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The Spirit of Saint Paul A R ECONCILING February 2018


C HRIST C OMMUNITY Volume 53, Issue 2

“Six days later, Jesus took with him Peter and James and John, and led them up a high mountain apart, by themselves. And he was transfigured before them, and his clothes became dazzling white, such as no one on earth could bleach them. And there appeared to them Elijah with Moses, who were talking with Jesus.� -Mark 9:2-4

St. Paul Lutheran Church A Reconciling in Christ (RIC) Community Office Hour Information: Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 12:00pm Monday - Thursday: 1:00pm - 4:00pm Phone: 505-242-5942 Email: Website:

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SUNDAY SERVICE 9:30 a.m. Holy Communion


Saint Paul Lutheran Church, as a community of faith in Christ, is radically welcoming, strives for justice, and loves its neighbors as itself.

Table of Contents From The Pastor ................................................................................... 2 From The Congregation President ........................................................ 4 Adopted Families ................................................................................... 4 Lent Devotionals.................................................................................... 5 Adult Faith Formation........................................................................... 6 Albuquerque Interfaith .......................................................................... 6 Calico Butterfly Preschool .................................................................... 7 Calling All Bakers! ................................................................................. 8 Camino De Vida ................................................................................... 8 Cards for Care ...................................................................................... 8 Emma's Revolution ................................................................................ 9 Friends Feeding Friends ....................................................................... 9 Calendar .............................................................................................. 10 Worship Volunteers ............................................................................ 12 Gifts Fair is Approaching ................................................................... 14 Inreach Task Force ............................................................................ 14 Movie Night ......................................................................................... 14 NM Interfaith Dialogue ....................................................................... 16 North New Mexico RMS Conference ................................................... 16 St. Paul Sewing Group ........................................................................ 17 We Appreciate You Helen! .................................................................. 18 Youth News ........................................................................................... 18 Pastor’s Report to the Council ........................................................... 19 Council Highlights .............................................................................. 20 Congregation Council ......................................................................... 21

BULLETIN & NEWSLETTER DEADLINES (except as otherwise noted)

SUNDAY BULLETIN: Each Wednesday at 9 a.m. MARCH NEWSLETTER: February 15th at 9 a.m.

FROM THE PASTOR WHY LENT? Lent will soon be upon us – Wednesday, February 14th to be exact. But, do we really need a special season to remind us that we are flawed and sinful people who live in a broken world for which human beings are largely responsible? Don’t the problems of everyday life and the headline news remind us enough? Do we really need forty days to remind us that we are vulnerable and mortal creatures who will die? Isn’t that something of which we are already painfully aware? Isn’t life difficult enough? Do we really need a season of sacrifice and abstinences in which we are supposed to give up some of the few pleasures we have remaining? On one hand the answer is no. We do not need Lent to tell us that we are mortal, sinful creatures, and to encourage us to do with less. Those are things we already know, and hard times have their own way of making us cut back. But Lent is not about telling us something we do not know. Lent is about creating a time and space to acknowledge and consider these important realities of which we are aware, but which in the normal pace of everyday we tend to push aside. We humans are creatures of denial, and we tend to put aside unpleasant truth until a crisis comes or until the distractions stop. Lent is such a time, a time to clear the decks, sort through the clutter and spend some time considering important truths that tend to get lost in the shuffle. (There is a reason why the word “lent” means “spring,” and why we do “spring cleaning.”) For example, do we need a special season to remind us that joy is essential and giving is uplifting? Those are things we already know, but Christmas gives us the opportunity to stop and focus our attention on celebrating life, relationships, and sharing. Likewise, Lent is a season that provides the opportunity to focus our attention on other truths of life, ones that seems less fun but are no less real. Actually the primary reason for Lent is not to focus on our sin, mortality and vulnerability. The primary reason for Lent is to focus on Jesus’ self-giving sacrifice, his suffering and his death and his having done all of this for us. For generations Christians have organized their year in a way that guides us through a rehearsal of Jesus’ life and ministry. Advent is a time of preparation and expectation. Christmas celebrates Jesus and his early years. 2


