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Why is Saint Peter’s University your best choice? Choosing a college or university is one of the most important decisions a student makes. It’s not always an easy process, and there are many options to consider. Saint Peter’s University is one of 28 Jesuit universities in the United States. Consider being part of our network of academic excellence. Saint Peter’s University is proud of how we help students identify who they are and where they want to go in life. Throughout their time at Saint Peter’s, each student discovers moments which define their path for exploring, studying, serving, connecting and achieving. Your moment may be found in a classroom, an internship, serving others or as part of your overall college experience. Your moment may be when you walk across the stage at graduation. Start here to discover how Saint Peter’s and a variety of opportunities — moments — can add up to the experience of your life. Your time is now. You are invited to learn how Saint Peter’s University can make a difference in your life.

Accreditations & Recognitions Saint Peter’s University is proud to announce that U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges 2015 guide ranked the institution among the top one hundred universities in the Regional Universities North region. In the category of Average Amount of Need-Based Aid Awarded, the University was ranked first in the state of New Jersey and 15th in its region. Saint Peter’s is also ranked third among N.J. private institutions in the category of Least Debt. Saint Peter’s University programs are generally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Specialty accreditations for Nursing, Business and Education are through highly recognized and respected agencies, including: the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE) and the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC). Saint Peter’s has also been designated a “green college” by The Princeton Review.

At Saint Peter’s University, your moments happen every day. They help shape your foundation and guide your future.

Welcome to your moments.

Personal & Powerful A Saint Peter’s education is both. In fact, there aren’t many places to experience an education quite like ours. We’ve been committed to rigorous academics, a supportive environment, and Jesuit values since 1872. “Jesuit” means many things to many people. Here’s what it means to us: Our students come here to earn a degree, but leave with so much more. They develop a desire to serve — whether it’s with a cause, an organization or a lifelong commitment to giving back. They build an unshakable foundation of ethics that will guide their future achievements. They also build a sense of community that lasts a lifetime. Our Jesuit-based education not only prepares them for their careers, but it also inspires them to be caring, contributing members of society. A college education from Saint Peter’s University will provide you the same opportunities. Imagine walking across the stage at college graduation knowing you will be prepared for career, family, and life. That’s pretty powerful.  

Engage & Explore Nothing is more important in today’s tech- and text-driven world than being able to speak, write and communicate well. Your specialized major will be supplemented by core classes that train you to do so clearly, so you benefit throughout your academic career and beyond. Our commitment to academic excellence is epitomized in Capstone Projects at the completion of your studies in the field you have chosen. You will conduct research, then assemble and present your project in an active, selfdriven learning experience. Academic Success Program (ASP) is a highly successful, first-year program with a Summer Academy. The program assists a select group of students through the transition to college. Students participating in the program benefit from college skill-building which carries through their first year at Saint Peter’s. In addition to a broad-based area of study, our students have unique opportunities to help make learning extraordinary. Here are just a few examples: Metropolitan Seminars immerse Saint Peter’s students in the world of New York City, a global capital of finance, media, and culture. Whether they’re studying economics, art history, or anything in between, our students see New York City as a center of learning. Believe it or not, you’re ready to change the world – and you can get credit for it through Service Learning classes. The coursework is tied to projects that benefit the community, like helping schoolchildren learn to read or preserving monuments to veterans.

If you’re not sure what you want to study, you can start as an Undecided major which allows you to earn your core credits while trying out classes in different majors and minors. There are so many areas of study to explore. Once you find out what best matches your interests and abilities, you can declare your major. In addition, faculty advisors work closely with all our students to chart their path toward graduation. Having someone to talk with about your academic interests will help you get on track with your degree. Plus, combining a minor with your major course of study will help create a dynamic and complementary academic program. Imagine the variety of combinations: Business and Environmental Studies, Sociology and Theater Arts, Communication and Social Justice.

Don’t see your dream career here? We’ll help you build it. Every year we help students put together personalized academic programs catered to their goals.



Accountancy American Studies Art History Asian and Asian-American Studies Biological Chemistry Biology Forensic Science Environmental Science Biotechnology Business Management Chemistry Forensic Science Classical Civilization Classical Languages Clinical Laboratory Sciences Communication Writing and Publishing Media Business Film History and Criticism Computer Science Computer Information Systems Management Information Systems E-Commerce Criminal Justice Law and Justice Corrections Police Administration Investigative Sciences Criminal Research and Intelligence Analysis Computer Science and Crime Forensics Economics Education Elementary Elementary and Middle School Secondary

English Literature Environmental Studies Communications and Media Interdisciplinary Studies Social Science Fine Arts Graphic Arts Photography Health and Physical Education History International Business Latin American and Latino Studies Mathematics Mathematical Economics Marketing Management Modern Languages Natural Science Nursing Philosophy Physics Political Science Psychology Clinical Psychology Cognitive Processing Forensic Psychology Sociology Spanish Sports Management Theology Urban Studies Visual Arts

Africana Studies Anthropology Business Law Finance French Italian Journalism Music Social Justice Theatre Arts Women’s Studies * Most majors are also available as minors.

