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The Spirit of Saint Paul A R ECONCILING December, 2017


C HRIST C OMMUNITY Volume 52, Issue 12

St. Paul Lutheran Church A Reconciling in Christ (RIC) Community Phone: 505-242-5942 Email: Website:

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Saint Paul Lutheran Church, as a community of faith in Christ, is radically welcoming, strives for justice, and loves its neighbors as itself.

Table of Contents From The Pastor ................................................................................... 2 From The Congregation President ........................................................ 4 Bulletin & Newsletter Deadline ............................................................ 5 From The Inreach Task Force .............................................................. 5 2018 Legislative Luncheon & Issues Briefing ....................................... 5 Adopted Families ................................................................................... 6 Adult Faith Formation............................................................................ 7 Albuquerque Interfaith .......................................................................... 7 Calico Butterfly Preschool .................................................................... 8 Camino De Vida Christmas Worship & Dinner .................................... 9 Christmas Luminarias .......................................................................... 9 Feeling Disconnected? .......................................................................... 9 First Aid Kits ......................................................................................... 9 Calendar .............................................................................................. 10 Worship Volunteers ............................................................................ 12 Friends Feeding Friends ..................................................................... 14 Friends Feeding Friends Interview w/Else ......................................... 14 Movie Night ......................................................................................... 15 Pray.Fast.Act. Vigil, December 21 ..................................................... 15 St. Paul Sewing Group ........................................................................ 16 Stephen Ministry ................................................................................... 16 Visitation Ministry ............................................................................... 17 Reformation Faire Update .................................................................. 18 Youth News ........................................................................................... 18 Pastor’s Report to the Council ........................................................... 19 Good News: Jesus Knows Computers .................................................. 20 Council Highlights .............................................................................. 21 Congregation Council ......................................................................... 21

BULLETIN & NEWSLETTER DEADLINES (except as otherwise noted)

SUNDAY BULLETIN: Each Wednesday at 9 a.m. JANUARY NEWSLETTER: December 11th at 9 a.m.

FROM THE PASTOR Last year I was at the mall a few weeks before Christmas and I noticed a little girl screaming in terror and clinging to her mother for dear life. She wasn’t hurt. She wasn’t in danger. She just was not about to sit on the lap of some strange man in a red suit and a white beard, no matter what he promised her. A child being afraid of Santa Claus is a little ironic since Santa Claus is supposed to be the American version of St. Nicholas, the patron saint of children. Santa Claus is our culture’s reinterpretation of a real person: a follower of Jesus named Nicholas who was bishop of Myra, a town in present day Turkey. Nicholas became famous for his kindness and generosity especially to the poor and to children. Nicholas was legend to have anonymously tossed bags of money through windows of poor houses and dropped gifts of gold down the chimneys of poor families at night. (Note that these families were too poor to have a fire burning at night or to have shutters on their windows.) Thus St. Nicholas has become the symbol of anonymous generosity and gift giving. Nicholas died on December 6th, in the early fourth century and is commemorated on that date. Because his commemoration day falls in the pre-Christmas season and because his spirit so closely coincides with the spirit of that Christmas, St. Nicholas and anonymous gift giving (“Where did this present come from? St. Nicholas – or Santa Claus – brought it.”) have become a part of the Christmas tradition. Whenever you do it, when you anonymously share with someone without thought of recognition or reward you are actually carrying on the tradition of St. Nicholas. The terrified little girl in the mall that year just didn’t understand, but then the real St. Nicholas would not have made her sit on his lap and whisper in his ear. He would have just given her the gift for the sheer joy of it, without her asking and without his taking any credit for it. While Nicholas has become the most widely known Advent/Christmas saint, there are others worthy of our attention.  Ambrose, Bishop of Milan, Italy, was the gover nor of a pr ovince in

northern Italy, when he was elected bishop by the people of Milan. He proceeded to give away his wealth and adopt a simple, humble life-style. He was largely responsible for the conversion of St. Augustine and is credited with the hymn “Savior of the Nations, Come!” Ambrose is commemorated on December 7th.  Martin Rinkart was a Ger man pastor & musician ser ving in

Eilenburg, Saxony, during the Thirty Years War, when, in 1637, plague struck the town. Over 8,000 persons died and Martin ended up being the 2


only surviving pastor. He personally conducted funerals for over 4,000 persons, including his own wife. After all this, as the plague lifted and the war abated, in the face of all that he had endured, he still composed the hymn “Now Thank W e A ll Our God!” He passed over on December 08th, 1649.  Lucy of Sicily, Martyr, was a young woman who was mar tyr ed

during a persecution under Emperor Diocletian. Because of her life of generosity and because her name means “Light”, she became particularly popular in Sweden and Norway. Her commemoration falls during the days of shortest sunlight. She is commemorated on December 13th.  John of the Cross was a monk of the Car melite or der and admir er of

