro via leading restaurants and boutique hotels to major hotel chains and event facilities. As businesses, clients and customers become more cost conscious and much more environmentally aware, the Housewater system allows the user to avoid the costly carbon impact associated with the disposal, storage, transport and manufacture of glass and plastic bottles. By using high quality reusable designer bottles, together with a market leading range of equipment, the team at Housewater have taken the filtered water concept beyond the practical to a level of style, design and branding not normally associated with a bottled water product.

Housewater install equipment throughout the UK encompassing all aspects of the industry. The extensive range provides an unlimited supply of great tasting, chilled pure water on demand, either still or sparkling to suit a wide variety of locations. The versatile options, range from a concealed or remotely located unit with either a front or back of house fonts to free standing or counter top units, which can incorporate electronic portion control, suitable for service area’s or front of house. It can be easily installed and

virtually eliminates “water miles� The innovative approach to design and branding shown by Housewater provides an exceptionally stylish yet, eco- friendly option, which complements a wide spectrum of design styles and concepts.

Product range Our product range consists of Free Standing Units, Worktop/Counter top units and Built In Under Counter/Cellar Units. We also stock a range of accessories to complement our Housewater units.

HWUC 60/80 Under counter unit

HWOC 45 Free standing unit

HWUC 150 Under counter unit

HWFSSSPC 80/150 Free standing unit

The Housewater answer • Housewater provides a Food and Hospitality industry specific, ecological solution to branded bottled waters that may have travelled hundreds, if not 1000’s of miles to the table. • Housewater eliminates the costs of handling, storing, chilling and disposal associated with branded bottled waters. • Housewater has a comprehensive range of equipment and can provide, location specific layouts with customised dispense.

• Housewater can either produce direct income on a charge per bottle basis or by a water charge per cover. • Housewater provides stylish, yet robust, Housewater glass bottles that can be branded with individual locations. An invaluable marketing feature. • Housewater can print bottles for specific occasions such as weddings or charity events. • Housewater is a privately owned company as such we have a far greater capacity for contractual flexibility.

The Clear Alternative

E: info@housewater.com T: 08450 77 41 70

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