Epiphany celebrates his revealing to the nations and the beginning of his ministry. Lent follows Jesus as he engages the powers hostile to God’s rule, and the closing days of Holy Week (Maundy Thursday & Good Friday) shine the spotlight on Jesus’ sacrificial suffering and death. So primarily Lent is not about us; it is about Jesus. But the pervading truth is that Jesus does all this for us, and so we are forced to ask, what is there about ourselves, and the way we live, that require Jesus to suffer so. And we cannot ponder Jesus dying on the cross without confronting our own mortality, because the death Jesus suffers is the death that comes with being human. Human beings die, and by being human (by becoming flesh) Jesus embraces death as part of life. We cannot meditate upon the cross without also acknowledging the truth of our own dying. And as we consider how Jesus died and the forces that conspired to kill him, we are led to consider how and where similar forces are at work in our world today, how the innocent suffer because of them, and our role in that process. So it is in considering Jesus’ sacrificial suffering and death for us that we are drawn to consider our sin and our mortality, to acknowledge it and repent, and turn again toward God. And that is where the “giving up” comes in. Repentance, turning, change involves discipline and practice, and the Disciplines of Lent are designed to help us practice change and turning.  Self-examination helps us discover who and how we are.  Repentance challenges our arrogance and teaches us humility.  Fasting exposes our need, uncovers our emptiness, and creates space within us.  Abstinence (giving up something) challenges our attachment to external things.  Prayer draws us into conscious communion with God.  Acts of love teach us to see others as God sees them. These are all practices we by rights ought to be doing regularly, but you know how life is; so Lent provides us with the occasion to stop and pay attention to them for awhile. So as it turns out, we do need Lent. Pastor Fred Schott, Interim Bridge Pastor


FROM THE CONGREGATION PRESIDENT Since taking on the responsibly of Congregation/Council President I have become increasingly aware of the number of volunteer activities that are required to carry out the mission and ministry of St. Paul Lutheran Church. Many of these activities are performed in the background with little visibility or recognition. While I am thankful for the selflessness with which these tasks are performed, I am reminded that we sometimes fail to make our members – new members particularly – aware of the activities and opportunities for service available to them. And I am aware that some people who have been doing the same job for years may wish to be relieved of the responsibility and be allowed to concentrate on other passions. So, I believe it’s incumbent on those of us in leadership positions to make an effort (as some have done in recent weeks) to invite and welcome others to participate in whatever activities we are involved in. New participants bring fresh voices and new ideas to the table. And it would be good for all of us to ask ourselves if there are new and different ways to contribute our time, talent and energy to the life of our congregation. I hope to provide opportunities in the coming weeks to raise awareness of some of our ministries that deserve to be recognized and supported. For this month in particular, you can expect to learn more about Friends Feeding Friends and our ongoing support of St. Martin’s HopeWorks (formerly Hospitality Center). -Paul Thompson, Congregation Council President

ADOPTED FAMILIES By Kay Schoenefeld I have some Christmas anecdotes to share. One woman is single, middle-aged, lives alone, and has health issues that keep her from working; her grown daughter helps her financially as much as she can. The woman said not to put her on the Christmas list, that she was in less need than others, but we included her anyway. When she received her gifts, she was very grateful and surprised and said, "Oh my goodness, I needed these shoes so badly." She had been wearing shoes that were given to her and were way too big. A single dad was very grateful; he said his two young sons would have had nothing to open on Christmas morning if it wasn't for the caring hearts of the people from St. Paul. 4


A girl who received a skateboard absolutely loves it; her family says they are lucky they have plenty of cement area without her having to skateboard on public sidewalks. Another young girl loves her baby doll and is constantly taking care it. Last month I wrote about a mom and her two sons that were victims of very severe domestic violence for many years by her former spouse. They are safe now and living on their own. Both boys have cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, and other diagnoses. The counselor through whom we learned of the family says that the "favorite all-time Christmas gift has been the headsets your congregation gave them [the boys]. They absolutely love them and also use them as they are commuting to/from." At the last minute, the mom in one of our "old" adopted families told us about two families who needed help getting Christmas gifts for their kids. Since many of you donated gift cards, we were able to give several cards to the families to enable them to provide for their kids. We again have a special need for women's medium adult diapers and we're also aware of a need for a washer and dryer. We also have a special need for a hospital bed - a single mom we've known for some time is having some serious health challenges and a hospital bed would allow her to sleep more comfortably. We can always use personal hygiene items (e.g., toothpaste, tooth brushes, shampoo, deodorant), cleaning supplies, furniture, toilet paper, laundry soap, dish soap, TVs, sheets, blankets, bath towels, dishes, silverware, pots and pans, lamps, and anything else useable. If you have large items to donate, call Kay to arrange for pickup; bring small items to the narthex coatroom (by the Adopted Families sign). To donate money, make checks payable to St. Paul, mark them for Adopted Families, and place them in the Sunday offering or church office. Thank you again for thinking of our families; Kay Schoenefeld, Cheri & Ted Parson, Dave & Susan Lund, Pat Curtin, Bill & Paula Eglinton, Randy & Marsha Kearney, Fred & Helen Disque, Paul & Mary Thompson, Hal & Cheryl Schultz

LENT DEVOTIONALS The 2018 Lent devotionals have arrived and will be placed in the Narthex beginning February 18th. Be sure to grab one as you exit the Sanctuary.