Teresa of Aivila. Following her example, John began his own reforming and renewing work within the Church. He was imprisoned by officials who opposed his reform efforts. He died in 1591 and is commemorated on December 14th.  Katharina von Bora was a nun who dur ing the 16th centur y

Reformation, influenced by Luther’s writings, left the convent. She was married to Martin Luther, the mother of six children, and ran a large household and became the strong right hand of Luther. Katharina passed over in 1552 is commemorated on December 20th.  Stephen, Deacon & Martyr, is r ecor ded in the book of Acts as one of

the seven set aside by the Apostles to care for the widows and needy. His preaching in the temple angered the authorities, and he was stoned to death. He is counted as the first of the Martyrs and is commemorated on December 26th.  John, Apostle & Evangelist, was the son of Zebedee and a fisher man

who accepted Jesus call to follow him. John became part of Jesus’ inner circle and tradition credits him with the Gospel of John. He is commemorated on December 27th.  Holy Innocents, Martyrs, r efer to the events in Matthew 2:16-18 and

the children of Bethlehem killed at King Herod’s order. Tradition has honored them as martyrs on the second day after Christmas, December 28th. While Christmas is observed as a joyful time, the time of Jesus’ birth is also marked with frightful events of suffering and loss. We go from the Feast of the Nativity, to the Feast of Stephen who was stoned to death, and to Holy Innocents Day, when children died as Jesus and the Holy Family ran for their lives. So perhaps the fright of the little girl in the mall was not entirely out of place. The world into which Jesus comes and in which we celebrate his coming, is and was a troubled world, and that is why he comes. -Pastor Fred 3

FROM THE CONGREGATION PRESIDENT In a brief number of months, our congregation has experienced the gift of fresh perspective from several pastoral leaders. Both Pastor Phil and Pastor Fred came to us from unexpected places by way of the Rocky Mountain Synod/Assistant to the Bishop for Congregational Life. Their entries into our lives and ministry were both fraught with uncertainty because of fear. At each point in our congregational life, we knew our need for pastoral care and leadership, but we worried that we would not find the right person in the right amount of time. In a sermon on that first Sunday in October as Pastor Phil was leaving us, Rev. Judith Van Oslo talked about fear being the opposite of faith. I identified with her juxtaposition of these conditions of the heart. Our faith leads us to move forward but, in our moments of doubt, we give in to worries and fear. We have been saying for many months “Listen, God is calling.” We started our discernment process with this chant. Now we know that God is also leading. We are being shepherded to new ways of being St. Paul Lutheran Church in our funky little neighborhood of institutions and facilities. Pastor Phil encouraged us on our path forward to extend our ministry beyond our sanctuary. With his open and loving spirit we entered into the relationship with the Blessed Oscar Romero Catholic Community and have expanded our outreach to the various parts of the University community. I guess I have felt the push and pull of faith and fear throughout my life. In fact, that is why being a part of St. Paul is critical for me. There have always been leaders here who have spoken to my uncertainty. Last Sunday, Pastor Fred spoke clearly about how we get to choose the questions. We can ask, “what will we become?” versus “what will become of us?”. We can worry about our ability to survive or “in the nor knowing, we can be at peace with the uncertainty because of our trust in God”. Thank you Pastor Fred, for your words of faith and hope. We have been provided with the pastoral leadership we need. You remind us that we do not need to be in control. You remind us that we can commit our ministry to acts of caring and works of justice and we can have certainty that we are never alone. By the time you receive this newsletter you will have also received the letter asking for your statement of intended giving. Again we can choose the question to be asked, “how much can I afford to commit to my church?” or “in what ways can I generously express support for my church and the community it serves?” God is with us always, Paula Eglinton, Council President 4

BULLETIN & NEWSLETTER SCHEDULE Due to the office being closed on December 25th & 26th in observation of Christmas, the BULLETIN DEADLINE for December 31st will be Wednesday, December 20th. The NEWSLETTER DEADLINE is Monday, December 11th. Any ar ticles or blur bs not tur ned in by those dates may not make it into publication. Thank you. -AnnaMarie Padilla



Have you noticed the white board at the head of the long hallway? The Inreach Task Force has it for you to use if you have anything to convey to the rest of the congregation. For instance, do you want to go out to brunch after church today? “Sign up here!” “I've lost my... - have you seen it?” Don't be shy about using it. -Nancy Matthews, The Inreach Task Force