5-year Dual Degree Programs BS/MS Accountancy BS/MBA Business Administration BS/MS Computer Science BA/MA Education

For more information, please visit our website:

Study & Apply We know that our graduates gain just as much experience outside the classroom as they do inside the classroom. That’s why we make it a priority to connect students with great learning opportunities. You get hands-on experience from the moment you arrive at Saint Peter’s University. Facilities Built for Learning The School of Business opened new educational and classroom spaces in fall 2014. The new facilities include two super-smart interactive learning halls with video conferencing capability, one of which will serve as a virtual trading room. The space will also offer technology-enhanced project and seminar rooms, as well as a student/faculty research space. The exterior of the building features interactive digital displays with current financial market information, in addition to an open learning forum with stepped seating for outdoor lectures, seminars, symposia and student gathering space. Cooperative Education and Internship Program Our students participate in internships, paid or unpaid, as early as their freshman year at Saint Peter’s. Cooperative education (experience-based learning) is available to students through close coordination with Career Services. Students participating in a co-op job may receive course credit as well as a stipend. Choosing either an internship or a cooperative education opportunity, students are able to build skills such as time management, teamwork and creativity, as well as discover what it’s like to work in a professional environment. More than 150 world-renowned companies and organizations

Saint Peter’s University: a center for excellence in business. Whether you choose to major or minor in the School of Business at Saint Peter’s University, you will have the opportunity to engage with faculty who are thought leaders in the business world. Our School of Business is considered a center for academic excellence because its teaching and learning model combines theoretical models with contemporary case studies. Saint Peter’s University recently opened the doors to its new home for the School of Business with a state-of-the-art technology infrastructure and increased capabilities for teaching and learning. In addition to the simulated financial trading floor where business students put textbook teaching into action, the space also features technologically enhanced conference rooms, a computer lab and a lecture hall. .

have enlisted our students as interns and co-op students. It’s a diverse and impressive list that includes Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Major League Baseball, MTV Networks, JP Morgan Chase, Atlantic Records, Ann Taylor, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, to name a few. Many of our employers decide to hire Saint Peter’s students full-time after graduation because of the hard work they put into their internships and co-op experiences. Center for Global Learning Enrich your education and put a stamp in your passport by participating in a study abroad experience. More than 20% of Saint Peter’s students participate in international study abroad (short-term and long-term studies). Our students have studied in: Belgium, China, Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands, Panama, Spain, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. Guarini Institute for Government and Leadership Welcome to your gateway to the greater world of government and politics. Established by Congressman Frank Guarini, this institute sponsors lectures and programs that promote critical thinking, debate, and careers in public service. Get on-thejob experience through our Washington Center Internship Program and be a part of one of our programs at the United Nations. We’re one of a select number of universities that have NGO (non-governmental organization) status, allowing our students and faculty to participate in UN briefings and workshops. Honors Program Saint Peter’s students challenge themselves academically, making our Honors Program a popular and prestigious choice. Students invited into the Honors Program can take advantage of honors seminars, special courses, and events that focus on advanced topics and experiences. During their senior year, honors students compose and defend an in-depth research project or thesis, which is invaluable preparation for graduate and professional study.

Research Opportunities Students work side-by-side with faculty to conduct innovative research in various study areas. For example, Saint Peter’s University is home to the United States’ only Center for Microplasma Science and Technology. Funded by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, microplasma research promises advances in water purification, medical research, and energy efficiency. Some of the coolest research happens in our Human Perception and Performance Laboratory. Research conducted here is related to self-motion perception, motion sickness, and virtual environments. Equipment in the lab includes an optokinetic drum, a virtual reality setup, a motion platform with detachable aircraft cockpit and controls, and a rear-projection system. You never know when the work you do with a Saint Peter’s professor will lead to a better understanding of your field of study, your name on a professional paper, or presenting at a national conference. Nursing Simulation Laboratory Our Nursing Simulation Lab (Sim Lab) is a dynamic, cuttingedge facility that offers students hands-on clinical experience. Nursing students interact with our “Sim Family” (SimMan, NursingAnnes, and SimBaby) which are realistic, life-like models. Students learn and practice nursing care. During guided observations, students receive immediate feedback

from faculty while working in an active medical scenario. Just like a real clinical environment, students learn to react and respond to become better skilled health care practitioners. Radio Station WSPR, our on-campus student-run Radio Station, streams live from a studio in the Mac Mahon Student Center. WSPR has won several awards from the International Broadcasting System’s national competitions. The station can help aspiring DJs, reporters, and talk show hosts build media portfolios and train to use broadcasting equipment and software.