ADULT FAITH FORMATION Apologies to all for the January article in Spirit of St. Paul that claimed Adult Faith Development would spend the month of January on the Epistle to the Romans. It didn’t turn out that way, so to compensate our study of Romans will take up all of February.  Feb. 4 - Chap. 5 & 6. The gift of justification and forgiveness of sin  Feb. 11 - Chap. 7 & 8. Life under the law vs. life in the Spirit  Feb. 18 - Chap. 9 & 10. Salvation is for Jews and everyone else  Feb.25 - Chap. 12 & 13. The new life in Christ and some applications  March 4 - Chapters 14 & 15. The new life is for others, not just

ourselves. We’re leaving out Chapters 11 and 16 for now, but there will be plenty of time for questions if you have them. Join us for an interesting and transformative journey through the thoughts of Paul every Sunday in February after the service in the Conference Room. -Bob Matthews

ALBUQUERQUE INTERFAITH The New Mexico State Legislature went into a 30-day session on January 16th. Plans are being made for A.I. to be strong presence in the roundhouse especially during the last two weeks. Major decisions, especially around the budget, will be made then. A.I. will focus conversations with legislators on funding for behavioral health services (full funding for Medicaid, as that is a primary provider of those services), and keeping all funding for public education "above the line," so that school districts determine how specialized funds are used locally, not the state Public Education Department. These are concerns that continue to be raised by the member institutions of A.I. St. Paul is one of 16 member institutions (congregations, schools, non-profits and neighborhood associations). As you will remember, our new mayor, Tim Keller, agreed to a "bus tour" of the city to point out and meet with people regarding our key issues: immigration, behavioral health, public education, and concerns with zoning and land use. That tour, due to scheduling issues, will happen in March. A.I. is working closely with the Mayor's office to firm this up. We want him to see and hear stories that illustrate these issues and seek his support and help to ameliorate these problems. The February meeting of A.I. will be on Sunday the 25th, 4 - 5:30 pm. Watch for location announcement. -Ivan Westergaard 6

We are all very excited to see what 2018 has in store for us at Calico Butterfly Preschool. As we settle in to a new year, we reflect on all the things we are grateful for and welcome another year of blessings as we work with and teach young children. This month, the children will be learning about winter, snow, and weather changes. Our preschoolers will be charting the weather and conducting science experiments related to freezing and melting. Our younger children will make snowflakes and participate in lots of wintery art projects. This month the children will also be learning about what it means to be a good friend, recognizing and responding to the feelings of others and about how they are growing. Curriculum Theme: Friendship, Feelings, I Grow T oo and K indness. Bible Memory Verse: Ephesians 4:32 - Be Kind to One Another. We will be hosting a Made with Love Art Show this month on February 14th. Each classr oom will choose one famous wor k of ar t to r eplicate and display for everyone to enjoy. Classroom parties will be on that day as well. We will serve Strawberry Shortcake for the families joining us. To complete the day, we will have a special visit from NM Isotopes mascot, Orbit, who will visit our center and also give each child free game tickets! IMPORTANT DATES February 14 - All Day: Made with Love Ar t Show 3:00 pm: Sweethear t Par ty 3:00 pm: Visit fr om NM Isotopes Or bit February 15 – 28 - Family/Teacher Conferences We welcome one new family to Calico Butterfly so far this year! We currently have openings in our infant through twos classrooms. Please contact us at (505) 242-4504 or for information. COOKING WITH KIDS: EASY STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE INGREDIENTS  1 quart fresh strawberries, sliced  ½ cup sugar  1 package prepared sponge cake dessert cups  1 container Cool Whip whipped topping

DIRECTIONS 1. Place strawberries in a container with a lid; add sugar and stir to coat 2. Place lid on the container and refrigerate until sugar has dissolved, at least 15 minutes 3. Place a dessert cup in each serving bowl and smother with strawberries 4. Top each with whipped topping and a few strawberries

ENJOY! Linda Conjur ske, Calico Butterfly Director 7

CALLING ALL BAKERS! If you like to bake and would like to share your talent, I’d like to invite you to join our communion bread baking group. We have several great recipes and typically, your turn to bake comes up about every other month. The schedule can be adjusted if there are dates that you’re unavailable. The bread is fairly easy to make, and not only is it a rewarding experience to help St. Paul in this capacity, but you will enjoy the wonderful aroma of freshly baked bread throughout your house. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact me at 505-264-6424 or or join us! -Kristie Peterson