2018 LEGISLATIVE LUNCHEON & ISSUES BRIEFING You are invited and urged to attend the 2018 Lutheran Advocacy Ministry-NM Bishop's Legislative Luncheon & Issues Briefing on Monday, January 22nd. The mor ning Issues Br iefing will be at the United Church (1804 Arroyo Chamiso, which is near Christ Lutheran Church). Registration and refreshments will begin at 9:00 am. The Bishop's Legislative Luncheon will be at 12:30 pm La Fonda Hotel (100 East San Francisco). In or der to help meet our gr owing expenses for this event, the cost of the luncheon has been increased to $35 per person. The cost is reduced to $30 when 4 or more people attend from your congregation or group. If you are only able to attend the morning Issues Briefing, the cost is $10. Deadline for reservations is January 18th. Please make r eser vations by calling the Lutheran Advocacy Ministry-NM office at 505-984-8005 or sending an email to -Ruth Hoffman, Rocky Mountain Synod-ELCA


ADOPTED FAMILIES By Kay Schoenefeld By the time you read this the Adopted Families Christmas “tree� (actually a paper tree on an easel) will be in the lobby. We have gotten gift wishes from several families. On the tree there are tags for gift cards and for specific gifts. If you choose to help, please return the wrapped gifts by Sunday, Dec. 17. If you would like to donate money instead, please make checks payable to St. Paul and mark them for Adopted Families; we use the money to help with food, other items, or gifts for folks we hear about just before Christmas. Thank you in advance for thinking of these folks during a time of year that can be very difficult for them. A caseworker we have worked with before brought a client to the storage unit. As is often the case, the client was just moving in to his apartment and had nothing at all. We were able to help with dishes, cups, silverware, pots and pans, miscellaneous kitchen utensils, towels, cleaning supplies, and personal hygiene items. They were quite happy with the cleaning supplies and hygiene items; those things add up when you're on a tight budget. They identified a number of furniture items the client could use and they came back the next day with a truck to pick them up. The couch they got was especially appreciated since that meant the client no longer had to sleep on the floor. We've established a connection with caseworkers in the Forensic Services Program at UNM Health Services. They ask us for help when they can find it nowhere else. This last month one client needed a modest amount of money to obtain a birth certificate from her home state so she could get a New Mexico driver's license. Another client needed the registration fee for a continuing education class he needed for his job. The caseworkers and clients in both cases were very grateful when we were able to help. We have a special need for a hospital bed - a single mom we've known for some time is having some serious health challenges and a hospital bed would allow her to sleep more comfortably. We're also aware of a need for a washer and dryer. We can always use personal hygiene items (e.g., toothpaste, tooth brushes, shampoo, deodorant), cleaning supplies, furniture, toilet paper, laundry soap, dish soap, TVs, sheets, blankets, bath towels, dishes, silverware, pots and pans, lamps, and anything else useable. If you have large items to donate, call Kay to arrange for pickup; bring small items to the narthex coatroom (by the Adopted Families sign). To donate money, make checks payable to St. Paul, mark them for Adopted Families and place them in the Sunday offering or church office . (continued) 6

Thank you again for thinking of our families; Kay Schoenefeld, Pat Curtin, Cheri & Ted Parson, Dave & Susan Lund, Bill & Paula Eglinton, Randy & Marsha Kearney, Fred & Helen Disque, Paul & Mary Thompson, and Hal & Cheryl Schultz.

ADULT FAITH FORMATION Adult Faith Development will not be meeting in December so we can all participate in some church-wide activities. December 3--celebrate the beginning of Advent with the annual wreath-making party. All ages can have fun putting together Advent wreaths to use in your own home or to give to someone. December 10--annual meeting. Plan to attend to get caught up on

happenings around the congregation and to vote for new officers and Council members. December 17, 24, and 31--no class. Take a br eather fr om Adult Faith

Development and celebrate the joys of Advent and Christmas. We'll be back in January, beginning with more of the study of Romans. Plan to be with us. -Bob Matthews

ALBUQUERQUE INTERFAITH The run-off mayoral candidates event (October 22) was well received by both candidates and by the 120 attendees. Each candidate has his time with the 4 A.I. leaders who engaged them separately in conversation around A.I. key issues of education, mental health, immigration and land use. We got a good sense of both candidates' (Lewis and Keller) thoughts and opinions. The election will have taken place when you receive this newsletter and A.I. will be planning on the tour of Albuquerque that each candidate committed to once elected. A.I. leaders will accompany the winning candidate on a school bus, pointing out and talking about A.I. concerns in different parts of the city. A retreat is planned for Sunday, December 3rd, 3-7 p.m., to plan and develop our 2018 action agenda. Our involvement with the State Legislature will be organized for the 30-day Session that begins on January 16th, with a focus on mental health ser vices/funding and public education funding with our concerns about privatization. Continuing will be our local work on developing a comprehensive mental/behavioral health system, land use planning, fair treatment of immigrants and community schools. Interested? Talk to Jeff, Else or me. -Ivan Westergaard 7

