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Possible Paths forward collected from the congregation at the April Gathering meetings Combining/sharing the facility Collaborate with Lutheran Campus Ministry in its discernment process as Pr Anne Morawski retires in summer 2017 Turning building over with space allotted for us to continue to worship and carry out our ministry but rest of building used for compatible group to purpose as they need Re-evaluate relationship with UNM and UNM Health Sciences Center—how can we be of use? St. Paul Brewery Cancer Center and St. Paul there is a visual pathway—How can we expand it into a communication pathway with the church? As we are called, empowered and sent, explore outreach with health care organizations to share our space Chaplain home base, hospice to share this building Disposition of the facility Get rid of our possession (church, staff, etc) and reexamine what it means to follow God. Give the building to UNM with the condition that we be able to continue to have a worship space/labyrinth. Become the spiritual healing center for the hospitals. Expand the facility: Repurpose, redesign, re-decorate part of the building to more usable now and in the future. Put in gates to our fences to welcome the neighboring medical community. Gates = Openings Shower area in the property for our homeless friends

Expand rather than contract—facility mortgage and building a new Fellowship Hall, restrooms, kitchen, elevator, classrooms off of Friendship corner Utilizing facility as a money generator: Bring in a commercial realtor to find and manage tenants who would use our building weekly or monthly. Love idea of partnering with hospital, scouts, city groups, other churches, but needs to bring financial stability Turn our building into a self-sustaining resource Possible ways to partner (and repurpose our building) and meditation groups/immigrant services, etc Outreach to host concerts for a fee Share with other congregations--Uber Church—like the car company Offer workshops of all kinds and charge a small fee for members. Also, use the church as a performance space to earn income. Inreach: Dividing the congregation into teams and identifying the tasks and responsibilities and needs and ‘assign’ them to teams to carry out throughout the year. (Lots of questions about how this can happen, of course!) Contemporary version of the liturgy and music at least once a month Focus on who we are, not add things, but clarify what our strengths are and focus on that ministry, and be willing to STOP doing some things. Foster a sense of belonging with intentional connections with not people not in the service weekly (wellness ministry) More movement in worship Special “Going Forward” services to mourn and honor the past, and anticipate and support the future. Read Annie Dillard.

Evaluate what we do in ministry and focus. Don’t just continue to try to do the same things. Learn to let GO!!! Self-inspired activity—spontaneity in implementing new ideas Talk with those individuals who are not here. Use the RMS redevelopment process and/or outside trained facilitator to right size our organizational structure. To have humor as we go forward with our worship, encouraging participation with less formality in naming participants in the bulletin, etc. Be more spontaneous. We have two choices—move all in and decide to keep doing what we do well and stop worrying and just continuing doing what we do until the money runs out, or join with others, find others that need help too. Staying in the middle, doing what we are doing, but without joy due to financial concerns-that needs to stop. Try something totally crazy!!! What if we tried doing different music, different prayers, different set up?… What if we tried to make a service that has a little thing for everyone?... What if we had a service outside!!! What if we had one with dancing? What if we tried to do something unique each time? Turn worship into a time of prayer for the congregation, our neighbors, our futures, etc as well as praise of God. More dogs in church Consolidate committee structure to 3 organizations Administration (Finance, Property, Personnel) Worship and Music (Stephen Ministry, Worship and Music, etc) Outreach (Calico, Outreach, etc) To continue to allow creativity in worship to find ways to touch God that touches people. Provision of spiritual food consistently, challenging our understandings, inspiring us to move forward and outward

Create a list of needs of members who need a helping hand with a problem or a ride somewhere or shopping or dog sitting or a meal. Also, use the church as a performance space to earn income. Probe how worship, Eucharist, education time schedules impact us We need to stay together/family/joint as the body of God—history of seeing church members split apart over decisions. Path forward is making plans and staying together More congregation singing and upbeat songs. I love Marty Haugen's services. I have always loved the children's sermon (often get the most out of that) Continuation of acceptance of all and the emphasis on love and grace. Consider two different services - one more traditional and one that is more casual. Involve the younger folks in helping put that together. Clear delineation of who does what and delegation of responsibilities. Organized trips to visit other congregations. Loved the book Pastrix and would love to hear Pastor Nadia Botz-Weber speak. I really enjoyed Pastor RoseMary Sanchez-Guzman sermon this past January. Celebrate and honor the past and who we are. Outreach Foster a sense of belonging with intentional connections with not people not in the service weekly (wellness ministry) Contact people in apartments building by mail and invite them to movie/dinner Invite Calico families and staff to the Friday movie nights. To make ourselves more known to the surrounding medical community Continuation of emphasis on outreach and partnering with congregations in need (like Cristo Rey). Explore partnerships with AHS, and other schools (Montezuma) and join with other churches/organizations in supporting education

Mini immersions to other congregations to have the experience of alternatives to what we do.

Possible paths forward collected from the congregation at the april gathering meetings  
Possible paths forward collected from the congregation at the april gathering meetings