CAMINO DE VIDA Our Spanish language new mission in the south valley was broken into three times before Christmas. The thief was able to access the building and the storage sheds and take a computer and related electronic equipment, $2000 in cash (for the much needed fence around the property) that had been raised by the ladies serving lunch after services, tools, some of the Christmas toys, and even the security cameras. They have videos of him and know he is the same person each time. Claims are being filed with the insurance provided by the ELCA and the Presbyterian Church USA, but it will only cover a small part of the $8000 loss. Additional security has been added by a national firm. The hope is to get the fence built, with 3 lockable gates, but the estimated cost is $18,000. The Presbytery of Santa Fe and some donors have made about $8,000 available, so the hope is that other donors will step up. Maybe there are some folks at St. Paul who would like to contribute? Pr. Guillermo Yela said this has brought the congregation together and they are taking greater ownership in their faith community. They had a wonderful Christmas Eve service and pageant, with toys for children and a meal for all 200 attendees. He was very thankful for the large number of toys and financial gifts given by St. Paul members -Ivan Westergaard

CARDS FOR CARE Thinking of sending a card to someone you care for? Our Stephen Ministry group has provided a large basket of cards for all occasions for you to use if you don't happen to have just the right card at home. Just add two or three lines and the address to let that person know you are thinking of them. The church will even pay the postage! 8


By the way, if your card collection at home has gotten out of hand, you can make your own donation to the card basket. It is located next to the west doors in the lobby. -Nancy Matthews

EMMA'S REVOLUTION Emma's Revolution, an award-winning "activist power duo" whose songs have been sung for the Dalai Lama, praised by Pete Seeger, and covered by Holly Near, will head up a fund-raising concert for the Hopkins Center for Children and Families, which provides behavioral health services for the International District of southeast Albuquerque. The concert is on Saturday, February 3, 7 pm, at First Unitarian Church, 3701 Carlisle NE. Hopkins Center is continuing the ser vices that had been pr ovided by Samaritan Counseling until its closing due to a lack of financial resources. La Mesa Presbyterian Church provides the space for the counselors to meet with clients and some temporary funding was found to keep the services going. Your ticket purchases ($18 -$25, with $10 for children under 12) will help to maintain these services. Centro Savila, a behavioral health agency in the South Valley, is overseeing the Hopkins Center, which was named after Dr. Paul Hopkins, who was executive director of Samaritan for 12 years and retired several years ago. Please contact me regarding tickets or call Susan Peck at First Unitarian at 505-884-1801. -Ivan Westergaard

FRIENDS FEEDING FRIENDS Thanks to Phyllis and Randy Lynn and the team leaders (the Kearney's) there was plenty of food. Phyllis brought her daughter and a neighbor to help serve, so, we had enough servers! A reminder: we need more cooks AND servers for all teams. If you are a Thrivent Member, Marsha Kearney is willing to help do the paperwork for an Action Team Project proposal. Every member of Thrivent is allowed two projects per year. Thrivent offers help and support which includes a Visa card for $250, which is used to buy supplies for Friends feeding Friends. If you are not a Thrivent member, but would like to donate money to FFF, please write checks to St. Paul and put "Hospitality Fund" on the memo line. Thank you for your continued support. -Nancy Jenkins


St. Paul Lutheran Church ď ś Febr Sunday




LOCATION KEY: B.O.R.C.C.: Blessed Oscar Romer o Catholic Chur ch; CHAPEL: Chapel Room ; CHOIR: Choir Room, CR: Conference Room, FC: Friendship Corner, FH: Fellowship Hall, KIT: Kitchen, LAB: Labyrinth, LIB: Library, N: Narthex; SANC: Sanctuary, WC: Welcome Center; YR: Youth R



8:00a: Outr each (CR) 10:45a: Kids Love 9:30a:Wor ship (Sanc) to Dance (Calico) 10:45a:Y/A FF (FH/CR) 11:00a: B.O.R.C.C.