We had an excellent time at our Thanksgiving Parent Luncheon last month. I am so grateful for the children, families, staff and board members of Calico! I want to thank everyone who joined us and also those who helped with decorating, setting up, serving and cleanup. It was another great event! This month, the children will be learning about winter, snow and weather changes. Our preschoolers will be charting the weather and conducting science experiments related to freezing and melting. Our younger children will make snowflakes and participate in lots of wintery art projects. Curriculum Theme: L et it Snow, Cold, Freezing, T he Gift of Giving. Bible Memory Verse: James 1:17 - Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above. Our teachers are also coordinating a coat drive this month and asking for donations of hats, coats, and gloves of any size. The teachers will involve the children in this community service activity to help them learn about giving through service. IMPORTANT DATES December 14 - 3:00pm Visit fr om Santa, and classr oom par ties. December 22 - 25 - Closed We currently have openings in our toddler and twos classrooms. Please contact us at (505) 242-4504 or for information. COOKING WITH KIDS: FROSTY THE BAGEL Ingredients: mini bagel cream cheese 1 baby carrot

sliced black olives sliced red pepper  celery  broccoli

Directions: 1.Spread half a mini bagel with cream cheese, then add a baby carrot nose, sliced black olive eyes, and a sliced red pepper mouth. 2.For the earmuffs, simply curve a thinly sliced piece of celery along the top of the bagel as shown and hold it in place with a broccoli floret at each end. You can also exchange the bagel for rice cakes or even a tortillas; as well as using different vegetables of your choice. Be Creative and enjoy! Linda Conjurske, Calico Butterfly Director 8

CAMINO DE VIDA CHRISTMAS WORSHIP & DINNER On December 24th, our Spanish-language partner congregation will have its Christmas worship pageant with dinner to follow. The children will be given gifts and we are asking for donations for those gifts, either toys or gift cards. A box will be in the foyer through December 17th and you can place your gifts there or give them to me. They will be much appreciated. -Ivan Westergaard

CHRISTMAS LUMINARIAS Christmas Luminarias light the way to the Christ child as part of SW tradition. Help the youth continue this St. Paul activity and beautify our church entrance. Youth will be available with sign up and donation luminaria bag after services in early December 1 dozen = $9. Goal 18 dozen. We made our goal in less than 30min last year . Thanks again. Luminaria set up: Youth will set up after morning church on Sunday, December 24th. Please stay to help. Luminaria lighting: We will need VOLUNTEERS FOR LIGHTING evening of December 24th. -Dana Mullen

FEELING DISCONNECTED? Are you feeling disconnected from the St. Paul congregation?

 Read the monthly Newsletter  Check out the Website and Facebook Page  Read the Announcements tucked into the Sunday Bulletin

 Meet at the coffee pot or the refreshments table. These ideas come courtesy of your Inreach Task Force—Come join us!

FIRST AID KITS Did you know we have four First Aid Kits available here at St. Paul? They are located throughout the building. One in the church office, one behind the door going into the sanctuary, one in the kitchen by the Fellowship Hall, and the last one is in the Choir Room. Check them out! -Sharon Hamilton 9

St. Paul Lutheran Church  Sunday







CHOIR: Choir Room, CR: Conference Room, FC: Friendship Corner, FH: Fellowship Hall, KIT: Kitchen, LAB: Labyr inth, LIB: Libr ar y, SANC: Sanctuar y, YR: Youth Room, B.O.R.C.: Blessed Oscar Romer o Chur ch






8:00a: Outr each Meet. (CR) 10:45a: Kids Love to 10:30a: Calico Chapel (Chapel) 9:30a: Wor ship (Sanc) Dance (Calico) 10:45a:Advent Wr eath 5:30p: ABQ Inter faith (CR) 6:30p: Cor o Lux (Choir) Making (FH) 11:00a: B.O.R.C.C. (Chapel)

9:00a:BULLETI 10:30a:Staff M 5:30p:Wor ship (FC)

12:00p: Cor o Lux Rehear sal 3:00p: Cor o Lux Concer t (Sanc)

VISITATION SUNDAY 10 9:30a:Wor ship (Sanc) 10:45a:Congr egational Meeting (FH) 10:45a:Youth F.F. (CR) 11:00a: B.O.R.C.C. ser vice with Baptism (Sanc/Narthex)