Mission & Ministry Ignatian Values Our Jesuit tradition welcomes students of all religious backgrounds to grow, explore and practice their faith and to serve as a community. CURA PERSONALIS Latin phrase meaning “care for the person,” cura personalis is having concern and care for the development of the whole person. This implies a dedication to promoting human dignity and care for the mind, body and spirit of the person.

MAGIS Latin meaning the “more,” magis embodies the act of discerning the best choice in a given situation to better glorify or serve God. Magis does NOT mean to always do or give “more” to the point of exhaustion. Magis is the value of striving for the better, striving for excellence.

UNITY OF MIND AND HEART Our hearts and minds are not divided; they are congruent when the whole person is educated and engaged.

MEN AND WOMEN FOR AND WITH OTHERS This value embodies a spirit of giving and providing service to those in need and standing with the poor and marginalized. We are encouraged to pursue justice on behalf of all persons.

CONTEMPLATIVES IN ACTION Although we are thoughtful and philosophical, we do not merely think about social problems; we take action to address them. Developing the habit of reflection centers and strengthens our spiritual life and guides our actions.

Campus Ministry offers several retreats throughout the academic year and hosts community service projects all over the New York metro area and beyond. There are always opportunities to join community service and make a difference in the world! • America Reads: five hours per week in local schools • Loyola Volunteer Program: two hours per week in a local organization • Global Outreach opportunities to travel in the US or internationally to do week-long projects for society’s most vulnerable.








Social Justice On December 22, 1965, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke to approximately 500 members of the Saint Peter’s University community and received an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws and Letters. He spoke against violence and segregation in American society. Dr. King’s words echoed his famous “I Have a Dream” speech in 1963 in front of the Washington Monument. He described his vision to the Saint Peter’s University community as a brotherhood of all people “where all of God’s children, white and black, Protestant and Catholic, Jew and Gentile, will be free at last.”

“Dr. King’s message of equality and pursuit of civil rights through non-violence is a core component of the Jesuit mission. All of our programs aim to remind and inform people on how to incorporate Dr. King’s core message into their daily lives.” – Dr. Anna Brown, Political Science professor

In 2014, Saint Peter’s University students competed against other colleges and universities in The Campus Kitchens Project. Voting via social media helped secure Saint Peter’s third place, qualifying the University to receive a $5,000 grant to establish a new Campus Kitchen to distribute food that would otherwise be discarded by restaurants and supermarkets. The kitchen, along with a newly opened food pantry and clothing redistribution center, will help those in need in the surrounding area and throughout Jersey City.







Additionally, students have the opportunity to serve beyond campus and the immediate area. Organized service trips like Habitat for Humanity and Global Outreach Ecuador prepare students to work with families building homes as well as improverished, marginalized people in Ecuador. The humbling serviceoriented work helps bring into perspective the path education, service and humanity share. No matter your religious background or your progress for personal spiritual fulfillment, Saint Peter’s University works to help students, faculty, staff, and alumni reflect and live the Ignatian values.





bridge as an iconic footpath that helps make our urban campus easy to navigate

CURA PERSONALIS A Jesuit tradition meaning care for the whole person, which we strongly believe in




years old, and still looking good




Pretty much the coolest mascot ever, and a symbol of immortality




miles from campus to New York City



Jersey City waterfront



Just a few of the student organizations you’ll find at Saint Peter’s: Mendel Biology Society, Taste of Africa Student Association, Voices of Praise Gospel Choir, Communications Club, Japan Anime Manga, Accounting Society, Argus Eyes Drama Society, Indian & Pakistani Culture Club, Circle K, Pauw Wow Newspaper, Dance Team, Student Nurses Association, Gannon Debating Society

INTRAMURAL SPORTS Including fitness classes, outdoor adventure series (i.e. horseback riding, whitewater rafting and zip-lining) and Mac Mahon Student Center Game Room tournaments.