6 10:30a: Calico Chapel (Chapel) 10:30a:Stephen Min (Lib)

6:30p Coro Lux (FH)


9:00a:BULLETI DEADLINE 9:30a: Chur ch United Board M 10:30a:Staff M 10:00a: InReac Force Meeting ( 5:30a: Wor ship (FH)

Transfiguration /


Visitation Sunday 11 10:45a: Kids Love to Dance (Calico) 9:30a:Wor ship (Sanc) 10:45a:Y/A FF (FH/CR) 11:00a: B.O.R.C.C. (Chapel)

13 10:30a: Calico Chapel (Chapel)

5:30p: Pr oper ty (CR) 5:30p: WTT (Closed) (Lib) 6:30p: Cor o Lux (FH)

ASH WED 9:00a:BULLETI DEADLINE 10:30a:Staff M 3:00p: Calico (F 6:00p: Theolog (Monks Corner/M

19 1st Lent Sunday 18 9:30a:Wor ship (Sanc) ST. PAUL 10:45a:Y/A FF (FH/CR) LUTHERAN & 11:00a: B.O.R.C.C. CALICO BUTTERFLY (Chapel) CLOSED IN OBSERVATION OF


26 2nd Lent Sunday 25 10:45a: Kids Love 9:30a:Wor ship (Sanc) 10:45a:Y/A FF (FH/CR) to Dance (Calico) 11:00a: B.O.R.C.C. (Chapel)

4:00p: ABQ Inter faith



9:30a: Sewing Gr oup (FH) 9:00a:BULLETI DEADLINE 10:30a: Calico Chapel 10:30a:Staff M (Chapel) 10:30a Stephen Min (Lib) 4:00p:Calico B 5:00p: Pr ay.Fa 1:30p:Visitation (CR) 5:30p: Finance 6:30p: Cor o Lux (FH) 7:00p: Council 7:30p: NM Inter faith Dialog (Offsite)

27 10:30a: Calico Chapel (Chapel) 1:00p Newsletter Assembly ((Lib) 5:30p: WTT (Closed) (Lib) 6:30p: Cor o Lux (FH)

9:00a:BULLETI DEADLINE 10:30a:Staff M

bruary 2018  Monthly Calendar dnesday





r ch; m, inth, th Room,

3:00p:Fr iends Feeding Friends food pick up 7:00p: Chancel Choir (Choir)


8 7:00p: Chancel Choir




9 11:00a:Bulletin Assembly (Lib)


ff Meeting (CR) ico (F.H.) eology on Tap ner/Maya)

15 9:00a:NEWSLETTER DEADLINE 1:00p:Luther House (CR) 5:30p: NM Inter faith

10 9:00a: Nor th NM Conference Gathering (Community Joy L.C.)

ur ch Women ard Meeting (Lib) ff Meeting (CR) Reach Task ting (FC) r ship & Music WEDNESDAY14


8:00a: Chur ch 7:00p: Emma’s Women United (Offsite) Revolution (1st 11:00a:Bulletin Unitarian Church) Assembly (Lib)

16 11:00a:Bulletin Assembly (Lib) 6:00p: Movie Night (FH)

17 9:00a: Wor ship & Music Planning (CR) 10:00a: Women’s Bible Study (CR)

(Lighthouse of NM ) 6:30p:Cor o Lux (CR)

7:00p: Chancel Choir (Choir)



22 7:00p: Chancel Choir



ff Meeting (CR) co Boar d (Lib) y.Fast.Act. (Lab) ance (Lib) uncil (CR)


ff Meeting (CR)

23 9:00a: ANNUAL REPORT DEADLINE 11:00a:Bulletin Assembly (Lib)

24 9:00a Quar ter ly Min & Mission Mtg. (FH) 12:00p: Gifts Fair (FH)

BULLETIN & NEWSLETTER DEADLINES (except as otherwise noted): Sunday Bulletin: Each Wednesday at 9 a.m.; March Newsletter: February 15th, at 9 a.m. PLEASE NOTE: The calendar is updated on a daily basis. Please check with the office at 505-242-5942 before scheduling a meeting. ALL MEETINGS MARKED “(CLOSED)” ARE PRIVATE.

Worship Volunteers FEBRUARY 4



Pr. Fred Schott

Pr. Fred Schott

Pr. Fred S

Greg Flynn

Linda Roe

Kay Fulton Jan Krakow Kelly Hardison

Mino Rakotoarijaona Corin Zaffery Nancy Jenkins


Jonathan Ice

Jan Krakow



Rotsy Josoa Isabella Wilkerson

Chase Keller Lauren Keller


Altar/Sacristy Care

Sharon Hamilton Marlys Weinhold Robyn Schlegel Kristie Peterson

Else Tasseron Robyn Schlegel Vera Rhee




Shirley Nilsson

Seth Hartwell


Presiding Pastor Assisting Minister

Communion Assistants

Greeters Worship Advent.