9:30a:Wor ship (Sanc) 10:45a: Kids Love to 10:45a:Youth F.F. (FH) Dance (Calico) 11:00a: B.O.R.C.C. (Chapel)



9:30a:Wor ship (Sanc) 10:00p: Wor ship Ser vice w/B.O.R.C.C. (Sanc)



9:30a:Wor ship (Sanc) 11:00a: B.O.R.C.C. (Chapel)

12 9:30a:Sewing Gr p (FH) 9:00a:BULLETI 10:30a: Calico Chapel 10:30a:Staff M (Chapel) 5:30p: Pr oper ty (CR) 5:30p: WTT (Closed) (Lib)

9:00a:NEWSLETTER DEADLINE 10:45a: Kids Love to Dance (Calico)

19 10:30a: Calico Chapel (Chapel) 1:30p:Visitation (CR)

9:00a:BULLETI 10:30a:Staff M 4:00p:Calico B 5:30p: Finance 7:00p:Council


ber 2017 dnesday

PLEASE NOTE: The calendar is updated on a daily basis. Please check with the office at 505-242-5942 before scheduling a meeting. ALL MEETINGS MARKED “(C LOSED)” ARE PRIVATE.


Friday 1

N & NEWSLETTER DEADLINES except as otherwise noted)


6 DEADLINE 3:00p:Fr iends Feeding aff Meeting (CR) Friends food pick up 7:00p: Chancel Choir r ship & Music (Choir)



DEADLINE 7:00p: Chancel Choir aff Meeting (CR) (Choir) 3:00p: Santa visits Calico (Calico)


20 DEADLINE aff Meeting (CR) lico Boar d (Lib) nance (Lib) uncil (CR) LLETIN





11:00a:Bulletin Assembly (Lib)



11:00a:Bulletin Assembly 10:00a: Women’s Bible (Lib) Study (FC) 3:00p: BORCC’s Fr ee Photo with Santa (ABQ Center of Peace & Justice)

22 PRAY.ACT.FAST 21 1:00p:Luther House (CR) CALICO BUTTERFLY 5:00p: Pr ay.Fast.Act CLOSED IN Vigil (LAB) OBSERVANCE OF 6:30p: Cor o Lux (CR) CHRISTMAS. 7:00p: Chancel Choir 11:00a:Bulletin Assembly (Choir) (Lib)

DEADLINE 1:00p:NEWSLETTER aff Meeting (CR) ASSEMBLY (Lib) 7:00p: Chancel Choir (Choir)



8:00a: Chur ch Women United 11:00a:Bulletin Assembly (Lib)

LETIN: Each Wednesday at 9 a.m. WSLETTER: November 13th, at 9 a.m.



29 11:00a:Bulletin Assembly (Lib)



