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Results For Round 2 from 1.27 What is essential about St. Paul that needs to be preserved in the upcoming transformation? Community (maintain and develop both in and out of congregation) Wonderful Community—this group of people/community is crucial, positive community worth preserving Maintain Lutheran Identity while welcoming all (RIC) Welcoming (friendliness of congregation), involved participants, living the question, embracing the struggles, Eyes light up—you are valuable to me Continue to develop our welcoming skills Word and sacrament ministry which is supported by good music, which supports the building of community Worship and music Liturgical worship Spirit-led (Spirituality), continue to be spiritually fed Accept who are and learn to survive with our current resources Outreach (all of what we do) Community Outreach/service Church needs to be a place of renewal (strife will kill us), good group of people who need to support each other in this transition without being divisive Music, traditional, liturgical Music and choir Relationships-church/family connections, See ourselves as a family This needs to be a place to learn how to walk the path of Christ Support of social initiatives (movie night and dinner groups, etc) Feeling the presence of God Sanctuary and its sacredness Live members Weekly Eucharist Christ crucified and resurrected for all as a focus Maintain a generous spirit, time, money. We have this to some degree Focus more on what God wants us to do and less on business Flexibility—reaching out to families with youth Need to live our faith and belief Focus on strengths Community of believers at worship or not, members or not Move 6 – 8 people (?) from individuals to congregations

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Results from Round 2—Sat 1.30 Outreach to those who need help/purpose for being. Outreach is who we are. Spirit of outreach is prevalent among congregants, enables Outreach Community –maintain congregation as a community. Community of love and acceptance Welcoming and accepting, welcoming essential Traditional Worship with word and sacrament, church done well— Music/Liturgy/Tradition. Traditional elements in worship Music/choir/visual choir. Music is critical part of worship Building—symbolism is inspiring, Building is unique and beautiful, Building identifies us, Worship in this Sanctuary

14 13 11 10 7 5 (only 2 dots, but writte n4 times)

Caring congregation within and outside of walls (to homebound), Generosity —we respond to the needs of others. Family ministry (focus on human relationships) Multi-generational relationships and activities. We worship together RIC Weekly Communion Church is changing visually—its ongoing Most Essential From both in person events combined Community—29 Welcoming—21 With RIC 12 for a total of 33 Worship Style liturgical and traditional—22 Outreach—20 Spirit-led 10 Music/Choir/Visual Choir 11 Accept who we are and learn to survive with current resources 8 Building and Sanctuary 8 Church needs to be a place of renewal 6


From Phone calls to members on 2.6 and 2.7 and subsequent days: Welcoming (11) Open to all, Welcoming, Welcoming, Welcoming Inclusive, Hospitality Acceptance,Welcoming to promote growth, Friendliness Welcoming Community (12) Community, Community Community, Community People, Love the PEOPLE! Sense of Family, Camaraderie Fellowship (2), Church Family Youth learning God’s Word (6) Moral Compass for Youth Children’s program Children’s Involvement Youth ministry Maintain Youth Participation Choir and Music (14) Choir (6), Good Music (4) Traditional Music Music program Traditional Service Worship (9) Structure of Service Sunday services Worship Experience Traditional Lutheran Service More Lutheran Worship tradition with familiar hymns Liturgy Liturgy Traditional service Outreach programs (10) Outreach programs Outreach Spirit of helping others Spirit of giving to others Ministry to needy Friends Feeding Friends Adopted Families Outreach Outreach

Calico Calico History History History Building (4) Upkeep the property Worship Space Sanctuary itself Do not need the social ministries Visitation ministry Good sermons Pastor’s Openness Making sure that everyone feels valued for participating in whatever way they are able NEED Outreach to non-attending members Return to Nicene Creed Caring Holiday services with luminarias, Easter Vigil, etc Labyrinth Family Trust that God will provide In it for the long haul, will be a part of problem solving, Sense of Sanctuary Pastor Pat Female pastor Visual Choir Prayers by assisting minister Preserve the sanctity of the memorial bricks/labyrinth Eucharist Worship Adventures Albuquerque Interfaith A place to gather Move our announcement from paper format to a bulletin board

Most Essential from 1.27, 1.30, and Phone calls: Welcoming—32 With RIC 12 for a total of 43 Community—41 Worship Style liturgical and traditional—31 Outreach—30 Music/Choir/Visual Choir 25 Building and Sanctuary 12 Spirit-led 10 Accept who we are and learn to survive with current resources 8 Church needs to be a place of renewal 6 Youth (6)

Results for ‘what is essential about st paul” from the january gathering meetings )  
Results for ‘what is essential about st paul” from the january gathering meetings )