Welcome Center

Karen Oligher

Matt Pettersen

Communion Bread

Eileen Shannon

Margy Wienbar


Paula Egl

Sacristy T

Linda Hutchinson Cr


Stephen Minister

Jan Krak

Terry Cole Roger Hein Jeff Peterson Katherine Boissiere Sharon Hamilton Else Tasseron


Greg Fl

Judy Lalani Kevin Blackerby Becky Scheib Chuck Yaple

REMINDER: March Schedules are due on February 15th. If you need m

ers ď ś February 2018 14 h Wednesday

FEBRUARY 14 7PM Ash Wednesday



red Schott

Pr. Fred Schott

Pr. Fred Schott

Pr. Fred Schott


Diane RemerThamert

Jan Bowers

Jo Browning

a Eglinton

Phyllis Lynn, Nancy Jenkins LaVonne Winther

Patty Crown Kay Fulton Else Tasseron

Luana Carey Linda Cronk Kelly Hardison



Rindra Josoa

Rado Josoa



Rado Josoa Rindra Josoa

Rojo Josoa Diana Mullen

Sacristy Team

Diane RemerThamert Robyn Schlegel Kathy Callahan

Marlys Weinhold Sharon Hamilton Nancy Matthews Kevin Blackerby




Herb Korff



Cheryl Schultz

Seth Hartwell


isty Team

n Cronk, Ivan Westergaard, Linda FitzGerald N/A

N/A Nancy Jenkins

eg Flynn Margy Wienbar Jan Bowers Sue Margison Carl Scheiber Patty Crown Chip Wills

ed more time, please let me know.

Becky Scheib

Karla Ice

Cheryl Schultz

Phyllis Lynn

Paula Eglinton

Jan Krakow Hal Nilsson Shirley Nilsson Luana Carey Kay Fulton Herb Korff Becky Dusenbery

-Thank you, AnnaMarie Padilla

GIFTS FAIR IS APPROACHING We all have been given gifts by our Creator (1Corinthians 12:4-7); some we use at our jobs, some help us keep our sanity. On Saturday, February 24th, noon – 3:00 pm, we'll gather in Fellowship Hall to make, display, and eat our gifts! Or maybe our gifts need to be displayed outside. People are still thinking about their gifts so we don't know yet who all will partake, but if you would like to participate talk to Nancy Matthews. We'll make room for you. For the rest of you, we hope you turn out to see the many talents of the participants! Perhaps you would like to participate yourself by making a simple lunch dish? -Nancy Matthews

INREACH TASK FORCE Inreach is gathering information about ministries and activities. We're a little behind in updating our information about what happens here at St. Paul and this time of transition seems to be appropriate to update our data for an incoming pastor and the visitors who come almost every Sunday. The folks who have volunteered to serve on this task force will be cheerfully tracking down the contact person for each ministry and activity. We hope you will just as cheerfully help us gather the information! Thanks! Want to be part of this cheerful group? We'll meet again February 7th, 10:00 am in the Friendship Corner. -Nancy Matthews




Main Dish

Feb. 16th Collateral Beauty PG-13 Chili & cornbread Parents who survive the death of a child are often suspended in limbo; they are not the persons they used to be and they don't know when or how they will be able to forge a new identity. Collateral Beauty is a thought-provoking movie about how we are all connected. March 16th Mass (Bernstein) Not Rated Chicken Alfredo Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis asked Bernstein to compose a piece for the 1971 inauguration of the Kennedy Center and as the son of Russian-Jewish parents, a social liberal, and lifelong activist, Bernstein made a surprising choice: the Roman Catholic Mass. Mass premiered on September 8, 1971, at the inauguration of the Kennedy Center, directed by Gordon Davidson, conducted by Maurice Peress, and choreographed by Alvin Ailey. The performance was fully staged, with over 200 participants. The eclecticism of Mass's music includes rock, gospel, folk, Broadway and jazz idioms appearing side-by-side with 12-tone serialism, symphonic marches, solemn hymns, Middle Eastern dances, orchestral meditations, and lush chorales. 14