Worship Volunteers DECEMBER 3RD DECEMBER 10TH DECEMBER Pr. Fred Schott

Pr. Fred Schott

Linda Roe

Hal Nilsson

Kristie Peterson Jan Krakow Phyllis Lynn

Shirley Nilsson Else Tasseron LaVonne Winther

Patty Crow Kevin Black Paula Eglin


Patrick Rabezanany

LaVonne Winther

Hal Schult


Rotsy Josoa Isabella Wilkerson

Chase Keller Lauren Keller

Rado Joso Rindra Jos

Altar/Sacristy Care

Sharon Hamilton Marlys Weinhold Robyn Schlegel Kristie Peterson

Else Tasseron Robyn Schlegel Vera Rhee



Shirley Nilsson

Seth Hartwell

Presiding Pastor Assisting Minister Communion Assistants

Greeters Worship Advent. Ushers

Pr. Fred Sch Jan Bower

Diane Remer-T Robyn Schle Kathy Calla TBD Cheryl Shu

Mino Rakotoarijaona, Mary Thompson, Kevin B

Welcome Center

Ruth Monteverdi

Matt Pettersen

Karen Oligh

Communion Bread

Eileen Shannon

Margy Wienbar

Helen Disq

Greg Flynn

Paula Eglinton

Jan Krako

Roger Hein Jeff Peterson Katherine Boissiere Sharon Hamilton Else Tasseron

Judy Lalani Kevin Blackerby Becky Scheib Chuck Yaple

Margy Wien Jan Bower Sue Margis Carl Scheib Patty Crow Chip Will

Stephen Minister


REMINDER: January Schedules are due on December 11th. If you need

ers  December 2017 BER


d Schott

Pr. Fred Schott

Pr. Fred Schott

Pr. Fred Schott


Jan Krakow

Nancy Jenkins

Shirley Nilsson

Luana Carey Rado Josoa Rindra Josoa

Patty Crown Carson Wills Linda Cronk

Nancy Jenkins Else Tasseron LaVonne Winther


Sharon Hamilton

Sharon Hamilton

Nancy Jenkins

Josoa a Josoa

Rojo Josoa Diana Mullen


Chase Keller Lauren Keller

Sharon Hamilton Marlys Weinhold Nancy Matthews

Diane Remer-Thamert & Family

Robyn Schlegel TBD

Herb Korff



Seth Hartwell


Seth Hartwell

Crown lackerby Eglinton

mer-Thamert Schlegel Callahan BD Shultz

vin Blackerby (10pm Christmas Eve Service: Paul & Mary Thompson) Oligher

Becky Scheib




Kristie Peterson

Phyllis Lynn

Nancy Jenkins


Nancy Jenkins

Nancy Jenkins

Terry Cole


Hal Nilsson Shirley Nilsson Luana Carey Kay Fulton Herb Korff Becky Dusenbery

Wienbar owers argison cheiber Crown Wills

Hal Nilsson Shirley Nilsson Luana Carey Kay Fulton Herb Korff Becky Dusenbery

need more time, please let me know.

-Thank you, AnnaMarie Padilla

FRIENDS FEEDING FRIENDS In November we feed about 175 people, which was more than they had expected. Thanks to all our cooks, we had enough food so we could serve seconds and no one went away hungry. We had three servers from St. Paul: Else T., Pat M., and Nancy J. Dave Lund also came to serve and with the help of two members of the St. Martin staff, we were able to get the food served on time. Thanks to all who continue to provide the food for these meals. The folks are always very appreciative and love our cooking! We continue to look for cooks and servers. If you would like to join us, call Nancy Jenkins at 505-269-0855. -Nancy Jenkins

FRIENDS FEEDING FRIENDS INTERVIEW W/ELSE A 'Friends feeding Friends' new FRIEND at St. Martin's. I met Al, a man with thick grey hair and a white beard, who was willing to talk with me for a while. He is 57 years old and has been homeless for 10 years. He only sleeps in a shelter when it is very cold and often eats at St. Martin’s. He made it clear from the start that he believes in the love and care of God and was pleased that I also declared myself a Believer. He said he had good parents, a high school diploma and has taken several college courses, but had to drop out in order to work. Al was a computer programmer and later did construction work. He said his computer skills are severely out of date, and he would need to take classes if he wanted to get back in that field. We talked about his dream to recruit homeless men and veterans, who would be willing and able to work hard. He says there are many empty, dirty and neglected buildings in this city. He feels that with a good crew, these buildings could be cleaned and repaired and could become useful again. He said he has a contact in City Hall and I suggested he speak with this person and see how to make his dream a reality. "Alone we can do little. Together we can do lots more". I also suggested that he speak with the director of the Coffee House, 702 Seventh Str., where homeless people live and work, and talk about his dream. It was a most pleasant contact and we both had the feeling that time flies when you have joy. -Else Tasseron


MOVIE NIGHT ANNOUNCEMENT Do you enjoy movie nights at St. Paul? Consider stepping into the role of choosing the movies, and making sure that each movie is announced in the newsletters and bulletins. Starting this Spring, Alicia, who has been doing this for a couple of years, is stepping down. There is a team of folks is forming to run movie nights, so if you want to be a part of the team, let Alicia know. She will be helping this team with the transition, including setting up all the electronics, timing, etc. Thank you in advance for considering joining the Movie Night team. Movie nights are fun an important fellowship ministry! See Alicia if you are interested! -Alicia Ruch-Flynn

PRAY.FAST.ACT. VIGIL, DECEMBER 21 You are all invited to join us at the Labyrinth at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 21st for a pr ayer vigil in r esponse to the joint call to Pray.Fast.Act. issued by the ELCA, the Episcopal Church, and Bread for the World, out of concern regarding proposals in Congress to deeply cut federal programs that are vital to people struggling with poverty. Why the 21st? This is when 90% of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits run out for families, making the remainder of the month a hungry time. Come and join us to: PRAY- which can include walking the labyrinth if you wish. FAST for a day – We usually think of fasting from food, but other options could be actions in solidarity with people who have to choose between buying food or paying utility bills, putting gas in the car, etc. So you might consider unplugging from electricity, turning off the heat, walking instead of driving, etc. ACT (advocacy) -- Throughout the close of the 115th Congress at the end of 2018, ELCA Advocacy will focus attention on a different area of concern each month at or We will also be collecting non-perishable food items for The Storehouse. Hope to see you there! And remember to dress warmly! -From the Adult Faith Formation class