Connect & Grow Our goal of developing the whole individual is evident in our daily campus life. Here, students connect, have fun, learn, and serve in leadership positions. We have more than 50 student organizations, including cultural, performing arts, pre-professional, academic, honors, service-oriented, publications and media, special interest, and student government groups. The Office of Student Activities works with all our groups to plan events including campuswide parties and concerts. Also, Student Activities is a great resource for discount tickets to Broadway shows, exploring the area through organized trips, and cheering on professional sports teams. If you are elected as an officer for one of the clubs on campus, you will be asked to attend the Magis Conference for Student Leadership, so you can learn how to lead your peers while in school. These are the type of skills that will be useful after you graduate from college! As a student hub, the multi-million-dollar six-story Mac Mahon Student Center, which includes performance spaces and the University Radio Station, supports all of our student organizations. The Mac Mahon Student Center Game Room might be the new most popular spot on campus. Pool tables, ping pong, and Xbox360 lounge stations provide students the chance to unwind between classes or meet up with friends in the evening. Living on campus is the best way to stay at the heart of campus life. Students can choose from traditional residence halls, as well as apartment-style residence halls. All have organized events and resources, and of course, convenient access to our many dining options. The Office of Residence Life at Saint Peter’s University is staffed with both career professionals and students. Students serve as Resident Assistants in all seven residence halls, providing mentorship and leadership to build a strong campus community. Commuting to campus? Not a problem! About half of Saint Peter’s students commute to campus. Our campus shuttle runs regularly to Journal Square PATH Station and to the student parking lots. The Commuter Lounge and other popular hangout spots on campus allow students to relax in between and after classes.

Compete & Achieve Peacocks are nothing if not proud. Good thing there’s a lot to cheer for at Saint Peter’s. With 19 intercollegiate sports, we’re one of 11 NCAA Division I universities in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference. Student-athletes are recruited from all over the nation and the world. They are student leaders in and out of the arena. In fact, nine student-athletes have been inducted into the Most Noble Order of the Peacock (MNOP) since 2012. MNOP is the University’s oldest scholarship organization.

The Yanitelli Recreational Life Center (RLC) and Joseph J. Jaroschak Field are home bases for our athletic teams. The RLC also provides recreational facilities for the Saint Peter’s community, including a swimming pool, cardio and weightlifting rooms and a varied fitness class schedule. And you’ll quickly get to know Peacock Nation, our loud, proud, and often colorful supporters. More than a booster organization, this giving society makes a positive impact on every student-athlete’s life.

“Saint Peter’s University is a great place to flourish as a student-athlete in a Division I athletics program with a long-standing history of excellence. Our students achieve at high levels both on the playing field and in the classroom.” – Joe Quinlan, Director of Athletics

Men: Women: Baseball Basketball Basketball Bowling Cross Country Cross Country Golf Soccer Soccer Softball Swimming & Diving Swimming & Diving Tennis Tennis Track & Field (Indoor) Track & Field (Indoor) Track & Field (Outdoor) Track & Field (Outdoor) Volleyball

In the last four years, Saint Peter’s has won eight MAAC team championships, including men’s golf, men’s soccer, women’s track and field, and men’s basketball.


Jersey City

Culture & Opportunity Living in Jersey City means you’re a 12-minute train ride from the heart of the most exciting city in the world: New York City! You may never say the words, “there’s nothing to do around here” again. Gallery openings, parks, museums, shops, shows, iconic landmarks, and sports are right at your doorstep. Jersey City has a lot to offer too. Considered one of the most diverse cities in the United States, it offers a wide range of community events – from the Irish festival at Exchange Place to the Dharba dances in India Square. The spirit of one of the fastest-growing and most desirable urban cities along the Hudson River is evident wherever you go.

several courses in New York City, making it an extension of our classrooms. Plus, downtown Jersey City is a major financial services hub. It is known as “Wall Street West”, both for its adjacency to Wall Street (a quick ferry or PATH ride away) and for being home to corporate offices like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Fidelity Investments.

The cuisines of Jersey City include not only ethnic diversity, but also farmers’ markets with fresh produce from Jersey farms, food trucks that roam the city and park near Saint Peter’s, and gourmet restaurants opening in Jersey City’s chic downtown.

Saint Peter’s University and Jersey City are vital parts of the New Jersey/New York City metropolitan area. From “Wall Street West” to the increasing vitality in the city’s eclectic neighborhoods, you’ll really be a part of the big city here but feel at home on campus.