April 20th Lady Bird R Chile Stew Lady Bird is a movie about Marion McPherson, a California nurse, who works tirelessly to keep her family afloat after her husband loses his job. She also maintains a turbulent bond with a teenage daughter who is just like her— loving, strong-willed and deeply opinionated. What Greta Gerwig has done — and it’s by no means a small accomplishment — is to infuse one of the most convention-bound, rose-colored genres in American cinema with freshness and surprise. May 18th To Kill a Mockingbird Not Rated Burrito Bar Atticus Finch, a lawyer in the Depression-era South, defends a black man against an undeserved rape charge, and his children against prejudice. To kill a mockingbird is to destroy innocence. Throughout the movie, a number of characters (Jem, Tom Robinson, Dill, Boo Radley, | Mr. Raymond) can be identified as mockingbirds—innocents who have been injured or destroyed through contact with evil. June 15th Crash R Macaroni & Cheese Crash is a movie about Los Angeles citizens with vastly separate lives who collide in interweaving stories of race, loss, and redemption. July 20th Loving PG-13 Taco Salad Bar Loving is the story of Richard and Mildred Loving, a couple whose arrest for interracial marriage in 1960s Virginia began a legal battle that would end with the Supreme Court's historic 1967 decision. August 17th St. Vincent Pg-13 Chinese Food St. Vincent is a movie about a young boy whose parents have just divorced, and finds himself an unlikely friend and mentor in the misanthropic, bawdy, hedonistic war veteran who lives next door. Staring Bill Murray. -Brought to by the Movie Night Team


NM INTERFAITH DIALOGUE The Nature of Evil: What is Our Response? Is the subject of the 2018 colloquium hosted by the NM Interfaith Dialogue. Consider these questions:  How do we define evil: by results or intent?  If evil brings suffering, death, destruction, and broken relationships, why is it also attractive and tempting?  Why is it that the Abrahamic Traditions – perhaps more so than other religious traditions – find the issue of evil and suffering to be so problematic for belief in a loving and just God?  How can we find a way to speak with one voice about the evil and suffering attendant upon warfare and conflict, environmental degradation, and poverty in our world? The colloquium will be Tuesday, March 27, 2018 from 7:30 – 2:30 pm at Congregation B'nai Israel, 4401 Indian School Road NE. Tickets to the event, which include breakfast and lunch, plus networking time, cost $40 ($20 for students). Register on line at spring-colloquium/. There is a poster in our lobby about this event.

-Nancy Matthews

NORTH NEW MEXICO CONFERENCE The following invitation is forwarded from Conference Deans, Pastor Kristin Schultz and Pastor Nicolé Raddu Ferry. Greetings dear sisters and brothers in Christ. It is time to gather as the North New Mexico Conference! [We] are asking you and your congregation to consider an invitation to attend a conference gathering at Community of Joy Lutheran Church in Rio Rancho, NM, on February 10, 2018. This congregation has hosted us in the past and we were so impressed and filled with gratitude for their hospitality, and we love this location which meets the needs of the expansive nature of our conference. We will gather folks together as we strive to be “Church-Better Together” in the Rocky Mountain Synod and to reconnect with old friends and celebrate the ministries we all get to do for the work of God’s kingdom. We would like to have time also to focus on preparation for our Lenten journeys as well as discuss our upcoming Synod Assembly and the discernment process to elect a bishop. Bishop Jim Gonia, has graciously agreed to allow his name in this ballot again for a second term, and the Spirit may call additional folks to consider this important call of the Church. The Office of the Bishop has provided materials for us to review in preparation for the May gathering which we will share at the gathering. 16


It is our prayer that you would consider joining us on February 10, 2018 beginning at 9:00 a.m. We would like to suggest coffee and tea at 9:00 a.m., begin our time together at 9:30am and be complete with these areas of conversation at 12:00 p.m. [There] will be coffee and goodies and sack lunches to “stay or go” depending on your schedules. If you are interested in attending or would like additional information, please contact me at 505-293-8390 or -Paul Thompson, Council President

SAINT PAUL SEWING GROUP First of all, my sincere apology for not including Marilyn Kraemer in the list of sewing members in last month’s newsletter. Marilyn is very much an active member, joining us at our monthly meetings and doing a lot of sewing at home. With the busyness of the holiday season over with, this is a great time to reflect upon the accomplishments of 2017. This past year we were able to supply 105 quilts of all sizes to those in need, with well over 500 hours of volunteer time being donated. We received a thank you note from one of the recipients, which said “My husband was in the VA hospital this week and received a beautiful lap quilt your group made. Thank you so much! We will treasure it.” This is what it is all about, providing “hugs from God.” Of course we could not do what we do without all donations so many of you provide – be it financial support, fabric, sewing supplies, etc. Sewing group members are Kathy Kimler Antobelli, Darlene Beard, Vonna Hopkins, Marsha Kearney, Ruth Kimler, Marilyn Kraemer, Susan Latella, Barbara Maxwell, Peggy Neiman, and our own “Quilting Bee.” Sincere thanks to you all! Thanks also to Thrivent Financial for funding used to purchase batting and bed sheets needed for the quilts and lap robes. We are starting to fill the shelves with quilts and laprobes for 2018. We will be back to our regular schedule, meeting the third Tuesday of this month (February 20th). We will gather at 9:30am until 2:30pm in the Fellowship Hall. If you would like to join us, br ing a lunch. You don’t even have to know how to sew. Any questions, please contact Marsha Kearney (505-899-9705) or Susan Latella (505-508-2001). Thrivent Financial members – if you are interested in putting together an Action Team Project proposal and need help filling out the forms, please contact Marsha Kearney. Every full member is allowed two projects a year. Thrivent provides help and support, which includes a $250 Visa card to be used toward the project. -Marhsa Kearney