SAINT PAUL SEWING GROUP The sewing group is busy “as bees” making quilts, baby blankets and lap robes to be distributed to the VA Hospital, St. Paul Adopted Families, CLN Kids and others in need of a “Hug from God” this Christmas season. To provide more room in the closet, we have already distributed 8 single/ double sized quilts to the Lutheran Family Services refugee program. We could not do what we do without all donations so many provide – be it volunteer time, financial support, fabric, or sewing supplies. Our sincere thanks to you all! Thanks also to Thrivent Financial for funding used to purchase batting and bed sheets needed for the quilts and lap robes. We will be meeting the second Tuesday this month (December 12th) to finish the quilts and other items we will distribute for Christmas. We will meet at 9:30 in the Fellowship Hall, with our annual Christmas luncheon taking place at 11:30 am. As always, we welcome new members and others who would like to join us. You don’t even have to know how to sew. We will be back to our usual meeting schedule in January (the third Tuesday of the month from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm). Any questions, please contact Marsha Kearney at 505-899-9705 or Susan Latella at 505-508-2001. Thrivent Financial members – if you are interested in putting together an Action Team Project proposal and need help filling out the forms, please contact Marsha Kearney. Every full member is allowed 2 projects a year. Thrivent provides help and support, which includes a $250 Visa card to be used toward the project. -Marhsa Kearney

STEPHEN MINISTRY Do you know what a Stephen Minister is? Are you in a time of your life where you need someone who will listen? Stephen Ministers are trained, caring members of this congregation who can provide one-on-one care to people suffering a difficult time in their lives. Difficult times can be divorce, grief, job loss, chronic or terminal illness, relocation, or separation. Each Stephen Minister goes through an extensive training program centered in Christ and his love and compassion. Jesus is our companion as we visit our care receivers equipping and empowering us to love others as He loves us. Each visit is confidential. The time and place of each visit is decided by the care receiver so they are in a comfortable place where they feel safe and the visits usually last an hour. Stephen Ministers actively listen to the care receiver’s feelings of sorrow, fear, sadness, and despair but also may 16


share the care receiver’s feelings of joy, hope, and gratitude to God for healing when it seemed that life would not continue. Stephen Ministers pray for God’s guidance before they start a visit and continue to pray for their care receiver daily throughout the weeks ahead. Jesus surrounds care receivers with a community of Stephen Ministers who will shoulder your burdens and share your joys. Contact the Terry Cole, Stephen Leader, if you feel you may need a Stephen Minister. -Nancy Jenkins

VISITATION MINISTRY St. Paul’s Visitation Ministry has been active since 1989. The purpose of this ministry is to help homebound, those having long-term care, and shortterm care, remain current in prayer and active in our congregation and their faith. Communion is administered, prayer is offered, conversation is held and a close connection is made. Qualities for this ministry include: the ability to listen well; a willingness to honor confidentiality; a willingness to learn and share; and enthusiasm about faith and the ministry at St. Paul. Visitations are scheduled at the convenience of the homebound, and the team member once a month, at least. This is a shared ministry with team members and the Pastor, who meet monthly to debrief, plan. and share learned experiences. A one-time training session is scheduled, usually after the second Sunday of the month when communion kits are consecrated for visitation. The coordination team oversees the planning and continuation of this program. It will be an active team during St. Paul’s interim so that all who need this support continue to feel close and active in our congregation. If you know of a member who would like to be visited, please contact the church office and a referral will be passed on to the Visitation Ministry team. Contact will be made and visits arranged. We are always looking to recruit new team members. If you have time to offer, time to grow emotionally and spiritually and would like more information, or to be trained, please feel free to contact Karen Oligher. Visitation Ministers currently active are: Karen Oligher, Herb Korff, Sharon Howard, Diane Remer-Thamert, Kay Fulton, Hal &Cheryl Schultz, Julie Ambrogi, and the acting St. Paul Pastor


REFORMATION FAIRE UPDATE THANK YOU to all those who helped make the Reformation Faire a success! You not only did what you expected, but picked up the pieces I left behind. You were all troupers, and I thank each one of you. I have gotten reports of a very successful event. Thanks also to those who made the brat, etc., lunch a success. Blessings, Jan Krakow

YOUTH NEWS: Teens gathered with YFF teachers Alicia and Hannah for discussion of opportunities, limitations and desires for moving forward. Results include: 1) Yes to RTLC July 22,2018 2) No to Youth Gathering in Houston 3) Some Yes to ELCA event on *Martin Luther King weekend in Colorado 4) Maybe to Kitchen theology 5) A BIG YES to reinstating monthly mid and high school “Y outh Nights” Upcoming Dates:  Nov 30th - holiday concer t AHS to see Rotsy and Diana per for m

 Dec 17th - 4pm Game night *MLK weekend planning: Please note that Kristin Schultz has group attending from her church and is welcoming joining groups. She is looking especially for male chaperone to accompany group. ACOLYTES: We need volunteers available to do the evening CHRISTMAS SERVICE. Please notify Dana or office.