There’s another serious advantage to our location – any job, internship, or professional interest is close by. In fact, we offer

Learn & Succeed

What happens after Saint Peter’s University? Whatever you choose. Everyone connected to Saint Peter’s has a singular goal: helping you reach yours. And it shows. The majority of Saint Peter’s University students participate in practicum, internship, clinical or field experiences. Hands-on learning is a fundamental value added to your college education. It’s the key to being competitive in a tough job market. Saint Peter’s is all about career development engagement, and it shows. Our graduates are recruited by impressive companies and organizations: 1010 WINS Radio, Aflac, Allied Irish Bank, Ann Taylor, Bank of New York Mellon, BASF Corporation, Con Edison, Emerald Financial Resources, Federal Bureau of Investigation, First Investors, Hackensack University Medical Center, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ, HSBC Bank USA, Hudson County Probation Office, ING Financial, Internal Revenue Service, J.H. Cohn, Kelly Scientific Resources, KPMG, Liberty Science Center, New Jersey State Police, New York Life Insurance Co., The New York Times, Northwestern Mutual, Peace Corps, Prudential Insurance Company of America, Social Security Administration, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and Wells Fargo Advisors, to name a few.

Our Career Services Center will get you ready for a profession. The Center offers job listings and an online job bank for students and recent graduates. The dedicated professionals can help you practice interviews, introduce you to alumni in your field, and help you perfect your resume. The Center also organizes two oncampus career fairs every year. Each event welcomes more than 50 companies, and students connect with recruiters and discuss the skills necessary to be successful within various industries.

Advisors at Saint Peter’s University integrate career conversations into academic planning to make sure you are taking the right courses for your future goals. Thinking about graduate or professional school after your undergraduate degree? The Saint Peter’s University Graduate Scholarship and Professional Studies Center provides personalized counseling for students to prepare for the graduate admission process. Our graduates are admitted to prestigious universities to continue their education, including: Columbia University; London School of Economics; Loyola University – Stritch School of Medicine; Princeton University; Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine; Seton Hall University School of Law; Temple University School of Dentistry; Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland; University of Buffalo School of Social Work; University of Chicago; University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey; Washington University Law School; and Yale University Law School, as well as many more. Whether preparing for career or graduate school, our students are successful. After all, it’s part of our mission to help students achieve their potential and more.

“As a member of the Division I women’s soccer team, I have done a lot of community service during my time here. I love how being at Saint Peter’s gives me quick access to some of the most exciting neighborhoods, cultures, and people in the Tri-State area.” Jamie Lisanti, ’13 Communication Major, Sports Management Minor Member of Alpha Sigma Nu, the Jesuit National Honor Society

“My advisor and professors were always a voice of encouragement and inspiration. I gained confidence and excelled in internships at The Rachael Ray Show and MTV News, which ultimately led to my current job at Bravo.” Lauren Kearney, ’13 Communication Major, Marketing Minor Currently a post-production assistant at Bravo TV

“I would not be a Ph.D. student, which to a large extent defines who I am now, if it weren’t for my professors at Saint Peter’s.” Boryana Dimitrova, ’08 Marketing Management and International Business Double Major Currently pursuing a Ph.D. at Drexel University

“I chose to continue my education with the Jesuits because they had such a positive impact on my learning experience at Saint Peter’s.” Francis DeMichele, ’11 Biochemistry and Biotechnology Double Major Currently pursuing an M.D. at Loyola University of Chicago’s Stritch School of Medicine

Transformative & Valuable Your future starts at Saint Peter’s. Your first moment could be now. Saint Peter’s University can change your future. Here’s how some of our students have transformed...










Hannah, ’14

Jake, ’18

His story, and many others, have yet to be told...

Choose & Enroll Choosing Saint Peter’s means you will engage, explore, study, connect, grow, play, achieve, learn, serve, question, discuss, and apply. Choosing the right college to attend is a journey. The end goal is to find the right university where you will develop your potential and give you an experience that will benefit you for life. We are here to help you.

Admissions is a personal process. Discover more about Saint Peter’s University. Visit campus and meet with an admission counselor who can help you chart your path and get you started on your journey to college. Schedule a visit at

Applying is easy. If you’re interested in Saint Peter’s University, you should apply. All application information and admission requirements are online at Need help? Don’t hesitate to contact your admission counselor for assistance. Call the Admission Office at (201) 761-7100.

Financial Aid is a priority. The value of a Saint Peter’s University education is an investment in you! We know the cost of college has many families exploring how to best manage financially during these economic times. We are dedicated to providing students with merit scholarships, grants and need-based aid. The U.S. Department of Education named Saint Peter’s University a top affordable choice in New Jersey! We are committed to providing our students one-on-one financial aid counseling to guide and inform families how to make Saint Peter’s an affordable private college option. To learn more, visit

valuable affordable lifetime


Office of Undergraduate Admission 2641 John F. Kennedy Boulevard Jersey City, NJ 07306

(201) 761-7100 For more on the Saint Peter’s commitment to the environment, visit





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