WE APPRECIATE YOU HELEN! After numerous years of baking communion bread for St. Paul, Helen Disque is retiring from our group, where she will be greatly missed. Helen has been a long-standing member of St. Paul with her husband, Fred, for decades. Helen’s involvement at St. Paul, dates back from 1950 when she and Fred were married in the church, and both have been important members of our community from that time. Their children and grandchildren were all confirmed at St. Paul. In addition to baking communion bread, several other volunteer areas that Helen has been involved in were heading one of the Friends Feeding Friends groups, as well as being an integral part of the Visitation Committee with Fred. Thank you, Helen. You have been a true gift for our community! Kristie Peterson

YOUTH NEWS:  Rado and Rotsy Josoa will be attending an ELCA conference in

Colorado over MLK weekend.  All mid and hi youth gathered in December for game day, cookie

decorating and, fellowship at Peterson’s home. Thanks for hosting and starting to re-energize for monthly youth fun nights.  High school Sunday school has been doing one Sunday per month coffee house special gatherings ( in addition to usual on site Sunday school schedule) with wonderful discussions.  Three students continue confirmation classes and 9 younger students are very faithful in Sunday school participation. Thanks teachers and students and substitutes.  Think about: Easter breakfast traditionally hosted as Youth/camp fund raiser. Also, Holy Week services need Acolyte volunteers.  APS spring break is the week between Palm Sunday and Easter, so please check schedules for availability .  The youth thanks the sewing group for donating a beautiful quilt to us for fundraising. Should we do raffle or auction or? More info to follow. -Dana Mullen


PASTOR’S REPORT TO COUNCIL From December 20-January 17th, I have:  Been on site at St. Paul each Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday.  Conducted necessary office activities including newsletters & bulletins.  Preached and presided at worship each Sunday.  Conducted Calico Chapels on Tuesday mornings.  Participated in planning the Christmas Eve service, along with BORCC.  Preached and co-presided on Christmas Eve.  Met with the Worship & Music Committee.  Met with and consulted with Calico & congregation leaders.  Planned for and presided at a memorial service for a church member.  Met with a baptism family and conducted a joint baptism for infant twins.  Met with the Calico board, the Finance Committee & Council on January 17. Respectfully, Pastor Fred


January 17th, 2018 January’s Council: 

Discussed the need for a Personnel Committee which is currently without a Chairperson. Some individuals who were on the committee are still interested in working on this.


Treasurer reported we finished the year well. John Adolphi praised Greg Flynn for his hard work. Greg is in the process of training John on the computer program currently in use. It was reported that there is $91,000 in projected debt for 2018.


Calico is contacting the Cancer Center, UNM, and Presbyterian pediatrics to let them know about the school in an effort to increase enrollment. Roger Hein is the new Calico Board member, and Rijasoa Andriamanana is the Council liaison.


Call committee update: Paul reported that the Call committee has one candidate who they will be interviewing soon. No other information is available at this time.


Discussion about the current lack of a Mutual Ministry committee lead to a motion to create a "bridge" Mutual Ministry committee of 4 members who will meet with the pastor and will be terminated 6 months after the new pastor is installed. Motion carried.


Discussion about Mission Moments lead to the understanding that they should be promoted by recognized ministries or committees of the church and are up to the discretion of the Pastor. Mission Moments need to be scheduled in advance.


A request was received from Charlotte Flynn asking St. Paul to consider becoming a Covenant Congregation and support a missionary or YAGM each year. The request was sent to the Outreach Committee for further discussion.


The next Quarterly Meeting is February 24, 2018 from 9-11 in Fellowship Hall. All ministr ies and committees ar e invited to report on what they are doing and needs they may have. The entire congregation is invited to attend.

Respectfully submitted by Nancy Jenkins, Council Secretary




As a Reconciling in Christ (RIC) Community, this congregation specifically welcomes gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered persons as partners on the journey of faith.

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