PASTOR’S REPORT TO COUNCIL During my time here at SPLC, I have been impressed by work you and your leaders have done in articulating a clear direction for ministry going forward. It is a great help as you select and call your next regular pastor. You have important opportunities and resources for new outreach and ministry. Since the last meeting of the Council, I have been on site at St. Paul Sundays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays. In addition to regular office duties:  I have preached and presided at Sunday worship services on October 22, & 29, November 5, & 12.  I have conducted chapel for Calico Nursery School on Tuesday, October 25, November 1, 08, & 15.  I have met with the staff on Wednesday, October 25, & November 1, 8, & 15.  I met with the Finance Committee on October 18 and will meet with them on November 15, before the Council meeting.  I met with the Calico Board on October 18 and will meet with them on November 15, before the Council meeting.  I made hospital visits on October 26, 31, & November 1.  I met with the Worship & Music Committee on November 1.  I met with members of the Visitation Team on November 1, to discuss members with whom they are having contact.  I presided at the memorial service for Jere Krakow on November 9.  I met with Father Frank of BORCC to plan his participation in the Christmas Eve service.  I have met with Paula Eglinton & Paul Thompson to discuss the giving appeal. Pastor Fred Schott, Bridge Interim Pastor


GOOD NEWS: JESUS KNOWS COMPUTERS! I’ve had some computer problems at home and at work in the past two weeks. So it was a relief for me to get a note from a friend reminding me that Jesus was no stranger to computer difficulties. It seems that Jesus and Satan were having an argument about who was better on the computer. They had been going at it for days, and frankly God was tired of hearing all the bickering. Finally, fed up, God said, “THA T’S IT! I have had enough. I am going to set up a test that will run for two hours, and from those results I will judge who does the better job.” So Satan and Jesus sat down at their keyboards and typed away. They e-mailed. They e-mailed with attachments. They downloaded. They did spreadsheets. They wrote reports. They created labels and cards, charts and graphs. They did some genealogy reports and some mail merges. They did every job known to man. Jesus worked with heavenly efficiency and Satan was faster than – well, you know, very fast. Then, ten minutes before their time was up, lightning suddenly flashed across the sky, thunder rolled, rain poured, and of course the power went off. Satan stared at his blank screen and screamed every curse word known in the underworld. Jesus just sighed. Finally the electricity came back on and each of them restarted their computers. Satan started searching frantically, screaming: “It’s gone! It’s all GONE! I lost everything when the power went out!” Meanwhile, Jesus quietly started printing out all of his files from the past two hours of work. Satan saw this and became quite irate. “W ait!” he screamed as God collected the results of the test. “That’s not fair! He cheated! How come he has all his work and I don’t have any?” God just shrugged, and said “JESUS SAVES.”


November 15th, 2017 Your Council Members Voted:  Approved the proposed 2018 St. Paul budget as presented by the Budget Committee for submission to the congregation for adoption at the December 10th Congregation Meeting.  Decided that a portion equal to the balance for the year of any deceased member’s unfulfilled pledge may be deducted from any unrestricted bequest to St. Paul made by that member, such funds going to the general budget of St. Paul.  Approved the distribution of the2017 Endowment Funds to various benevolence opportunities as recommended by the Mission Resource Task Force. (See Treasurer’s bulletin board.)  In Property matters, learned of progress in partnering with the Cancer Center in securing access between our properties for mutual purposes, which may include offering meditation spaces for their patients and their families.  Allocated some additional endowment funds to Lutheran Campus Ministry for their transition expenses between pastoral leadership.  Heard reports from the Path Forward Action Teams regarding the Pray.Fast.Act project on the 21st day of each month, providing a television monitor in the narthex area for announcing upcoming events and activities of St. Paul, holding a cooperative Thanksgiving meal for members and friends who wish to come together on that day, and some plans for what investing in solar energy might look like for St. Paul.  Reviewed many dates of notes (found on this newsletter calendar) with emphasis on the December 10th Congregation Meeting when members will not only adopt a budget for 2018, but elect Council Officers and Members and Synod Assembly Voting Members. Shirley Nilsson, Congregation Council Secretary


As a Reconciling in Christ (RIC) Community, this congregation specifically welcomes gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered persons as partners on the journey of faith.

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